Emanet 516. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 516

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It’s been 3 months since Seher’s death. Aziz gets blamed for Seher's death, who is actually the victim of a nefarious trap. Topal, who is the real instigator for the murder, takes over the family empire with his brother's blood in his hands, while he does his best to have Yaman imprisoned, but he cannot reach his goal. In the past three months, Yaman is acquitted of the crime even though he was taken into custody for killing Aziz.
After Seher's death, Yusuf shut himself to the outside world. On the one hand, Yaman mourns his dead wife, on the other hand, he wants to make his dear nephew laugh again. But the solutions Yaman found are proven useless. Yaman tries many ways to get his nephew back to the way he was before. One day, a stranger comes to the mansion. How will this stranger who suddenly entered their lives affect the lives of Yaman and Yusuf? Will Yusuf, who closed his heart to the whole world, smile again?

Anita Mike
Anita Mike Aylar önce
They are the perfect couple, love the comedy scenes between the two, love how she pushes his buttons and gets away with it
Anisia Aylar önce
The relationship between Yaman and Yusuf is much deeper, it is actually a parent-child, father-son, ascendant-descendant relationship. I think that actually this connection between them represents the essence of the whole series. The story, the plot is built on their relationship, on the two characters...they started together and will end together. A remarkable performance by both Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan and little Berat Ruzgar Ozkan. Congratulations!
An Dayak
An Dayak 21 gün önce
I agree. The spoiler is Nana. I do not like her style.
omayma Aylar önce
It's funny and beautiful when Nana raises her hair because she's at war or on a mission
omayma Aylar önce
@Nancy Mccormick- jw 🤭😂
Nancy Mccormick- jw
Nancy Mccormick- jw Aylar önce
When she raises her hair, she’s getting into fight mode. Lol
Cristina Coelho
Cristina Coelho Aylar önce
Obrigada, Cross Meyrem, só você pra nos proporcionar as legendas.
Rosáliaj Costa
Rosáliaj Costa Aylar önce
Quando vai continuar com os capítulos da novela Emanet
Audrey Dubois
Audrey Dubois Aylar önce
Nedim leaving, when he extend his hand to Yaman I felt the chills. how can you do that to your friend
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa Aylar önce
Até eu faria,nedim sendo seu braço direito,arrisca a vida e liberdade por ele e no fim ,é humilhado e espancado,ameaçado,yamam e um homem muito impulsivo sem escrúpulos,não pensa antes de agir,que amigo suportaria isso,?só o pateta do empregado do irmão monstro da nana
Unfortunately, a bad role does not suit Nedim, I have written before.
vismara Ntrouble
vismara Ntrouble Aylar önce
Indris betrayed and ultimately killed his own father and brother looking directly at their eyes.
dolores lopez
dolores lopez Aylar önce
Nedim traicionero, la escritora hubiese dejado anedim cómo su amigo leal a yaman
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
I freaking love Nana she’s such a baddie! You can tell Nana is fed up with this lady, and Nana didn’t do that for no reason. I love how Nana blends it towards her! I cantttt she’s so funny! I can’t stop laughing. Nana made me laugh hard, and Yaman the way he looks at her is like a husband upset with his wife! Yaman tells her to come to the room! He’s upsettt! Nana paces back and forth, I love how Yaman looks at her! He knows something upset her.
Mary Est
Mary Est Aylar önce
Ni pensar que Yaman no se ha dado cuenta que Nedin lo esta traicionando, el siempre ha tenido buen olfato para conocer las intenciones de quien lo rodea. La nueva socia si me tiene pensando si viene mandada por Nedin o si trama enamorar a Yaman.
Lia Mara Mendes
Lia Mara Mendes Aylar önce
É verdade, Yaman faz tempo que está desconfiado do judas Nedim
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
I love how Nana talks with Pinar on the phone! Nana is very upset and Pinar is such a good friend she knows Nana is in love and she can tell she’s acting this way because she’s in love with Yaman! And it’s not about Yusuf! I love how Pinar talks with Nana, she knows her best friend. But Nana still thinks she can’t be with him, and Nana is so cute when she said Yusuf icin!
Beauty22 Aylar önce
Wow!!! how easily Nedim was brain washed by Idris , that's too bad ..Poor Yaman 😥😥
ishmal ilyas
ishmal ilyas Aylar önce
I can't believe why we show nedim character like this..he is sooo honest and senser with Yaman from beggning...😥😥😥where is Adalat Nesleehan Cenger..?? This serial lose his charm and attraction from audience...after leave Seher..😭😢😔😔😔
Shona King
Shona King Aylar önce
@Beauty22 yaman put a lot of responsibilities on nedim
Beauty22 Aylar önce
@Shona King , Yaman has been tough on him and rude , what he should have done is let him go long ago , Nedim was always incompadent ,I hope he's plans for Yaman don't go through..
Shona King
Shona King Aylar önce
Yaman will pay a price for assaulting nedim
НанЈам Aylar önce
@Joy Boyce Тако је . Одлично је приказан суноврат некада доброг човјека , његовом кривицом .
