The Backrooms, But Different Characters Are in it!

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Alex Spider [スパイダー]

Alex Spider [スパイダー]

Aylar önce

Everyone, but different characters are trapped around the Backrooms, but more entities will hunt them down.

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backrooms the backrooms

Kévin 63
Kévin 63 Aylar önce
I'm glad he's forming two bands now and will surely cross paths soon.
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen Aylar önce
Part 3 is gonna be a blast, let's go!!!
RoxasXIIIkeys Aylar önce
I really like the cool spin of having multiple characters ranging from both good and evil slipping into the backrooms.
Mr Shephard
Mr Shephard Aylar önce
Wow, the second part of The Backrooms turned out to be funny, even the Necromorph was added again. I wonder if there will be Jill Valetine and Carlos Oliveira from the remake of Resident Evil 3 You can also add Hank, too, from the remake of Resident Evil 2 It is possible for the fourth part, to stir up a romantic line between Adrian Shephard from Half-Life: Opposing Force and Vanessa from FNAF: SB Damn dude you are amazing 10 out of 10 to you
Legit JazzyPotato
Legit JazzyPotato Aylar önce
I'm loving this series so much! Can't wait for the next part! I like how you brought all the characters in it.
Moonstar Aylar önce
I was waiting for Lord X to do the “Get a load of this guy” pose.
សុវ៉ាន់ Aylar önce
Bulbasaur617 Aylar önce
Epic! Part 2 of this little series. I'm liking this so far. I can't wait for the next part. Keep up the great work!
DarkRedPsycho92 Aylar önce
Wow, this definitely got a lot more Interesting! Seeing Mommy Long Legs was a real surprise! I hope that there's a Gmod model of MX (Mario '85) that would be a plus in these videos. 😄👍
Polyg0n5! Aylar önce
MX and Lord X could defend their counterparts
Alvaro Perez
Alvaro Perez Aylar önce
1:25 SMG4 Mario would be proud.
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Aylar önce
Agreed lol
maikon roberto titton
maikon roberto titton Aylar önce
As SMG4 fan, I agree.
Yin yang Yt
Yin yang Yt Aylar önce
It is nice to finally see something that features Inkura. It has been way too long. Also, congrats on hitting 1 million subs man
王神羽 Greg
王神羽 Greg Aylar önce
YES ! More characters I love appeared ! NICE ! I love this episode, hope this series can be longer Stay awesome Alex !
Radek Neděla
Radek Neděla Aylar önce
ANA ARELI Segura Aylar önce
ANA ARELI Segura Aylar önce
Pika Verse24
Pika Verse24 Aylar önce
I’m going to guess that once the characters regroup in the backrooms, the researchers will find them and then tries to take the survivors back to the research lab but then their boss decides to tell the researchers to knocked them out unconscious for some studies and then their home world gets invaded by the boss and his team leading to the Good Guys and Bad Guys teaming up with each other to stop the organization from doing some test on their home world in the style of Smg4 Arc finale or the researchers boss just identified them as traitors of the backrooms and then called them The Entity for no reason at all
Ny JungKim
Ny JungKim Aylar önce
I'm glad he's forming two bands now and will surely cross paths soon.
Husain 5XG
Husain 5XG Aylar önce
Good to see inkura again in action, but will they find an way out?
Angel Gutierres
Angel Gutierres Aylar önce
CoryMoriMacori Aylar önce
4:49 everyone’s reaction to the old sonic design from Sonic movie.
Echo Amoranto
Echo Amoranto Aylar önce
LOVE IT! Part 3 here i come!
Xander the Hybrid
Xander the Hybrid Aylar önce
1:28 this part made me laugh so hard lmao 🤣 Also, I wasn’t expecting Slenderman to show up in this video, too!
Влад Ревягин
Влад Ревягин Aylar önce
Muhammed Özkan
Muhammed Özkan Aylar önce
Me too
Carterkeown Channel is really back
Carterkeown Channel is really back Aylar önce
Nice! I bet part 3 is coming.
Sussy The Octoling
Sussy The Octoling Aylar önce
The most part that makes me laugh is that there body kinda goes everywhere or something
IvanStickman201 Aylar önce
Finally Part 2!!! Let's Go!!!
(3:12) Glamrock Freddy: Alex? Why's this kind of Bonnie in there? He doesn't appear in the official game. Alex: That's just a custom model. Some fan have made it. Glamrock Freddy: Oh, uh right. (I don't know if that was an actual Bonnie that I missed or an OC).
Dylan DaKing
Dylan DaKing Aylar önce
i love it when the roster expands what other references can you insert into this series? i wanna know.
Omega Legion
Omega Legion Aylar önce
This seems awesome 👌. Nice man
Leshain Aylar önce
The backrooms but it's a gamer free for all. And it worked by the way. Algorithm recommended.
Noe Flores
Noe Flores Aylar önce
I guess everyone (even you Alex) are going to find out of the Backrooms…………..if I was in the Backrooms, I would have an Axe 🪓 as a weapon.
UnityStar02 Aylar önce
Good video. But freaky at the same time.
yukinothegamingweeb Aylar önce
"Stop pOsting about Among us!" -Mario 2022
KnucklesXAkiza Aylar önce
It’s great to see you add Mommy Long Legs in this video. Your videos are awesome bro.
ellada a
ellada a Aylar önce
I hope in the next part Huggy Wuggy is revealed to be a good guy who actually just wanted to hug Mario, Sonic, and BF and ends up saving the group from Mommy Long Legs
James Zelaya456
