Capitol Reef National Park Relaxing Nature Scenic Drive 4K | Peaceful Beauty | Utah Scenic Byway 24

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Enjoy a peaceful calming view of nature accompanied by relaxing music that will help you unwind and destress. In this trip we take a stunning scenic drive through Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah in 4K. We start out driving the entire length of Capitol Reef Scenic Drive and Capitol Gorge Road in both directions. We then drive the Capitol Reef Scenic Byway (Utah Route 24) the entire way through the park in both directions before ending our journey in the town of Torrey, Utah.
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26:09 - Capitol Gorge Road
59:05 - Capitol Reef Scenic Drive towards the park entrance
1:25:31 - Capitol Reef Scenic Byway (Utah Route 24) eastbound
1:42:25 - Ancient petroglyphs
2:05:38 - Capitol Reef Scenic Byway (Utah Route 24) westbound
2:42:33 - Torrey, Utah
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Benoît Rnte
Benoît Rnte
Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California and others States of the West are just wonderful. At my humble opinion, the most beautiful places on Earth.
I was there in 2009. Drove that road. Such a beautiful place. That whole area from Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks and Capitol Reef is a must see if you want a great vacation.
Gillian Kirby
Gillian Kirby Yıl önce
This looks stunning! It’s so good to be able to watch videos like these when we can’t travel overseas. Thanks from Australia!
Un maravilloso viaje a través de un paisaje hermosísimo. La música acompaña muy agradablemente. ¡Gran video!
Patty Waters
Patty Waters 21 saatler önce
Used to love these kinds of adventure husband loved to drive and I loved to co-pilot. He passed in 2001. I have the beautiful memories ❤ but traveling without him is just not the same. Thank you for sharing yours..I can sit and do my handwork and travel along. 😃🙏🏻🕊
LTH Yıl önce
It’s amazing landscaping, we could not ever have opportunity to visit, Thank You very much 🥰
Florianes Ignatov
Florianes Ignatov Yıl önce
LTH Yıl önce
OMG….We loves all of your videos 🥰🇺🇸❤️“ Landscapes in America” (no elsewhere can compare) Thank You very much 👍
jutta chaffey
jutta chaffey Yıl önce
Hi thanks for sharing, echoing the remarks from the other comments we will never get to drive this road, to many roads to drive, too little time left, but once again you did a super job delivering this road in its best, we really feel as if we are in the passenger seat with you, we have watched it a few times now but unfortunately I can still only chick the like button once, keep it up, happy Aussie.
charles hicks
charles hicks
Beautiful drive and the music perfect
The Wise Witch
The Wise Witch Yıl önce
Perfect timing for a fix for my wanderlust 😏! Beautiful scenery and music as usual 🙏🏼💚🏞️
Adventure Theater
Adventure Theater Yıl önce
Beautiful. On my short list of next places to visit!
Joseph Galvan
Joseph Galvan
What a ride. How did you capture this for almost 3hrs without losing battery or memory? and in 4K resolution
Music feels good and peaceful
Andy Wright
Andy Wright Yıl önce
Can't wait to get back to the US South West! In the meantime, thanks from the UK for these fantastic videos :)
Beach3Girl Yıl önce
Thoroughly entertaining. Thanks for sharing!
Jason Carpp
Jason Carpp
This looks beautiful! I've never visited Utah. Have you ever visited Washington state?
Tom Jennings
Tom Jennings Yıl önce
thank you for this was supposed to be going here in September instead this is making me excited for next year when I can actually go!
histolee 21 gün önce
Great Video Wonderful Music
4k Walk in Canada
4k Walk in Canada Yıl önce
Very beautiful video my new friend 🍉
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