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Free Documentary - Nature

Free Documentary - Nature

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Great Smoky Mountains - A Fairytale World from Once Upon A Time | Wildlife Documentary
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the southeastern United States, with parts in Tennessee and North Carolina. The park straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. The park contains some of the highest mountains in the eastern United States, including Clingmans Dome, Mount Guyot, and Mount Le Conte. The border between the two states runs northeast to southwest through the center of the park. The Appalachian Trail passes through the center of the park on its route from Georgia to Maine. With 12.5 million visitors in 2019, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States.
The park is almost 95 percent forested, and almost 36 percent of it, 187,000 acres (76,000 ha), is estimated by the Park Service to be old growth forest with many trees that predate European settlement of the area. It is one of the largest blocks of deciduous, temperate, old growth forest in North America.
The variety of elevations, the abundant rainfall, and the presence of old growth forests give the park an unusual richness of biota. About 19,000 species of organisms are known to live in the park, and estimates as high as an additional 100,000 undocumented species may also be present.
Park officials count more than 200 species of birds, 50 species of fish, 39 species of reptiles, and 43 species of amphibians, including many lungless salamanders. The park has a noteworthy black bear population, numbering about 1,500.[38] Elk (wapiti) were reintroduced to the park in 2001. Elk are most abundant in the Cataloochee area in the southeastern section of the park.
It is also home to species of mammals such as the raccoon, bobcat, two species of fox, river otter, woodchuck, beaver, two species of squirrel, opossum, coyote, white-tailed deer, chipmunk, two species of skunk, and various species of bats.
Over 100 species of trees grow in the park. The lower region forests are dominated by deciduous leafy trees. At higher altitudes, deciduous forests give way to coniferous trees like Fraser fir. In addition, the park has over 1,400 flowering plant species and over 4,000 species of non-flowering plants.
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Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature Yıl önce
The park contains some of the highest mountains in the eastern United States, including Clingmans Dome, Mount Guyot, and Mount Le Conte. The border between the two states runs northeast to southwest through the center of the park. The Appalachian Trail passes through the center of the park on its route from Georgia to Maine. With 12.5 million visitors in 2019, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States.
grant smythe
grant smythe Yıl önce
I once lived near the Park and hacked on the Appalachian Trail many times. Winter and Fall hiking are beautiful.
amaresh roy
amaresh roy Yıl önce
Good effort to present such nature before ordinary Indian like me with no scope to tour this world. Great gratitude to all of u
amaresh roy
amaresh roy Yıl önce
There r some nature lovers phographing at the cost of life,money make scope 4 us to quench the thirst to enjoy nature of God.
amaresh roy
amaresh roy Yıl önce
Any kind hearted will invite this 67y old Indian for 15days visit of mnp at my cost.
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨 Yıl önce
Is there America ? 😳
Bruce Dow
Bruce Dow Yıl önce
I'd heard of the Great Smoky Mountains, but never passed through them until I was in my 50s. I was surprised at how beautiful they were, as I grew up with the Grand Canyon nearby. I saw beauty everywhere I traveled, but didn't imagine the quiet beauty of the Smoky Mtns.
John Shields
John Shields Yıl önce
It's amazing how balanced and beautiful the forests are, without human intrusion.
Chesterfield The 3rd
Chesterfield The 3rd 2 aylar önce
Keywords without humans.
Mark Mayhew
Mark Mayhew Yıl önce
As someone who lives in the Smokey mountains in Western North Carolina I'd say this Documentary did a pretty good job. It's a beautiful place and hope as many people as possible get to visit and take in the scenery.
Tokumei Yıl önce
Any Sasquatch encounters or stories?
HLeigh Yıl önce
I've been a few times and feel in love with the Smoky mountains in TN! I live in FL and I'm planning to move this year to NC or TN. I'm content as long as I'm in the mountains! I don't understand how everyone doesn't want to live there, but it's a good thing they don't, lol.
Hallands Yıl önce
But where’re the Bigfoot? Gotta be some around?
Andrusa Aliiy
Andrusa Aliiy Yıl önce
@HLeigh everyone does want to live here in Asheville there are so many people that moved here especially in the last 5 years it's caused land prices to go up like crazy
GrRiddle Gorilla
GrRiddle Gorilla Yıl önce
I lived in Asheville and Woodfin for years. Absolutely miss the parks and natural beauty.
