Will Haru know the answer to this? (Problem Child in House) | KBS WORLD TV 210225

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Problem Child in House Ep.116 | 옥탑방의 문제아들
- Showtime : Mon 22:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)
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inseoy4h사랑 위너
inseoy4h사랑 위너 Saatler önce
Haru is so mature
Michelle Haschka
Michelle Haschka 2 gün önce
The humorous facilities finallly print because glove simplistically try opposite a joyous oxygen. waggish, future futuristic puppy
Tablo has such nice principles on parenting.
Evine Kemala Olviana
Evine Kemala Olviana 7 gün önce
Haru is so smart and so mature
Jade_ Meiko
Jade_ Meiko 7 gün önce
Oh gosh Harry sounds so mature already!!
blotchi lim
blotchi lim 10 gün önce
Uuu excuse me, i'm watching this while my child is playing in the pool. Bye. 😂
Raquel Figueroa
Raquel Figueroa 12 gün önce
My son is soon to turn 4 years old and I gotta say he speaks like an adult, he’s a teacher, lawyer and everyone’s friend. the things he says and do just make feel proud. also at home we have to be very careful with everything because he got that elephant brain remembers everything 😳
AAESHA ALZAABI 15 gün önce
She sounds so mature
Wayla 28 gün önce
I miss you Haru.
Roberto de la Rosa
Roberto de la Rosa 29 gün önce
We really need a ‘Parenting 101’ book by Tablo 🥲
ory fan
ory fan Aylar önce
Haru’s so mature now.
Chloe Claridad
Chloe Claridad Aylar önce
She grew up so well💓 Lee haru family stay healthy and be safe💓
Augustine B
Augustine B Aylar önce
It's so random that they picked Hamburg, Germany. It's my hometown 😂
monets waterlilies
monets waterlilies Aylar önce
heechul wearing leechardvin aww 🥺
Clara Collin
Clara Collin Aylar önce
lililil Aylar önce
They really outgrew their friendship.. those three are family!
Hi Marsael
Hi Marsael Aylar önce
Haru's voice😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Miss her so much.
papi tuazon
papi tuazon Aylar önce
Everyone is talking about haru but here i am gushing that hye jeong and blo still call each other "oppa and yeobo" 😍😍😍💕💕💕 meanwhile other parents are reduced to being "kids name +eomma / appa. I hope they are still the fun and energetic parents they were during TROS hahhahahah i remember the way they tease each other 😃😃😃
rena syaz
rena syaz 2 aylar önce
My fave lil girl,,, this just reminds me why I love her. I love her reactions and their father-daughter interactions.
balqissoo 2 aylar önce
Haru is really a fluent speaker, i would want to see more haru TT
balqissoo 2 aylar önce
Are yongman and youngja (hello counselor) has any relation between them? I mean are they siblings or something? Really though their faces are really similar
sameoldxan 2 aylar önce
kate kozich
kate kozich 2 aylar önce
Haru!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Yasmina's Secrets
Yasmina's Secrets 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite episodes of TROS when they were on was when Haru had a meltdown over Tablo's failed Santa Claus dress up 😂 Hearing her voice now, wow times flies ♥
Purnima Gurung
Purnima Gurung 2 aylar önce
When I realized Haru is around 11 now, I had a whole existential crisis 😌
That Kusogaki
That Kusogaki 2 aylar önce
Bro Tablo, Haru and probably Hyejung too discuss about Marvel theories a lot together. She got the smart and pretty genes 😭
EVE 2 aylar önce
ᄋᄋ 2 aylar önce
하루 똑부러지게 말 잘한다....대부분 애들이 말하는 특징이 뭐냐면 말끝을 흐리는게 가장 큰데 하루는 끝까지 안 흐리고 똑바로 하고싶은 말하네..멋지다!
BLΛƆKPIИK BLIИKS Official 2 aylar önce
Miss her.
Prupru •
Prupru • 2 aylar önce
But let's talk about this topic. I think it's a serious problem. I'm working with children and when their parents come to pick up them, they are always on their phones? The child speak with them but they didn't listen to them... I feel so bad for them :(
victrola2007 2 aylar önce
Tablo outing Tukutz. "Epic Dis'! 🥴🤣
Raquel Aquino
Raquel Aquino 2 aylar önce
I remember haru with her famous question "eodi?" when tablo introduce to her "the handsome samchon Yoonie" 😂😂😂
Rlynn Lyn
Rlynn Lyn 2 aylar önce
legend moment😂😂😂
IRAWRI 2 aylar önce
I mean yeah, it's kind of unfair when you tell your children to stop doing this or that but you do it yourself. And usually, the parents' reasoning is "I'm an adult." Instead of using authority as power and logic, why not try explaining the consequences to them like "You will feel tired tomorrow if you sleep late today." Or with phones and games, you can't expect them to put those down and leave them with nothing else to do. Perhaps offer to spend time with them, go outside. And if you want them to do chores, then offer rewards for doing them.
