BEGINNER HOME STUDIO SETUP (and why every musician needs one)

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Paul Davids

Paul Davids

Yıl önce

10 things to fill your home studio with! Essential for recording guitar, making and producing music, and so much more!


Intermediate Acoustic: (currently closed)

Instagram: pauldavidsg...

▶Things in video◀ (google yourself you lazy!)
Dell XPS 15
RME FireFace UCX
Audeze LCD-X
Shure SM-57, Neumann TLM-102, Beyerdynamic M 160
Ableton Live (10 in the video, but my own setup runs 11)
Eve Audio SC-207
ESI KeyControl 49
Random mic stands
Random cables
More stuff

Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on TRshow.

If you want to know more about me, check out or check out my guitar courses at: and

Thank you for watching!

Below is the gear and services I use to make these videos. They redirect to websites and provide me with a small kickback should purchase any of these things.


▶SFX & Background music◀

Vocal mic -

Soundcard -

Camera 1 -
Camera 2 -
Camera 3 -
Lens 1 -
Lens 2 -
Lens 3 -

Stu FromOz
Stu FromOz Yıl önce
You dont always have to buy everything new, plenty of studios are filled with equipment that has been purchased second hand from various places such as pawn shops, second hand dealers , local internet sites , ebay,local papers etc etc etc.....
Marks Jasukaitis
Marks Jasukaitis 4 aylar önce
Yes i got a guitar and amp, everything works great and i got it waaaay cheaper than the market price
peter3334floyd 7 aylar önce
@Çağlar Çelik Could not figure out how to use a wah pedal? hmmm :-)
Christian Bannard
Christian Bannard 10 aylar önce
Agreed, I've bought some of my best guitars from pawn shops, as most people buy guitars then give up because it's more difficult than it appears! :)
Cabolt44 11 aylar önce
@Çağlar Çelik I find if they're aiming to be pop singers people generally don't buy guitars as accessories, they just don't buy them. Now if you meant pop rockers, then sure I can understand that. Though who wouldn't want an iconic metal/glam rock guitar like an Ironbird!?
Heyfriend 8 aylar önce
Audio interfaces usually come with software sufficient for recording. I suggest testing different software like Ableton, Cubase etc. as free versions for a while before purchasing hardware. They are quite different from each other. Using the same software as your friends really helps.
Deathnaut Yıl önce
Here's a tip for beginners: The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is one of the more popular audio interfaces out there because of it's price, however it's pretty terrible for guitar and practically unusable unless you have a DI box or intend to mic your amp. The 2i2 clips so early from a plugged in guitar it's pretty much impossible to use. So basically just stay away from the 2i2, the 2i4 is a little more expensive but handles guitar perfectly.
Evil Grandmother
Evil Grandmother 14 gün önce
Cmon man, i just buyed it, arrived today...
Christian Craig
Christian Craig 2 aylar önce
Yeah my 2i2 cord got a short in like a month
Plus 2 aylar önce
I’m just getting into mics and recording and stuff and I have the rode m5 mics for recording piano but I’m not sure what audio interface to use. Do you recommend any?
Warren Allen
Warren Allen 2 aylar önce
@Millan ..and then do you set the 2i2's input to LINE or to INST?
Javier Rodríguez
Javier Rodríguez 2 aylar önce
I'm surprised that every time DAW is mentioned Cubase and LogicAudio are always mentioned but not Reaper. It's just as good, and you can literally pay whatever you want for it. For beginners who don't want to or can't pay a lot, it's perfect.
EREN YEAGER 2 aylar önce
Sir! I'm losing hope and I'm about to give up on my passion for music but you lift my hopes up you're my inspiration 😭😭😭 I don't know what I'll do without your quality tutorials. Thank you very much sir your effort on making this beautiful tutorials are worth to support.
Vienna Kue
Vienna Kue 6 aylar önce
I love how you explain everything slowly and so that we understand how everything works together. Such a pleasant presence
Koos Van Rensburg
Koos Van Rensburg Yıl önce