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
I love how Nana and Yaman always try to fight off their feelings but they know very well they can’t keep fighting off their love for each other❤️‍🔥. Like Ikra said don’t fight your heart, that you’ll soon be defeated! And Yaman specifically remembered those words many times more than Nana😉
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Nana cracks me up! I can’t stop laughing, Yaman face when he said something about him being with that woman. One thing I really love about this couple is that Yaman is able to openly explain to her and he feels so comfortable. I just love how she kept asking him questions and he kept answering her❤️‍🔥. They’re such a cute couple I canttt! I love how he ends explaining to her that he only went into the room to fix the light. They were talking in the room, they’re already married at this point 😉
Laura Tocaci
Laura Tocaci 19 gün önce
​@Sandra Galdi Asta mă întreb și eu de ce ? Eseret a început dar se pare că Moștenirea ne-a lăsat cu ochii în soare
Sandra Galdi
Sandra Galdi Aylar önce
Perché non riesco a vedere le nuove puntate di Emanet
Nana Geo
Nana Geo 24 gün önce
Thank you very much for the Emanet serie! When will the next episodes come out? We are waiting for the next episodes. We hope they don't delay any longer...
Zehra Bircan
Zehra Bircan 20 gün önce
13.03.2023 devam edicek
Yaman will be devastated when he finds out the real intesions of Nedim and especially whom he sided with to destroy him too . Yaman is paying a heavy price for being so caring and humble towards people around him .
XA Aylar önce
Not sure. When he will be aware, he is not going to be suprised
НанЈам Aylar önce
@acharya chetna Какву је само жену бирао . Сехер му није била ни до кољена . Не цијени себе ни најмање , јер га мајка није цијенила у дјетињству . Људи из најближег окружења га праве будалом одувијек .
acharya chetna
acharya chetna Aylar önce
Yaman is always capable for his animes ... but he's loved ones (family and friends) are sneaky , whom he trust 😡
Benny Lopez
Benny Lopez Aylar önce
Yaman No debe de Andar enamorando A nana el Deve de Cuidarse De sus Enemigos concentrarse en esa área si lo matan quien. Cuidará de nuestro pequeño cupido Yasuf❤️
Hikmet Hesenov
Hikmet Hesenov Aylar önce
Film nə
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
I felt bad for Nana when Hala was being nice to that lady. Hala definitely has prejudices against Nana and that has to do with Nana being a foreigner. Hala seems to not know that Nana is half Turkish as well and that she’s not only Georgian. But I guess she still doesn’t know that! You can see how hurt Nana feels seeing her be nice. Nana is literally such a sweet bubbly person, I feel so bad for her!
حسن A
حسن A Aylar önce
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Nana ends up sitting down with the lady cause the lady told her to sit down. The lady seems to want to know things, you can tell Nana was getting upset. The faces she made, I love how Nana looks at her! Nana cracks me up so much, I love how she speaks Georgian and you can tell Nana is upset. She ends up getting up, I think Yaman senses that Nana is upset, because he always looks at Nana immediately and he reads her❤️‍🔥.
Linda Rose
Linda Rose Aylar önce
7 Days of National mourning has been declared. Praying for al my Legacy friends, actors and their families during this very very sad time.
Linda Rose
Linda Rose Aylar önce
@jackie silva`s do you know if all the actors are safe?
jackie silva`s
jackie silva`s Aylar önce
Porque ???
anonymus anonymus
anonymus anonymus Aylar önce
Prayers for you all! Stay strong in these hard times!
Marcia Mena
Marcia Mena Aylar önce
Nancy Mccormick- jw
Nancy Mccormick- jw 24 gün önce
Can’t wait for the new season!!!!!!!
Kyriaki Koutra
Kyriaki Koutra Aylar önce
Open your eyes Yaman bey, Nana is dying for you
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa 29 gün önce
Quando começa essa novela parou no cap.516,tô maluca pra ver o resto
Márcia Felipe
Márcia Felipe Aylar önce
Nana ficou muito pensativa depois que Yamam falou pra ela que Lohan estava ali só a trabalho.
Márcia Felipe
Márcia Felipe Aylar önce
Gostei de ver Ibo colocar as camaras na casa do psicopata para ver onde ele escondeu a sua esposa e a Ayse, Ferit e Boka conseguiram chegar na casa a tempo de salvar a Ayse e a mulher do psicopata que iria mata-las. Afff.
Emanet Fan
Emanet Fan Aylar önce
Nedim 😥😥😥 The friendship is ruined and I don't think it is all because of Nana. I think it is something he always had in mind, not living in shadows of Yaman. Nedim didn't try anything with Nana, how he will be sure he won't be late and jeopardizing business and friendship. Nana is just an execuse
Carolina María García Martínez
Carolina María García Martínez 18 gün önce
Aún extraño a Seher, no es justo que a ella le tocaran los dolorosos.
Maryorith Lizeth Escalante Zúniga
Maryorith Lizeth Escalante Zúniga Aylar önce
Estamos esperando los episodios aún 😢 No los han subido…..
