Painting a Country Road / Acrylic Painting Technique / Drawing House

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Jay Lee Painting

Jay Lee Painting

Yıl önce

How to paint with acrylics / Painting Techniques /
Jay Lee is a painting youtuber. He paints beautiful world on the canvas using familiar objects in life, and share videos for you and everyone. Put Jay's painting in your space, and make world beautiful.
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Jay Lee는 한국인 그림 유튜버 입니다. 캔버스에 아름다운 세상을 그려 그림영상을 공유합니다. 최근에 한국인분들 유입이 많아져서 기분이 좋네요. 감사합니다.
여러분의 공간에 Jay의 그림을 놓아 아름답게 만들어보세요.
(壓克力畫, 亚克力画)
Jay Lee 是住在台灣的韓國人,一位畫畫的TRshowr。在畫布上繪製美麗的世界,並用影片的方式分享給大家。把Jay的畫放在你的空間裡,讓世界更美麗。
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Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 5 aylar önce
Some interesting techniques, for sure. I admit, I did spend 80% of the video hoping you'd do more with the road itself.
Dada Rose
Dada Rose 2 aylar önce
True, especially when he got the ball like sponge to paint the sun. I thought he was finna fix the road haha Beautiful painting though ❤
cpad007 3 aylar önce
I thought it was a river.
Skorrigan 4 aylar önce
And the house...
Nivedita Pandey
Nivedita Pandey 4 aylar önce
True. Maybe it's water or snowy..?
Gyuri E.
Gyuri E. 4 aylar önce
Me too! I thought that with the 3D effect he was going to turn it into a river or something
Айлон А
Айлон А 2 gün önce
Интересная техника исполнения! Дом и дорога своеобразные, конечно.. А в целом, исполнение волшебного цветочного ансамбля в аккомпанемент музыкальной композиции завораживает и умиротворяет!😊 Погружает в прекрасный иной мир спокойствия, вдали от суеты. Спасибо!🙏
Наташа Голубовская
Наташа Голубовская Aylar önce
Это как музыка завораживает и удивляет!Очень талантливо 🌼
snow_smuk 5 aylar önce
It’s crazy how you can turn splatters of paint into a beautiful picture! 10/10
Namor 5 aylar önce
10/10 😂😂😂 à child who paint
Donna Bremerman
Donna Bremerman 5 aylar önce
I love how you painted a field of flowers with cotton swabs, So beautiful!
Sykotik Shadow
Sykotik Shadow 5 aylar önce
I draw free hand drawings but still amazes to see the extent and use of every day items and materials around us that we wouldn't think would possibly be used for detailing while painting. Truly mesmerizing
Любовь Непейпиво
Любовь Непейпиво Aylar önce
Это великолепное творчество.Просто наблюдая, как с каждым мазком картина оживает. Хочеться прогуляться в этом волшебном уголке.Благодарю вас!!!😊😊😊❤🙏
Светлана Сидоркова
Светлана Сидоркова Aylar önce
Это просто восхитительно, но не каждому дано такое сотворить, даже если сильно постараться.
The Rev.
The Rev. 5 aylar önce
Absolutely inspiring. As a musician for over 50 years it was like watching someone create music on a canvas.
Southern Sass 🌴
Southern Sass 🌴 Yıl önce
You never cease to amaze me, Wow. You make this beautiful painting look so easy. 💚💛💙
Lucineia Francisco Ferreira Severiano
Lucineia Francisco Ferreira Severiano 2 aylar önce
Simplesmente maravilhoso,sinto paz quando vejo seus vídeos
Star Williams
Star Williams 9 aylar önce
You make me want to paint now. Love it. This is great
Dell12 16
Dell12 16 5 aylar önce
I love painting using unconventional tools it always creates the most interesting styles and flourishes, looks beautiful
rochelle yessak
rochelle yessak Yıl önce
I just love these. So peaceful and relaxing to watch. Always beautiful!
Linda Farmer
Linda Farmer Yıl önce
I have loved every piece you have done. I don’t draw but I think I can do this. You are so talented. What a gift!
Ирина Васёва
Ирина Васёва Aylar önce
K S 5 aylar önce
This is stunning!!! Thank you for posting. So much inspiration and creativity. Beautiful work. Well done!!
