Simply pour the minced meat over the potatoes! Top 3 Easy Delicious Dinners!

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Simply pour the minced meat over the potatoes the result is delicious and very easy‼ Prepare this delicious dinner recipe with simple ingredients! You get a fantastic hearty and delicious meal! I hope you like the recipe, do not hesitate to leave me your feedback in comments. Peace and Love Have a delicious day! 😋🤗😘
0:00 Recipe #1
4-5 potatoes
olive oil
Season with salt and black pepper
1/2 tsp sweet peppers
Bake at 380°F/190°C for 20 minutes
450g (1lb) ground beef
1 onion
Season with salt and black pepper
1/2 tsp sweet peppers
1/2 tsp oregano
add 250g crushed tomatoes
Add more mozzarella
Fennel Apple Salad With Walnuts:
3 tbsp lemon juice, plus more to taste
1/2 tsp sea salt, black pepper
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 large fennel bulb, thinly sliced on a mandolin
1 Granny Smith apple/ 1 green apple
3 celery stalks
add fennel fronds or roughly chopped parsley leaves
1/2 cup toasted walnuts
Top with parmesan
7:00 Recipe #2
Kinda similar to Shepherd's Pie, but not quite…Beef and Mashed Potatoes Casserole, Brazilian Escondidinho. Today I'm sharing with you a very simple yet delicious one, made with ground beef and mashed potatoes, perfect for the cold weather. I absolutely love casseroles, not only because they are very delicious but also because they are easy and ideal for busy days. Hearty, cheesy and of course delicious! You can make it ahead and leave it in your fridge and bake it at the end of the day when you come home from work!
2 tbsp butter
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
450g (1lb) ground beef
2 tomatoes
1 cup crushed tomatoes
1 sprig of rosemary
130g (1 cup) Parmesan cheese
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp Flour
Season with salt and pepper
450g (1lb) potatoes
1 tsp salt
220g (8oz) cream cheese
250 ml. (1 cup) heavy cream
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
200g (1 cup) shredded mozzarella cheese
Parsley (optional)
15:05 Recipe #3
I have never had such a delicious dinner! Everyone wants this recipe! Quick and economical recipe that everyone will love! Very easy and delicious meat cake recipe! For this cake, the filling can be any, meat, vegetables or boiled eggs with green onions, mushrooms. There are many options, it all depends on your button preferences! My favorite is ground beef + cabbage + carrots and onions :) But you can choose whatever you want for the filling. You will love this recipe!
1 sweet onion
olive oil
450g (1lb) ground beef
1 carrot
1/2 small cabbage
Season with salt and black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
5 tbsp sour cream
1 tbsp mayonnaise
7 tbsp flour
2 eggs
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
Baking pan size 8 x 8 inch /20 x 20 cm
Bake for 35 minutes at 360°F/180°C
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Sua elegância ao cozinhar é sensacional 🌹🦋
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It sounds so beautiful to hear the kids laughing and playing in the background. When my kids are happy and having fun it really makes my heart smile. The dish looks delicious.
@slcandrea2525 8 aylar önce
its so calming!! I find cooking meditative already though but you make it look like such an art. I'm even more aware when I'm cooking and like to cut vegetables elegantly like you do 🤣 Also your dresses are always so pretty!! My mom was born in Germany and her and her brother my Oma and Opa came to Canada after the war. I love how much you use potatoes, meat and veggies like my Oma (she passed last year). Such basic ingredients but the flavours are incredible. You are so creative. Thanks for your videos!
@garulusglandarius6126 7 aylar önce
This family must eat so well thanks to the efforts of this wonderful lady , cooking good wholesome meals for your family is real love ! Love this channel, love your recipes 👍🇩🇪🇬🇧
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She makes the kitchen a Beautiful and relaxing place to be. Ingredients few and simple but with an elegance that is breathtaking 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️
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I love your recipes, and I was frantic when I couldn't find one of your recipes; I searched and searched for a week and finally found it; I'm happy now and ready to start preparing my casserole!
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The sweetest part of this dish is the sound of the children playing 🤗🤗 oh and the dish looks yummy too.
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Made this last night as we had some friends over for dinner and it was delicious! Will definitely be making it again!
@angelaberni8873 10 aylar önce
Which one?
@jules_0102 10 aylar önce
@@angelaberni8873 the first one 🙂
@M1Ke70 9 aylar önce
@@jules_0102 I'm a French trained chef and I've made a couple of dishes I've seen on this channel. No one ever stops learning or getting new ideas. 👍
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Смотрю на чудодейственные руки Софи и начинаю чувствовать, как кулинарное искусство женщины переносит сознание и чувства в область искусства любви и преклонения перед красотой и непреодолимым обаянием этой женщины.