Aleta Bass
Aleta Bass Aylar önce
My 🙏 is with the people of Turkey and Syria and the Emanet family. We love you here in America and wish you well.
Doris Cabrera
Doris Cabrera Aylar önce
nos engañaron, decian que los capitulos comenzaban a partir de hoy 27 y nos quedamos esperando :(
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Nana pacing back and forth in her room, I love how she’s upset. Nana is picking up the fact that the lady has eyes for Yaman. Nana is literally so funny I can’t you can tell she’s jealous but just like Yaman they love to use Yusuf as an excuse. Also I just love Nana and Yusuf’s bond it’s so adorable❤️. I love how she manages to make him smile, and Yusuf feels comfortable and safe. Nana overhears Yaman on the phone, I think she heard that Yaman could go on a trip with her!
Márcia Felipe
Márcia Felipe Aylar önce
Gostei de ver Nana ficar furioza com a Lohan e ter jogado o leite com chocolate nela por causa do Yussufi. O Yamam não poderia ter ficado bravo com a Nana, porque Nana só queria devender o Yussfi daquela Lohan.
Cristina Vieira
Cristina Vieira Aylar önce
O pessoal da delegacia esta atrasando Comissária e comissário estão de parabéns
Emanet Fan
Emanet Fan Aylar önce
Nana is hilarious
Papon Tabassum
Papon Tabassum Aylar önce
Yaman will b so hurt when he will know about nedims betrayal...hope that cenger will never betray yaman for his sister
Eury Aylar önce
I'm very sorry about the accident in Turkey! The people of Turkey and Syria are so sad right now, and I'm worried because I didn't watch the following episodes on the 16th. Apologies!
YTBPika Boy
YTBPika Boy 10 gün önce
Ferid ve Nanakonda pek uymlu çift olurdular çünkü ikisinın çenesi inanılmaz işliyor hiç te susmuyor..😮😅😅😅
maristela De Sousa
maristela De Sousa Aylar önce
Nedim judas,jogou a bomba no amigo é agora saí pra assistir de camarote a queda de Yamam 🙄
Reena Saleem
Reena Saleem Aylar önce
Please tell me how to watch next episode.its not available in youtube
valentina brito geronimo
valentina brito geronimo Aylar önce
Si, el abrazo de Judas Idcariote, sólo faltó el beso 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Nana trying to sleep but she not able to sleep. It’s so cute seeing her jealous it’s so funny, and when she’s trying to reassure herself is the cutest. Nana is literally the funniest I love how she tries to not think much of it. Yaman knows that she’s upset, but Yaman tended to be a bit more harsh to her. He didn’t mean it at all, Nana almost goes downstairs and she than heard the girl talking on the phone. Nana is just like her man! She and Yaman do the same thing by overhearing what people say. Nana gets more jealous, I love seeing her jealous it’s literally too funny!
Sasa Filendem
Sasa Filendem Aylar önce
Every time Idris planning something bad for Yaman, Nana somehow finds out before. Hopefully and this time finds out first and save her man.🤞
Marisol Perez
Marisol Perez Aylar önce
Porfavor traducción en español gracias
Ayesha M
Ayesha M Aylar önce
Nana became a fighter today, she took revenge from arrogant Hazal, she fought with her inner feelings of jealousy, then straight away asked Yaman of his activities last night.Bravo Nana🔥🌹😍
jyoti shivalkar
jyoti shivalkar Aylar önce
Yaman is about to face one more betrayal from his close man, delusional 🙄Nedim. 😏😭
Maggy Mag
Maggy Mag Aylar önce
Sooner or later, Nedim will become aware of the mistake he made by betraying Yaman and he will come to his senses and maybe even help Yaman to get out of some troubles.
Saraswathy Selvakumar
Saraswathy Selvakumar Aylar önce
I really hope that as well.. because I really don't want Nedim to be an evil...and if he change to good boy then i will be happy 😁😁
Maggy Mag
Maggy Mag Aylar önce
We'll see.. but I think he will come to his senses and regret it and even help Yaman(Nana) from Idris.
vismara Ntrouble
vismara Ntrouble Aylar önce
Unfortunately Nedim made his decision a long time ago. There is no turning back. His so called love for Nana is just an excuse to justify his actions. He made an alliance with Indris and that Karako.. guy. They have both tried to hurt Nana in the past and he knows it. His one and only goal is to get rich because he thinks that money is what makes Yaman powerful.
Salam Salam
Salam Salam Aylar önce
I don't know, but let's hope that what you say will happen. No one can predict what Naz wants.
Fernanda Prates
Fernanda Prates Aylar önce
Se o Nedim se arrependesse e voltasse a ser amigo do Yaman, eu gostaria que ele tivesse um romance com a Nana. O Yaman a despreza, trata ela mal, não a merece. 🇧🇷
Iracema Pimentel
Iracema Pimentel Aylar önce
Que triste,trair um grande amigo
Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra Marshall Aylar önce
It looks like. Ed I’m really wasn’t even a friend - much less a great friend.
