DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

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DO NOT go to medical school if you identify with these 4 factors. Med school is a long and arduous journey. If you're going to become a doctor because your parents want you to, if you don't like working with people, if you aren't ready to commit to the hard work for years on end, or if medicine isn't your main focus, then reconsider your decision.

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Med School Insiders
Med School Insiders 2 yıl önce
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Megha Premanand
Megha Premanand 2 aylar önce
@kiyomi tan what are you doing rn?...I mean did u continue ur career or just leave it all and relax and enjoy life (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ I don't mean being a doctor is not a fun life fosho though !! There's nothing more satisfying than u being helpful to a lot of people in this world. U need to go deep to really agree to the fact ఇ ◝‿◜ ఇ Btw Idk if I'm any of these but I've passion and it's not told on how a person can rly change there bad signs if they are rly interested Wish me luck pls I will work hard (θ‿θ) Thanks for the video though ...atleast got myself to reality !
Chidera Ejidike
Chidera Ejidike 2 aylar önce
Love ur videos am glad my eyes are more pen now
MUSIC likers(✿)
MUSIC likers(✿) 4 aylar önce
Hi! Uhm, I've been meaning to ask you dr jabal if i can also be a medical student even though if i have a cleft palate(not cleft lip) pls answer me
Alfred Tovar
Alfred Tovar 7 aylar önce
Who the fuck would wanna be a doctor
Ruweid 2012
Ruweid 2012 8 aylar önce
Mikah Soul
Mikah Soul 6 saatler önce
I knew I couldn't be a doctor when I realized I needed at least on full sleep cycle per 24hr period
Lolo Mak
Lolo Mak Gün önce
I’m a month away from finishing my engineering degree and I really wish I had studied medicine
『Tuheen』 Gün önce
Yes these all are screaming to me that I should not choose medicine as my career path since I have heavy parental pressure (the pressure is this high that if I don’t choose medicine they gonna disown me or get me married) and I hate disrespecting people, I am intelligent but I procrastinate like hell and mainly medicine was never my main focus instead I want to focus more on finance and business
Oxndv Vfkuhl
Oxndv Vfkuhl 2 gün önce
Molecular medicin 👍
Abandon RZ
Abandon RZ 2 gün önce
I thing is I am I hard worker, with full time school and full time work. But I don't think I can't handle the load of medical school. But maybe my only caveat with the profession especially since I work in a Healthcare office is that there is little personal time for yourself, planning vacations are a nightmare because of all the rescheduling or the extra load of people upon your return. And I guess I rather have freedom to travel
Noor Arjmand
Noor Arjmand 2 gün önce
O chem. That should be #1 honestly.
Masa 3 gün önce
I hate all the subjects hate the idea of working as a doctor and I'm stuck here in Med school. I just want to finish those few years and never see anything related to medicine again but I guess it's not possible. It's so hard to study something you hate it's killing me I'm so depressed I need any help
Daniela Diaz
Daniela Diaz 3 gün önce
At the moment i dont find a passion in anything that will give me a stable income. All that “follow your dreams” talk, is probably not something im gonna stick to. Which is depressing bc im like so what? I pick a job I tolerate, work, and die? Wow sounds so fun…
Nicole Kim
Nicole Kim 5 gün önce
This has just confirmed I'll study medicine, my family is totally AGAINST my career choice, but they have given me a chance. If I don't pass the entrance exam, I'll have to leave the house and go to work to the US alone. The thing is I'll be preparing by myself for 2 months when everyone has been preparing for this exam for years. If I fail, my life is done. But I know risking it all to save lives is more than worthy:')
Jennupe 5 gün önce
I’m still unsure whether medicine is the path for me due to the years of dedication I would need to put into it, it makes me kind of scared? I kinda took a hit at “you’re allergic to work” since I grew up working at a young age which meant that I ended up spending most of my weekends working instead of enjoying my teenage years, so I’m not sure if I would want to repeat that again with med school haha. Well at the same time I can’t exactly rest without doing something productive, but I do crave rest. It’s just often that I feel like I shouldn’t be resting at all.
