How I would learn to code (if I could start over)

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Nick White

Nick White

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In this video, I'm joined by Tech with Tim where we give you our step by step process on how we would learn to code if I could start over again. We also talk about resources, teachers, and mentality for coding.

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Content Chapters

0:00 - Intro
2:20 - Pluralsight Partnership
3:08 - Resources
5:22 - Where to start
6:12 - Different areas of coding
6:55 - Finding a good teacher
8:54 - Mentality
11:37 - Outro

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Trihope140.6 2 saatler önce
The first couple minutes of your video made me sick. The motion, the sound affects, the tone of voice.
July 4 saatler önce
After I pass my a+ I'm learning everything this man just told me . Thanks . Subscribed !
DarkKnightCookies 5 saatler önce
Watching this video on December 1st 😭
Mugen 12 saatler önce
nice dunning kruger effect
Para Bellum
Para Bellum 12 saatler önce
*_He's stared long into the abyss, I approve this video._*
Ted Valov
Ted Valov 13 saatler önce
Enjoing HTML & CSS does not mean one will enjoy a programming language. JS is the wors language to start with in my personal opinion.
Jermy Neutron
Jermy Neutron 18 saatler önce
Thank you! This vid got me excited. I’m learning python at the moment, but the progression you mentioned made sense to me. I’m looking to pick up some classes on html and css now ☺️
TFitz Gün önce
Welcome to the Dunning-Kruger effect...been coding since I was 11 in 1992...a lot has changed
Hari Prahal
Hari Prahal Gün önce
After 5 seconds into the video I thought you would say "It is a trick question, I would not choose this career..."
Limitless 1
Limitless 1 Gün önce
Jamie 2 gün önce
Adaptability is a huge skill. I've been in software for 11 years professionally and have built a few companies in that time. I started out with Java (university and then 6 years of my career) before pivoting to full stack JS in 2016 or so. That wasn't the intention back then, but Java licensing changes and the fact it wasn't being adopted by new start-ups forced my hand somewhat. If you learn the core languages (JS, Python etc) then frameworks (React, Angular, Django, Flask etc) are just layers over the top of these and you should be able to pick them up pretty quick.
Jamie Gün önce
@Fl3X Society A LOT of people get dev jobs with a bootcamp background. I worked with a guy recently who did a bootcamp and he was a very good engineer. Honestly, I would probably just do the bootcamp these days. Times were very different when I did it haha! I'm 33.
Fl3X Society
Fl3X Society Gün önce
Hey, I'm about to start a diploma in Information Tech as part of a coding bootcamp. Its for fullstack development. Would I be able to land a job with this or should I take it a step ahead and try to find a part time whilst doing CS in uni. I'm 20 turning 21 in may 25. Help me out bro Im lost at life rn.
Abdurrahman Ibrahim
Abdurrahman Ibrahim 2 gün önce
Is the free info on the platform permanent?
Matthew Segura
Matthew Segura 2 gün önce
Lol 10:30 never heard him cuss before
Todd Boothbee
Todd Boothbee 3 gün önce
After the basic triad, what stack would you learn if were starting over at 50? (Teaching college humanities has been dreadful for the last few years--warped culture.) I'm guessing I won't be working for someone as a junior, so, I suppose, I'll be a freelancer, or build my own web dev business of some kind.
Harry 3 gün önce
36 years of age, trying to learn a new skill, 10 Months into Python...It definitely has its Ups and Downs. have two Projects completed on my own with no tutorials(small ones, but hey). Very proud of stumped on simple things again... Tutorial Hell is REAL!
stachowi 3 gün önce
Don’t forget impostor syndrome
bk  bambous
bk bambous 3 gün önce
That’s true same experience
Serafin Alcantara
Serafin Alcantara 3 gün önce
4:10 Love when the music cuts and he goes straight to the point and shits on traditional academic learning. In my experience, save for one professor, I did not learn jack s%^$ in college. Some teachers were so bad that even the basic stuff id have to self teach myself on TRshow.
Jamar Sloss
Jamar Sloss 3 gün önce
As a noob, I'm focused on learning programming fundamental concepts instead of coding languages. I might not even need to learn coding languages because visual programming tools such as appgyver allow us to build complex apps with unlimited logic.
