How Stalin Defeated Hitler in the Deadliest Battle in History

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In the winter of 1942, the armies of Hitler and Stalin went head to head in the bloodiest battle of the Second World War.
Fought over five months through the bitter Russian Winter, the Battle for Stalingrad would serve as a turning point in the course of the Second World War and would mark a drastic change in the fortunes of the two dictators and the men who fought for them.
But how did an industrial city on the banks of the Volga come to play such a decisive role in the course of the Second World War?
In this series (‘Hitler vs Stalin’), historians James Holland, Guy Walters, author of The Lighthouse of Stalingrad Iain MacGregor and Research Fellow Sarah Ashbridge explore the personalities behind the battle to uncover the key moments, decisions and motivations that lead to this decisive moment.
In this episode 1, we uncover the personalities and psychology of the two Tyrants, Hitler and Stalin and their Generals Paulus and Zhukov as they enter a new season of campaigning against the backdrop of a global war.
In episode 2, after four months of heavy fighting, German commander Paulus and his troops had succeeded in pushing the Soviet's from out of the centre of the city and to within 800 metres of the Volga.
Victory seemed within their grasp, but what Paulus and Hitler didn't know was that Zhukov and Stalin were planning something that would change the battle, and the war - Operation Uranus.
Re-join our team of experts James Holland, Guy Walters, Iain MacGregor and Sarah Ashbridge as they continue to explore the personalities behind the battle and uncover the key moments & decisions that led to Stalin's ultimate victory over Hitler.
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@admiralyisoonshin4995 3 aylar önce
The battle of Stalingrad was the greatest turning point of WW2 in Europe. I read the book of it when I was 13 years old. Very impressive and unforgettable war history in WW2.
@rifekimler3309 3 aylar önce
The greatest turning point was the battle for Moscow in 1941. Fritz Todt told Hitler the war was lost in mid-November 1941 and he was correct.
@loganrieck4750 3 aylar önce
​@@rifekimler3309Nah, it was Stalingrad, which decisively changes the orientation of the Eastern Front from a German advance to a retreat and a continuingly high morale Soviet advance. Moscow was important but wasn't able to wear down the Germans as much as Stalingrad to effectively change the orientation of the war.
@xne1592 3 aylar önce
@@loganrieck4750 nah, it was Moscow...
@berobujanovi4331 3 aylar önce
Nah it was Leningrad
@BigBlue1026 2 aylar önce
My Dad was a Merchant Marine during the war and told me horror stories of the convoys of liberty ships delivering supplies through the N Atlantic up into Russia. When they weren't dodging U-boats they were busy chopping ice off the decks to keep the ships from capsizing. The ships were loaded and even had equipment tied down on the deck. In one case I remember him telling about a railroad locomotive strapped down on the deck. One time he was so tired when they arrived in port at Russia that he slept through a attack on the port by German bombers and woke up to find that the pier they were tied to was burning.
@jamesheath7596 2 aylar önce
My father too.
@userfile007 Aylar önce
Very brave man, you must be very proud of him.
@thebagelsproductions Aylar önce
Those convoys allowed Leningrad to withstand the brutal 2 year siege
@sonsofisaacs1091 Aylar önce
I my self service on WW1 WW2 and now ready for WW3.. No one thanks me,eh..😁😁😅
@khizani 3 aylar önce
Fun fact: Stalin was a successful bank robber in his early career :). He organized and led few robberies including (at the time) famous 1907 Tbilisi center bank robbery, making away with 350,000 rubles (a lot of money in 1907!) and leaving 6 people dead and 40 wounded.
@HistoryHit 3 aylar önce
Very interesting fact! Thanks!
@khizani 3 aylar önce
@@HistoryHit Thank you so much for responding! Love your channel!