@Rontaler20 10 aylar önce
It is so relaxing to watch your videos. It is the simplicity: You cook "normal" food my Mam used to cook and the voices of your children in the background give it a touch of home. I like that very much. Keep doing the great work. Cheers from Switzerland.
@Lol77.. 10 aylar önce
I feel exactly the same. The music and the children’s voices, it’s just so easy to watch 😍. Watching from Australia.
@Seashell225 6 aylar önce
Не люблю стоять у плиты, но вы так легко и просто всё делаете, а главное-это все есть у каждого, что бегу на кухню и хочу что-нибудь приготовить из Ваших рецептов! Спасибо!!!👌
@blainerueckwald 10 aylar önce
This dish is fantastic. I made it 3 days ago and will definitely make it again. It goes well with a sweet kale salad or with fried corn.
@EssenRecipes 10 aylar önce
Wonderful! I am very happy you enjoyed it!! ❤️
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Which one did you do ?
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Which dish did you make?
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Love this kind of recipe
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Comida rápida, fácil y económica. Vivo solo y me gusta cocinar cuando puedo y éstas recetas me vienen muy bien para cambiar un poco el "vuelta y vuelta". Totalmente agradecido!!
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Looks so good
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Ummmmm yummy 😋 yummy like always 😋
@EssenRecipes 7 aylar önce
Huge thank you Jolanta Pogoda❣️❣️❣️ Always sending you my best wishes🌹
@ravenkamalioneplus 2 aylar önce
Today I cooked the first recipe, the one with mince over potato, and it was unbelievably delicious. We just finished eating it with Turkish bread on the side. I have cooked several of your recipes. Thank you for sharing it with us.
@janedovenbarger610 3 aylar önce
I tried recipes #2 and 3. And they were very good. I like to use fresh ingredients as much as possible and stay away from pre-packaged foods. I enjoy your videos. 💕
@EssenRecipes 3 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing!! Wishing you a beautiful weekend💖
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Como eu gosto de ver você cozinha, estou aprendendo a cozinhar com você Obrigada!
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You create some of the most delicious looking food items. And you make them using simple ingredients that most kitchens would have. Thanks 😊
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i love this woman...AND her recipes/cooking!! she always does everything so smoothly-efficiently-lovely!😘💋
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I come here for the recipes and the relaxing ambience 😊❤
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I'm not a cook and don't enjoy cooking but since living alone, I now have to cook as Restaurant bills are eating up my pocket money. You have come to my rescue with your easy to follow YT videos and made cooking for me a little more bearable. Thanks.
@user-kg2eh3yv1v 5 aylar önce
Мой муж делает картошку с фаршем шедеврально. Картошка натирается на мелком блендере и всё это слоями с фаршем и сыром. Всё это запекается. Такое нежное, вкусное блюдо.
@oliveetukudo5332 6 aylar önce
Seamless and flawless, plus all the food look yummy. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try them❤
@altereddogma 10 aylar önce
Thank you for another enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring video. I liked the sound of children playing in the house. You got it just right between the music and their little voices so it felt like being in your kitchen watching you cook and listening to the pleasant music while your children played happily in another room. How do you stay so slim eating all that cream, cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream you cook with?
@Iconoclast1919 10 aylar önce
She is cooking using organic whole foods and using good portion control and a balanced diet that includes all the food groups in the correct proportions. The pesticides, chemicals used in processed foods, hormones, and preservatives in the food in the USA are what messes up our metabolism. Those outside the USA don't have to deal with adulterated foods because the substances are banned elsewhere. Only in the USA where the corporations own our government and departments like the FDA is the food of such poor quality and damaging to humans.
@twospringrolls2537 10 aylar önce
Proper Portion sizes I imagine play alot into it. On average we tend to overdo our portions. With proper portion sizes and an active lifestyle you can have all this and more. Just not two plates of it at a time even tho it looks so good ☺️
@peterscrafton5212 10 aylar önce
In addition to the points already mentioned in reply, this lady must have an iron will over her dietary self-control, and no doubt her active lifestyle involves a good deal of chasing about after the owners of the little voices in the background (who seem to be very well-behaved, by the way! These recipes are all "winners' in my book, although I admit that I am not all that fond of garlic (no vampires in UK, so perhaps we don't need so much!) 😀
@baileyinnarnia 9 aylar önce
I ate everything I did in Australia as I did growing up in the US, was exercising LESS, and still continuously lost weight. American food is fucked up.