Jayla 6 gün önce
My main issue is that I have bad social anxiety😬
Sunflower Garden
Sunflower Garden 6 gün önce
"High grades are nothing in determining a good clinician"
Sunflower Garden
Sunflower Garden 6 gün önce
In 2019 I watched this video, I didn't listen,and now I'm in 1st year of medical school. It's hell but I know that it will get better
42 10
42 10 6 gün önce
don't worry I got my first red flag when I was 16. Which is I HATE BIOLOGY so 6 yrs later I'm an engineer.
Tariq Aziz
Tariq Aziz 6 gün önce
F, I got the 1st and 3rd reason, but I do like biology, anyway, life is unfair, gotta be able to drag myself thru tough shits I guess
The Chemist
The Chemist 7 gün önce
I hate people and how much damage on me their are making
shimanku maheshwari
shimanku maheshwari 7 gün önce
Very relevant arguments given in the video. Patients/attendants can be so irritating sometimes, you feel like you don't fit in. Then there are complications of diseases one is unable to handle and it gets depressing. Emergencies and holiday duties on rotation are big headache especially if there are other personal things on your mind. You can never make money proportionate to the effort you put (such subjective thoughts are common, repetitive and destroy peace of mind). (Note if you are running a private hospital and making money, you lose grip on medical skills in course of time because you are spending time being a manager/adminstrator). Financial constraints on patients part can hinder investigating/treating the case. These are all real world problems that corporate hospitals throw on you in India. I can go on and on...litigation etc
Divinity 7 gün önce
my mother is a optometrist and I want to be ophthalmologist because my mother runs an eye clinic and want to help her business go boom!
keepituhhsecret15 7 gün önce
i’m 23, graduated w a degree in health studies, took a gap year, and now retaking classes for nursing, but have always dreamed about becoming a neurosurgeon. idk how i can do it/afford it if im doing everything on my own :( a man can only dream
Sreya Suresh
Sreya Suresh 8 gün önce
I don't know what to choose ? engineering or medicine ....I am an average student who studies only for the sake of passing an exam with decent marks....I can't fix a professional course (engineering or medicine).....As I think about it ,its getting complicated....My biggest concern is that if I choose medicine will it be difficult for me grasp ? cause as I already said I don't have a studying routine.....I gave my medical and engineering entrance exams and to be frank I didn't give my best in medical entrance cause I actually didn't prepare that well....But in the case of engineering entrance I got a decent rank and mark.....One thing is sure that I can't afford private medical college studies....So anyway I won't get a gov medical college admission this year....In order to get admission in a government medical college I have to repeat ....So I am in a big confusion whether to go for engineering this year or repeat this year to get into a medical college?.....
blue 8 gün önce
i've had a huge argument with my parents about me not wanting to go to med school, and I lose, still, parents are really...
Will Goos
Will Goos 8 gün önce
This was reassuring
Andriana Xasambali
Andriana Xasambali 10 gün önce
In Greece medical schools are free for anyone but first you should pass some exams at the school to go to university. Thank god that we don't pay any money😅.
DIY Beast
DIY Beast 10 gün önce
I don’t want to go to medical school to become a doctor. I just want to gain more intelligence for my future
manha abdellah
manha abdellah 11 gün önce
Im so so demotivated. I don't even have a choice. My parents won't pay for my education if its not medicine. I don't like working hard at alllll
John doe
John doe 12 gün önce
If you like helping people If you care about your job If you can honor a oath to take care of people . If this is you you will be the only one who thinks like this in any hospital .I beg you dont waste your time on medical profession
Eira Fauwks
Eira Fauwks 13 gün önce
Being a doctor just seems like hell, I can’t understand how people could give them as much crap as they do unless they’re the criminal ones.
