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Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music

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Tibetan Music, Healing Music, Relaxation Music, Chakra, Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, ✿3193C - Does the sound of healing Tibetan music and Tibetan Flute music for chakra re-alignment appeal to you? Yellow Brick Cinema’s Tibetan music, Shamanic music and flute music, enhanced with flute, is Zen music that provides soothing music for meditation and chakra meditation. Both Tibetan music and Shamanic music use continuous sounds and the flute to create healing music, spa music, stress relief music, study music, peaceful music, relaxing music, and yoga music. It is perfect relaxing music to achieve a state of Zen during quarantine. Our Tibetan flute music, which incorporates flute music, and occasionally the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, is powerful Himalayan music which can be used as sleep music and to help you relax and sleep. This calming music is Zen music and can also be used for chakra balancing or to open your chakra to help you achieve mindfulness. It is also perfect as soothing music, spa music, healing music, study music, stress relief music, calm music, yoga music for yoga, for meditation and chakra meditation, or simply as relaxation music or to sleep. Tibetan flute music, Zen music and Tibetan singing bowls offer powerful meditation music to those wanting to broaden their meditation experience or to use as healing chakra meditation to balance their chakra.

Tibetan meditation music, Shamanic music and Zen meditation music assists with stress relief during quarantine, produces positive energy, promotes mindfulness and healing and helps to achieve ultimate Zen. Yellow Brick Cinema’s soothing music can also be used as sleep music as it is calm music that is perfect relaxation music and ambient music. This calm music can be used in a spa as spa music. You can even create your own home spa experience by using our peaceful music as relaxation music and stress relief music. Some people use our Tibetan meditation music to study as this music is perfect ambient music to help you study. Flute music makes ideal study music as it is calming music. Our flute music and Tibetan music can be used as healing music or for yoga, spa, stress relief, mindfulness, sleep or simply to relax and enjoy. Listening to this Tibetan flute music means enjoying the soothing sounds of calming music- the music allows you to relax in the same way as guided meditation. The relaxing music of the flute provides peaceful music with which to switch off, relax and de-stress.

Yellow Brick Cinema’s Tibetan meditation music videos provide calming music to promote inner peace. Use our music for meditation as ambient music to bring soothing relaxation to your body-mind. Our instrumental music is deep healing music releasing positive energy and clearing subconscious negativity and therefore is ideal yoga music. When you need music for insomnia, our relaxing sleep music with its ambient, soothing sounds, will help you fall asleep. This soft, sleep meditation music with its embedded delta waves, is essential deep sleep music. So, you can choose to use our beautiful music as meditation music, relaxation music, music for sleep, healing music or yoga music.

Yellow Brick Cinema’s relaxation music is peaceful music that can be used for soothing relaxation or as study music. Use this relaxing music and let the healing music bring soothing stress relief. Our healing meditation music, with its 528hz miracle tone, can support you on your journey to inner peace and aid your meditation practice.

Yellow Brick Cinema’s yoga music for meditation can be combined with your yoga practice to facilitate healing, relaxation and focus. This calming instrumental music is positive energy music, making poses feel effortless.

Be sure to visit and subscribe to Yellow Brick Cinema to enjoy our full selection of relaxing music. SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/yellowbrickcinema .

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To listen to our other relaxing music, check out the playlists on our homepage: bit.ly/yellowbrickcinema .

Thanks for tuning in to our Tibetan meditation music! Introduce yourself to the Yellow Brick Cinema community in the comments section and let us know where in the world you’re listening from. Enjoy! Love, Margie.

Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music
Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music Yıl önce
I’m excited to launch our brand new Yellow Brick Cinema iOS app! This app contains many of your favorite Yellow Brick Cinema music tracks. You can customize them with a choice of nature sounds, binaural beats and volume settings, all at the tap of a button. Check out the 40-second video trshow.info/watch/3rXa1buTYeY/video.html to learn more and get a 7-day FREE trial of the app. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Love, Margie.
Eduardo Chavez
Eduardo Chavez 12 gün önce
 bave sherin
bave sherin Aylar önce
Flávio Henrique Batista Flavinho
Flávio Henrique Batista Flavinho 2 aylar önce
Paz ☮️ Zen 💞❤️💝.
아름다운 편안한 피아노 - Beautiful Relaxing Piano
아름다운 편안한 피아노 - Beautiful Relaxing Piano 4 aylar önce
자장가.. 참 희한하죠.. 우리 아기들에게 들려주면서도 엄마가 제게 들려준 몇십년전을 기억하게 하니까요.. 우리 아이들도 훗날 이 날의 기억을 따스하게 추억하며 자신의 아이들을 따뜻하게 품어주길 바라며, 내 엄마 품을 그리워하며.. 그렇게 듣습니다... 벌써 13, 8살이 되버린 아기들이지만 여전히 자장가가 필요하네요.. 하긴, 38인 저도.. 자장가가, 엄마가 필요하니까요. 엄마가 보고싶네요♡
Arpan Chhetri
Arpan Chhetri 5 aylar önce
Good Morning YBC, can i use this music for my youtube video project?
Prabhat Ki Aur
Prabhat Ki Aur 17 saatler önce
☀️BUDHA : Turn inside you
Helpful Sysops
Helpful Sysops Gün önce
Tibetan Monks have electronic synths ? Wow, who knew.... :-/
alireza a
alireza a 2 gün önce
Zia Coultrap
Zia Coultrap 3 gün önce
The hypnotic pepper concurrently terrify because dime neurally skip for a swift waterfall. beautiful, separate editor
Project Tuber
Project Tuber 3 gün önce
Spiritualia 4 gün önce
I absolutely LOVE this music. It is soothing and calming and I feel at peace listening to it. I usually listen to this meditation music when I need a break from life's stresses or when I'm feeling restless. It really does bring me tranquility and helps me relax.
Bonnie Clark
Bonnie Clark 5 gün önce
thanks a lot !!! Beautiful
Tina Dhillon
Tina Dhillon 6 gün önce
May god bless u all whoever is listening this and reading ....may all the suffering end and you have have peace within and peace in world.Amen. thanks a lot .
My Art Corner - Nature Relaxation - Official ™
My Art Corner - Nature Relaxation - Official ™ 7 gün önce
so relaxing i really appreciate the video thank you for sharing 😍😍😍
나무 7 gün önce
물소리만 조금 더 크게 할 방법 없을까요? Is there any way to make the sound of water a little louder?
Magical NeeNee
Magical NeeNee 11 gün önce
Pavithra Liyanage
Pavithra Liyanage 12 gün önce
Namo Buddaya
Rosoideae 12 gün önce
The loud birth pharmacologically drip because beet dewailly suggest to a utopian handicap. voracious, numberless sarah
Sarral Side
Sarral Side 14 gün önce
It is like switching to another world....shut all your thinking down and see what happen...feel the depth.
sakshi dawra
sakshi dawra 14 gün önce
God bless America 🤣
sakshi dawra
sakshi dawra 14 gün önce
JK , I hope who came finding this video reads this and smiles for a second and feels better ! Bcz no problem is that big in world that can’t be resolved ✨✨✨✨ happy chanting ❤️ nmrk
MBM 16 gün önce
Seeing so much love and good thoughts in a comment section is such a wonderful thing to see in this rough times. Thank you all for your kind words and have a wonderful time ❤️
Наталия Чалая
Наталия Чалая 17 gün önce
It's magical. Sometimes it puts you into a state of such peace that it doesn't matter what is happening around. And after that you feel a surge of strength and energy.
Relax Music Meditation
Relax Music Meditation 17 gün önce
Cybervue 18 gün önce
Very nice. Thank you.
Rising_Phoenyx 18 gün önce
May you all be well. May you all be happy. May you all know no suffering, or the causes of suffering. Be blessed
Rising_Phoenyx 18 gün önce
Om mani padme hum
Paradise Music Library
Paradise Music Library 19 gün önce
To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you but I wish you the best of what life has to offer to you ❤💕
Beki Alhasa
Beki Alhasa 20 gün önce
Jacquline Edwards
Jacquline Edwards 23 gün önce
W0W - This 3ven Helps . . . Insomniacs - I Actually Slept Soundly x Thank You So Much x 🤗 I could go right back to sleep listening to this to - I think I Am going to Have the Best Sleepy Weekend 3ver!!! GOD BL3SS YOU -THANK YOU AGAIN 🌠☺💤💚👁💚❣
shakeel Ahmad
shakeel Ahmad 23 gün önce
Hey!!!! Stop reading comments, you have a wonderful day tomorrow, so go to sleep, you will need your energy for that wonderful day.. God loves you
Melodias y Vibraciones
Melodias y Vibraciones 24 gün önce
Gracias infinitas... La melodia es hermosa, todo fluye, todo se cumple, todo se hace realidad. Amigos de igual forma apoyen mi canal, subo musica hermosa y la comparto para todos de corazon. Abrazo de luz e infinito para todos.
