Is this new hero Yin Good? or Bad? gameplay and review Yin | Mobile Legends

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T Kyo
T Kyo 8 aylar önce
Imo Yin is actually one of the most balanced new hero moonton has released yet. He has unique skills as well as flaws that you can counter him, unlike some other hero you can barely counter them
JF_RØNIN_ Gün önce
Now he has the worst skill set just because they delayed his ultimate its a domain but he still lose because they can dodge his attack that only has one time use in his domain
T Kyo
T Kyo 10 gün önce
@Random Creation Na, I still stand my opinion
Random Creation
Random Creation 10 gün önce
This didn’t age well
T Kyo
T Kyo 15 gün önce
@Redgrave Gaming nope I stand my case. He can still be outplayed and countered
Redgrave Gaming
Redgrave Gaming 15 gün önce
I bet the person who wrote that comment and also the people who upvoted or agreed to it in the comments section will now think otherwise...
Master D1YAD
Master D1YAD 8 aylar önce
In my opinion, a lot of heroes and stuff can counter *Lieh* by of course, heroes that can dash, high hp( if first skill is not enough then :v). Yin is a good hero that targets low or half hp heroes.
黒髪 4 aylar önce
@Master D1YAD Lancelot ling and wanwan can counter yin I don't know how but they can do shit by escaping he's second skill
Prophecy 5 aylar önce
@Aldraine Crysler Cesar lol local rank doesn’t really mean anything.
Aldraine Crysler Cesar
Aldraine Crysler Cesar 5 aylar önce
I know how to use yin cause I'm local rank
Aldraine Crysler Cesar
Aldraine Crysler Cesar 5 aylar önce
If yin battles a tank the tank still loses cause of Lieh high damage
Prophecy 7 aylar önce
@It's Genie same with roger.
Zemcrix Anim
Zemcrix Anim 8 aylar önce
The best thing about Yin is you can ult the enemy core while contesting the turtle
Ranme <3
Ranme <3 5 aylar önce
@GGK(GETGOODKID) WHY ARE THERE UPPERCASE INFRONT OF EVERY WORDS?? ITS MAKING MY EYES ACHE. Bro even your english isnt good (actually worse than that guy)
@matheus gusion it’s not that bad for a person who doesn’t study english
Meii 7 aylar önce
@Teal lmaoo
Teal 8 aylar önce
@GGK(GETGOODKID) Your "jokes" are worse than my dad's dad jokes.
GGK(GETGOODKID) 8 aylar önce
@Callme Daex There's No You People So Called "Place" Or Any Society System In Any Country Other Than China Your Not Being a Good Person by harassing Some Dude Who's Just Joking And Your The One Who's Judging Someone's Joke And Not Understanding Its cause You people Who "Tried' to be good person And You should just Said Stop Harassing or insulting people by there gammer And I Would understand But You sir Is Being Toxic And You Should Read A Comment Correctly Or Just Replied to me and just say "Please Stop Insulting people's Grammer" And I will Complain With your request And None Of This Would Have Happened
Master D1YAD
Master D1YAD 8 aylar önce
Yin combo: 1st skill, 2nd skill, basic attack, ult, 2nd skill, 1st skill This can deal a lot of damage, the 2nd skill of lieh is to stun the enemy won't dodge his 1st skill too easily
norte mark
norte mark 6 aylar önce
I recommending 2nd skill, 1st skill, ult, 2nd skill, 1st skill, for secure kill
Hasan Saadi
Hasan Saadi 6 aylar önce
ok 8 aylar önce
@Komi-sama it's darkin He's kayne, with morde ult
Komi-sama 8 aylar önce
@Zer0 Playz it's not Lieh, Sukuna...
Komi-sama 8 aylar önce
@Zer0 Playz shame HAHAHA
Nico Joubert
Nico Joubert 8 aylar önce
I've played yin if he doesn't get farm early game he becomes a feeder and you need a specific build to be able to effectively use him because his pretty weak with out items or the right items
™Soul K,
™Soul K, 5 aylar önce
I recommend using pro build copy the top 2 pro build of yin its so op like i almost 1 shot enemy
Junky yard
Junky yard 8 aylar önce
@bored. oh no he really actually feeds without snowball due to his ass passive
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs 8 aylar önce
@Flower Fairy Yin is just too op especially in late game.
