EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - LA DI DA - Lisa Rhee Dance Tutorial

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『EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - LA DI DA 』
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
DANCE COVER: trshow.info/watch/nFmUXqBOs4s/video.html
Outfit #1
Black Top - Kooding
Black Shorts - Korea
Mid-Calf Layered Platform Boots - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2iqv6
Outfit #2
Zip Front Color Block Tank Top - YesStyle: shrsl.com/1n64g
Red Cuffed Denim Shorts - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2h9rv
Mid-Calf Layered Platform Boots - YesStyle: shrsl.com/2iqv6
Outfit #3
Round Buckle Faux Leather Belt - YesStyle: shrsl.com/24jnf
Brushed Fleece Lined Skinny Pants - YesStyle: shrsl.com/1yl7m
Black Lace-Up Knee-High Boots- YesStyle: shrsl.com/1jisd
Outfit #4
Pink Top - ASOS
White Shorts - Hollister
White Platform Lace-Up Short Boots: YesStyle - shrsl.com/2ejk4
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Music from Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com/referral/o567k2/
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imlisarhee Aylar önce
Hope this dance tutorial helps :) If you haven't already, check out my full cover here: trshow.info/watch/nFmUXqBOs4s/video.html 💜Instagram: instagram.com/imlisarhee 💙Twitter: twitter.com/imlisarhee
Harshi All In One Paradise
Harshi All In One Paradise 23 gün önce
Plz tell from which app u use to make intro
Krystal Ma
Krystal Ma 25 gün önce
Can you also link your leggings and sneakers in the mirror part??
Kumru Hira Yatgın
Kumru Hira Yatgın 28 gün önce
Blackpink lovesick girl dance pink fantasy shaodow play
patrika rosileide
patrika rosileide 28 gün önce
lisa, run here, you need to do a dance tutorial of he song``ARISONG´´ of girlgroup ``CIGNATURE´´ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hasseh alqahtani
Hasseh alqahtani 28 gün önce
Please dance stray kids back door
mellpr S2
mellpr S2 13 saatler önce
Quase quebrei o joelho no pós refrão 🤡
JM에밀리 3 gün önce
bom *bom* bom
Elisa Johnson
Elisa Johnson 3 gün önce
Alright who's here for the hand move?
Marcia Torres
Marcia Torres 5 gün önce
*Dia 145 | Intento: 354 del paso **4:26** ;-;*
Aruzhan Mirgalieva
Aruzhan Mirgalieva 6 gün önce
Aruzhan Mirgalieva
Aruzhan Mirgalieva 6 gün önce
dont care, didn’t ask plus you’re white
dont care, didn’t ask plus you’re white 7 gün önce
mike castillo
mike castillo 7 gün önce
3:20 uhhm can someone help me untie my arms?-
Yiren is an angel
Yiren is an angel 9 gün önce
3:09 just ignore this :)
Min SUGA 12 gün önce
This is so hard😭😭
jimu nii
jimu nii 14 gün önce
Her arm is more talented than me
Naswa Khirania
Naswa Khirania 14 gün önce
Kecepatan woy!!!
Lou Barrias
Lou Barrias 14 gün önce
4:26 momento en que mi rodilla se rompe
Oll Olievia
Oll Olievia 14 gün önce
Hey Lisa !💗 Why don't you make tutorial for Bon Voyage YooA , God's Menu Skz and Back Door? I wait for it😗
- 𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕚
- 𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕚 15 gün önce
3:19 //3:38
exotrash97 15 gün önce
I never understood these videos, how is slowing a video a tutorial? Anyone can slow a video down
k e b i i i i n
k e b i i i i n 15 gün önce
the only thing i practiced here is that hand thingy in the choreo cuz it looks so satisfying
Jane JT
Jane JT 16 gün önce
Thank you for the tutorial! I had uploaded a dance cover on this. Please check it out if you don't mind☺
Th1s Is An Ad
Th1s Is An Ad 17 gün önce
i never thought id be able to learn this choreo thank you so much i love this omg
Fatima Flores
Fatima Flores 18 gün önce
you can do the CLC- Helicopter, Checkmate- Drum, Fromis_9 - Feel good, Everglow- Untouchble, Weki Meki- Cool, Rocket Punch- Juicy, Weeekly- Tag Me. PLEASE💗💗💗
ARTMY 21 19 gün önce
Unnie love from india 💜first I request you to please explain the upper part dance and then lower part please
Animewashy 19 gün önce
Geena Kim
Geena Kim 19 gün önce
Where did you get your criss cross crop top from?
