Don't Know Where to Start? 🥺 3D Printing Crash Course for Beginners

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2 yıl önce

Think 3D printing is awesome? Me too! Not sure how to start? No worries! In this video I'll walk you through the idea-to-print process and answer (almost) all of the questions you might have when you are just getting started in the world of 3D printing!

👉 Psst! Check out my latest Start to Finish 3D printing tutorial for beginners where I walk you through the entire design and printing process!

What is 3D printing and why is it amazing? 00:47
What do I need to get started 1:37
What's a good first printer? 3:07
How to go from IDEA to FINISHED PRINT process 5:33
What software to design 3D models 6:23
What the heck is a SLICER? 7:28
How will I learn to use all this? 8:44
What if I don't like designing? 9:22
How easy is 3D printing, really? 10:35
Do 3D printers have fumes? 11:25
Are 3D printers loud? 12:12
What should I print first? 19:48

CURA slicer:

Maker's Muse
Make Anything
3D Printing Nerd
CNC Kitchen

Creality CR-10:
Creality Ender 3 Pro:
The Black Overture PLA filament I've been enjoying:
SainSmart TPU:
Overture PETG:


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RCwithAdam 2 yıl önce
What questions do YOU have about 3D printing?
MasterBolt Aylar önce
I don’t know how to set z axis
n Bailz
n Bailz 2 aylar önce
Do you need batteries
William Mendietta
William Mendietta 3 aylar önce
I’m want to start 3d printing what kind of laptop should I be looking at ?
Darren Gilbert
Darren Gilbert 4 aylar önce
Would it be beneficial to use a 3D printing service (In my case, provided by a public library) before investing in my own 3D printer? what is STL?
GuitarListen 4 aylar önce
@ridzwan anuar if you have to ask that, then you probably wont make money
MythFPV Yıl önce
Why does this video have only have 7k views? It’s by far the best introduction to 3D printing I have watched!!! Thanks Adam
E-invent 9 aylar önce
i know its the best 3d printing video i ever found thanks RCwithAdam
Finland Journey
Finland Journey Yıl önce
Wasn't picked up by TRshow's algorithm. It's at 145,000 now though.
haigaz keohulian
haigaz keohulian Yıl önce
Exactly 💯
Bon bon’s gaming
Bon bon’s gaming Yıl önce
This is the best intro it helped me
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar Yıl önce
I also agree 👍 it is the best video
Steve Delaney
Steve Delaney Yıl önce
I just found this video and learned more watching it than I have in a year trying to figure 3D printing out on my own. Thank you!
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Yıl önce
Great Job Adam. I am printing my first test object on my new Ender 3 as I watch your video. Thank you for the great information. I am also an RC guy with fixed-wing and multi-rotor aircraft. One of the things I wanted to do is be able to make parts for my aircraft when needed. Look forward to more videos.
Richard Morley
Richard Morley Yıl önce
I have spent hours trying to gather this information: Your video explains it all, quickly and concisely, Thank you. x
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Glad I could help! 👍
RamseyLEL 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video, the time stamps, and the information! I've had a 3d printer for a couple months now but it's been very intimidating/overwhelming to start and this was the best and most helpful Beginner video out there. The day I watched your video this week I fired up my Chiron, tried some files and ended up making the makerbot figurine on the first try!
RCwithAdam 3 aylar önce
Way to go!! 🙌 glad I could help!
Ak G
Ak G 9 aylar önce
This is exactly what I needed thank you I've been wanting to get into 3d printing since I was very young and didn't know where to start and what to do I did my research but struggled with finding good software reviews and filament breakdowns so yeah this is a great vid
RCwithAdam 9 aylar önce
Perfect! Glad I could help!
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Yıl önce
Hi Adam! Great job on this overview! I'm taking the plunge this month and you've done a great job helping me make some decisions. Probably picking up the CR-10 V3 for my birthday!
Terror Toons
Terror Toons 5 aylar önce
Fantastic video! Been looking at printers and finally pushing myself to get into this. This video answered all the stuff I couldn’t find elsewhere!
Frank 3 aylar önce
Fantastic video, Adam! I have Prusa mini + so much I need to learn. You will be my go to expert. Thank you for the video👍🏻
RCwithAdam 3 aylar önce
Welcome to 3D printing! Glad I could help!
CrimFerret Yıl önce
Great video. I'm going to be getting my first 3d printer in the next few months. I'm actually looking at an Ender 5 (maybe the pro model depending on how pricing is when I'm ready). I like the design where the print bed just moves in the Z axis as there aren't moving parts stuck where it would be hard for me to get to them. I definitely want a printer with a lot of support and ability to upgrade so one of the Ender models seems ideal.
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Glad I could help! 😀
Dustin Hilton
Dustin Hilton Yıl önce
This video is still helpful. Ive been wanting to get into 3D printing for about 5 years now and am about to purchase my first printer. This was extremely informative and helpful!
gwseymour 7 aylar önce
Nice to hear from someone who isn't trying to be a "guru", and still remembers all the questions a beginner has. I've also waited...can't count the number of brackets and stuff I've made over the years using other methods. Gonna make the leap. Blender is also a great program.