@muscuut 3 aylar önce
@bloodrave9578 3 aylar önce
I wish there was a Stalin mask on Payday 2 as reference to that fact
@edvinboskovic9963 2 aylar önce
Absolutely excellent documentary by historians James Holland, Guy Walters, Sarah Ashbridge and Iain MacGregor. Such a detailed and accurate description of the circumstances related to Stalingrad, in just one documentary. One of the questions , that raise from documentary is question , what's really happened with German high command between AH orders No.41 and 45. It is so contradictory, that it is very difficult for generals and the army to act in the circumstances of issuing such diametrically opposed orders. Very few historians talk about it, because probably the answer to that is impossible to get any more today.
@ambition112 3 aylar önce
0:00: 💥 The battle for Stalingrad played a defining role in World War II, resulting in the deaths of nearly 2 million people and paving the way for Stalin's victory over Hitler. 10:43: 🔥 Hitler orders an attack towards Stalingrad and the wider offensive in southern Russia, despite doubts and the misconception that the Soviets were finished. 19:40: 🔥 Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union was driven by his hatred for bolshevism and his theories of racial superiority, envisioning it as a war of annihilation to give himself more living space for the Third Reich. 28:19: 🔥 The intense fighting in Stalingrad between German and Soviet forces, with the Soviets hanging on by their fingernails. 36:30: 💥 The battle for Stalingrad intensifies as German forces face heavy casualties and Soviet resistance in the city, while Hitler remains optimistic about victory. 48:05: 💥 Operation Uranus was launched by the Soviets, led by Zhukov, to surround and annihilate the German sixth Army in Stalingrad. 59:48: 😢 German troops trapped in Stalingrad face a hopeless battle as Hitler refuses to allow a breakout. 1:08:38: 💔 The Battle of Stalingrad was a devastating defeat for the German army, resulting in the surrender of the Sixth Army and the death of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. 1:20:07: 💔 The fall of Stalingrad marks a turning point in World War II, leading to a psychological blow for Hitler and a transition in the war. Recap by Tammy AI
@johneiden7208 3 aylar önce
@mirquellasantos2716 3 aylar önce
Wow, that was a great summary- thanks.
@mohammed-tg5ci 3 aylar önce
Thanks mate That a good summary
@Yasser.Osman.A.Z. 3 aylar önce
Thank you sir
@julioaranton461 3 aylar önce
two tyrants; one w/1/2 brain?
@bigbadladnamedalasad7071 3 aylar önce
All of these historians tend to leave out the part where Manstein told Hitler not to let Paulus break out. Manstein believed he could break the sixth army out himself. Manstein had the benefit of surviving the war therefore he was able to rewrite history.
@davidjackson2179 2 aylar önce
TIK history shows that Pauli’s probably could not have broken out even if he had decided to do so early in the encirclement
@jamesemis7376 2 aylar önce
From my readings, Manstein asked Paulus to break out, but paulus forces doesn't have the strength to break out at that moment.
@capoislamort100 2 aylar önce
@@jamesemis7376he waited too long.
@davidobriend8560 8 gün önce
​@jamesemis7376 Paulus asked manstein multiple times about the status of the breakout prior to manstein giving the go ahead. Manstein directed Paulus to wait. Manstein needed more troops, which he couldn't get. Hitler had already written off 6th army (probably rightly so). Hitler had to deal with Russian attacks on the eastern front (operation Mars near moscow was bigger than Uranus). Also Goering deputy told Hitler that they could do the airlift, however, his deputy came back about 36 hours later saying that they couldn't maintain the pocket.
@AndthenthereisCencorship-xc6yi 5 gün önce
Well, Von Paulus survived the war too, my friend.
@ranhat2 3 aylar önce
A+. The first hour was even better. Rich. Many insights, smart views. Somehow I had not learned that Zhukov offered those generous terms! Details on the attempted relief force was handled well by you, incl that taller parts of Stalingrad were visib to them, and that Kessel could see fireworksk/flares of relief force. Refreshing view, rating, analysis of G forces' quality, generally minimized by most in fear of idolizing or too much praise.