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker Yıl önce
Awesome documentary! I'm 45 and have lived 2-3 hours west of the Smokies my entire life. Been there dozens of times, yet I still learned things about the Park that I never knew, thanks to this documentary. Well done and thank you!
Greg V
Greg V Yıl önce
Where do you live? I'm in Putnam County(Cookeville) about 2.5 hours west of the park.
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker Yıl önce
@Greg V Just outside Spencer!
Greg V
Greg V Yıl önce
@Ryan Baker wow. Been through there lots. Beautiful country up on the mountain, and been to Fall Creek Falls several times. I'm actually closer to you as I live in Baxter. Went to Upperman and we played you guys in sports. In my day there was a guy named Tracy Curtis from there. Great basketball player. I think he was 6' 7"or better.
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker Yıl önce
@Greg V I’m 45 so he was ahead of me in high school, but I certainly recall the name and his reputation as a player!
Greg V
Greg V Yıl önce
@Ryan Baker it truly is a small world. Been good talking to you. Next time I go through Van Buren County on 111 south I will honk.
Jake Bob
Jake Bob Yıl önce
What some people never know is that the Appalachia plateau was once the highest mountain range only to to be exposed to erosion over millions of years. Nothing can ever compare to this diverse mountain range and its diverse environment.
Shelly Cline
Shelly Cline Yıl önce
This documentary is so incredibly beautiful. It actually made me cry. I lived in the smokies up until a couple of years ago and I miss it so much. Thank you for this wonderful piece of work 💓.
Deborah Fraser
Deborah Fraser Yıl önce
Chris Ullery
Chris Ullery Yıl önce
I live in Knoxville and spring is here. Pear trees are starting to bloom. I really love east tennessee. Come home!
Nancy Webb
Nancy Webb Yıl önce
I have lived all over the country and Mexico, The Smokies never leave your heart. When deciding where I want to spend my last years I chose to return to Blount County. I am a 78 year old woman and spend my time in my yard where I have a large garden where I donate the food to the food bank. I have planted native trees and shrubs for the wildlife which I love to watch.
Janice Smith2
Janice Smith2 Yıl önce
We took a week-long vacation in Tennessee a few years ago, and I would be perfectly happy to live in those beautiful mountains! I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, and we too have beautiful mountains. 🇺🇸
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu 8 aylar önce
Do you think the mountains are similar in pa and tn?
Abundant Harmony
Abundant Harmony 4 aylar önce
@Andrew Vu That's what I was going to ask.
Abundant Harmony
Abundant Harmony 4 aylar önce
How would you compare the mountains in Tennessee to the mountains in Pennsylvania?
Janice Smith2
Janice Smith2 4 aylar önce
@Andrew Vu Now that’s a tough one, having only spent a week in Tennessee. And I’ve since been informed by my sisters that Pennsylvania doesn’t have mountains, only “hills.” But to me they’re mountains, just not as high as Tennessee’s mountains. I can’t decide which are more beautiful. I live 200 miles from my hometown, and I take the “back way” when I drive there. It’s all winding roads through forests, state forests, small towns. Even saw bears crossing the road one time! And now that I live in another state, the mountains/hills always strike me as beautiful all over again when I see them. Guess I’d have to vote for Pennsylvania’s mountains, since I know them better. 🇺🇸
Andrew Vu
Andrew Vu 4 aylar önce
@Janice Smith2 thanks!!
Cm1214 Yıl önce
I feel blessed to be born and raised at the foothills of the Appalachia. I absolutely love this episode, thank you
Sigurdsson 10 aylar önce
Lol I feel blessed to be born and raised at the foothills of the rocky mountains 😂
Ely Ace
Ely Ace 2 aylar önce
@Cm1214 I agree I don't understand why people complain about mountains.