Hey Paul great advice as always, one recommendation I would add as a great bonus would be A TEACHER. I say this because I started out actually being gifted an interface and a copy of a DAW by someone and yet found my self frustrated for months because of not knowing basic terms or concepts related to recording and production. It wasn't untill I saw your video on recording guitar that I was able to USE THE GEAR PROPERLY and finally make a recording I was pleased to hear afterwards. Needless to say It got me started on the road but I think the value of having someone to teach one how to use the tools cannot be underestimated.
delhibill Yıl önce
Very nicely done. I've built up my home studio over the past year building on instruments and gear I've been collecting over the years. It does all come together, toughest part is learning the DAW (I jumped into Bitwig Studio). All this is hopefully an investment for years to come. You've covered all the bases. Thanks!
Blue 3rd
Blue 3rd 7 aylar önce
Great video, thanks! I nervously set up my first studio recently but in the end it was very easy to do, after lots of research and tips from friends. I would recommend the following: I got a Scarlett 2i2 bundle from Focusrite which included a two input interface, a good mic, good pair of headphones and cables. I think they are excellent value for money and possibly the most popular interface for amateur musicians. Then I downloaded Reaper as my DAW, which was a free download (you can pay later if you want to and it’s very cheap). I use a good old Windows 7 PC and have had no issues with Reaper at all. A few weeks later I bought a pair of Presonus monitors. The whole lot cost me less than 500€ and I have a very useable studio for recording my demos and for guitar practice in general. I should have done it years ago :) Cheers!
KILLROSE 4 aylar önce
Ive been trying to learn reaper too but i cant wrap my head around it. Do you use a midi ?
Quotenschwabe privat
Quotenschwabe privat 11 aylar önce
I can recommend Reaper as a DAW. Lots of value for very little money. Reaper is an often overlooked and underestimated DAW. I used Cubase before and Reaper just felt most intuitive to navigate in terms of alternatives. It's very versatile, customizable, and has low latency. Admittedly, there are easier to use interfaces if you are a beginner and new to DAWs.
Babak Ashtari
Babak Ashtari 9 aylar önce
A few months ago I started a new studio for my self, the last home studio I had was back in the late 90s, and OMG things have changed. I had never used midi before, every thing I did was recorded live, between my kids and I we produced 4 albums. I watched your great video and I totally agree with your comment at the beginning of the video , the more guitars the better.. I have gone from live recording to writing classical pieces like symphonies to now where I am finding my self enjoying writing film score pieces of music where the film is in my head. But all for my self not anyone else. I love it.
KILLROSE 4 aylar önce
You should definitely share it!!!
andrewsrea Yıl önce
I like your advice to let the gear evolve vs. the (wrong) thought that a person needs all the fancy gear to record. IHMO, the most important things in the studio are non-gear: 1.) Well trained and cared-for ears and 2.) Transparent organization & processes which enable creativity.
Nachiket Ghatole
Nachiket Ghatole 10 aylar önce
@PaulDavids, Thank you for making such wonderful content! They guide me every single time! I have a question for you - I see many audio interfaces on Amazon and so often end up getting confused on which one to buy. My preference is to get one with multi-input capacity as I might want to plug mic and play guitar together. But, they are high in price. Which audio interface would you recommend me to buy that can be cheaper in cost but work okay?
Scott Martinez
Scott Martinez Yıl önce
I think one of the best starter audio interfaces out there are the Presonus AudioBox USB. Very inexpensive and built like a tank. Rock solid drivers. We've used it live for our midi keyboard setup too.
Gliese 667Cc - Band
Gliese 667Cc - Band 4 aylar önce