Flower Fairy
Flower Fairy 8 aylar önce
@Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs I used melisa Against yin..didn't do anything..lmao
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop] 8 aylar önce
the reason his early is so damn bad is because they removed the part where Yin deals True Damage at the end of his 2nd dmg range which helped clear lane or jungle, while also reducing it's range to what we have right now ngl we have severe lack of True Damage hero right now
Junky yard
Junky yard 8 aylar önce
"we have severe lack of true damage hero rn" my dude this is one of the reasons why Karrie has been a threat to the meta rn.
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop] 8 aylar önce
@Nyx • i said tru dmg hero not true dmg item spammer
Nyx •
Nyx • 8 aylar önce
Literally every hero can deal true DMG with items
Apollo 8 aylar önce
If your ult combo doesnt kill the enemy you just stand there like: 🧍‍♂️
Kristine Liwanag
Kristine Liwanag 4 aylar önce
@Unknowing then yin with that 2nd skill concept and with ult would be unfairly op so lets just stay with the normal 2nd skill
Rohit Salam
Rohit Salam 7 aylar önce
Hi give me your some hero 5 please 🙏🙏
Genillius 8 aylar önce
I use the roger build on Yin so that my basic attacks would be so painful on lieh form
Kaningtha Sumpi
Kaningtha Sumpi 8 aylar önce
Unknowing 8 aylar önce
true I think they should make his first skill in lieh form into something like freya 2nd skill where you can tap it many times instead of just watching him punch the ground.
🟣 CLAIM 20k DIAMONDS - CHECK MY CHANNEL 🟣 8 aylar önce
Love ur gameplays! Keep up the good work gen.
Monkey Gaming
Monkey Gaming 8 aylar önce
Yin is the best!
Ron 8 aylar önce
Trapping Fanny in yin ultimate is like fighting a flying cockroach in the toilet
Lucas Dwayne Poligratis
Lucas Dwayne Poligratis 2 aylar önce
THE noob
THE noob 2 aylar önce
Rozi Kederova
Rozi Kederova 8 aylar önce
RedDevils 8 aylar önce
I think its pretty balance considering enemy can also have a fighting chance once inside yin ult it can end up in either way considering the difference of any hero
Sourav Bhowmik
Sourav Bhowmik 8 aylar önce
I agree, just like this fanny here, a good fanny user can counter yin with movement.
Ayush Kumar Singh
Ayush Kumar Singh 8 aylar önce
9:03 as always the sound effects that u added was ridiculously amazing Pro editing gg
Chea Hor
Chea Hor 8 aylar önce
Yin and leih is like the mlbb version of yuji itadori and sukuna, yin is a vessel for leih like yuji is for sukuna.
Norhaidie Smith
Norhaidie Smith 6 aylar önce
Lazar Danojlic
Lazar Danojlic 8 aylar önce
They are jujutsu kaisen colaboration heroes Yin is part of 4 heroes who will be added Next we know is Melisa (mm), and Xavier (mage/support)
natanael santos
natanael santos 8 aylar önce
I was having a lot of trouble to understand his mechanics but I think the best way to combo with him is 1st, run, basic attack, 2nd, basic attack... And if u have your ult available do the same then ult right after the normal 2nd, 2nd again right away when you enter the ult, then first. If everything works well you'll kill your enemy really fast and your skill in Ult form will be available again which is good cus these are his most powerful skills.
Isal Perera
Isal Perera 8 aylar önce
With yin you really gotta choose your targets during fights that's what I noticed. Also if you can stun with second skill and then use first skill before you use your ultimate it will be easier to kill the target once you activate your ultimate since the fist and second skill gets reset.
BANGTAN oKAY 8 aylar önce
yin is pretty meh in the early game but he's quite the monster when he has full build. can counter but also can get countered. very well-balanced hero unlike some heroes who's very op yet moonton refuses to nerf or at the least, adjust lol
Roc 4 aylar önce
3 months has passed since he was first released, yin became the new aldous in draft pick because people show no mercy and immediately ban Yin when it's their turn, he's also really broken if he's ahead of his enemies in equipment and level
my profile pic when i see amogus
my profile pic when i see amogus 5 aylar önce
Inspire is one of the best battle spells for Yin and it can most likely help you when you are attacking in his SS
Savage Gameplay
Savage Gameplay 8 aylar önce
Even Gen went to practice before using Yin in real game, some players go directly 2 games classic then go feed in rank.
