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Arabic Vocal Poetry

Arabic Vocal Poetry

2 yıl önce

Were it not for Allah | Composed by Abdullah ibn Rawaha may Allah be pleased with him.
Verses of the poem are scattered in multiple Hadiths.
A source in Arabic:
And here is a translation for one of them:

@anokoma7355 Yıl önce
Hadith "حَدَّثَنَا مُسَدَّدٌ، حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو الأَحْوَصِ، حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو إِسْحَاقَ، عَنِ الْبَرَاءِ ـ رضى الله عنه ـ قَالَ رَأَيْتُ النَّبِيَّ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَوْمَ الْخَنْدَقِ وَهُوَ يَنْقُلُ التُّرَابَ حَتَّى وَارَى التُّرَابُ شَعَرَ صَدْرِهِ، وَكَانَ رَجُلاً كَثِيرَ الشَّعَرِ وَهْوَ يَرْتَجِزُ بِرَجَزِ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ اللَّهُمَّ لَوْلاَ أَنْتَ مَا اهْتَدَيْنَا وَلاَ تَصَدَّقْنَا وَلاَ صَلَّيْنَا فَأَنْزِلَنْ سَكِينَةً عَلَيْنَا وَثَبِّتِ الأَقْدَامَ إِنْ لاَقَيْنَا إِنَّ الأَعْدَاءَ قَدْ بَغَوْا عَلَيْنَا إِذَا أَرَادُوا فِتْنَةً أَبَيْنَا يَرْفَعُ بِهَا صَوْتَهُ‏.‏" Narrated Al-Bara: I saw Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) on the day (of the battle) of the Trench carrying earth till the hair of his chest were covered with dust and he was a hairy man. He was reciting the following verses of `Abdullah (bin Rawaha): "O Allah, were it not for You, We would not have been guided, Nor would we have given in charity, nor prayed. So, bestow on us calmness, and when we meet the enemy. Then make our feet firm, for indeed, Yet if they want to put us in affliction, (i.e. want to fight against us) we would not (flee but withstand them)." The Prophet (ﷺ) used to raise his voice while reciting these verses. (See Hadith No. 432, Vol. 5). Sahih al-Bukhari, 3034 In-Book Reference: Book 56, Hadith 241 USC-MSA web (English) reference: Vol. 4, Book 52, Hadith 272
@samirdizco2759 Yıl önce
للدفاع عن النفس مش الاعتداء
@mizhan1153 Yıl önce
@@samirdizco2759 you can't change a hadith
@aub3365 Yıl önce
@@samirdizco2759 It was the last time Muslims defended madina. Then Muslims crushed Jewish rebellions in media and kheybar.
@ibrahimgamer5177 11 aylar önce
@@mizhan1153 how is he changing?
@abumustafa4651 11 aylar önce
@@ibrahimgamer5177 He is adding to it from himself
@muhammad_soa Yıl önce
Just imagine the morale of the army going higher and higher chanting with our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW
@musafirghayrmaeruf1 Yıl önce
Bro just imagine how the enemies felt! An army of people that can't wait to die in the cause of Allah chanting while walking into battle.That would put any warrior in shock.Amazing!
@farooqshahzad2439 Yıl önce
@@musafirghayrmaeruf1 just imagine the legends who shoulder by shoulder beside the holy prophet S.A.W chanting this nasheed going to war Ahhh I wish I was born as one of them
@aspiringkamikaze1894 Yıl önce
This was the piece of poetry the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) would recite even after the martyrdom of Abdullah ibn Rawahah.
