Tom MacDonald Interview: Controversial Lyrics, Making People Upset (Part 2)

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Claire-Marie Mason
Claire-Marie Mason 2 gün önce
I love Toms music for getting people to talking its truly a beautiful thing.
KCCAT5 2 gün önce
So is Tom trying to show us that a liberal and a non liberal can live together under the same roof? LOL 😂 once upon a time they could but in this climate I didn't think it was possible
america first bitches
america first bitches 2 gün önce
Man fuck liberals 😒 but tom is the truth.
Reclaimer Gamer
Reclaimer Gamer 9 gün önce
He litterally Mentions how people are sensitive in one of the songs. It’s the truth and people can’t take the truth.
Gregory Mandara
Gregory Mandara 9 gün önce
It's been made very clear what Tom DOESN'T like, but I'm unclear on what he actually stands for. I love his lyrics and they hit hard, but what does the rock he stands on look like?
Brian Graham
Brian Graham 10 gün önce
Not only did I become a huge fan of Tom, but I became a huge fan of yours.
Sandy Douglas
Sandy Douglas 10 gün önce
Don't apologize , people in America always want to throw race into everything . You are nothing like mnm , so just do you . You doing so good , keep it up .
reset 19
reset 19 12 gün önce
Don't ever apologize Tom . It would only backfire in your face . These people would take it as weakness . Dont question yourself .
Robbyn Emery
Robbyn Emery 13 gün önce
I don't feel Tom is anything like eminem (didn't like him at all), Tom is far better❣
Sandy Douglas
Sandy Douglas 10 gün önce
I feel the same way dude !!!!
Robbyn Emery
Robbyn Emery 13 gün önce
I loved THIS HOUSE, built on sticks and stones💜💜💜
Timothy Spears
Timothy Spears 13 gün önce
Tom u don't have anything to be apologetic for. Believe me. HOG
Crazylegs wiyninger
Crazylegs wiyninger 15 gün önce
If you think “ White boy “ was racist your probably that racist at least in the woke culture
Belinda B
Belinda B 15 gün önce
Getting so much hate for white boy only confirms the song. the racebaiting media, culture, hate & division that were are living through now that says white people shouldn't have a voice & how dare a white man say it out loud
Eric Flaquer
Eric Flaquer 16 gün önce
With all the hate in the world today, anything you put on the internet is going to get hate from one side or another. Just keep doin you, Tom!
Camille Merkt
Camille Merkt 17 gün önce
As a Rockerboy, you're one of the street poets, the social conscience, and the rebels of the Time. With the advent of digital devices and garage music mastering, every Rockerboy with a message can take it to The Street, put it in the record stores, bounce it off the comsats. Sometimes, your message isn't something the Corporations or the government wants to hear. Sometimes what you say is going to get right in the faces of the powerful people who really want to run this world. But you don't care, because as a Rockerboy, you know it's your place to challenge authority, whether in straight-out protest songs that tell it like it is, playing kick-ass rock n' roll to get the people away from the TV sets and into The Streets, firing up the crowd with speeches, or composing fiery writings that shape the minds and hearts of millions. You have a proud history as a Rockerboy. Cyber Punk: Mike Pondsmith (Slightly paraphrased) Keep doing your thing. You're literally the first ARTIST I've Ever subscribed to.
KaTazTrophY 20 gün önce
eminem got hate for trashing celebrities.......tom spreading actual truth and valid point that seems to be like brain exercise to the average person...... which is kind of bummer. but EM should be proud
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 21 gün önce
As a former wrestler he should know that heat can get you over.
Xtreme_Survival 25 gün önce
comparing to M & M.. don't you see that can be perceived as racist.. why cause they are white? you compare them?
Dropout -Dropout614
Dropout -Dropout614 Aylar önce
I love the fact he talks about speaking things into existence. It has to be a real thing.
el pedro
el pedro Aylar önce
One year later and he published his new song on the same day as eminem dropped his album and tom beat eminem and stayed on 1st place!!
Li Rasmusson
Li Rasmusson Aylar önce
Wow, he's smile and eyes.
