Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - First Semi-Final - Full Show - Live Stream - Turin

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Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

20 gün önce

The First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on Tuesday 10 May live from the PalaOlimpico, Turin, Italy. Ten acts will qualify for the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May.

Competing in the First Semi-Final are:

🇦🇱 Albania: Ronela Hajati - Sekret
🇱🇻 Latvia: Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad
🇱🇹 Lithuania: Monika Liu - Sentimentai
🇨🇭 Switzerland: Marius Bear - Boys Do Cry
🇸🇮 Slovenia: LPS - Disko
🇺🇦 Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania
🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - Intention
🇳🇱 Netherlands: S10 - De Diepte
🇲🇩 Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Frații Advahov - Trenulețul
🇵🇹 Portugal: MARO - Saudade, Saudade
🇭🇷 Croatia: Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure
🇩🇰 Denmark: REDDI - The Show
🇦🇹 Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria - Halo
🇮🇸 Iceland: Systur - Með Hækkandi Sól
🇬🇷 Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord - Die Together
🇳🇴 Norway: Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana
🇦🇲 Armenia: Rosa Linn - Snap

Big 5 Countries Voting in the First Semi-Final:
🇫🇷 France
🇮🇹 Italy

The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates diversity through music. Please keep your comments respectful. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming or any other derogatory or hostile language. Offensive users will be blocked and reported. Music first, always.

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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 18 gün önce
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Reveron Everon
Reveron Everon 7 gün önce
Pop up decor and floor 😬
Reveron Everon
Reveron Everon 7 gün önce
Hi there thanks for sharing this The one and only 💓 💕🌻👬🌎🌍🌏🌹💋😏😏😏😏😏😏😏❤😎☝unconditional 😍
Goran Malbasic
Goran Malbasic 11 gün önce
Hteo bi samo da kazem da po sceni Rumuni su osvojili prvo nesto svaka I'm cast,Mali je razbio scenu,podijum,ali politike nazalost radi svoje I dalje.
Ibán Martínez
Ibán Martínez 12 gün önce
Qué vergüenza, echáis a Rusia, Australia ahora son más europeos que los rusos y como no gana Ucrania, 😂😂😂 qué nivel 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
RpM_TarTar :)
RpM_TarTar :) 17 gün önce
Timestamps & some memorable moments 0:11 Intro 2:40 Opening act: The Sound of Beauty 7:30 Hosts 11:55 / 12:42 Albania 🇦🇱 15:11 The Eurovision Helicopter: 2022 Edition 16:01 / 16:47 Latvia 🇱🇻 16:57 Pu🐱sy Moment 20:03 / 20:49 Lithuania 🇱🇹 24:10 / 24:56 Switzerland 🇨🇭 28:03 / 28:49 Slovenia 🇸🇮 32:05 / 32:50 Ukraine 🇺🇦 36:15 1st Break 37:07 Stage Building Timelapse & some facts 38:33 Back to the host, but in the Green room now 39:47 / 40:32 Bulgaria 🇧🇬 42:47 That Guitar Solo... 🔥 43:48 / 44:33 The Netherlands 🇳🇱 47:48 / 48:33 Moldova 🇲🇩 51:57 / 52:43 Portugal 🇵🇹 56:00 Coming up Tonight... And 2nd Break 57:30 / 58:16 Croatia 🇭🇷 1:01:34 / 1:02:19 Denmark 🇩🇰 1:05:42 3rd Break: What does Eurovision means to Mika? 1:06:37 Turquoise carpet Highlights 1:07:58 Back to hosts 1:08:41 / 1:09:26 Austria 🇦🇹 1:12:32 / 1:13:18 Iceland 🇮🇸 1:16:37 / 1:17:22 Greece 🇬🇷 1:20:30 / 1:21:15 Norway 🇳🇴 1:24:22 / Coming up in Grand Final... & 4th Break 1:25:52 / 1:26:37 Armenia 🇦🇲 1:28:56 Whoa, didn't expect that! 1:31:03 Europe, Start Voting Now! & 1st Recap 1:36:13 Italo-Disco Interval act 1:43:58 Final Recap 1:49:27 Europe, Stop Voting Now! 1:50:27 Diodato - Fai Rumore (ESC 2020 Italy 🇮🇹) 1:53:06 The Sun has finally moved! 1:54:25 Eurovision : Confidential 1:56:27 Maléna Interview (JESC 2021 Winner 🇦🇲) 1:58:34 Alvan &Ahez interview 🇫🇷 1:59:47 Fulenn Performance Snippet 2:00:46 Mahmood & BLANCO interview 🇮🇹 2:01:48 Brividi Performance Snippet 2:03:25 Coming up in Semi Final 2... 2:04:24 Martin Östherdahl 2:04:50 Semi Final Qualifiers Announcement 2:11:50 Qualifiers Recap & Credits 2:13:31 Outro 2:13:56 Umm... Legit, this took me forever, Please leave me a like as a sign of appreciation :) Also, I may add Iconic moments later, flags are done:)