CuracaoChic 2 aylar önce
Ha. I knew the answer as soon as it was asked because kids wouldn't mobilise a protest just to stay up later or not go to school. But they would to get parents to stop using their phones and raise them as they should instead. If I was a kid that would p*** me off the most if my parents did that. I miss Haru. She still sounds the same. Bless.
hannah 2 aylar önce
She’s so smart! Her parents really raised her well
Kim Junmyeon's Wife
Kim Junmyeon's Wife 2 aylar önce
oh god after hearing haru voice i want see her badly 😭😭 I miss you haruah
wahida wahab
wahida wahab 2 aylar önce
Haru is smart..
Ira Febriani
Ira Febriani 2 aylar önce
Haruuuuuuuu 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lex ie
Lex ie 2 aylar önce
Pretty Haru. She was just a baby. I used to fix my niece's hair like hers, they're both growing so much. And Mithra!❤
Kiersten B
Kiersten B 2 aylar önce
I feel like they were thinking of immature things like gaming and showers... I’m glad they called Haru because she actually made them open their eyes. My guesses was that the kid was complaining about their parent being on the phone too much or that they don’t get any attention with their parents. Because I remember reading this article about this 1st grade teacher who their kids were supposed to write about their parents and the kid was talking about his parents are always on the phone and they won’t spend time with him. I feel like parents these days think their kids are selfish in a way or immature when they really are very simple minded people...
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon 2 aylar önce
ohmygod, the last time I watched Return of Superman, Haru was still such a baby. Hearing her voice, speaking so well and in a very intelligent way made me tear up. I'm not sure if it's because time has passed already or because I feel like a proud relative seeing her grow so big and smart ❤️
Miftahurrahmah Ayuni
Miftahurrahmah Ayuni 2 aylar önce
Tablo indeed a former superman 😂 And of course Haru is a genius kids ❤️
uskh ahlani
uskh ahlani 2 aylar önce
I'm shooked hearing Haru's voice, how could she sound so grown up already, uri chic little agasshiiiiii 😭❤️.
Blue Girl
Blue Girl 2 aylar önce
Waaa ~♡ ive a good laugh 🤣
Ika Shaharudin
Ika Shaharudin 2 aylar önce
Tukutz is like a typical asian kind parents.. it's not too bad either actually😅 but still they might took some times to learn from him. They will soon understand him later on..while tablo is just a person with nature & always taught his daughter to be independent & think out of a big picture ...huu not sure if i used the right words or not.. english is not my mother language 😁
Connee Yang
Connee Yang 2 aylar önce
❤️ the kid in germany is a bright boy. Haru is to cute.
Nadya Frdni
Nadya Frdni 2 aylar önce
Chehansa Rajapaksha
Chehansa Rajapaksha 2 aylar önce
To those who watched this episode what's the name of the poem where the answer was tomato pasta or something. The poem about suicide I think. I was a nice poem, I would like to read it but can't remember what the name of the poem is.
kak bri enamhari
kak bri enamhari 2 aylar önce
aww haruuu 😭😭
Tyu Layer
Tyu Layer 2 aylar önce
OMG Haru is so smart. Miss you so much babier
Oh my wonshik _
Oh my wonshik _ 2 aylar önce
Omg Heechul is so handsome
genieyoungg wang
genieyoungg wang 2 aylar önce
i clicked bc i saw haru in the thumbnail
J. A
J. A 2 aylar önce
oh my heart, Haru is a big girl now. 😍
Bea Concordia S. Ergo
Bea Concordia S. Ergo 2 aylar önce
Saw this and suddenly missed haru so watching her TROS again🥺
Nadaa A
Nadaa A 2 aylar önce
Man i thought this episode is an old one like i wanna see epik high more on korean show
sofy 2 aylar önce
i really like how tablo treats haru and i hope when i have kids i do the same too
sofy 2 aylar önce
epik high is so chaotic ajsdjksa
Júlia Santos Bouzada
Júlia Santos Bouzada 2 aylar önce
Niangbawi Tombing
Niangbawi Tombing 2 aylar önce
2:53 😂😂😂😂😂
pasardblanc 2 aylar önce
Haru is 11 already? oh wow I feel like an old ahjumma
RINY ASMR 2 aylar önce
Haru is so cute child
Lvoecloud 2 aylar önce
So glad to see Tablo back on KBS! Need to see him as a regular in shows!