Pashtrik Dajakaj
Pashtrik Dajakaj 4 aylar önce
Yin is perfectly balanced, he has strong abilities with lower dmg making it almost impossible killing tanky fighters or tanks, however his moveset makes it easy for killing cores and squishy heroes.
Zenn? 8 aylar önce
I suggest maximizing the endless battle effect, after every skill just deal basic attack and it'll deal a lot of dmg, and I mostly use execute so I can 1v1 full hp hero and can kill them if I cannot kill them inside my ult
Daviny Charles
Daviny Charles 8 aylar önce
I use him as tank feels fun trapping the enemy core from farming or defending while spamming emotes
Cc Mineo
Cc Mineo 8 aylar önce
s suport here giving hard time to enemy core 80% tank build with 20% damge n patrify.
KageWasTaken 8 aylar önce
Yin is absolutely balanced hero in my daily review playing him in practice His skills r basically League of Legends at base form which is Sett, Pyke and *Mordekaiser* :||, while in Iieh form, his 2 skill are still the same but on crack U can use his Ult which I call *Bootleg Chinese Brazil*(no hate but a joke) to gank squishy heroes that has lack on mobility or save them from getting malded from tanks or assassins who oppress ur squishy allies like Natalia Why Natalia? Because she's mostly targets low mobility and squishy mages and marksmen which u have to save them by sending them to ur shadow realm, also 1st doesn't count as basic atk when Iieh's turn so 2nd skill and her concealing passive is literally useless, also don't get carried away since u have to use it in a sneaky like "Aamon"gus and Vietnamese Natalia or protective way
ᴍɪxᴜs 8 aylar önce
Gen: he’s very good in escaping… I see My teammate and enemy Yin: 10+ deaths
Ariana Carey Mariah Grande
Ariana Carey Mariah Grande 8 aylar önce
he is tho
Peepo Gaming
Peepo Gaming 8 aylar önce
Nah man range or wide area cc easily shut him down
ᴍɪxᴜs 8 aylar önce
@Hariyu I guess so… since it’s a new hero, some players might’ve not read the skills description and went straight to the battlefield.
Hariyu 8 aylar önce
They just bad
Sean DC
Sean DC 8 aylar önce
Yin has its own fighter emblem that montoon created. Yin can kill marksman and kill their hyper in team fight. The only thing is that yin has low mobility unlike other heroes like fanny. He can be easily countered by petrify.
Kamote Tops
Kamote Tops 8 aylar önce
Yin is not that op. The problem is his ULT in Lord/Turtle fight. 14:15 As Gen said, use the ult on the jungler and your team has higher chance in securing the Lord/Turtle.
erstnjr 6 aylar önce
You have to stun the enemy with the first phase of the skill then ult so that you can stun it with second phase if the enemy tries to run
Fedej 8 aylar önce
They should put a visible timer on yin's ultimate for everyone both enemy and Ally to make him more balanced
Fedej 8 aylar önce
@The Celestial Monarch yeah but it's only visible to the user which is a bit unfair
The Celestial Monarch
The Celestial Monarch 8 aylar önce
The blue skill around lieh(yin when becomes yin when using ult) is the timer
Argarem01 8 aylar önce
@Fedej Yeah that's true. Maybe they can do it where the mark that indicates that Yin ulted someone, that mark should slowly dissapear or something like that. That could be a good indicator. And in the map it could show it the same where that red outline would slowly run out.
Fedej 8 aylar önce
@Argarem01 well it's still a good adjustment
Argarem01 8 aylar önce
@Fedej Ah I guess I know what you mean now. Yeah that might be a good idea, but the thing is that if Yin, or the other hero kills each other faster then you can't really set a timer for that.