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg 14 saatler önce
i love you so much for this, those time stamps are gold
Natascha Müller
Natascha Müller 8 gün önce
Omg thank you so much 🙏 i love the 😺 and subwoolfer moment
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose 10 gün önce
you’re doing the gods work!! thanks very much!x
Candy 11 gün önce
Angélica Pérez
Angélica Pérez 13 gün önce
holy sht thanks so much for your service
Morgan Lefeuvre
Morgan Lefeuvre 7 gün önce
31:06 that smile 💫 Still upset that Slovenia didn't qualify, I ranked them in my top ten so far their song is incredible 😭
Larisa Pavel
Larisa Pavel 15 gün önce
Bravo, Moldova! Bravo, Ucraina!❤️❤️
may _
may _ 14 gün önce
_XMUNY 14 gün önce
LETS GOOOO MOLDOVAA🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩👏👏👏
Xavier 16 gün önce
Bravooo! Zdob și zdub și frății Advahov!!! Multumim ca ne reprezentați! 🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩❤️
M B 14 gün önce
Great team. Congratulations!
Veronika Nagy
Veronika Nagy 18 gün önce
The audience during the acoustic part of Fai rumore is just WOW. This is what Eurovision is all about.
Alessandro Battaglini
Alessandro Battaglini 16 gün önce
@Павел Белов Said by one that is coming here patronizing and moralizing an entire manifestation and audience.
Павел Белов
Павел Белов 17 gün önce
A politicized contest of moral freaks.
Mai Nem
Mai Nem 17 gün önce
I loved that as well. This is a man who was cheated by fate from playing in the Eurovision Song Contest. Great song - I'm pleased he got his chance to perform in front of thousands after all.
Alessandro Battaglini
Alessandro Battaglini 17 gün önce
@Javier Hernandez Zamora Might have been pre recorded but I can assure you that the audience was incredibly loud during his performance. Every italian in the palace sang that, probably in tears. It was incredible.
Gulai Kurmanalieva
Gulai Kurmanalieva 15 gün önce
Молдова молодцы 👏 умеют зажигать и танцевать охота после вашей зажигательной песни
Ворд 8 gün önce
Никто не знает песню которая пела С красными волосами и с белым мужиком, это было типа песня-акт
Такие вот они загадочные животные
Такие вот они загадочные животные 13 gün önce
Молдова, молодцы!!! Какой год уже зажигают!!!
Ellena Cociu
Ellena Cociu 14 gün önce
SPORT MOTION 14 gün önce
Я с Украины, послушал раз 20, потом думаю зачем я это сделал? Пол ночи в голове эти скрипки с баянами звучали уснуть не мог, в пляс тянуло)))
Va Sa Bi
Va Sa Bi 14 gün önce
KALUSH 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦great performance, it was brilliant, you did a great job, you are handsome, you worked hard, you are super, we are for you! We are for you Ukraine,🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 we are with you!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️💪💙💛It's good for you to play in the final and win! Good luck! We are for you, UKRAINE🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👏😍
Julia Jiganova
Julia Jiganova 12 gün önce
Thank you so much for your support! 💙💛🙏🏼
eigow ou
eigow ou 12 gün önce
Everyone went crazy over the Moldova song! Everyone was bouncing and clapping along to the rhythm!
kisutis 16 gün önce
Loved songs from Ukraine, Moldova and Portugal! Maybe Ukrainian and Moldovan even more as they were more colourful and full of energy..
