Laying Block- This Is What Nightmares are Made Of | A-Frame Cabin Addition

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Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

3 aylar önce

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We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel "Wild Wonderful Off-Grid" and the buiness/work related side of our life can be found on our secondary channel "Josh and Erin- The After Show". Here you will see us renovating our Cafe, opening/operating the Cafe with goods from our farm, building/furnishing/running our short term rentals, finding/operating our other real estate investments and more.

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
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lynettecarner 3 aylar önce
I am wondering if it's OK to ask? How is Ellie doing? I have missed seeing her infectious smile and laughter. Sending her lot's of Love and Hugs ❤️ 🤗
Ike 3 aylar önce
That's confusing... give me a call and let me know when it's on!
Mykota 3 aylar önce
Clean D3 with K2 is the way to go! Mind you its more for sedentary indoor oldies not you active outdoor youngsters...
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
@lynettecarnertoday was the first day in a week that she’s wanted to get out of PJs, play with toys and do farm chores with me- so we’ve really turned a corner here ☺️ She is well on her way to a full recovery
Bert Jones
Bert Jones 3 aylar önce
say, can we do more concrete pours?
Don Carlton
Don Carlton 3 aylar önce
I lost my wife last week. Watching you two building reminds me of how Chelsea and I built a deck on our house and a woodworking and craft workshop. Savor these days together as a couple and as a family!
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
We are so sorry for your tremendous loss. Sending you love ❤️
Mopani & Mickey
Mopani & Mickey 3 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss. 🙏
ForeverMash 3 aylar önce
Sorry for your loss ❤
Nascarmomma M
Nascarmomma M 3 aylar önce
So sorry for your loss, prayers are with you and your family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ~ Texas
OR 3 aylar önce
Devastating. I'm so sorry. May God comfort you. 🙏💝
Graeme White
Graeme White 3 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to create all this content and share your lives with us. It a huge task you guys are busy with already, but to take the time to prepare high quality content for us to consume is awesome.
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
Thank you for taking the time to watch! ❤
Danny Creech
Danny Creech 3 aylar önce
I am 59 years old and a father. I just want to say.... I wish I grew up with parents like you two. Your words of encouragement you two both show to your kids is so heartwarming and impressive. Make them strong and independent but always let them know they are the best and very much loved. I can see you two are doing that. Respect.
D McD 3 aylar önce
You guys do not need a gym....Erin handling those blocks...way stronger than 98% of the population. You guys and all the projects keep me motivated!!! People want the freedom you guys have. Great videos!
mauricio moncayo
mauricio moncayo 3 aylar önce
She participated in fitness competitions
D McD 3 aylar önce
​@mauricio moncayo We did not know that- my wife got me hooked on them when they were living in the trailer and building the main house. We flipped a few houses so this is up my alley and my wife does a food garden. This is our outlet outside of work. Thanks for the info and have a great night.😊
Michelle Pernula
Michelle Pernula 3 aylar önce
Erin needs to wear gloves when messing with concrete. I rip up hands on cinders.
Mark Moffatt
Mark Moffatt 3 aylar önce
@mauricio moncayo I never knew this about Erin and I have been watching since the beginning. How did you find this information
col stace
col stace 3 aylar önce
She was a bodybuilder, there's pics on the internet somewhere
Dividend Journey
Dividend Journey 3 aylar önce
Such an amazing family you guys have! Love the super high quality films, feels like we’re actually there! Good job on the blocks, and Josh keep up the jokes & puns:) Erin keep keeping him on his toes! 👍😅 The little sheep Lilly is now apart of the family too ❤ Lions replacement 🤣😂😅
Nelle Woodruff
Nelle Woodruff 3 aylar önce
I got so tickled when chickens, dog and cat came with you to lay out the plumbing. I love seeing how you gradually encourage Ellie in taking on care of the chickens and Lily. Like your boys, she is becoming such an integral part of running the homestead.
Joan Smith
Joan Smith 3 aylar önce
Must have been filmed before Ellie's surgery. All the best to everyone and wishing sweet Ellie a fast recovery. Glad to read she is up and wanting to do stuff.