@coopbap Yıl önce
Yeah and knowing you're gonna be a martyr
@sule2318 Yıl önce
Imagine our beloved Prophet ﷺ and his Sahabi chanting this!! Goosebumps ✨
@Puppeteer1453 Yıl önce
صلى الله عليه و سلم، و رضي الله عن أصحابِهِ الكرام
@sule2318 Yıl önce
@@mdazharali4160 👍🏽
@khabibnurmagomedov3486 Yıl önce
Imagine singing this in jannah with the prophet (pbuh)
@user-fn9dl2yt4l Yıl önce
@@khabibnurmagomedov3486 subhanallah INSHA'ALLAH 😍😍
@luckmanali187 Yıl önce
@@khabibnurmagomedov3486 oh you just blew my mind
@mdsahil690 6 gün önce
may our heart be like shahabas
@Iamthewarner557 Yıl önce
*Don't be sad read this hadeeth* Our Prophet (ﷺ) said: A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone, (but) cherish that which gives you benefit (in the Hereafter) and seek help from Allah and do not lose heart, and if anything (in the form of trouble) comes to you, don't say: If I had not done that, it would not have happened so and so, but say: Allah did that what He had ordained to do and your" if" opens the (gate) for the Satan. (Sahih Muslim 2664) *Take screenshot & share to earn reward*
@jaydensalma297 6 aylar önce
Thanks for that I’ve recently been constantly worrying about the last year and how I haven’t been doing what I planned to do but this gives me reassurance and I remember that Allah is in control and his plan is best
@FelFawn 6 aylar önce
​@jaydensalma297 may Allah SWT grant you all Jannah
@islamisthelastreligion 3 aylar önce
Physically and Spiritually strong
@Explainer4YOU Aylar önce
from where you heard this hadeeth?
@muhib8304 Aylar önce
​@@islamisthelastreligion Do you know the Arabic word used here for strong and how it was used among Arabs in a sentence.... Do you know how sahaba who narrated this hadith understood these same kindss of words of prophet and how they make sense. You are making assumption and limiting a word without any existence of a context. Why can't we say both are possible or why we can say both are possible or is it "what I feel" without logic.
@nailfelagund7508 11 aylar önce
May Allah connect us with these glorious warriors in jannah...
@FFeeLiT 2 aylar önce
@beyondheartmindsoul3443 Yıl önce
This nasheed poem by Salamah ibn Al-akwa'a Al-Aslami(RA) during the battle of Khaybar which was the most intense and Muslims were on verge of extinction, he chanted the poem improvisingly and Sahaba followed suit. Source: Kitab Al-Maghazi by Ibn Umar Alwaqidi
@onewithoutaname2966 Yıl önce
However is it composed much before that by Abdullah Ibn Rawaha(ra) : Source Sahih Bukhari by Imam Bukhari
@wakemeup38 Yıl önce
*Khandaq, not Khaybar
@beyondheartmindsoul3443 Yıl önce
@@wakemeup38 No khaybar not Khandaq
@peak-a-physique3117 6 aylar önce
@@beyondheartmindsoul3443 read ahdees which is more accurate and autehtntic than your vague research
@salm_ 6 aylar önce
This Arjuzah was chanted by the Prophet while they were digging the trench around the city in the Battle of the Trench / It is for the companion Abdullah bin Rawaha Al-Ansari, may God be pleased with him, and he was martyred and killed in the battle of Mu’tah against the Romans
@90Creators Yıl önce
They had gone through the toughest phase of life ever when shirk & shirk were everywhere. Today, we born in a Muslim family but we can't even pray 5wakt Namaz accordingly and called ourselves a Muslim. May Allah give us hidayat first
@RexoryByzaboo Yıl önce
Indeed, we have it easier than what the sahaba went through in some things and in some things, we have it harder.
@huzaifah567 Yıl önce
Asalamualykum brother
@saeedc1421 Yıl önce
You are right brother, salat so simp but iman first , contemplate on Allah creation, power, mercy. etc
@hasna7 Yıl önce
Do you think we have it easier ? No, i prefer if i was born at that time and actually battle woth swords, nowadays we have every temptation that you can ever imagine, our jihad doesnt require swords but it is indeed a jihad.
@mahaduzumaki6643 Yıl önce
@@hasna7 Your right. Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A time of patience will come to people in which adhering to one’s religion is like grasping a hot coal.” Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2260
@GamerLosAngeles 2 yıl önce
MashaAllah, what a marvelous nasheed! This should be mandatory for every youth to learn.
