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Robert Mazur is a former government agent who investigated drug-money laundering for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service intelligence division, and the Customs Service. While deep undercover in hot spots such as Florida, Colombia, and Panama, Mazur successfully infiltrated criminal rings and cartels, including Pablo Escobar's, by posing as a wealthy, mob-connected businessman. He helped manage the illicit fortunes of the Medellín and Cali cartels while gathering evidence that would lead to some of the largest money-laundering prosecutions in history.
He speaks to Insider about how the cartels layer their assets, and move money via “smurfs”. He also covers the use of legitimate businesses, such as jewellery chains and mortgage brokerage companies.
Mazur is the author of "The Infiltrator," which became a New York Times bestseller and inspired a 2016 film of the same title, starring Bryan Cranston (as Mazur) and John Leguizamo. Cranston is set to play Mazur again in the sequel currently in development, which is based on Mazur' second memoir, "The Betrayal.” Today, Mazur speaks and consults around the world through his company, KYC Solutions.
For more information about Mazur's speaking, expert witness, and consulting services, visit:
Read his latest memoir, "The Betrayal," about his second undercover operation on the inside of the Cali cartel:
Read his first memoir, "The Infiltrator," about his time investigating the Medellín cartel:
00:00- Introduction
00:48 - Chapter 1 | Creating the Persona
01:59 - Chapter 2 | Meeting the Cartel
03:27 - Chapter 3 | The Market
05:13 - Chapter 4 | Collecting the Cash
07:15 - Chapter 5 | Making Payments
09:43 - Chapter 6 | The Surveillance
12:17 - Chapter 7 | The Banks
15:13- Chapter 8 | The Middlemen
16:20 - Chapter 9 | Breaking Cover
17:57- Chapter 10 | The Aftermath
19:39- Chapter 11 | The Future of Dirty Money
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How Money Laundering Actually Works | How Crime Works | Insider
How Money Laundering Actually Works | How Crime Works | Insider

@crypto_que 3 aylar önce
He held himself accountable for being no better than the criminals. Big up to him for keeping it real.
@steveestebon2079 3 aylar önce
Yea ok
@FearlessHealer 3 aylar önce
lol, what? He’s far better than criminals. The criminals he was going for terrorised Colombia.
@EmazingGuitar 3 aylar önce
@@FearlessHealermost of the money comes from the collection of dime bag pushers that done hurt anyone.
@redlion145 3 aylar önce
"I want a government with conscience. I don't want people high-fiving." When dealing with something like the cartels, and all the suffering that comes from their activities, I think that is absolutely the correct attitude to have.
@von... 3 aylar önce
Reminds me of the scene near the end of "The Big Short", where the retired bitter wall-st banker helps the 2 young guys by letting them use his account to gain access to the highest level of options trading - where they then took every dollar they had & shorted (aka bet on the downfall of) the housing market in 2007. When their predictions came true (meaning they made 100's of millions), they were high-fiving & getting all rowdy/excited - instantly the retired wall-st banker slapped them with the reality that they were celebrating was millions of American's losing their homes & their entire lives, that this wasn't just like taking money from a casino. I agree with Robert & that banker 100%, you can never let your humanity slip away when you're dealing with people's life.
@llai8501 3 aylar önce
Just legalise and tax
@redlion145 3 aylar önce
@@von... I really liked that movie as well. My favorite scene was Mark Baum talking to his boss. At this point he already knows Morgan Stanley is actively betting against his position, but he doesn't know how big their position is. And this woman ran thru the rationale "he [bond trader betting against Baum] kept saying it would never happen, that there would be a million homeless." Refusal to anticipate negative consequences. Definitely a design flaw, not a feature.
@SpXPtwn 3 aylar önce
​@von... I agree. Too many cops see the rest of us, and especially "criminals" as inhuman, or less than human in one way or another.
@casedistorted Aylar önce
Respect to this man. I think he’s the type of person we want in law enforcement and government. Sadly, most do not have his level of integrity.
@yassirb5103 3 aylar önce
Wow, this guy is a soldier to look into the eyes of those criminals and families in court after what he did to them is admirable, it's unimaginable the number of high-stress situations he must have been in with dozens of people constantly off drugs and carrying weapons where any slip-up, fumble, or poor choice of words could easily be misread and lead to dangerous consequences. However, he is very articulate in English so I assume he carried that on through his undercover persona when he spoke to the narcos and launderers in Spanish making it all the more impressive.