Kentucky Bluegrass Living
Kentucky Bluegrass Living 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the mid week treat - great filming - editing- sound. Amazing home - craftsmanship and how hard the two of y’all work together . Thank You always watching
Big Red Cat
Big Red Cat 3 aylar önce
Speaking of Lily, she's really growing fast! What great adoptive parents she has! She just Loves being around you'll! At 1st I thought she was trying to Inspect everything! Lol. It would seem that She acts more like a puppy than a lamb! Just adorable! Also it's hilarious that the kitty cat and 2 chickens are following you around under, tooThanks for update!❤
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
She wants to be involved in everything we do 😂
Charles Garrett
Charles Garrett 3 aylar önce
😁Big Red Cat must be a YANKEE, The correct spelling is Y`ALL. Your comment is great and I sure agree with y`all.😁
JaneMc61 3 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see the progression on your home. Congratulations on training Lilly to come when you call her. 😁 Adorable
mindi 3 aylar önce
Such a nice Wednesday evening surprise. You guys will do great laying the block. I hope Ellie is recovering nicely. 🌺
Leroy Smith
Leroy Smith 3 aylar önce
Really doesn’t matter what you two are working on, as long as you’re doing it together and you’re doing it for your family.🤓🥰
Todd Daugherty
Todd Daugherty 3 aylar önce
Lily is no longer livestock or a pet. She is family.
Jeffreydamntreat 3 aylar önce
Not a good idea for something you might eat someday!!
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 3 aylar önce
Woof woof
The O.G. Ken G.
The O.G. Ken G. 3 aylar önce
Lamb chops
Rob Byers
Rob Byers 3 aylar önce
Chinese eat cats and dogs .
Ron Allen
Ron Allen 3 aylar önce
​@The O.G. Ken G. Not a chance. Ellie will prevent that!!! Glad you guys gave Ellie a cameo appreance. Just wanted to know she's up and playing with Lily again.
Mac 3 aylar önce
Amazing what two people can get accomplished! wife does not watch a lot of you tube but loves your channel..she says y’all seem so down to earth..she also like This Farm Wife..for the same reasons 👍
gary wade
gary wade 3 aylar önce
Hope the block laying goes well. Also hope the chickens got on ok overnight
Meta Tech HD
Meta Tech HD 3 aylar önce
💪🔨🔥 "Wow, Erin's strength and skills in handling those blocks are truly impressive! She's definitely in a league of her own. 💪🏋‍♀ It's inspiring to see you and your team taking on such challenging projects, keeping us motivated and reminding us of the freedom and fulfillment that comes with pursuing our own dreams. Your videos are always a great source of motivation and entertainment. Keep up the amazing work!"
lieuwina lee
lieuwina lee 3 aylar önce
Elly is such a help and works hard, Elly I hope your operation went well and I send you lots of love from Cambridgeshire, UK. I hope Lilly the lamb looks after you very well while you recover. Another beautiful video Josh and Erin. Have a lovely day.
Kathy Mazey
Kathy Mazey 3 aylar önce
Man all those supervisors that you have following you two. Family, whether human or animal all family. Erin I couldn’t climb all around underneath and so enclosed like you do, let alone lift those blocks. I’ll say it again, you two work so hard and well with each other. Love the laughter.
Shawn Kane
Shawn Kane 3 aylar önce
Keep us posted on the builds. The safe room is going to be a outstanding. Let us all hope that it will not be needed as such.
Paul Rademaker
Paul Rademaker 3 aylar önce
Everywhere you go, Lilly follows. Seems like she's taken over Chuck's role as supervisor! :)
Terri Sansalone
Terri Sansalone 3 aylar önce
Just what I needed after a sucky day at work. Thanks for the laughs! Ps… I don’t think Lily is going to transition into the flock any time in the near future 😂
dcooke570 3 aylar önce
Love the in between video segments whether it’s butterfly’s or closeups of grass or trees. Don’t know when you have time to do all that extra video when you’re laying block or running plumbing but you do a really good job of it!
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
Thank you 💚
Michael Payne
Michael Payne 3 aylar önce
Lots of practice
Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes 3 aylar önce
Erin you are so darn cute and Josh so funny! One cannot help smile and laugh along with you two during the videos. Thanks so much for sharing your family adventures. 😊
Roy Bodien
Roy Bodien 3 aylar önce
I just love watching your videos! I love the laughter and the joy you both bring to your videos, that's why the animals follow you, cause you bring a lot of LOVE! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
Kathlene Da
Kathlene Da 3 aylar önce
Glad Lilly is getting stronger and a good supervisor for Josh. Otherwise tasks wouldn't get completed on time.