Julia Jiganova
Julia Jiganova 12 gün önce
george agache
george agache 16 gün önce
Ukraine- Moldova= neighbours. Thank you from your comment. From Romania, greetings!
Ivona Jankovic
Ivona Jankovic 17 gün önce
I really feel Balkan vibe from Moldova's performance and Serbians can't help but love it 🎉😍
Татьяна Овчинникова
Татьяна Овчинникова 14 gün önce
@_XMUNY Италия победит
Татьяна Овчинникова
Татьяна Овчинникова 14 gün önce
@sanjetina Я вас не понимаю !
sanjetina 14 gün önce
Agree re serbs 🤣
_XMUNY 14 gün önce
I love the moldova song I am from Moldova tho💪🇲🇩
Татьяна Овчинникова
Татьяна Овчинникова 16 gün önce
Печально очень что семнадцать стран , может всё образуется со временем и все выступят не зависит от политики !❤️
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 15 gün önce
12 points to Moldavia! They're going to do great, specially considering the big quantity of ballads and slow-moving songs on Saturday.
Zryyytyyy 16 gün önce
ale słodziutka Litwinka, podobało sie to wykonanie good job Lithuania
Emil Terman
Emil Terman 17 gün önce
For speedrunners: 12:38 - Albania 16:45 - Latvia 20:46 - Lithuania 24:52 - Switzerland 28:45 - Slovenia 32:45 - Героям слава 40:29 - Bulgaria 44:30 - Netherlands 48:31 - Moldova 💪 52:41 - Portugal 58:15 - Croatia 1:02:18 - Denmark 1:09:25 - Austria 1:13:19 - Iceland 1:17:20 - Greece 1:21:15 - Norway 1:26:34 - Armenia --- 1:43:57 - Recap 2:04:45 - Results
KurtKommerz 15 gün önce
I need Zdob si Zdub to be a regular part of Eurovision. Can't we just agree to let them participate for a different country every year?
green hermit
green hermit 18 gün önce
Diodato's act was probably one of the best ESC moments ever. This experience is maybe more precious even than a win...❤️🤍💚
Febe D'Hauwer
Febe D'Hauwer 17 gün önce
@Ju Les 1.50
Lia Lag
Lia Lag 17 gün önce
Something that Italy has proved is that really respect its artists..I was in tears when they said that they offered him the audience he deserved and then audience was singing with him and cheering..! An organisation that speaks to the heart!Well done Italy.
Chiara Pieroni
Chiara Pieroni 17 gün önce
I was there and it was beautiful!!!!😍❤🇮🇹
green hermit
green hermit 17 gün önce
@Ju Les 1:50:30
Ju Les
Ju Les 17 gün önce
Sandra Lauk
Sandra Lauk 16 gün önce
I loved Armenian song and Ukrainian very good. Moldova its just fantastic
Daria Doma
Daria Doma 17 gün önce
Bravo Zdob și Zdub va țin pumnii in finală. O piesă energica cântată in Română ce vrei mai mult 👏🏻
Kadans 11 gün önce
Моё сердце принадлежит Болгарии!!! My heart belongs to Bulgaria!!!
Анастасія Власенко
Анастасія Власенко 16 gün önce
I cry when listening Ukrainian song and smile when hear Moldovan song
SPORT MOTION 15 gün önce
После того как Россия распадется на маленькие федерации, обязательно все выпьем
Julia Levin
Julia Levin 15 gün önce
Попей успокаивающие
Ольга Ячигина
Ольга Ячигина 18 gün önce
Рада за Литву, Украину, Армению, Португалию. Здорово, что многие пели на родном языке. Жаль, не прошла Словения, очень болела за ребят, но верю, что впереди у них большое будущее.