@indiasuperclean6969 3 aylar önce
@youaremadbrother 2 aylar önce
​@@indiasuperclean6969umm you guys poop on the street 😬
@chains_of_heaven 2 aylar önce
@@youaremadbrother it's a troll account but I doubt the channel owner is even Indian.
@brenthartline4417 3 aylar önce
Love the honesty, humility and integrity. This is what a hero looks like. All he got was pain in return. That's unfair.
@macforme 3 aylar önce
brent: I think he must have gotten satisfaction over the takedown. Without his abilities and risk taking this would not have been a success.
@peaknonsense2041 3 aylar önce
Doing what's right almost always causes pain.
@brenthartline4417 3 aylar önce
@@macforme true. I just ment he spent a lot of time and energy and the risk of his death over the smallest mistake. And he got nothing in return. Had he worked for the other side and accomplished this he would probably own a mansion on a beach somewhere. Thing just don't work how they should.
@RapidAssaultEuro 3 aylar önce
@@brenthartline4417 Why do you say he has nothing? He has a family, wrote a bestselling book. Dude probably lives a comfortable life.
@brenthartline4417 3 aylar önce
@@RapidAssaultEuro I ment received nothing. Witch he should have for his extraordinary efforts.
@felixvergara5627 2 aylar önce
A real life hero YET the fact that after all of his effort, agencies have NOT come together to form the "anti money laundering" task force he talks about at the end MUST feel like a slap on the face since NOT only is he in danger but his family members as well...
@jamiebray8532 3 aylar önce
What he did is devious for a good outcome. But the fact he is humble. We need more like him in law enforcement.
@theylied1776 3 aylar önce
I used to work in and around commercial, retail, industrial, and residential real estate. Real Estate is the #1 target for money laundering. One of the first property management companies that I had as a client, one of the Managing Partners, a real estate agent who was also a lawyer, asked me a lot of questions about two of their properties. She noticed that there was a lot of work that was being invoiced, millions, that was not being done. She dropped those properties like they were made of lava.
@indiasuperclean6969 3 aylar önce
@theylied1776 3 aylar önce
@@indiasuperclean6969 I see. You are off of your Meds today.
@kindbear2475 3 aylar önce
​@@theylied1776yeahh I'm from India too but this guy "superclean" looks super sick in his head 😂
@joethestrat 2 aylar önce
Same with working in casinos.
@somedude4530 2 aylar önce
were you a real estate broker representing a client that was potentially involved in laundering?
@TomCruz54321 3 aylar önce
This guy is a hero. Risking his life to take on powerful criminals that many public officials won’t dare to touch. ❤
@jeffbell9391 3 aylar önce
But doesn't he work for the government.
@MrMegaManFan 3 aylar önce
"Yeah I was addicted - but I was addicted to information." So smart. No wonder the cartels got burned by him. He never let lust for money become more tempting to him than his desire to undermine their operation.
@noncomplacent 3 aylar önce
If you believe anything this fed says
@mirandatwumasi7737 Aylar önce
There was a movie based on him, called The Infiltrator starring Bryan Cranston. Really good movie, showed how deep the corruption was ..from criminals to government agencies👀
@gary.richardson 3 aylar önce
"I want a government with a conscience. I don't want people high fiving." That statement goes deeper than some realize.
@autoaim3311 3 aylar önce
Not that deep 🤣
@francesbernard2445 3 aylar önce
Can I please quote you on that saying or is it only an anonymous one safe for me to use anytime without me getting kicked out of a business?
@indiasuperclean6969 3 aylar önce
@gary.richardson 3 aylar önce
@@francesbernard2445 no crime in wanting, even if you are not perfect. We are not meant to be dependent on forgiveness from those who thrive on trapping others for their own gain. Like crabs in a barrel. Pull one crab out, other crabs try to hold the crab back. The non crabs let go for they want to be free also.
@gary.richardson 3 aylar önce
@@autoaim3311 I believe him when he said it and it mirrors what other you tube stars have said about dark triad types and what the bible says about the *devil" in various scriptures. The risk of "evil" is in all of us yet some, thrive on it in the "shadows" But hey, that's what I see and resonate with.
