The BEST wheelchair point ever? 🤯

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US Open Tennis Championships

US Open Tennis Championships

2 aylar önce

Tom Egberink/Joachim Gerard won one of the best wheelchair points ever against Gustavo Fernandez/Shingo Kunieda the quarterfinals of the 2022 US Open.
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The 2022 US Open runs from August 23 - September 11 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 142nd time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Daniil Medvedev is the men’s singles reigning champion and Emma Raducanu is the women’s singles reigning champion. Last year, both players claimed their first Grand Slam title, with 18-year-old Raducanu becoming the first-ever qualifier to achieve the feat. This year’s tournament is set to feature a range of greats and future stars looking to add to their records and cement their place in tennis history. Look out for highlights, extended highlights, full matches, press conferences, on-court interviews, hot shots, compilations and more!
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Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 2 aylar önce
Not gonna lie, this looks more interesting than watching regular tennis. Mad respect to these men
Ian06 6 gün önce
@Jonathan Taylor lol tell them bro
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 11 gün önce
@Gryfenfer I’m absolutely flabbergasted at your inability to concisely verbalize what you’re thinking in a manner that doesn’t make you come across as an imbecile.
Gryfenfer 11 gün önce
@Jonathan Taylor your only hobbie is provoc tennis fan ?😔 Get a life sincerly amigo
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 11 gün önce
@Gryfenfer sorry, no comprende incoherent phsyco-babble. Try again
Gryfenfer 11 gün önce
​@Jonathan Taylor dude stom tell ur life no one care, if you think its more interesting, then whatevee, stop show ursekf on youtube
Heyyy Annu
Heyyy Annu 2 gün önce
*Their Control On Wheelchair Is Just 🔥*
Hugo Münster
Hugo Münster 5 gün önce
Respect for them, holy that is even better then normal tennis🔥
Masshiyo 8 saatler önce
still doin their best despite the empty stands
Mic Mi
Mic Mi 22 gün önce
I can't imagine player's arm strength and stamina.. respect
touchthesky 2 aylar önce
This is really difficult. Sad that the stadiums are empty behind these players. These people should be famous and celebrated
Tomer Sagie
Tomer Sagie 11 gün önce
​@touchthesky You must not get invited to parties in the first place, atleast you dont spoil them that way...
Vlad Imir
Vlad Imir 16 gün önce
Or they shouldn't.
Jimmy Balls
Jimmy Balls 17 gün önce
Nah it’s dead
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 18 gün önce
@touchthesky you don’t know how to use the word hypocrite.
TheGreatDudist 25 gün önce
At the risk of being a bad guy, I'll go ahead and say it. What this video shows isn't the norm, this is literally the BEST wc point I've seen played. Mad respect to the athletes, but the vast majority (portion) of the vast majority (quantity) of matches are very boring to watch. So much of it boils down to service aces and return aces.
Stephan Hias
Stephan Hias Saatler önce
Big Respect Guys, big Respect 💪👍
Kirb0-lover 3 gün önce
Bro I wouldn't let that slide and I would stand up for myself" 💀
Shibin Gün önce
I think any one of these peops can punch the soul out of me in just one swing.
Sasha Generalov
Sasha Generalov 2 gün önce
Красавцы )
Rome HendriX
Rome HendriX 2 aylar önce
The amount of upper body strength is unbelievable, how can they swing that hard when they were in a sitting position while maneuvering wheels with they hand. MAD RESPECT TO THESE ATHLETES
COD Aylar önce
@some skd being jealous of paraplegics is wild..find happiness bro & pls don’t jump off the ledge.
Steve 2 aylar önce
@Cyber Mentor Second line is an Out and I think they allow the ball to bounce twice.
Cyber Mentor
Cyber Mentor 2 aylar önce
i dont think they really know what going on there , they just swinging until someone cant , like theres no rules as u can see
some skd
some skd 2 aylar önce
not that hard bro i think you’re just making them out to be gods bc they are disabled
RexS The Great
RexS The Great 2 aylar önce
I mean they only have the upper body to focus on. Us normies need to focus on both 😢
Jeskoummk 20 gün önce
I once knew a guy named David that would scream with joy and in the pitch of a little girl from his sports wheelchair as he gamed...He would be impressed if caught glimpse of the amazing push these guys make on their chairs today. Sadly, David passed away in a building fire he couldn't escape on March of 2016...Rest in Peace to his remaining family, friends, and community.
