Guide to 3D Printing Filament! PLA ABS PETG TPU PEEK ULTEM

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Matt from Printed Solid takes us through many types of 3d printing filaments - including PLA, ABS, PETG, PEEK, ULTEM, PVB, TPU, and more!

0:45 PLA
2:00 ABS
03:16 PETG
04:38 Nylon
06:25 Carbon Fiber Nylon
06:58 TPU/TPE
09:50 Poly Carbonate
11:08 PVB
12:30 PVA ("Glue Sticks")
13:38 BVOH
15:20 PEEK
16:40 ULTEM (PEI)


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john hopkins
john hopkins 2 yıl önce
0:45 PLA 2:00 ABS 03:16 PETG 04:38 Nylon 06:25 Carbon Fibre Nylon 06:58 TPU/TPE 09:50 PolyCarbonate 11:08 PVB 12:30 PVA ("Glue Sticks") 13:38 BVOH 15:20 PEEK 16:40 ULTEM (PEI)
Freddy Baltazar
Freddy Baltazar 2 aylar önce
What about pvdf? I need help for this material
Chris Baker
Chris Baker 5 aylar önce
What about HDPE?
Chris Trahan
Chris Trahan 7 aylar önce
@3D Printing Nerd Your welcome ;)
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 7 aylar önce
@Chris Trahan crap thanks for the heads up!
Chris Trahan
Chris Trahan 7 aylar önce
@3D Printing Nerd FYI; It's not pinned or you forgot to pin it.
SpellRush 7 gün önce
Which material reacts with plastic glue? Like what's the closest material to what GW uses?
Squirralien Aylar önce
I want to print a multi part model that glues together to form a computer case, what would the best filament be to use for that, I have an Ender 3 Mk2 coming and will be enclosing it to help hold in some warmth, changing to a better hot end an insulation pad under the bed supposed to enable better heating.
Boris Apprentice
Boris Apprentice Aylar önce
Mores turn into polymers 🤣🤣 monomers turn into polymers
Jon-Terje Bjørnerud
Jon-Terje Bjørnerud Aylar önce
It's been two years. :) A new update? ✌️
fooman2108 Aylar önce
I know that there are specific brands (especially of PLA (matter hackers)) if a manufacturer makes 'good' PLA, do you also think they make good filament(s) with other plastic(s)?
Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley Aylar önce
5:38 Boogers ... that's how ya deal with them! Just saying ...
K M 2 aylar önce
hope in the future there are versions that can print from materials rather than just plastic or similarities of plastics; others are like metals, silicones, woods, etc.
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
They do have metal printers, but the cost is extremely high. I'm thinking about testing some concepts with them as they are very close, and I've got $1k to mess around with and buy stupid powerful lasers just for lols to see if I can do any better. Wood is not something you can melt, you could only grow it, and people have grown wood into shapes they've wanted for many many generations, so you sort of can. Silicone you can print a mold for, then make your part (unless you mean shoving it into a syringe like they do for printing chocolate or clay.
K M 2 aylar önce
Hi, I have these two questions, if you can help answer, I appreciate: 1- I create pictures on autocad to turn it into format compatible for Cura Slices, but they are flat, how can the 3d printer make it into an object with 3D dimensions? I mean how I can do? the thickness needs to be specified? 2- Does this print have a range of max and min sizes of objects it can bring? well, i would like if there is a details manual about all these, but the manual when I bought the machine does not say or I miss somewhere?
Chris G
Chris G 2 aylar önce
Sooooo which one should I use
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
It depends on the part and what you need it for. Its like asking what clothes to wear, you live in the desert or in the arctic? (temp range) you go swimming often? (moisture and UV ray considerations) you got the machine that can even print it without screaming in frustration after the 20th time it warps off the bed? How much of a cheapskate are you? (prices vary from $10 to $1000 per kg in this video) For me, I do lots of impact designs, so ABS: cheapest thing on the list, handles very hot, excellent for gears/quadcopters/water pumps/car parts/and many more, but its more difficult to tune than PLA. At work we use all sorts of exotics that I would flat out never pay that much for but its not me paying for it, also we have machines that print Nylon really well so we also use that a bunch but we have all sorts of materials and many not even covered in this video like advanced carbon fiber infused blends. For most people printing desk toys, PLA is the clear choice: cheap, easy, did I say REALLY easy? and machine doesn't even need a heated bed printing on painters tape
Steve 2 aylar önce
What can you use
A Truce For Bruce
A Truce For Bruce 2 aylar önce
What filament do people use to make printed gun parts with
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
@A Truce For Bruce That's probably a good idea on some models (depending on the part of course assuming it doesn't need to flex some amount). I'm sure you'll want to do some remote testing with a string too just to be safe, hopefully the designers considered and tested it but I'd probably be testing with a helmet on, some neck covering, and at least a heavy leather jacket for a little bit until it could be trusted, wouldn't want plastic shrapnel anywhere, haha!