Hard disagree on the build. I bought the Presonus Audiobox 96 bundle and Presonus monitor speakers. The volume pots on both started scratching after a month. The headphone input started crapping out after 2 weeks. The Presonus mic cable gave out after 2 months. In my experience Presonus is poorly built junk. I wish I had decided to wait a bit, research a bit more, and shelled out for a higher quality audio interface.
John McSorley
John McSorley 9 aylar önce
Thank you Paul for this video! I'm diving into this home studio world. Got the Presonus Audiobox USB96, Studio One Artist, an okay mic and lots of ideas. I started the home studio because I wanted to let my idea fly, flourish, and evolve. It's also helped me see where I need to improve in my playing (along with videos like yours and some of the other TRshow instructors. Seriously, thank you). I'm looking to get a key board next. But first, I need to build a dedicated studio space. lol. Anyway, all that to say, thank you for this video and all the other video's you've put out showing people like me different ways to unlock the fret board.
NewGoldStandard 9 aylar önce
I really wanted to hear the final version of the song you were recording! I agree with all of this and I think it's important to keep in mind that you can always upgrade later. I had a little M-Audio Oxygen8 V2 midi keyboard for a long time and it did the job well. Even the super entry level interfaces have decent pre-amps now... there's really no excuse: make music!!
N3ll0 B3ll0
N3ll0 B3ll0 9 aylar önce
When I started my little home studio, I used Garageband ( already installed )on my old Mac PowerBook, a Line6 Tone port ux2 and as a monitor a very nice stereo tube radio by Graetz from 1964. It still sounds great and every thing is working now about 15 years, no problems at all ! Thank you for this well made channel, by the way.
Ottersbrook Consulting Limited
Ottersbrook Consulting Limited 9 aylar önce
Paul I've been following you for a few weeks now learning guitar techniques as I start my guitar journey and now setting up a small studio, I find this on your channel. Thank you so much for this tutorial and guidance, VERY helpful indeed.(Dank je wel en vriendelijke groeten) Mike (UK)
Sagar Godavaria
Sagar Godavaria Yıl önce
I did the same! Started with decent headphones and then after some months I got sound card after that a mic and midi. It takes time and patience to build a home studio but it's the beautiful journey❤ and at the end when you look you built this after so many years of struggle and hardwork , you proud of yourself like I proud of myself now:)
Anders K. Madsen
Anders K. Madsen 11 aylar önce
For a DAW, I'd recommend Reaper. It's an extremely versatile and usable alternative to the more pricey options out there. (If it's good enough for Ben Levin, then it's good enough for the rest of us.) Ardour is an open source option that is available for free in _some_ Linux distros. For an audio interface, I'd recommend a Zoom R8. It doubles as a stand-alone multitrack recorder, which is really neat if you just want to record something real quick-like without the whole computer/DAW setup. It's certainly not the crème de la crème when it comes to audio interfaces but it should be enough for most of us novices and intermediates.
Jarl Thomas Thomassen
Jarl Thomas Thomassen Yıl önce
Started building my "home studio" last year. Still missing a few things like mic, mic stand and speakers but it has been on a tight budget, and from finding stuff secound hand. Surprised how cheap it can be to get started 😀 Some of my gear so far is: Behringer ucm2 soundcard (50€) Akg headphones (40€) Boss Katana mk2 100w combo (500€) M-audio mini keybord (30€ used) Cakewalk (free) Old PC i5 processor upgraded to 8ram Ibanez rg450 (Japan made from 1999) Ltd alexi-600 (2007 mod yellow stripe) Cables and other small stuff
Pierre Bernardin
Pierre Bernardin Yıl önce
Best addition by far to my home studio has been a Babyface RME audio Interface. It's miles above other interfaces and improves all aspects of the studio (sound quality/noise, levels, input/output possibilities, ...) also very intuitive.
John Cena
John Cena 11 aylar önce
Sometimes you can get an audio interface and a good condenser microphone as a bundle which is cheaper. I found that the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a great audio interface which, for me, came with a Rode NT1A, which are both high quality products and I got a discount of around 40€. :)
