Minecraft Live 2021: The Caves & Cliffs Update

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Agnes and Henrik drop by Minecraft Live to talk about The Caves & Cliffs Update. They take a look back at Part I and reflect on how valuable the community's feedback has been. We also get an inside look from some of the developers working on Part II. Alexander, Nhi, and Timur walk us through the work that goes into building a new mountain, creating a new cave, and what real world inspiration made it into the game.

Jett Ankermann
Jett Ankermann Gün önce
Agnes is always on the verge of crying with happiness, and I just love seeing the passion so evident in her work. This update is gonna be so awesome.
Wanda Guzman
Wanda Guzman 2 gün önce
Can’t wait because I already know that part II is coming November 30 :D Also please pin me this game when I first saw it changed my gaming life I don’t care about other games I only care about this game :)
Wanda Guzman
Wanda Guzman 2 gün önce
Also sorry for spoiling it ;(
Wuper 3 gün önce
Craker Checker
Craker Checker 4 gün önce
Is it possible to get The old pvp system back Maybe only for singleplayer
Suartami, 20 Surya Merta Narendra
Suartami, 20 Surya Merta Narendra 5 gün önce
Minecraft 1.19.20 AP
CheekySEPH 6 gün önce
Anyone know the seed for 7:53 ?
Minion Catapult
Minion Catapult 6 gün önce
wazam 7 gün önce
why is it when someone makes a mode for minecraft makeing so many new stuff and it takes them like a month but when mojang make a update it takes like 2 years just to ad a new mob or soemething i know that have other games but minecraft should be there top priority
Hallo, mein name ist karl
Hallo, mein name ist karl 8 gün önce
0:17 Developer: we‘ve seen all the increnible things you habe done with the first part Community: aXoLoTl As fUrNaCe FuEl
Keeley 8 gün önce
So happy that they’re not playing favourites to Java as much anymore, as a bedrock player I’m so happy it’s being released the same day on both. And love the seed transfer to Java to bedrock and vies versa
Kazuki~ 8 gün önce
I'm tired of Minecraft being hijacked
Nisvaldo Nunes
Nisvaldo Nunes 11 gün önce
Por favor coloquem o /lokate biome no mcpe
Manuelaqm 11 gün önce
Este es uno de los videos que nos encanta ver! Gracias por existir.
Ege 11 gün önce
Tacos 🌮
FouDingo 11 gün önce
Before making any updates, it would be nice to fix the bugs that make the console gaming experience totally unbearable! 😠
Chrisopiat 11 gün önce
From the infinite world generations to the wild update to the more update cool
Ruby Rodriguez
Ruby Rodriguez 12 gün önce
update the Ender
John Wick's Trigger Finger
John Wick's Trigger Finger 12 gün önce
Its weird how half was held back then removed from this update entirely
wachowc 12 gün önce
dzieki blondi
wachowc 12 gün önce
Jigglypuff Fan 1998 HD
Jigglypuff Fan 1998 HD 13 gün önce
What will Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Come?
Louis_lepro 9 gün önce
30 november
Rudy-Rick Ting Gaming And Guitar Cover
Rudy-Rick Ting Gaming And Guitar Cover 13 gün önce
Even add that to the caves and cliff part 2 the goat horn
Animallover2467 8
Animallover2467 8 14 gün önce
so cute
Hải Nguyễn
Hải Nguyễn 14 gün önce
4:54 vietnam
Dooris Quiroz
Dooris Quiroz 15 gün önce
Me gustaría que los subtítulos estén en español
Roel 15 gün önce
Hey I had an idea for a new minecraft update: What about potions that shrink or grow players and mobs. Would be cool I think
Reymond Romani
Reymond Romani 15 gün önce
I would like that in the official 1.18 the elytra are the same as 1.17 or that when they are used they are not used. please :)
Dwayne Irfan Moeslan
Dwayne Irfan Moeslan 15 gün önce
Cave and cliffs is insane
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
Please change the grat
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
minecraft graphics is bad
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
Nest update
suvoaen4 16 gün önce
Please change graphics
Gabriel Amoroso
Gabriel Amoroso 17 gün önce
I am extremely exited for this update! I can't express how grateful I am to the developers that put in so much effort to make this possible, a well as the players that made their jobs easier. Thank you all!