Tash Johnson
Tash Johnson 6 aylar önce
Please keep making nature docs free. I love all of them. This one is one of my favorites...incl the other US national park. The narrator, omg, he js rediculously awesome!!! His everything is excellent. Great orator, entertaining. His voice is simply "the one". Your docs are educational, entertaining, relaxing, soothing. Needless to say they are watched again and again and again.... always the same impact :) Be safe out there. Keep 'em comin 😁
DLionheart 10 aylar önce
This documentary is absolutely stunning - rich in so VERY many ways. Bravo to all involved in the making of this. A dear friend who lives in England shared this w/me earlier today... I live in this area of The USA and absolutely love so very much about it. I certainly did not know many things fabulously featured in this film. I'm originally from New England and miss "my" ocean so much but have fallen equally in love with these mountains... ~Thank you soooo very much for this magnificent and in depth look into these hills and the life within. 🥰
DFekt Dysfunkshun
DFekt Dysfunkshun Yıl önce
I was born in Sevierville TN, and my heart still awaits my return. This was great to watch 👍 and oh my god! I remember my aunt Leslie lived where there were SO MANY fireflies!!! I could run with an open mason jar and have it filled within a few minutes. Not even. The most magical little kid memory 🤗
Kevin Tolbert
Kevin Tolbert Yıl önce
Have you seen the lighting bugs that light up all at the same time? They say you only see on Jake's creek TN. side. I've seen them on Forney creek nc. side. Really cool to see.
Dodge Mega
Dodge Mega 11 aylar önce
@Kevin Tolbert Thanks for sharing.
Matt Markus
Matt Markus 29 gün önce
I lived 18 miles up the mountain from Laurel Falls. I feel lucky to have spent all that time in nature every day. It was thrilling. Thank you, Mom. You provided us with so many interesting adventures. RIP
Rita 6 aylar önce
Stunning ...The flora and fauna amidst the beautiful landscape ...Time stands still when Nature is at its absolute best....
Teana Yıl önce
If you've ever been there it is truly magic and when you leave it unfortunately that's when you realize you left the most magical beautiful place on Earth
Thomas Branson
Thomas Branson Aylar önce
The Great Smokies was my back yard as a kid growing up. I dream of the day of my return. I miss this place more than anywhere I have traveled throughout my life. I thank God for those mountains.
Cathy Heston
Cathy Heston Yıl önce
Growing up, my family every year vacationed in the Smokies before summer. What great memories ❤ This was before it became popular to do so.
Rand Quadrozzi
Rand Quadrozzi Aylar önce
I was raised in the mountains in the northeast but when I moved down south I was shocked by the size and beauty of the smokey and blueridge mountains.
Khadeeja Rahman
Khadeeja Rahman Yıl önce
Oh the wonders of nature, God Be Praised! I've enjoyed the documentary as a whole and more especially the wildlife, landscapes and of course you the narrator for such brilliant & articulate speech! Cheers and Good luck! Khadeeja Alghali-Rahman (London, UK)🌻
Mildred R Harmon
Mildred R Harmon 7 aylar önce
I’m so proud and blessed to have been in these mountains many generations 🥰🙌🏼❤️✝️🙏🏼😍
Beautiful Florida
Beautiful Florida 9 aylar önce
Absolutely gorgeous views! Blooming flora and very unique fauna!
Chadwick Farnsworth
Chadwick Farnsworth 8 aylar önce
This National Park must NEVER be reduced in size. In fact, it needs to be expanded. Developers would tear every tree down, if they were allowed.
missdeeva2266 5 gün önce
Heck they arw trying...too many tourists and the mountains are shrinking with all the developments
EdwinPeter Higginson
EdwinPeter Higginson Yıl önce
Superb documentary. A beautiful place on Earth, well written and excellently narrated. Thanks to all concerned.
Rosie Brierley
Rosie Brierley Yıl önce
The view of the Mother and cubs in the den was totally enchanting...thank you. x
mad6 Yıl önce
Great documentary. Really enjoyed it because I'm an avid hiker and went through the park in the AT. It was interesting to learn more about what I had seen.
mbd501 Yıl önce
Good documentary. I've never been there, but I've been to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, which is very similar, in terms of the terrain and the wildlife. It's just further north and not as big. They're both part of the Appalachian Mountains.
Star Dust
Star Dust 4 aylar önce
I love the Smokies and Blue Ridge mountains---they are a continental treasure---and far, FAR older than the Rockies or Cascades.