ლელა საღირაშვილი
ლელა საღირაშვილი Aylar önce
Nzmie Mafioz começou a terceira twmporada com Yaman e Nedim ao invadir Nanakonda de forma fraudulenta
♡شبيهة..القمر♡ Aylar önce
Erika Santos
Erika Santos Aylar önce
É verdade, mas a inveja, cobiça e a ambição faz as pessoas perderem as coisas mais valiosas e importante desta vida (confiança, amizade, amor, companheirismo...)
María Dolores Estévez Bahía
María Dolores Estévez Bahía Aylar önce
e por unha muller que nin o mira
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa
marcilene de Jesus Barbosa 27 gün önce
Já tá pronta a 3°temporada porque não vai ao ar,me diz como assistir no Brasil e qual plataforma passa,tô anciosa
Sol Ribei
Sol Ribei Aylar önce
Eu esperando, muita coisa esclarecidas,no rompimento do yamam e Nedim,e veio só conversa pra boi dormir, não é atoa que está indo pro ralo.
Monika Lambdon
Monika Lambdon Aylar önce
English subtitles please 😊
Alicia Collins-Heredia
Alicia Collins-Heredia Aylar önce
yo no diria el beso de juas sino el abrazo de judas
Lilia Catia
Lilia Catia Aylar önce
Ciúmes, adoro..indo procurar o seu anel agora de certeza ... Cada vez mais apaixonante...
Aparecida Soares
Aparecida Soares Aylar önce
Nedin deixou de trabalhar pro yaman seu melhor amigo pra trabalhar para o idris aff
janaina carla santos de sousa
janaina carla santos de sousa Aylar önce
Idris não morreu?
Zoziene Barbosa
Zoziene Barbosa Aylar önce
O comissario e sua equipe trabalha muito bem
Maria Hurtado
Maria Hurtado 21 gün önce
Antonia Duarte
Antonia Duarte Aylar önce
E verdade concordo
НанЈам Aylar önce
@Erika Santos Она бивша екипа је била негледљива , лоша глума , досадни и безлични . Ферит је освјежио ,, Еманет " .
НанЈам Aylar önce
Најбоља споредна прича икада , и Ферит и Ајше су сјајни .
Erika Santos
Erika Santos Aylar önce
Eles estão de parabéns, este núcleo B está mais leve, a outra equipe era muito chata e cansativa, sem contar que o comissário é uma gracinha...
Eugenia Sanda
Eugenia Sanda Aylar önce
Ferit este înnebunit când nu știe unde este Ayse.
mihrilee Aylar önce
Nana: How can that be? Hazal: Good night. Yaman: Good night. Nana: Get out of my sight. Get out of my sight. Remember, Nana. You made a decision. What's going on now? You are just a nanny. Don't forget it. That does not concern you. Now go to sleep. Fall asleep... Fall asleep... Fall asleep... Come on, fall asleep. No, I can't sleep. It interests me, because there is Yusuf in between. And maybe I misunderstood it. Maybe it's just business related. But in her bedroom? Did I get it right or wrong? I have to find out... for Yusuf. Nana: Come on, Nana, find out what's going on as soon as possible. Yaman: Make them wait. Don't sign anything before I see it. Hazal: Good night. Yaman: Good night. Yaman: Email me the details as well. Let me see them all before I come to the meeting. What is? The subject is still important, obviously. Let me guess. You will ask, "Should we send Yusuf to the football course or to the space research center after he leaves the library?" Nana: No. Did you sleep well? How was your night? I was going to ask these. Yaman: I slept well, but I guess you couldn't sleep. Since you came up with a more ridiculous question than I expected. Nana: He says he slept well. Hazal: Of course, my dear, the partner of my dreams. You just wrote the script. Also, determine the gender of the children. Joke aside... He's a nice guy. He will be a family man, someone to be trusted until the end. Nana: You got it right, Nana. Nilgün: Thank God. You opened your eyes. I was very worried that something happened to you. Are you okay? Ayse: I'm okay. Nilgün: All because of me. He locked us here. Ayse: No, no... Don't cry. You did your best. Don't blame yourself. Where are we? Nilgün: At home. Ayse: At home? Which house? Nilgün: The house you came to. This is a secret room. He tortures me for days and beats me here. Ayse: That guy is crazy! How did we not notice you? We didn't hear your voice. Tekin: Commissioner Ayse! Do you like my soundproof room? So you've come to yourself. You were like a curious cat when you walked into my house. Did I satisfy your curiosity? Nilgün: Please let her go, Tekin. Tekin: You shouldn't have interfered in my affairs. You weren't going to examine my relationship with my wife. But you interfere in everything. By coming here you are inviting your death. You both crossed your line. You will go to the same place. Ayse: Help! Help! Is there anyone? Help us! Help us! Help! Tekin: Don't tire yourself. Nobody can hear you. Ayse: Sooner or later my partner will find us. Then we will destroy you, Tekin. Do you understand? We will destroy you. Ferit: How well we arrested the men. Volkan: It turned out really well, my commissioner. We're back in rhythm. We haven't had a shootout in a long time. Ferit: After we get your files ready, we'll lock the gang in. Kirpi: Yes! Look at the color of this tea. 0 RH +. Here, my commissioner. Kara: Kirpi, what kind of description is that for tea? Kirpi: When we call it rabbit blood, it's okay, but this time I go to far... Ferit: It good against tiredness. We had a difficult operation. The loss of Nilgün still increases my fatigue. You can't get through these nights without tea. Volkan: My commissioner, you've been exhausting yourself lately. Ferit: You're right, Volkanim. But first I'll finish my tea. After that I will go home. After I clear my head, I go to the kitchen. Because my operation there was never successful. Really. While we were trying to make tiramisu, we made a tsunami and messed up the kitchen. It's not a joke. Cream is smeared everywhere, the dishes are waiting to be washed. Tiramisu's side effects are