SriftMC 17 gün önce
You guys are the best Minecraft is much better :D
Ash 18 gün önce
“After vastly over promising in 2020, not only have we already pushed back the major update earlier this year, but we pushed more of the update back to late 2022. Thanks for understanding our 2-year over promise ☺️☺️🥰🥰”
Hayde Ruiz durand
Hayde Ruiz durand 18 gün önce
Me gustaria ser su barrendero(@) De ofiina
Khanh My Ta
Khanh My Ta 18 gün önce
i very like minecraft
skrite 19 gün önce
when does this come out
AndersonGames02 19 gün önce
in a month or 2
Angelique Calitz
Angelique Calitz 19 gün önce
My house is too small for a Pc
Katie S Calhoon
Katie S Calhoon 19 gün önce
Am I the only one worried about this much change? And I’m a bedrock player which means I won’t be able to reverse it.
Eren Efe
Eren Efe 20 gün önce
why yellow hair girl crying
Anuroop Pandey
Anuroop Pandey 20 gün önce
Biomes of cliffs in 1.18 :🤩 Biomes of caves in 1.18 :😐
Laura Sánchez
Laura Sánchez 20 gün önce
Wen it is the cave and cliffs update coming
Ravin Gaming Id
Ravin Gaming Id 20 gün önce
Sri Subekti
Sri Subekti 20 gün önce
亲 • Pat^_^
亲 • Pat^_^ 20 gün önce
Low end device android playing mcpe: 20fps
Tommaso Larghetti
Tommaso Larghetti 21 gün önce
someone knows the seed of the worlds that they showed in this clip?
LordFra-l 21 gün önce
Ah yes the caves and cliffs update without the caves and cliffs
045 21 gün önce
Love the vibe
PhoenixFlame 21 gün önce
So when the areas 0 to -64 are created in old worlds, does that mean it will destroy all of my perimeters? I personally dont want the deep dark under my existing perimeters. How will this be addressed?
Shruthi srikumar
Shruthi srikumar 21 gün önce
Lynn Hango
Lynn Hango 22 gün önce
I love playing Minecraft with my friends and in the now update you should add frogs that you can tame with bugs
Ian Briggs
Ian Briggs 22 gün önce
MR DEADRIM 22 gün önce
She is basically in some kind of drug
MRBOOOYA 22 gün önce
Minecraft will never die, I'm personally waiting for the cave n cliffs update I will live in the caves
James A.Ismail
James A.Ismail 22 gün önce
I love you Agnes !!!
AstroXO 22 gün önce
I can't wait for this update, I think these past updates have been amazing and great for the future of the game! This world generation is so inspiring, I cant wait to start a world in this update!
Jael lyons
Jael lyons 25 gün önce
When is the update dropping
PrettyOdd BagOfBones
PrettyOdd BagOfBones 25 gün önce
Did you base the Warden mob off of the creature from the "A Quiet Place" movie? (Also, love this update!)
Saulogamer 25 gün önce
I got Minecraft 1.19 ofc sorry if I was rushed but I got it was worth mojang
Swapnil Afinwala Official
Swapnil Afinwala Official 25 gün önce
Happy Dhanteras everyone 💝💛💚
Kazien 20 gün önce
Elmi2509 GD
Elmi2509 GD 25 gün önce
Hola verificado, nisiquiera hablas mi idioma pero que sepas que te aprecio por ese signo al lado de tu nombre :)
Owen West
Owen West 26 gün önce
True Mountains have always been the missing feature of Minecraft. Cannot wait for it.