Bodhi 5 aylar önce
You should make dumbed down versions that we can buy and do at home with you! And keep doing these masterpieces, of course. I would probably buy a kit to do dumbed down ones with you!
Verônica Martins
Verônica Martins 11 aylar önce
Simplesmente perfeito,parabéns pelo trabalho 🇧🇷
Andres Felipe Hurtado Trujillo
Andres Felipe Hurtado Trujillo Aylar önce
9:37 tu si que tienes mucho talento para pintar un cuadro de un paisaje 🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🖼️🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️🖌️ Sigue así eres muy creativo para pintar
комната смеха
комната смеха 11 aylar önce
Просто восторг и восхищение! Браво, мастер!
Co Diu Art
Co Diu Art Yıl önce
The picture not only shows your ingenuity and meticulousness, but also shows creativity in how to draw a picture. You use many unique painting tools that I have never thought of. May I consider this an abstract painting? The blue color of the picture makes the viewer feel comfortable.
Dosmonique Frank
Dosmonique Frank 2 aylar önce
I always do landscapes I enjoy spending hours creating all the details with brushes it’s cool that you use different objects.
Terezinha Rodrigues Gomes Leite
Terezinha Rodrigues Gomes Leite 9 aylar önce
Muito lindo ! Obrigada de coração. É uma poesia para os olhos🍁🌸🍂🌻🌷
Merci Yıl önce
Безумно красиво! Очень много много здоровья Вашим рукам❤️
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 11 aylar önce
health to the Ukrainian people
Terezinha Rodrigues Gomes Leite
Terezinha Rodrigues Gomes Leite 9 aylar önce
Como gostaria de ter um quadro assim🌷🌸🌻🌺🍂🍁🍃🍀
Abigabriela Sanchez
Abigabriela Sanchez Yıl önce
Estos vídeos me llenan de una gran paz, de verdad está persona es un gran artista, me encanta 💕✨
John Nilsson
John Nilsson 2 aylar önce
You make it look so easy I almost want to try it...
Stella Criss
Stella Criss 5 aylar önce
Apaixonei! 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
L.M Abstract Art
L.M Abstract Art Yıl önce
This is mind blowing! 🤯Seriously, you are brilliant! Thank you for sharing. 💜
Luis Aparecido
Luis Aparecido 8 aylar önce
Parabéns 👏👏👏 Ótimo trabalho!!!🇧🇷
Alaide Brita
Alaide Brita 11 aylar önce
Amo vê a sua arte ela descansa, relaxa
Sandra Figueira
Sandra Figueira 11 aylar önce
Magnífico 🥰
The Hybrid Sisters
The Hybrid Sisters 5 aylar önce
I love how you get the most unusual tools yet make a beautiful ongoing masterpiece !
De Antiquis Et Novis
De Antiquis Et Novis 4 aylar önce
You are a wonderful artist. And watching your videos always makes me calm. So you are also a healer! Thank you for sharing your art.
Gangdalf 5 aylar önce
미술에 대해 전혀 모르지만 일상에서 볼 수 있는 도구들과 제가 가진 생각으로 알 수 없었던 점들과 색들이 모여서 작품이 되는 과정이 정말 아름답습니다
Jay Lee Painting
Jay Lee Painting 5 aylar önce
감사합니다 좋은하루 되세요
Valdete Silva Desenhos e Plantas
Valdete Silva Desenhos e Plantas Yıl önce
Sua pintura é o máximo ,a estrada na curvavatura da o ar de uma grande subida o restante é magnífico ,fa
Peter Burke
Peter Burke Aylar önce
An incredible piece of work 👏
Karen Quick
Karen Quick 11 aylar önce
Wow, so easy looking and yet .. I love all the common tools you used. So very interesting!!
Silvia Batista
Silvia Batista 5 aylar önce
Beautiful painting and song, reminds me of my long gone springs and summers on the countryside... Brought a tear to my eye
ASC Art Creation
ASC Art Creation 11 aylar önce
Always beautiful and inspiring to watch your painting ❤️ thank you so much.
