The Truth About Making Cartoons

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Oh you like cartoons? Name every single animation.
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Jelly Jess
Jelly Jess 4 aylar önce
I swear I always pause James’ videos to just appreciate all the different backgrounds, his team is amazingly talented!
Casey Patterson
Casey Patterson 3 gün önce
You have inspired me..
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 4 gün önce
Bob animations
Bob animations 10 gün önce
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak 13 gün önce
sometimes i replay the videos at different times, as an appreciation of the art work & the story telling ... =)
Walnut & Prince Productions
Walnut & Prince Productions 15 gün önce
@Rebecca read the description he always crediteds them
Skrogy Aylar önce
The fact that James is telling us behind the scenes of animating really makes you acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort that must've been spent into this video even more
Pro Aylar önce
Hes right an animator has to animate EVERY SINGLE FRAME and not miss a single one. The fact his videos are smooth and have colour is amazing. That toxic comment was a guy with spare time looking for something to do.
Milo Aylar önce
the coolest thing about south park is that everyone works on everything. Even though the style seems so simple, the fact they do it all in a week is- phenomenal. they work on everything together and they can still do an ep a week. i know animation takes a shit ton of time, so the fact they can produce a fully done episode weekly is absolutely- astonishing. I'll promo south park here for a sec- if you guys have HBO Max, there's a documentary called 6 days to air: the making of south park, and watching that documentary was- amazing. it really shows how incredible people are when they're committed to something and have a good ass idea. to all the animators/artists out there, you guys are fucken amazing. i respect you guys so much
Frequent Comings
Frequent Comings 3 gün önce
Thor Boar
Thor Boar 6 gün önce
nice :)
Drillo 4 gün önce
One 22 minute South Park episode takes 6 days to make, and as an animator I jumped out of my chair. The brainstorming, scripting, animating, voice acting, and editing are all done in 6 freaking days. It's just absolutely mindblowing seeing how well made these episodes are in that short period of time. Animation takes time, but keep in mind that there's a whole process besides the animation.
Cossicrots 42
Cossicrots 42 2 gün önce
As Element Animation said and as many know, “Animating is hard.”
Martins Licis
Martins Licis 4 aylar önce
Just like lifting weights. No one understands how much it takes to be the worlds strongest man! Great video!
That random banana under your bed
That random banana under your bed 10 gün önce
@among the breadsticks Did he ask you?
unwanted lad
unwanted lad 3 aylar önce
I'm gonna give you 100$ can u rent me some strong muscles pls ty
Swamphed 4 aylar önce
@the whanos "stump of musles" - Google Translate
Elad_27 4 aylar önce
Like 400 kilo innit?
Isaiah Moreno
Isaiah Moreno 4 aylar önce
@EvilestDeath no ac or heater
Ash Plays!!!
Ash Plays!!! Aylar önce
Thank you! I always wanted to become an animator and now I know how unappreciated the work is. Thank you for the wonderful content I appreciate your hard work just a smile on our faces! 😊
Quinto Lam
Quinto Lam 21 gün önce
It’s funny how when James said “THAN DRAW 20 DIFFERENT BEDROOMS?” He needed his artists to draw each individual bedroom shown in the frames. Thought I think those were reused as well
Jessica W
Jessica W 8 gün önce
Thank you Kim for that night time background! It was a really good background. What I also appreciate that you do, that some of my TRshowrs don't and I'm not sure why-- Thanks for making it a point to give an end credits to every one who does work on your videos. That way, if I'm watching something and I'm like, "Oh my god that night time background is gorgeous! Who did that?" I can look at the credits in the description of the video or in your case at the end of the video and give them a shout out in the comments. Its something I've only recently started doing, and I know I was band wagoning a little bit, but I'm glad the community as a whole is starting to recognize.
Kiddosneakybeaky 25 gün önce
7:29 - 7:52 And don’t forget Rotoscoping! (Recording a person’s real life movements, and then proceeding to trace said movements for a more “realistic” and “fluid” feel. Like with certain dances in some animated movies. It was a pretty sound, and good method!)
Kiddosneakybeaky 8 gün önce
@Manisha Sharma O O F .