Arkin david Maestre
Arkin david Maestre 4 aylar önce
Tip: if there only 1 enemy u can use your ult to trap the lastenemy and let ur teammate do the base
Glitch. 8 aylar önce
Yin tank is very possible cause u can kidnap the core or the damage dealer so ur teammates have advantage, and can take lord or turtle peacefully, and can save teammates too❤️😘
KeNTZY Plays
KeNTZY Plays 8 aylar önce
Kimmy is strong against yin cuz yin cant chase kimmy in his domain. Youcan keep your distance and also damage him and kill his in his own domain
Momo Granny
Momo Granny 8 aylar önce
I had a dumb enemy yin who keeps ulti-ing on our irither with purify -_-
xWEASELx 8 aylar önce
Yin would be amazing as roamer cos you can just ult their core in turtle and lord fights so they can't retri it 😈
Shodono🇵🇭 8 aylar önce
Also a good fact yin's first in ult form his immune to all stun when uses his first but supprezzed and frozen can't Just adding this in just in case someone still learning Yin
Wait a minute
Wait a minute 8 aylar önce
The one problem i have for yin is when his ult ended when using enchanced 1st the skill just continues even though i ididnt active 1st skill
YBN 8 aylar önce
Yeaaa bro I think it's a bug. I thought this only happened to me
Derrek Lee A. Nuesca
Derrek Lee A. Nuesca 3 aylar önce
I think what I don't like about yin is the lack of durability early on and if you pick yin with full of heroes that has flicker moves like lancelot then you might not get the enemy but I used the ult just to remove the carry when there's a teamfight.
subash phagami
subash phagami 8 aylar önce
Dodging his 2nd skill in domain can increase your survival chance
KingMo 8 aylar önce
POV of the buff:You killing it and then a enemy comes and you ult him with yin The buff:Where did he gooooo?!
Hachiko 8 aylar önce
Personally i want to see this hero as a exp laner he has good mobility proper item build he can be a damage dealer and kinda sustain i think his pretty bad in jungle position if he goes jungle and as a retri carrier he can't use his ult likw in turtle/ lord fights but if this hero played in other roles he can just use his ult on the retri carrier of the enemy to while securing objectives.
MJ Gumayan
MJ Gumayan 4 aylar önce
Actually yin is a good jungler, even when you're going lord or turtle and the enemy invade you can use your ult just be careful on who you are ulting. Make sure you ulted the enemy that you can kill quick so you can get out of the domain and retri the lord/turtle. Plus, after you kill someone on the domain, your 1st and 2nd combo will restart, so if there are still enemies outside when you came out of the domain, then you can stun them with 2nd skill then use 1st skill. Btw, i recommend having blade of despair and bloodlust axe as his first item build. As this 2 items suits him well.
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop] 8 aylar önce
so at late game with Gen's build he has 3 second CD remaining after you attack using his 1st skill (It will reduce 30% CD if you attack before the duration ends), if you use an attack near the end of your 1st skill duration, it wouldn't go to CD since you attacked so late and will have your 1st skill at the ready now that I have typed this isn't this just Sett's Pit Grit skills
Lleandro 8 aylar önce
I expected a lot in this hero but no matter how fed or smart you are. Its hard to carry randoms with this hero because of low damage output and long cooldown. If they will not silence the heroes in domain, maybe a high damage output or short cd will be enough.
DentyPH 8 aylar önce
First newly released hero in a while which I'd say needs a bit of a buff
Christian Caseres
Christian Caseres 8 aylar önce
Hi gosu general i love ur vid, when u where playing ml it inspired me to play and now I'm master 1 already, thank u for inspiring me and making every one happy, keep it up and I wish u good luck!
Surya 8 aylar önce
Everything is temporary but his intro is my favorite ❤️❤️❤️
Mhar Sacopla
Mhar Sacopla 8 aylar önce
Use 2nd skill to stun then 1st when you're in ult mode. Or 3(ult) 2(stun) 1(attack damage) This new hero is so op.
Blue Cultist Archer
Blue Cultist Archer 7 aylar önce
Yin: ults enemy fanny with blue buff and misses Also yin: *intense Screaming*
Prototype 1.0
Prototype 1.0 5 aylar önce
I think yin is balanced in the fact he has multiple counters but not healthy for epic or legend there’s to many people spamming hero’s like Layla lesly which people feed him also people forget that purify is his actually main counter if there’s no ult stun combo there’s no kill so he is balanced but only in the legitimate meta not the epic meta mostly
Lemonade 8 aylar önce
Roam Yin could be so damn OP, auto win in Turtle/Lord by using Ult to a retri user.
John Paul Dalog
John Paul Dalog 8 aylar önce
He's not too op but in his domain ex his CC takes so long to disappear which makes him the most annoying hero rather than too OP
L E V I  A C K E R M E N
L E V I A C K E R M E N 6 aylar önce
Best combo - 1st skill , 2nd skill ult , 2nd skill to stun and 1st skill to finish.