@mowglidubois772 Yıl önce
Nowadays they don’t even know the basics of Deen so gotta teach them that first
@sarahmehmood1520 Yıl önce
​@@mowglidubois772 🙌
@luckmanali187 Yıl önce
I agree
@musafirghayrmaeruf1 Yıl önce
@@mowglidubois772 Man that is true but then again there are children of 5-10 or even less learning the full Quran ma sha Allah.So alhamdulillah!
@LotusLover123 Yıl önce
@@musafirghayrmaeruf1 whats the point of learning it when you dont know what it says?
@flowers8124 18 gün önce
@fairuzalaila2308 2 yıl önce
Pure tranquility Maa shaa Allah. I have never felt this amount of Sakinah after hearing a nasheed.
@pallyali786 8 aylar önce
So soothing. Goosebumps knowing the sahaba sang this nasheed.
@chacharealblue3698 Yıl önce
1 La umma laula anta mahtadayna 2 Wala ta saddakna wala sallayna 1 La umma laula anta mahtadayna 2 Wala ta saddakna wala sallayna 3 Faghfirfida allakamattaqoyna 4 Wa naHnu amfodlika mastaghnayna 5 Wa anzilan sakinatan AAlayna 6 Wa tabbitil akdama illa toyna 3 Faghfirfida allakamattaqoyna 4 Wa naHnu amfodlika mastaghnayna 5 Wa anzilan sakinatan AAlayna 6 Wa tabbitil akdama illa toyna 1 La umma laula anta mahtadayna 2 Wala ta saddakna wala sallayna 1 La umma laula anta mahtadayna 2 Wala ta saddakna wala sallayna 7 Inna idha siHabina atayna 8 Wa dissi aHyawwalu AAlayna 9 Inil uula humu baghou AAlayna 10 Idha a'rodu fitnatan abayna 7 Inna idha siHabina atayna 8 Wa dissi aHyawwalu AAlayna 9 Inil uula humu baghou AAlayna 10 Idha a'rodu fitnatan abayna 1 La umma laula anta mahtadayna 2 Wala ta saddakna wala sallayna ^ ×5
@pubgplayer6640 Yıl önce
Thank you soo muchh
@shemba2694 Yıl önce
@@pubgplayer6640 Thank you pointing that out in my comment brother, I would not of found it without you :D
@user-rk7en9jm1d Yıl önce
English translation anyone?
@pubgplayer6640 Yıl önce
@@user-rk7en9jm1d turn on the captions.. translation is available
@Ieatdumbells Yıl önce
@abdullahsiz22 Yıl önce
I love the sahaba of the prophet❤
@truthwillprevail339 11 aylar önce
Peace be upon him
@fahlvfaust677 Yıl önce
😥😔..i love all sahabah Radhiyallahu anhum
@dayurwarfa9762 6 aylar önce
ماشاءالله جزاكم الله خيرا، We have to love them it part of our faith to love our beloved Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them)
@codingplayground865 Yıl önce
Masha Allah..... I am keep listening this since I found this. Best Nasheed. May Allah have mercy on you.
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
Ameen, you too.
@frozONE333 8 aylar önce
This is cleansing to the soul.
@mariamgries5900 26 gün önce
@nuni.L 18 gün önce
اللهم ارضى عن صحابة خليلك وشفيعنا محمد صل الله عليه وسلم🤍🤍
@its_arif732 Aylar önce
My day starts with it♥️♥️
@majidmaji1137 4 aylar önce
I am imagining wn Prophet PBUH would have recited this poem along wd sahabs Ya Rabi😭😭😭😭😭 that feel is just unimaginable...Ya ALLAH unite us with the companions of Rasoolullah In Jannah❤❤❤
@m1m8 2 yıl önce
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thanks for the upload brother. Greetings from the land of the prophet PBUH
@sup7067 Yıl önce
greeting from afghanistan, you are truly blessed by Allah
@m1m8 Yıl önce
@@sup7067 a Muslim is blessed everywhere. Weather in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or anywhere else.