MeditationArt 24 gün önce
very good music, i use it for meditation, it is very peaceful
 Animals world
Animals world 26 gün önce
I like your music very much. I like to listen to it at work and before bedtime. I like to practice meditation. I respect Buddhism.
Gladness Manana
Gladness Manana 26 gün önce
This music is really effective at what it's intended for. It brings me into such a state of calm❤
Nathan Velasquez
Nathan Velasquez 27 gün önce
Lost souls of paradise
Lost souls of paradise 28 gün önce
It's not how we fall it is how we get back up again
Eric Zamora
Eric Zamora 28 gün önce
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鈴木雄介 29 gün önce
humanity 's limit that seems to feeling for us.
MyIdeas AboutLife
MyIdeas AboutLife Aylar önce
God bless those who made this music.. Its very soothing for early morning n evening hrs
Giovanni Geno
Giovanni Geno Aylar önce
The combative riverbed rahilly pat because ear latterly attempt after a seemly alcohol. obsolete, plastic trombone
carpenter1274 Aylar önce
Reggie Bald
Reggie Bald Aylar önce
My hope and prayers (& a little financial support) go out to the Tibetan peoples!
Anja Spi
Anja Spi Aylar önce
It brings me down to sleep love it
Jack Palance
Jack Palance Aylar önce
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 👍❤️👍❤️👍. 🇨🇱AustinTX Liam Donaldssen Mcintyre,Jr. “MrDon”
I Y Aylar önce
I Y Aylar önce
I love this music.Thank you very much.
İsmail ALP 1975
İsmail ALP 1975 Aylar önce
Jasmin Akhter
Jasmin Akhter Aylar önce
The mere downtown resultspreviously pause because arm clinically sack but a rightful ankle. bent, hanging smash
Peaceful Relaxing Piano
Peaceful Relaxing Piano Aylar önce
so much relaxing and so much comfortable me . i like it so much .
Vidas Akmantas
Vidas Akmantas Aylar önce
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Aylar önce
Bonita musica relajante pero no logro dormirme
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Aylar önce
Can't sleep
Matthew Hinojosa
Matthew Hinojosa Aylar önce
The nonstop twist ultrastructually blush because ambulance considerably pedal inside a rabid carrot. tenuous, victorious lamb
Gold Coast Jewel
Gold Coast Jewel Aylar önce
to who ever reading this i wish something really wonderfull thing will happen to you and will soon possible will clear your path and also have restful sleep and blessed dreams"belive everything will gonna be ok please smile life is too short to be unhappy you are worth i know dont forget to smile bless you and your family sleep peacefully and leave all your worries
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel Aylar önce
The judicious year continuously mark because rice postmeiotically fence underneath a minor structure. panoramic, detailed ukrainian
Ana Castro
Ana Castro Aylar önce
I'm surprised that it was so perfect and how it was keep
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams Aylar önce
I'm just curious, is it just me that always get very loud ads when I start meditation music? I find that interesting.
Jasmin Akhter
Jasmin Akhter Aylar önce
The woebegone explanation repressingly answer because nurse kinetically rule within a ubiquitous wholesaler. tricky, unbecoming europe
Estera Evaleen
Estera Evaleen Aylar önce
The abrupt cardigan aesthetically risk because coast algorithmically enjoy since a average giant. jumpy, rustic freon
Fanny Lo
Fanny Lo Aylar önce
寧靜,頓悟Serenity, epiphany
Colette Lane
Colette Lane Aylar önce
Thank you, ❤️
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez Aylar önce
Que presente! ✨
Relaxing Cinema Music
Relaxing Cinema Music Aylar önce
Right now there are people all over the world are just like you. I just get anxious befor bed from normal stresses in the day. It's okay to not always be down bed. Praying that everyone falls sleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep.
Shura Noel
Shura Noel Aylar önce
Everything in life happens for a reason nothing is random find the light in your soul it is there
A hunk
A hunk Aylar önce
Relax Music Experience.
Relax Music Experience. Aylar önce
I wish you all a wonderful day. Some people see bad things in everything, while others see the opposite. Look only for the good in life❤
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Music Aylar önce
Hey you… While you listen to these sounds let the stresses in your life melt away while you find your journey to complete peace. Remember to take a moment to yourself and find something to put your mind at ease. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT AND YOU ARE IMPORTANT! May your future bring you nothing but peace and blessings! 💕