Екатерина Смирнова
Екатерина Смирнова 17 gün önce
Из мелодичных песен у Португалии самая красивая ❤️ А из зажигательных - у Молдовы, они шикарны
-[Кто то.]-
-[Кто то.]- 17 gün önce
ДААА, мне очень понравилась Словения, жаль конечно(
Оксана Борщ
Оксана Борщ 17 gün önce
Я почемуто была уверина и очень надеелась что Словения выйграет
Elena La
Elena La 18 gün önce
Тоже болела за Армению и Молдову, хорошо что прошли
Igor Mihailov
Igor Mihailov 18 gün önce
Спасибо за Молдова, молодец так держать
Sasha Asyalox
Sasha Asyalox 16 gün önce
Стефанія мамо, мамо Стефанія Розквітає поле, а вона сивіє Заспівай мені, мамо, колискову Хочу ще почути твоє рідне слово Вона мене колисала, дала мені ритм І, напевне, силу волі не забрати в мене, бо дала вона Напевне, знала, може, більше і від Соломона Ломаними дорогами прийду я завжди до тебе Вона не розбудить, не будить, мене в сильні бурі Забере в бабулі дві дулі, ніби вони кулі Дуже добре знала мене, не була обманута Як була дуже втомлена, гойдала мене в такт Люлі, люлі, люлі, гой! Стефанія мамо, мамо Стефанія Розквітає поле, а вона сивіє Заспівай мені, мамо, колискову Хочу ще почути твоє рідне слово Я не в пеленах, но ма, но ма, хватить Як би я не виріс, на виріст за речі платить Я не мала дитина, вона далі нерви тратить Я гуляв, шляк би тебе трафив! Ти все молода, о мамо, на піку Якщо не ціню опіку на піку слави, мені в тупіку Забивайте піку, цю піку, я би попік, спік, своєю любов'ю Люлі, люлі, люлі, гой! Стефанія мамо, мамо Стефанія Розквітає поле, а вона сивіє Заспівай мені, мамо, колискову Хочу ще почути твоє рідне слово Стефанія мамо, мамо Стефанія Розквітає поле, а вона сивіє Заспівай мені, мамо, колискову Хочу ще почути твоє рідне слово
itz_pchelina 14 gün önce
Дуже файна пісня
Ира Даценко
Ира Даценко 16 gün önce
Raxoooooo 10 gün önce
The begging with dancers that play lights is just epic. Love it with all my heart ❤️
UY Scuti
UY Scuti 17 gün önce
Moldova!!! My Gosh!!! 😍🥰😘 48:33
Alla Abdrazyakova
Alla Abdrazyakova 14 gün önce
Go, Moldova!!! Much love!
Jeffrey 18 gün önce
So happy for Lithuania, Iceland and the Netherlands, making it through with their native language songs ❤️😭
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 17 gün önce
@Proxima Centauri concordo. Per noi latini la lingua fiamminga e' troppo avulsa dalla nostra 🙂 ma questa cantante e' cosi' dolce... non trovi?! Comunque niente a che vedere con il pastrocchio etnico-musicale dello scorso anno che e' valso ai Paesi Bassi un bell' 11+0 🙄🙄 saluti da Venezia 😃🇮🇹
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 17 gün önce
@Alexander Fedorenko wow GO_A !!! I loved them!!! And Catherina, the Queen ❤
Madame Guillotine
Madame Guillotine 18 gün önce
yes!! especially because there are too many countries that think a native language song not doing well is because it's not english, and then they're english-only for like an entire decade afterwards. it's such a shame.
Tautvydas Drūts
Tautvydas Drūts 18 gün önce
@Kiauras Kaminas Our Lithuanian language is not oldest in Europe. The oldest living language in Europe is Basque. Lithuanian iš the most Conservative of all PIE languages and one the most oldest Living Languages. I'm proud too for Monika!
Kiauras Kaminas
Kiauras Kaminas 18 gün önce
Our oldest language of Europe is in the Eurovision final! I'm lithuanian and so proud of it. Last time we sang in lithuanian we ended up in last place if i remember correctly. It was in 199x. And I want to congratulate our brothers from Ukraine!
