G2 vs. MSF - Week 3 Day 1 | LEC Spring Split | G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming (2022)

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LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

3 aylar önce

VoD of G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming
LEC Spring Split 2022

Casters: Drakos and Guldborg
Analyst: Quickshot, Caedrel and Dagda
Interview: Laure Valée with Comp and caPs

Full Line up:
G2 Esports Line up:
⦁ BrokenBlade - Top Renekton
⦁ Jankos - Jungle Jarvan IV
⦁ caPs - Mid Ryze
⦁ Flakked - ADC Senna
⦁ Targamas - Support Rakan

Misfits Gaming Line up:
⦁ HiRit - Top Gwen
⦁ Shlatan - Jungle Xin Zhao
⦁ Vetheo - Mid Cassiopeia
⦁ Neon - ADC Jhin
⦁ Mersa - Support Leona

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Zach Dillenger
Zach Dillenger 3 aylar önce
saw what you want about either team but this was the best game of the day.
Arek Baranowski
Arek Baranowski 3 aylar önce
Am I the only one who thinks that bounties are straight up broken? One lost teamfight and 10k gold difference doesn't matter at all :|
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
@Just the Nice Guy :3 did you even watch the match? they got from 10 k behind to a lead with bounties. why are bounties time limited instead of disappearing when you start to catch up like they should? it makes no sense
Just the Nice Guy :3
Just the Nice Guy :3 3 aylar önce
not really bounties offer shared gold back to a whole team where bounties usually become available because 1 or 2 opposing players have enormous amounts of gold, Even with the bounty claimed your team as a whole still doesn't match the insane gold difference of the players who forced your team to get the bounty since those players got all solo gold to trigger the bounties and your gold is shared for claiming them, It's not needed in the game though they should be directly controlling minion gold, Gold should come minions more than they come from anywhere else I think dying and losing waves is punishment enough for dying I don't think you should get gold for killing that would fix every problem league has lol
Tony Burton
Tony Burton 3 aylar önce
I like bounties. They mean the team in front need to keep their focus and win the game. G2 showed how you can have a big lead and be on verge of winning but a couple of stupid plays gives the other team a chance to win the game.
Con-pope 3 aylar önce
It makes scaling stronger so I don't care
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
Yeah I agree. I rewatched the whole VOD with this thread and bounties in mind. They got like 2k+ from each baron and elder, but then when they were basically equal ( within 0-3k) they still got bounties from the 3 towers. So at final towers they were getting bounties when they were even slightly ahead, and ended up 2k infront. Its not a bounty mechanic if you get it when you are ahead lol. ' the balance team crying a single tear, its everything they ever wanted ' Commentator of this game
Aurélien Becht
Aurélien Becht 3 aylar önce
G2 playing with Jankos and not just Jankos playing for G2. What a sight to see
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@peter manning tbh g2 2021 didnt look as team at all synergy was not there they tried the best to get along with each other but didnt work and these 3 weeks of new roaster G2 have looking as team promising and improving everyone said G2 is downgraded and average but they showed the haters wrong and silent them
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@peter manning i speak about game vs mad coz their draft was clueless not even a comp just random solo que draft but after mad game they just start improve more and learned to stop troll in drafts i hope so coz that cost them games are important i know b01 is not that much impression but since everyone thought G2 is average team they should keep improve and impress these ppl however especially vs fnc i am proud of the boys they played it correctly after early game
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@Oui i mean whole team
Oui 3 aylar önce
You mean djancos?
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
lets hope to see more of these games not just random plays and troll drafts
Stabber85 3 aylar önce
This is why we love G2! What a clown fiesta ending.
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
In the turn fight in base of G2 Cass was chasing Jankos who was way too tanky instead of helping finish off Broken blade and Flakken, Broken blade survived with like 1 percent health, healed in base , and flakken was able to kill 2 of MSF while broken blade was healing up. If cass had been there it would have been over.
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
from 30:00 - 32:00 minutes, Msf got 10k gold. Silly stuff. Must be some kind of competitive record.