A Truce For Bruce
A Truce For Bruce Aylar önce
@Jake Garrett good advice, honestly I think with the tolerances and also the warping , a person would do well to open up the design of splicer or program and beef up the structure to take in to account that most filament is not industrial stength
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
Whatever they can use... It depends on the design specifics, don't stray from the instructions or you might blow your fingers off. Its just like at work, if we print with the wrong thing (specify TPU and print ABS), its simply not going to function correctly, or likewise if I specified ABS and we printed with Nylon and a month later we see all those parts have creeped over time and now tolerances aren't lining up. Always follow what the designer intended, they will often specify in the design, I imagine you don't want to screw around and find out the hard way not reading the documentation if provided because its going to vary with every design on which properties they want.
Josiah Ong
Josiah Ong 3 aylar önce
It’s been over 2 years
The Gnomish Arcanum
The Gnomish Arcanum 3 aylar önce
Awwww ! No mention of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) ?
pr0xZen 3 aylar önce
Maybe there's a way of crystallizing flexibles in the filament production process, without permanently altering material properties? Or could such filament be skin tempered? Maybe some inert or compatible coating rigid enough to survive extruder push and retraction when cold, that blend with or gets absorbed by the material when going through the hotend and nozzle?
Natalie Shark
Natalie Shark 4 aylar önce
I use Overture PETG quite a bit, needs to be hot for sure but I haven't noticed it on my Ender3 yet. I'm on my third reel now and still goin great. Requires going much slower though.
Peter Kuhle
Peter Kuhle 4 aylar önce
What 3D printer material is best for making a heatsink - need to conduct heat
Direct Action
Direct Action 4 aylar önce
A great video! I can feel a man of science here
darwin Mounsey
darwin Mounsey 4 aylar önce
Just watched this and it's time to revisit
John Carl Galang
John Carl Galang 4 aylar önce
what should i use for 3d printed RC planes
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
ABS is probably a good bet, its what I like for model planes and quadcopters because I crash a lot and ABS has 4x the impact strength of PLA, also I've left my model plane in the trunk for a couple hours and the hot glue melted but my ABS was totally fine and just heatgunned it back into place melting the glue and flew and crashed later that day (I'm a pro at crashing, if you need a pro at crashing something just come ask me, if you need it not crashed... well maybe not me, haha!)
Adailton Nascimento
Adailton Nascimento 4 aylar önce
I guys , can u guys tell me what are the best filament to print in home?, I have my 3d printer inside my room next to my work desk and actually I print only using PLA. Now I know that ABS is not good to health and on this video the only one that they mentioned as harmful is ABS. can I print PLA, nylon, PETG in home safely? Thank u in advance :D PS: I loved the video.
Danny Ordoñez
Danny Ordoñez 4 aylar önce
Hiii! I really like de knight model... where can a I find it? Someone? ;)
Donald Hollingsworth
Donald Hollingsworth 4 aylar önce
What is the best filament to use to achieve best surface finish? Something along the lines of a 63 surface that you would get machining a part?
Jake Witmer
Jake Witmer 5 aylar önce
...Might be helpful to compare the PEEK to the only other material in this list that's remotely in the same use/strength category, Nylon+carbon fiber (chopped and continuous). ...People making arts and crafts prints don't need to know how PEEK compares to the price of ABS, because they weren't remotely considering using it. ...People considering printing high-strength stuff with Nylon+CCF might want to know. In fact, finding decent comparisons of "high-strength 3D print materials" online (in one place) isn't that easy. How does "top of the line laser metal fusion" compare to PEEK and Nylon+CCF? (So we can know how long we have to wait for Moore's law type computation advances to really benefit the end-user...)
Eric Van Nostrand
Eric Van Nostrand 5 aylar önce
Thank you very much. No Obie here. Which material for a bearing holding device?