Manisha Sharma
Manisha Sharma 8 gün önce
Once someone in comments of another vidoe said 'oH tHEy JUsT TrAcED iT eWw' and then another person said if tracing is so easy why don't you trace an anumation and post it on your own channel Haven't herd from that guy yet
 ShortHax 4 aylar önce
Can’t wait for James to start speedrunning animation
Dan Ham
Dan Ham Aylar önce
Oh no I can hear the dream speed run music already
Inaaya Alvin
Inaaya Alvin Aylar önce
Lovesuv potter❤️
Lovesuv potter❤️ 2 aylar önce
Your everywhere bro
BlurryFace 2 aylar önce
@NonSharpNeedles why did we have the same thought lol
BlurryFace 2 aylar önce
*dreams Speedrun music plays*
galning 27
galning 27 7 gün önce
8:22 that feels so sweet to me for some reason. First seeing Greg (that’s what his name tag says) working his ass of making both James’s burgers and art on the side to James getting his burger and talking about he is able to support not only himself but also have a team of amazing animators and talk about how that helps him hire more talented animators, and who walks in but Greg.
Scorpionstrike7 3 gün önce
I did an animation class and my final project looked very amateur. And even though the characters were stick figures, that still took me about 3 weeks to do!
✨fizzerys✨ 4 gün önce
As a person learning how to animate and draw, I suffer everyday trying to tween good with my character. The limbs always start spinning around and sometimes they dislocate.
Rough Sketcher
Rough Sketcher 28 gün önce
I just now realized how true this is. A few weeks ago I made an animation. It took me 30-ish minutes and around 40 drawings to get one second of a fuzzy blob rolling around and I don’t regret it.
Jams 4 aylar önce
Dang, I remember James back when he started making subway animation stories looking like a college student, now he looks like an adult!
channel A
channel A 18 gün önce
Me too and I miss it
Gang Beasts Clips & compilations
Gang Beasts Clips & compilations Aylar önce
Ferret Man
Ferret Man Aylar önce
Caught me off guard, Looked like a Lumberjack!
Tomzstuff Aylar önce
YaBoiEethie Aylar önce
Going to Neptune pt. 4??
kek_ tus
kek_ tus 14 gün önce
This is actually amazing! Thank you for telling us how this all works. I love it 💕
Clouds_high 15 gün önce
Thank you so much James I can not thank you enough, I could have never dreamed of doing a art carrier if it wasn't for you, I will be a artist because of you and I will love drawing because of you so thank you 🙏
memes 16 saatler önce
Love how much time they spend for us.
Geo Elmo Geocaching
Geo Elmo Geocaching Aylar önce
So, with 51k comments, you'll probably never see this, but I wanted to say that I just discovered your channel this weekend, and it's really awesome. I first found the subway videos and then fast forwarded to this video, and can see the change in your channel over the years. I'd find it interesting to watch a video that you create that talks about (if you don't already have one like this) how your channel changed from being a single person doing everything, to adding your first staff or contractor, and when the channel became profitable to actually add staff, and how the channel and staff have grown over time. I'm a relatively new amateur filmmaker, a hobby I discovered in my mid-life, and I love it, but am doing everything right now on my own (ideas, scripting, casting, filming, editing, publishing, social media, etc.). This may sound funny but even though I consider myself a filmmaker, I really don't enjoy filming, so I look forward to a day when I can hire someone to do all the camera work. That's why I enjoy seeing how a channel like yours started small years ago and turned into what it is today. Let me know if you ever produce a video like I mentioned above! Great channel and I'm a new subscriber.
Freyjinn 4 aylar önce
"7 hours of work.. for 4 seconds of content" that line alone hits so hard lol
●SimplyPepper● 18 gün önce
Emersss 20 gün önce
d3c3mb3r !
d3c3mb3r ! 24 gün önce
Adeptus Xiao アデプトスシャオ
Adeptus Xiao アデプトスシャオ 25 gün önce
snowbell the icewing
snowbell the icewing 28 gün önce
and that's why i only animate MAP parts witch are usually 5 secs the maps are always wings of fire cuz that's the only thing i can animate
YayapLives Gün önce
To my knowledge the only paying commissioner asking the artist to draw a furry humanoid is entirely accurate. The fact that said image was showable on TRshow would not be.