GeorgeYTG 3 aylar önce
@Aaron Kerrigan from 54.4k to 63.3k. that's almost almost 10k
Aaron Kerrigan
Aaron Kerrigan 3 aylar önce
If by "10k gold" you mean "7k gold," then yes. Yes they did 🤣.
Tinheart 3 aylar önce
G2 stomped the early game, then threw the lead, then came back in teamfights, only to throw the lead again only to win in the end. I know that maybe they need time, I know that today's game against fnatic will propably be a disaster, but I know that maybe not today, but G2 will be back
truno pambudi
truno pambudi 3 aylar önce
Bro, i still inhaling the copium gas against fnatic tho
Amadeus Winqvist
Amadeus Winqvist 3 aylar önce
wow, that last fight was so badly coordinated by misfits. blew all their cc on tank renekton, with full rage bar, without layering to try and burst him down, neon fail flashed and got straight up owned by flakked. Vetheo is mispositioned on the other side fighting jankos who has a shieldbow and simply walks away. The more i look at it the worse it looks. G2 on the other hand did exactly what they had to do. Renekton was a meatshield, dishing out tonnes of aoe dmg, jankos kept vetheo out of the fight and flakked used his range to perfection.
Berny00 3 aylar önce
Lets go G2
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
Ez dub for us
Kajetan Kanabus
Kajetan Kanabus 3 aylar önce
13:00 draft 19:30 game
KinkyKino 3 aylar önce
thank you
G2 CrimsonArchlight
G2 CrimsonArchlight 3 aylar önce
Man. Super clean early game from G2. Lol then the usual throw at elder 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪only to come back at the very fucking end. What a fiesta, I gotta say. But glad they got the win. 😌
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@Biq Skux glad to see they playing as team tho
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
You are right, but there are some hugely promising signs for g2 in this game. Glad to see g2 getting some balls back.
Maurice Evrard
Maurice Evrard 3 aylar önce
Jankamas looks like a great player
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
I wonder if caps, when he first tried to base race while the baron was being taken by msf, had ran away to baron using ghost as soon as he saw Gwen ( who he couldnt really 1v1 as she is gwen and 1 level up) could have got there in time to win the fight just as jankos was being bursted and saved the day
L.S. KARATSIS 3 aylar önce
When Cassio gets ganked lvl 2 by Jankos, if she had phase rush she could have escaped with her life 22:16 (replay)
matt cosens
matt cosens 3 aylar önce
What a end to the game that was crazy
Yeeeooo 3 aylar önce
damnnn flakked earned my respect after this game what a fucking save
Samael YT
Samael YT 3 aylar önce
27:28 both supports just passing by each other. Rakan: sup. Leona: not much. See ya.
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
best game in split so far
Just the Nice Guy :3
Just the Nice Guy :3 3 aylar önce
G2 are smart they made it seem like they were targeting top lane but were using as bait to constantly force the opposing mid and jungle to react smart gameeplay from G2 because it's not like Renekton need helps against Gwen, Renekton wins that all day pre 20 minutes
fayedoodles 3 aylar önce
Match start: 19:35
Fiish 3 aylar önce
Bb always clutched in the teamfights and just quadra kills on these g2 sennas
koroosh Khlili
koroosh Khlili 3 aylar önce
anyone else got same vibes and stress as G2 vs Sunning game? or just me?
koroosh Khlili
koroosh Khlili 3 aylar önce
@achref jendoubi exactly👍👍i really love this type of hypes and back to back actions in league
achref jendoubi
achref jendoubi 3 aylar önce
also G2 vs SKT game 4 msi 2019
General Grizzy
General Grizzy 3 aylar önce
The Mighty Duck and The Top Father are built different
kiedomek 3 aylar önce
best game in this split imo
Expander 3 aylar önce
BrokenBlade - solid as always. Does his job perfectly and a bit more. Jankos - had a bit of a too sensitive trigger finger this game. The roam setup at the beginning with Caps was a symphony to behold though. Caps - alright in his own regard. But the stopwatch was a miss, as well as some other plays. The roaming intensive was what put them in the lead, but the following missplays just cannot happen. Has a lot to learn from Perkz' last 3 games. Flakked - that endgame save is what grabbed G2 by the end of their sinking body's little finger and pulled them out. Thank the lord he kept his cool and kept hitting. Targamas - excellent performance all around. The perfect support.