Muhammad M
Muhammad M 3 gün önce
thank God, i don’t code
Colter Marino Videos
Colter Marino Videos 3 gün önce
Would you recommend online coding courses?
Christian 4 gün önce
You were thoughtful...when the car went by, you said "i'm going to start over, this car f*cked me up" (not the quote btw) and let it ride through the editing process. We all have been there and never get to see that "cars" are everywhere in our daily processes and they DO eff us up! We are not an island, then you continued on smartly. Well done " ". (Why so many quotations for non qouted things?)
Sebastián Revilla
Sebastián Revilla 4 gün önce
in the minute 4:22, anybody knows which video is that?
Gon 5 gün önce
Why is it that you're always tired?
jeremyjameslv 5 gün önce
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what happened? lol
Cristian Alves
Cristian Alves 5 gün önce
Great video. This guy really seems to be talking seriously. Comparing yourself with others is totally self-sabotage. The goals are so high that you freeze. Setting small goals and focusing on your self-development is one of the best things we can do in coding.
VyncentDeLioncourt 5 gün önce
This guy seams like he has crippling depression.
Aslan Music
Aslan Music 5 gün önce
You know the thing about not needing a PHD professor to teach you programming makes sense because I've found that at school, in basically every subject I've been taught, I've found that I learn better from younger, more inexperienced teachers for some reason because like he said they articulate the content in a more simple way that I'm able to understand as they probably actually remember being taught the same stuff for the first time not so long ago as well. Its not what you teach its HOW you teach it. 🤷‍♂️👍🏼👌🏼
Butz 5 gün önce
Whats the reason for learning css and html first, instead of python? Which people say is easy (cmiiw)
Basant Budha
Basant Budha 5 gün önce
I also recently start to learn python
Ztirf Mlnaa
Ztirf Mlnaa 6 gün önce
how to be really good in programming hahaist
Rafael Zasas
Rafael Zasas 6 gün önce
GCP >>>>> AWS
AL D 6 gün önce
Thanks for the honest conversation guys
ChubbyChub 6 gün önce
I'd recommend C# over JS unless you just want to be another web dev
Happy Makers
Happy Makers 7 gün önce
u made coding sounds very depressing.
Dovahsenbrom 7 gün önce
One of the lessons i'm trying to implement in myself is pusuing simplicty. Even though I love making up intricate systems. Complexity will arise on it's own
rob olson
rob olson 7 gün önce
I hear that Trent Reznor in the background, that's whatsup
RicksReefs 7 gün önce
As a professional programmer I got to the point where I don’t worry about being a master I have to change tech every few months and I just accept my job isn’t to be a programmer but to be a lifelong learner which is pretty cool.
Daffa N
Daffa N 7 gün önce
why do you talk like a dying zombie
Daffa N
Daffa N 7 gün önce
No hate, sorry. Love the video!
Cordell Hatley
Cordell Hatley 8 gün önce
You don’t what it’s like to be my size Amy! 😂😂😂
Geo Cyriaco
Geo Cyriaco 8 gün önce
im 35 , about to start programming school. thanks for the video bro. the mentality part was helpfull. im super fkin nervous cause im old.
Danladi Aliyu
Danladi Aliyu 13 saatler önce
You are not alone ...I am 37 starting on this journey too and I am super excited to go the distance
Георги Иванов
Георги Иванов 8 gün önce
Kid u cant call urself dev until u learn assembly & c++
cppdev 3 gün önce
I lol'ed at this 😂
Qk9CWU5ib3x 8 gün önce
Thank you for the video
BeastBoyGaming 8 gün önce
ngl sounds like you need to stop using coding as a key to a job and a garbage 9 to 5 soul sucking life and more as a way to automate a profitable skill or work and then have that work be worked at by whatever bot you can program while you go out and actually live your life. im not trying to be offensive but you sound depressed and i have thought of a couple million dollar ideas that you can use to do work. im new myself to coding and ive realized that theres so much more and much greater you can do than make a hundred or even a thousand dollar website. im not even trying to be mean you just seem sad and you dont even realize your sitting on a trillione dollar skill. im not gonna give out my ideas but ill give you a hint: Machine learning and automation
Cjgoku Homes
Cjgoku Homes 9 gün önce
Star of the Show: Poor Helpless people.