Sir Quacks alot the 1st
Sir Quacks alot the 1st 5 aylar önce
Ok I'm gonna be printing Airsoft parts on a Ender 3 v2 I got a print tent any recommendations on what I should use for parts for a gas blow back pistol
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
@Sir Quacks alot the 1st They tried, both free speech of sharing and tried to ban any tool (drill/CNC/lathe/angle grinder/printer) that could possibly make weapons parts and would have required every machine shop to become an FFL manufacturer even if they only did car parts etc. So yeah, I mean they are actively trying, just like some states already ban certain CNC/printers as it is, but the Federal ban for the whole US failed the first time due to how insane it was (they can keep trying to add the bill a million times, there is no limit to proposing rules so it may still happen). Currently the comment period just ended where they wanted to do background checks and serialize any item that could be turned into a firearm. That would include almost all square tubing (MAC receiver) and plumbing pipe (Philipino slamfire shotguns are about 4 pieces, a sharpened screw, an end cap, 3/4 in pipe for the barrel for 12ga, and a slightly bigger pipe that slides over it, drill and tap the back of the end cap for screw, screw endcap onto larger pipe and your done faster than the checkout line), so ban all plumbing pipes for any minority without a spotless record and tax the poor to death every time they need to fix their shower, ban shovels for some (AK and Mac flats, someone also used the handle as well for the stock. I think it was the same guy that used a garage door to make an SMG), ban Lego toys (AR15 lowers have been made with Legos, and they work wich is the "firearm"), ban wood like a 2x4" (Block 17, yeah it's a Glock made out of a Block of wood, semi-auto and it worked though hideous and crude), and sheet metal of all kind (UZI/MAC/AK). Also like every car part as even the adjustment handle under my seat looks to be about 9mm ID, also fun fact car antennas used to be the perfect size for making .22LR barrels, so kids who are now adults were putting car antennas onto 2x4 boards with hose clamps and zip ties and making working .22 rifles... It's so easy even a child can make it, that shows how pointless it is to ban something because you have to ban everything in the universe, but we know even that wouldn't work because by definition criminals don't follow the law.
Sir Quacks alot the 1st
Sir Quacks alot the 1st Aylar önce
@Jake Garrett that is f up so much for the Land of the free half expect them to ban 3D printers soon
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
@Sir Quacks alot the 1st Yep...
Sir Quacks alot the 1st
Sir Quacks alot the 1st Aylar önce
@Jake Garrett that's sounds like a dictator ship
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
@Sir Quacks alot the 1st Yeah having that (a pistol with a stock), is another 10 year felony prison sentence. So much for our "shall not be infringed" (infringed means to limit or to restrict). That's partly why I make my airguns a check mark of every single felony I could make it, partly as a political statement of "how many decades would making this tool cost you when it harms nobody, actually makes it safer preventing hearing damage and safer handling and control" Unfortunately some counties near me consider airsoft to be "discharging firearms within city limits" even if its just a rubber band gun (it even specifically lists rubber and spring powered) or Nerf inside your own living room. Its ridiculous. Actually in a city near me airsoft is illegal to own not just shoot, like its illegal to keep your airsoft or even some water toys locked away in a safe because they are considered "prohibited weapons", yeah, couldn't trust a grown man even with a childs toy, they might hydrate their plants with that, so terrifying...
Comments Are Turned Off
Comments Are Turned Off 5 aylar önce
Humans: We really need to stop using so much plastic and making so much useless rubbish. Also Humans: Now everybody make make stuff!!!
Aaron Sako
Aaron Sako 5 aylar önce
the OH in BVOH is the organic/chemistry abbreviation for the Oxygen+Hydrogen (hydroxy) group that represents the alcohol group. for a more common example, organic chemists will abbreviate ethyl alcohol (as in drinking alcohol in beer/wine) as ETOH.
eatthisvr6 6 aylar önce
Can all printers use carbon fibre?
PieterStefan 6 aylar önce
Joel, awesome stuff. It’s been two years. Any plans for an update video
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 6 aylar önce
Yes! Once we can get back to Printed Solid!
Anshu Kalra
Anshu Kalra 6 aylar önce
what about ASA
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
Basically ABS, same pros/cons.
Carson 6 aylar önce
Most helpful video I've found on the subject so far. thanks guys this was great.