@mohammadabdullah5804 3 aylar önce
We need a movie of some of his undercover operations, just based off of how he described it in such detail had me excited
@scottchicago95 3 aylar önce
The infiltrator movie,was made
@aldossnow3703 3 aylar önce
He got you hard ?
@Nero-Caesar 3 aylar önce
Just watch Ozarks
@jamesthompkins8935 3 aylar önce
The Accountant
@aperson7624 2 aylar önce
"I want a government with a conscious". Amen sir. And you are right, the reason we don't have better laws is because the government itself is benefiting from them staying broken.
@eferlinindonesia1910 3 aylar önce
I appreciate this guy came clean in his heart and confessed and taught us all how this happened. He is NOT weak but he is getting saner and becoming a better human. Strength with evil purpose is worthless. Nothing to be proud of.
@minder5066 3 aylar önce
He was undercover, he was a good guy the whole time.
@coolwalk6022 3 aylar önce
This world needs more people like him!
@lactusgalacto1174 3 aylar önce
You don't know what you are talking about?
@martinpolo3198 3 aylar önce
Yeah.. we need his service..
@s1lv3rbordeaux47 3 aylar önce
The world just needs to wake up to reality! People are just blind & dumb to realism.
@indiasuperclean6969 3 aylar önce
@Ryan_McGee 3 aylar önce
Saul Goodman taught me all I needed to know about money laundering.
@JuanHernandez-dj9zo 3 aylar önce
I’ll stick to a Spa and a Car wash.
@LuckyDineroTv 3 aylar önce
Wait so it’s not just washing money in the laundry machine?😅
@Mordecrox 3 aylar önce
As someone who had to learn more than I wanted I approve of people being happy with surface level knowledge and not wanting to go deeper.
@willyamoiram 3 aylar önce
an accomplished accountant known for his precision and attention to detail. He takes pride in his work
@jimmyispromo 3 aylar önce
This dude got some big balls. Mad Respect
@kingjoe3rd 3 aylar önce
The Medellín Cartel is no longer active, so most likely there is nobody out there that would even care to do a hit on him anymore, but this guy is a straight professional, so he will probably never reveal his identity until he's on his deathbed or even then probably not.
@AvocadosRus 3 aylar önce
They want you to think they aren’t active, they are still active just different leadership. IMO tho, I could be wrong but criminal networks just don’t disappear, they just change leadership.
@JayP787 3 aylar önce
Or its just 🧢
@wsquah 3 aylar önce
This guy is wild. Truly respectable
@georgehelliar 3 aylar önce
Thats a mad story. 80-odd arrests, helping to bring down BCCI, then going undercover again... Your best video in this series
@TheAmericanIdol 3 aylar önce
Major props to this guy. Must be made of steel, his experience is wild af.
@fmcaylan9833 3 gün önce
This hero says he is addicted but with the information he would hold. That is because (me personally) think money notes don't have much value with the industry he was in. You, sir, have my respect.
@drawingmomentum Aylar önce
Too bad not all law enforcement agencies can do what this guy did. In my town, the sheriff's dept can't even catch the child thief who stole from me. We live in a very corrupt world. Trust no one.
@jamesbyunn 3 aylar önce
I respect the man for bringing a huge progress in the black markets with laundering money. But the issue is you cant kill the industry, when mega corporations are doing the same. $600 million is great but its a drop in a bucket when its a 2.6 Trillion and growing in offshores.
@757Princess 3 aylar önce
That’s not ‘a drop in bucket’ it’s nearly half
@seungminwhatisyourproblem 3 aylar önce
​@@757Princessthat's not how math works that's not even a third of a trillion.
@lokiaverro4196 3 aylar önce
​@757Princess that's not correct. 600 millions goes into 6.2 trillion, more than FOUR THOUSAND times. Literally a drop in the bucket
@Danny_6Handford Aylar önce
"I want a government with conscience. I don't want people high-fiving." The way this can begin and at the same time improve peace and fairness, is when our business, government, military and academic leaders along with our wealthiest and brightest and smartest among us can learn to be much more truthful, honest and trustworthy and much less greedy and also learn how not to be bribed and how not to become criminals and with the rest of us start to understand that the wellbeing and happiness of others benefits everyone and is the bases for morality.