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark Yıl önce
Righteous! It’s very, very cool of you to take the time to break down the necessary recording requirements in an accessible way that doesn’t leave us scratching our heads too much. Selfless and helpful. Rock on Mr. Davids. Thank you for YOUR rock 🤘🏼😝
Jem-7V 7 aylar önce
Fantastic video, so helpful and I love how you keep it nice and simple to understand! Thanks so much Paul. I’m going to start recording my own music very soon! Kind Regards Howard.
Charles Armstrong
Charles Armstrong 8 aylar önce
Hi Paul, thanks for yet another very well thought out video lesson. As a retired professional singer, I now concentrate mostly on composing my own songs. I often collaborate with a Band Buddy Muso back in South Africa. I thought one thing you may add (maybe under miscellaneous) to your DAW desk is a set of layered shelves. Eg; so that Instrumental Keyboard and typing keyboard are not in the way etc. Also, an armless comfortable swivel chair. Thanks again!!
Zayb Yıl önce
i was looking for a video like this for ages when i started my channel years ago. It took me ages to figure out all the different things i needed for a home set up. Glad an awesome video like this exists to help players who are new to recording.
Michel Caron
Michel Caron Yıl önce
Great video. I’d like to add one more item; an analog mixer. As an active musician, i’ve always had one. I use a Makie 1202 which has 4 mic inputs and various line inputs. My interface is a Zoom UAC-2. As with many interfaces, they have a limited number of mic pre-amps; 2, which is fine in most cases, but some time you need more and a mixer fits the bill, but not necessary. The one benefit however is additional outputs on a mixer so I can record a drum kit or a choir source and mix that into a stereo field through the interface. Besides, it’s preamp is higher quality than the Zoom or most smaller size interfaces on the market. As well i can EQ the source on the mixer itself and/or add effects like compression, reverb etc and send the mix back to the singer as most interfaces only have one headphone output and a mixer will have it’s own headphone output. But again, that requires more cash to layout, but as mentioned, I’ve had this mixer for over 30 years and is a workhorse of a machine.
Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin Yıl önce
This was an extremely helpful video. I aspire to record songs playing all the instruments (guitar, bass, drums, and maybe vocals), and this is a great springboard to getting on the right track. Cheers!
Ville Lehtinen
Ville Lehtinen Yıl önce
Even when Paul talks about topics that don't really apply to myself I'm still excited to watch because he makes everything seem so damn interesting. :D
V. van Wijngaarden
V. van Wijngaarden Yıl önce
Cool run-down of starting a home studio. I think if you are just starting out and don't want to break the bank: audio interfaces by Scarlett (solo is the smallest one) are very durable, affordable and come with Ableton Live Lite. Also for a Midi keyboard I think the Novation Launchkey mini Mk.3 is a nice option, giving a small size keyboard combined with some launch-/drumpads for a nice low price (and again Ableton Live Lite included). I think with that you have a nice base for around € 200 (not counting the laptop yet, because there's too many different options there). Great video man! Greetings from Rotterdam. :)
Nikolai Sörensen
Nikolai Sörensen Yıl önce
Oh didn't actually know the nt1 existed, apologies :)
Mister Nevercot
Mister Nevercot Yıl önce
@Nikolai Sörensen it's sonical a real tiny bit of a difference between the nta1 and the nt1.
Nikolai Sörensen
Nikolai Sörensen Yıl önce
The Rhode nta1 is 159€ as a bundle with shock mount and pop filter and xlr cable at Thomann. In Germany at least
Mister Nevercot
Mister Nevercot Yıl önce
I use an SM58 (€100) and an Rode NT1 (~€255) as microphones. Both work great. I'm very pleased with the Yamaha AG06 interface(€146) although it's 2 Channel recording only and only one Phantom powered channel. Edit 17.05.2021: I Mixed up the Price of one of the total shippments with the Price of the microphone in the original post. so i looked it up again and corrected it.