Joshua Bigdog
Joshua Bigdog 5 aylar önce
I love this!! In that it looks maybe easier than some other forms of art and I would love to try it
Zenaida Marquez
Zenaida Marquez Yıl önce
Gorgeous painting. Excellent talent. Love it
TheMahs Gaming
TheMahs Gaming 5 aylar önce
Each time they brought out an instrument to paint with I thought "IT'S RUINED" in my head and each time they had completely bamboozled me. The absolute mad lad, such elegance, grace and poise. Truly a magnificent spectacle of skill.
Cristina Luiza
Cristina Luiza 11 aylar önce
Amei a música que trouxe uma paz e tranquilidade conforme a paisagem que foi surgindo através da pintura.
English Rose
English Rose 5 aylar önce
The mark of a talented artist is how they make creative beauty seem effortless. You are indeed talented and this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing🙏
Irene Luna Carrasco
Irene Luna Carrasco 11 aylar önce
Maravillosos tus trabajos, llenan el alma!
Aida Nora Espinoza Soto
Aida Nora Espinoza Soto 11 aylar önce
Te admiro muchísimo Jay, eres fantástico, saludos.
두구두구 9 aylar önce
I'm happy because i found this channel just now. This video's BGM,your drawing speed, time, way to draw etc all of element is harmonized in 10 minute. I reminded my memory when i am happy while i concentrate to draw because of this. THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO.
Aline Almeida Ateliê
Aline Almeida Ateliê 6 aylar önce
Perfeito!!!!! 💞💞💞💞
Deepa Heeroo
Deepa Heeroo 11 aylar önce
Very relaxing plus combination of arts materials, selection of colours looks like in a creative world. Well done
Eng Alisson Rocha
Eng Alisson Rocha 5 aylar önce
Isso é uma terapia 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Oday Alany
Oday Alany Yıl önce
You took me to another world with your drawing and the background music ... You are not only an artist, but a magician
Keith Gabbard
Keith Gabbard 4 aylar önce
@Alex B Whatever makes you feel better.
Lone Wolfe
Lone Wolfe 4 aylar önce
Is there an alien?
Felicia Kettler
Felicia Kettler 4 aylar önce
@Alex B bob ross this is not💀
Claudia Trufer Garcia
Claudia Trufer Garcia 9 aylar önce
Muito, muito, muito lindo 😍 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖✨✨✨
cheryla0428 11 aylar önce
A very happy and whimsical painting. I love it. 💕
Jan French
Jan French 4 aylar önce
A really well thought out painting the piano music is relaxing then comes the picture so well done just loved it all
Venkat Iyer
Venkat Iyer 5 aylar önce
You paint so well, you inspire me to paint more. ❤❤❤
Derek Moffitt
Derek Moffitt 5 aylar önce
Certainly a beautiful work of art.
Elegant Art Zone
Elegant Art Zone Yıl önce
Done perfectly!! Looking forward for more Have a wonderful day :)
CAPT LAZO 11 aylar önce
Красиво, увлекательно, интересно, и полезно!... Мастер
T.DEIVID OLIVEIRA 2 aylar önce
Muito bom!!!!
Karen Liniker
Karen Liniker 5 aylar önce
Perfeito 😍
Ry' The Medicare Guy
Ry' The Medicare Guy 5 aylar önce
Really awesome, incredible work!
Susan Stanford
Susan Stanford 8 aylar önce
Very beautiful Jay I love your videos. They are so calming and relaxing. Much love Jay😊😊
LEONOR AVELINO 5 aylar önce
Really Marvellous! Congratulations Jay. ❤
Hülya Atalay
Hülya Atalay Yıl önce
Şahane olmuş..Teşekkürler , huzur veriyor.. ❤
José Wellington
José Wellington 9 aylar önce
Alan Art
Alan Art Yıl önce
The sense of rhythm is great. It's worth trying to see what effect it has. Thanks for sharing
Наталия Дольникова
Наталия Дольникова 5 aylar önce
Необычно, оригинально, очаровательно. Радует. Хочу рисовать.
Angela Barros
Angela Barros Yıl önce
Lindíssimo, parece que eu estava no ceu
Juanita Foy
Juanita Foy 5 aylar önce
Your work is inspiration ✨️
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 9 aylar önce
Trabalho lindo.