@davidtydeman1434 28 gün önce
Respect. I admire people who do this important work
@jecsah 3 aylar önce
I enjoyed how well spoken and articulate he is. A pleasure to listen to.
@frankcasarelli9140 3 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing. My first thought was, why would he even expose his story then o figured, we all feel relieved by sharing things. This must be one of those things he feels indebted to share with the world. Thank you for your service.
@BabyJesus66 3 aylar önce
Nah he wants to sell books and get money. 😂
@frankcasarelli9140 3 aylar önce
@@BabyJesus66 yeah, you’re right!
@Vincent_Beers 3 aylar önce
He's also basically retired. He's giving away info that is decades out of date now.
@user-qn6dv5ph8s 3 aylar önce
This world needs more people like him!. Saul Goodman taught me all I needed to know about money laundering..
@phillipmele8533 3 aylar önce
Y’know what? I’d say if you’ve just spent a non-negligible amount of your life in a high-stress infiltration op in which you could have been killed at any moment through no fault of your own, you’re entitled to at least one good cry after the fact without it counting against you as a tough guy.
@ladyrain299 3 aylar önce
The toughest guys are emotionally stable which includes processing their emotions. Truly. Those guys are unflappable.
@EnglishItalian1 3 aylar önce
He cried because he lost friends in the arrest (not a joke, watch the movie)
@kristopherdetar4346 Aylar önce
Well done Sir, thank you for your story and mental ability to have been able to carry out this amazing undercover tasking. You are a true Warrior of God in regards to reduce big crime. Unfortunately this will never go away until Jesus Christ comes back to make things right and restored in the way God originally intended.
@observe_and_purport 22 gün önce
Y'all find the most humble folks to interview and I love it.
@jtroch1023 3 aylar önce
If the banking industry wanted to stop it. Along with decision makers. It would. Kudos to dude. But would not risk my life to fix a problem that exists because the aforementioned want it to.
@acrookedtoes 2 aylar önce
If you really listen to this, you just have to know. It never ends and there will always be another criminal to steal your money. We cant win.
@elpana3752 3 aylar önce
When the average person commits fraud, it's a crime... When the Banks commit fraud, it's business as usual...
@chanelnyika965 3 aylar önce
They get fined a fraction of the profit they made .
@Arminsaf2 3 aylar önce
They don’t care if you commit fraud, they just want their cut. Pay the taxes through legit businesses and they’ll never bother
@Arminsaf2 3 aylar önce
They don’t care if you commit fraud, they just want their cut. Pay the taxes through legit businesses and they’ll never bother
@elscruffomcscruffy8371 3 aylar önce
​@@chanelnyika965and then it astounds me where the 'fine' actually the government? The victims? Nope. No one knows. Yet, afterwards, they simply recuperate the fine through raising fees etc. The innocent always get punished
@marckemp9955 2 aylar önce
For years as I've met these people on the highway and today is no different, I've heard, "all i know is I've got more money in my account." I'd say it's a lie. They know exactly who they're helping and who they're hurting.
@user-ld9yb1bv3n 3 aylar önce
Saul Goodman taught me all I needed to know about money laundering.. This guy is wild. Truly respectable.
@SCF-yt1pu 3 aylar önce
You either have a business and create fake receipts, or you know someone who does and will do it for you for a fee. When you see a shop in the corner that never gets customers yet some how their still in business. After 10 years its probably because those shops are only there for money laundering purposes by a drug dealer
@blank1778 3 aylar önce
Small town with high taxes with bodegas that always have people outside chilling yet only sell 100-500 worth of product a day 😂 yea that’s believable they can stay afloat
@nejomatri160 3 aylar önce
Big city to small towns that have new construction for luxury apartments that stay vacant for YEARS yet somehow never go bankrupt. Maybe the bodega is doing it and it may suite to scapegoat these minority poor shop owners who are trying to survive but come on, let’s not bullshit.
@blank1778 3 aylar önce
@@nejomatri160 that’s not even comparable though. Someone with a multi million even billion dollar portfolio is always going to have money and it’s more of an investment that they sell eventually vs someone with just one shop barely making bills meet
@nejomatri160 3 aylar önce
@@blank1778 Anyone participating is compatible in comparison. Would it be more favorable to you to politically target bodegas? This small documentary highlighted the multiple banks, jewelry, realty and brokerage firms that are involved in laundering and here you are defending their honor. Funny that that fact flew right over your head.