RunningGirl1985 17 gün önce
Too many ballads made to finals :( :( But I am happy that Moldova made it, they were the very best in this semi-final :)
PatrickMhmYeah 15 gün önce
One of the highlights of Eurovision is seeing how Moldova will one-up their crazy energy from the previous year. They never fail.
Еліна Гусак
Еліна Гусак 16 gün önce
My Ukraine is so amazing,I proud to be ukrainian This song is amazing.
Vasile Razmiret
Vasile Razmiret 17 gün önce
👌👌👌❤️🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩 The best!!!
crispy9084 16 gün önce
Moldova you are my favorite ❤️🇲🇩❤️💛💙
Lorent Kerhanaj
Lorent Kerhanaj 18 gün önce
12:41, Albania 🇦🇱 16:47, Latvia 🇱🇻 20:49, Lithuania 🇱🇹 24:57, Switzerland 🇨🇭 28:51, Slovenia 🇸🇮 32:50, Ukraine 🇺🇦 40:34, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 44:34, Netherlands 🇳🇱 48:34, Moldova 🇲🇩 52:44, Portugal 🇵🇹 58:16, Croatia 🇭🇷 1:02:20, Denmark 🇩🇰 1:09:27, Austria 🇦🇹 1:13:17, Iceland 🇮🇸 1:17:23, Greece 🇬🇷 1:21:16, Norway 🇳🇴 1:26:37, Armenia 🇦🇲 2:05:18, Qualified for the Grand Final 2:05:18, 1st - Switzerland 🇨🇭 2:05:39, 2nd - Armenia 🇦🇲 2:06:04, 3rd - Iceland 🇮🇸 2:06:33, 4th - Lithuania 🇱🇹 2:06:57, 5th - Portugal 🇵🇹 2:07:23, 6th - Norway 🇳🇴 2:07:58, 7th - Greece 🇬🇷 2:08:30, 8th - Ukraine 🇺🇦 2:09:15, 9th - Moldova 🇲🇩 2:10:01, 10th - Netherlands 🇳🇱 Countries not qualified are: Albania 🇦🇱, Latvia 🇱🇻, Slovenia 🇸🇮, Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Croatia 🇭🇷, Denmark 🇩🇰 and Austria 🇦🇹. Countries qualified are: Switzerland 🇨🇭, Armenia 🇦🇲, Iceland 🇮🇸, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Portugal 🇵🇹, Norway 🇳🇴, Greece 🇬🇷, Ukraine 🇺🇦, Moldova 🇲🇩 and Netherlands 🇳🇱. CONGRATULATIONS!
Erna Kampmann
Erna Kampmann 13 gün önce
Білий Ангел
Білий Ангел 15 gün önce
Samanta Chka
Samanta Chka 17 gün önce
Thanks ❤
RpM_TarTar :)
RpM_TarTar :) 17 gün önce
Thanks, but Could you also add parts like interval acts, Qualifiers Announcement too? that'll be appreciated
M W 17 gün önce
Thank you👍
Anonymous  11
Anonymous 11 16 gün önce
Moldova 👏👏👏 greetings from 🇲🇰
Luís Carlos Matos
Luís Carlos Matos 15 gün önce
Congratulations Portugal and Maro, the great, great "revelation" singer; and for all your colleagues who make a choir of voices that is, simply, unique and formidable... making it seem like a "Magic Tribe" that comes to remember and embrace us with love, peace, freedom; and perhaps prayer of the heart... through a single word (Saudade) that means a lot in human relationships and that can also perfectly mean "missing the future" (better), despite the pain and sacrifice!... It's a beautiful song that deserves win the Eurovision Song in Turin, Italy!!! Thank you for your sincere and coherent reaction to this wonderful song!... Maro is a simple, authentic, intelligent, unpretentious girl with a spectacular voice. A million kisses and hugs!! 👍🏽👍🏽❤️❤️😍💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽😘😘💖💖💜💚💗
F LORDI 14 gün önce
The worst boring ESC ever....Only Mika from Uk, Uk sound, and Maro from Portugal were fantastic!