@voraciousreader3341 3 aylar önce
Gee! If you had read history instead of watching it, you could have known lots of things about Stalingrad years ago, lol! A great book on this subject is Antony Bevor’s, _”Stalingrad: the Fateful Siege, 1942 - 1943.”_ This was the most devastating battle in history, and deserves being read about. Anyway, it sounds as though these guys aren’t the first to report this to the world….imagine that! Seriously, though, the *Armageddon* TRshow channel has so much information about Stalingrad, because their history is mostly accurate. They also have translated some fairly recently released Soviet documents of the period which include translated meetings and conversations, including that which took place at FM Friedrich Paulus’ surrender at Stalingrad.
@MrMike-oc6dr Aylar önce
I am totally addicted to these stories of the Eastern front. They are put together very well and with the diary included it enhances the experience. Very well done!
@williamtell5365 3 aylar önce
It all depends on how you crunch the numbers but really the Battle of Moscow was the biggest (and most important) single battle in WW2, I'd argue even surpassing Stalingrad and Uranus in importance. So much so that the Germans nearly lost it all at the end of 1941.
@maximtyo2625 3 aylar önce
Agree! Importance of Battle of Moscow - It was shown to world that "Unbitable" Wehrmacht can be deffited. It was a downhill for Hitler since then.
@williamtell5365 3 aylar önce
@@maximtyo2625 yes more than that the Wehrmacht suffered appalling casualties
@teamrecon2685 3 aylar önce
Agreed. The Eastern Front was lost December 1941
@edvinboskovic9963 2 aylar önce
In his memoir, the book, Zhukov says that Moscow's defense in the latest wave of German attacks was not so critical from a military and strategic point of view, because the front echelons of Wehrmacht strike troops, were so far removed from logistics and rear, that there was simply no chance of Moscow to fall. The same mistake made by the Germans, Zhukov did not repeat in 1945 in Berlin. In his book, he says that this German error of 1941 was his guiding principle why he stopped the troops 50 km from Berlin and began logistical and all other preparations for the final operation for Berlin. It is concluded that Stalingrad was more critical of the USSR, and Uranus itself was huge strategic victory for red army.
@NjK601 3 aylar önce
If your combining Stalingrad with Uranus, it is definitely up there, but if we're lumping things together, wouldn't the series of counteroffensives around Rzhev, including Zhukov's Operation Mars, be the bloodiest? The Soviets downplayed it as best they could, in the history but that section of the front had more men/equipment dedicated to it, then Uranus.
@j.h.1328 3 aylar önce
True . I think Battle of Kursk was also not the biggest tank battle . The soviets downplayed these battles because of the big losses , some due to tactical failures.
@teamrecon2685 3 aylar önce
Those attacks at Rzhev tied up German forces that could have been shifted south.
@NjK601 3 aylar önce
@@teamrecon2685 They definitely had a value, even if terribly gained, I was just taking issue with the videos title, about the "deadliest battle", though understand they are just aiming for the widest audience.
@shehansenanayaka3046 3 aylar önce
Battle of Stalingrad the bloodiest battle in eastern front . Soviets fought back and after this victory they ended their advance after they occupied berlin. Brilliant doc. We always appreciate your time and dedication towards these videos. Love from Sri Lanka ❤️🇱🇰🤝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.
@davidcolley7714 3 aylar önce
Stalingrad was the bloodiest battle not just on the eastern front, but in all of history
@fpscanada3862 2 aylar önce
they only stopped advancing because the anglo-american army was right in front of them
@dopaminedreams1122 2 aylar önce
@@fpscanada3862”Anglo American” is not a real term, the Americans are a mix of Germanic, Celtic, French and Saxon etc. calling them, Canadians or even British “Anglos” is beyond stupid and straight up racist
@fpscanada3862 2 aylar önce
@@dopaminedreams1122 honestly i couldn't care less. It is in no way racist. the term anglo is originally used to refer to people who speak english, and has since been used to describe people of english descent. Amazing how people will use the term racists for anything they don't like. anglo-american aka british and american. (obviously french, canucks, poles, and whoever else was fighting in western europe for allies) "bEyOnD sTuPiD aNd StRaIgHt uP rAcIsT"
@jrmckim8980 2 aylar önce
​@dopaminedreams1122 It is a real term..... and extremely valid. I think you need to learn more about American heritages. Saying Americans are only from Western Europe is "straight up" racist. Its hilarious that you called someone racist while saying the most racist thing about Americans. Not only racist but also ignorant.