all over the place. Kara: It's enough, my commissioner. Ferit: God bless you. Ibo! Find me a super delicious tiramisu. I'll pretend I did it myself. Come on. Ibo: My commissioner, do you want Italian or Turkish? Do you want with quark or with mascarpone? Do you want with coffee or cocoa? I will present you a large portfolio because it is my area of expertise. Nese: Hello, brother Ferit? Ferit: Yes, Nese. Nese: Brother Ferit, is my sister with you? I can't reach her. Ferit: No, Ayse isn't here. I was on duty. I just got back. What's the matter? Nese: My sister left early, she hasn't returned yet. Her phone is also unreachable. Wherever she goes, we know, she writes when she turns off her phone, she does not do this without informing. Akca: "Hope this doesn't mean something bad's going to happen. What happened to her?" Hazal: Hello. You must be Mr. Yaman's aunt Miss Akca. I just can't help but say it. Mr. Yaman is the smartest and gentlest person I have ever worked with. You must be proud as his aunt. Akca: Thanks, my daughter. Obviously, you are as hardworking and successful as Yaman. The partners got along well. You are equal to each other. Praise be! Excuse me, I have things to do in the kitchen. Hazal: Sure. Pleased to meet you. Akca: Me too. Hazal: Excuse me! Do you have some time? Can we talk a little? You're not offended for saying "you", are you? I feel you close to me. I was going to talk to you about something. Nana: Yes. Hazal: Shall we sit for a while? Nana: Okay. Hazal: How long have you been working here? Nana: It will soon be 6 months. Hazal: Enough time to get to know your boss. Then you also know if there is someone special in his life or not. Nana: No. I don't know about his private life. Hazal: Darling, you live here. You can see who is entering the house and who is leaving. Although he looks like a gentleman, I don't think he lived fast, but you know women... Hello. What does that mean? Get things done without me sometimes. No, that can't be an excuse. You pack your things and get the hell out of my company. One thing I can't stand in my life is people not doing things right. Nana: Who will tolerate you? I said you're right. Hazal: Mr. Yaman is like that too, right? He is also a perfectionist like me. Nana: Why don't you ask him these questions? Yaman: Is there a problem? Hazal: No, it's nothing important. By the way, my meeting in London has been cancelled. Yaman: If so, let's finish the job. Ibo: My commissioner, I checked the security camera footage. Commissioner Ayse comes out and quickly gets into a taxi. We cannot detect the taxi plate because it is out of sight. Unfortunately nothing will come of this. Ferit: What about the phone signal? Ibo: The signal is constantly coming and going between Mecidiyeköy and Beşiktaş. Ferit: God damn it. God damn it! Ibo: My commissioner... could commissioner Ayse have dropped her phone on the bus? Ferit: No. Why would she get off the taxi and get on the bus? Something must have happened to her. Whoever did this left her phone in the bus as if he is making fun of us. Something happened to Ayşe. Look for where the signal came from. Something happened to Ayşe. We need to scrutinize every bit of information we can find. Come on. Ibo: Understood, my commissioner. We are sending a team to the place where commissioner Ayşe's phone signal came from. Make an announcement. Ferit: Something happened to Ayşe and I don't know where she is or what to do. She's gone. She's gone. She disappeared just like Nilgün disappeared. We spoke to her on the phone last night. She said that she was very sorry for what happened to Nilgün. Ibo: My commissioner... If I got to know commissioner Ayse a bit, then she certainly couldn't hold back. Ferit: She found a clue. She must have found something and that's why she left. Otherwise, she will never leave the house at that hour. If the life of a loved one is at stake and her job is out of the question, she would never do such a thing. She couldn't let us know either. Because she thought she could handle it on her own. If that scum called Tekin is not involved in this business, I am not Ferit. I'm going to check on his house. Tekin: My commissioner, welcome. What's up? What's going on? What's wrong? Ferit: Your wife didn't go to her aunt. Where is this woman? Why didn't you report her as missing? Tekin: Maybe she wanted to get away from home because we were arguing. I understand her very well. She just left yesterday. Can a loss application be made immediately? Also, this is normal for us. So we argue sometimes. Nilgün goes, then comes back again. So it's normal. Ferit: So it's normal... So, it's normal? These are all fronts. These are all fronts. Your way of speaking, your behavior, your demeanor... everything is false and mendacious. A mask you hide behind. I see your hyena face, Mr. Tekin. You are hiding something. Wait for me. I'll destroy you. I'll come back. Tekin: Let's see if you're smart enough to take me down. Fuat: Mr. Cüneyt, who will participate in the tender on our behalf in Ankara, had a minor traffic accident. It seems unlikely that he will participate in tomorrow's auction. What should we do? Yaman: We can't miss this tender. I'll make a plan, we'll communicate. Hazal: Bad news, I guess. Yaman: Mr. Cüneyt had an accident. He would participate in the tender on our behalf. Hazal: So what will happen now? Yaman: I think the only solution is to participate in person. No one else can handle this problem. I'll handle it. Hazal: If you want, I will come and support you. Yaman: Sure. Hazal: "Journey with him and two long days alone with Yaman Kirimli." Yaman: I'll take care of the hotel business.