Mishita Nath
Mishita Nath 9 gün önce
I love this video!! So concise and to the point!!
DustinSpace🚀 9 gün önce
Respect for everyone coding! Wish I had the guidance earlier on to motivate me to get into programming… y’all will own a piece of the world soon! 🙌🏾💪🏾💯
Abhishek Gaikar
Abhishek Gaikar 9 gün önce
Love you man, you aim for what I want exactly
Kyle S
Kyle S 9 gün önce
There is a lot of "I am not an expert, but I will give my opinion as an expert" going on in this video. They also talk about impostor syndrome, and say that programs that are out of their reach on a pedestal, which is very problematic, and reinforcing the fact that they have been outthought.
Kyle S
Kyle S 9 gün önce
You are glancing over the most important parts. Of course if you are data centric you wont be learning a ton of JS, and if you are leaning toward web development you wouldn't be learning a ton of python. You also boil down JS and python to, "if you wanted to learn this, you would look at x tutorial." Which oversimplifies what it takes to actually learn each of those technologies for what you actually need. Just looking at certain areas of development wont expose you to everything, which this video suggests.
Mike Kirk
Mike Kirk 9 gün önce
This is the guy that Bulgarian split squats 225 lbs. We finally found out why he wasn't okay.
Mariano jar777
Mariano jar777 10 gün önce
Doing Self taught just starting going head one all in Im trying to get more information and others help I would like to know if theirs a group or some what to interact with others learning or software engineers willing to help others
Henry Ash
Henry Ash 10 gün önce
10:30 Lol did u wanna cut that out?
douglas david misas camacho
douglas david misas camacho 10 gün önce
this guy lools like Interviewing Anakin Skywalker if returning from the Dark Side. Then he should be in the correct path to follow
Yuvraj Agarkar
Yuvraj Agarkar 10 gün önce
so much of value , I can literally relate to that rollercoaster example
A DOG‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
A DOG‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ 10 gün önce
Steve Lam
Steve Lam 11 gün önce
😅 ye the Front must be a massacre.
Strelock youssef
Strelock youssef 11 gün önce
but why python why not php(laravel or synfony) or maybe js(node.js next.js) why everyone is tanking about python
Karl Whitford
Karl Whitford 11 gün önce
TL;DR: Webflow
Gaurav kharat
Gaurav kharat 11 gün önce
Man needs some 48 hours Sleep ..
Lars Halvor Hansen
Lars Halvor Hansen 11 gün önce
I can attest to this method of learing how to code. It is how I learnt to code here at NTNU
Anjas Yudis
Anjas Yudis 12 gün önce
No need explanation, I can see it through your eyes, and your eye bags too.
mk 12 gün önce
Sorta not related but I have been learning Linux+ LPIC-1 Prep in community college; a class that was supposed to be 16 weeks got crammed into 8. I can say that it is grueling and just hearing you say that academia is the least effective gave me a sigh of relief. It's not just me.
Technical Boy
Technical Boy 12 gün önce
Change the monotone! Could not finish the video. Depressing, that bloody Tech w/ Tim also comes across as depressed and hating his life!
Ian Dangerfield
Ian Dangerfield 12 gün önce
Needed this video thank you brother 👍
j dragoon
j dragoon 12 gün önce
I thought this was one of those coffee shop spoken word sessions.
Gana Dube
Gana Dube 12 gün önce
Anyone who wears a skin suit definitely knows how to code. This guy knows how to code.
oliver gav
oliver gav 12 gün önce
pro tip 1.25x makes it normal
i have no idea
i have no idea 12 gün önce
wow it actually works well
Bobby Silver
Bobby Silver 12 gün önce
What a miserable looking so and so.....Come on lad, wake up and get in the real world and have some fun.
