Giant Round Epoxy Table

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Blacktail Studio

Blacktail Studio

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My epoxy workshop:
I might have been overconfident when I took on the largest round table build I have ever attempted. This one had more downs than ups, let me know what you think of the outcome.
Bid on this piece:
Sawyer table base build: • Bent-Wood Table W...
Smart Executive Desk Plans:
Lesson of the week, get a moisture meter... No, the lesson is to USE the moisture meter. Here is the one I own: -
Dry ice blasting:
Items used in this build:
New Blacktail n3 Nano:
Wagner moisture meter:
Deep pour epoxy:
Custom router bits:
Angle grinder:
Track saw:
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast):
CA glue:
Threaded inserts:
Festool sander:
Roundover bit:
Mesh sandpaper:
Gem buffer:
Photography light (similar):
White buffing pads:
Furniture bolts:
Cordless router:
0:00 intro
1:45 How not to cut a circle
3:04 Dry ice blasting/sandblasting wood
4:55 Epoxy tips and tricks
7:40 Round epoxy table mold
8:46 Deep pour epoxy
11:55 Cutting it round and flat
13:40 Epoxy touch ups
17:10 Wood vs metal table bases
18:20 Cutting a dangerous edge profile
21:55 Applying the finish
23:38 Table base (number one)
25:21 Table base (number two)
26:09 Surprise ending

Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 9 aylar önce
Sawyer! Cam, I'm new to woodworking. Can you explain why the higher moisture makes this piece "unusable as a table"? I get that the table top won't be perfectly flat but is it really that extreme? Thanks in advance.
Brian Stockwell
Brian Stockwell 13 gün önce
@assassin Why?
A Wilson
A Wilson 15 gün önce
@stanleythedoggy I don't know how much moisture is too much unfortunately, however there are several Moisture Meters available on the market to check a wood's moisture content. I haven't done any woodworking since High School (far, Far, FAR more Moons ago than I like to think about let alone remember...😄😁😆😅😂🤣) so I'm not by any means an expert. I can only tell you what I myself have learned by watching You Tubers like Cam...
stanleythedoggy 15 gün önce
@A Wilson What's the recommended moisture level and how do I check properly/reasonably conveniently?
John Stoutenburg
John Stoutenburg 16 gün önce
Not fires…does
John Stoutenburg
John Stoutenburg 16 gün önce
I bet you can pull that mousture down yo 8% in just a few days or a week. Be sure to completely sand the bottom so the water can escape then reseal it or not!? The bottom fires not have to be sealed that’s just not necessary
Sawyer Design
Sawyer Design 9 aylar önce
Thanks for teaming up with me on this one, Cam! A really beautiful bummer, but I have a feeling we’ll get a chance at redemption. Loved the edit and appreciate the love!
Di Gri
Di Gri Aylar önce
Hi Sawyer, did you even sell this beautiful wall hanging piece? It’s been 8over 8 months. But I would like to know! It was certainly beautiful despite the high moisture content.
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 2 aylar önce
@Blacktail Studio what would have happened if you proceeded to use the build as a table despite the moisture? Would it continue to deteriorate over time?
DJ 3 aylar önce
@Blacktail Studio Just a random idea, what if you were to put a piece of glass on top as the table top?
Sherman Lewis
Sherman Lewis 4 aylar önce
@pav nolastname dry ice is formed from Frozen carbon dioxide. But if you notice the fog all around dry ice that is the humidity condensating because of the temperature of the dry ice. And is carried and transferred into the wood. Of retired sandblaster, accuscript , walnut shell and dry ice
Ang R
Ang R 5 aylar önce
@Blacktail Studio I wonder if you have ever searched for photographs of antique card tables? Some very interesting shapes with one which open out and wouldn't have to be for cards (which hardly anyone plays now). Maybe chairs to match your dinning tables? If you have enough wood.
MelodicsRareMusicVid 2 aylar önce
as a person whose edited tons of small videos ive done over the years, not only is your woodworking great but looking at this from a editing view people dont realize how much time and memory and footage you must of taken to combine hours worth of work into a half hour documentary
Marco Kleiner
Marco Kleiner 2 aylar önce
I really appreciate your honesty in sharing your experience. the piece was a failure as a tabletop, but you learnt from it and are letting us learn from your mistake. thank you very much
Venouch 3 aylar önce
For all of you looking for a closure in this story of a moisturized slab: the ebay listing is gone, but wayback machine has the page recorded. It sold for US $6.200 in 71 bids. This is my payback to the community, no need to thank me :⁠-⁠)
CHARVESTER 14 gün önce
@EvenWhyProductions "Not all hero’s wear capes" That's right. They wear spandex. Everybody knows that.