IronHead Rondo
IronHead Rondo 2 aylar önce
Open source 4 life!
nerdCopter Yıl önce
+1👍 Adam, totally love the comradery in here 💪 i've designed basic stuff in tinkercad and it works very well. now i'm expecting my first 3d printer soon and this video was fun and helpful to watch
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell Yıl önce
This was awesome and extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing this crash course
jeffdmax Yıl önce
I have spent so much time chasing my tail trying to figure how to get into 3d printing. This answered all my questions and left me feeling comfortable moving forward with a clear plan. Well done Subscribed
Gra'nz III
Gra'nz III Yıl önce
Outstanding video man! This took all the anxiety away from having to learn all this information. I'm part of a facebook group for 3D printing, but it got overwhelming real quick.
Julie Henderson
Julie Henderson 11 aylar önce
Thank you for your very imformative video As a novice to 3D printing I have found it all so confusing, even to the extent of doubting that I would be able to do, but now I have listened to your very helpful video, I feel I can now start Please keep more videos coming for those of us who are not engineers, but want to do things (especially craft people like me!), try new things out.
D M 11 aylar önce
Great tutorial for the unfamiliar! Am glad I stumbled across your vid early in my quest for basic knowledge. Thank You for taking the time to provide answers to questions I wasn't even aware needed asking yet!
Leigh D
Leigh D 11 aylar önce
Wonderful information for a rookie like me. It has inspired me to get into this now it's so much more affordable. Thanks heaps buddy!
HenchBench Gaming
HenchBench Gaming Yıl önce
This was a direct video that answered almost every question I had. After buying some cool video game related prints I wondered how I could do this myself for a hobby first and maybe a business later. You have a new subscriber . Thank you
Peter Mead
Peter Mead 11 aylar önce
SUPER helpful! Thank you! I also have waited years to get into it and decided just very recently that I'm gonna pull that trigger. You have cleared up everything that I can think of so far. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Michael Steve
Michael Steve Yıl önce
Please make more 3D printing videos Adam. By far the most educational and entertaining video I've seen on this subject.
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown 5 aylar önce
Legend. Thank you so much. I've looked in to this maybe 5 or 6 times over the last 5 or 6 years but was Bamboozled by the information out there. Your video has made it all understandable and I feel more confident to have a go. 1 question..... is the cr-10 v3 just a newer model as this is what I am looking at?
ArikwithanA 2 aylar önce
Thanks for all the great information! I just bought my first printer and am excited but overwhelmed with all the possibilities!
RCwithAdam 2 aylar önce
Welcome aboard!! 👍👍
brokntoster Yıl önce
Awesome tutorial, thanks for giving specific examples and links. So many vids out there listing 10+ printers varying from $200-$2000 in "no particular order" and saying thanks for watching. I actually have a starting place now, cheers man.
Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd 3 aylar önce
Great video man. Really appreciate the work you put into making this.
Simon Brešćanski
Simon Brešćanski Yıl önce
Thank you very much. You are the only ones who held my attention the whole time during the video. It’s very instructive and I was amazed at how you managed to capture so much in one video. All praise, you are great, thank you very much and just keep it up. you have my support. ❤️👍
Phillip Richards
Phillip Richards 10 aylar önce
Well done great vid answered a load of questions I have had and I was looking at a creality in the UK. I was also impressed with the resin 3d printers but not sure if as versatile?
Tom - 2E1FUE
Tom - 2E1FUE Yıl önce
Fantastic video, I'm new to the 3D Printing, I've got a Ender 3 V2 coming for Christmas, your video has explained so much for me brilliant, I been playing with fusions 360 its brilliant, thanks again for the video right to the point Sub here. Thanks 😊 have a great Christmas and New Year and stay safe.
Loki Lover
Loki Lover Yıl önce
This was the most entertaining, informative, 3d printer video ever. You have earned my sub, and respect man. TYVM!
JDub 2 aylar önce
This video is ridiculously helpful. Thank you for putting this together, Adam!
Charles Eshenbaugh
Charles Eshenbaugh Yıl önce
Excellent advice on 3-D printing Adam. Thank you, it is a great help.
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Glad I could help! 👍👍
Jakub Mačuha
Jakub Mačuha Yıl önce
Thank you for this wonderful introduction to 3D printing. I started searching for something like this maybe 2 hours ago and FINALLY enjoyed someone's content.
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Glad it was helpful! 👍
r walker
r walker 10 aylar önce
Love your teaching style and sense of humour! Awesome video and crammed so much info into this newbies brain! Thanks Bro! 😎
RCwithAdam 10 aylar önce
Thanks so much! Glad I can help. 👍
Ken Kuczek
Ken Kuczek Yıl önce
Thank you so much. Just getting into 3d printing for our rc hobby. Great video. Glad I stumbled across your video. Looking at getting a crealty ender 3.
REarlCya Yıl önce
Everyone should take a lesson from you on how to explain something. After searching a lot, you are the only one that has answered this huge question. I am finally ready to start. Thanks!
Michaela Yıl önce