Rahmi ai
Rahmi ai 2 aylar önce
Swag harruuuuu
Nurfadilah Fajri Hurriyah
Nurfadilah Fajri Hurriyah 2 aylar önce
Petronella H
Petronella H 2 aylar önce
waaaaah. Haru sounds so matured and confident. Im 23 and sounds like 3 yrs old kid. What in da world!
peachysun 2 aylar önce
hah haru ga kerasa udah gede 🥺
Baejin Bae
Baejin Bae 2 aylar önce
Friend-like dad 🥺 they have such a good relationship. I still can't forget their time in TROS. Truly my favorite celebrity family
Baejin Bae
Baejin Bae 2 aylar önce
Haru is so big now🥺 I remember watching her before in TROS and that's also how I got to know Tablo and Epik High. She was mature too even for her age
Nazia Fazlin
Nazia Fazlin 2 aylar önce
I need to watch full vid
luisamedina 2 aylar önce
Haruuuuu 😍
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Wow! Haru already 11?!! 🥺🥺 I still remember the first episode of Superman Return where Mithra carrying the car seat with her sleeping in it to the hospital 😂😂
hi friends!
hi friends! 2 aylar önce
oh god, am I that old already ^^? I have been watching tros since their 1st episode, and now she already 11 !!?
sns 99
sns 99 2 aylar önce
i will never get tired of saying this, tablo and hyejung raised haru so right that she became so mature at that age, amazing i said.
Cha Cha
Cha Cha 2 aylar önce
Haru is 11 years old now. And i realize that im getting old watching return of superman 😂..
Iris Ong
Iris Ong 2 aylar önce
Too used to haru's voice as the little one she was..the moment she spoke here i was like 😧 since when did she become so big and since when did her voice become so mature??
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name 2 aylar önce
me repeating haru's voice. i miss her.
MYNG NiDcHA 2 aylar önce
Karyl Eunice Anjao
Karyl Eunice Anjao 2 aylar önce
i miss you haru
LeeAnne Gurit
LeeAnne Gurit 2 aylar önce
hearing haru's voice makes me miss her even more. i cant believe shes now 11 years old. she sound so mature and so smart!
ChriszyMarie 2 aylar önce
I can tell that Tablo and his wife are good parents to Haru... Can't relate :') i wish my parents would treat me the same
Merisha Basumatary
Merisha Basumatary 2 aylar önce
It's a never ending Saga of Tablo making fun if Tukutz😂😂😂
사랑합니다Bogummy 2 aylar önce
Haru is so fucking smart and cool and chill I love her and I miss her so much
imDhaiche Gallego
imDhaiche Gallego 2 aylar önce
OMG HARU is 11 now.. Haruyaa is still GD is your OPPA??
Isa mrsidoma
Isa mrsidoma 2 aylar önce
I thought inmediately about Haru's crush on GD Today she'll be like: "You are too childish for me" Haru is so mature and grown up Ive seen her grow over the years 😭💛
syakila eleeza
syakila eleeza 2 aylar önce
Haru sounds like an adult already. I really miss watching her.
Aulia Ayundari
Aulia Ayundari 2 aylar önce
Haru is so big now, i feel so old :(
bushraa 2 aylar önce
4:50 in case u wanna watch/hear the call with haru
Smita More
Smita More 2 aylar önce
After so long got to know about Haru.. hope she is doing well 💕
kashini03 2 aylar önce
haru is not so little anymore
Carol 2 aylar önce
the way Tablo speak to Haru still too sweet, hahaha.. meanwhile we can hear clearly Haru's tone has change
B.A.E.K.현 2 aylar önce
aw tablo is such a good parent the way he loves and nurtures haru
Mel agaxxi
Mel agaxxi 2 aylar önce
She's smart since she's still a baby. I like her since tros. She's mature.
rukawa11killua 2 aylar önce
Aww this is so cute! Haru’s all grown up now!! ❤️ Side note: really love seeing Heechul and Kyunghoon together on a show. They should have them sit beside each other 😂
XR Sera
XR Sera 2 aylar önce
I haven't been following this show much, is Heechul a permanent member? Or Hyungdon's replacement lol?
BlackHeart71 2 aylar önce
I love to hear Haru´s voice. She´s such a smart girl. I´m from Germany and even I didn´t know the answer.
Crystal Vance Loquellano
Crystal Vance Loquellano 2 aylar önce
Wow Haru is growing and it's weird to hear her speak mature now from before 💞💞 miss this family 👋
xo.Alleb 2 aylar önce
I miss her !! Haru talks so well !!! 😭😭 she’s so big now .
Its Amiwaa
Its Amiwaa 2 aylar önce
i just realize how much i miss haru since the return of superman
Ophelia Musser
Ophelia Musser 2 aylar önce
Emily Loh
Emily Loh 2 aylar önce
barely anybody in the comments are talking about the lesson! i love haru too but it be great if everyone understands the question's lesson especially any parents/parentstobe! please put lots of attention to your kids! children of all ages and even preteens/teens need a lot of attention and parents are the best people to give them that attention! your children are often a reflection of you/what you teach them! phones are real addicting so lets not all fall in too deep
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