@sup7067 Yıl önce
@@m1m8 medina is more blessed than where I live. U have no fitnah, scholars left and right which you can benefit from, and the masjid of the prophet. Praise Allah for the blessings he gave you
@m1m8 Yıl önce
@@sup7067 alhamdulillah. Jazak Allah Khairan brother.
@munifyea-seen4561 Yıl önce
Masha Allah, what a flex!
@halimahassan2943 2 yıl önce
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his Companions and family members.
@2eioia Yıl önce
سبحان الله، اللهمّ ارضَّ عن صحابة نبيك صلى الله عليه وسلم جزاكم الله خيرًا.
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
امين وإياكم
@Hasan-ve9fj 2 yıl önce
اللَّهُمَّ لَوْلَا أَنْتَ مَا اهْتَدَيْنَا وَلَا تَصَدَّقْنَا وَلَا صَلَّيْنَا فاغفر فداءًا لك ما اتقينا ونحن عن فضلك ما استغنينا وأَنْزِلَنْ سَكِينَةً عَلَيْنَا وَثَبِّتِ الأَقْدَامَ إِنْ لاَقَيْنَا إنا إذا صيح بنا أتينا وبالصياح عولوا علينا ِإنَّ الأُلَى همْ بَغَوْا عَلَيْنَا اذا أَرَادُوا فِتْنَةً أَبَيْنَا
@smotala1 Yıl önce
♥️♥️♥️ جَزاكَ اللهُ خَـيْراً
@atifshams8663 Yıl önce
May Allah always keep you happy and away from sadness and sorrow Ameen
@Hasan-ve9fj Yıl önce
و إياك
@RebootB 5 aylar önce
barakallahu feekum
@iamiam71 4 aylar önce
@mryerks304 6 aylar önce
May the soldiers of Allah be granted jannah inshallah🙏🏴
@bashirmohamed163 6 aylar önce
Ameen and inshallah to all of us Muslims who are good
@asharafbros2505 2 aylar önce
Sincere advice we pray like this 🙏🏽not this🤲🏽
@anomynous879 Aylar önce
Assalamu aleikum brother/sister, It is not allowed to end a dua with Insha Allah. Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When one of you calls upon Allah, let him be determined in the supplication and he should not say, ‘O Allah, give me if You will,’ for there is no one to coerce Allah.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6338, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2678
@BeorhthereAppleby 9 aylar önce
I may be a Christian, but I have a huge amount of respect for Islamic music. Beautiful language too!
@ArabicVocalPoetry 9 aylar önce
You are welcome :)
@BeorhthereAppleby 8 aylar önce
@@ArabicVocalPoetry Christians and Muslims are two branches of the same vine, Peace be with you.
@DesertHoarder 8 aylar önce
@@BeorhthereAppleby peace be with you too and may god guide all of us to the right path ameen.
@hamayoonyousafi7566 6 aylar önce
come to Islam and follow the real path of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to teach us to worship no one but Allah (The God). Study Islam and compare it with Christianity
@Userabd83 Aylar önce
Can you please add Subtitles to this?
@nabilionb2628 5 aylar önce
اللهم إجمعنا مع الرسل و الصحابة و المسلمين في جنات النعيم، آمين
@themuhammad1 2 yıl önce
I verified this and this is true. Jazak'Allah khairan
@fountainofspeech1379 Yıl önce
Can you share your sources
@themuhammad1 Yıl önce
@@fountainofspeech1379 reference is written in description
@malsi4641 Yıl önce
@@fountainofspeech1379 Sahih Bukhari 7236
@fountainofspeech1379 Yıl önce
@@malsi4641 jazakallah khairun, May Allah bless you and your loved ones in this life and the next
@doublepeace9409 6 aylar önce
you heard him brothers, this brother said its verified, we good.
@KidsOnDeen 9 aylar önce
After listening.. I wish I would be with them, chanting with them , with love for Allah, prophet, sahaba . And these chants will never make us coward from inside. It Increases our iman strength.
@mohammedhassanmahmood7581 2 yıl önce
Asalaamu alaikum, may Allah bless you. Please upload more nasheeds (if available) that are attributed to the Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them.