Pixel Storm
Pixel Storm Gün önce
Studios for show series, including anime, make every episode before they launch the season starter. From there, it’s just a matter of rolling out each episode on a daily or weekly basis. In reality, it can take up to an entire year for studios to finish a season. Plus, art is hard work, and people don’t have every waking moment to devote to their craft, no matter how much they enjoy it.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro Gün önce
There’s one thing I don’t get. Why is it animation treated as the lowest quality of film art when it’s so difficult. Animation should be respected and treated equal to live action movies and TV shows.
Brenya Meadows
Brenya Meadows 3 gün önce
I am happy to see this, I keep getting art orders but the people who order it dip WHEN I ALREADY MADE IT saying it's too shitty, the shading takes a hour alone, then fade, line smoothing and color tweeking, not mentioning the body portions and posing.. they act like it was only 5 minutes, and this warms my heart to see SOMEONE ADRESS THIS IGNORANCE
SMToon Asia
SMToon Asia 4 aylar önce
As a small animator, I appreciate that he tells the truth about art/animation. It does take months just for a 5 second video. Artists are misunderstood!
minanichu 2 aylar önce
it takes me hours and hours on end, plus a ruined sleep schedule to create a 15 second animation meme that i end up hating and never uploading :’)
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name 3 aylar önce
@charmelos which is nothing for a channel with 600k
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name
My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name 3 aylar önce
“small animator” all you do is repost and steal. Don’t sub to this clown!
Rick & roll
Rick & roll 3 aylar önce
@Adriana Castellanos no lol
FV 4005
FV 4005 4 aylar önce
NF Said
NF Said Aylar önce
my friend is one of the animator for one of the japanese animation. and yeah, basically like 7 people in a group drawing dancing scene that is just less than 30 seconds and took them more than 12 hours to finish em. the animators had to suffer lots of retakes too by the checkers if the checkers are not satisfied with the movement meaning they need to redo the drawing. and everything of that 30 seconds need to be finished on that day. no going back if you're not done with your part. and nope, no overtime pay of course. the pay is depends on how much points you're getting from your daily work. whether your part of drawing is complicated or just some random rock flying, the amount of point you're getting per sheet/cel is the same edited: and oh yeah not just the checker, even if the checker approve, the work will be sent to the client and then if the client is not satisfied, the work will be sent back to you to redo again, andddddd no points for you for that redo work and perhaps for that day of work. those japanese are very detailed on each drawing, even if you missed a single almost hidden button, they can see. even if you think you already did a great job on your work. we wouldnt know if the client would like it or not. need to reach a certain amount of points each month, if you dont reach it, either you get a warning letter, pay cut or get fired depends on the condition
Sam -Y
Sam -Y Aylar önce
Story: I was on eat a torchy’s (taco restaurant) and saw that the woman behind the counter was drawing a superhero body base, I said “wow that looks really good” and she replied with “yeah I want to work at marvel someday thanks!” And I got my mom to tip $20
Melanie Skipp
Melanie Skipp 20 gün önce
I see that your animating this right now, and I’m actually PROUD of you
eagles fire
eagles fire Aylar önce
Gotta say, as a video freelancer where I got this offer a few times, that "I was gonna expose you to my 50 twitter followers" really made my day 😂.
Crystal Blitz
Crystal Blitz 4 aylar önce
I'M SO GLAD THIS VIDEO EXISTS, people do not appreciate artists enough. I work with some artists and honestly pay them for their time and respect them for taking the time to work on backgrounds, my character and etc. appreciate your art friends and support them through the whole process.
KTK :O 4 aylar önce
@alexa Fr tho, it's not like artists are asking to get paid as much as doctors. They just want a respectable income.
Cpk19 4 aylar önce
You owe me money
Dr. Harmacist
Dr. Harmacist 4 aylar önce
I got a stroke trying to understand this comment
KINOMI👇😍 4 aylar önce
AISURU.TOKYO/mizumi 💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over TRshow: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" TRshow: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Play bottom or yes
Play bottom or yes 4 aylar önce
Oreniscool! Aylar önce
I love your drawings man keep it up, these are CRAZY storys.