Suzette Bavier
Suzette Bavier Yıl önce
Wow! No wonder my grandma who was from Tennessee told me she hoped someday i would go there on vacation. I literally Just discovered this channel & Subscribed, rang 🛎 & gave 👍
Renee Souder
Renee Souder Yıl önce
Just a few miles from me. Yes amazingly beautiful! I'm in NE TN, and in the mountains also. As far as beauty and comfort goes, it doesn't get much better. Sure, there's things politically in Tenn and the neighboring states, but as far as the rest goes, I'd hate to live anywhere else but these mountains.
Vonne 7 aylar önce
My family and I vacationed there! We had a cabin in the mountains! Best vacation we've taken! I fell so much in love I thought about moving there lol
2msvalkyrie Yıl önce
As a British visitor to the States I always feel that many Americans don't fully appreciate the stunning variety of landscapes they have ; from forests to deserts to mountains . Guys : you have everything ! Don't take it for granted . My own favourites : the South West / Montana and Deep South (Louisiana / Mississippi ).
Robert Cronin
Robert Cronin Yıl önce
It's true...we do take for granted the vast variety of landscape's remarkable when fully realized.
Kantucky John
Kantucky John Yıl önce
Can't speak for everyone but I know I sure appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed your visit/s. Even living here though, it's not inexpensive to travel from one end of the nation to the other.
Rhashel Price
Rhashel Price Yıl önce
I as well appreciate it greatly 😃
Mathew Blackman
Mathew Blackman Yıl önce
If you open your eyes, you see it, and it is vast and marvelous indeed. Unfortunately, the society / culture is preoccupied with meaningless advocating of inane social issues and simply can’t see the forest before the trees. Flying coast to coast one realizes how HUGE the country really is, and how “social issues” are quite local in nature and have no real impact on the nation as a whole, except in their own minds. Get outside a little more often and you may come to realize that. It’s a great big beautiful country!
raqib michigan usa
raqib michigan usa Yıl önce
Everytime I (trucker) pass by look at the sign ' the mountains are calling ' I traveled all the states except Alaska & Hawaii, it's a beautiful country,
James Benz
James Benz Yıl önce
I could never be a trucker, it's really hard work. But I would love to do more traveling and I'd bet you've seen some cool stuff throughout your driving. What are some of the coolest/weirdest stuff you've seen while working?
John Coffee Hays
John Coffee Hays Yıl önce
Keep on truckin
Ernie Lara
Ernie Lara 10 aylar önce
@James Benz m
TDXENERGY 9 aylar önce
AWESOME..So..LUCKY sir. 👌🙏💞♾👁
Gerald Linao
Gerald Linao 8 aylar önce
@John Coffee Hays v b xh
ian gregory
ian gregory 8 aylar önce
A breathtaking insight into nature!
Sara Chaney
Sara Chaney Yıl önce
The reason you see so many dead trees in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is largely due to this balsam wooly adelgid insect. The insects leave tall, dead trees standing out in stark contrast to the forests’ thick green canopy. This species was a noted killer of Fraser firs on Mount Mitchell in North Carolina as far back as 1957.
Just4mygrl Yıl önce
Beautiful documentary. I love the different colors there, would love to see it up close ❤
Patricia Crowther
Patricia Crowther Yıl önce
Amazing creation these bears, how the whole cycle happens is breathtaking.
Tina Tremain
Tina Tremain Yıl önce
What an enjoyable program! I loved seeing all the wildlife and flowers.
Ted Hernandez
Ted Hernandez Yıl önce
I walked the Appalachian trail in north western New Jersey....this video reminded me of those wonderful times in the woods. Been to the Catskill mountains, also to New York's Adirondack mountains. Years ago I remember being offered an office job in New York City. The monies on the table was, well great! However I decided that I didn't want to spend a good part of my life looking out of the window to another large towering building. So I decided to go the transportation route...I never looked back. Now that I'm a "Young Retiree"? I've managed to get a great part time job that has me traveling thru the New England states twice a week,. straight through to Maine coastline..Beautiful scenery ( I even get to goof off and go for a hike). Hopefully in the near future I get t a chance to visit the Smoky Mountains. Have relatives that live in North Carolina. I'm very fortunate that I can visit such beauty in my country. Thanks so much for this wonderful video!