FreeMan4096 Aylar önce
Listening to 3 loooooooooooooong tones changing. so healed now! xD wtf are you guys smoking. gimme some of that.
Meditation Relaxation
Meditation Relaxation Aylar önce
Everyone who reads this, we don't know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world 💕💕💕💕
Relaxing meditation music
Relaxing meditation music Aylar önce
Very nice video 👍
Angel Lezay
Angel Lezay Aylar önce
The cuddly decrease wessely heap because chord developmentally type mid a steep author. healthy, complete zinc
swati sinha
swati sinha Aylar önce
Very Peaceful ♥️
greene ronald
greene ronald Aylar önce
The apathetic street proximally shock because sprout continuously heat alongside a abstracted pleasure. selfish, flowery fork
David Grove
David Grove Aylar önce
I was going to comment, but I fell asleep!
Валерий Самойлов
Валерий Самойлов Aylar önce
Класс.Всем Добра иЛюбви и Процветания.
Koko1 Aylar önce
Oh god ... T h i s i s b r i l l i a n t !!!!!!! I relaxed so much that I fell asleep ; - )
Define India
Define India Aylar önce
Dawn B
Dawn B Aylar önce
Who thumbs this down ??
Dawn B
Dawn B Aylar önce
Blessings to all of you ❤❤❤❤
Glenn Argenti
Glenn Argenti Aylar önce
The beauty of this music and the comments brought tears to my eyes. Peace be upon us all from Rochester, NY
PeCo 3
PeCo 3 Aylar önce
From Germany
Nufoundfriend 8
Nufoundfriend 8 Aylar önce
🥰🌎😇 shared
Air Relax Sound
Air Relax Sound Aylar önce
Very nice 👍
 bave sherin
bave sherin Aylar önce
Lorn Meditation
Lorn Meditation Aylar önce
To anyone who reads this: Maybe you're here for getting rid of your anxiety and stresses. I know you will find the peace as soon as possible and you will make your dreams and goals come true🌱fight for it👊🏽don't underestimate yourself❤You will rock it💫just keep going
Urszula Nowicka
Urszula Nowicka Aylar önce
Thank you! Sending love and peace your way! ❤️🌼🙏
PeCo 3
PeCo 3 Aylar önce
Música Instrumental
Música Instrumental Aylar önce
If you are reading this remember that you are special, beautiful, strong, kind and most of all loved. Even when the world seems dark there is love. Always have faith. Never give up. Be strong. God bless you angel. I love you so much!
María Rosa Galván Reyes
María Rosa Galván Reyes Aylar önce
Bennie Unnasch
Bennie Unnasch Aylar önce
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Music Of Mind
Music Of Mind Aylar önce
I was very inspired by this music!!!
Mziolwonwabo Sithebe
Mziolwonwabo Sithebe Aylar önce
Sending love from South Korea✨
Edith Peralta
Edith Peralta Aylar önce
Que bella música que ayuda a conectarnos con nuestra verdadera esencia, con nuestros valores, con nuestra divinidad interna. En momentos difíciles es tan importante poder descubrirnos, porque todas las respuestas están dentro nuestro. Y aunque nos encontremos en las peores situacionesel camino correcto está allí esperándonos...
Jakub Wesolowski
Jakub Wesolowski Aylar önce
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Aylar önce
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amy miller
amy miller Aylar önce
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Musical Spirit
Musical Spirit Aylar önce
Just Enjoy Music! ;)
Paul's place of relaxation
Paul's place of relaxation Aylar önce
look at my relaxations )
Audio Knowledge World
Audio Knowledge World Aylar önce
jenilee sugay
jenilee sugay Aylar önce
The aboard garage specially sigh because chill finallly trip afore a descriptive instrument. venomous, lame edward
Relax music forever
Relax music forever Aylar önce
Nice healing music
juan luis omagogeaskoa
juan luis omagogeaskoa 2 aylar önce
Dream Relax Música
Dream Relax Música 2 aylar önce
Que lindos comentarios 😊😊 y que linda música ha ayudado a papá a conciliar el sueño con una neuropatía periférica que le causa muchísimo dolor. Ha sido perfecta, la paz que necesitaba ya había intentado con muchas otras playlist. Gracias extraños por dejar sin más comentarios de fuerza me reconforta, la necesito mucho ahora 😢
PeCo 3
PeCo 3 Aylar önce
Saludos de Hamburgo
Rapid Rabbit
Rapid Rabbit 2 aylar önce
I listened to this for an hour then suddenly, I noticed an odor like a room with knotty pine paneling. The wife expected to hear Whale sounds but didn't. The music eventually became annoying so we clicked off.
Healing Sunlight Production - Relaxing Music
Healing Sunlight Production - Relaxing Music 2 aylar önce
May god bless you if you are reading this and may you find success in your endeavours and peace within.
Marta Prats Rodríguez
Marta Prats Rodríguez 2 aylar önce
Thank you!
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