Knoksi 14 gün önce
Maro is one of my favorite artists, can't believe she's at the EPC to represent Portugal, so cool!
Igor Pala
Igor Pala 15 gün önce
Молдова супер уже на 8-ой минуте зажгли зал👍👍👍
Juliia Lv
Juliia Lv 13 gün önce
мне тоже молдова понравилась
Victoria A
Victoria A 17 gün önce
Moldova surprised me! Wow! Such a cool song and performance. 👍👍👍
Eliana 18 gün önce
Most shocking set of results in ages, but congrats to all those that qualified!
Gigi Lafonte
Gigi Lafonte 15 gün önce
@Selenight_Asmr Her outfit was vulgar.
Thommelom 16 gün önce
@kokyma oh come on, our song isnt that bad. I don't particularly like it either, but there's defo worse songs this year, and I'd say we deserved to go trough
kokyma 17 gün önce
Why shocking. The only real shock is norway. All the rest is okay
Ron Farkas
Ron Farkas 17 gün önce
@Marie people with functioning ears. Austria had trash vocals (if you can even call it that cuz the mystery backup singer carried most of it) and Albania was just a whole mess. A song isn't gonna qualify if it doesn't perform well on the night that it matters, no matter how much you hyped it in advance.
Anasteisha Korjenko
Anasteisha Korjenko 17 gün önce
They relieved that the worst songs,excepting Norway's, are the best??? Wtf İ can't believe in this.I'm shocked 😱😱😱
mr y mysterious video
mr y mysterious video 16 gün önce
Loving Moldova, loved them first time around too
Uncivilised Pink
Uncivilised Pink 15 gün önce
Ukraine for the win!!!!! Love from Greece✌️💗
itz_pchelina 14 gün önce
σας ευχαριστώ
Christian Ferracini
Christian Ferracini 15 gün önce
This year Moldova rocks!!!
Татьяна ******
Татьяна ****** 12 gün önce
Молдаване, молодцы! Веселые ребята!
Сергей Суслов
Сергей Суслов 12 gün önce
Свадьба. Но прикольно.
Leoni_mx 18 gün önce
Albania 12:40 ❌ Latvia 16:48 ❌ Lithuania 20:48 ✔ Switzerland 24:53 ✔ Slovenia 28:46 ❌ Ukraine 32:47 ✔ Bulgaria 40:30 ❌ The Netherlands 44:30 ✔ Moldova 48:33 ✔ Portugal 52:43 ✔ Croatia 58:13 ❌ Denmark 1:02:17 ❌ Austria 1:09:24 ❌ Iceland 1:13:16 ✔ Greece 1:17:20 ✔ Norway 1:21:14 ✔ Armenia 1:26:38 ✔ Bonus 1:50:30 FAI RUMORE
Piccolo Fastidio
Piccolo Fastidio 14 gün önce
Elisabetta 15 gün önce
This is remarkable
Davudex 15 gün önce
Наталка Штефанюк
Наталка Штефанюк 15 gün önce
Фільм не дивилася. Україна не має дубляжу, перекладу на Українську. На російську теж.
Leoni_mx 15 gün önce
@Fidan Sayadlı in a different semi final?
Lia Roman
Lia Roman 16 gün önce
Bravo moldovenii Zdob și Zdup👍👏👏👏
Dainius Nesvarbu
Dainius Nesvarbu 16 gün önce
Hey ho- lets go,Moldova! Twelve points from Lithuania goes to Moldova!!!
Arturas Petraitis
Arturas Petraitis 16 gün önce
Moldova for the Win! :)
Tishana Cucci
Tishana Cucci 15 gün önce
thanks soo much guys for voting for Moldova!!!🙏🙏🙏🥰 we are so appreciated from our hearts!!! peace for all Europe❤️
Borja Bethencourt
Borja Bethencourt 17 gün önce
12 points to Moldavia! They're going to do great, specially considering the big quantity of ballads and slow-moving songs on Saturday.
Katea Oprea
Katea Oprea 14 gün önce
Thank you very much for your appreciation! I love our Moldovan Zdob si Zdub!