Grilling Addiction With Nick
Grilling Addiction With Nick 3 aylar önce
You guys are my motivation today at work 💪I'm stuck in the office ( not in the field 🤦‍♂️) doing data entry ! So you guys are killing it at keeping me entertained ans motivated!
Val Funk
Val Funk 3 aylar önce
I love watching your family do stuff together!!! More progress on the A frame house!!! U guys got a lot accomplished so far!!! Can’t wait to see more progress!!!
jaymanishere 3 aylar önce
I love the way you two work so well together.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 3 aylar önce
Just catching up in the UK. The space under your house was reasonable allowing you to do the pipework, it could have been a lot tighter if it wasn't for your good plans when building your home. You might not be an expert on block building, knowing you two, you will do a good job. West wishes from Mike. ❤
wkjeom 3 aylar önce
It is so exciting to watch this build. Thought for a bit that we weren't going to see Ellie. But, nope, there she was working with her animal like a little trouper. I know it's hard work, but you guys look like you're having a good time. I love watching you.
MikeUnum 3 aylar önce
That sheep is amazing. She is very strong bonded to you all. And your daughter is the watcher over her. I love it. When she starts to bark you don't have to wonder, hahaha.
Gilbert Mercado
Gilbert Mercado 3 aylar önce
Excellent video Josh, you and Erin are kicking out of the park on the addition. Loved how the plumbing set up went. PEW! LOL. Lilli really is lost without you all LOL! Frankie was asleep on the job the whole video was a laugh a minute. Thank for the memories. have a great week.
Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson 3 aylar önce
Looking good. Have you considered a second emergency exit to the outside for the safe room in case the addition collapses on your main entry point? Also, consider installing a 4 inch pipe for ventilation for the safe room in case you get stuck in there after a tornado. The emergency exit doesnt need ro be full sized. Just large enough to get Aaron's Debbie Cakes through.
Philip Laing
Philip Laing 3 aylar önce
before I began watching you two I thought I could do anything I set my mind to. I am a rank amateur compared to you guys. Erin, you hustle those blocks like they were marshmallows. Josh, is there nothing you can't do? I am in awe!!!
Bruce Murray
Bruce Murray 3 aylar önce
Congratulations on 1 million subscribers. I've been with you all the way. Don't think I've missed an episode. Weirdly just found the After Show. You inspire me. It's never to late to live your dream. Or at least work for it. Or better yet appreciate the road toward it.
Nathan Minshall
Nathan Minshall 3 aylar önce
I'm so proud of you guys. I really am. I'm a jack of all trades. A master of few but you guys just never sees to amaze me 100 been with you from almost the beginning. Love your family. Love what you do. Can't wait to book at the Airbnb 100!
Terry Groce
Terry Groce 3 aylar önce
I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Interesting videos and the things that go on around the farm.
blastingweevil 3 aylar önce
you did well many people do not realise laying block/brick is very very hard to do right, it is a very highly skilled job.
Ventura IT
Ventura IT 3 aylar önce
Such a great channel. Watching to see how the blocks are done. There is a thing called drystack that might go faster without mortar, with a mesh skimcoat, it's supposed to be stronger than mortar-layed blocks... you can also add the skimcoat to strengthen the mortar-layed blocks, I think but don't quote me.
David Vansickle
David Vansickle 3 aylar önce
Beautiful work, love your photography skills, it’s not just about the build but the beauty around the build.👍👍. I’m always willing to pay the Plummer his due 😂😂
Mark Job
Mark Job 3 aylar önce
*It's hilarious how interested your farm yard animals are in following you around, no matter where you go, seemingly taking a great interest in everything you are doing all the time. 😃🤣🤣*
Beth Durbin-Pruitt
Beth Durbin-Pruitt 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the surprise video on a Wednesday!! I’m glad I wasn’t the one that had to cut the pooper shoot, lol. I do have a suggestion though, wear some disposable gloves when working with mortar so you don’t absorb the chemicals through your skin. And, your skin won’t get extremely dried out as it will draw all the moisture out of your hands. Again, just a suggestion, I don’t want Josh to have to get more MANicures, lol.
Michelle Pernula
Michelle Pernula 3 aylar önce
It's very toxic to breath and touch. I helped my grandfather in his concrete business.
Tracy Shaw
Tracy Shaw 3 aylar önce
❤❤❤ you are both professionals on what to do and not 😉....thanks for all you do! P.S. the physical toll and what you both show is beyond! Thank you!