LileLileko 19 gün önce
გამარჯობათ. მე ვარ ნანა საქართველოდან. ვარ ემანეტის მესამე სეზონის სერიის და მსახიობების ნანუკას და ჰალილის გულშემატკივარი. იუთუბზე ყოველი სერიის ჩვენების დროს კომენტარებში თქვენს მიერ დადებული სერიის შინაარსი დიალოგის რეჟიმში არის ფასდაუდებელი ნაშრომი , რისთვისაც მინდა დიდი მადლობა გადაგიხადოთ . წარმატებები თქვენ და ჩვენს საყვარელ სერიალს. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Amal Amina
Amal Amina Aylar önce
ممكن ترجمة عرابي
Sandra Bodani
Sandra Bodani Aylar önce
@mihrilee boa noite, Mihrilee ! Obrigada pela tradução ! Você é muito gentil ! Obrigada por dividir conosco seu tempo ! Abraços. ... Até mais ...
Reshma Jagtap
Reshma Jagtap Aylar önce
Just heard the news of earthquake affecting country with much damage. Hope most people are safe and praying God to save all people from such calamity. Love and care from India.
Linda Rose
Linda Rose Aylar önce
@mihrilee Thank you soooo much
Sasa Filendem
Sasa Filendem Aylar önce
Judas kiss Jesus. Nedim's goodbye to Yaman. What a pity. ☹
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Poor Nana she wasn’t able to sleep after seeing Yaman come out the room. She misunderstood the situation, she thinks something happened between Him and that lady. The pain in her eyes and she closed the door. You can see how jealous she got but also how sad she is. She wasn’t even able to sleep and the way she was pacing around the room. And she has a flashback of him putting his coat on saying goodnight! Nana is so cute and innocent. Nana really also thinks she can’t be with Yaman, and she tells herself she’s just the nanny!
Tarza Ibrahim
Tarza Ibrahim Aylar önce
Please download the episode 517 and forward, thank you
Leonice Sabino
Leonice Sabino Aylar önce
Imagina a hora que descobri do nedim 🤣🤣🤣
diana fernandes
diana fernandes 19 gün önce
Mañana, tomorrow, amanhã, yerin 😍😍😍😍
Nana will blame herself too for bringing Idris Into Yaman's and Yusuf's life , always hurting them .
Nana Diallo
Nana Diallo Aylar önce
@Fatima Fakhrualdin Yes, Idris is a horrible creature.
Fatima Fakhrualdin
Fatima Fakhrualdin Aylar önce
@Nana Diallo yh ik he killed yalcin kirimli. That was traumatic
Nana Diallo
Nana Diallo Aylar önce
@Fatima Fakhrualdin What I meant was that Idris was targeting Yaman long before Aziz came into the picture.
Roona Noorz
Roona Noorz Aylar önce
No Idris was there from the beginning way before Aziz or Nana. He was the one who killed Yusuf’s father , he has always been sneaky since he is unable to fight directly and with Honore
Fatima Fakhrualdin
Fatima Fakhrualdin Aylar önce
@Nana Diallo true. But aziz wasn’t a saint
Brenda Ibuado
Brenda Ibuado 11 gün önce
Definitivamente destruyeron horrible la relación y lealtad de Nedim y Yaman ( como Yaman en el fondo es consiente de lo súper mal y grosero que ha tratado a Nedim ) 😔 y por otro lado quién diría que de paso afectaron tanto la personalidad dl gran Yaman a tenerlo como uno más rindiéndole cuentas y explicaciones hasta de su interacción laboral y personal a la que hasta hoy es la niñera de Yusuf Jajajajajajajaa solo en Emanet... quién sabe hasta cuando se darán cuenta que el guión de la tercera temporada terminó por los suelos en el raiting 😔 y en el gusto del espectador ...