YsbrandD 8 gün önce
sorry to hear man, condolences!
Safe Space Bear
Safe Space Bear 16 saatler önce
Wow this is awesome!
NinjaRocket4017 3 gün önce
This was really cool to see
Brett Victory
Brett Victory 2 aylar önce
These guys are amazing. Been playing tennis my whole life and I know I would be worthless if I had to play from a wheelchair. They guys really are elite athletes.
Surgey Ibrahimovic
Surgey Ibrahimovic 2 aylar önce
Can you imagine the core strength and more importantly muscular endurance it takes to do this. Absolutely mind boggling mad respect
Geørge Watsøn
Geørge Watsøn 2 aylar önce
@stuntstrat76 😊😊
Takayama Seiichiro
Takayama Seiichiro 2 aylar önce
@stuntstrat76 yes, I watched that and it was absolutely astonishing. I can’t believe that someone has the bravery and strength to do that. But that’s an extreme example lol. These guys do have incredible stamina and strength too
Rumel Ahmed
Rumel Ahmed 2 aylar önce
Reckon I could still outrun them though. Haha
randombutspecific 2 aylar önce
@Harms Way I think it’s because walking on two feet is easier and more efficient than walking on one foot or propelling yourself by wheelchair. It burns less calories
Shrek Harvey
Shrek Harvey 2 aylar önce
Their forearms must be sore after that one
rohit chawla
rohit chawla 23 gün önce
Superb to see these guys playing like this ,what a spirit of game .❤️
Mac Aylar önce
Their anticipation and reaction time is ridiculously fast. To be able to change direction on a wheelchair like that is impressive
Zunzai Aylar önce
It is impossible to describe how dedicated and impressive these guys are, respect.
B_xyo _
B_xyo _ Aylar önce
This looks so much more difficult than regular tennis. Amazing!
Epic Benjo
Epic Benjo 2 aylar önce
The fact that they have to move the wheelchair with their hands AND hit the ball with their racket is super impressive!
Mr. Starly
Mr. Starly 2 aylar önce
Image them arm wrestling.
Román Javier Giordano
Román Javier Giordano 2 aylar önce
I'm really impressed of what these guys can do.
Simple Meerkat
Simple Meerkat Aylar önce
These guys have incredible talent! Props to all of them!
stranger_danger 13 gün önce
this is unbelievable! they must be so skilled doing this
Star Voyager
Star Voyager 10 gün önce
Wow, that’s such a cool sport! Respect to the players and anyone that watches it, this looks more fun than average tennis anyway
Sn1pesCity 2 aylar önce
Their arms and shoulders would be huge training this all the time, mad respect
Purp-san 2 aylar önce
@Kevin McClease ohhh no wonder
Kevin McClease
Kevin McClease 2 aylar önce
@Purp-san oh comment says they would be large, but he’s giving a compliment by saying they ARE huge
Purp-san 2 aylar önce
@MarkSMB [ORI] what do you mean are-
Podushka 2 aylar önce
@Sam Owings i think he says "their arms ARE huge" :D
Sam Owings
Sam Owings 2 aylar önce
@MarkSMB [ORI] lol what? Where should “are” be?
420slabtivist 2 aylar önce
Pretty dope how they have specialized rules or slight changes to make the game more playable for them. And more enjoyable for the viewers
Mee Moo
Mee Moo Aylar önce
Amazing 👏 It must be hard to go those far 👍👍👍👍 love watching people who not give up ❤️
Ymusic Youtube
Ymusic Youtube 2 aylar önce
They are absolute legends ❤️
Rockymountainyanks17 2 aylar önce
This is way more fun to watch and impressive than normal tennis, the amount of arm strength that takes is insane
SHOCK 2 aylar önce
Allowing them to have 2 bounces is the perfect addition to make this possible and enjoyable for the players and viewers imo
I.O.N. Prod
I.O.N. Prod Aylar önce
@Leo S66 Only the first bounce matters for that, you have 2 bounces to return the ball
Pilots_ 2 aylar önce
Its a handicap
Austin Bergen
Austin Bergen 2 aylar önce
Thanks, I was wondering what was going on! LOL
RippedGnome Aylar önce
I used to play tennis myself and it could be pretty exhausting if you’re up against an even opponent. But this, this is on a whole another level.