Edrian Bigornia
Edrian Bigornia 8 aylar önce
My tip for you gen is: *You should use high and dry* *if jungle ask for help to your mm or mage to make your jungle more faster* *if side lane be careful because yin is too squishy* *be careful when tower diving if the enemy is crump they can kill you after your ult* *try every hero that can escape yin or lieh*
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs 8 aylar önce
The best build for yin I think is (because I have mained him in advance) ÷ 1. Warrior boots. 2. War Axe. 3.Bloodlust 4.Bod 5.Immortality 6.Malefic/Any defense
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs
Mlbb- Mobile legends Big Bugs 7 aylar önce
@Tom Tom 1ult,1kill. That's my gameplay.
Alio Ngullie
Alio Ngullie 8 aylar önce
This hero basically like Dyroth, better In some ways because of his unique ultimate! Though Dyroth has more damage burst, he has some stun and escaping ability, pretty much like sustainable version of Dyroth
shaii 8 aylar önce
Most balanced hero that has been released in ages
Kalayi Sullivan
Kalayi Sullivan 8 aylar önce
Yin ult is op but you are dead when you ult where enemies are more
Fdev studio
Fdev studio 8 aylar önce
In my opinion, Aldous is a good counter for Yin
aizu kureza
aizu kureza 8 aylar önce
Yin is good. he a assasin fighter type good for countering supports and mm and assasin jg's. Btw big buff on hc big damage in early bad in mid game also good in late. Valentine also copied every ability of yin when she uses hers ability.
GG Moontoon
GG Moontoon 8 aylar önce
Tip - Try endless battle Tip - Just run in his ultimate to dodge
Michelle Aleman
Michelle Aleman 8 aylar önce
In my opinion this hero is good if played in the right hands. And also, its better as an exp liner.
William Mancell Osafo
William Mancell Osafo 8 aylar önce
When I saw the sign for his ultimate I reacted the same
Pidgey 8 aylar önce
the downside of his ult is the map freezes until the basement is gone
Wewakhro Khape
Wewakhro Khape 8 aylar önce
Played Cyclops Hyper against Yin Hyper and Yin is food. I think he will be better on exp lane. But it still depends on how one plays.
GAMSso 8 aylar önce
Yin is too easy to gank when he uses his ult., just call your support or your mid and wait in front of his floating emoji
koko hekmatyar
koko hekmatyar 8 aylar önce
He needs more movement speed on first skill
J U L I A N 8 aylar önce
7:25 He can know where miya is when she is missing
Bruh AP
Bruh AP 8 aylar önce
I think high and dry works better for his passive
Mitch 8 aylar önce
You're so damn good Gen 😍 every hero you just play wow 👌😎
Haru 8 aylar önce
Btw Yin and Yu Zhong fought each other because of Lieh possessing yin. Yu Zhong wanted to kill Yin but Wanwan insisted that he doesn't have to kill him. It should be nice to have a buff when fighting against yu zhong.
Haru 8 aylar önce
@Luke Edward Panganiban yez
Luke Edward Panganiban
Luke Edward Panganiban 8 aylar önce
And a buff on yz when fighting yin for balance.
Mayur Basumatary
Mayur Basumatary 8 aylar önce
Yin is perfectly balanced
Jayzie Gaming
Jayzie Gaming 8 aylar önce
It's either your teammates can wait and join you after your CC or the other way around. :)
0P3NDOOЯ 8 aylar önce
"That one Yu Zhong VS Lieh fight in New hero Yin cinematic trailer be like": 12:41
Lost Boy Lucid
Lost Boy Lucid 8 aylar önce
Loving how the editor edits
RKJ 8 aylar önce
Gen is always OP in every hero
Arkin david Maestre
Arkin david Maestre 3 aylar önce
Tips for using yin if your using yin your team can see the where you use your ult your team mate can just wait untill your last skill ran out
venus usha reyes
venus usha reyes 8 aylar önce
Yin Is Good But In some Situations He is Squishy In Some situations if Enemy Has too many Cc He is toast also I just noticed Core yin Is more popular Now than side
Takemikazushi 3 aylar önce
I play Yin as core when I get all the buffs and lvl 4 I always target the mage in mid lane since there squishy and already low because of our own mage, and after that just keep farming and always target squishy and low hp heroes, Dont target tanks and durable fighters thought like esmeralda terzila etc
Mr. Emerald
Mr. Emerald 7 aylar önce
Yin has the most OP and the most unconvenient ult
Ageng Wismaya
Ageng Wismaya 8 aylar önce
the bad side of Hero yin, in its ulti which is very long, and the damage is not enough, the yin ulti is good for locking marksman or mage👍🏻
God Of Stories
God Of Stories 8 aylar önce
Use fighter emblem with Unbending Will focused on defensive side of the emblem bc he's quite squishy in the early game so ye
Alef M.