Doroti Castro
Doroti Castro Aylar önce
Fiquei triste O YAMAN não vê que a NANA está sempre ajudando entudo , que se cuide
Sandra Marina Vieda Ramirez
Sandra Marina Vieda Ramirez Aylar önce
Yamam. Y. Sehjer. Por. gu amor y e. Cambiar pues. No tiene. Cemtidoun. Revuelto nece citanmos. A. Yman y. Sejehr
رضا الله غايتى
رضا الله غايتى 20 gün önce
متى يبدأ عرض بقية الحلقات ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Palmira Corregidor
Palmira Corregidor Aylar önce
Creo que Yaman sospecha de Nedim ,ese abrazo no ha sido el de unos amigos despidiéndose .😏
Rosáliaj Costa
Rosáliaj Costa Aylar önce
​@Laura's world porque os Capitólus da novela ou seres não começou
agustina vargas soto
agustina vargas soto Aylar önce
Espero q se de cuenta de verda antes q sea demasiado tarde porque algun sufrimiento pasara
Elvin Sahiboglu
Elvin Sahiboglu Aylar önce
Elvin Sahiboglu
Elvin Sahiboglu Aylar önce
@A Nagiyeva ikl6yyy
A Nagiyeva
A Nagiyeva Aylar önce
Umumiyyütle baxs hereket məndə sezdm həə
خالد احمد
خالد احمد 29 gün önce
Donde estan el resto de los episodios, los seguimos esperando
ngomezc Aylar önce
Donde puedo ver los nuevos capítulos en español
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Even Nana felt uncomfortable with Shaytan nedim! She’s picking up on his weirdness, I definitely say that nedim is already very obsessed with Nana! Nana is getting creeped out by him especially when he sneaks up on her scaring her. And Nana sees that he’s just staring at her, Nana said that he’s such a weird man! I feel like she’s going to be the first one to become aware of nedim being obsessed with her but I think Yaman too will learn that nedim is obsessed with his woman! Yaman is about to be way more protective when he learns about nedim’s obsession with Nana
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
I feel like Yaman is picking up on shaytan nedim! especially with that hug. Idris made me laugh he got scared by hearing Yaman’s voice. Idris Yaman’s your brother in law😂, you’ll be having a lot of scares soon😉.
lee roy
lee roy Aylar önce
The business woman is cunning and treating nana badly ....but yaman can't be blamed for this ..because he has no idea about it at all ...and yaman don't suspect bad about people especially who are linked to him in anyway
Erica Schulte
Erica Schulte Aylar önce
Quanto ao Nedim. Realmente ele se tornou um traidor, mas também o Yaman passa dos limites ao tratar com funcionários, sempre humilha_os. Merecido tem a saída do Nedim, mas não que isso justifique a atitude de Nedim.
Fatima Mendes
Fatima Mendes Aylar önce
Também acho que o Nedim exagerou, trair foi demais!
ᴋᴀʀᴅᴇşʟᴇʀɪᴍxғʏᴘ Aylar önce
Aysenin tekbasina şu ana kadar bir işi yaptigini gormedik bu nasil bir polis
Anastasia Stasia
Anastasia Stasia Aylar önce
I think Nana made this series more fun. Nana is a very beautiful and elegant girl
Nunzia Chinnici
Nunzia Chinnici 21 gün önce
EVET 👏🏻💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️
My zaineb
My zaineb Aylar önce
How many episodes do they post per week? ☺️
vismara Ntrouble
vismara Ntrouble Aylar önce
Nedim is playing a dangerous game. He thinks he can double-cross Yaman and Indris at the same time. He thinks that he is in control of the situation. He is underestimating Indris and that will be his downfall. The moment Nedim serves his purpose in the plan against Yaman, Indris will try to dispose of him. Their plan is already set in motion.
Wajiha Riaz
Wajiha Riaz Aylar önce
Yes agree
Байсангур Байсангуров
Байсангур Байсангуров Aylar önce
Надеюсь, что Недим всё же поймёт свою ошибку, и поможет Яману! У Недима такая приятная внешность, ему не подходит такое поведение. 😒
Songül Taskiran
Songül Taskiran Aylar önce
Buda başladı Yusuf için demeye
Morelia Venta
Morelia Venta Aylar önce
Cuándo van a pasar capitulos nuevos de la novela emanet yaman y nana nos hacen mucha falta ver sus capitulos divertidos
Serenna Aylar önce
Anunciaron que el lunes 27 se reanuda la emisión de todas las series.
Aparecida Soares
Aparecida Soares Aylar önce
Gente alguém sabe dizer se o cap 517 já foi ao ar,Não estou encontrando?
Laura Cantarella
Laura Cantarella Aylar önce
Praying for Turkey. Praying that you are all safe 🙏🙏
Tamilselvi Mohandass
Tamilselvi Mohandass Aylar önce
Thank you so much Sir. Waiting for the next episode
Damiana Henriques
Damiana Henriques Aylar önce
Gostava muito da primeira temporada,e da segunda,porque era legendada ,era mais fácil perceber ♥️
dolores lopez
dolores lopez Aylar önce
Pero puede ver los comentarios y se da una idea de los que dicen, sus diálogos y lo que la ven primero.escriben lo que pasará en el.capitulo
Thiago Souza
Thiago Souza Aylar önce
ARRASOU Nana jogue duro nessa entrusa ARRASOU Ferat Volkan e Ibu salvando Ayser do psicopata miserável
Samira Omar
Samira Omar Aylar önce
Nana I think thinks Yaman will go to a hotel with that lady, and you can see how upset she got. She ends up having a flashback of Yaman giving her the ring so she wouldn’t get hurt when doing archery. I can understand why Nana throw the ring because it really upset her, and she still thinks she means nothing to Yaman. I just wish she knew how much Yaman loves her, he’s just being mad because he was disappointed in her behavior the previous day. He’s never seen Nana be like that so it’s new to him. But you can tell Yaman’s proud of his woman, especially when he didn’t even hesitate to have her translate the documents! Nana throwing that ring away shows her sadness but also anger and she said that she won’t take anything from that man! I felt so bad she just misunderstood she thinks they’ll be alone and she probably thought Yaman had interest in that lady?? But little does she know how much he loves her. To me Yaman just seemed uncomfortable with that lady Hazal being there. He seemed like he wants her out the house already but is only dealing with her because it relates to business!