@samuelg1172 3 aylar önce
“The law is to die for Germany” Yet when things got tough, he took his own life. Coward
@tbay1959 3 aylar önce
He didnt take his own life. he fled to Argentina which was also facist at the time.
@jackieratcliff8266 3 aylar önce
He lived another life by the name of Walt Disney.
@bananaempijama 3 aylar önce
He even said, during Nuremberg trials, "in the future there will be statues of me all over Germany " Coward and delusional.
@XtreeM_FaiL 3 aylar önce
@@tbay1959 and build a space ship to fly to moon.
@brucemacmillan9581 3 aylar önce
When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, he found himself playing tennis on a football field.
@jamesemis7376 2 aylar önce
He nearly won, most other nation would have already crumbled, only the Russian people have the endurance and tenacity, second only to the Japanese
@shhinobii 7 gün önce
@@jamesemis7376And the Vietnamese
@robertmendick3195 3 aylar önce
The Americans in the late 1944/early 1945 Ardennes offensive copied the German mistake by not providing adequate winter clothing. Many frostbite injuries. Six years later the same happened at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea.
@annoyingbstard9407 2 aylar önce
How many?
@bjornsfather 2 aylar önce
No winter clothes or galoshes for those troops in Italy as well. Ardennes one example same with comparable weapons for the Marines in the Pacific at the start of the war
@Mr47jz 3 aylar önce
I truly believe I have an addiction to everything A-Z, all aspects,and everything to do with WW1&2/Cold war I’ve run out of documentaries lately which has led me to start watching old docs on ww2 and audiobooks but I can say without a doubt history hit always comes in clutch like my fix for these extremely informative and well put together documentaries. It all started with the book solider x in 2006 when I was 14. Anyone else have this addiction too?😂
@supertiger1979 3 aylar önce
@hernaneagias1063 3 aylar önce
Absolutely for me, because those wars never happened just because of humanity's struggles for superiority, but were the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, precisely as decreed by God
@antonyjkeenan 3 aylar önce
Me too my friend are you a fan of secrets of war by Charlton Heston lol its an addiction
@Mr47jz 3 aylar önce
@@antonyjkeenan yessir! Probably one of the top 10 series ever. Currently trying to finish listening to gulag archipelago which is absolutely phenomenal if you haven’t read/listened to. Generation War is also a great TV series portraying WW2 from the Wehrmacht pov.
@Ealdorman_of_Mercia 3 aylar önce
9:51 It is also worth mentioning, Hitler knew what he was doing, the reason why he left his generals compete against each other was very deliberate. The goal was to avoid one of them becoming too powerful and popular leading to Hitler's potential overthrow. Throughout history this has happened many times. Considering the massive success the Reich had on the battlefield for first part of WW2, maybe that strategy wasn't so bad.
@Veedon7 3 aylar önce
He lost the war and Germany was utterly defeated .He lost 9 million men .Do you consider that to be a good strategy. he was a courageous soldier but a terrible leader .
@Ealdorman_of_Mercia 3 aylar önce
@@Veedon7 Read again what I said..
@craignedoff991 3 aylar önce
Very true. Kaiser Wilhelm was sidelined by the very popular Hindenburg, and his partner, Ludendorff, during the first world war.
@borismuller86 3 aylar önce
In fact Stalin was worried Zhukov would do just that!
