Annexation of the Baltic states: Stalin's "deal" with Hitler // History without myths

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Історія Без Міфів

Історія Без Міфів

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In the summer of 1940, the USSR occupied and annexed the independent Baltic states - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The act of aggression was the result of Stalin's secret agreements with the leadership of Hitler's Germany, concluded on the eve and at the beginning of the Second World War. Why and how exactly the occupation took place, what losses the Red Army suffered, how the Kremlin changed the borders and what consequences all this had for the Soviet Union, the Baltic countries and Germany - we tell in the stream.
"History Without Myths" is a popular channel about the past of Ukraine and the world without embellishments and falsifications. The experts of our programs are professional historians (doctors and candidates of historical sciences, professors, associate professors, employees of scientific institutes and historical museums), each of whom is a specialist in a specific issue. The topics of the issues cover all periods and cover a wide range of issues: political, military, economic history, history of international relations, history of culture, arts and sports, biographies of outstanding personalities.
The goal of our project is to disprove anti-scientific myths, fakes and stereotypes about Ukraine and Ukrainians, spread public interest in history, pride in the glorious past, victories and achievements of the Ukrainian people, promote the consolidation of Ukrainian society, and create a positive image of Ukraine and Ukrainians.
Every week, 2 new videos are released on the channel: on Wednesday "History without myths" at 14.00 and on Saturday "10 questions to the historian" at 12.00.
00:00 Let Ukrainian TRshow flourish!
01:06 The Baltic States in the interwar period
11:51 The conflict between Lithuania and Poland over the Vilnius region
15:17 March 1939: Germany annexes Klaipeda (Memel)
18:44 Support the Armed Forces!
20:07 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Stalin's first "deal" with Hitler
24:18 The Polish campaign of 1939 and the Baltic states
33:42 The second "deal" with Hitler: Stalin exchanges part of Poland for Lithuania
37:06 Autumn 1939: the USSR introduces "limited contingents" in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
38:42 Vilnius: Stalin's "gift" to Lithuania on binding terms
42:44 Support "History Without Myths"!
43:41 Culture shock: how the "reds" perceived life in the Baltic countries
47:58 "Winter War" of the USSR against Finland and the role of the Baltic countries
50:34 Spring 1940: Hitler's blitzkrieg and Stalin's provocation
52:52 Could the Baltic states offer armed resistance?
58:52 June 1940: blockade, ultimatums and NOT bloodless occupation
01:05:00 June-August 1940: annexation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
01:11:23 Stalin's third "deal" with Hitler
01:14:43 The Kremlin changes the borders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
01:16:43 The first year of occupation: "Sovietization", repression, deportation
01:19:33 Summer 1941: Nazi occupation to replace Soviet occupation
01:21:55 Has the world recognized the annexation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia?
01:25:10 Answers to audience questions

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