Bradley Tobin
Bradley Tobin 2 aylar önce
Toms favorite word is "like". like he says it a lot.
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds 2 aylar önce
He’s like old EM but I hope Tom don’t sell out like EM and apologize for everything he said bc he has nothing to apologize for
Statuesque Creations
Statuesque Creations 2 aylar önce
NO! YOU ARE NOT! The world has become so fucking sensitive, your song politically incorrect sums that up. You are nothing like what these sensitive ass cry babies say. You can sneeze and someone's gonna cry about it.
brock shue
brock shue 3 aylar önce
Idk if I was the only one who noticed it but it looked like tom looked frustrated as hell when he said something bout comparing him to eminem. Great interview
Judy Dempsey
Judy Dempsey 3 aylar önce
I’m new to Tom’s music...I’m also a 61 year old white women.I found Tom’s “No Lives Matter”. I was so intrigued by the title. Once he started rapping it was the first time I was actually listing to a message that I so believe in,especially with our election. Tom got it and wasn’t afraid to say it in his music. He was spot on. Everything was the truth. I so respect him for that. He is the coolest rapper I have see. Plus Tom can sing. Hope to hear more political content from him....Judy D.
bill reilly
bill reilly 3 aylar önce
more like bob Dylan then anyone
DBS6567 3 aylar önce
this is how you make it in life, self belief, self determination, and self discipline. motivation and drive, ain't nothing in this world for free, you have to work hard at it, and when you get knocked down, you get up, dust yourself off and try again. success never knock on no one's door , you have to go out and get it. so quite whining about how someone else has more than you, go out and get it, its there if you are strong enough. no snowflake every made it big, that's why they are whingers.
DBS6567 3 aylar önce
rather than piss me off, he's made me think, and realise i'm not the only one who sees things like this man. he doesn't shy away from hot or taboo topics, most don't have the balls to make video's like his. there are a few that i know and listen to, but not many, but its the message that america and the world needs to hear.
Heather Horton
Heather Horton 3 aylar önce
The fact that he talks about the things you're not "supposed to" talk about is what makes me appreciate him and his art.
Daryl Delp
Daryl Delp 3 aylar önce
Tom understands the cost of being REAL. Being REAL in todays world is almost extinct but i believe artists like Tom is super necessary
Amurthix 4 aylar önce
I like how Tom Macdonald doesn't care and drowns his listeners with his heart's beliefs. He is truly confident.
John Porter
John Porter 4 aylar önce
Haters going to hate, but I think you represent alot of what the silent majority thinks and people fraun upon. It's good to hear real life issues so creatively brought out in this platform...I'm pushing 40 and don't listen to the newer rap because there's no substance,but the way you rock the message is close to the way I see it.. keep up the creativity and stay true to you.
Felipe Santiago
Felipe Santiago 4 aylar önce
Bullshit say that to Nirvana that music didn't matter and only the lyrics, Kurt Cobain would've fucked you up.
Felipe Santiago
Felipe Santiago 4 aylar önce
I can see through this dude, he looks like a person hiding behind the tattoos to look tough but doesn't keep it real.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 5 aylar önce
Hes so fake hes always the victim lol
Voice of REASON
Voice of REASON 5 aylar önce
You know Tom, the older you get the less controversial it really is :D Before I was 25 I was VERY LIBERAL, a dozen years later I'm fairly right now. Like the stuff you say is just, COMMON SENSE to me. The world really went down hill when Facebook came out and other social media sites, I think it has a LARGE PART in what is happening in this day and age!! TY for what you do Tom!
LISA of the Clan Mac Innes
LISA of the Clan Mac Innes 5 aylar önce
I love Tom for seeing through the veil and revealing truths that people need to hear!
Night Fall
Night Fall 5 aylar önce
I hear him talk about his ambition strategies, he reminds me of my lil bro. Lmao
Robert DuBois
Robert DuBois 5 aylar önce
This is what I love about Tom McDonald. Scream the truth!!!