@anupkumarmajumdar3997 3 aylar önce
Stalin was undoubtedly the hero and saviour of mankind
@mohammedsaysrashid3587 3 aylar önce
It was informative and an excellent introduction video about stubbornly clashing between two dictators... (Adolf Hitler) was an aggressive leader .. He was inside the tyrannical square ⬛️ while his opponent ( Stalin) was a liberty leader regarded for his motherland .Stalin was inside an obvious legitimate square and acceptable gladiator by the British and the USA 🇺🇸 at that time ...thank you ( history Hit) network and (timeline ) channel for sharing
@HistoryHit 3 aylar önce
Appreciate the support 🙏
@jrmckim8980 2 aylar önce
Yeah Stalin was a liberty leader, alright... he liberated thousands of souls from their bodies.
@writtenplauge8194 3 aylar önce
🤔 I wish that HBO would make a mini series Stalingrad with all the battles beginning to end. With all these historical details, I would love to see that!!!!
@pinboy81 3 aylar önce
I find it hard to believe that someone will be able to do such a miniseries, taking into account the political situation in the world (with Russia's invasion of Ukraine), maybe in 15-20 years, who knows
@Kanovskiy 3 aylar önce
I would not. They'll cram some nonsense there, they'll probably make Chuikov a woman and Paulus will be played by a dwarf etc.
@ivanivanovich5121 3 aylar önce
I'll recommend you the series SOVIET STORM !
@meanstarfish 3 aylar önce
tik history battlestorm stalingrad, is a very good one and with a lot of details
@EternalSearcher 2 aylar önce
Russia/Ukraine: "Hooray we captured Stalingrad!" "Hooray we captured Berlin!" Russia 2023: "We captured a village this year" Ukraine 2023: "We captured a settlement this year"
@MsFoland 3 aylar önce
Excellent film, a big thank-you to the historians!
@ngandosambalundula8183 3 aylar önce
Very comprehensive and crystal clear historical account presented by well read seasoned reporters! Thnx for sharing this educative if scary video. My subscription assured henceforward.
@michaelgeraghty3989 3 aylar önce
The fall of Stalingrad in early 1943 kicked off 6 very bad months for Adolf. The Allies finally win the Battle of the Atlantic, ending the U-boat threat and unleashing America's war materials flow to England and the USSR. The Allies defeat the Nazis in North Africa, and then successfully invade Sicily. The Nazis lose the Battle of Kursk, biggest tank battle in history. This is the last major Nazi offensive action on the eastern front.
@janiceduke1205 3 aylar önce
"The German invaders want a war of extermination with the peoples of the U.S.S.R. Well, if the Germans want to have a war of extermination, they will get it.” (Loud and prolonged applause.) Joseph Stalin 6 November, 1941.
@savy1917 3 aylar önce
Absolute chad
@Pintopeter2n4 3 aylar önce
I've read articles on the house of Pavlov, a sergeant who commanding a platoon held out for approximately 58 days, it would have been interesting to add that.
@dmitryletov8138 3 aylar önce
This one house lasted longer than France in 1940
@MJ-it8ru 3 aylar önce
Pavlov's house is a propaganda story, not a specific event
@dmitryletov8138 2 aylar önce
​@@MJ-it8ru it is a specific event, not propaganda story, read US historians or watch them.
@mikeagate 3 aylar önce
On the 31st January 1968 my father passed away. A mere 25 years to the day when Stalingrad was liberated!
@shamilabdullah9996 Aylar önce
@j.dragon651 3 aylar önce
I have been listening to Germans soldiers diaries. 1941 and 42 on the Eastern front, regardless of the seasons, are not the cakewalk for the German military many a documentary might lead one to believe. The Dec. 6th, 1941 Russian counteroffensive north of Moscow isn't even mentioned in this video. No mention of Khrushchev's role in the battle of Stalingrad.
@jamesemis7376 2 aylar önce
Initially it looks like a cakewalk for the germans...later on their lines becomes too extended and the russian stiffen their backs
@wyattbolt4971 3 aylar önce
It sucks that this doc doesn’t include any mention of the German holdouts in the ruins of Stalingrad. Some held out until March in basements, sewers and anywhere a person could hide amongst the rubble.
@abranisdz34 3 aylar önce
Stalingrad defines the whole WW2 not just the war in the east front.