@user-maryscorpio 10 aylar önce
Благодарю за очередную эстетичную серию простых и вкусных рецептов! 😘
@joanneewell1051 3 aylar önce
This looks so delicious. 🍽️
@swissuz 10 aylar önce
For young or new cooks, I like to share a tip that literally saved me years of tears. Store your onion in a paper bag in the refrigerator. When you are ready to use it, chop it as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator. The chilled temperature keeps it from making your eyes water! My mother taught that to me when I helped her in the kitchen. She let me chop one that was not chilled so I would never forget!
@danielaboboc9021 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the tip 🙏.Another is to breath with open mouth...not joking,I know that from a Romanian chef.
@danielaboboc9021 2 aylar önce
Mulțumesc din România 🇷🇴🙏 ! Prima rețetă a fost împrumutată la noi de la turci,cu denumirea de "musaca",dar prefer varianta dumneavoastră care simplifică aranjarea cartofilor.Îmi place și stilul 3 în 1 al video-ului (ador varza!).Am citit cîteva comentarii în care sînteți apreciată și fizic...unul sună ca o declarație de dragoste,wow! Ca să mă încadrez în acestea,eu mărturisesc că îmi place mult inelul dumneavoastră,chiar am unul cu același model,sincer 💍🤩.
@missjoannef4768 10 aylar önce
Wonderful recipe. I used cauliflower instead of potatoes and a whole can of crushed tomatoes (411 grams). Excellent low calorie dish.
@sundok1 10 aylar önce
Very pro cooking, superb presentation. I like the way how it's relaxing, not with in your face music and too much flashy edits. Das ist gut.
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Looks absolutely mouthwatering and delicious 😋, yum
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J'aime beaucoup vos recettes toujours variés avec des ingrédients simples à la portée de tous merci ☀️😘
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In America we call that shepherds pie . But the way you make it is so wonderful looking . Are you a real Chef or just an amazing cook ? ❤
@alvarezfamily456 7 aylar önce
❤ I make something similar to that..But instead of fried potatoes, I use mashed potatoes, and I top it with shredded monterary jack cheese
@stephaniemartin-ward4578 10 aylar önce
I was not expecting to be interested in the fennel salad or the final dish, but they both looked delicious. I like that your recipes use very simple ingredients.
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Love your videos. So sweet to hear the little voices in the background. Sounds like home 🏡
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This video I ran across was so relaxing and it sounded like home. The meals look delicious. I love this.
@EssenRecipes 8 aylar önce
Thank you for your feedback, Pam Sharp 😋💖
@jacquelinehetharia360 10 aylar önce
This always calms me. A mother cooking for her children who we hear in the background. It reminds me of my childhood. Because we never see how the mother looks like and we only see her hands there’s much left to the imagination of the viewer. Thank you for sharing al the wonderful recipes.
@nicrobinson1177 9 aylar önce
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her picture is on the video
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@@music-is-love I think that's a stock photo like the banner.
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I love the background noise of the children 🥰
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Eso blanco que es huevo
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I love watching you cook and hearing your children in the background. Blessings.
@NightBot99r Aylar önce
No lo sé, pero esta es una obra de arte y todo lo que quería que supieras es que la hice para mí, mi mamá y para mí y me encantó :) if u wanted to know what i said here :i don't know but this is a piece of art and all i wanted you to know is that i made it for me and my mom and me and here loved it :)
@arosete3512 9 aylar önce
That looks so good and so delicious!
@loyisomabeta7524 10 aylar önce
I can't wait to try your recipes they'll looking yummy 😋 ❤️
@jcynthiabrooks 9 aylar önce
Oh my gosh, I just discovered it this channel. I love it! I love your recipes, they are so creative and yet innovative and simple. It motivates me to want to start cooking right now. I'm from Los Angeles California USA. On my mother's side we are Hungarian, it reminds me of my grandmother cooking! And I too like so many others, loved hearing your children in the background!
@user-xy7gp2yz7r 4 aylar önce
Ах какой необычный и красивый салат! И все блюдо очень необычное, вкусное, красивое.Вы волшебница! Из России с любовью....
@deborahale1176 5 aylar önce
Oh and also I love that she boiled her potatoes in the jackets or peeling as some call it, the potatoes have so much more flavor when boiled that way. Makes potato salad especially better.
@cohenjr2023 10 aylar önce
*Deliciosa,ya la hice paso a paso👍👍👍👍👍👍*
@davebryant5826 5 aylar önce
Thank you. I made this last night, it was delicious.