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 aylar önce
The Appalachians are one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth. There are more species of trees in one hollow in Great Smokie Mts. NP than there are in all of Europe.
LauraNYC 7 aylar önce
Absolutely magnificent Mother Nature ❤🇺🇸
Smokey Yıl önce
The forest of Foxfire in the park is the most enchanting thing on the planet to witness in the moonlight.. Words can't describe it
Missum Enim Satanas 666
Missum Enim Satanas 666 Yıl önce
I love that area. Although for me I think Southern Kentucky is eleven more beautiful...especially in the fall. I went through a town called Monticello once in Kentucky and the country was AMAZING!!! They have a beautiful man made lake there called Cumberland lake as well. But northern Tennessee and Southern Kentucky is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky is also next door to that small Monticello town. Gorgeous scenery for sure.
J. D. Anderson
J. D. Anderson Yıl önce
That's where I live, right on lake Cumberland, I'm surrounded on all sides by the Daniel Boone national Forest. It is very beautiful here, and I love it. I've lived and traveled across America and halfway around the world... I always ended up back home in hollers of South Eastern Kentucky. Now my kids are grown and I have no more desire to roam. I stay here on my little home stead of 12 acres, about 15 miles north of the TN/KY line, just east of Cumberland Falls... In the heart of the Daniel Boone national Forest.
clippedwings Yıl önce
My guess is... people would always think a place they've gone to as a better place. It's quite subjective what makes one place is better than other. But things they've experienced themselves leave better impressions than those they've only seen from a video. Take what I said with all the salt in the ocean.
T Monster
T Monster Yıl önce
@clippedwings everyone had a right to their own opinion…Ahh the Beauty of Freedom is great isn’t it
Gunner Christian
Gunner Christian Yıl önce
bet you didn’t hike mount leconte or even touch mount mitchell 😂😂😂 pls hush
Lucas Randolph
Lucas Randolph Yıl önce
@clippedwings it was a joke yo lol
So gorgeous. Thanks so much for making this video!
Martyn Haggerty
Martyn Haggerty 3 aylar önce
Marvellous documentary.. showing nature's interdependence and variety.
GrRiddle Gorilla
GrRiddle Gorilla Yıl önce
I loved living in Western North Carolina. Appalachia is a fantastic region.
Anshuman Mishra
Anshuman Mishra Yıl önce
What a beautiful nature.
Cathy Heston
Cathy Heston Yıl önce
Wow! Never knew Elk were introduced. Not there in the 60's and early 70's. Awesome!!! Also not mentioned here is poison ivy as I encountered it on a trip😁
Heidi Handschin
Heidi Handschin Yıl önce
Exactly why I want to build a log house in the Smokies so I can enjoy it more than a couple times a year! 😍
morrisonscott429 10 aylar önce
Hello 👋 how are you doing?
travis coates
travis coates Yıl önce
The PBS Nature Documentary Series are an all time favorite of mine. I’ve seen them all!
Chuck DaVinci
Chuck DaVinci 4 aylar önce
So glad to make it through a modern nature documentary with no mention of climate change 😌
Stump Shorts
Stump Shorts Yıl önce
Absolutely love the smokies. One of my favorite places to go since a little kid
Kellie Sharpe
Kellie Sharpe 8 aylar önce
Smoky Mountain born and raised. I’ve lived my whole life here on the Tennessee side. I’m from Blount County and I’ve spent the last 25 years in Townsend because that’s where my husband was born and raised….so when I say I’m from the Smokies, I really mean it. If you’re reading this and you plan to visit the park, please please leave your spray paint and sharpies at home. This place has become so trashed with graffiti that people have even taken to spray painting their names on trees as if someone gives a damn that “Chad was here.” And your trash doesn’t belong on the side of the road or on a trail. We have trash up to our ears. It started in 2015ish when people found out via social media that the outdoors exists. When they found out they could get some attention on social media for posting pictures from here, the park began its decline into a trash filled space. All the “nature lovers” just throw their trash out the window of their cars. Don’t believe me?…drive through and watch the sides of the roads. Stop at an overlook and count the beer cans and bottles. If you smoke, put your cigarette butt in your back pocket until you get to your car. Why not make national parks and state parks the ONE AREA you choose to just not open that window and drop out your trash? Just wait a couple of hours and throw it out elsewhere if you just have to do it and you just can’t wait until you’re at a trash can. And above all…feeding a bear for a photo makes you a horrible human being, not a photographer. If that’s your plan, nobody wants you here. The mountains, trees, and wildlife don’t want you here either. They hate those people. Just know that…if you throw out your trash or feed the wildlife, even the mountains themselves don’t like you and they don’t want your feet on them.