Jayme Gibson
Jayme Gibson 25 gün önce
here is a lot of variance in the process, but typically an anime episode takes something like 8-12 weeks of active calendar time to produce, from episode script to broadcast. Whether or not the anime title is a manga adaptation actually doesn't make much of a difference in this.
JellyDuo Pog
JellyDuo Pog 3 gün önce
Most weekly animes stories aren't made in a week (as in each episode) They're planned and sceduled for publishing. Which means they spend the time they need to make designs and episodes then release them when they have done the sceduled time.
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan 4 gün önce
For those who are interested to know more about animation process, specifically anime, check out an anime called Shirobako. It gives you an in depth look on how the industries works, with a bit of story.
Alan Becker
Alan Becker 4 aylar önce
this man speaks the truth
Julie chunuonsee
Julie chunuonsee 14 saatler önce
dragon hunter Juju
dragon hunter Juju 3 gün önce
TCNHS - Senior High School Department
TCNHS - Senior High School Department 10 gün önce
the truth
KittyCat2470 10 gün önce
James Abdou
James Abdou 19 gün önce
LynnLloyd Entertainment
LynnLloyd Entertainment Aylar önce
I’m actually interested about the animation pipeline You should make a video about it, I’m planning to be a show director so it would help
Ethan Phi
Ethan Phi 16 gün önce
Well done, James you made one of the most wholesome videos
Dillan 13 gün önce
when I first got Disney plus I watched all of the old animated Disney movies! Seeing them back to back made me catch a lot of the same reused animations across movies.
harshi ahuja
harshi ahuja 8 gün önce
Holy cow. I'm considering going to animation school after school. And THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. Thanks soooooooooo much making this video James! And yes make a whole video about the animation pipeline. Also how long does it take you to make a video?
Yuric INC.
Yuric INC. 4 aylar önce
I don't really make animations ,But as fellow artist i do find it reletable. Great vid James & the rest of the team !!
Failure Tv
Failure Tv 4 aylar önce
Well well. Look who we have here. Hi Yuric.
𝙮𝙟𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙣 4 aylar önce
Rele table
Max Caliendo
Max Caliendo 4 aylar önce
It's Mr. Thicc.
Rae Lil Black 🔞👇
Rae Lil Black 🔞👇 4 aylar önce
AISURU.TOKYO/sakura 💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over TRshow: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" TRshow: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
NahuelFanboy2004 4 aylar önce
CrazyJeff Playz
CrazyJeff Playz 12 gün önce
I love your channel James, You make me laugh and brighten up my day, Take as much time as you need on every animation for us, Good luck :) (PS: I also plan on becoming an animator in the future!)
Venthari Aylar önce
James, I love you so much and this video nearly made me laugh loud enough to wake up my parents at 6am xD Please never stop, you are extremely appreciated
Javier Justicia
Javier Justicia 28 gün önce
When it comes to the work-ethic, how do you go about taking care of yourself? I'd like to hear your take on it. That would make a good sequel.
st pt
st pt Aylar önce
this was really interesting and educational. I am interested in more like these if you want to make more. and MY GOD SO MANY REACATION VIDEOS FROM OTHER TRshowRS !!!!
An Intelligent Cookie
An Intelligent Cookie 4 aylar önce
I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the fact that James gave that gorgeous background more screen time to get appreciated.
CalebCatonCasey TV
CalebCatonCasey TV 28 gün önce
I agree
Yasir Amer Ali Alnassar
Yasir Amer Ali Alnassar 29 gün önce
Ur not a cookie
brilliANT POG
brilliANT POG Aylar önce
1000th like
Mot Doai
Mot Doai Aylar önce
Ferret Man
Ferret Man Aylar önce
And yet people still say that he’s “Greedy”. If people listens they would know that they were mistaken……..
Francesca Perron
Francesca Perron 6 gün önce
I don't know how people don't understand that anime has many people working on it at the same time, James is one man. Obviously it's gonna take longer for him to do everything himself. Not only is he animating by himself, he is also writing the scripts, doing the voice over and designing everything himself.