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@A Random Person nah in 2019 and 2020 he was a beast
A Random Person
A Random Person 3 aylar önce
Caps is alwayd like this, he gets beter as the split goes on
William Beldam Løkke
William Beldam Løkke 3 aylar önce
Bb threw a bit by getting caught top Lane by hirit
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@Biq Skux at least they moving forward and doing good to get their synergy everything work for them i'd say they may trolled fight at elder but they did great job in early game even late game some fights were messy but still they going on top tomorrow they facing though oponent so they should prepare better overall i feel like G2 will be on top again
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
Caps teamfighting was hit and miss this game. Jankos really carried the early game which is exciting because he literally won MVP on Jarvin earning himself the name "first-blood king". Regardless signs of life from g2, best game so far if you look at how pro-active they played this game and had the balls to make plays.
Janek K.
Janek K. 3 aylar önce
Flakked and jankos totally mvps
Tony Ramos
Tony Ramos 3 aylar önce
OMG! That come back!
Daniel Gemmer
Daniel Gemmer 3 aylar önce
I want the german cast by Drakos :)
MisterJohnsonCruise 3 aylar önce
Best game since MAD vs. SK
fa elger
fa elger 3 aylar önce
jankos on the jarvan...SO SOOOO important that they finally get it. Jarvan is jankos best champion. I know he doesn't like it as much as other champs like reksai and others. But it just IS his best champion. They won MSI and got to a World Final on Jankos playing Jarvan-Reksai almost exclusively. That has its reasons.
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@Samael YT and sometimes both things at same time
Samael YT
Samael YT 3 aylar önce
Ikr. Jankos makes great level 2 ganks with jarvan. Either secures a first blood or manages to burn spells from the enemy team.
Lasse Åsmot
Lasse Åsmot 3 aylar önce
40:10 "expert baiter" nice dodge, Drakos
Yannick Okpara
Yannick Okpara 3 aylar önce
Bounties are removing mechanics and map tactics from the equation. You should not be able to play backed up in a corner and turn around everything from one fight. Deserved win from G2 albeit not clean.
janissaire111 3 aylar önce
That was so sad, Neon trolled a bit in the end
李斯故你在 3 aylar önce
yep. i think neon plays well in the whole game but inted in the end.
Swx 3 aylar önce
Missed 5his zo much. Commun home semi-drunk anf watching the game while eating some snacks and frink lots of waterf.
ColonelSky 3 aylar önce
It is sad how riot treats its staff (Freelancers) as if nothing has been learnt from the past. As a long time viewer i demand the return of sjoktz. Every loyal viewer of these stunning shows should do so on all possible platforms.
Mitch 3 aylar önce
I turned this off when MSF had the 5v3 advantage and came back like 10 mins later and saw the G2 win on the board.. watching it back, flakkeds autos just deleted them
Jane Angayen
Jane Angayen 3 aylar önce
Comp daddy??? It’s the first time I’ve seen him in interview
alski 3 aylar önce
caps getting better at interviews
Karol Kozłowski
Karol Kozłowski 3 aylar önce
He is so well spoken, really enjoyed the interview
Mr Jae1
Mr Jae1 3 aylar önce
great game
Kor Am
Kor Am 3 aylar önce
41:50 this is so fucking good
Beefwelliington 3 aylar önce
stomped the game for 20 mins have a 10k gold lead, then you lose one team fight and they gain like 9.5 k gold in like 4 mins its to high
Ivan Tan
Ivan Tan 3 aylar önce
What not to do when you have baron/elder and an enemy nexus. :D
Sneaky Sunset
Sneaky Sunset 3 aylar önce
I am not convinced by mersa neon and Schlatan. Schlatan left me a good impression in previous games but he straight up was clueless this game and neon and mersa had bad games before. They just seem to be inconsistant and have bad reads on the map and situations.