이후니 Aylar önce
정말 대단한 선수들이십니다. 가슴이 뭉클하네요!!
DJ Deckard Cain
DJ Deckard Cain Aylar önce
I gotta be 100 here… this is probably one of the most athletic things I’ve seen. Can you imagine the stamina?!? Props.
Алан Хуцистов
Алан Хуцистов Aylar önce
Восхищает сила духа и упорство в работе над собой этих людей.
millzy 2 aylar önce
I think the fact it’s allowed to bounce twice makes this amazing - wouldn’t quite be possible otherwise. Really smart idea and very fair
Raul Romero
Raul Romero 2 aylar önce
@millzy I don't LOL
millzy 2 aylar önce
@Raul Romero "don't watch it then" LOL smh
Raul Romero
Raul Romero 2 aylar önce
Kinda makes it longer than it has to be for me I have trouble telling when they actually get a point
Sketchy Zxch
Sketchy Zxch 2 aylar önce
Also you only score if the ball goes completely out of play not if it goes out of bounds which is cool imo
izimsi 2 aylar önce
first time seeing wheelchair tennis - I was like 'how tf are they fast enough to get it going', but then I've noticed two bounces are allowed. Makes a lot of sense.
bUd D Dove
bUd D Dove Aylar önce
The strength and stamina to do this is unreal.
Pokeverse Xiong
Pokeverse Xiong Aylar önce
That core upper strength must be insane on these guys ......a very intense volley!!
Colton Wildey
Colton Wildey Aylar önce
Love how they don’t give up there love for the game even In a wheelchair
RGRundeRGRound 2 aylar önce
I was on my Junior HS tennis team, and any of these men could probably have beaten me even without a Double Bounce rule 😹 RESPECT!
SimplyЯed 2 aylar önce
The skill, athleticism & determination is off the charts here. A lesson to any aspiring sportsperson.
tharealrx 29 gün önce
Filip Jankovic
Filip Jankovic Aylar önce
@Human Flesh I see what you did there, sir! 😆 Game set and match
Human Flesh
Human Flesh Aylar önce
@Filip Jankovic that's true tho, they Just have The advantage
Filip Jankovic
Filip Jankovic Aylar önce
It's easy for them, they are resting while playing
Anklesbroken Aylar önce
@Human Flesh just give them their respect
Alibi 13 gün önce
This is extremely impressive… Props to these guys.
corrupted 3 gün önce
This is awesome
maxxaddict 11 gün önce
How are these stands not packed? These guys are absolutely incredible to watch.
Kosim Yulianto
Kosim Yulianto Gün önce
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins Aylar önce
That is ABSOLUTELY crazy!!! AWESOME tennis players!
KING NOLAN 2 aylar önce
The arm strength and stamina needed for this is insane 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
BoyJedi47 2 aylar önce
@H_Sherb oh know I’m gonna cry because sherb doesn’t think it’s funny
Lowzy 2 aylar önce
It was mad funny ngl
H_Sherb 2 aylar önce
@BoyJedi47 guess what! not funny
Ben Walton
Ben Walton 2 aylar önce
@BoyJedi47 also, yeah. You got the whole squad laughing with that one.
Ben Walton
Ben Walton 2 aylar önce
That's exactly what I was saying
priskila hembrom ⚡
priskila hembrom ⚡ 6 gün önce
Can't imagine strength in their hands hats off 👀
Joe Lawson
Joe Lawson 3 gün önce
Out of bounds constantly
Praveen P
Praveen P Aylar önce
Man!This involves much much skill more than the traditional one hats off 🙌✌️
Abdul Khaliq
Abdul Khaliq 28 gün önce
Respect for these gentlemen! 🔥
K Roman
K Roman 2 aylar önce
I just want to yell and cheer them on. This looks sooo intense. From start to finish I’d be on the edge of my seat.
K Roman
K Roman Aylar önce
@Im VenMous ohhhh snap!!! Hahahahahaha that’s to funny.