Pratik Thorat
Pratik Thorat 13 gün önce
Nick looks alive but dead inside. He looks like he's done with life 😐. Great video though.
shaikh quadeer
shaikh quadeer 13 gün önce
I did exactly the same first python then he then react but but in between my thinking was like js is nothing and react is everything
SIDDHANT KHARE 13 gün önce
Kunal Kushwaha is a great teacher to learn DSA Java.....
Long MengChheang
Long MengChheang 13 gün önce
I'm not interested in coding, I'm just here cuz he looks cute
Jonnie Quezt
Jonnie Quezt 13 gün önce
great video very motivating
Yodit Tewodros
Yodit Tewodros 13 gün önce
whats up with all the money notes
Gabi CIG
Gabi CIG 14 gün önce
I subscribed because I feel you bro 🤣 thanks
Omar Nasr khalifa
Omar Nasr khalifa 15 gün önce
Great video concept and editing, it's fascinating actually
Taz Bo
Taz Bo 15 gün önce
If learning to code makes you as miserable as him I’d rather find a job I enjoy.
OtakuCode 15 gün önce
currently hating my life learning react, if anyone has any tips or resources feel free to respond to my comment ^.^
George Fredrick
George Fredrick 15 gün önce
and I I tend to stick with it but what are the advantages of python over reactjs/ what can't I do with reactjs that's only possible with python Please I need an answer
Aravind Raj
Aravind Raj 15 gün önce
Why he is always sleepy inside
Spliyv 15 gün önce
Im shs drop out I'm currently self learning hope I got a better experience someday
Chy John
Chy John 16 gün önce
wtf man? Poor Helpless what?... lmaooooo
xamael1989 17 gün önce
Pythin is for 😼😼
Immanuel Monroe
Immanuel Monroe 18 gün önce
Been coding for a few months now, this video is really insightful. My mentor is a full-stack dev and has been coding for about 10 years now. He's been a huge help in getting me to not fall into tutorial hell and keep my path straight. I constantly doubt myself when it comes to learning new things and sometimes I get in my own head but it's really helpful to hear that comparing myself is the worst thing I can do. It took me way longer than I thought to really get a good grasp on some things but overall I am making progress everyday and that's what matters most. I'm hoping to learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript and then start learning some frameworks like React or Angular. The first step for me is getting my foot in the door by landing a front-end development job and from there continuing to learn and progress. Wishing everyone the best on their journey, it definitely will be different for everyone but just take it a day at a time!
Sunny Langthasa
Sunny Langthasa 19 gün önce
Seems like he is going through depression
John Patric Gabriel
John Patric Gabriel 19 gün önce
So HTML - CSS - and then JavaScript to Python. Thanks.
stay away
stay away 21 gün önce
A-A-Ronn 21 gün önce
I was pretty nervous to start programming, but now I am confident thanks to you guys. Thank you!! Starting school in January!
AC DC 21 gün önce
Thanks for the precious advice!
Dia mond
Dia mond 21 gün önce
Will I have the free courses and free exam preparation forever if I used the link ?
River Montoya
River Montoya 21 gün önce
I'm went back to school to learn different programming languages, and the pace is perfect for someone working full time. I tried learning on my own and got results, but it's hard to nail a good learning path. It's also hard be employable with just results and not "experience", for some reason..
Grey 22 gün önce
Huh, is it The Social Network soundtrack? I used to listen to it, good stuff.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 23 gün önce
Really useful, thanks!
scuffedv ersion
scuffedv ersion 23 gün önce
i learned python a bit and got kinda comfortable with it but seems like html css js is the way and now im at js and im struggling so hard :) tryna keep up rn
Haldhar Patel
Haldhar Patel 23 gün önce
You need to do a setup for the mic and all and Hey what happened to you , are you ok , you looking exhausted XD
Vicente Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez 23 gün önce
You good bro?
Kim Jong Chill
Kim Jong Chill 24 gün önce
Got back into programming about a week ago after a year or two of not touching it, asked Reddit for help, got told my code is complete utter garbage because I used a recursive function, instantly deleted the code Lol
Zett Compact
Zett Compact 24 gün önce
That's right! Start with HTML, CSS & JavaScript! Web is almost everywhere, so if you even start learning C# (for example) you almost always come across in your learning curve with web apps & web technologies.
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