Jennefir Layssa
Jennefir Layssa 19 gün önce
I went to see the dance practice and realized that Lisa Rhee left the choreography more exciting, fun and "lighter" (I mean she "improved" the choreography)
h x n e y
h x n e y 19 gün önce
thank you Lisa unnie, you helped me a lot even though i still have some details to fix, i would like to appreciate this because of how hard working you are. keep up the good work!
Shruthi B
Shruthi B 20 gün önce
I love Lisa's tutorial dresses more than the cover ones❤️
楊皓宇 20 gün önce
As a K-POP dancer you’re phenomenal. As a voguing dancer ... emm... you did it wrong when you were doing duck walk and dip 🤭
johnny estupiñan
johnny estupiñan 20 gün önce
I loved too much this tutorial, I hope that you make a dance practice from XUM DDALALA Debut, that song its so good.
Silvia De Hombre
Silvia De Hombre 20 gün önce
Why don't you do the dance tutorials saying how the steps are... that way it would be easier to learn for those watch your videos?
Amelia Alcazar
Amelia Alcazar 20 gün önce
Amo como bailas gracias
Amelia Alcazar
Amelia Alcazar 20 gün önce
Black Door please
Ros Aguilar
Ros Aguilar 21 gün önce
I need the dance tutorial of Helicopter CLC, please.
El mundo the caro y cami Matos
El mundo the caro y cami Matos 21 gün önce
Can you please do love stick girls from black pink plz
Alyzalene Vasquez
Alyzalene Vasquez 22 gün önce
ah i love thisssss
Mariah Kyla
Mariah Kyla 22 gün önce
blackpink and blink
blackpink and blink 22 gün önce
Sister, why don't you be an idol?
KAOS ÇOCUK 22 gün önce
Did you notice that her knees reddened From pratice must be hurting. I love you so lisa❤❤❤❤
KAOS ÇOCUK 22 gün önce
Did you notice that her knees reddened From pratice must be hurting. I love you so lisa❤❤❤❤
BTS ARMY 22 gün önce
the next tutorial the baddest KDA plz lisa
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild 22 gün önce
good video thank you
Eunjo Ssi
Eunjo Ssi 23 gün önce
Dance tutorial love sickgirls black pink
Unicornio Feliz
Unicornio Feliz 23 gün önce
Body goals 🤩
ana no avakin
ana no avakin 24 gün önce
hi can you do the dance tutorial for this song? Link; trshow.info/watch/BNwLIdaOCeQ/video.html
Queen Nicole Paredes
Queen Nicole Paredes 24 gün önce
Please do a dance tutorial of Look What You Made Me Do itzy ryujin audition dance i want to dance it on my audition but i more like your dance tutorials so please do it❤
mdd nli
mdd nli 24 gün önce
can u make a no 1 dance tutorial?please:(
Lívia Geovanna
Lívia Geovanna 24 gün önce
I never understand what she is doing with her hands 1:16 😔😔😔 i feel so damn dumb
Elisaaaaa 25 gün önce
lisa rhee unnie , can you do a tutorial of clc's Helicopter? I would appreciate it if you did , thank you !
suuyyeonn _
suuyyeonn _ 25 gün önce
Treasure - i love you ❤️ please
suuyyeonn _
suuyyeonn _ 25 gün önce
Stray Kids - back door please 🥺
hshsh 25 gün önce
✨2:44 - 3:09✨
ltc9715 25 gün önce
Rentería Nava Eva
Rentería Nava Eva 26 gün önce
Nisiquiera así logro aprenderme la coreografía😭😭
vivian 26 gün önce
so no one else is STRUGGELING with this part? 7:03
Wacky Dagting
Wacky Dagting 26 gün önce
Rosies Posies
Rosies Posies 27 gün önce
Does anybody know an easy way on how to do 7:05? Is it because I’m not flexible (lmao) or because I’m not using the right technique? My leg always goes crooked or bent
Evan student
Evan student 25 gün önce
Rise your body with your hands more
Half Moon Entertainment
Half Moon Entertainment 27 gün önce
Lisa mam can you please do a dance tutorial of GLEAM by MAMAMOO I want to learn dance on this song but I can't find one I'm expecting from you it's my request .
Maryam T
Maryam T 27 gün önce
7:26 my soul has ascended. I am now a ghost that died of backpain
Gisella Marina Lucenia Huancoyo Nuñes
Gisella Marina Lucenia Huancoyo Nuñes 27 gün önce
hi, can you do one of "yes ok" , please
Deÿa HERE 27 gün önce
Gunshot by kard pleaseeeeee
Deÿa HERE 27 gün önce
Gunshot by kard pleaseeeeee
Alyssa Ashley
Alyssa Ashley 27 gün önce
Can you do a cover and tutorial for seulrene naughty?
