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2 yıl önce

In the heart of Siberia, Lake Baikal is one of the biggest lakes in the world. It contains 20% of the world’s fresh water and is nicknamed “the great sacred sea” by Russian people. Its water is extremely pure, thanks to the “goupki”, a little animal that filters water. Lake Baikal is frozen half of the year, but nevertheless has a great biodiversity.
Extract from the documentary: “The Secret Life of Lakes - Lake Baikal, Ice and Water”
Direction: Stéphane Bégoin
Production: ZED, Productions Nova Média & ARTE France
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Egor 2 yıl önce
I was born in Irkutsk and went to Baikal many times. Beautiful place of my childhood
Andulairah | Golden Age
Andulairah | Golden Age Yıl önce
I remember waking up at 6.30am on the Trans Siberian (from Moscow) and looked out the window and saw the most beautiful icy lake, Baikal. The train snakes along the south end of the lake, right up against the edge! And then on the other side of the train, was the most gorgeous snow capped Tunkinskiy mountains. I told myself I would never ever forget this moment! Once in a lifetime.
scotarg Yıl önce
I like these documentaries of Russia that remind the rest of the world that they have amazing vast areas of natural beauty and that they treasure those things too. I think people have a warped sense of russian attitudes, as if it's not a forward thinking civilized country full of diversity of cultures and traditions along with advancements in engineering and scientific achievements. If I was russian, I would be proud. But I'm Scottish, which shares St Andrew as a patron saint.
vivek gangwar
vivek gangwar 2 yıl önce
No doubt why Russian called it the sacred sea, it really is sacred and needs to be preserve.
Ian Robinson
Ian Robinson 2 yıl önce
WONDERFUL! It has been years since I was at/on this lake. A beautiful part of Siberia...thanks to our guide Baata from Mongolia. These people who are exploring the lake are heroes; fantastic; keep up the good work! Best wishes from the land of Oz.
Amardeep Gupta
Amardeep Gupta Yıl önce
In the school I also read a fascinating piece of science relating to water....that's it's density is highest at 4 degree celsius thus preventing the lake from being frozen completely and killing all the aquatic animals. Incredible design of nature while designing water. There is no greater Engineering than what is available in nature.
Jerry Bartlett
Jerry Bartlett 2 yıl önce
What a gorgeous and majestic place. I would love to go see it all someday
Trinity P
Trinity P Yıl önce
My home land and the land of my ancestors 🙏🙏🙏
elza k
elza k Yıl önce
Байкал - Российское чудо 💛
Славное море, священный Байкал.
Cj 2 yıl önce
This channel just popped up in my feed. So glad it did. Very interesting.
David DeRoberts
David DeRoberts 2 yıl önce
Gorgeous place. Always been fascinated by Lake Baikal, but there's NO WAY I'd drive on this or any frozen lake. It must be reasonably safe, but I wouldn't be willing to become the rare exception.
Wonderful Memories
Wonderful Memories Yıl önce
Wonderful ❤️It could be nice to spend rest of my life in the shore of Baikal.
Pamela Saludares
Pamela Saludares Yıl önce
such a beautiful place, more of these documentaries that shows the wonders of Russia
Nicholas #51
Nicholas #51
Very beautiful. This is where my relatives are from. I hope to visit one day from Australia 😇🥰
Rita Wallace-reed
Rita Wallace-reed Yıl önce
Fascinatingly beautiful and pure unadulterated nature.
April Smith
April Smith Yıl önce
The unpolluted crystal clear ice is exquisite to see...🇿🇦
Twin Flower🌺Fioretta
Twin Flower🌺Fioretta 2 yıl önce
OMG! such a stunning great film!....when the diver went down in the ice hole, - wow! reminds me of a scene in the film "the Deep Blue" .......Lake Baikal is a Natures treasure and the underwater world is a wonder! 👁‍🗨💦
jade sta maria
jade sta maria 2 yıl önce
This channel is underrated <3 Thank you for sharing this video and you guys makes award winning content
Wei Deng
Wei Deng
Incredible and sacred lake!