David Cottam
David Cottam 6 aylar önce
hi i would to know about maintaing your machine
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
Its all different, like V slot rollers don't need oil (just wipe with a dry towel), but linear rods need routine cleaning about 5-8x more often (the oil traps more dust so it needs more often) and re-oil the rails. Also depending on the Z screw rods (except Delta as they don't have Z screw rods, only belts, or same for a Voron) as to whether or not you should oil them. And then some machines like my new CoreXY have crazy long belts so they need more often belt tightening (compared to my more standard bed slingers that I tighten the belt maybe once a year because they have auto-tension springs or simply don't stretch). Or at work how they have no tightening mechanism and you're just screwed... Also depends on the material, like TPU I have to clean the bed every time as well as the nozzle, compared to ABS which is basically never, and only reglue the bed every month but some may need different adhesives and more often or some like PLA I use painters tape until it gets ripped up and then replace that strip. There is no single answer, its like asking about "how to maintain car" when no car is the same: my car doesn't even have pistons, it has a triangle spinning on a sun gear in an elliptical pattern and has oil directly injected into the burn chamber, I also pre-mix oil into my fuel tank when I fill up at the gas station, something you would never do with a typical car, also mine you need to rev past 9000 RPM every time you drive it otherwise it builds carbon and will destroy the engine every 20k miles, but that's also the opposite of what you should do with a normal car. Other people charge their cars and use electric, so it varies a lot depending what style of car you have (also mine likes to destroy headlights for some reason, so I need to change those every 6 months compared to maybe every 20 years, but it depends what type of lights you have like LED/Halogen/Xenon/incandescent or the other 10 types).
Tom's Gate
Tom's Gate 6 aylar önce
Very well done!
Tim Toale
Tim Toale 6 aylar önce
@ 8:30 - "Let me just break your stuff."
david valens
david valens 6 aylar önce
Great video
oreospapa 6 aylar önce
Okay, it's been a couple there an update??
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 6 aylar önce
Working on one once I can travel
T H 7 aylar önce
What would you use for 2" suspension lift spacers for a car? Needs to be stiff but not crack. Have noticed manufacturers use HDPE for other car models (nobody makes these for my car). I already designed them but not sure. Probably nylon, ABS, or PC?
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
I think Nylon will creep, but I'd recommend cutting those out of metal... Its not that expensive to have some made of a proper material, also I'm not sure what would happen if those did fail or explode out the sides (like jacking up the car working on it, then the jack slips and it tires slam down if they frag grenade into your legs hitting arteries. I mean its a bit of a boring way to die but I won't judge).
Imad Alamaddin
Imad Alamaddin 7 aylar önce
Hello folks and thansk for the very informative videos, what are your thoughts on pla+?
Average Canadian
Average Canadian 7 aylar önce
"Maybe we should revisit this in a year or two" Well well well, here we are two years later and I'm just getting into the hobby! I'd love to see an up-to-date revision, this was very informative.
Cabbage Aylar önce
@3D Printing Nerd Looking forward to this. Thanks!
Nugget_Of_Life Aylar önce
@3D Printing Nerd oof, i hope you can soon!
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd Aylar önce
Not yet. Haven’t been able to get back out to Printed Solid
Murasaki Ookami
Murasaki Ookami Aylar önce
@3D Printing Nerd can't find the updated video, or hasn't it been produced yet?.
The Gnomish Arcanum
The Gnomish Arcanum 3 aylar önce
Check Zack Freedman YT, he did an excellent recap lately !
Devin Lasher
Devin Lasher 7 aylar önce
Just came here to mention that Matt was so dang informative that I ended up looking up his company that he works for out of curiousity, and ended up grabbing their filament vacuum set, just to support this dudes paycheck cause he f@$#ing deserves it, big ups.
Michael Sgro
Michael Sgro 7 aylar önce
18:28 he predicts varioShore TPU
stevefriedman71 7 aylar önce
is there a way to print candlewax?
Chris Trahan
Chris Trahan 7 aylar önce
Did a video that revisited the filaments ever come out?
Liam 7 aylar önce
What is the best machine for making plastic prototypes?
Bryce Taylor
Bryce Taylor 7 aylar önce
Massimo Wright
Massimo Wright 7 aylar önce
Well scripted video
Plastic 3D
Plastic 3D 7 aylar önce
Love this video i keep coming back at it:))
Riley Long
Riley Long 8 aylar önce
I'm trying to 3d print rock climbing holds. I know that we use PU to make climbing holds. I was wondering about the property differences between polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane?
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
I can only imagine that ending great with layer separation, lol... I imagine those aren't too expensive compared to getting injured, but whatever you do make sure your layers are strong and pay attention to print orientation so the layers aren't being pulled away from each other.