James Zelaya456 Aylar önce
Part 1 and 2 have deep lore about the backrooms but good so far when part 3 comes out it well be interesting but from the 1st part I was having a blast see all mods from FNF and others too but overall it going to be good and interesting videos.
Кундуза Ажыбаева
Кундуза Ажыбаева Aylar önce
Siamond Cryesnow
Siamond Cryesnow Aylar önce
This video is very super amazing, i love to see how their are more different characters and characters. They were all clean and awesome design, Great Work Alex Spider ✌✌👍👍
Kyrtz Deslate
Kyrtz Deslate 14 gün önce
This feels like watching TRshow kids but I'm enjoying the series so far
No name poductions
No name poductions Aylar önce
I’m hyped for the next part!
Fantasy Kaiju geek’s 54
Fantasy Kaiju geek’s 54 Aylar önce
I am extremely happy that two sets of groups have met up now, I was worried sick for Inkura and Girlfriend as soon as Sonic.exe showed up! The among us joke was also really nice 👍 plus Freddy and his buddy for the save, also were did Huggy run off to? Alex who were those guys in the hazmat suits recording our heroes run or fight for their very lives are they the ones who trapped our heroes in the backrooms?
Gulnara Kashapova
Gulnara Kashapova Aylar önce
THAT'S! AWESOME! I can't wait for Coming soon of Part 3!
Charsonic Aylar önce
Now things are getting interesting hope spider and his friends can get out of the backrooms
Lins Kyvia
Lins Kyvia 27 gün önce
Круркр Вововово
Круркр Вововово Aylar önce
@eriz irfan на 7
Esthefany Vigo
Esthefany Vigo Aylar önce
@eriz irfan E
Axel Amado
Axel Amado Aylar önce
@eriz irfan rgalo
Zatri RPD
Zatri RPD Aylar önce
3:57 OMG Since I love the necromorphs of Dead Space, my game forever, good idea to put them in the backrooms Spider 👍
Zatri RPD
Zatri RPD Aylar önce
@Taraz Taraz Kz Hell yeah, another person who likes Dead Space
Taraz Taraz Kz
Taraz Taraz Kz Aylar önce
and me too dead space i know
Axl117 Aylar önce
2:19 Huggy: So *that's* the fabled Slenderman, huh?
WolfGANG Amadeus
WolfGANG Amadeus Aylar önce
1:28 aw man I was gonna use that reference foe my next video. Other than, GREAT VIDEO.
Takoda Marshall
Takoda Marshall Aylar önce
I like how you added mommy long legs from Puppy Playtime in the video.
GZxuan2020 Channel
GZxuan2020 Channel Aylar önce
Super Zero ZX
Super Zero ZX Aylar önce
*Mi sentido de referencias se está activando* La buena noticia están vivos la mala es que están en peligro y están siendo vigilados en las sombras
Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる
Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる Aylar önce
This is so intense and I will love to see happens next
Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas Aylar önce
Que incrível, quando lança a parte 3
Ny JungKim
Ny JungKim Aylar önce
Finally part 2!!! Let's go!!!
Braian DS
Braian DS Aylar önce
I love your channel, too perfect ✌👍❤
Pika Verse24
Pika Verse24 Aylar önce
So some characters are taken from different point of time like Glamrock Bonnie has noclip into the backrooms before his death from Monty, Huggy before the player takes him down which also led to Chapter 2, and Slenderman from the 2012 game
Banana🇧🇷 Aylar önce
4:16 - 4:24 I like how Gregory reacts
Juan Carlos Ruiz Barajas
Juan Carlos Ruiz Barajas Aylar önce
Come celebrate, we have a lot of fun at this party =) Atte: the partygoer
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations Aylar önce
If humans ever found a way to teleport to the backrooms and return, we'd probably just use it as an infinite landfill
Marcos Alejandro Trujillo Trujillo
Marcos Alejandro Trujillo Trujillo Aylar önce
@22kingdomheartsfan 5 mm eb
Tsermaa Tsermaa
Tsermaa Tsermaa Aylar önce
Wilko Charlie
Wilko Charlie Aylar önce
Hey wait a minute... i’ve seen you before you posted the same words on a different video!
Wrath Aylar önce
Entire story of Kane Pixels’ Backrooms
kondor Aylar önce
I really hate those Dead Space enemies they look terrifying remind me to grab the plasma cutter next time
Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen Aylar önce
5:24 Oh shit, Area 51 is involved.
Fard Borger
Fard Borger Aylar önce
Splatoon 3000
Splatoon 3000 Aylar önce
I never thought they’d make a Gmod model of Mommy Long Legs in both her friendly and rage form, SWEET LORD
DogeManThehilariousDoge Aylar önce
Deandre Sinclair
Deandre Sinclair Aylar önce
You could say that again
لاله حکیمی
لاله حکیمی Aylar önce
make fnaf video's
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen Aylar önce
Speaking of Lord, there's Lord X (Sonic.EXE) as well.
Ocean Aylar önce
Frances1151 Aylar önce
I like how “green inkling girl”(i forgot the name) keeps dropping her splatoon gun everytime she is scared and girlfriend carried her lol
Frances1151 Aylar önce
@Joseph Bah yep,i just forgot the name lol
Joseph Bah
Joseph Bah Aylar önce
Flamebow27 TR
Flamebow27 TR Aylar önce
5:04 That guy be Tank'ing those shots tho :D
Twilight Jester
Twilight Jester Aylar önce
4:44 wait, his in this too?!, geez man, some turds really are too big to flush.
sky blue scout
sky blue scout Aylar önce
I was having a bad day. And I watched this while eating and I got a smile on my plate
ًHeavyWeaponsGuy Aylar önce
You gotta use the official metal tank theme man. the older one is so last year.
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