Michael Cahill
Michael Cahill 3 aylar önce
Josh,you and Erin along with your children and even your animals is by far the best lower your blood pressure medicine a man could find. We live in a sick and dying world where up is down and down is up. You my friend have it figured out. You your wife and children are truly blessed and an inspiration to many others. Well enough niceties, you horizontal tie in for the homestead kitchen should be a wye and st.45 or a twye. Just sayin. GOD bless you all. Mike in central pa
Maxine Parker
Maxine Parker 3 aylar önce
Love the photography, the music, your laughs, and Lily’s floppy ears!❤ 16:31
2beMe 3 aylar önce
Thank God, you guys are young! I can’t imagine doing this at my age(1yr away from 60 lol) You are truly an inspiration, and what a team you make !!
Kris Pollard
Kris Pollard 3 aylar önce
Why is it so satisfying to see two people work? IDK, but it sure is. Plus you have the best animals. Thanks for sharing your life with us.
arthurdentau 3 aylar önce
Chicken Smugglers!!!! How is Ellie going ? Saw her at the end helping out. It's all coming along pretty well, you must be getting so excited to see the finish line, you have done so much. It's incredible, pretty much all by yourselves. Awesome team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers.
jg51ogg 3 aylar önce
I was a Mason's Laborer for 5 years and an aprentice for 3 years before I was in a motorcycle accident that broke my back. For anyone who just wants to jump into block laying all I can say is good luck with that. But it looks like Josh paid attention to the Masons that he was working with. I laugh at Lilly running around in a panic looking for you guys.
Matt McGregor
Matt McGregor 3 aylar önce
It is so funny seeing the plethora, and I love an opportunity to use that word, of animals that just show up in shots. Started with the lamb and dogs. Next came the cat dance through a far shut under the house. Then I had to laugh when the chickens just appeared out of nowhere under the house during drain run. Thanks for sharing!
Jim Shaffer
Jim Shaffer 3 aylar önce
I've never personally built a house, but if I were to do it, I believe I would dig a crawlspace at least 5 feet high, preferably 7 feet, and put in a concrete floor. Even with only an aggregate floor, it makes for storage space for garden tools and easy access to utilities. I know it's more digging and more concrete for the footers, but short crawls with dirt floors are the bane of my existence.
lanesworld 3 aylar önce
Another great video! Living in your own little slice of paradise ❤ Frank and Leon are my favorite, but ALL the animals are fun to watch ❤
Mit 2 K
Mit 2 K 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the entertainment in the episodes always a blast look after yourselves and enjoy the warmer days Mitch from Australia 🇦🇺
Chip Price
Chip Price 3 aylar önce
Over 1M subscribers! Yee Haw! This means you can do more and more to keep us your viewer entertained! That's what you are, among allyour other talents, you are also entertainers! Please don't retire anytime soon! We love the projects!
d m
d m 3 aylar önce
I'm so happy yall are now big time 1M subs! You deserve it - If I had half the work ethic...........
MikeMarshall1411 3 aylar önce
Caution on spray foam! If you get a water leak itll hold the water to the lumber and rot away the subflooring and joists. I hate the stuff. Seen so many issues of concealed long term rot behind it.
Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox 3 aylar önce
Love watching you both you are doing good work
Nivek Nospmoht
Nivek Nospmoht 3 aylar önce
Put the pan decking on the lower flange of the beam. Drill holes in the I beams and pass through rebar perpendicular to the beams. Pour the concrete leaving the I beams in the concrete
Norman Schillerstrom
Norman Schillerstrom 3 aylar önce
Lay out your floor width and length on your footing. Check for square then snap a chalk line. Lay up your leads on your corners checking the height about 4-5 blocks high then fill in between your leads. Simple 😅 If I didn’t live so far away I would stop by and give you a hand 👍🏻 Every time you say ufftaa it reminds me of my father, he always said that 😊
Stephen Tyler
Stephen Tyler 3 aylar önce
Just a tip those blocks can be dry layed if the foundation is level as they are designed to be filled with concrete usually designed for retaining walls but I do lay them on mortar
Jeff stanaway
Jeff stanaway 3 aylar önce
Erin is a strong woman that gives solid help. . . What more could a husband ask for. . .