Elisha Luis
Elisha Luis 13 gün önce
hello !! big fan of your content as a student :) what app (s) so you use to edit your videos?
nikoloz oniani
nikoloz oniani 14 gün önce
too late
Siddharth 15 gün önce
This is WRONG. I am not talking about the facts. no. I think this should not be said to children. They shouldnt be told that it may not work out. i think its best to let them go for it. I may be wrong but its me
CursedEX 17 gün önce
Its cool watching this while ive been told by at least 4 of my teachers and the vice principle that medicine doesnt seem like a realistic option for me because my grades are so low, lol...
ストレス 17 gün önce
now I have reasons why I don't want to go to med school for my parents
cro gotem vlogs
cro gotem vlogs 19 gün önce
my mom is a med teacher and her class is in online school at the moment, she says that they dont know anything and that it makes sense because its so hard to go through one of the hardest schools through online
ComicWorld of Deepak
ComicWorld of Deepak 19 gün önce
I have all these things I don't to be one But no.1 is the main caude
Tarawat Rahimi💎🌌
Tarawat Rahimi💎🌌 19 gün önce
Omg guys l am not ok like I feel so bad than watching this video
Ramil Ashraf
Ramil Ashraf 19 gün önce
idk why i am watching this i am an engineering student
Tricia Jane Adante
Tricia Jane Adante 19 gün önce
My mom once mentioned that i should take nursing because having a nurse in the family is a good thing, i really didn't like the idea of being a nurse at first, but I can't stop thinking about it now. Should I go with it?
Jashobanti Tripathy
Jashobanti Tripathy 19 gün önce
I can
Juice Tv
Juice Tv 20 gün önce
Engineer + Medicine + Business man
Benthegamer 20 gün önce
“Hating People” the radiologist department has entered the chat
9/2-03 Nguyễn Hoàng Trâm Anh
9/2-03 Nguyễn Hoàng Trâm Anh 21 gün önce
Makes your dream come true🤘🤘🤘🤘
Mackenzie 22 gün önce
I want to be a pediatrician so bad! It is literally my dream job. I love little kids, and I am pretty patient with people, and I work really hard for everything, I am just so worried about school. I definitely think I would be okay in the end, but I’m really worried that it will be to much on me and I’ll break.
May God Bless Us
May God Bless Us 23 gün önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣It's too late for me to quit 🥲.
Dr Crow
Dr Crow 23 gün önce
Not going to lie going through medical school is difficult but it's a part of learning I've seen my fellow colleagues leave medical school half way
Sruti 24 gün önce
I'll be coming back to this video again and again when I lose my motivation to work hard . Thankyou for this video.
PogFish 24 gün önce
I do not want to be a doctor now
Jhay Marasigan
Jhay Marasigan 24 gün önce
Omg kayo hshs bat kinakabahan ako ket junior high palang ako :>
cynical 24 gün önce
As a medical student on the verge of quitting, there's more to it than these four (very important) reasons. I didnt have any other goals in life when I entered medical school. And because where I'm from our degree is a one step direct program into getting an undergrad degree, there wasnt any time for me to decide if medicine was really truly for me without any pre-med training. At 17, not many people know what they want in life but u dont stay 17 throughout med school. U not only grow as a student but u also grow as a person which is why your vision of what u want out of life can drastically change through your time in med school. So it is difficult to account for what it really means to go through med school. I realized medicine wasnt for me the FIRST time I went for a shadowing in med school. I didnt anticipate the mental strength it took to be around sick people with so much hope for life. I thoguht I'd get used to it with time but 3 years in it has only gotten worse. And now I have other interests and goals in life than I did when I was 17. So I'd really recommend to students considering medicine, please do yourselves a favor and try shadowing doctors when you're in high school or before entering med school. See how you fare,see yourself in that doctors position years down the line, etc. Think about everything you have interests in and everything you're good at (including writing, painting and other creative or non-creative interests) and think long and hard if you can see yourself doing anything else at all. If you can, you have your answer right there. Also, a lot of students get into medicine with only goal: I want to help people. Of course you can help people through medicine, but there's also a lot of restrictions that come with appointment times, paperwork and legal reasons which means that if you want medicine simply to help people this is just a humble reminder that there are lots of others professions (probably just as much or more rewarding than medicine) to help people such as social work. Long story short, please dont rush into a decision that has the power to make you either a happier or unhappy person for years to come.