Santhosh Kumar R C
Santhosh Kumar R C 5 aylar önce
It's absolute treat watching this which has so much talent , thinking , passion, love , craze , dedication behind this painting... I just loved it watching and wana watch more such paintings from you... Loads of love to you art 🙏❤️❤️❤️
JoCar Art
JoCar Art Yıl önce
You are an exceptional artist, much admired from this part of the world.
lynne legare
lynne legare 11 aylar önce
I have 20-20 and love it!!!
lynne legare
lynne legare 11 aylar önce
Wayne King
Wayne King 11 aylar önce
Milan Sweat clearly those people are blind
Wayne King
Wayne King 11 aylar önce
Why it's crap
Betty Hutchinson
Betty Hutchinson 11 aylar önce
Jay Lee when I first watched you paint it was with watercolors and your baby was with you. I bet he is an artist like his dad. I love your painting tutorials. They are great! I just don’t care for the music but I just turn down the volume. Thanks again and keep on creating!
Nuha Mezerhane
Nuha Mezerhane 11 aylar önce
Que Belleza!!! gracias por enseñarme esas técnicas muy diferente a lo tradicional.🌷
11 aylar önce
The acrylic painting on the country road is beautiful
Annette Sanchez
Annette Sanchez Yıl önce
Moment de détente assurée, merci pour partager votre talent.
Camila Fernandes
Camila Fernandes Yıl önce
Como sempre lindo seus trabalhos 😍
AJP Relaxing Jazz Piano
AJP Relaxing Jazz Piano Yıl önce
This country road really conveys a feeling of serenity and is really well done !! Compliment as always for your skill !! A big like👍👍👍👍👍 always deserved and greetings by AJP Relaxing Jazz Piano 😊😊😊😊
Wellington de Almeida Oliveira
Wellington de Almeida Oliveira 5 aylar önce
Muito bonita sua obra de arte
Devesh Yadav
Devesh Yadav 4 aylar önce
How can someone be this much talented 🙂
Avinash Nayak
Avinash Nayak 4 aylar önce
This video is very satisfying. It gets more beautiful with every passing minute.
Pil Chun
Pil Chun 5 aylar önce
Brilliant work. The end result is gorgeous, but the weirdo in me loved the earlier stage, precisely at 1:27 to be exact, more...
Ricminart   Art & More
Ricminart Art & More Yıl önce
You have great style and you make it look easy. Great👍
Barbara Krawczyk
Barbara Krawczyk Yıl önce
Ciekawe techniki czyli malować możemy wszystkim. Brawo gratuluję.
Daniel Lima
Daniel Lima 5 aylar önce
n pinto e nunca vou pintar, mas vi o vídeo inteiro, muito prazeroso
Ángel Luis Carrion
Ángel Luis Carrion 11 aylar önce
No sé como llegué hasta este canal pero ahora sé que lo amo. Que gran talento 👏😍
Xena Art
Xena Art Yıl önce
*_This is a wonderful fairy tale 💜Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us!_*
ambre jasmin
ambre jasmin 5 aylar önce
Toujours aussi beau!!!!! Merci à vous de nous montrer votre savoir faire !!!!! Bonne continuation......🤗👍
Celia Chiconeli andrade
Celia Chiconeli andrade 11 aylar önce
Belíssima! Parabéns.
Fırat Dicleli
Fırat Dicleli Yıl önce
Çok güzel yaptın ellerine sağlık huzurlu bir görsel 🌺
Инна Смычкова
Инна Смычкова Yıl önce
Великолепные работы .зачаровывают спасибо
jon Lee
jon Lee 4 aylar önce
I am mesmerised every time I watch you, just one thing a little less flowers. Very good.
Ale valen
Ale valen Yıl önce
Que bonito paisaje, felicitaciones 🌹
Santi Yıl önce
I really love it and i really love all your work!
Carlos Javier De Luca
Carlos Javier De Luca 5 aylar önce
Que Divino!!!❤❤
Aguaponia Esmeraldas
Aguaponia Esmeraldas 10 aylar önce
Que quadro lindo
Maria Lebron
Maria Lebron 11 aylar önce
Breathtaking! U make it look so ez. I felt so relaxed and happy as I watched ur video. Thank u!
AMR AMER ABDALLAH 6 aylar önce
I feel really relax watching your videos, thank you it is beautiful 😍😍😍😍
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