The absolute best introductory video to 3D printing I have found. Thanks for being nice to beginners
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Wow thanks! Glad you like it!
John Hynes
John Hynes Aylar önce
Really well presented in a sequence and level of detail that explains everything very methodically
RCwithAdam Aylar önce
Thank you! Glad I was able to help you and welcome to 3D printing! 🙌
Mitch King
Mitch King 3 aylar önce
Great video man. Thank you for getting right into it and not spending half of the video talking about your channel and following you. The video is about what want to know. Great job bro!
Brian x
Brian x Yıl önce
Thank you just bought my first printer. Well done just what I needed to get started,
Cliff Davies
Cliff Davies 4 aylar önce
Knew absolutely nothing about 3D printing, very well presented and explained, thanks for sharing Adam.
toolingtransfers Yıl önce
Good demo, in layman's terms that we can all relate to. Thanks!
Elijah Arellano
Elijah Arellano 9 aylar önce
Bro this video literally answer all of my questions. Everyone else in their videos would like dance around these topics you just hit them all on target. Amazing video.
Frank Touchatout
Frank Touchatout 7 aylar önce
Wow! What an useful well made video that started to answer my questions about 3D printing! And of course, I subscribed to your channel! Thanks for your work dude! Have a great day!
Cheryl Leopaldi
Cheryl Leopaldi 9 aylar önce
One word for this video for beginners..... " Perfect ", thank you!! :)
RCwithAdam 9 aylar önce
Glad it was helpful! 👍
Gonzalez-Valdez Yıl önce
loved the tutorial! what settings do we prepare the ender for printing? Thank you!
Derrick Avery
Derrick Avery 2 aylar önce
This was such a helpful video. Thank you for all the information given and questions answered.
Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas Yıl önce
Fantastic intro video.. got my Ender 3 v2 coming for Christmas (I hope). Great overview of the whole process.. seriously thanks for making this vid..
Fraize 5 aylar önce
I’ve been printing for about 2 weeks, but if I saw this before I started, it would have alleviated all my worries and I would have started months ago. Great job!
RCwithAdam 5 aylar önce
Welcome to the hobby! Glad I could help! 👍
Vinay Nigam
Vinay Nigam Yıl önce
Good stuff and very nicely illustrated in the video. Thanks for the useful information.
Mike W
Mike W 8 aylar önce
Just what I needed, just waiting for my printer to come and you’ve answered just about everything I needed to know. Many thanks for the hard work
Mike W
Mike W 8 aylar önce
@RCwithAdam hi, ender 3 v2, got to say even at 57 yrs old I can't stop thinking of anything else..ha sad really ! I just love hobbies its arriving Saturday.. keep up the great work and all the best Mike uk
RCwithAdam 8 aylar önce
Great to hear! 👍 Which printer are you getting?
Bonnie Woodward
Bonnie Woodward Yıl önce
What an amazing video. I want to do small items to use with my clay. I think I might just give it a try. Thank you.
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Go for it! 👍
Fred Skinner
Fred Skinner 18 gün önce
Hi Adam. Great Vid keep up the good work...quick question have you ever printed any propellers for your models? Cheers Freddo
Annenouk Yıl önce
Fantastic video! Thank you so much this was exactly what I needed.
RCwithAdam Yıl önce
Good! 😀👍
Krister Persson
Krister Persson Yıl önce
3d printer is amazing ... my first is creality ender 5 plus ... nothing worked after the assembly, after a bit of experimenting and searching online, I figured out the error myself, took a couple of days ... now it is completely set up and uses Cura and my own designed profile. ..
Scooterbum 11 aylar önce
Just took delivery on my first printer. It's a Sermoon D1 and I did the first print of the tug boat with very good result right out of the box. Isn't much to go wrong when downloading part file, then running through the slicer all very straight forward. I have very little experience with CAD of that its all 2D, Trying to become literate in FreeCad so I can chop 3D models from the web into more friendly printer files. MY PROBLEM. I want to print a human skull and a Pacaras skull for visual comparison. I found, understandably. printing such things as a stalactite is difficult without supports. Its counterpart, the stalagmite is easy. MY SOLUTION Remove the jaw to print separately. (1/2 of the problem) Then cut off the top of the skull to make two parts with a flat surface. Also adding four pockets on each for dowels (also printed separately) to mate the two halves back together. I can see editing a 3D drafted part somewhat straightforward with skills to be acquired, but I can't imagine how one would edit a wire frame or point cloud model. Perhaps one could just "erase" with digital pen or create a plane or sphere to cut out parts. Well, wish me luck, I'm going back to my Homer Simpson style of editing. BTW great video. I'll be looking for more.
Roger S
Roger S Yıl önce
Without a doubt the VERY BEST video I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot) on 3D printing. Thank you very very much.
Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly 7 aylar önce
Hey this was a great video. I've been interested in 3d printing and none of the videos I've watched explained whether or not you need to have printer connected to a PC or not. Thanks friend!
Blas Cantu
Blas Cantu Aylar önce
I'm really interested in 3d printing and getting started with it. I'm going to come back to this video many times so thanks a lot!
RCwithAdam Aylar önce
Welcome and glad I could help!
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