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 2 aylar önce
actually they on they edge of their seats
ZlotyWest 2 aylar önce
Then you would hear a whistle or something with a following microphone voice "Silence please" xD been there, didn't know that, was embarrassed.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 aylar önce
@heyzwsg 👍👍
FromDaNile 2 aylar önce
@Me Lol yea we all got that ......
Phil Harris
Phil Harris Aylar önce
Nothing but respect for these guys 👏🏾🙌🏾💪🏾
Leonardo Ivery
Leonardo Ivery Aylar önce
Great display of arm strength 💪
Hargun Kaur
Hargun Kaur 2 aylar önce
I could never 😮😮😮, mad respect to these people 🫡
Christopher A. Barahona
Christopher A. Barahona 2 aylar önce
This looks way more intense than regular tennis 😂😂😂
pelvic punisher
pelvic punisher 2 aylar önce
I have never been more invested into a tennis match I'm my entire existence. Unbelievable athleticism gentlemen
The Scientific Hippo
The Scientific Hippo Aylar önce
These guys on wheelchairs are better than 99 percent of people at tennis
Hector Montalvo Lema
Hector Montalvo Lema 2 aylar önce
El deporte más difícil del mundo, maravilla de jugadores ¡aplausos!
Confuzed Graphite
Confuzed Graphite Aylar önce
Low key get more enjoyment out of watching Paralympic versions of sports. There’s different skills at play here than in a normal game of tennis and that’s fascinating.
Aspart 2
Aspart 2 Aylar önce
It’s crazy how much power they generate while sitting down and also move a wheelchair
TheTradge 2 aylar önce
Wheelchair tennis just blows my mind, you need to not only direct the ball, but also your chair, building momentum trying to get to the ball, plus it seems so much more tactical, I have mad respect for anyone who plays it!
Hostile Actual
Hostile Actual 4 gün önce
Challenge all of you to look up sled hockey, my buddy plays for the Blackhawks and he's badass.
BOUL Aylar önce
Besides that I am struggling to understand the rules. I am just massively impressed. This is just AWESOME
Staying Hyped
Staying Hyped 28 gün önce
The hustle is insane I couldn't imagine 🦾🎾
Official No Direction
Official No Direction Aylar önce
I don’t like watching tennis usually but i liked this. It reminded me a version of tennis similar to space jam where it is still basketball but it just has a little twist to it. For example the wheelchairs, and that the ball can bounce more than one times. Super cool how we found a way to include people with disabilities into sports. Amazing moment.
D Brownn
D Brownn 2 aylar önce
This is INCREDIBLE!! The amount of work and skill
Asmrkari Aylar önce
@Ernismeister shut up
TheOesi1989 Aylar önce
And power in arm's
Ernismeister 2 aylar önce
And wheels
roberto barajas
roberto barajas Aylar önce
This is absolutely thrilling . So much athleticism
Inho Lee
Inho Lee 2 aylar önce
Heart was beating fast watching them. This must be exhausting for these players
Corey Charron
Corey Charron Aylar önce
I'm really curious about the rules 🤔 double bounces and out of bounds. Impressive none the less
𝕯𝖔𝖔𝖔𝕯 Aylar önce
didnt know this was a thing, mad respect to those guys....looks epic 👾
cheetah TFK
cheetah TFK 2 aylar önce
I've been watching tennis since I was a young teen and yet I'm just now finding out about this! This deserves so much recognition!
S Bradshaw
S Bradshaw 2 aylar önce
It is because the wheelchair draws usually start and get even less coverage than Doubles and Juniors. It's truly sad.
cheetah TFK
cheetah TFK 2 aylar önce
@Mr Hax56 oh get over yourself. You are in no position to trash talk anyone when you won't even write the word "easy".
cheetah TFK
cheetah TFK 2 aylar önce
@Bailey James what was the point of making such an irrelevant assumption? I've shown up for tennis matches at my old high school, so I absolutely would show up for one of these matches.
nooby 2 aylar önce
@Mr Hax56 ain’t no way bro tryna flex on disabled people 💀
Safin Ahmed
Safin Ahmed 2 aylar önce
@Mayn 90's pep
madhukar.s madhu
madhukar.s madhu 6 gün önce
Nothing is Impossible, Huge respect sir🙏
David Tran
David Tran Aylar önce
That’s so amazing. Respect them!