Dragonoid tx
Dragonoid tx Aylar önce
He needs to live his life for more interesting storys
TaylorTheAutistic's 5 gün önce
This video makes me so happy because I’m a animated and I animate on my phone which can be harder and takes lots of time and effort!! I also liked the background James’s background artist made she did a very good job!!!!!!
Zohaib Mahmood
Zohaib Mahmood 25 gün önce
I’m 12 and I already know the difference between a youtube animation and a anime animation. I already knew this since I was 9. I just wanna say whenever a background appears I pause the video and analyze the background. Respect to the workers and you James for putting effort in making these funny videos merry Christmas and happy new year’s ;)
OwO 4 aylar önce
Crazy how James actually looks like an adult when he grows facial hair.
choolwe chiwaya
choolwe chiwaya 2 aylar önce
「Devin」 3 aylar önce
Gremlin 3 aylar önce
Yeah ikr
TheSweatyLemon 3 aylar önce
★Univerz★ 3 aylar önce
Commented to make it 500 comments
Alex F.L Ent.
Alex F.L Ent. 3 gün önce
I am actually working on eventually creating my own video game and animation studio and can confirm creating even just a comic for a future cartoon project takes a lot of time & work
Peaches Frogs
Peaches Frogs 7 gün önce
I love this video! this explains everything I need to know! Thank you :)
Adam Kirsopp
Adam Kirsopp Aylar önce
1:25 if we’re going by dictionary definitions then this is how you make money so your defiantly professional, plus you’re way better than pretty much all of us
Daryan Ficks
Daryan Ficks Aylar önce
The fact that James is telling us behind the scenes of animating really makes you acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort that must've been spent into this video even more
Mr MAS 4 aylar önce
You are an inspiration to all animators around the world, James thinks you 😁
Unstable Animations
Unstable Animations 2 aylar önce
He's an inspiration to me in terms of producing videos so quickly. I'm animating my own TRshow series, and it all takes work.
Slaimia Adem
Slaimia Adem 4 aylar önce
والله ماتوقعت انك يا مستر ماس تشاهد ذا أود ونز اوت .عجيب. Yes I am speaking noodles.
Artistic Nature
Artistic Nature 4 aylar önce
Kazumi💋💋 4 aylar önce
AISURU.TOKYO/lintang 💞✨ (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18歳以上の場合 TRshow: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" TRshow: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Bella 4 aylar önce
LustfulMikan 12 gün önce
I love that the animation pipeline starts with “human sacrifice “
BL1Z4RD Aylar önce
I love the way he uses jokes from multiple years ago. Such as saying plagiarism instead of saying stolen or something along those lines.
Cole 7 gün önce
i can’t imagine how long it takes to make a video this long
Boonana Peel
Boonana Peel Aylar önce
As a fellow animator it is definitely a time consuming process
Yogurt 4 aylar önce
James with a beard makes him look so much more mature
Oshabot 16
Oshabot 16 2 aylar önce
Bot channel
WiddowPlayz 2 aylar önce
Yeah I know
Doris Nicholson
Doris Nicholson 2 aylar önce
Mutua has destroyed you
bruh 2 aylar önce
this is just a copied comment, nice job evil
Maxwell Morgan
Maxwell Morgan 2 aylar önce
Bot blyat
NakedNugget69 Gün önce
He sounded like Benson from Regular Show when he said “or you’re fired”
Felipe 13 gün önce
I swear I always pause James’ videos to just appreciate all the different backgrounds, his team is amazingly talented!