@nafisausman1956 Yıl önce
@nz296 Yıl önce
اللَّهُمَّ لَوْلَا أَنْتَ مَا اهْتَدَيْنَا وَلَا تَصَدَّقْنَا وَلَا صَلَّيْنَا فاغفر فداءًا لك ما اتقينا ونحن عن فضلك ما استغنينا وأَنْزِلَنْ سَكِينَةً عَلَيْنَا وَثَبِّتِ الأَقْدَامَ إِنْ لاَقَيْنَا إنا إذا صيح بنا أتينا وبالصياح عولوا علينا ِإنَّ الأُلَى همْ بَغَوْا عَلَيْنَا اذا أَرَادُوا فِتْنَةً أَبَيْنَا
@RexoryByzaboo Yıl önce
@huzaifah567 Yıl önce
May Allah bless you Ameen
@zezamaniac Aylar önce
@user-ds8ob9dp3t Yıl önce
عمل جميل جدا تحياتي لكم من المملكة العربية السعودية، رضي الله عن أجدادنا الصحابه
@No1Newskannada Aylar önce
the legends
@zankazuid7527 Yıl önce
this makes me feel stronger amazing nasheed
@fountainofspeech1379 Yıl önce
SubhanAllah, this is tranquilizing. May Allah grant you and your loved ones whats good in this life and the akhira
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
Ameen, you too.
@dayurwarfa9762 6 aylar önce
@feuerkunstzero Aylar önce
Just imagine the choosen ones.... the sahaba...fighting for Allah (swt) and guided by rasulullah ( sws )....such a oppurtunity....the heroes of Islam... the choosen ones ..and then... theres me... :(
@ArabicVocalPoetry Aylar önce
You have been chosen to be a Muslim too :)
@imranmaghraoui4492 Aylar önce
that's how I also feel akhi, we're the worst generation
@nox1772 Aylar önce
For sharing this, may Allah allow you to chant nasheeds in Jannatul Firdaus with all the righteous sahabah’s of all the prophets and most importantly our prophet and his sahabah, peace and blessings be upon him.
@ArabicVocalPoetry Aylar önce
Ameen and you too
@ibnumar9297 2 yıl önce
Assalamu 'alaykum brother, May Allah forgive you and make you and your family people of Al Firdaws to all my brothers and sisters in Islam. Ameen
@ArabicVocalPoetry 2 yıl önce
And you and your family, Ameen.
@khabibnurmagomedov3486 2 yıl önce
@astagfirullah2241 Yıl önce
Aamiin, and to you and your loved ones too.
@sup7067 Yıl önce
ameen, may allah reward you
@vedon_z Yıl önce
Ameen, you too
@sohaib6004 Yıl önce
Great video my brother. Thank you for the translation ❤️☪️
@fire.smok3 Yıl önce
This is stunning!
@Z1578S 4 aylar önce
On the day of judgement Allah will ask me: Did you invite someone to Islam? Oh you who is reading this, let your eyes be witness and Allah be witness, I urge you and myself to fear Allah, perform Salah, abide by the 5 pillars of Islam and do good and seek the pleasure of Allah because he is the most merciful. Turn to Allah before you return to Allah. May Allah guide us all to the right path.
@friedrichwaterson3185 Yıl önce
Thank you so much for your efforts, it's awesome !
@user-ms5nf5ck3t 4 aylar önce
This nasheed was also sung by amir bin uqba on twilight of battle of khaybr before his martyrdom
@necipdemirbuga7024 Aylar önce
is it also the same that Al Baara bin Malik Sung after his battle
@irfanraza2754 4 aylar önce
MashaAllah, i have maybe the longest goosebumps in my life.
@YusufAli-so9wo 6 aylar önce
I can just imagine the prophet being the person that all of the crowd repeated after in the song and the sahaba being the people singing and repeating after the prophet.
@seedhibaatchannel 3 aylar önce
Why is it that we are so different from those people? Why are we so weak? Why are we scattered in sects and nations and casts and groups?