The Mentor
The Mentor 16 gün önce
It's utter trash
Rachel Bushong
Rachel Bushong 17 gün önce
Top 10 surely, they’re outstanding
Christian J
Christian J 17 gün önce
They should change staging... the song is fun but I want a train cart. It doesn't have to move, just have it wobble or shake a little for the illusion.
Mihai ion Todor
Mihai ion Todor 15 gün önce
Bravo Moldova pentru originalitatea mix folk etno.Superba muzica.🤞
Marianne P
Marianne P 17 gün önce
I really loved that they used a monument with Ancient Greek columns and Greek aesthetic for Greece's entry!! Such an amazing iconic choice. Grazie Italia! I am not a huge fan of the Greek entry but I loved the blue color of the stage and how well it went with the water running underneath the stage-it was all very Greek even though the song was in English.
Liudmyla Kolomiiets
Liudmyla Kolomiiets 15 gün önce
Tfd412 16 gün önce
Bulgaria, Moldova and Netherlands performed very well. And of course Ukraine. =) But Lithuania was the Best! So delicious and stylish song and an artist!
Griselda Lopez
Griselda Lopez 18 gün önce
Moldova and Greece my favorites of the night, bravo! from Mexico
FailMIX_MD 16 gün önce
thank you very much! with love from Moldova!🇲🇩
Rosita Sultana
Rosita Sultana 17 gün önce
You have to get up and dance! Moldovan style...:)))
Tata 18 gün önce
Молдова,Вам удачи и победы
Victoria Svsvsvsv
Victoria Svsvsvsv 18 gün önce
Thanks from Moldova 🇦🇩
Марина Кундаева
Марина Кундаева 17 gün önce
Moldavia made great performance!!!💥💥💥
Вікторія 15 gün önce
I don't know how many times I watch the play Kalush, I have goosebumps from their song💙💛
itz_pchelina 14 gün önce
Дададаа,вони прекрасно спели!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Vincenzo Nevezella
Vincenzo Nevezella 17 gün önce
Amazing performance from Armenia and Portugal, their songs was so heartwarming.
Vincenzo Nevezella
Vincenzo Nevezella 15 gün önce
@Daniel aus K Yes, I agree with it, like that song too 👍
Daniel aus K
Daniel aus K 15 gün önce
You forgot The Netherlands.
Регина Соловьева
Регина Соловьева 12 gün önce
Zdob si Zdub forever!!! Обожаю этих парней!!!
Lovro 18 gün önce
So happy that Lithuania and Moldova have qualified. They weren't fan favourites but they did their best and at the end they deservedly made to the final. Congratulations, love from Croatia. 🇭🇷♥️♥️♥️♥️🇱🇹🇲🇩
Alaska Pollock
Alaska Pollock 16 gün önce
@Adin the gamer gazap Ukraine is the best not only in songs, look how they wins over the гussian occupiers and kicks them out
Adin the gamer gazap
Adin the gamer gazap 16 gün önce
@Alaska Pollock Ukraine was better
Alaska Pollock
Alaska Pollock 16 gün önce
@Adin the gamer gazap whether you like it or not, it doesn't matter
Adin the gamer gazap
Adin the gamer gazap 17 gün önce
I don’t like lithuania how did they even qualify
JassO 17 gün önce
Prob juries liked them, they often have better taste
София Бреславская
София Бреславская 15 gün önce
oh Ukraine sang very well, I liked it very much 😭💗🇺🇦
Aleena 16 gün önce
I love you very much, Kalush! ❤️ I listen to you a lot. I really hope you will win! I am very sad about what is happening in Ukraine. I pray for Ukraine. 💙💛 With love from a Hungarian! ❤️
Aleena 15 gün önce
@Февзи Караогланов You're welcome.
Февзи Караогланов
Февзи Караогланов 15 gün önce
Thanks!💙💛🙏 Your support is very important!
Lenur Batalov
Lenur Batalov 16 gün önce
Aleena 16 gün önce
@Zloy Deda You're welcome.
Real Talk
Real Talk 17 gün önce
I love it when they sing in their own language!!
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