Michelle Pernula
Michelle Pernula 3 aylar önce
If more men were like Josh, the ladies would be right there too. As it is, I climb scaffolding after I build it, paint, roofing, pour concrete, masonry brick walls, build walls, install windows, doors, electric, lighting, panels, venetian plaster, sliders, disposals, landscaping, fencing, gardens, stone work, tiles, carpeting, drywall, texturing, blah, blah...rebuild airplane, cars, etc ... just to name a few jobs I do, while my husband goes to work out, hike, kayak so he can keep fit to hold the remote control.😅 Oh and I knock out meals in 35 minutes...a chef. Plus I cook for construction crew, laundry, maintain inside and outside of entire house, yard, take out the trash, 3 rigs and an airplane. 😮😂 I may as well build my own place....alone. 😂 More men need to Josh does. 😊 Erin is lucky. She's the stud finder. 😊
Branko Kučera
Branko Kučera 3 aylar önce
Vi ste pravi građevinari i majstori za sve . Svaka čast 👍🏿👍🏿👏👏💪. I pravi roditelji 🥰👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧 ❤️❤️❤️. Samo tako nastavite dalje. Lp😎🇭🇷🍀
Dan Daniels
Dan Daniels 3 aylar önce
I swear Ellie has trained Lillie to be a human.😄 Block & brick laying aren't as easy as the pros make it look I can testify to that. I took a tech school coarse in high school and we built a house inside the building from the ground up and when the yr of school was over dad decided he wanted to build a 2 car garage and needed me to lay the block and show him how as we went. We got them all on a level line but the morter in between didn't look real professional but it was Allright and the garage and blocks are still standing 45 yrs later and doing great but that experience told me I was not doing that for a living and didn't.
Don Bxman
Don Bxman 3 aylar önce
Wow! Hard to imagine you guys started out in a camping trailer! Thumbs up.
Brett Muir
Brett Muir 3 aylar önce
To quote Elly from a few weeks ago, "It's always the best day ever"!!! To quote me whilst watching this, "Are entertained, Are you not entertained?" YES!!! Snakes and spiders evoked the most loveliest laugh from Erin I have ever heard. There are no words to tell how much I love you good folks :)
Musique POUR MOI
Musique POUR MOI 3 aylar önce
Erin, how can you manipulate these heavy blocks without gloves. Both of you are fantastic.
William Wheeler
William Wheeler 3 aylar önce
In your case, since you are filling every cell with concrete and rebar, your blocks are pretty much just concrete forms. It’s the concrete and rebar that will hold up the wall. So give it your best shot.
Bay 3 aylar önce
Nice work and progressing well. All the foundation levels look good as well as the drainage fall for waste pipe. Nice work that'll pay off in near future.
Christine Abedini
Christine Abedini 3 aylar önce
I’m enjoying watching this build you guys have such a happy attitude
Keith Burch
Keith Burch 3 aylar önce
Lilly was actually under you, between your legs! How adorable! Your animals follow you wherever you go, well except Leon. He used to though! Until the Ram in him evolved. Ellie is still the star of your channel! Love you guys! Keith in Hickory NC.
F C 3 aylar önce
Looks like it will be rock solid. Did you consider ICF instead of block as you were designing the addition?
Tar 3 aylar önce
Congratulation on going over 1M..I hope the new viewers would watch from the beginning and thumb up each video otherwise they are missing some the best parts of WWOG.
Faux Metal Jacket
Faux Metal Jacket 3 aylar önce
Twenty minute video felt like three minutes, keep up the beautiful work my Wild Wonderful family! 😂
elizabeth sarver
elizabeth sarver 3 aylar önce
Ellie, is such a sweet appreciate life wholeheartedly girl! It just doesn't get any better than her! ❤ to Ellie.
Anna Brandt
Anna Brandt 3 aylar önce
Absolutely love watching this. Missed this build so much
Trey Blaskievich
Trey Blaskievich 3 aylar önce
Cool to see you wearing a Demolitia shirt and supporting other creators. 2 of my favorite creators to be honest!
Blaine Van Horn
Blaine Van Horn 3 aylar önce
You two are truly soul mates. ❤
Lou Cinci
Lou Cinci 3 aylar önce
Drain line and laying block. Looks like a good day. Thanks for sharing
Jensey Anjali Graham
Jensey Anjali Graham 3 aylar önce
Filming of the pink string was fabulous! I mean truthfully, every aspect of your videos is fabulous. Such growth!! 🎉
Ephesian289 3 aylar önce
We always enjoy each episode of your lives! Unless we missed a sentence or two, please explain what the Safe room will be used for. Perhaps we old folk can learn something.