TheVideolister 5 aylar önce
This house is most definitely my favorite from tom.
c j
c j 5 aylar önce
Tom MacDonald and Adam calhoun should do a collab
no content
no content 6 aylar önce
I'm old generation and know nothing about rap and found this guy's music just tonight and listened to every song and interview. This is what the original punk rock ethos was about. Intelligent young man who is truly counterculture. But why the face tattoos, why?
Stacy Townsend
Stacy Townsend 7 aylar önce
HOG 4 life
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 7 aylar önce
you dont own me
you dont own me 7 aylar önce
Do what you do bro.
River Bons
River Bons 7 aylar önce
The shelf disturbs me. It will haunt my nightmares.
ILive2Rescue 7 aylar önce
I live in Florida now, but lived in Cali for the majority of my life. You can tell Tom is a full fledge Cali boy now with all of those “like” this, “like” that. 😝
bellabilliebaby [formerly LB the Bunz]
bellabilliebaby [formerly LB the Bunz] 3 aylar önce
I was thinking the same. I say like constantly.
LadyVampireTania 7 aylar önce
I would actually compare him more with Tupac than Eminem.
Don Farnsworth
Don Farnsworth 8 aylar önce
he should write a song called LIKE
Thomas Godlewski
Thomas Godlewski 8 aylar önce
Tom u are real , real as it comes ur true pure gone through ur shit this world is everything . And u explain it through your music I am a true fan ur music has hit me harder then any rapper cause I can feel ur voice ur not Eminem I actually think you are better. Ir attitude is pretty fuckin amazing.. ur just fuckin cool bro I wish I could meet you .
RebelRob Jackson
RebelRob Jackson 8 aylar önce
I think you're properly arity clearly States that there are many many people who agree with what you say and many many people who listen to your songs and then have to turn them down because they're afraid other people will hear your songs you are more popular then you know which means your message is more popular than you know trump 2020
Stephen Hills
Stephen Hills 9 aylar önce
He is waearina a shirt that states "pick your poison", while they talk about Tom's music
Colton Odyssey
Colton Odyssey 9 aylar önce
Tom Macdonald ft Yelawolf would be out of this world!!
rags15061 10 aylar önce
Anyone who says this man is racist needs to check motherfuckers need Jesus!
Ryan Csokasy
Ryan Csokasy 11 aylar önce
Its all about the message and Tom McDonald got a fire ass message for us
Ryan Csokasy
Ryan Csokasy 11 aylar önce
Great interviewer
paul garza
paul garza 11 aylar önce
You're an inspiration
chris boyd
chris boyd 11 aylar önce
Peter Steel “ type o negative “ said it best- He who has a opinion will eventually offend somebody- music is supposed to start v Conversation and make you think it’s I’m glad there’s music out there that are real rather then materialistic or offensive to women
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon Yıl önce
"that's great...I'm the same way"..really enjoyed this interview. He seems like a really good dude who works his ass off, but chill with the "I'm just like you" stuff.
Larry Brecht Jr
Larry Brecht Jr Yıl önce
Tom is the straight TRUTH!! We need his strength of heart and integrity to self I’m riding with you Tom! Keep being brave spitting your honest perspective even in the thick of it!! And know you’re doing the right thing and you’ve got at least one soldier out here who’s got your back brother!!! Your music has helped me for a fact and I appreciate you dog!! Good man!
l3dg3nd4ry Yıl önce
Don't ever change bruh, your 🔥🔥🔥 because your so fucking unique.
Christy Poe
Christy Poe Yıl önce
Tom is the definition of Real
Dan P
Dan P Yıl önce
Getting a face tat as motivation. Lol you got to love it. Don't think I'd recommend that too most though, but he had the drive & made that shit work. Very cool to catch a glimpse of the man behind the music. I really didn't think I'd care for Tom when I first seen him, but he quickly became my favorite new (new to me at least) artist. Keep making hits while taking no shit Tom. Cause just like the actual McDonald's I'm loving it.
Bridget Martin
Bridget Martin Yıl önce
Love the tattoos 😍💖
Bridget Martin
Bridget Martin Yıl önce
I think u really would have to want to hear what u want to hear to believe that "white boy" or Tom MacDonald is racist. If u want to hear hate that's what ur gonna hear.