@kentneumann5209 2 aylar önce
Maybe their biz customers are online.
@Rocketninja200 3 aylar önce
I heard about a guy who sells finger paintings for 500K to wash money. He even duped a court into letting his worthless finger paintings be a substitute for child support.
@Cavscout101 3 aylar önce
Sounds like Hunter Biden?
@saintfloydoffentanyl1489 3 aylar önce
@umeng2002 3 aylar önce
@dannylo5875 3 aylar önce
@regneva17 3 aylar önce
you see, i always think that this kinda reveal is paradoxical. Mr. Mazur is a hero, and i commend that with everything i've got. however, if this kinda thing gets revealed, doesn't it make the bad guys more aware? it's different if we can wipe them down to the roots, so that those who would start being bad guys from now on are amateurs, but that alone is a tough task. doesn't it cause them to revise the way they do things, and thus people in general wouldn't know it's bad to be related to those people? it's a bit like those life hacks telling you where to hide your keys. the bad guys could watch that too, and that would be counterintuitive.
@EricMiller 3 aylar önce
In his first book he mentions a pal of mine Bruce Perlowin who was the King of Pot and described him sitting crosslegged on a bed talking about washing money and it was just amusing to know that Bruce has not changed a bit in all these years. Im going to order his 2nd book this minute. This was a great interview.
@hehwhwh727 3 aylar önce
Don't snitch mon.
@djquinn11 3 aylar önce
@@hehwhwh727: Hahaha! Never!
@noncomplacent 3 aylar önce
@user-jq6lh9wn6l 3 aylar önce
This dude got some big balls. Mad Respect. This guy is wild. Truly respectable.
@ambition112 3 aylar önce
0:15: 💰 Money laundering enables criminal organizations to exert control and corruption on a global scale. 4:00: 💰 The speaker describes their involvement in a money laundering operation for drug cartels, including the process of exchanging dollars, buying planes, and bribing officials. 8:03: 💰 The speaker describes a money laundering process involving couriers and the use of various financial instruments to disguise the origin of the funds. 12:25: 💼 The speaker recounts their experience working undercover in an operation that involved money laundering and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. 15:32: 💼 An undercover operation reveals a network of intermediaries facilitating money laundering through corporations, leading to arrests, fines, and seizures. 19:50: 💰 The speaker discusses the challenges of combating money laundering and the sale of illegal drugs, proposing measures such as creating a joint money-laundering task force and implementing stricter regulations for high-value accounts. Recap by Tammy AI
@O.Reagano 3 aylar önce
These bot comments are at least better lol
@sya_7489 3 aylar önce
Wow, an actually good, useful bot?? On TRshow?? Damm I thought this was only a thing on reddit/Twitter Good bot 👍
@StefanReich 3 aylar önce
Is this 100% AI made? Good result
@SurmaSampo 2 aylar önce
Having this person in silhouette does nothing to protect him from retaliation when there is a contract out for him. They already know who he is.
@lloydmunga4961 3 aylar önce
The thing the government loves about this kind of work is the civil forfeiture of hundreds of millions of dollars which goes into their bank accounts
@ponzo1967 3 aylar önce
We really need to rethink what a successful social structure should look like
@randoml97 3 aylar önce
The fact that you broke your cover and then the people you were trying to help didn't listen has to have been infuriating
@Salamattder 3 aylar önce
This interview with Bryan Cranston is great.
@rocketmanstudio 3 aylar önce
Hahahaha!!!! That’s freakin hilarious!!! That’s what it felt like, man that’s funny….
@MOBMJ 2 aylar önce
This guy is a true hero
@JustinRoberts-dg3bm 3 aylar önce
Excellent story and interview. I enjoyed every minute.