@abdalla6732 2 aylar önce
Let us be students of Islam. Try our best in good deeds. Memorise and read the Quran. Study hadiths. Act as rolemodels amongst our friends and family. May Allah keep us in his path with steadfastness.
@yusufumama6982 4 aylar önce
Goosebumps 🔥
@grandsazer 2 aylar önce
Is it possible to add on the arabic verses and the translation inside the videos so that we can read along?
@ifad 9 aylar önce
Imagine Rasool ﷺ and the Sahaba رضي الله عنهم singing this Imagine the Muslims singing this during times of wars, past and future. Literal goosebumps. الله أكبر كبيرا والحمد لله كثيرا ☝🏼♥️
@Mohahmed121 Yıl önce
Imagine hearing this before going into battle…
@anticoa8465 Aylar önce
Imagine… you Hearing the Sahaba Singing this Nasheed… رضي الله عنهم
@urbanewise53 Aylar önce
This is incredible akhi, jzk for sharing it
@yohann2132 2 yıl önce
May Allah swt increase rank of Abdullah ibn Rawaha(ra) in Jannah
@elvin2010ify Yıl önce
Was it his writing?
@yohann2132 Yıl önce
@@elvin2010ify yes brother
@marpez6360 Yıl önce
@MNSTRShams 10 aylar önce
@@ahmadalhalabi7660 wdym the voice?
@muhammadgonia.2946 Yıl önce
It's true! may Allah increase us in faith
@akoredehabeebullah4741 Aylar önce
اللهم لولا أنت ما اهتدينا # ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا فأنزلن سكينة علينا # وثبت الأقدام إن لاقينا
@drabdullah9192 Yıl önce
This was sung by Amir bin aqwa raziAllah anho at mid night before battle of khybar
@solslastcannula5665 5 aylar önce
@sazzadsazzad7244 5 aylar önce
It's an amazing Sound I lost in somewhere ❤️
@abdiqadirabdi 5 aylar önce
The prophet used to replay اللهم لا عيش إلا عيش الآخرة فأغفر المهاجرين الأنصار
@-noname-1894 2 aylar önce
Subhanallah, Gives me chills and also gives a calm and happy feeling 🤍
@xsomz Aylar önce
رب قد فاضت صدورنا اشتياقا لنبينا الكريم صل الله عليه وسلم وأصحابه رضوان الله عليهم فاللهم اجمعنا بهم في الفردوس الاعلى بدون حساب ولا سابقة عذاب 💕
@user-xh5yu5so8t 4 aylar önce
Allah huu akbar meee bohot khush naseeb huu ke me SAW kaa ummati huu orr allah mera khuda he ❤️❤️❤️💓🥺🫡
@thenewmuslims9421 4 aylar önce
I love this so much
@user-qz3tr3db5s 5 aylar önce
@beautiful_recitations 5 aylar önce
Amazing, Subhanallah. May Allah make us steadfast in deen Islam
@arifansari4587 2 aylar önce
how blood warming nasheed l love it ❤❤❤
@shadeeduliqaab 3 aylar önce
اللَّهُمَّ لَوْلَا أنْتَ ما اهْتَدَيْنَا ... ولَا تَصَدَّقْنَا ولَا صَلَّيْنَا فَأَنْزِلَنْ سَكِينَةً عَلَيْنَا ... وثَبِّتِ الأقْدَامَ إنْ لَاقَيْنَا إنَّ الأُلَى قدْ بَغَوْا عَلَيْنَا ... وإنْ أرَادُوا فِتْنَةً أبيْنَا
@criticalmystic 2 yıl önce
Hello there,Thanks for uploading such a good video and also can i find it on Spotify?
@ArabicVocalPoetry 2 yıl önce
@kimmson6356 5 aylar önce
Spotify 🤨
@wolfcraft9258 Aylar önce
الله اكبر
@skofficial23 4 aylar önce
A great Jazakallah...But everytime don't forgot to add subtitle...❤❤❤❤may Allah SWT bless this channel...