Romanimations Aylar önce
As an amateur animator, I can say that this is very true
lxylathegirlthatdraws 12 saatler önce
i remember doing an animation collab with my friend and 2 years ago i wanted to do a banana split movie meme but i gave up bc school is more important than the other things
Kesh 4 aylar önce
Truth, so much truth in one video….the people are not ready man…
Lando C
Lando C 4 aylar önce
Love your channel Kesh
BIg Chungus
BIg Chungus 4 aylar önce
Yo love ur vids and art tips ma man
Artistic Nature
Artistic Nature 4 aylar önce
Imagine Genre
Imagine Genre 4 aylar önce
bubblegumlover69 4 aylar önce
Neuron Deactivation
Neuron Deactivation 5 gün önce
I have respect to all who make art as a hobby, side-job, and full-time job~ As an artist, I find it hard to find inspiration, so I make a list of what I want to draw; however, I need to find the motivation to do that… and with that… for me, the whole day has to be good. I tend to draw at night b/c it’s more peaceful. Also b/c introvert… I’m hesitant to make art a therapeutic outlet, b/c I fear of associating art with negativity/stress… even though… it can be/is stressful to “get in the zone” in the first place…
amy tubaugh
amy tubaugh 16 gün önce
Ok ok hear me out, who else would be fine with him just posting 5 min videos of how his week was? Like I don't think he gets that us fans love his videos and he's naturally funny so he could post anything and we will all follow through and watch it
SomeSoldier68 3 gün önce
I like how the thumbnail is a reference to squidward from one episode of him fearing Spongebob will destroy the Krusty Krab.
SomeSoldier68 3 gün önce
Note: I think that's what the thumbnail.
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly Aylar önce
Trust me, animating is difficult without even making it 1 fps or somethin'!
poprocks 4 aylar önce
Actually, James should make a video talking about the animation pipeline. It's really interesting and educating for the people who want to make it into the animation industry
Steven Speck
Steven Speck 4 aylar önce
poprocks 4 aylar önce
@Daniel Wilson THIS ALSO TY
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 4 aylar önce
or who try to pressure animators without understanding it first
Adi B
Adi B 4 aylar önce
I agree 💯
Faniah 4 aylar önce
Nene Yashiro
Nene Yashiro 8 gün önce
I'm learning to animate because of your awesome videos! they look awesome!
Evolz_ Lair
Evolz_ Lair 18 gün önce
Have you done such a video? Like of a animation pipeline? I'm genuinely interested in it, I would very well enjoy a video of such!
L J E K Animation
L J E K Animation Aylar önce
I'm doing 3d animation and this is still very relateable...
Aleemi !
Aleemi ! Aylar önce
son como 16 personas que trabajan contigo que genial, suerte y vibras, sigan creciendo
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich 4 aylar önce
"I can't make fingers" Him: literally draws fingers
MajorGamee 2 aylar önce
@belk also why you gotta start like that :(
MajorGamee 2 aylar önce
@belk he never claimed it was his comment tho
belk 2 aylar önce
@MajorGamee you must be an idiot, he copy and pastes comments to get likes and claims it as his
✨Jelly Masterpiece✨
✨Jelly Masterpiece✨ 2 aylar önce
Alonso Torres
Alonso Torres 2 aylar önce
Well he can draw fingers but he’s not very good at it
Alice Spina
Alice Spina Aylar önce
that's why I appreciate animation so much, because I couldn't do it. Especially 3D, I can't understand how it's made.
Aboubakary Nimaga
Aboubakary Nimaga Aylar önce
I’m actually curious about the animation pipeline.
Craig Saatler önce
I love how me made himself in a Canadian style in the South Park scene haha
Braydon Morgan
Braydon Morgan Aylar önce
I work as a 3D Animator at a studio in pittsburgh, This video resonates lol.
TaiDaisuke 4 aylar önce
As an Animator on children's shows, who is currently animating said shows while watching this. You got it right on the nose good sir. Also RE-USE IS SUCH A BLESSING!
Mik a
Mik a 8 gün önce
thats rlly cool dude
Saturn_ Poppy
Saturn_ Poppy 4 aylar önce
ꨄClxúdiiꨄ 4 aylar önce
I actually want to be an animator when I’m an adult, but it’s looks hard ;-;
isaac5200L 4 aylar önce
Water 4 aylar önce
Miss_ Daisy
Miss_ Daisy 7 gün önce
the great thing about south park being written in a week is that it’s actually topical and the jokes are well relavent
Alicia Guerra
Alicia Guerra 13 gün önce
Question for you. If I use a different company's art like some wet background wood planks would it be illegal or not.