EvenWhyProductions 14 gün önce
Exactly what I was looking for in the comments. Not all hero’s wear capes
Z Stellini
Z Stellini 25 gün önce
Magin Aylar önce
Thank you :)
CHARVESTER 2 aylar önce
Can I borrow your Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody? I have some things I'd like to change in my life.
Joe Padgett
Joe Padgett 4 aylar önce
Always keep your tester handy to check for moisture before buying. This will give you an idea on how long it will be before using the piece.
Barry Arndt
Barry Arndt 2 aylar önce
Although I am a wood turner and only a hobbyist, I subscribed to your channel. I enjoy learning and applying principles and skills to my hobby from more than just fellow turners. Watching your process was a "thought lab" for me and I'm always looking for that. I've run into hidden moisture problems as well and they can create a multitude of unpleasant surprises. The end product was still very beautiful.
Syed Ateeq
Syed Ateeq 9 aylar önce
You can make an oversized wall clock out of it. It would look great. Just stick some numbers and a good quartz mechanism. 😎
Iva Cvrk
Iva Cvrk Aylar önce
Can be outside coffe table, amazigley beautiful 😍
Алексей Богданов
Алексей Богданов 2 aylar önce
Прекрасная работа❤
Donna Elliott
Donna Elliott 2 aylar önce
That's exactly what I was thinking it would make an awesome wall clock
LL 2 aylar önce
Could even make a clock table.
Beverly Carswell
Beverly Carswell 3 aylar önce
Absolutely stunning piece! Too bad about the moisture thing, though.. That 'cookie" was such a gorgeous piece of wood; I did feel bad when you cut the edges off, but the tabletop finish was amazing! At least you got over 6000 beans for your trouble!
Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones 2 aylar önce
Believe me, you are NOT boring!!! I somehow came across your channel and other wood working channels when I started watching acrylic paint poring channels? And I got hooked!! I love watching your process and the way you narrate is simply awesome and very e Joya let so thanks for all of your effort, it is really appreciated!!! :) :)
Jeremy Skidmore
Jeremy Skidmore 2 aylar önce
So sad to see it didn't work but I absolutely love this piece! I'm currently working on a red oak double cookie epoxy table both pieces from the same slab so we will see how this information helps me in my build! AWESOME content on this one. Definitely gonna join you for the ride man. Excellent work and beautiful piece. Again sorry it didn't work out as planned.
pamela dimka
pamela dimka 2 aylar önce
I so enjoyed this video even though I have no experience in wood work. Your voice, your tone, your explanation, your jokes make the whole the experience worth while. Thank you for this.
Randy Hall
Randy Hall 3 aylar önce
Sam, I am a new subscriber to your videos. I have to say that I am truly impressed with your techniques and explanation of the products and processes you are using. Beautiful work and very entertaining!
Mr.PoopyDoobertPants 9 aylar önce
I love this channel. The woodworking, the story telling, and the subtle humor is always top notch.
R McKenzie
R McKenzie 2 aylar önce
@Douglas Thomas Hayden Look up Elephant In The Hospital if you’d like to learn more about it. There’s literally zero scientific reason for it, which is why it’s so abhorrent. Babies die from it, and it has more of a long-lasting effect than you’d think. It’s a purely cosmetic surgery, and it’s a money-making machine. It may not bother you, but it is harming the boys who can’t speak for themselves. You wouldn’t cut off a piece of a baby girl’s genitals just because, you know? Just spreading the word, no hate intended 💕
Mr_Bear 3 aylar önce
Wait, the humor is supposed to be subtle?
Douglas Thomas Hayden
Douglas Thomas Hayden 7 aylar önce
@Ma_De_Sa I'm snipped, as of birth. Doesn't bother me a bit. If you were snipped as an infant, I doubt you can remember it either, and thus I believe you're just making yourself suffer FOMO for an irrelevant attribute.
Ma_De_Sa 7 aylar önce
@Douglas Thomas Hayden Unfortunately genitals mutilation is a very serious topic and just because you are fine with it doesn't mean others are or should be made fun of for advocating against it. If you are happy with being circumcised then shut up.
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson 2 aylar önce
I think it great that you are willing to be open and honest and share your experience both success and what you are calling a failure. I would be so glad if everything in life I have failed at turned out as beautiful as that "wall hanging" as you call it! I appreciate your work and I think you are too hard on yourself.
Melissa Schaefer
Melissa Schaefer 2 aylar önce
I love your channel! I’m not a woodworker, but I love watching you create!
TheNukebooster 4 aylar önce
I am not a woodworker but a programmer. You may think it is odd for me to enjoy this content, but what intrigues me is what i enjoy about my job: Problem Solving. You view your builds as challenges. You meet struggles with an open mind and are a adaptive and smart man. I do not understand everything you do, but your thought process and solution development is great.