Nayareth Figueroa
Nayareth Figueroa 27 gün önce
can do back door song dance tutorial?
Andrea Maradiaga
Andrea Maradiaga 27 gün önce
Your quuen👑
Hdlshelehrlduidi 1233
Hdlshelehrlduidi 1233 27 gün önce
Hardest choreo of this year
Samantha 27 gün önce
*Marking this for myself* Start: 2:23 End: 4:09
More Fun with Zaneta
More Fun with Zaneta 27 gün önce
Me: Let’s sleep it’s 2 AM My Brain: Hell No
Herrera Cuñas Daniela Sharick
Herrera Cuñas Daniela Sharick 27 gün önce
Plis plis back door of Stray Kids or god's menu^_^
JACKY REN 27 gün önce
could you please do GUNSHOT? I LOVE YOU LISA
BangChan is amazing and talented
BangChan is amazing and talented 27 gün önce
Leneatta Weitz
Leneatta Weitz 26 gün önce
There is a channel Ongken, he did a tutorial on God's menu😉😊
Maddala Raju
Maddala Raju 27 gün önce
Unnie please put the tutorial of BLACK PINK song WHISTLE please
Kimberly H. Dayrit
Kimberly H. Dayrit 27 gün önce
chamber 5 ilanddddd dance tutorial pleaseee❤
Raissa Lima
Raissa Lima 27 gün önce
FEEL GOOD FROMIS_9 pleaseeee
Luna Boomer
Luna Boomer 27 gün önce
Yasssssss😭😭😭 I learned the dance but I think most fromis_9 fans want to learn the dance 'feel good'
miss bushu
miss bushu 27 gün önce
Can you please do a dance on ghungroo from WAR
PARK LOLO 27 gün önce
Please gunshots Kard
_ Flixix _
_ Flixix _ 28 gün önce
I love you're Body
Jesslyn Hans
Jesslyn Hans 28 gün önce
4:30 how to do it? my leg hurts 🥺
Maria Dreptate
Maria Dreptate 28 gün önce
Pls Can you do Back Door? ❤️
Eiryl Heart Esmin
Eiryl Heart Esmin 28 gün önce
please do a blackpink-partition (beyonce) tutorial 🙏🙏
crazy FREESTYLE Girl
crazy FREESTYLE Girl 28 gün önce
Can you please do on Lisa's senorita dance tutorial....please
Mer Permata
Mer Permata 28 gün önce
OMG!! Finally, I always check this channel probably this cover already here. Thank you so much ❤❤
Jabari Leonard
Jabari Leonard 28 gün önce
Why does the slow mo make it look harder 😭😭😭😭. Like damn girls y’all really did that in sync 💀.
Isabella Sampang
Isabella Sampang 28 gün önce
I have carpal tunnel now
Bensonjr Rostata
Bensonjr Rostata 28 gün önce
I don't understand your hand sometimes cuz so fast and I can't see it but I understand little bit hihi ty for the tutorial idol❤️😆✌️🥺
Vyaana M.
Vyaana M. 28 gün önce
Pls do dessert by hyo unnie❤️❤️
Grace C.
Grace C. 28 gün önce
can u please do the stealer by theboyz?
Jeon_ Mely :3
Jeon_ Mely :3 28 gün önce
Deberias audicionar para big hit en dance, bailas bonito :3
farah farah
farah farah 28 gün önce
Please Can you do anpanman dance video please whith dance training
Harumi :3
Harumi :3 28 gün önce
Hasseh alqahtani
Hasseh alqahtani 28 gün önce
Please dance stray kids back door🥺🥺🥺
lostmyjams 28 gün önce
will you be doing backdoor
Heart Hanam
Heart Hanam 28 gün önce
I can remembers all but, I can not do that.
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim 28 gün önce
Lisa-ssi plz plz plz do a dance cover and tutorial of stray kids back door!!!!!!!!!!
mariana lopez
mariana lopez 29 gün önce
I loved it hey hahaha hey do you think you can do the choreography of Back door plis ❤️✨
Dosma Batubara
Dosma Batubara 29 gün önce
Dance cover bad alive way v And turn back time
Mehzabin Maniha's Vlogs
Mehzabin Maniha's Vlogs 29 gün önce
Imlisarhee pls make tutorial of when we disco sunmi and jyp
kyla Libre
kyla Libre 29 gün önce
Can u dance freeze by momoland
park _nejun
park _nejun 29 gün önce
You’re so cute 💜
Aisha everglow
Aisha everglow 29 gün önce
Hi idol please twice intro I love you too 💕💖❤️💞
Calyn Puspita
Calyn Puspita 29 gün önce
I keep waiting for the back door dance, I love you treasure ??? where ???
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