missdeeva2266 5 gün önce
We live in's crazy all the developments here and now I keep reading about some huge development they are trying to get in Townsend....
moses26 Yıl önce
incredible work done.we appreciate your efforts
Gretta Lemabouchou
Gretta Lemabouchou Yıl önce
The film quality in these videos are exemplary. Thankyou.
Amie watch
Amie watch Yıl önce
This is so amazing for our Planet Earth of all graceful Mother Nature indeed .
J. D. Anderson
J. D. Anderson Yıl önce
I find it hard to believe they did a documentary on the Smoky Mountains Park and didn't mention Horace Killpatchric ( may have misspelled his name sorry) the park would not exist without him.
Larry Basinger
Larry Basinger Yıl önce
Jai K
Jai K Yıl önce
The American National Park Series is Awesome ; Great Voice ; Camera ...everything is good about these relaxing.....thank you.........
Janelle Vocate-Ames
Janelle Vocate-Ames Yıl önce
Wow, thank you for all your hard work! Beautiful.
Jose rico
Jose rico Yıl önce
I don’t think it’s his work
Герман Устинов
Герман Устинов Yıl önce
Prajakta Joshi
Prajakta Joshi Yıl önce
@Jose rico but still good collection
Beautiful, thank you and have a wonderful evening from Greece :) 🇬🇷😍
ingrid durden
ingrid durden Yıl önce
Beautiful film and witty narrator. Great series. Thanks for sharing !
70后80后90后经典老歌 Yıl önce
Other than people testing their internet and devices. Can u wait a second to admire how beautiful the video is and animals and stuff nature at its best
ramchandra ingale
ramchandra ingale Yıl önce
अद्भुत,अप्रतिम जंगलचे चित्रीकरण,प्रत्यक्ष तिथे जाऊन जंगल पाहात असल्याचा अनुभव येतो,अप्रतिम documentry,खूप जणांना पाहण्यासाठी शिफारस केली
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell 3 aylar önce
I went camping here in fall. Spectacular. There are some areas being overwhelmed by ivy.
Terry R
Terry R Yıl önce
Love the Lord of the Rings reference. As long as there are no goblins, wargs, ringwraiths, and orcs I’d like to visit! If there are dwarves, hobbits, and elves there I wouldn’t mind. As long as the elves don’t aim their bows at me😊😊😊
none Yıl önce
That was the stupidest part of the script.
Thylacoleo_tooth Yıl önce
@none hush
for[*****]purposes Yıl önce
@none 😝
Itx_me_Kat Yıl önce
So beautiful sach a great documentary 👌
Henrietta Nate
Henrietta Nate Yıl önce
Wonderfully done. Narrator is cool too❤️❤️❤️
Gabriela Dandu
Gabriela Dandu Yıl önce
Just awesome video , superb place , i love nature , great work 🥰👍🥰
Suzanne McCullough
Suzanne McCullough 27 gün önce
It’s so incredible to view such Depth Grateful🙏🏽
MC1968 Yıl önce
America The Beautiful, God shed his Grace on Thee. Never was a phrase more fitting than The Great Smokey Mountains. 🥰❤
srinivas hd
srinivas hd Yıl önce
Beautiful nature🙏
Boy d Xplorer
Boy d Xplorer Yıl önce
Great share. Interesting to watch. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
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শহিদুল ইসলাম ফকির ব্যাবসী Yıl önce
প্রকৃতি কতটা সুন্দর না দেখলে বিশ্বাস করতাম না
Yvonne Marshall
Yvonne Marshall Yıl önce
Wonderful to see I love Mother Nature Big Thank you So lovely to see the wild flowers Muma Bear and Cubs The Great Smoky reminds me of south Africa and the clouds that gather like ocean wave over the mountains Ants are fascinating to watch ,love those Turkeys . Yvonne mullion Cornwall England
Joshua Brande
Joshua Brande Yıl önce
Beautiful and spirit lifting. Thank you.