Joachim C
Joachim C 25 gün önce
This made me decide. I'm doing what ever it takes but I'm going to be a doctor
Axl Rone Alido
Axl Rone Alido 25 gün önce
I think all professional jobs are very frustrating.
Nathan b
Nathan b 25 gün önce
Its sad that parents think that just because your smart and get good grades your only options are Doctor or Engineering like those are the only two jobs in the world. Yes, they are high paying but who gives a crap if your miserable? Doctors usually work many hours so how are they going to enjoy that wealth? Do a job that makes you at least content and doesn't work you to death.
Nathan b
Nathan b 25 gün önce
I was in a mental hospital for depression and anxiety. About half of the patients I came across were either med students or were nurses or other health care related profession. That says something i think
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh 25 gün önce
Everything is fine, my parents never said me to become a doctor..and l love to talk with people..Medicine is my main focus....But I am in year 9 so I don't have to do as much hard work as needed.....Should I become a doctor?
Nastja S1
Nastja S1 25 gün önce
viel zu viel.
Nastja S1
Nastja S1 25 gün önce
f***ing stupid to learn 1000000 various things, which may be sliced very precisely
Sabina Yasmin
Sabina Yasmin 26 gün önce
I'm here in medical college because my parents forced me so. I hate everything here in med school. And even, I can't quit because my parents invested a lot of money to admit me in a medical college. I often get sick due to vast studying and mental pressure. Sometimes, i think of quitting. But It's hard, and days get harder. Yes, I do hate people, and medicine-surgery is not my main focus. I have the ability to work hard, but i find no enjoyment in this sector. I'm pretty sure, I'm about to fail in the terms and professionals (final) exams.
Marthaaariee Zarja
Marthaaariee Zarja 26 gün önce
When the "You hate people" came, I literally just said "well f*ck" like- I really need to rethink my life decisions
Nehemia L Khotle
Nehemia L Khotle 27 gün önce
I honestly wanted to get into Med School, but my performance in high school was very average, even with hard work. I went to do Biotechnology instead, a national diploma. It's a 2 year course plus 1 service year, i completed the damn thing in 5 years, failed so many modules, got depression in the process. To be able go get into medical school now, they want an average of 70% on all modules, In a new degree, with no failed modules, and i honestly don't think i can do it. I just know that I could be a great doctor. Life had other plans I guess, I work in the food industry now, Im good at it, but I hate it here. Also school fees. So I guess ill be cutting vegetables instead of people.
solafa 27 gün önce
Watching this vid while already being in med school 👍
Alpha Nemesis
Alpha Nemesis 27 gün önce
I think medicine is also not for them who scares easily with anything, personally I love medicine, I'm good in studying too but I have fear of blood, I can't see human's blood with my eyes nor animal's blood. I can't see human's inner body parts like "kidney", I can't touch someone's brain with my hands. And the biggest thing to get into med school you have to attend high school with subjects like zoology and botany in which you have to dissect "frog" "cockroach" which I can't even think about lol cockroaches are my biggest fear. If you are person who have fear of insects, blood then medical school is not for you.
Q 28 gün önce
I never wanted to become a doctor or somethin but I just wanted to know if my personality is fit. I thought I'll be fit but i forgot i hate people and myself lol
Yoriichi tsugikuni
Yoriichi tsugikuni 28 gün önce
Remember kids don't chase your dreams
Gianne Figueroa
Gianne Figueroa Aylar önce
This made me stop my dream of being a surgeon.
Peach Plastic
Peach Plastic Aylar önce
"from a business perspective, we should want as many people to go into medicine as possible" - err, no? way too many patients would be treated and there wouldn't be enough sick people left, lol. /s - jokes aside, I wished that 80+% of doctors I ever encountered had considered these points.