Charlie Eells
Charlie Eells 4 aylar önce
The thing about wood working and programming is, problem solving aka using the right tool for the task at that stage in the design.
James McDonald
James McDonald Aylar önce
That's some serious self-awareness starting at minute 5, dude. Ya, I'm never going to build a table myself, but it's a joy to watch you build.
George Yazbek
George Yazbek 4 aylar önce
I've always been a fan, big respect for the work and details you put in your videos
Tricia 9 aylar önce
I’m going to be truthful, I really have no comprehension of the technical things that you do, but I really enjoy your process and the results you get are so elegant and amazing, sending best wishing 🇬🇧🇬🇧
Hữu Đỗ
Hữu Đỗ 9 aylar önce
The table top is very nice. In general, the base of the table is small, if you replace it with a larger pillar, it will look more solid and beautiful.
Donna Mealy
Donna Mealy 9 aylar önce
I also really enjoy his honesty and humor. Always a fun show.
Blacktail Studio
Blacktail Studio 9 aylar önce
Wow, thanks so much for saying so Tricia!
Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson 4 gün önce
That is gorgeous piece of work, anyone would be proud to have this in their home.
Seneric 2 aylar önce
In case you dont have any idea yet for that thing, you could have somebody CNC a world map out of brass plating, and place it on the wood slab with offset pegs. I reckon it would look VERY nice, and maybe you can sell it off that way as a piece of art work instead of a table.
Freaky Gardener
Freaky Gardener 3 aylar önce
I honestly don't understand the issue of the moisture, (I would think it would balance out in time), but I think it came out BEAUTIFULLY!
kevb 2 aylar önce
I love to watch a perfectionist. You don't have the best equipment so it must be difficult at times, but what a wonderful job.
Winona Brown
Winona Brown 19 gün önce
That is beautiful! It would look good with a ball and claw center table base to add to the rugged feel!
Maciej Orłowski
Maciej Orłowski 9 aylar önce
You should definitely turn it into huge wall clock, with brass/golden/mother of pearl inlays. Additionally, you could reduce weight, by hogging out some material on the back - maybe it would dry a bit more because of that?
Dori Coldwell
Dori Coldwell 6 aylar önce
It's a beautiful art piece.
Jon Focker
Jon Focker 7 aylar önce
@Deb L-S for sure
Deb L-S
Deb L-S 7 aylar önce
The wood will make a beautiful clock for a forward thinking company. (Pacific NW?) Place it in a large common area as functional art!
Charli Bar
Charli Bar 7 aylar önce
@Jon Focker MM
Jon Focker
Jon Focker 7 aylar önce
i initially thought it would be a clock. too perfect for that!!!!
Kingdom Man Legacy Ministries
Kingdom Man Legacy Ministries 2 aylar önce
You seem to have a Great attitude... being a remodeling contractor for 30+ years, we gotta figure things as we go all the time. Love your builds... I wanna do a big dining room table for one of my kids & his fam. Good luck to you in your future!
Boru06 2 aylar önce
Aw Cam, I feel so sorry for you. I bet your clients appreciate your honesty as much as your viewers do. Even your supplier obviously thinks a lot of you too. Best of luck to you on all future projects. 👍
AMG Guy 2 aylar önce
Gosh that's incredible work, and a truly beautiful round table. Art is art, but proportion is important visually and well as functionally. It required a more substantial base for sure.
rose blue
rose blue 2 aylar önce
Bravo for your endurance on this project! Amazing work! The moisture problem must have been a big disappointment! I didn't think the stand & table complimented each other adquately, tho' the stand was indeed very beautiful, too.
StockTraderClass Live
StockTraderClass Live 3 aylar önce
You probably want to check another similar small piece of wood with the dry ice cleaning guys, just to make sure that the moisture did not really come from their process, ultimately it would be nice to know! (in my opinion even if it evaporates the cracks and pressure is so big that its possible the vapors were trapped thus the moisture.
Kevin Brannen
Kevin Brannen 2 aylar önce
@John Cornwell My guess is that the dry ice cooled the wood down enough that it pulled moisture in, that is via condensation. However, I'm not sure how much that would have done and the only way to really know would be if he'd done a moisture check before he started the entire process. If it was good then but bad after the dry ice blasting, then it was the blasting that caused the problem. To bad he didn't check at the start.
StockTraderClass Live
StockTraderClass Live 2 aylar önce
@John Cornwell It’s definitely worth trying it out, to know for sure. In my opinion since most wood is living porous material, it had its own previous moisture level, then introducing extreme cold dry ice, will probably shrink it, and later the moisture will seep in as it warms up from the atmosphere. Humidity, deep cracks, cold hot temperatures, it’s own moisture level, all play a factor 👍!
