Rusty Deadlocked Arbor Press Restoration - Restoration Videos

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Meine Mechaniker

Meine Mechaniker

Yıl önce

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This is my previous video:

I restored rusty deadlock arbor press in the video. "Made in USA"

I acquired this rusty deadlocked arbor press from a junkyard nearby ship-breaking facility, I paid around 20 bucks for it. It was the part that i have been looking for a while. I fell in love with it in first sight. I am very glad for getting a chance to restore it. Hopefully you will be glad with my restoration as well. Btw I really wonder what you might be thinking about the new handle, please comment below your opinions. Enjoy

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Camera : Sony FDR AX33
Microphone : Sony ECM-GZ1M
Light : 2 Pcs Softbox Lighting Kit
Video Edit Software : Davinci Resolve 17

INTEL I7 2600 CPU 3.40 Ghz
HYPERX 1600Mhz DDR3 32GB Ram
MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4Gb

Meine Mechaniker
Meine Mechaniker Yıl önce
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Voyager Yıl önce
Great job; I love your attention to detail. You take off the sharp edges, clean even "unimportant" parts/spots, and smooth everything down. I enjoy your work.
avago2day Yıl önce
Absolutely outstanding, it was like watching magic happen before my very eyes. There must have been a tremendous amount of work that we didn't see.
One Sad Tech
One Sad Tech
Wonderful restoration! Job well done, and the filming and editing is perfect! 😊
Chris B
Chris B Yıl önce
I love how silent the video is. So peaceful and calming!
taytase Yıl önce
Your painstaking attention to detail is truly amazing. I literally always enjoy the end results. Thanks!
Canadair CL-44
Canadair CL-44 Yıl önce
Restoration perfection! I always treat my tools as I would treat my best friend, so they will never let you down. How anybody could have let that arbor press get into such a bad state is a mystery to me! Excellent job, my friend!
Joseph Alexander
Joseph Alexander
I am particularly impressed bye your attention to small details. Highlighting the lettering, adding the contrasting paint to the polished faceplate, and adding the flag decal to the faceplate. Exquisite work. Thank you for the time and effort you invest in your projects, and sharing them with us.
ahujeffrey Yıl önce
Gorgeous, creative, perfect restoration. This is why I subscribe to this channel. I truly anticipate each and every video that is uploaded. Thank you so much for your efforts.
neraklr llessur
neraklr llessur
Beautiful! Everything to perfection! You always go the extra mile to ensure everything is top quality!
The Slider
The Slider Yıl önce
Really lovely restoration. The modification to the handle was genius - it looks great. Awesome work 👍
somebody 123
somebody 123 Yıl önce
Great Project
Another beautiful restoration--better than new!! Excellent touch with the flag! Thanks for sharing another enjoyable episode!!
Kevin Meyer
Kevin Meyer
I live 20 miles from Grand Haven MI where this arbor press was made. Beautiful restoration! I'm sure it looks 10x better now than the day it left the factory.
Terry Stover
Terry Stover
I've used one of those many times in different factories over the years. You made that piece a thing of beauty.
Incredible results! Awesome work.
David frank
David frank Yıl önce
That really turned out fantastic. I cannot believe you were able to get it working again without any major parts. The way it used to work you could have got it done without no parts but the way you went was really worth the time and expense. That is actually something you could keep in your home. I know around holidays people put peanuts out this would make a good nutcracker. I just don't know with how good it looks that I would want to use it in the garage. If anything I would keep it on my workbench in the house. That one I don't get so involved is dirty crazy parts I normally do more electrical work in the house on my bench and gunsmithing.
The work you do is absolutely amazing
george holland
george holland
Extraordinary work! You are a perfectionist!
In New York I Milly Rock
In New York I Milly Rock
That is one chunky press! It might have cost only 20 bucks, but with all that work, its beauty is now invaluable. Cheers!
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