Måneskin - ZITTI E BUONI (Official Video - Sanremo & EUROVISION 2021 Winners)

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Måneskin Official

Måneskin Official

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Måneskin - Zitti e Buoni
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Management Måneskin: Latarma srl (www.latarma.it)

Da un’idea di Måneskin e Simone Peluso

Una produzione Maestro Production
Regia e montaggio: Simone Peluso
Produttore Esecutivo: Antonio Giampaolo
Aiuta Regia: Simone Mastronardi
D.O.P: Leonardo Mirabilia
Co-Regia Luca Boarelli
Colorist: Rosario Balistreri
Scenografo: Raffaele Lucci
Organizzatore Generale: Laura Serra, Marina Greco
Production Supervisor: Giammario D’Eramo
Assistente di Produzione: Lorenzo Lecci, Giulia De mango, Lucrezia Graziano
Aiuto Operatore: Matteo Aloisi
Video Assist: Giuseppe Gentili
Ronin: Simone Lucarelli
Fotografo Manuel Grazia
Direttore Creativo: Niccolò Cerioni
Ass. Stylist: Michele Potenza
Ass. Stylist: Arianna Beachi
Ass. Stylist: Salvatore Pezzella
Sarta: Viola Sangiorgio
Make Up: Chantal Ciaffradini
Ass. Make Up: Valentina Spalletta
Hair Stylist: Nakita Anedda
Hair Stylist: Gaetano Pane
Capo Costruttore: Massimo Sergianni
Costruttori: Giorgio Rodinò, Giuseppe Guzzo
Coordinatrice Scenografia: Aggeliki Syrma
Scenografo: Raffaele Lucci
Assistente Scenografo: Claudia Tozzi
Lightning Designer&Gaffer: Alessandro D’Emilia
Elettricisti: Matteo Mazziotta, Simone Pugliani
Capo Macchinista: Daniele Anzellotti
Macchinista: Alessandro Corsetti
Catering: Makegreen
NCC: Maurizio Barbetti, Angela Fusaro, Fulvio Mikuleteic
Autisti Cartocci: Edgardo Marchetti, Alessio Avella, Roberto Arena, Giancarlo Cinti
Film production service by ILLMATIC Film Group - Jacopo Pica
Thanks to: Valentina Mariani, Bernardo Gori, Nicolò Salvatori, Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, Stefania Gorla,
Sony Music Italy
Carlo Cartocci, Livia Gabriotti, Beniamino Giampaolo, SP Solution, MM Studio Roma, Planet
Studio Factory.
Il video è stato realizzato rispettando tutte le misure di sicurezza a tutela del contenimento del
virus COVID-19.

YORUMLAR: 60 009
Lisa Yıl önce
For those who don’t speak italian, this song is a praise to the ability of being true to your unique nature and climbing your way up through time, tears and stuff people say about things they don’t even know shit about. Basically it’s about the goal of getting out of a suffocating reign of bigotry and dullness, in order to reach a viewpoint high enough to feel the thrill of the wind, a wind not strong enough to stop your inner power.
It’s crazy how many people in 2022 will return to listen this legendary song 🔥🏆
Stefania Giancane
Stefania Giancane
At the moment, Maneskin are the best young band around in the world. They sing and play with their soul, the lyrics of their Italian songs are poetic, profound, smart, fresh, thought-provoking, their English songs are full of energy and life, they are gorgeous, veeery young, humble, fun, polite and their glam rock style is a delight for the eyes.... what's not to like about them?
redbit redbit
redbit redbit
Personalmente estos chicos son espectaculares son buenos cantando, actuando, toccando,son verdadera obra maestra del arte ( Maneskin )🇮🇹🌏🎤🎸🎧
Harmony Lasko
Harmony Lasko
Happy first birthday to this absolute anthem. This song represents hope for a lot of people--not just for Italy but for the future of youth and rock and music in general. I'm so incredibly thankful that I got to discover it last year and I'm so proud of Måneskin and all that they have accomplished in the short time since this was released. I can't wait to see all of the amazing things the future holds for them, this is literally just the beginning.
Joana Ribeiro Santos
Joana Ribeiro Santos
I just hope they never lose this essence. No one wants a poor americanised version of maneskin
s Yıl önce
I'm just so damn grateful public votes exist cause this win, in my opinion, was very very well deserved.
Люблю всем сердцем! Манескин покорили весь мир. Они безусловные чемпионы и лидеры. Отдельно восхищения заслуживает тот факт, что они поддержали Украину. Самые лучшие ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Margo Goldfinch
Margo Goldfinch
the vocals and sound of instruments = they smash it all. Damiano's voice is out of this world.
Ian M
Ian M 4 saatler önce
I just found this song…if this won Eurovision i think its the first time in many years when nobody can contest the winner…this bomb is a masterpiece from start to end
Esta banda es buenísima, me alegra que sea tendencia y ojalá duren así
Renato Wanderley. (GN'R)
Renato Wanderley. (GN'R)
Cara....que banda sensacional, como a tempos não via igual. Junto com Greta...são os caras que mantem o Rock em sua essencia total.
fuck Disneyland
fuck Disneyland Yıl önce
can we just talk about how they literally killed this on stage it was so fucking iconic
ilker yıldırım
ilker yıldırım
Loro non sanno di che parlo
Jovan 14 gün önce
A year has passed since the victory of this phenomenal song and I am still listening to it! One of the best songs to win in the history of Eurovision! Greetings from Serbia! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Ирина К
Ирина К
Спустя год у меня мурашки по коже! Вы такие классные! Каждый из вас умничка и настоящий артист! Не растеряйте себя🤗
teigan blight
teigan blight
This has to be one of my absolute FAVOURITE songs by these guys so ICONIC and AMAZING followed Maneskin ever since X Factor Italy and Eurovision and now forever a part of their journey!!! SO HAPPY they won last year and this song is just too iconic cannot wait to see what the future holds for them so excited!!!
Redbit Redbitt
Redbit Redbitt 14 gün önce
🇮🇹 Questa canzone è totalmente perfetta È vincente , questi splendidi ragazzi sono un vero capolavoro 🔝🎸🎤
Asmi Shastri
Asmi Shastri
Am I Italian?
Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza
Vocês são muito bons... E a baixista é uma garota muito linda ❤️ ... Um beijo para vocês daqui do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️💋
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