John Cornwell
John Cornwell 2 aylar önce
I'm ignorant and curious: how does moisture come from carbon dioxide?
Goku Swanson
Goku Swanson 9 aylar önce
I'm almost 30 and my whole life my father and I have had an awful relationship, we kinda hate each other.... but this, even if only a little bit, gave us something to bond over, neither of us knew the other liked wood working. I found out because we both happen to watch your videos.....
Ralph Turney
Ralph Turney 9 aylar önce
Sawyer: My daughter and I have gone through our ups and downs, but we always loved each other. If you have a daughter(s), you know what happen when the teen years come on… At 25, now she’s coming over every Friday and I’m teaching her woodworking! This has been a dream come true. I’ve been a subscriber for a little while now and she texted me a link to this TRshow! I love my daughter, but sharing my other love with her is everything I’ve hoped for. I hope this new found connection gets you closer!
Goku Swanson
Goku Swanson 9 aylar önce
@Blacktail Studio I never thought you would read this but I'm so glad you did, thank you so much for taking the time and for doing what you do. You seem like a great guy, tons of love and respect for you and the work you put into all of this. I wish you the best!! Sure a mistake was made with this table, but this table is why my comment above exists. I know that's not worth thousands of "friendships" but its worth more than I can say to me (I wanted to buy but the shipping to my country is insane)
Blacktail Studio
Blacktail Studio 9 aylar önce
That is the most surprising and nice comment I’ve ever read.
don whitmire
don whitmire 9 aylar önce
Your story would make a good family movie :)
Paul Valentine
Paul Valentine 2 aylar önce
Your honesty, professionalism, and integrity are refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!
Rev. Kirk KB7QOD
Rev. Kirk KB7QOD 3 aylar önce
I don't do anything even comparable to your scale, but I keep my epoxy and glue inside because I only heat my shop when I work in it. Great job on that massive piece.
Dirce Soares
Dirce Soares 2 aylar önce
Realmente esse é um trabalho interessante, que partiu de uma peça de madeira aparentemente sem valor, e foi transformada em uma peça artisticamente importante. Parabéns a você.
Kustorez 4 aylar önce
This is just super, why did I throw away tree sections like this before, it didn't even occur to me that you could make such beauty! Well done
Ms. Construed
Ms. Construed 2 aylar önce
The pain is real. It is truly beautiful as a wall piece. Thank you for sharing the tribulations 👍🏽
tim armstrong
tim armstrong 9 aylar önce
I don't do any large table tops like you do but after seeing this I still might get a moisture meter. It is still a beautiful table, and 9 out of 10 people would never know it has a problem unless you told them. You pay the price for being an honest perfectionist, and that's one of the reasons so many people watch you. Thanks
Neal Fromm
Neal Fromm 20 gün önce
First time viewer DO OVER I was very intrigued with your style, crisp, clean and direct. Your video can be used in AV learning center, epoxy pour learning centers, wood prep learning centers, comfortable work attire...this list goes on and on. Well done
Leehigh M
Leehigh M Aylar önce
Admire your skills and passion.Tons of pleasure to even watch the show.👍
cindy edmonds
cindy edmonds 2 aylar önce
New sub here. I'm not a woodworker but my uncle and father-in-law were. Neither worked with organic pieces or epoxy. I know several ppl who have tables like this, just not round. I find this very interesting and educational! Love how honest you are about mistakes and how you could fix them.... or not. Thanks for a non-gossip YT channel!
Terry Blevins
Terry Blevins 3 aylar önce
The figure and grain on that slab are really incredible! Very unique. I’m glad you got a decent amount of views because I know from experience that you invested a lot of time and effort in this top in order for it to have problems at the end. No problem though it just means that you get to keep it. 😉
Marina Pacheco
Marina Pacheco 4 aylar önce
The wall clock is a great idea. My idea would be to do the continents for the wall. The beautiful wood would be fantastic. Great tutorial 🤩🥰🙏🏻
Karen McVann
Karen McVann 7 aylar önce
I am a 72 year old woman who loves your work, your voice-overs, your end results. I watch things to the end so know the clues SAM and SAWYER. I have an art background so I really appreciate your more complicated projects using resin or live edge tables. The crazier the wood grain, the better. My father was a weekend warrior using a router and radial arm saw and made the HEAVIEST furniture ever! It was all particle board, Formica tops,, Masonite drawers.
Jared Strickland
Jared Strickland 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this video and and all The tips, but especially for sharing that not everything we do is golden. You kept it real. Cheers!
Di Flakelar
Di Flakelar Aylar önce
Sawyer - thanks Cam I really enjoy your videos even the ones where things don’t always go to plan I really enjoy the process it’s kind of cathartic to watch it all come together Thanks
J S 2 aylar önce
Another great job! More patience then I have for this type work.