@mrsamirf 3 aylar önce
He needs to work undercover for some of these companies who tax evade
@AlexxanderOnYoutube 3 aylar önce
The infiltrator is quite a good movie btw, must watch for those interested in how these people moved
@llai8501 3 aylar önce
Imagine you legalised drug usage, produced it at a high quality and taxed it? While doing this, you focus your efforts on education, rehabilitation and addiction treatment. This is especially important for those with afflicted with drug addiction. Addiction is a disease and we need to show these people empathy. Not only would we have a better society but our costly jail's would not be as full, we'd have more tax dollars, addicts could get access to clean drugs and help as well as take the money and power away from the criminals. If it's one thing we know, people will always do drugs. The resources and time spent on the "war on drugs" is a farce and by in large not effective. Law enforcement has lost this war. Here in Sydney Australia, we can access cocaine at any time. Almost everyone has a driver delivering coke or knows someone who has a driver. It's everywhere. Meanwhile our AFP (our equivalent of the CIA/FBI of sorts) boasts about the big busts...
@peterheinzo515 3 aylar önce
yup. but we rather militarize the police than hire more social workers.
@llai8501 3 aylar önce
@@peterheinzo515 agree. We need to help people. Not jail them.
@godkingathleticsllc4218 3 aylar önce
That makes too much sense for we Americans. We Americans are erroneously under the misguided notion that we can "militarize and punish" our way out of a problem while simultaneously using those same tactics to hopefully correct people's behavior in a manner that best reflects Anglo-Judeo-Christian-Western values. We Americans are so much in blinding awe of the past, that the majority of us cannot properly see the future. But you are absolutely correct!
@michaelpapazis 3 aylar önce
Tell that to El Salvador
@arasb3258 2 aylar önce
Thank you for your service to humanity.
@impsquared 3 aylar önce
he did all that undercover work to make a small dent in the worldwide money laundering business, damn
@rob_in_sv 3 aylar önce
More like a micro dent. Business is booming now more than ever! 😂
@Blitzbogen 3 aylar önce
@@rob_in_sv in what way
@qromise 3 aylar önce
@@Blitzbogenin any way
@sulynncho9299 3 aylar önce
Try doing something in your life ❤️
@janestones323 3 aylar önce
The facade is - we fighting with the drugs and drug supply in this country. What is really happening is they catch one or two secondary suppliers and closing the eyes to the main ones. Why? The answer is obvious to many. The more people are taking the drugs the less people are thinking what is this government really doing to protect me and my family?
@adrianqx 3 aylar önce
Sadly even such a hit doesn't make a blip in the drug trade
@N1njaSnake 3 aylar önce
What a hero! Respect!
@KindaGhostyy Aylar önce
I like how he blacked out his face, Then states his full name, the fact that he's an undercover, for what cartel, what job he had and for how long he did it.
@s1lv3rbordeaux47 3 aylar önce
He was addicted to getting the information. Wow, how did he manage to get a pay rate, of which surpasses all the considered persuasions within such an occupation?? Most of those who's fate falls from the inherent persuasions, are more likely to see that fateful step as a way of increasing one's inadequate state provided income. Suitable income for exacting situations involved in such employment & simular, often, if not always equates to far far less than expectations would allow for. Equality of risk to reward is a fantasy when one is strictly only law abiding. So this guy got the golden egg indeed!!
@andreaberryman5354 3 aylar önce
Money laudaring is done by, for, and within families as well for tax evasion or benefits fraud. 😢
@cteckerman 3 aylar önce
They never do a good enough job covering the person's face in these things, considering their life is on the line.
@LuckyDineroTv 3 aylar önce
They but better blurs on other ppls faces in the video 😂😂
@letsgotoe2toe 3 aylar önce
it’s an actor
@beepbop6697 3 aylar önce
​@@letsgotoe2toelol, no
@corvo2696 3 aylar önce
Intentional misdirection. The thing better than having obscured features is giving them wrong ones. The suit he's wearing is not fitted at all. It seems the shoulders and sleeves are stiffened to hide hos features. Probably a wig, and sunglasses as well. And most importantly, he's been audio dubbed over
@JoelReid 3 aylar önce
My forensics lecturer at one point was asked to analyze lead covered gold valued at about $7mill at the time, arriving in Heathrow airport (it had arrived in a private jet, which for lead is suspicious). he could identify exactly which mine shaft in South America it had originated at... The mining company refused to claim it was theirs (for reasons they did not specify), however conveniently changed their tune just before 7 years. because after 7 years it would have become my lecturer's (since he was holding it for analysis until someone claimed it). Conveniently, it was also after a certain drug cartel leader had been disposed of. It is extremally evident to all involved that the lead covered gold had been part of criminal money laundering, but was never officially linked to any individual or cartel.