Clown Whisper
Clown Whisper 8 aylar önce
i need some help. I'm ready for flex printing even bought a new extruder appropriate to the task I can not figure out which filament to buy. I would like the flexibility as close to a spatial as possible. realize that it won't be perfect as a spatula is made from rubber but it needs to be similar. I have read so many damn articles and I can not figure out which shore hardness to go with, if someone could help me I would be grateful
Jake Garrett
Jake Garrett Aylar önce
I think ABS is pretty close, it also handles heat a lot better but I'm not sure I'd cook eggs with it because I don't think its food safe, but if you vary the thickness just a little you can get it dialed in just like you want especially since ABS is really close to most plastic spatulas I've used.
Richard Hodges
Richard Hodges 8 aylar önce
Hi I bought some TPU to print some flexible fittings like model car tyres eg rubber style bits, but received PLA-f. Its suggested that this is the same. Is this true do you think ? Thanks Richard
Adrian Angel
Adrian Angel 8 aylar önce
You should try MWC . Its has exceptional tear strength, crush resistance is very good, and I believe its impervious to chemical and structural breakdown . MWC= My Wifes Cooking
Deathshaker 00
Deathshaker 00 8 aylar önce
I love this video. I remember watching it when it came out. I think it would be interesting to do a follow up video of where filament is now.
Sean Kelley
Sean Kelley 8 aylar önce
Lol at 0:33 I thought the card was introducing Matt as a printed solid.
Isaï Borrias
Isaï Borrias 8 aylar önce
Now, this was very informative, thanks!
Emiddio Esposito
Emiddio Esposito 8 aylar önce
any 2 years later update? you know, comparing the predictions with the actual truth of what happened
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 8 aylar önce
Working on it. Once it’s safe to travel headed back out there.
jafinch78 8 aylar önce
Great overview! Awesome, learned a lot about the filaments.
Lukas Pfitscher
Lukas Pfitscher 8 aylar önce
pla plus is the best and you didnt say it :( but good video :)
Me Rose
Me Rose 8 aylar önce
Do I get a certificate after this? 👩‍🎓 That was a course not a video thank you!
blind1337nedm 8 aylar önce
"you cannot bend this at all " *CRUNCH*
Scy 9 aylar önce
kinda cringing at the thought of water dissolving plastics tbh. best part about PLA is it's pretty environmentally friendly
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 9 aylar önce
I know people SAY it’s environmentally friendly, but is it? I’ve had PLA outdoors for years with no degradation. Also, water dissolved filaments aren’t really plastics - more like a kids glue stick in filament form.
GOZILLA SIN 9 aylar önce
Interesting contents BUT this vide has minor background noise. I gave up to watching at 8 min. My ears hurt....
Elfen Magix
Elfen Magix 9 aylar önce
No HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene)? Basically the same styrofoam used in car bumpers. Can be used as is or as a soluable support for other materials like ABS. Prints within the same temp setting as ABS but it is softer than ABS. Funny... I built a Toy Rep Rap 3D printer (with Nema 17 mods) using HIPS and after a while the various parts that moved started to deform... LOL! Replaced those parts with ABS printed parts and 👍 Oh! The smell while printing! Smells like a styrofoam cup with way too hot water/coffee/tea in it! Ha Ha!
Ryan Almand
Ryan Almand 9 aylar önce
Why the black and white segments?
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 9 aylar önce
Those were from an older GoPro and the black and white made the footage look a little better.
Kaleb Klein
Kaleb Klein 9 aylar önce
its been 2 years. its time joel...
Sean Wieland
Sean Wieland 9 aylar önce
It’s a year later. Any update?
Leonardo Diamond
Leonardo Diamond 9 aylar önce
Very cool and informative!
yaniveliraz 9 aylar önce
Hi! Did you try using PLA in liquid nitrogen? Can you recommend it?
saint7412369 9 aylar önce
DUDE. Go outside, 1 hour in the sun every day.
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 9 aylar önce
I live in Seattle. That’s just not possible
Hek Lik
Hek Lik 9 aylar önce
For making gears , What plastic best to use ?
Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson 9 aylar önce
Can PET-G be used in place of ABS? In other words is PET-G a solid product to use if you want things that last long, stay structurally sound, handle higher heats, and you don't want to mess with the fumes of ABS? For example, if you want to 3D print a spatula your wife can print with, what would you use? Can the new product, ASA, be used in place of PET-G and ABS and is it safer and if so how much safer? And is it easy to print?