17seventySIX 20 gün önce
It's been a few years now but ever since being intrigued from my 1st experience in sharing the most valuable thing any of us have in life which is time you've been motivating me to get started on sharing my own projects however I've yet to start and the longer it goes the better you get and the better your videos get, and the better your projects get intimidating me more & more ... Hat's off to your successes and everything you've learned from the lessons the wood has taught you and the rest of us through your sharing.. congratulations & we can't wait for what's next..
Beau Chance
Beau Chance Aylar önce
I've seen, honestly way too many woodworking videos for someone who doesn't woodwork, but this has easily been the most beautiful piece of wood before working i've ever seen, this thing has a lot of potential.
TheBloodshire 9 aylar önce
Honestly I expect this to still REALLY sell. This is an amazing piece to be proud of. When you're a maker sometimes small mistakes lead to big problems but at the end of the day you made a beautiful piece of art and you shouldn't be hard on yourself as you really did an amazing job.
twoc 9 aylar önce
@Kehinde O Winning bid: US $6,200.00
Kehinde O
Kehinde O 9 aylar önce
Up to 6500 now so.
Antarah Ibn Shaddad
Antarah Ibn Shaddad 3 aylar önce
That cart used to lift the wood is a prime example of when the random item you bought while window shopping in Lowes finally comes in handy!
Machinist 72
Machinist 72 2 aylar önce
For those who are interested, theyre properly called die lift tables. Their original purpose was to elevate stamping dies to load/ unload onto punch presses.
Antarah Ibn Shaddad
Antarah Ibn Shaddad 3 aylar önce
@Jon Shomo tractor supply and ace hardware also
Jon Shomo
Jon Shomo 3 aylar önce
…..for me its Harbor Freight🤣
Glenfiddich101 2 aylar önce
I feel sorry for you that your table never worked out in the end however as a wall mounted show piece it looked pretty awesome. I have to tell you that this video was most enjoyable to watch and I feel that I learned quite a bit from it. I haven't been working with wood for very long, only since covid lockdown I have been using various hardwoods and some exotic spieces too, to make kitchen cutting boards which I felt was a good way of getting into woodwork but for the past year I have been thinking more and more about expanding and making tables which kind of seems like making cutting boards on a larger scale and adding legs. I haven't actually made anything at all this past year because I live in Poland and the winter time is never a good time as the snow is usually too deep to venture out into my workshop that and the fact that the rest of the year I have been working back in the UK where I originate from, however owning a small farmstead I am about to change one of our barns into a large and spacious workshop, it might not be as big as your shop is as I won't be able to use the entire barn but it will be somewhere, where I can work from all year round in. My wife has been very supportive of my plans and she is eager for me to try working with epoxy resin I'm sure I shall be able to pick up some more tips from watching your other videos. Lastly, I have a moisture meter but it is not at hand so I cannot tell you the make of it off the top of my head but I once went to a saw mill somewhere here in the south of Poland to buy some local hardwood and the guy sold me a few slabs of walnut and maple (there are a lot of sawmills in the south of Poland probably several hundred) anyway one of the slabs of walnut although extremely pretty wasn't as dry as he had made out it was and I never found this out until I had it back home in my shop, so the lesson I learned was buy a moisture meter and take it with me when buying wood as it ain't cheap here either and don't take other peoples word for it because the chances are that he saw me coming a mile away, I was too eager to buy and he was too eager to make a sale, but I like the meter you were using in this video because most of the ones I have seen are like my one with two prongs in the end whereas your one you just ranthe back of it over the surface and it readings instantly came up on the screen which I thought was very impressive indeed Sorry to blab on and on Kind regards Glen in Poland
Gary Freitag
Gary Freitag Aylar önce
I’m a new subscriber. Loved the video, so interesting. Just a quick comment. So by turning it into wall art, I feel like you may have missed a perfect opportunity. That very easily could have been turned into a clock. With that said, your work is amazing!
Tamla Price
Tamla Price 3 aylar önce
This was gorgeous anyway and the pedestal base was beautiful!!!! Keep up the great work.
cfuzzkennedy 4 aylar önce
Such a beautiful piece. It’s a shame that this happened, but in the real world, these slight oversights happen more often than we would like. This craft takes a great deal of patience. Still, bravo! You could have been a shrew and sold it to an unsuspecting customer for a ton of money and moved on. But you clearly did not and deeply care about your craft and workmanship. So few of us left in a world where the motto is “profits before product”.
BYOT 9 aylar önce
Uuuuugh! I feel your pain of the moisture reader. That happens once before to me as well and will never make that mistake again. Thanks for being open and honest with us. We learn for our mistakes.