Keen Observer
Keen Observer 3 aylar önce
It was so obvious all G2 had to do was let Flakked 3 hit everyone to death with the amount of stacks he had. The last 4 teamfights he was useless because of poor engages, poor flanking and bad positioning. It's only when their nexus was dying that they finally realised he could just kill everyone, jesus christ.
Yo mismo
Yo mismo 3 aylar önce
look we have a silver here
kamzy_owo 3 aylar önce
holy shit what a game!
Neluv 3 aylar önce
From a fan of G2: Brokenblade should relax with the emotes, one it's okey, spamming it just feels so unsportsmanlike.
Marko Mikrofick
Marko Mikrofick 3 aylar önce
Please riot please get rid of bounties this game is the perfect representation
Finn Black
Finn Black 3 aylar önce
whyyy dont u put the game and its analysis and interview in one video instead of splitting it up
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
To make more money. They add repeated content to make their videos longer.
Klabuster Bernd
Klabuster Bernd 3 aylar önce
Great Game XD
Snizzy 3 aylar önce
Dang really wanted misfits to win 😪
robin sonner
robin sonner 3 aylar önce
They got 2000 gold for the elder + bounty
He llup
He llup 3 aylar önce
Bounty gold is actually cringe. From a 10k ish gold lead to being down 2k because of bounty gold, like it's actually disgusting.
Aaron Kerrigan
Aaron Kerrigan 3 aylar önce
It used to be that whichever team happened to get the early lead had a very high percentage chance of winning, regardless of whether they were actually a better team. Now, bounties force teams to play well through the mid and late game or risk losing. You can't just have some lucky and/or cheese strats early on and expect to win by pure snowball. Imo bounties are an excellent feature to force teams to play consistently well in order to win -- after all, some of the most fun games I've ever watched were comebacks from massive deficits -- but whether they are correctly balanced is certainly a question worth asking. For instance, should they fall off sooner when a team starts cashing in on them? Or are the gold amounts properly balanced? So I guess my question would be whether you think the catch-up mechanic of bounties is cringe in its entirety, or only because it is not yet properly balanced. 🤔😄
Jane Angayen
Jane Angayen 3 aylar önce
Lmao what a clown fiesta but it was fun tho
TheOnlyShanzz 3 aylar önce
Hey editing team/upload team, please stop spoiling the other matches, it’s so annoying
TheOnlyShanzz 2 aylar önce
@EON Nephilim I Watch thé games that I’m interested in first, then the less exciting ones later, it’s really not hard to have post game interviews after a game as oppose to the start of another game, it would make it significantly more coherent, regardless of which order you watch it in
EON Nephilim
EON Nephilim 2 aylar önce
@TheOnlyShanzz I mean, you clearly care about the other matches anyway, so why not watch them in order so you have a more coherent experience?
TheOnlyShanzz 3 aylar önce
@TC127 nice edit king, I’m glad you took the time to think it up
TC127 3 aylar önce
@TheOnlyShanzz well clearly you hadn't thought of that, since you were literally complaining about a problem which could be easily circumvented by using the solution I proposed. Sarcasm only works when you have a brain buddy
TheOnlyShanzz 3 aylar önce
@TC127 omg wow! Thank you so much for your insight! Your intellect is astounding, I hadn’t thought of that
fa elger
fa elger 3 aylar önce
dont get it Dracos 27:50 ? Hirio's the only one getting anything early game? winning Top vs Renekton? had to be ganked 4/2 still a kill? No clue what was before LEC. But THIS game, hes the only one playing well the game through. Obviously G2s focus Top had impact and a reason, look before gank 22:21? BB: 15 / Hirio: 20!?...BB hiding, losing lane...just MSF left Hirio to die and G2 came to shut top down and help BB...
ASaP 3 aylar önce
He's 15 to 22, but BB hadnt farmed the wave yet. They're actually even in cs. As for losing trades, thats just matchup at that point of the game. Renek has far better gank setup and can dive Hirit later on. Him pushing and getting enemy low means nothing early. He's playing a carry top and G2 drafted to shut him down. Hirit is doomed anyway. Every team drafts to fck him because everyone knows he's the main threat from MSF. That's the only thing those stats from Drakos really reflect.