My wonder Secret
My wonder Secret Aylar önce
I am also giving neet without intrest just becz my parents force me for that
Nicole Whitelaw
Nicole Whitelaw Aylar önce
“No side hustles” while sitting here watching their side hustle 😂
Deer Runner
Deer Runner Aylar önce
Well it's true what you're saying about liking people, but it's also true that there's some angry nasty rude doctors and nurses out there that I had came across and other people so it goes both way. I had left some reviews on those hospitals describing how nasty and rude and angry those physicians and nurses were.
Matheus Povoa
Matheus Povoa Aylar önce
My stepfather told me, if I wanted to work in a healthcare area, choose anything, but don't choose being doctor.
kim seokjin W.W.H
kim seokjin W.W.H Aylar önce
I really want to go to med school but i'm not sure i don't like studying at all but i really,really want to be a doctor or a nurse.......
Chloe Cj Mckillop
Chloe Cj Mckillop Aylar önce
I don't care what it takes. this is my dream, No one in my life thinks I can do it because I have asd. but I dont care, all I can do is shoot my shot. we miss 100% of the shots we dont take.
ehe uwo
ehe uwo Aylar önce
i used to be addicted with my phone and games. but now if i took a longer break i can feel my brain went as smooth as butter
Marissa Saenz
Marissa Saenz Aylar önce
beautifully said
Payton Brooke
Payton Brooke Aylar önce
i’m a freshman in highschool trying to figure out what im going do. i kinda wanna be a psychiatrist or anything to do with neuro. so here we go: 1. my family doesn’t care what i do as long as i love it and i’m happy. although both my parents are doctors so it might help :) 2. i do have social anxiety which is rly the biggest downside. i think i could get over it if i’m confident on what i’m doing/saying. 3. no. i love working hard tbh. it makes me feel like i’m actually doing something. 4. idk abt this with money and what’s going to come in the future
118 100 Midhun Krishna R
118 100 Midhun Krishna R Aylar önce
In India , Government Med School costs less than a 1000 bucks a year and if you have a scholarship almost free ( private schools is direct opposite)
Aanya P
Aanya P Aylar önce
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan Aylar önce
I know of this song. 🎵🎶
Bread 1
Bread 1 Aylar önce
I'm a nursing student ⚕️ classic💎 boujee🍹 ratchet😎 i wanna die😭 anyways im still living but, critical thinking is very crucial, in my school at least. yea you can try to memorise every lesson but if you don't know how to apply it on practice, you no good. Especiwlly our exams are more critical thinking-base 😭
Allen Arts
Allen Arts Aylar önce
I hate those type of parents who force their children to choose a profession they don't like
Allen Arts
Allen Arts 27 gün önce
@Juan Nelson Limbo that's quite ssd but try to talk to them
Juan Nelson Limbo
Juan Nelson Limbo 27 gün önce
My parents are like this, they want me to take medicine after I finish college. But I dont really dream becoming a doctor. My father told me, I take medicine there will be no losses, it's all gain. It is quite insensitive thing for him to say its like I was born to fullfil their dream.
Angeles Trejo
Angeles Trejo Aylar önce
Any suggestions for a change of path. I want to be a psychiatrist, but here is the problem, I am 30, civil engineer and just move to USA 4 yrs ago. I am an engineer because my dad wanted it. Always I loved the medical feel. So first: 1. My English isn't great, 2. Not sure what is the path here in USA, 3. I have seen the cost and it is CRAZY, 4. The whole path it is more than 10 years so that means I will be close to 45 until I finish. So, still a good idea to be even thinking about to be a "doctor " since I am terrible miserable being a civil engineer?
Privv. Zayy
Privv. Zayy Aylar önce
I’m debating if I wanna do history sociology and criminology a levels or science
Privv. Zayy
Privv. Zayy Aylar önce
“The best way to deal with stress is to remove the thing that’s stressing you.”