Blacktail Studio
Blacktail Studio 9 aylar önce
Absolutely 👊👊
della campbell
della campbell 2 aylar önce
I know nothing about epoxy work or live edge work but I greatly admire your bravery and dedication..this is also a huge monetary investment. I do other comparative arts that are invent as you go and the investment just grows and grows. I wish you good luck.
Martín Rivera Moreles
Martín Rivera Moreles 2 aylar önce
Wow!! It’s amazing to see how you enjoyed your job!! It wasn’t that easy but you are doing something you desperately like on doing!!! As a college student asesor retired after almost twenty years of working with foreigner students from around the globe, by seeing what you are doing, proofs what I always told to my students, do whatever makes you happy and definitely you are a vivid example of what said rapidly to my students!!! Amazing job!!!👍👍
Sherri Yukel
Sherri Yukel 2 aylar önce
I'm so in love with your video style! Great job... still made a great piece of Wall Art! Can't wait to learn more from you.
Ron Sippel / Artist
Ron Sippel / Artist 4 aylar önce
New. I'd call it the "Waterfall" table. Or the "frozen falls". Beautiful and elegant piece.
browneyes1952 2 aylar önce
I love watching the process. had to read through the comments to find out what would happen with the moisture. very interesting.. beautiful piece.
Gh0stB34r 9 aylar önce
This is literally one of the best channels on youtube...creative, informative, and someone who clearly cares about their craft
Golfluvr2008 9 aylar önce
Wholly agreed!
Idon Wantella
Idon Wantella 3 aylar önce
I absolutely love your work. Most of all, I love how you are not carrying the camera around while you are actually working. You commentary and advice is second to none.
Sofía T Garcia
Sofía T Garcia 3 aylar önce
I spent 35 years as a cabinetmaker and I used the belt sander a lot. It can be a very finicky tool to use properly, but worth the effort to learn. You also need to know how to maintain it correctly.
matthew white
matthew white Aylar önce
@VVS mixing I would only use a belt sander to take material away not to try sand it to a polished finish an orbital sander is the best option if you don't have access to a drum sander
VVS mixing
VVS mixing Aylar önce
@matthew white thank you i notice on wood at coarse grit it scratches the wood in a ugly way, and looks better when those scratches are taken out by goin with the grain. or can you sand 45 to the grain and just use higher grit to take those out
matthew white
matthew white Aylar önce
@VVS mixing you use belt sanders at roughly 45° in a side to side or sweeping or curved motion, forward and back causes terrible inconsistency in the surface and the sander wants to run away, and 90° side to side causes some belt issues but you generally sweep it at 45° roughly
VVS mixing
VVS mixing Aylar önce
his technique was interesting to me , sanding perpendicular to the belt rather than parallel. i always thought you sans with the belt motion not at right angles to it
David Griego
David Griego 21 gün önce
What I really like, and appreciate about your Videos, is not only do you teach, and instruct. You also show the mistakes; more importantly how hard you work to try, and correct them! I could never afford to buy one of your fine crafted pieces; but it always is wonderfull to see Craftsmanship, and Ingenuity that goes into creating I believe a Wonderfull Work of Art!
howard barber
howard barber Aylar önce
Really appreciate all the time it took to make a beautiful table. I feel for you on the moisture issue. it may not be perfect in your eyes, but it is still a beautiful piece for whatever the use. i enjoy the chanel very much.
Todd M
Todd M 2 aylar önce
Sawyer designs ,actually I love the table even with what you consider flaws it’s awesometastic! And yes I subscribed to sawyer designs. Im a carpenter with 37 years experience and own my own cnc but never stop learning and you both do incredible work!! Thanks for your videos
Ashleigh Macdonald
Ashleigh Macdonald 9 aylar önce
Love that you showed us all the hard work and the heartache. Respect! You didn't fail, you learned. Well done, Cam.
Calamity Aylar önce
Would like to see a piece like this with dark blue and green epoxy. When I look at this it reminds me of an old map or Ariel shot of a landscape
Mister Samdi
Mister Samdi 2 aylar önce
Sawyer! Hey, it's a beautiful piece, sucks that it didn't work out as intended. I don't know how much it ultimately sold for, but if nothing else, might be a tax write off? 🤣 I had a few of those myself this year, LOL. Still great work, I love watching your videos and hope someday to find the time and work space to attempt these, though on a much smaller scale
Jacqueline Truong
Jacqueline Truong 2 aylar önce
I just came upon your videos and already binged a few. I don't know if I ever will get to this point, but if I choose to I know I will watch your in depth epoxy video. Beautiful work and I love how committed you are. Extra Bonus Points for having an OCD wife. I had to tell my husband what you said. I am going to start a bit smaller on epoxy resin projects first. that curved table was gorgeous!