0Stella Yıl önce
This was wicked, Paul. I'd say the best investments I made recently to save me climbing in and out of my wardrobe every time I need to record vocals is a Kaotika eyeball to go around my mic. Also, a Cloudlifter or the SM7B to bring the signal up. I'm so glad I bit the bullet for those things. Again, being a singer who is slowly working my way into self-producing, I prioritised those items over studio speakers (I still have none) because headphones are fine for what I'm doing and the various YT videos I'm putting up. Brilliant video, thanks!
Sean Perkins Music
Sean Perkins Music 7 aylar önce
Excellent video, Paul! This communicates the need for a home studio with absolute grace.
Tony Palamara
Tony Palamara 8 aylar önce
Thanks for this very general introduction Paul. Perhaps consider turning this into a series where each episode focuses on one aspect of the 10 things that you covered in this video
Paul Hoyos
Paul Hoyos 10 aylar önce
You’re such good influence to all people who love music. So many good advices. I appreciate your vids, Paul.
Loic Videtta
Loic Videtta Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing all these great advices! You're a great source of motivation! Keep on going!
Gilberto Morales
Gilberto Morales Yıl önce
Nice! I am also a PC guy and do all my music recording/production on a custom-built PC. Great to see another PC champion out there for music production. Thanks!
Derek Wall Music
Derek Wall Music Yıl önce
I love the Scarlett 2x2, I also really enjoy using Studio One as a DAW or Cakewalk (which is 100% free). Also tons of free plugins, like Spitfire Audio. I also love using EZDrummer
Novelistus on the water
Novelistus on the water Yıl önce
Great video as always. Thanks Paul. I am recording on a 30 ft sailboat. Working on my MBP I had anyhow, Reaper, fantastic DAW $60 (and using Garageband IOS to collaborate with my daughter back home), Roland Rubix R22 sound interface $ 140, Audio Technica AT2500 mic which has USB and XLR $ 130 and I also have an old Roland R26 from the old days and I use that to record my steeldrum, NUX MG 300 budget effects pedal $140 for the electric, ATH-50MX Headset $ 120, Axiom mini 32 Midi Keyboard $150, no monitors, no mic stands as I live on a little sailboat. But I have a little amp a NUX Mighty8BT if I don't want to use the headsets. And I have a BOSS RC3 looper. I love my setup. Only dreams left are a little Fender Champ, a pedalboard and more guitars ;-)
Chris Wittkamp III
Chris Wittkamp III 9 aylar önce
Thank you very much for all the information sir. I’m hoping to start on getting a set up for my recording and podcasts. You helped me a lot on figuring out what I will need. Keep kicking butt. ✌🏻🍻
Floris Van Der Burg
Floris Van Der Burg Yıl önce
Thanks again, Paul. Very helpful. As you mentioned using piano/keys, do you have any tips on online piano lessons (probably comparable to your guitar lessons)? Thanks a lot in advance!
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward Yıl önce
Hi Paul - loving your videos and really love the mood lighting in your studio. How do you achieve that effect? Is it simple?
Stephen Merchant
Stephen Merchant 4 aylar önce
I'm going to teach my two sons 10 and 12 guitar after the holidays. Your videos have been immensely helpful prepping for my goal and to make me much better. - Subscriber for Life
1968nik Yıl önce
Great advice and nicely presented I'd add a music stand at the same time as a mic stand. Personally I didn't really think I'd created a studio but I guess I have and I mainly used kit I already had. I moved an old Mac Mini and a redundant TV with pair of unused powered speakers - I had mics, Stands and cables all I needed was an audio interface.
Ronald Solano
Ronald Solano Yıl önce
Paul, you always make not only useful but very fun to watch videos. Thank you for desperation and always keeping it real.
Stefanie Anguiano
Stefanie Anguiano 6 aylar önce
Awesome video ! So informative and it’s so well put together ! You’re awesome dude thank you
Daniel 11 aylar önce
Your vids are so useful and well produced and relaxing. It’s like a guided meditation for music.