@connieeldridge411 6 aylar önce
I have made this recipe the family said it was delicious thank you 😋
@EssenRecipes 6 aylar önce
Yay, so happy that your family liked it! Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️
@nellyjanewangubroughton7387 8 aylar önce
Simple and delish 😋 😍 soo homely. Thanks for sharing 👍
@taligrossman9942 10 aylar önce
My absolute favourite cooking show on TRshow 💗& my favourite woman with the best looking dresses. Thanks again Sophie.
@EssenRecipes 10 aylar önce
Wow, thank you so much for your lovely comment!! 😍🥰🤗
@canalvisada8131 9 aylar önce
how much class in the kitchen! it's beautiful to see it's a pleasure to learn thank you.👏🏼❤️👍🏼🇧🇷
@ataboyboyboy8895 7 aylar önce
In the kitchen and you still classy and elegant ... respect.
@EssenRecipes 7 aylar önce
Thank you for the sweetest comment❤️
@Gigi-qv8qp Aylar önce
From Texas… i enjoy your videos so much!! As much for the recipes as for the calming, warm feeling i get from your home and how you prepare the dishes. Thank you!!
@user-gq3hp7yu2f 10 aylar önce
Вы неподражаемы! Каждое утро почти смотрю Вас, получаю заряд бодрости, эстетическое наслаждение и удовольствие от просмотра. Обязательно попробую приготовить эти блюда. 〰️🌺🍃〰️〰️
@3_3_3... Aylar önce
Кто о чём, а вшивый о бане, Ещё раз убеждаюсь что приём пищи для тебя культ и ты себя воображаешь больше чем ты являешся
@dianadivadiamond 10 aylar önce
These dishes had my mouth watering just watching you prepare them. Thanks for sharing them with us. I would eat any of the anytime. 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
@EssenRecipes 10 aylar önce
Glad you like them, Diana! Thank you so much 🤗❤️
@yesical.7137 10 aylar önce
All your recipes look delicious and easy to prepare (thanks to your videos) is it possible for you to add in the description the type of knife you use? All your utensils look great and particularly your knife. I would love to buy one. It looks extremely versatile and efficient. Thank you in advance.
@just-in6848 7 aylar önce
Tried your recipe today...loved it 👍🇮🇪
@Luke_wait_for_it_marengo 9 aylar önce
Such passion and grace, be proud of yourself and your efforts. A pleasure to watch n learn from, I thank you for sharing this. Subscribed!
@maurojosebraz2941 4 aylar önce
Será que dá para ver seu rosto,assim como tuas mãos lindas? Pois tudo que faz é realmente uma delícia. ❤❤
@Danielrcooper1 9 aylar önce
You videos rock and love your background kids voices lol. When I 1st saw your 1st video, I thought that child was accidentally missed in editing but after seeing like 10 of your videos, I see that's edited on your videos on purpose lol. Keep up the great work in ur kitchen .🙌🏾
@sheilamattos2723 10 aylar önce
A farinha, pode ser substituída pela farinha de arroz?
@namouenayagom765 4 aylar önce
Bonsoir, merci madame pour ces délicieux repas ❤
@davehoy2104 9 aylar önce
Love your easy to follow videos and have had success and have to say, with respect, the outfit you wore in the 2nd clip was awesome 😍
@Mike-sh2cb 10 aylar önce
Thanks again for sharing. Your recipes are great and you make them fail-proof! Be you and be proud of you and your skills! ;)
@blesswillsmultivisional1177 7 aylar önce
Vielen Dank, dass Sie diese Gerichte so einfach zuzubereiten scheinen. Ich liebe jedes deiner Rezepte. Ich bin neu hier und freue mich, jetzt Ihr Abonnent zu sein.
@juttak4484 9 aylar önce
Beautiful recipes! Immer lecker! Love it! Thank you!
@lottatroublemaker6130 8 aylar önce
My late dad would always make something similar to the first dish, only he also added cream to the sauce. He called it «Million Beef», since the minced meat makes a «million» small pieces of meat…. But he never gratinated it (not needed, really)… :)
@shannonbradley4699 10 aylar önce
I LOVE your videos, Sophie. The music and the background of the children playing and laughing is so special. I do have a question for you, For the ground (mince) meat (First recipe), what fat content to do you use? 90/10, 80/20. 75/25, etc...? Greetings from the USA
@tnt55super 9 aylar önce
PS.. I forgot to also say it was so nice to hear your children in the background and seeing your doggies too.. so cute. Just a normal family doing normal family things Together. So totally Awesome. 🌹❤️❤️🌹🙂 God Bless. Bonnie H in Michigan USA 🇺🇲
@cynthiasterling7892 10 aylar önce
Looks so delicious, yum ❤
@hiobi1172 10 aylar önce
Oooo.... I love that triangular grater! 🥰. Love the recipe, thank you for sharing.