David TheRave
David TheRave 2 aylar önce
Would a vibrating table help with getting the resin deeper and into smaller holes? I'm not a woodworker but find your videos interesting.
daubendiek Aylar önce
I was looking at your table as you did the edge and thought a nice antiqued brass band around the edge would really look different and classy
Trikie Dik
Trikie Dik 9 aylar önce
For those wondering, the table was sold as wall-art _(without the base)_ and received 71 bids with an ending sale price of a whopping *$6,200* _with free flat rate shipping included._ Great job none the less man, its still a awesome hunk of lumber and someone will display it proudly in their home!
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson Aylar önce
@Savage Dragon yeah I was just saying that the life of epoxy isn’t that long so the table would outlast the epoxy regardless so I wouldn’t hesitate to sell it. Your right though, his customers are paying 10s of 1000s of dollars so I would be finicky too
Savage Dragon
Savage Dragon Aylar önce
@Brandon Johnson Wood moisture pockets don't really matter that much. Cam is a bit of a perfectionist and his products are in the high end range that's why he's a bit finnicky about it. Think about it, though. How did master cabinet makers of the 17th and 18th centuries make their high end furniture for royalty? Did they have a perfect working Wagner moisture meter? Nope. I'm pretty sure lots of ultra rare antiques were made with accidental moisture pockets in them, and they're all just fine. Also, cracks and checks add character to wood anyway.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 8 aylar önce
@jsnthurst1 he showed it at the end of the video, certain spots were already started too droop because when wood dries it shrinks. Plus over time the epoxy will also crack and the wood will split. Doesn’t really matter anyways, all these people paying all this money for stuff made with epoxy are only going to get 20 years out of there purchase anyways. Epoxy doesn’t last as long as people think it does
Trikie Dik
Trikie Dik 8 aylar önce
@jsnthurst1 Good question, i dont think it would cause a huge issue but suspect possible warping down the road - and with it being a premium product he doesn't want to sell something of that caliber unless its perfect. Im no woodworker, but just my guess... hopfully someone with some experience can weigh in :D
jsnthurst1 8 aylar önce
Why did moisture render it unusable, will it rot? Will it crack? Why could nothing be done to correct it?
Lemming1970 2 aylar önce
Gutted for you both, what a lovely piece.
Travis Long
Travis Long Aylar önce
Hi love your videos. waiting on my first live wood to arrive to do a epoxy table. your video has been a blessing. Thank you for sharing.
CostaMesaPhotography 3 aylar önce
Sawyer base was awesome. And you know what, I think the top was too. I know that you saw it as a failure based on your admirable quality of perfection, but I hope you got a good price for the table...and I say table because I would use it that way for sure!
Dale Yarger
Dale Yarger 2 aylar önce
i thought this was great! However, I was going to suggest it should become a wall unit. Brace it with a ledge. Loved it just like it is anyway.
Frank Biz
Frank Biz 3 aylar önce
Your workmanship is epic. Awesome job, it looks fantastic!
Poetry - Reads and Writes
Poetry - Reads and Writes 7 aylar önce
I might never make a table with walnut and epoxy, but this (and all) your videos are pure therapy. Your attention to detail, the visuals and your anecdotes are a creative treat. Much admiration.
CopyCatlyn 3 aylar önce
"attention to detail" on the one video that he didn't pay attention to lmao
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 4 aylar önce
Linda Pester
Linda Pester 2 aylar önce
Absolutely love the table but I would rather have it with the edges on
иazaxprime 3 aylar önce
Man, I miss the floors of the Blade shop... They were a hot mess and legendary. Mind you this was basically a mobile home converter into a shop for working on the world's largest rotor blades, radar radomes, and any other thing you could think of back when carbon fiber was pretty new tech. The only people playing with the stuff at the time was basically me, my buddies and some f1 guys. Good times, even if brutal.
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 2 aylar önce
Cool piece of wood. Sucks that this happened. I like it because it looks like a vast of water over land,very awesome. Keep up with your great work. Tyler J.
Brian Kunk-Czaplicki
Brian Kunk-Czaplicki 3 aylar önce
Sawyer made a beautiful base! Have you ever revisited a project that went out the door to touch up epoxy that has settled if the wood has warped or something? I've never worked with epoxy so I don't know if this is a dumb question or not. You do great work.
Brian Kunk-Czaplicki
Brian Kunk-Czaplicki 3 aylar önce
And this could totally be a great game/poker table.
Bob Bergey
Bob Bergey Aylar önce
New -- definitely prefer the new table. Really cool project!
Gregory Rains
Gregory Rains 9 aylar önce
Sawyer Design pretty much blows my mind with the intricate detail, calculations, and design he puts into his creations. Both you and he are a very small group of wood workers that I subscribe to. Hopefully you guys will collaborate on something in the future.