@jaynash6447 3 aylar önce
He's a very competent storyteller
@supremetokyo7139 3 aylar önce
Crazy how not once they mention how much they made laundering all the money. Every million laundered cost money.
@socialex 3 aylar önce
As a Canadian I think about laundering legal money to hide it from the government all of the time. The fact that 67% of my income goes to taxes feels corrupt and criminal when I can't even afford a house
@persuasivebarrier2419 3 aylar önce
67%? I call cap. What is your income yearly about?
@jayjayman23 3 aylar önce
As a Canadian myself I have never heard of anyone getting taxed 67% or anywhere near that range on their income. Even if it was possible (it’s not) that would mean that you’re in an incredibly high tax bracket (fact: 33% on anything over $221,708) and you’d probably be able to afford something.
@socialex 3 aylar önce
@jombac3 I didn't say on my income I said of my income. 67% of my money goes to taxes. If you are from a lower taxed province this might be hard to understand but even the lowest taxed provinces are paying quite alot.
@socialex 3 aylar önce
@persuasivebarrier2419 a bunch of money but besides the point I didn't say I get taxed 67% on my income I said I lose 67% of my income to taxes
@genb4374 3 aylar önce
​@@socialexYou're lying.
@juanmercado7706 3 aylar önce
The thing is that there's a lot of interests colliding and nobody wants to pull the strings
@tubby800 3 aylar önce
I work in a bank and I really want to know what questions he has in mind that I could potentially ask to help mitigated the potential of helping bad actors
@Magic_beans_ 28 gün önce
If you’re running a jewelry business that’s supposedly pulling in $500,000 a week, won’t someone eventually notice that you’re not buying much or any new jewelry?
@crimpinurpimpin 3 aylar önce
This is the BEST description/review of this watch that I’ve seen yet. Well done sir.
@gregvisioninfosoft 3 aylar önce
We should do same investigations here in this country
@sharonkrueger9418 3 aylar önce
I just watched The Infiltrator movie after watching this video. Bob did some crazy and courageous work!
@danielirvine7468 3 aylar önce
I love these interviews great work
@roaringcat14 3 aylar önce
I love how they change his body strucuture, he wears a face mask with convincing hair, accessories like eye wear, not use his real voice(lipsync), and the person in the shadow is not the exact real person. Really neat disguise to keep the real guy safe :)
@STSGuitar16 3 aylar önce
How do you know this?
@adas666 3 aylar önce
How are you so sure of that?
@pointofviewpov674 3 aylar önce
It’s my Dad
@Alkis05 3 aylar önce
I don't know why they didn't just use an AI
@bernl178 2 aylar önce
Hope y’all took notice of the money involved, and why things are most likely not to change. And the banks and banks, in general, they don’t care. That’s the really sad part.
@ungeekness 3 aylar önce
This man is obviously very intelligent. It's interesting to me that he thinks the war on drugs can be won.
@chanelnyika965 3 aylar önce
Honestly It can be won but a lot of people will be lost.
@MrDamon888 3 aylar önce
People like him have vested interest in perpetuating war on drugs. Careers and budgets $$$$$$
@nordette 3 aylar önce
You can probably win it by legalizing and taxing it.
@X37V_Freecazoid 2 aylar önce
This is not an issue, if government really want to end the drugs they'll do it in a few years, there are moneys, and everyone wants money
@dennisalvin7307 3 aylar önce
you are a hero! thank u for ur service!
@Denielgunz 3 aylar önce
The production on this video was marvelous! It kept me hooked from start to finish!
@SebWilkes 2 aylar önce
At 11:47 I would definitely have come undone. Not only because I would think I would be 'extinguished' but also because I would be so pissed off at the DEA.
@visualbree 3 aylar önce
That silhouette is not good enough. I fear for his life. Great documentary.
@danlabow8218 2 aylar önce
I read his books. Amazing stories.
@toxichammertoe8696 3 aylar önce
As a kid I thought the money laundering was literally cleaned at a laundromat
@dannylo5875 3 aylar önce
@j.johnson5859 3 aylar önce
I thought they used the money to open laundromats and dry cleaners...Today car washes...
@jayisola6787 3 aylar önce
This dude’s story is crazy! Always wondered the underworld’s accountants. Yikes!