Ryan Weichelt
Ryan Weichelt 7 gün önce
Thank you for making this video I had know idea what animators have to do for one video
Weston Rudie
Weston Rudie 3 gün önce
Dark & Twisted
Dark & Twisted 2 aylar önce
I've been professionally animating since 2006. I love it, but it's hard and takes lots of work. Most people don't understand. I'm just glad my fans have patience and understanding. 👍
Yokai Gün önce
cxs sfx
~•Tea pops•~
~•Tea pops•~ 7 gün önce
I love hoa you talk like joker
Isabella Catherine
Isabella Catherine 19 gün önce
Huh… i was born in 2006 😂
CandyDuder 25 gün önce
1000th like lol
jellycatgaming :)
jellycatgaming :) 27 gün önce
Good for you sir or madam
DO9 BELL BESSA 22 gün önce
When I hear "this background took 8 hours but you only see it for 4 seconds, isnt that sad and frustrating?" I have an oddly positive counter thought which is "if 10, or 100, or 1000 people saw this for 4 seconds, thats a LOT of 4 seconds spent on this drawing" (often actually topping the time it took to draw it, not to mention people often revisit the same piece of media and if you are the person who drew it you are probably gonna spend more time actually looking at it in your entire life than working on it)
God is Amazing
God is Amazing 24 gün önce
Hahahahahaha this video is so good and hilarious. Thanks for making this informative so artists can be appreciated more
Sidney playz
Sidney playz 16 gün önce
That perfectly cut scream is soo good lmao
Scribble L
Scribble L 4 gün önce
I love how James used the South Park animation style when he talked about South Park.
Neil Matthews
Neil Matthews 4 aylar önce
As an Animator on children's shows, who is currently animating said shows while watching this. You got it right on the nose good sir. Also RE-USE IS SUCH A BLESSING!
Unstable Animations
Unstable Animations 2 aylar önce
I'm animating my own series, and was wondering how much of an episode is merely scenes of two characters talking and how much percentage-wise can the characters have higher quality animation.
niyah☻︎ 4 aylar önce
Boogie Playzz
Boogie Playzz 4 aylar önce
What's the show please?
Spector 4 aylar önce
@CL09 GAMING AND ENTERTAINMENT Don’t hate on him man.
Mr.Cheesy 4 aylar önce
@REM no one asks
Darth Erock
Darth Erock Aylar önce
I will only appreciate every part of your videos because its always worth watching
Jay Miles
Jay Miles 11 gün önce
Animation ain’t easy soooo,, think it should be appreciated more!
Unstable Animations
Unstable Animations Aylar önce
Im animating my own TRshow series on my channel, and think James has some great insight on how to create a great art channel. Hopefully, even I can make a video like this one day.
GodzillaToons Gün önce
In Japan, people are actually allowed to sleep on the job. Apparently, it shows that you love working at the job... somehow.
Areaka Studios
Areaka Studios 4 aylar önce
For a guy who doesn’t do animation traditionally, James knows a LOT about it and I respect that.
Xenderman 2 aylar önce
@Areaka Studios Of course he animates frame by frame, that's how computer animation works. You don't just put code into a computer and expect it to animate something for you, you have to draw every frame
Xenderman 4 aylar önce
Well that's mostly because animation on paper and animation on a program is pretty much the exact same
Jacen Keene.
Jacen Keene. 4 aylar önce
@Mitsuka Chan ♋️x yep. Because of reasons that nobody knows.
Jacen Keene.
Jacen Keene. 4 aylar önce
“Reespect”, in this case.
Jacen Keene.
Jacen Keene. 4 aylar önce
Same. I really feel badly for people like‘ im.
Cecilia Grey
Cecilia Grey Aylar önce
I would say you're a Pro-Artist! btw. That backgrounds really beatiful! I really apreciated it!
marie Aylar önce
“Are you sure you don’t want to go to law school?” I think that was a subtle iCarly reference
MochaSqushies Aylar önce
0:28 False. It can take an anime production weeks and months to make a new episode and drawing frame by frame animation (Odd1out, Domics, Jaiden animation etc) It can take a while so TRshowrs don't always upload on time. Remember they have their own lives too.
OddOlly 20 gün önce
one day i actually wanna make my own show on cartoon network so it would actually be cool if u make a animation pipeline thing
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