primaballerina84 7 aylar önce
Long time RME Multiface + Pci-e card user, bought the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 as a travel interface and I was really really positively surprised by the quality of this thing considering its relatively low price tag! Great beginners gear in my opinion 👌🏻
Lisa Griffin
Lisa Griffin 3 aylar önce
😲 You make it look so effortless, you are so cool, I have much to learn. Thank you for making this.
Floby Yıl önce
As a recommendation, I can say that I got a MicroKorg synth which is firstly a great little synth to start playing with but I also use it as my midi controller and it costs around 300€
Matthew Harmon
Matthew Harmon Yıl önce
Great video. For more advanced users, don't run your modeler (like Paul's Kemper) into an analog input if you can avoid it. It just incurs another D/A and A/D conversion. Most modelers also work as "sound cards" that will directly dump the digital output of the modeler into the DAW without all the extra conversion.
Brian Dwyer
Brian Dwyer Yıl önce
I'll throw reaper out there as a great starting DAW. It's free and fully functional, not just the lite version. You may find another you like more, but at the least it's great to learn the basics on. And it's not going to cost a penny
Anders K. Madsen
Anders K. Madsen 11 aylar önce
Well, it's free as long as you don't mind the "please wait" pop-up when starting it. But even so, the full version (personal/small business, for life) is $60. Money I happily paid after I'd been using it for about 6 months.
jarborra 5 aylar önce
Great video! I started out with just GarageBand on iPad and a midi iRig interface hooked up to a 20 year old Yamaha digital piano which thankfully had midi out. Added a condensor mic years later. Now graduated to Logic Pro on MacBook M1 and bought an iRig interface for my electric guitar. MacBook sits connected on the piano, guitar nearby.
Andy Davis
Andy Davis Yıl önce
I’ve been very happy with my Focusrite Scarlet interfaces. The first generation 8i6 I started with is still operable in windows 10 (not officially supported though).
Jamie Olson
Jamie Olson 6 aylar önce
My recommendation: Room treatment. Bass traps, and first reflection panels and a ceiling cloud to start. These are the most important parts of a home studio over expensive gear. I also wouldn't hang acoustic instruments on the wall in a studio, as the the hollow bodies will create problems when mixing and recording instruments when not using DI.
Shawn Wilkie
Shawn Wilkie 2 aylar önce
Awesome video. Great job and perfect for someone starting out, especially a Guitar player.. Thanks for the effort..:)
trevor Schumann
trevor Schumann 7 aylar önce
thank you for this video. i also wanted to get into producing but technology is so intimidating and im basically computer illiterate so this video helps me a lot. I thought it would be as simple as just plugging my keyboard into my computer and getting some software
david briggs
david briggs Yıl önce
Great to see how it should be done. I got away with using Adobe Audition 1.5 for years. Just plugged the out-put from my Line 6 pod (2.0) into the back of my PC tower and into Adobe Audition. Everything was absolutely fantastic until Windows10 upgrade. All went south after that. There were unsolvable latency issues then that made recording impossible. However, I solved it by obtaining a Zoom R-24 recorder and recording into that. (a fabulous machine) I then load the recorded wav files back into that old DAW to mix and master. Great video that has given me lots of good advice. Cheers.
AriK Music
AriK Music 8 aylar önce
Great video Paul. I am facing an issue, when I play it sounds great in my ear, but when recorded , it does not sound as good as it sounds naturally. Any suggestion is really appreciated
Smitty Larson
Smitty Larson Yıl önce
Been using presonus iOne for 3 years, really solid build, sounds good. Recommended as starter interface. Prefer it than focusrite solo bcs iOne has different knobs for headphones and speakers output
Kristian Ljubišić
Kristian Ljubišić 3 aylar önce
Great video Paul. Thinking about starting to build a home studio and you helped me a lot.
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