@johnbridges5461 3 aylar önce
Very brave guy. Respect!!
@jumpingsloth3963 3 aylar önce
Awesome story. Didn't learn much about money laundering though lol.
@habeascorpus6604 3 aylar önce
"This is how crime works" ie - this is exactly how governments work. no different.
@Wharbuckz7 3 aylar önce
🎯🎯🎯 The biggest cartel of them all.
@polecabo 3 aylar önce
Amazing work, you have my gratitude
@stuartmccafferty8964 3 aylar önce
Legalise the drug industry. It will make healthy economies on a global scale and will minimise what society deems as illegal. Perhaps enabling a global educational and health care standard that we could aspire to.
@ashn7146 3 aylar önce
No, legalizing every degenerate thing is not a good answer. Money is the problem.
@joelolwertz5894 3 aylar önce
Is the cartel gonna pay for your rehab? No, it will come from my taxes.
@Padoinky 3 aylar önce
The guy from breaking bad, Bryan Cranston, stared in the film of this…. The financial gymnastics and rigamarole involved w/ laundering actual cash into financial transactions, is unbelievably complex and plays out like a continuously morphing ecosystem - legal entities nested under legal entities in nation-currency “X”, that was routed through nation-currency “A” this cycle, but then through nation-currency “B” next cycle, the combination of legal entities, financial institutions, currencies, instruments, movements across borders, etc is an endless web of interlocking parties, in which funds can be routed, passed-through and exchanged - Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are also party to the laundering game
@user-cu2lw9wy8x 3 aylar önce
Thanks for doing the hard work.
@laaaliiiluuu 3 aylar önce
Money doesn't rule the world. It's the people ruling the money that rule the world.
@RockBone128 3 aylar önce
A wise person must known that in order to build success, they must invest wisely and have the proper knowledge or guidance in the financial market.
@PontusSteele 3 aylar önce
I haven't seen anyone so determined to make his clients profits as Owen. How he allows you express your fears and still calms your fears is something I admire about him. I don't usually comment on videos but I must put the word out there, he's really great.
@AliAbbas17956 3 aylar önce
Thank you. Crypto education is what the world needs the most right now. I don’t think that buy and hold is a valid investment strategy anymore. Not too diluted and to a degree, follows Owen’s trading ideas and signal tips for your portfolio growth and aggressiveness. He is a man who has not only taught me what the cryptocurrency trading world looks like but a secret to uplift my finance. Buying crypto and waiting for the price to shoot up is not the best way to invest in the market but buying and trading is the key. Owen Arthur’s trade signal does the heavy lifting, generating competitive returns for crypto traders and investors in the form of money and peace of mind. Time in the market vs. timing the market. If you keep that mentality as an investor, you will stay calm during the storm! Within some months I was making a lot more money and have continued on that same path with Owen Arthur Edgar.
@michealdonaldray5198 3 aylar önce
As a new investor, it's important to remember that investing and trading require more than just technical analysis skills. Discipline and emotional maturity play a significant role in achieving success. It's wise to keep in mind the adage of "time in the market vs. timing the market," as this mentality can help you weather market volatility. With insights of Owen Arthur and my commitment to learning and growth, I've been increasing my earnings in just a few month
@donaldmicheal4288 3 aylar önce
It's really nice and I'll like to reach out
@ramosteam 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your great work. Semper Fi 🇺🇲
@RankinMsP 3 aylar önce
Brilliant. Sadly we all know nothing has changed. If anything, it's not worse.
@mcd07077 2 aylar önce
And what happens to the $600m in fines? I’m guessing the agency gets to keep it….so basically they just feed off cartels and are no different than a cartel
@keybraker 3 aylar önce
The balls of this man, just wow
@wendyshoowaiching4161 3 aylar önce
For me as long the money is not coming from drugs, cheat (scam), robbery or anything harmful to people. Its all yours and legal.
@alexandervaduva 3 aylar önce
I developed a serious addiction to *Insider’s* _How Crime Works_ *TRshow* series. There could be worse addictions, I suppose.
@WckdLani 3 aylar önce
like money laundering
@greywolf7577 3 aylar önce
Now you know how to do every crime. You'll be unstopable!
@zhanghaofrfr 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the tips! Great video! 👍👍
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