@jamesrobertson4539 10 aylar önce
Hi Sophie. I am from England and love you videos. We are trying the first recipe on this video 😃 thanks for the great recipe's 👍👌
@trampster7306 9 aylar önce
Hi Sophie. Going to try the first recipe later today. It is a shame you do not have a website like other channels, where viewers can download or print your recipes. I'm not taking my big Laptop into the kitchen and playing start/stop with TRshow! 👍👍
@essienjoroge1922 8 aylar önce
This looks amazing!
@elizavetalegostaeva3778 9 aylar önce
Спасибо! Чудесные рецепты
@user-rh1pm4md2t 9 aylar önce
Благодарю, чудесные рецепты, аппетитно, вкусно, красиво смотрятся!!!!
@maryvelaperez-fajardo 3 aylar önce
😊 gracias por la receta fantástica ✌️😋😋😋👏
@mariabrito1947 6 aylar önce
Adoro as suas receitas. Adoro a música suave! Pode dizer-me quem toca essas melodias? Obrigada. Lisboa-Portugal
@vc4154 8 aylar önce
Not only is your food delicious but your plates are so pretty too.Thank you for sharing.
@orlas5861 9 aylar önce
My tip is to put the potato pieces into a plastic bag. Then to pour all the seasonings into the bag and swish the bag around so as the potato pieces are evenly covered . Then to tip the contents of the bag onto the heated tin tray . A good recipe ✔️😘
@woody3590 9 aylar önce
@nancymahfouz6878 6 aylar önce
Vraiment vous etes la meilleure qui offre Les plus delicieuses recettes en plus vous avez un bon gout et surtout la vois de vos enfants qui me rende si satisfaite avec vos recettes qui sont si interessantes et si delicieuses . Je vous remercie beaucoup.
@mariadelcarmengarcia8630 5 aylar önce
Esas resetas están buenísimas 😊
@michaeldrewno2347 10 aylar önce
Die Rezepte gefallen mir genauso gut wie das Koch Outfit ☺️
@-cMc- 10 aylar önce
I like a lot of your recipes. It's easier for me to come up with dairy free options
@ednavanda6392 8 gün önce
Gosto de suas receitas são maravilhosas❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@EssenRecipes 8 gün önce
Muito obrigada💖💖💖💖💖🤗
@dudu2ribeiro 9 aylar önce
Fantástico! Parabéns.
@cynthiasivretayo9382 8 aylar önce
Thank you for this delicious recipes. I will try it today 🥰👍👍👍greetings from Netherlands 🇳🇱 ❤
@tonychisholm4795 10 aylar önce
Looks tasty just like the cook 😊❤
@BlackCanvasAudio 10 aylar önce
I noticed that too! lol
@peterscrafton5212 10 aylar önce
@@BlackCanvasAudio So, I confess, did I
@Fitmamma_1 7 aylar önce
Loved your recipes but my favorite part was the background noise ❤ the babies ❤
@gailadams7690 10 aylar önce
OMG, another delicious 😋 recipe!!! I love all your recipes. I like that knife you use. What kind is it? Thank you ❤️
@marsha6549 9 aylar önce
Looks like a mini meat cleaver. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has a similar knife that's sold in Walmart stores. It has a wooden handle and is quite heavy, actually. Walmart sells her line of PW housewares.
@patrickcanty4166 10 aylar önce
These recipes are always so wonderful. And your videos are so well done - easy to follow, and the music just helps create such a warm feeling. Could you share the name of the musical artist? Thank you, so much, for sharing your gift.
@geldverdienen1122 3 aylar önce
This dish is fantastic!
@celiaparedes5198 5 aylar önce
¡Muy buenas tus recetas ...!😀🍏🍅
@anneroger7401 3 aylar önce
Miam miam 😋 délicieux et beau play😊
@mariaizabelfreitas9022 9 aylar önce
Obrigada você cozinha muito bem.gratidao
@user-rh1pm4md2t 7 aylar önce
Моя умница, бабушка в восторге от твоих вкусняшек,взяла на за метку, всё обожаю и пирожок в придачу !!! Успехов, Процветания каналу, Радуйте Вкусняшками, Удивляйте Новинками!!! Лиссабон --Мариуполь,Я , всегда с Вами!!!!
#bulla #bullo #karma #carma #bullish #bully #bull
#bulla #bullo #karma #carma #bullish #bully #bull