@lutfullahsalih Aylar önce
Allah kılıçlarımız üzerinde ümmetimizi yüceltsin inşallah.. bugün değilse de gelecek bir gün...
@yourmom-eq6pm Yıl önce
Why is this not available in Spotify 😭😭
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
It's available under the title اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا I think
@Z1578S 2 aylar önce
May allah azzawajal guide us all and have mercy on us.
@umarah4329 5 aylar önce
Wow mashaAllah. Jazkallah Khayr for this amazing video
@MrDrakey44 Yıl önce
i needed this in my life make a plan to produce more like this , set target, open donations bro
@nawazishkhan2080 6 aylar önce
@irfaankhan8035 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing. May Allah reward you.
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
Ameen, you too
@moumen9465 3 aylar önce
The oldest military anthem still preserved 🖤
@szvxjsjx 4 aylar önce
Thank you Allah, I hope to see you when In heaven
@sumzyd Yıl önce
بارك الله فيك، اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد
@ArabicVocalPoetry Yıl önce
آمين، وإياكم
@zakiyamcabdulahi516 Yıl önce
😭😭😭 O Allah , have mercy on us and forgive us
@ummermakesart Yıl önce
Beautiful MashAllah
@youssefmohammed384 5 aylar önce
جزاك الله خير.... هذا الفيديو يطمئن القلب مع كل الفتن المحيطة بنا
@Binte-Awan 3 aylar önce
@catustt45u43 Yıl önce
This nasheed and habat riyah are so cool
@N.e.z.u.k.o.i.s.h.e.r.e 3 aylar önce
Mashallah ❤❤
@mmmm-xb1jp Yıl önce
اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا فاغفر فداً لك متقينا و نحنو انض لك ما استغنينا و انزل سكينة علينا و ثبت الاقدام ان لقينا فاغفر فداً لك متقينا ونحنُ انفض لك ما استغنينا وانزل سكينة علينا و ثبت الاقدام ان لقينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا ان الى صحبنا اتينا و بل صياح عولُ علينا اولى هُمُ بغوا علينا اذا أرادوا فتنةً ابينا ان الى صحبنا اتينا و بل صياح عولُ علينا اذا أرادوا فتنةً ابينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا اللهم لولا انت ما اهتدينا ولا تصدقنا
@farayusyusfara8420 2 aylar önce
Hepsi adamdı! Hepsi!!!! Allah bizlere onların yolunda en azından bir toz olmayı nasib etsin, amin!
@afshii3207 Yıl önce
@ferozfersheikh5957 Aylar önce
Subhan Allah.. amazing.. so pleasing.. so motivational.. alhamdu'lillah..
@mzml4696 8 aylar önce
I almost cried. Frm India.
@testtest1741 5 aylar önce
First time heard this, interesting!
@user-bx3ib8wu3g Yıl önce
اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين
@user-bx3ib8wu3g Yıl önce
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
@user-hh9bz2ez7v 2 yıl önce
Instant subscribe! Jazakallahu khairan for all the effort! Please add the Arabic in the videos, it’d be very beneficial, in sha’Allah. أضف العربية الى الفيديوهات، من فضلكم أخي الكريم
@ArabicVocalPoetry 2 yıl önce
بالتأكيد ان شاء الله بارك الله فيك أخي
@muawia469 Yıl önce
اللله اكبر
@islamicdawah7390 9 aylar önce
Music is Harām and all of their instruments are Harām according to the clear Hadīth in Sahīh Al-Bukhārī. It is also deemed Harām in the Qur'ān according to the interpretation of the Sahābah of certain verses. The duff is only to be played in three occasions. In the wedding. After one's returning from a journey out of joy and on 'Eīd. Apart from this is Harām and only the women can beat them, for the men are prohibited to do so as it is an act in which the men would be imitating them.
@hamzehalkiswani4476 2 yıl önce
اللهم صلي وسلم على حبيب المصطفى و على آله وأصحابه أجمعين
@spinLOL533 Yıl önce
mashallah, has a good beat to it
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