Heidi Pustelniak
Heidi Pustelniak 3 aylar önce
Best of luck laying that block! Heavy work for sure!
Nolberto Abello
Nolberto Abello 3 aylar önce
Hola soy de colombia y cada video me inspira a perfeccionar me más en el trabajo de remodelación los felicito me parece muy bonito todo 🎉🎉
Keith K.
Keith K. 3 aylar önce
I was wondering why you didn't use ICF but figured your foundation was too short to warrant the effort. Now that you're adding block, I have to ask if you considered ICF and, if so, what factors turned you towards temporary forms for the foundation and blocks. Planning my own DIY house and ICF seems like the easiest option from what I've read.
Matt 3 aylar önce
I was wondering the same, ICF would have been an easy setup and they’re clearly capable of working the concrete into the forms.
Brenda Haire
Brenda Haire 3 aylar önce
Lily missed you for a minute. Y’all are so funny with those animals following you around. ❤❤❤.
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher 3 aylar önce
Only place that you'll ever see two hams that are really sheep. Lilly has grabbed the show away from Leon for a while and will do anything to keep it. Knowing how resilient Leon is, I'm sure he'll find his way back after he has taken c🎉of the rest of his harem!
jon zuber
jon zuber 3 aylar önce
Closed cell spray foam is not only more energy efficient, waterproof and resilient to insect and rodent attacks, it’s also a great moisture barrier to water vapor migration. It’s more expensive than open cell spray foam but the R value is almost double so you can get an R-60 with a 12” thickness.😊
Marie Medina
Marie Medina 3 aylar önce
Good luck Josh and Erin. You always do a great job. I dig watching your viedos..😃
Christy WileyWest
Christy WileyWest 3 aylar önce
I have watched you guys for years, and now I have my husband watching. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in February, and has had many treatments with no complications. He just had a PET scan and we find out tomorrow and Friday the results today is June 7th! Hopefully he will beat this nasty disease!!! You are so interesting for him to watch. We love the constant laughter 😂 😂😂😂😂😂. You are such a beautiful couple!
Francis Delaney
Francis Delaney 3 aylar önce
Hoping Ellie is 100% better!!
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid 3 aylar önce
She’s getting there! We are a week out from surgery now and today was the first day she got out of PJs, played with toys and wanted to do farm chores with me ☺️ We really turned a corner!
Patricia Peterson
Patricia Peterson 3 aylar önce
Well I definitely missed what happened to Ellie that she had to have surgery. Please, someone fill in. Sounds like she is on the mend now. But still wondering what happened.
Bill Hodges
Bill Hodges 3 aylar önce
It's great seeing Ellie again! 😊
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 3 aylar önce
Level Block laying.....use the hex-nut trick. Put a hex-nut in each corner of the block and push down on the mortar until you hit the nuts. Nuts are all the same size. so the blocks with be level atop of the blocks beneath it. Works great for chimneys too.
Sergio Neuschl
Sergio Neuschl 3 aylar önce
Hola como va muy bueno lo que hacen me gusta aprendo mucho lo hacen Estaría bueno que que traduzcan al español los videos y que soy disléxico y me cuesta mucho leer los subtitulados gracias saludos desde Argentina ❤
dialing005 3 aylar önce
Lily is like your fourth child so cute 😊
tom miller
tom miller 3 aylar önce
FYI in Florida we use tie beams across the top with pillars every 6 to 8 ft with rebar inside and poored solid concrete with a hole at the bottom to let the concrete completely fill the pillar , the top blocks are also completely filled with concrete with rebar to fasten the roof . No sure if it's 6 or 8 ft distance between pillars .
Michelle Pernula
Michelle Pernula 3 aylar önce
Grey Wolf Walking
Grey Wolf Walking 3 aylar önce
A good vid on " structure , n , layouts"! Also a good " family sharing time"! How's Miss Ellie. ..?? She gettin back on track?? Lilly is quite the show ,as of late!! Lol!! Frankie is just keeping the chickens ( motivated) for later " crowd control "! Lol!! Thanks for a great visit!!!! 👍🐺🧙‍♂️🤙
S Lynn
S Lynn 2 aylar önce
No gloves or mask working around the drain line? Josh, you are a braver man than I will ever be.
MR. MIRACLE MAN TM. 3 aylar önce
Good thinking on your part showing us your "block-work" when it was dark! lol You`s and the animals crack me up, better than tv! Take care
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