Country Dingess
Country Dingess Yıl önce
No Tom! dude! F-K the haters! Don’t let them get in your head & knock you off your game... that’s what they want & are trying to do.... F-k the mental, close-minded, retorted haters... So many hypocritical mfer’s , they think they can say it & do it , but god forbid if you say it🤬 it’s sad that there’s so many ppl out here that really have no personality, no sense of humor, & no commonsense, it’s sad...., Tom you continue to do you💯 & continue to be the awesome talented dude you are.,. & Don’t pay no mind to retorted liberal mfer’s.....
Angelo Aguiar
Angelo Aguiar Yıl önce
u cant listen to this interviewer talk it sounds like he has a 1st grade education
Josh Petry
Josh Petry Yıl önce
Thanks for the interview, I wasnt sold on this dude but I will definitly pay more attention to him. Cant treat all YT rappers the same. So come and go, looks like he is here to stay!
Kimberly Bowman
Kimberly Bowman Yıl önce
Need more interviews from ya, you did so well..Much love & respect I love Tom and that man’s HEART 💓💯 #LoveFromKimmieNKentucky
Rob Ghigliotty
Rob Ghigliotty Yıl önce
This may not be Tom's message BUT Tom music comes across with the message that I been saying for years we people bro good n bad in all races but I get tired of hearing how as a white/ Spanish male ( I don't look Spanish at all) I see minority races get help from programs an I can't get the same help they do I'm just as broke as y'all an I'm a vet still can't get no love but I'm proud an don't like to ask for help but if as a white male you make a statement we hating racist bastards gets old just saying an Tom saying we all the same an so am I so can't we just all get along?
Rob Ghigliotty
Rob Ghigliotty Yıl önce
@Kimberly Bowman your welcome and ty for supporting us( troops/vets)
Kimberly Bowman
Kimberly Bowman Yıl önce
Rob Ghigliotty Thank you for your service..👏💓
katnnumber1fan Yıl önce
This kid is amazing and 🔥 🔥 🔥. Em needs to watch his back at this point. I mean em is the best rapper ever..but this kid is only gonna get better and better and better.
Magical 801
Magical 801 Yıl önce If anybody has the time, check out this song I wrote. If U like controversial you'll definitely like this.
Amanda Fischer
Amanda Fischer Yıl önce
Thank you for the interview!!
TheSavage ___
TheSavage ___ Yıl önce
'I dont wanna make songs that dont NEED to exist' Man Tom Macdonald ladies and gentlemen 👏👏👏👏. One of the realest quotes in the rap game I ever heard.
Jason anthony Saunders
Jason anthony Saunders Yıl önce
serious dude you call yourself a rock and roll person buy you take my rap beats lols, if you was rock and roll wouldn't you be singing on a rock and roll beat? by the way toms music was made in 2014 and released in 2015 the only thing he has added to my originals is his lyrics
anya shaffer
anya shaffer Yıl önce
I came across "Butt holes" and that song is what drew me into Tom's audience. I'm older, not part of a younger audience but I really enjoy what he sings. I introduced my girls (ages 15 & 16) to it, they love him! They understand the message he talks about. And through him I listened to Nova and also fell in love with her too! #KeppSpeakingTruths
juss chiillin
juss chiillin Yıl önce
Tom is my favorite rapper since Eminem.. (my all time favorite btw) #hangovergang
Fame Phone
Fame Phone Yıl önce
If you've facetimed with Tom, please get him to call us dude. We have something good to share with him.
Rob Banks
Rob Banks Yıl önce
My Mojo dawg
Rob Banks
Rob Banks Yıl önce
Just saying : it’s not “nitch” it’s “neesh” Nichè
Luke Hill
Luke Hill Yıl önce
it's both ways.
SteelCity Hammer
SteelCity Hammer Yıl önce
Just found him with cloned rappers and then that's when it started .. I went down the tom McDonnald worm hole .. One banger after another, then I found out hes from Canada aswell .. fml .. So glad I found this man
Delainey Johnson
Delainey Johnson Yıl önce
I respect Tom's ambition. I wish I had the same self-discipline with the goals I have in my life. This interview and Tom have influenced me greatly to put myself in check. Thx :)
Twin City Shredder
Twin City Shredder Yıl önce
If I had to like all my friend's music, i'd have no friends, however I will always appreciate a person speaking their mind and never minding what they speak.