Grace Qualls
Grace Qualls 9 aylar önce
They definitely need to try again, they both have such great work
Derstinations Revealed
Derstinations Revealed 3 aylar önce
I like your sense of humour. I’m in the process of starting my first table. I’m originally from Niagara, Canada, however now I live in Batumi, Georgia(country). Thanks for the videos !!
Linda Lawson
Linda Lawson 22 gün önce
i think its absolutely beautiful. i love the design in the wood. i have a piece im going to try and work with. it will be my first.
Tsuki Aylar önce
I prefer the old one since it goes with the aesthatic i want but the new one looks really good man i liked it
EthosAtheos 3 aylar önce
Have you ever tried using CA glue to seal it before epoxy? I wonder if that would be a quicker easier sealing coat than having to epoxy it.
Galen Zinn
Galen Zinn 4 aylar önce
What attracted me to your video at the beginning was the name. There is (or maybe was) a company in Oregon that custom builds beautiful hunting bows. I sold all of my bows a few years back when we had to move due to my wife's health. I grew up in a woodworker's family. Now, at 85 years, it is out of the question, but learning about music is very valuable to me. Nothing like TRshow was available when I needed it. During this past year, I have started over on bass trombone.
first last
first last 9 aylar önce
Gosh dang I cant wait until I can finally get a house so I can start doing projects like these! Been saving for 4 years with my wife who I met in college. we're 23 now and getting close to that goal! probably one more year and I can finally start some garage tinkering!
rayn man
rayn man 9 aylar önce
@I S all he's saying is don't overreach, start small.
I S 9 aylar önce
@Tête Dur what do you do if you earn more than double your Wife, work off the lower income? In which case you have to live in a shitbox. Unfortunately house prices have skyrocketed in the UK making living off one income impossible
Tête Dur
Tête Dur 9 aylar önce
Hope you don't mind an old guy (Boomer) handing out free advice regarding buying a home. I did offer this advice to a work friend, but neither she nor her husband (who is also a friend) listened. All I can do is put it out there. Only buy as much house as you can afford on one income. You can make double payments to pay it down quicker, but, as I think most of us know, stuff happens; it's tough to predict what will happen and how other people (or even we) will react to those circumstances. My first home after I graduated had wheels. It was super nice, pretty fancy, and a vast improvement over mobile homes of ages past, but still. We picked it because it was new enough that the resale value was high. It sold for asking price to the first person that came to look at it. My second home, which I still live in, was enough under my budget alone, that even retired and making a third of what I made when I was working, and being widowed, it's not a strain. My mortgage is well below what rents in the area are, plus no ugly upstairs, downstairs, or the unit next door neighbors. Congratulations and best in the future.
Blacktail Studio
Blacktail Studio 9 aylar önce
Way ahead of me at that age!
AgentChodyBanks 2 aylar önce
Hey Sam, any reason you aren't using a starter pin on your router table? They give you much more control routing large pieces
Chip Sills
Chip Sills 3 aylar önce
Instead of a belt sander, I have found that time can be saved using Makita or other sander/polisher. Fit a 3m 8" velcro/type head ($55 item) and appropriate 8" hook and loop sandpaper. Does a good job, is easier to control, and saves time (always desirable with sanding).
CaptainBax Aylar önce
Although not up to your standards, to me it looks amazing. I reckon it would be a great centre piece as a giant wall clock, I picture it with either fancy brass hands & time interval markers or luminous inlay hands & markers. If you're like me and tend to get up several times a night it's nice to be able to see the time in the dark.
stephan delongfield
stephan delongfield 2 aylar önce
just a suggestion but if I was working with that cookie instead of filling all those holes pits and voids with resin and spending so much time on that I would have personally got some black putty and used a putty knife 2”-3” and blade the putty down into the voids it would fill faster and then ultimately you could put a clear sealer over it and then build from there it would save the time and it would still have that black look you were striving for using epoxy but it would’ve been faster!!! just a thought or suggestion for any future endeavors with a large volume of voids in it
Chris Hornberger
Chris Hornberger 2 aylar önce
For the moisture, I'd have been tempted to run a groove all around the perimeter of the table top, and put it in a dry basement or other area where it's known to be dry for about 6 months, then re-CNC'd the top and check moisture levels again. If good, back to Plan-A. Maybe fill the groove with brass or more epoxy. $.02
tassellhoff 9 aylar önce
Great video. I have a suggestion that came to me when you mounted the "table" to the wall. Could you turn it into a clock? The former table top on a wall reminds me of an empty clock face. Keep up the great work.
morten bilet
morten bilet 3 aylar önce
Light and dark. ....both super nice! I like to add a comment. I have a stand up desk, and it has the option to have "panels" around. it gives a place to put little notes, and things don't fall off :-)
Tyree Wadsworth
Tyree Wadsworth 2 aylar önce
The amount of collaboration is awesome I love it.
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