Saul 9 aylar önce
Polyvily alcohol lol. But really this was a good video thanks for sharing :)
ElMirc 10 aylar önce
8:28 oh man I though my printer knocked off the model from the bed
X-Disturbedead-X -_-
X-Disturbedead-X -_- 10 aylar önce
is it possible to recycle milk cartons into a filament
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor 10 aylar önce
What is the thing called that he is using as a hook on those shelves? Looks like they are some kind of nametag holder
Engineer 10 aylar önce
Yours Truly The #1 Pony
Yours Truly The #1 Pony 10 aylar önce
What is the best filament to print helmets or masks for cosplay
Chris Sadler
Chris Sadler 10 aylar önce
Learned so much. Thanks!
Xbot4Life 10 aylar önce
08:26 Dont test this guy with your stuff
David Perry
David Perry 10 aylar önce
I hope PVC someday becomes a popular filament option for 3D printing
Ventsislav Simonov
Ventsislav Simonov 10 aylar önce
We use PEEK at work all the time. For now we only do machining but soon we will be getting a 3D printer for it. It truly is a bad ass engineering material. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's really a plastic.
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC)
LSE LLC (Lumanet Solar Energy LLC) 10 aylar önce
you guys missed a few more : POM , PEKK, HDPE, HiPS-R and some more
Kelly Klaas K7SU
Kelly Klaas K7SU 10 aylar önce
Lots of good information here! Thanks.
Isahak 10 aylar önce
3:32 poor stewie
Demitri 10 aylar önce
dennis k
dennis k 10 aylar önce
"Maybe we should review this video in a year or two" I am reminding you for it, would love to see it ;)
Jacko 11 aylar önce
8:25 "you can not bend him" *breaks it*
1objection 11 aylar önce
Great video! I didn't realize there were so many types of filament.
Commander Graham
Commander Graham 11 aylar önce
whats a good filament for thin walls?
nexovec 11 aylar önce
Interesting format of the vid!
Ivan G-S
Ivan G-S 11 aylar önce
For someone researching what filament to buy, this is an invaluable video. The best parts are the comparisons between each back and forth, plus small notes about it being a faff to print with.. So much experience here.. invaluable. Thank you
Elizabeth Finley Edwards Morris
Elizabeth Finley Edwards Morris 11 aylar önce
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 11 aylar önce
lmao I thought the different types listed in the title were words in german or something. I didn't click on this like 2 hours ago because of it
ammar del real
ammar del real 11 aylar önce
3D Printing Nerd: CEO of “ohhh” and “okay!” and “I see!”
3D Printing Nerd
3D Printing Nerd 11 aylar önce
For real!
georhodium Geo
georhodium Geo 11 aylar önce
You can't push a rope!
Roger O
Roger O 11 aylar önce
I am totally impressed by this video. It will remain valuable over time - it can now be called a Bench Mark for future videos of this type (as you mentioned). I've read a few comments and they are saying similar things. You covered about 2 dozen types of printable filaments... are there any more at the time of the video or is that the list of this moment? Well, when the video was made and posted - since I'm posting this comment almost 2 years later! 1) When 3D printers were created in the beginning and up to the Jan 2 2019 date of posting your video, did they have the ability to handle many of the filaments that came along after that date? 2) Have changes been made after that date to the new print heads being invented and produced on newer machines which could handle the old and newest filaments? 3) Those two questions mean that it would not be fun to be the one who jumped into the market place and purchased one of the first 3D printers. After I wrote questions 1 & 2 I thought of the "Metal" filament. Not only would I have thought that Metal would NOT be done - but they found a way. And that means that something special had to be done to the print head so it would be possible, not to mention the filament had to be developed which could be melted in some creative way and would harden afterwards. Is it truly metal as we know metal? Well, how about doing an update to this video in about a month? Tell us if these existing filaments have been enhanced and reformulated so the bad or undesirable properties have been developed out of the product now. Same filament name or new name? Keep the same video title with a suffix on it. Thanks
Davina Hovanec
Davina Hovanec 11 aylar önce
Please stop flashing to B&W; migraine inducing.
Nic Gibbens
Nic Gibbens 11 aylar önce
Ok so it looks like it’s been a year now - time for an updated look at materials yet?
Ertan Dx
Ertan Dx Yıl önce
i wish you also shared optimal melting temp of materials you presented. but overall good information.
ragul navaneethan
ragul navaneethan Yıl önce
Those guys are smart.
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