Learning Intellectual
Learning Intellectual Yıl önce
Yo Tom, REAL TALK... I have made those exact statements about those supposed sensitive topics.... Here is my Personal Response to, Everyone, Who Has Felt Some Type Of Way With Every Track You Have Dropped To Date: 12/28/19.... FUQ'M!!! I was part of the 90's Era ..and I can say you have the Controversy mixture of Sinead O'Connor's performace on the MTV Music Awards and the Backlash of Eminem's Slim Shady LP. Which Spawned A Beast..... Which Is Lovingly You!!! I found You Back in Early '17.... I am Glad I Did.... Thanx.!! A Big Double Handed Brimmed Salute to You Sir... And Simba Beautifully done my B.F.A.M. Take It Light Y'all...
Peter Coughlin
Peter Coughlin Yıl önce
Popular with me! ... Bro your the only Human being left keep that soul.... I have yet to disagree with you and I am who I am... #TOMMACDONALD
Mariusz Klimek
Mariusz Klimek Yıl önce
I heard a client tell my boss/friend “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” after he told her he had good intentions to get something done. The saying has always stuck with me for some reason
TheMrdenton Yıl önce
The road to hell was paved with good intentions. See communism
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor Yıl önce
This would be a three minute video if Tom wasn't allowed to say the word "like".
BadNews Kelly Leak
BadNews Kelly Leak Yıl önce
TRUMP 2020
B Bond
B Bond Yıl önce
You’ll never reach goals you don’t set...
Nick Sanderson
Nick Sanderson Yıl önce
Tom keeps the music goin keeps it original I love it
Ryan Heeter
Ryan Heeter Yıl önce
This guy is like Donald Trump to me. So many people seem to think he’s so “real” and I can’t see how. He is so try hard it’s not funny. Corny and desperate for attention. I don’t see anything “real” about him. His Mac lethal diss was good, that’s the only thing good I have to say about him.
Battle Wizzard
Battle Wizzard Yıl önce
Trump 2020 and Tom McDonald 2024/2028!
Tamastara Firewalker
Tamastara Firewalker Yıl önce
so he doesn't acknowledge the problem at all that black people are more racist toward white people
Brooklen Hume
Brooklen Hume Yıl önce
Love Tom for his boldness and that he is delivering truth just cause people cant handle it dont mean it still ain't there.. actually perfect time to discuss these topics during end times Plus God wants us to stand up for each people guide another and be honest and truthful.. what if I told you that people like Tom and me and others like this aren't the controversial ones.. that everyone else was controversial?!
April Lockaby Radford
April Lockaby Radford Yıl önce
I love his smile and his eyes! He's so cute when his face lights up.
Princessdejour Yıl önce
I thought the same, very endearing smile. I love his spirit and mindset!
Rainbow Deathhearts
Rainbow Deathhearts Yıl önce
Okay for being in to women most my lyfe, I can say when I noticed Tom's bracelet, (I am Nordic and native, also very in tune with my cultural history) I was suddenly hit wit a thought of: Dam, him and his girl any day🌈🤗, please. Plus he's tall and his girl is sooo sexy.
Donny Burg
Donny Burg Yıl önce
I like all the "likes"
duh9182 Yıl önce
That shelf is the real MVP here :P
DrcJr77 Yıl önce
Kudos to both of you. Don't ever stop. Good Job Simba and Tom buddy, your well on your way, keep speaking your feelings. My advice to you Tom - Find your plateau of stability and rock n roll
Dallas Bagley
Dallas Bagley Yıl önce
I remember when Tom was an absolute unknown, and he just started dating Nova. Nova already had a good little fan base going, so people were pig piling on this dude, calling him a loser, leech etc. Now look at him, years later. Him and Nova are still together, they make an incredible team, and Tom's music is blowing up, for the simple fact that it's unique and good music. I love seeing people succeed, especially when they face adversity along the way.
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