Dead Man
Dead Man Aylar önce
why should i be passionate about Medicine ...? i m just entangled with my thoughts .. anyone can answer ?
miss nyks
miss nyks Aylar önce
I’m just a few weeks in medical school but I already feel burnt out. Initially I thought I wanted to become a doctor because of the cliche “I want to help people” part but now I realize that I am actually chasing this dream because I want the prestige and title of becoming a doctor. It sucks but I think it’s better that I realized this earlier rather than later. I also think that because one of my closest friends wanted to be a doctor, I also wanted to be one. It’s really shtty because for a couple of years I thought this is what I wanted because I was passionate about it, now that I have put some deep thinking to it, I realized that I was doing things for the wrong reasons.
ash Aylar önce
isn't that pharmacology symbol you're putting and not medicine? in my country it is
Riddelek King
Riddelek King Aylar önce
Well I got shit memory, but idk anything else that is easier or pays as well as radiology.
Riddelek King
Riddelek King Aylar önce
I’m not a radiologist yet I’m just starting college.
Keerthika Ravi raj
Keerthika Ravi raj Aylar önce
I think to study medical course is equal to admit metal hospital 😨😨😨
Kasumi Aylar önce
I'm not really good with biology or chemistry but I really wanna be a Psychiatrist. I do wanna learn and possibly get better at it, med school puts a bunch of pressure on me. Should I still pursue it?
Vinz Aylar önce
Is it ok to continue Medical School even though my mindset is that "I don't really have a subjective desire in choosing a career so I'll just go with being a Doctor cuz I think its just practical such as having health benefits and have big earnings" ? need opinion I'm kinda
Vinz Aylar önce
@Good Person thank you! : D
Good Person
Good Person Aylar önce
If it’s enough to get you through, why not I guess…. I think life isn’t a straight path and we find ourselves in places we’re not sure of at the time but that we learn from and probably know more about ourselves after. Med school isn’t easy but if you can convince yourself to by working hard, staying consistent and being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, it would be great to have good doctors in society. Besides you don’t have to practice if you decide not to after or if there’s sth else you’d like to do or explore later or even now.
Jimmy is Awesome Sauce
Jimmy is Awesome Sauce Aylar önce
I'm just scared of not being able to save someone
Mahmut Pekkara
Mahmut Pekkara Aylar önce
me to past myself: you are 4 years late..
Lorielynn Aylar önce
I’m a sophomore in college and I’m double majoring in finance and international business. I think I want to go to MED school after will I be okay with two non medical degrees
Yashika Singh
Yashika Singh Aylar önce
I am in 7th standard... My parents are having high hopes for me... But I think I am not smart enough and I am afraid of failing... I want to be a doctor... I only want to help others, get Respected.... I don't know what job is for me...
Matheus Aylar önce
thank you
bita asady
bita asady Aylar önce
I've got enough grades for entering med uni
↞Jamz↠ Aylar önce
I want to be a doctor but I’m not that smart. Like, I have very bad memory retention so I’m so scared that I’ll just make my parent suffer if I pursue med school since it ain’t cheap
Sora Aylar önce
i just want to be pimple popper
Rita Kiraly
Rita Kiraly Aylar önce
Not wanting to work over 40 hours a week shouldn't be a deal breaker! One shouldn't have to work themselves to death and give up all other interests, that's a recipe for BURNOUT. If a field requires you to work unreasonably long hours then the PROBLEM IS WITH THE MENTALITY with that FIELD. Rather encourage more to become doctors so there isn't a shortage and they don't have to be exploited to make the system work...
forgetful stranger
forgetful stranger Aylar önce
I'm in my final year of medschool and let me tell you, medicine doesn't need smart people. Don't do it because you're smart or were told you're smart. We need passionate and dedicated people, who always want what's best for their patients.
Isabela Lira
Isabela Lira Aylar önce
Damn I just wish I had time to do other things 🥲
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