Vertox 3 aylar önce
This late game from g2 is a fookin joke. I don't see any chances for them vs fnc if they keep playing like this. But I have to say that early game was so great for them
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@Vertox indeed but still impressive week though haters trastalked our bot lane and etc
Vertox 3 aylar önce
@Alexander Naydenov yup, but still they make a lot of mistakes. They need some time and their potential is for top1/2 in lec
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
mhm yeah no chances vs fnc did u watched game yesterday ?
Sayrin 3 aylar önce
Spoiler, g2 lost that
The Dovahkiin
The Dovahkiin 3 aylar önce
I dunno, fun game but certainly no good game.
Alexander Naydenov
Alexander Naydenov 3 aylar önce
@hugo nagelt indeed they kinda fall at 2021 but glad to see them improving and moving forward
hugo nagelt
hugo nagelt 3 aylar önce
Yeah id rather see g2 struggle and improve than dominate bc dominating didnt help them last spring split
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
That's because you expect perfection when you should look for improvement. G2 are improving, not perfect. Also misfits showed that will to not give up once more which is a huge credit to them.
D C 3 aylar önce
Literal 12k gold swing!!??? Can we fix objective bounties? Put them in the closet with chemtech drake?
Aaron Kerrigan
Aaron Kerrigan 3 aylar önce
What exactly is wrong with bounties? Is there something objectively wrong with a 12k gold swing? 45:15 BrokenBlade dives Gwen under top turret with no minions left, all while Renekton clearly has a stated 500-gold bounty. Is the problem with bounties the fact that there shouldn't be a 500-gold bounty? Or that, maybe, a pro player maybe should realize he can't do stupid-ass shit like that turret dive without there being meaningful consequences if he fails? Btw, the gold diff is almost 10k at this point and Renekton is level 16 to Gwen's 14, so if there is no *real* penalty for a massive fuck-up like this, why not just have a T.K.O. feature in the game where you don't have to actually destroy the nexus, you just have to get 7k-8k gold ahead of the enemy team to win? Nope, the argument against bounties is too weak, just something like "12k gold swing unfair" without actually analyzing how the swing happened (and in this case, it happened because of multiple fuck-ups over the course of several minutes, starting with that dive, then the failed follow-up fight, then another failed teamfight, then a failure by G2 to secure Baron or defend any turrets... I mean, MSF _earned_ that gold, it wasn't from a single good or lucky play) and whether the team playing from behind actually deserves a chance to win at that point. Because if there's no penalty for playing mid-game and late-game like shit because you happened to have an early game, then there's no point in the viewer watching once a team gets a meaningful lead. Naw, bounties are a great addition to league 👍. They hold the winning team accountable for their actions through mid-game and late-game, and ensure the better team always has a chance to win even if they got off to a rocky start against an inferior (but lucky/cheesy/whatever) opponent.
cyrkielnetwork 3 aylar önce
Ty for spoiling FNC vs Rougue. Was about to watch next :/
Orbitrons 3 aylar önce
@Adrián Buenfil wdym "youtube isnt responsible"? this channel and the website is run by the same company lol. again they dont gotta hide anything, just include the post game talks to the proper game. even if you disregard spoilers, it doesnt make sense for the post game shit to be in the vod for another game.
Adrián Buenfil
Adrián Buenfil 3 aylar önce
@Orbitrons You know you can watch from the official website to avoid spoilers right? TRshow is in no way responsible for hiding some videos or highlighting others just so kids don't get spoiled...
Biq Skux
Biq Skux 3 aylar önce
It's literally about money. Longer videos (repeated content) = more money.
Orbitrons 3 aylar önce
@Klauniene i really dont know how hard it could be to crop the games properly ngl. seems like a very low bar for a company the size of rito
Klauniene 3 aylar önce
Maybe next time use the schedule and not what you want to watch before. It's just a vod uploaded as fast as possible
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