Gilson Santos
Gilson Santos Aylar önce
Top demais adorei!!
Vapor HTrail
Vapor HTrail Aylar önce
The absolute chads playing this all deserve way more money than normal tennis. The sheer amount of upper body strength to do this is outstanding
Shekhar K
Shekhar K Aylar önce
very impressive, Hats off to their dedication and skill
Exceptional Aylar önce
they deserve millions of audience in the stadium 🏟️❤️😍
Shashi Shekhar
Shashi Shekhar Aylar önce
This is actually interesting, would love to see full of it someday.
A Ace
A Ace 2 aylar önce
Peter Kerr
Peter Kerr 2 aylar önce
This has got to be one of the greatest feats of athleticism I’ve ever seen. The body control and coordination they have to move and twist they do is incredible
Sickle FN
Sickle FN 2 aylar önce
It’s not the physical coordination that’s impressive it’s the positioning of each player that has to be perfect due to the limited mobility from their wheelchairs. As well as the team coordination as well
Андрей Добриков
Андрей Добриков Aylar önce
Молодцы ребята, гордость берет за вас)
RONY RAJASTHANI 2 aylar önce
They are inspiration for each and everyone in the world❤️❤️✌️✌️
이름뭐하지 Aylar önce
진짜 대단하다는 말밖에 안나온다
양ᄋᄋ Aylar önce
대단하다는 말밖에.... 노력에 박수..
Stone Kennedy
Stone Kennedy 2 aylar önce
Super impressive. The amount of precision and coordination these guys have is on a totally different level. They are almost super human.
A YouTube Commenter
A YouTube Commenter 2 aylar önce
Honestly, they have to plan when and where do they turn because constantly moving is the best strategy, they do it quickly and also hit with their hands as well as move with them. Very hard work!
BD 24 gün önce
I play tennis on a very regular basis and I'm extremely impressed by this.
Wamplestiltskin 2 aylar önce
These athletes are all amazing!
J Benito Romero
J Benito Romero Aylar önce
Increíble felicitaciones 👏
Professional Watcher
Professional Watcher 19 gün önce
Meanwhile, I can’t even hit the ball in. These are some true athletes, man.
Jade Mitchell
Jade Mitchell 2 aylar önce
I can’t even be this coordinated standing up let alone doing this in a wheel chair, the amount of strength these players have is just incredible
Mac Aylar önce
I played doubles varsity tennis. I wish I had one of these guys as my partner.
Ma Long
Ma Long Aylar önce
Just do they generate such powerful shot,...mind blowing👏👏👏👏👏🤯
Forfuxakes Aylar önce
That look’s intense Enjoyed that more than standing Tennis 👍🏻✊
El Gato Comunista
El Gato Comunista Aylar önce
This is honestly more interesting than regular tennis, look at those maneuvers
Jeremy Shaw
Jeremy Shaw 2 aylar önce
I can’t even imagine the whole match considering this is during the 14th set. Those arms are putting in work. Kudos to these athletes.
Matthew Champion
Matthew Champion 2 aylar önce
@Jeremy Shaw There's literally zero hostility in my reply. It was intended as banter my guy. If you felt the need to passive aggressively go "here's what you should have said to me stranger" that's just you being overly sensitive.
Jeremy Shaw
Jeremy Shaw 2 aylar önce
@Matthew Champion Better approach: Hey random stranger! They’re actually called games. A set is when someone wins the 6th (or 7th) game.
Matthew Champion
Matthew Champion 2 aylar önce
14th set? My guy they're called games. Do you know how ridiculous a 14 set match sounds?
Mendo707sav (MrB)
Mendo707sav (MrB) 2 aylar önce
I'm not a fan of tennis bit I'd watch these guys. Truly amazing how much strength and endurance these guys have to wheel around like that and be able to hit accurately
Giuseppe P
Giuseppe P Aylar önce
Fenomenale grandi ragazzi ONORE A VOI ❤
PJ Lonely
PJ Lonely 22 gün önce
The best game ever see my life 50 years. Respect
Corey Murray
Corey Murray Aylar önce
Was gunna comment how amazing this is. Everyone else done it for me. ❤🤙
FUZexHITMANx11 2 aylar önce
This is so inspiring. Hats off to all 4 of these guys and all the other competitors in this sport!
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