Marie Voignier & Vassilis Salpistis | ENA ENA | Kappatos Athens Art Residency | May 2014

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Kappatos Athens Art Residency

5 yıl önce

Kappatos Athens Art Residency is pleased to present a representative video of the exhibition “one by one” by French video artist, Marie Voignier, who stayed in Athens in February 2014 and completed filming the homonymous film, which constitutes the central piece of the exhibition. During her stay in Athens, the second resident of the programme “Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency,” created in collaboration with visual artist, Vassilis Salpistis, the film entitled “one by one.” Marie Voignier’s solo exhibition is curated by Dr Sozita Goudouna and includes three video pieces.
“One by one” is a fifteen minutes experimental moving images-collage, composed by a number of testimonies and texts relating to significant historical events such as : death, phantoms, the crisis, and the relationship between water and fire. The assemblage converges the exploration of contemporary applications of the function of myth. For the most part the film consists of filmed photographs, and even when they are in motion, the images suggest the stillness of a steady shot. The director employs techniques of juxtaposition in the form of an atlas of representations, divergent and at the same time literal, the images shift the narrative to the direction of the creation of a visual essay. The exhibition also presents Marie Voignier’s film “Un peu comme un miroir (Kind of like a mirror)” and “Les immobiles (Standing still).” “Un peu comme un miroir” has been shot in the psychiatric hospital of Montperrin in Aix en Provence and encounters a cook, a nurse, and a former patient. In Les immobiles the myth of the white colonialist finds its most destructive embodiment: the hunting guide. Hesitating, in the threshold of impulsive violence and its religious imitations, he utters the most economical remarks about death images that assess the game of violence and culture. A sacralised game that is lost to a sacrificing vestige to unite women’s and men’s hearts in an arbitrary and violent resolution.

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