MissingLink8319 26 gün önce
Amung us
Barman Sugar
Barman Sugar 27 gün önce
*_c a v e s_*
Daniela Figueroa
Daniela Figueroa 27 gün önce
The wild update
Daniela Figueroa
Daniela Figueroa 27 gün önce
You cant
Daniela Figueroa
Daniela Figueroa 27 gün önce
Ooo minecraft live
Virginia Pritts
Virginia Pritts 27 gün önce
There should be a Quest and Adventure update
StablestLeaf 2002
StablestLeaf 2002 27 gün önce
I just wanted copper golem at least better use of my copper ingots in stock
Yousef Tamer
Yousef Tamer 28 gün önce
But I will never forgive you minecraft for not answering me Why Do you guys make votes why don't you guys add glare allay and the copper golden WHYYYYYYYYYYYY I want your response
Tracy Marco BG
Tracy Marco BG 28 gün önce
Thank minecraft for the new cave and clifts update part 2 warden new block new items
Jung-Su Lee
Jung-Su Lee 28 gün önce
When ever there’s is a update in two parts your like : bruh so two years?
Will Barnhill
Will Barnhill 29 gün önce
Mojang seems like one of the most wholesome places to work at
Ibex 12
Ibex 12 29 gün önce
My 5 year old Xbox one after caves and cliffs update: my time has come
Jbonzai 777
Jbonzai 777 29 gün önce
Imagine getting to develop Minecraft for a living. That’d be so cool.
Jcleonr😎 29 gün önce
Holaaa por favor coloquen a los possums son muy tiernos
Let’sgo Gameing
Let’sgo Gameing 29 gün önce
Anyone notice the gold key from my craft dungeons
HeadClicker 29 gün önce
This is what mountains looked like to me when I played the game when I was 12
guywithamask 29 gün önce
Ohnestly coooooooool
Muhammad ahmad
Muhammad ahmad 29 gün önce
Ryan Aylar önce
You guys work slower than literally any other
Beluga Aylar önce
Join thuis petition to get the meerkat in the game
Iza Zulwati Abdullah
Iza Zulwati Abdullah Aylar önce
Yo Swag
Yo Swag Aylar önce
I don’t mind if the world generation destroys where I been I don’t want to run far to find the new mountains just destroy my base idc
Mahmut Boğa
Mahmut Boğa Aylar önce
1.20 historical update please
Mahmut Boğa
Mahmut Boğa Aylar önce
1.20 historical update please
Anuroop Pandey
Anuroop Pandey 20 gün önce
Mahmut Boğa
Mahmut Boğa Aylar önce
1.20 historical update please
temegamer Aylar önce
how about the archeology
Jay gonzales
Jay gonzales Aylar önce
I just want to play with a controller on java 😭
Junior Oliveira
Junior Oliveira Aylar önce
E Incrivel!
Jah Libee
Jah Libee Aylar önce
Its mirebeautiful in caves if you add cave worms,thay glow
MAD Aylar önce
I absolutely love the setup they have with the blocks, and I love that the size is accurate
Sthitaprajna Satwik Pattanaik
Sthitaprajna Satwik Pattanaik Aylar önce
Guys we forgot archeology
It's kinda epic to see all of the awesomest biomes ever, I think Minecraft keeps getting better and better than ever
inar wati
inar wati Aylar önce
why do we have to vote for one mob? and why not include all of them.
New Acc
New Acc Aylar önce
Mojang, please add in 1.18 the ability for the bedrock version - switching to observer mode, swimming mode with a hatch, hardcore mode, the ability to use achievements so that the character on the shift can go through 1.5 blocks, this is sorely lacking!!!
Tokoni Daniel
Tokoni Daniel Aylar önce
pangrango 25
pangrango 25 Aylar önce
WhiteShifti Aylar önce
Stellar job with this update, .i can’t wait to play it
MCAWESOME 19 Aylar önce
I’m so excited for caves and cliffs part 2!!! Minecraft is a game that will last forever and I’m completely fine with that!
Toàn Phạm nguyên
Toàn Phạm nguyên Aylar önce
Wow Vietnam girl
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