Alef M. 8 aylar önce
Nah use atk and pen with festival of blood focus on Core itens such as Battle Axe and Blade of Despair
Wizzy 8 aylar önce
Use assasin emnlem with high and dry to deal extra 7% damage with his ult :)
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 5 aylar önce
I'll recommend yin as a hyper he is good
AgOnY 8 aylar önce
THOT SPRAY 8 aylar önce
I tried ruby the other day lmao. There was yin as enemy. I was just "Come kill me". And I would even go recall in his ult ahahahah
Jared Buller-Kormos
Jared Buller-Kormos 8 aylar önce
Hahaha I love that Gen tried to ult while inside the other yin's ult. Too bad it doesn't work. Would be like ultception 😅
Pᴇᴊᴀʏ 8 aylar önce
But it did work.
prakash biswa
prakash biswa 8 aylar önce
Hello gen Im new to this channel but I have watched couple of your videos before. I usually dont subscribe to channel much but your video content compared to other ml youtubers is totally different like you make things funny and interesting which make it even more fun to watch it and keep up making good videos.
SillyStanley123 8 aylar önce
10:24 when the voice line actually matches the situation
s bouhafs
s bouhafs 8 aylar önce
It surprises me no one thought of playing yin with blade of hepta as first core item !! Ez kills. Activate first then second when close basic of the 1st skill, u'r target will be at half ,hp then ult and kill !! That was very obvious the first time i saw the hero that this was one of his core items.
s bouhafs
s bouhafs 8 aylar önce
@Argarem01 in case of a sustain hero i just kite, go running hit and dash do it 2-3 times he'll go away(with boh active ofc) !!😂 But ,with that being said, i sometimes dish boh for war axe when i'm facing a tanky composition!!
Argarem01 8 aylar önce
To be honest, when Yin came out and I tried him, I went for Hunter's Strike, Bod and War Axe, but after understanding his mechanics, my first item is almost always Blade of Heptaseas (exept if Im against a sustain hero, then Sea Halberd)
:Deleted channel
:Deleted channel 8 aylar önce
High and dry is the best emblem talent for yin it even works in his besment.
Tizen Tizen
Tizen Tizen 8 aylar önce
Imagine general playing vision❤️
Glorie Mae
Glorie Mae 8 aylar önce
Mokalid Datuhadee
Mokalid Datuhadee 6 aylar önce
still 60% of the hero can beat yin in his ult hope ml make his ult more stronger and better
DrGoofyBalls 8 aylar önce
Ge is actually good for ambushing mm's, but mos importantly, mages with high cd's
Comis.. 8 aylar önce
Thankyou Gosu for the informations, amazing videos and contents love you❤️
Grimplayz 8 aylar önce
Aamon: i would like to welcome yin in the ban section Everyone:👏
Laldingngheta Chhangte
Laldingngheta Chhangte 4 aylar önce
How to use yin: First ult then use second and then use first
黒髪 4 aylar önce
Use assassin emblem on yin with high and dry not killing spree use High and dry for higher damage on early game and use war axe for extra damage for late game
Wilbur Azad
Wilbur Azad 8 aylar önce
yin is bad when ur bad, yin is good when ur good. Love u idol gosu 💕💕
W 7 aylar önce
I've been thinking about Yin tank because his ult.
KURAYAMI 8 aylar önce
How to double stun 2nd skill (Must stun) Use Ult 2nd skill again! Edit: Blade of haptaseas is also really good
Nicholas 8 aylar önce
Actually yin is the only fighter that has crowd control and it's not suitable to jungle. But make sure u use defensive build for yin not Lieh lmao, cuz Lieh is enough op to kill someone hahah
6kss GaMinG_
6kss GaMinG_ 8 aylar önce
This hero is so op 🔥🔥to me I can't stop using this hero😌😌....
Summer Night
Summer Night 8 aylar önce
If i use yin and there's an enemy johnson, i always use the ult to literally just save my teammate
Jame Hook
Jame Hook 8 aylar önce
when you use yin ult dont let your teamate near by you if it's not there were be less dmg
YBN 8 aylar önce
Wow I completely forget about his passive
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