Lynn Leigha
Lynn Leigha Yıl önce
Did you know that hummingbirds weigh less than an American penny and is the only bird that can fly backwards ❤️♥️💛💚💙💜
E.J. Yıl önce
This is why so many Americans never leave their country. We have Florida we have the upland south the mid Atlantic, the Atlantic north east, great lakes region, so many unique places to visit. Very lucky.
SHΔRΩΠ Yıl önce
This is why i love TRshow, fantastic upload 👌👌👌
V-G C Yıl önce
Just gorgeous.
Ah Twe Tar Tae
Ah Twe Tar Tae Yıl önce
I love nature.
Bigbie Macaw
Bigbie Macaw Yıl önce
Stunning place, mind I also live in a very beautiful place,..🇮🇪🍀
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨 Yıl önce
The narration is very clear , I can understand most of meanings. Thanks 😑
Thylacoleo_tooth Yıl önce
You normally can’t?
for[*****]purposes Yıl önce
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨
I'mDüDü Jö🦉🍨 Yıl önce
@Thylacoleo_tooth so Happy for you're a top genius but I'm not . I needed to hard study all the foreign languages 😑
Goober Griffith
Goober Griffith 7 aylar önce
Great place I wouldn’t want to live any where else in the world I can be in the smokie mountains and on the parkway in about five minutes and on a good clear day I can see why they call the smokies it truly has a blue haze color to them I glad I got to grow up in the mountains you see a lot of wild life
Niel Gregory
Niel Gregory Yıl önce
What's not mentioned is these are THE oldest mountains in the world!!
Elva Drum
Elva Drum 11 aylar önce
So beautiful!
morrisonscott429 10 aylar önce
Hello 👋 how are you doing?
Ruth Nair Kuhn Codorniz
Ruth Nair Kuhn Codorniz Yıl önce
morris mwenda
morris mwenda 7 aylar önce
Another priceless documentary
Kerry Kestrowl
Kerry Kestrowl Yıl önce
Beautiful park I was really impressed with the Elk but I was disappointed didnt see any owls
Thylacoleo_tooth Yıl önce
This channel has a lot of owl/raptor specific documentaries
Kerry Kestrowl
Kerry Kestrowl Yıl önce
@Thylacoleo_tooth thank you for the response
J. D. Anderson
J. D. Anderson Yıl önce
I'm a little surprised as well. We have a healthy owl population of several species here... Would have been cool to see some. But still they did a good job.
Spike! 2 aylar önce
Wow, I would love to go there before I leave USA for good next year.
Paulo de Tarso Gregorio Pereira
Paulo de Tarso Gregorio Pereira Yıl önce
Isela Yerena
Isela Yerena 3 aylar önce
No doubt that Tennessee is my favorite state in the country!
Maria Bowles
Maria Bowles Yıl önce
Excellent!!! Loved it.
Nancy Webb
Nancy Webb Yıl önce
I grew up in the Smokies. I remember a tourist who was attacked by a bear. He was trying to put it in his car to take a photo.
Robert Cronin
Robert Cronin Yıl önce
Good one... excellent video and narration 🔥
Aimee-Lynn Donovan
Aimee-Lynn Donovan Yıl önce
Fruit, fruit, and more fruit! Yay! Never seen bears in the rain. We have black bears up here in Northern Maine.🌺
Andrea Renee
Andrea Renee Yıl önce
I love this... Thank you. Beautiful place.
morrisonscott429 10 aylar önce
Hello 👋 how are you doing?
Ang Yıl önce
It attracts the most visitors because of its location. That doesn’t take away the beauty. It’s just easier to get to than say Yellowstone.
Invert Pet Exotics
Invert Pet Exotics Yıl önce
So great I love getting to see these videos I watch them every night
Jane Parker
Jane Parker Yıl önce
Beautiful- God Land 🇺🇸
King Of Relax
King Of Relax 5 aylar önce
Beautiful... just great
Free Documentary - Nature
Free Documentary - Nature 5 aylar önce
Thanks a lot 😊
George Henry
George Henry 9 aylar önce
The little bird at 16:02 looks like a soul man!
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