Hacer Celik
Hacer Celik Aylar önce
Idris komik katil laflari hep beni güldürüyor ama Tekin cok pis bir piskopat bakışlarında hayır yok
Selma H
Selma H Aylar önce
Will be interesting to see what Yaman and Nana do next! Hope the denial about their love for each other is not prolonged too much further in the script! Love the way dashing Officer Ferit solves the crimes with his team! So intelligent and so handsome! 😍
Mildred Cajina
Mildred Cajina 15 gün önce
Vay vay Nedim, el beso de Judas, muy bien,... Ayse necesitas un gps, si, quieres ayudar, pero hay malvados que no los puedes dominar tu sola, tu angel sal vador esta siempre de detras de ti😍😍😍
Münire Gevdet
Münire Gevdet Aylar önce
Yaman Nedim sahnesi : Sadakatsız Nedim VE Yaman güvenen inanan ki Nedim sadakatlı bir insandır ÜZÜCÜ bir sahne
Resad Aliyev
Resad Aliyev Aylar önce
Heyf nedim kimi doşt böyle ďavranış etdi.
Maguida Blas
Maguida Blas Aylar önce
Me dolió mucho el abrazo de Judas (Nedim), pero me quedé con la mosca en la oreja por la cara de Yaman,será que sospecha algo de la traición de Nedim. Por otro lado fantástico Fero, que cambio de registro de voz cuando le pregunta a Ayse si estaba bien. Su cara de preocupación ha sido sublime.
Siti Zulaikha
Siti Zulaikha Aylar önce
Legacy season 3 is the best.
Vesile Rasim
Vesile Rasim Aylar önce
Bu topalin cok komik laflari var.
رضا الله غايتى
رضا الله غايتى 20 gün önce
Diğer bölümler ne zaman yayınlanmaya başlayacak?🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
رضا الله غايتى
رضا الله غايتى 19 gün önce
@Alexandra Marshall Çok teşekkürler🌹
Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra Marshall 19 gün önce
New episodes start tomorrow- Monday March 13!
Linda Rose Buttner
Linda Rose Buttner Aylar önce
Is everyone OK after the earthquake? Thinking of all our online Turkish friends in this great disaster. ❤
Aso Aylar önce
Veronica Castro
Veronica Castro Aylar önce
Nana e yaman lindos amei
Sampa Mukherjee
Sampa Mukherjee Aylar önce
Where to get english subtitles
الاء الرحمان
الاء الرحمان Aylar önce
لماذا لا توجد ترجمة بالعربية
Keit@C. Aylar önce
There are so many beautiful scenes in this season, both sad and funny, that I enjoy watch them 🥰🥰💞💞💞💖
Agnes Lopes
Agnes Lopes 24 gün önce
Cuándo volverá nustra serie maravillosa? Alguién lo sabe de cierto?
Agnes Lopes
Agnes Lopes 24 gün önce
@Alexandra Marshall thanks a lot.
Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra Marshall 24 gün önce
Of course no one knows for sure, but the latest word is it will return March 13.
Usman Shoukat
Usman Shoukat 25 gün önce
Please upload latest episodes. It’s enough for now 😡😡😡
Chris Aylar önce
Bon on a eu l’information que cette semaine aussi il n’y aura pas d’épisodes… presque 1 mois ce vendredi c’est incroyable ?! Merci ESARET de nous donner nos épisodes sérieux ! Moi je pense juste que cette belle série ne va plus durer malheureusement… 😳
Reham Al Sarawi
Reham Al Sarawi 27 gün önce
Hi when will episode 517 will be released. Thanks
Nayle Nasibova
Nayle Nasibova Aylar önce
Of Yaman sene Nanuka qenum olsun, Seher kimi meleyin kedrini bilmedin.heç bir defede olsun xatirlamırsan, bes sevirdin deyirdin sensiz yaşıyamam.Sene Nanuka layik dir Yaman Kırımlıda.
Huseyn Agayev
Huseyn Agayev Aylar önce
Cox cox gozal filimdi
Байсангур Байсангуров
Байсангур Байсангуров Aylar önce
Нане следовало записать, телефонный разговор гостьи, чтобы показать Яману, какие у неё планы на него!
Ada Ilipronti Bucker
Ada Ilipronti Bucker Aylar önce
Como é insuportável assistir sem legenda.
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