@petr416 Aylar önce
The phrase uttered by Marshal Zhukov to Rokossovsky back in 1945, immediately after the capture of Berlin: “We liberated them, and they will never forgive us for this“................. He knew...
@stevenkramer1975 Aylar önce
There could not be a more appropriate score for this battle than Mozart's Requiem.
@michaelhenry8890 3 aylar önce
It was the bloodiest battle in the history of the world. Not just the bloodiest of ww2.
@thomasshelby1922 3 aylar önce
Checkout TikHistory’s Battlestorm Stalingrad you get to walk through the lead up to Stalingrad and then day by day every decision and troop movement & what the reality was and why decisions were made not just these sweeping narratives.
@lemon_j 3 aylar önce
@@thomasshelby1922Yes, good call. That channel is very detailed. I've watched his vids.
@Antoward 7 gün önce
The world owes so much to that generation eternal rest and peace to you solider’s of the rodina
@phillip6500 2 aylar önce
I've studied this subject quite a bit. It wouldn't have mattered if Stalingrad fell or not. The German army lost the ability to support their people in the field in this area. They would have died there anyway
@userfile007 3 aylar önce
Excellent, one of the best documentaries I've seen on Stalingrad.
@alpineai Aylar önce
The soundtrack was as enjoyable as the documentary itself! And the voice over artist was an added treat ;)
@Paul-jb1yw 3 aylar önce
While we had Rosie the riveter, and you always see a lot of English birds doing all kinds of office and work at headquarters, those Russian babes would pick up a rifle and join the fight, they have usually more patients and a higher pain tolerance then guys, I'm all for putting them in the fight, they made excellent snipers.
@garysavala665 3 aylar önce
Don’t forget the Russian victory at Kursk .
@hypothebai4634 3 aylar önce
So the battle that spelt the end for Germany was battle for Smolensk in August 1941. The Germans encircled the city but the Soviets failed to follow the script and did not collapse. That's what defeated the Germans.
@wingedhussar1453 2 aylar önce
Idk what hitler though he encircled Warsaw and without an army inside he couldn't take it fast
@markprange4386 3 aylar önce
0:50 In Sarepta, downriver of Stalingrad. The building (N 48.5169°, E 044.5219°) is still standing in 2023. The building & tower at right are also still standing.
@djkonkon101 2 aylar önce
Greatest battle in mankind history so far at stalingrad Russia aka the USSR won ww2 the battle of Normandy looks like a walk in the park compared to this battle wow
@smashakarah5102 3 aylar önce
James Holland: My favourite historian
@aesop8694 3 aylar önce
@smahakarah5102. Why??
@allghilliedup21 3 aylar önce
I LOVE how when he talks about Hitler's blunders, he's so condescending (in a good way). Almost like "You're so stupid, Hitler."
@rupertledge7704 3 aylar önce
I do worry about the romanticisation of individuals when so many people died who most, I imagine, had fascinating stories to tell themselves if they weren’t essentially put to death.
@Brooklyn-yx7xu 3 aylar önce
Great documentary ❤it's very entertaining 👏 👍
@MrDaiseymay 3 aylar önce
really? get it set to music.
@BlackPantherFTW 3 aylar önce
Saying stalin won over hitler completely ignores the millions of lives lost
@Reignor99 2 aylar önce
its just a title
@user-nx5ks3tl6w 19 gün önce
Но не отменяет этот факт!
@AlesAmazigh 3 aylar önce
I'm so used to the reaction genre that the thumbnail made me think they brought back Stalin to react to the battle. "Expert dictator reacts to the battle of Stalingrand."
@geordiedog1749 3 aylar önce
You often get these comments that are essentially saying ‘if Hitler just stopped being Hitler he’d have been victorious!’
@borismuller86 3 aylar önce
Honestly even someone of Napoleon or Alexander The Great’s caliber couldn’t have won the war for the Axis.
@geordiedog1749 3 aylar önce
@@borismuller86 …..but would they have started it in the first place?
@CaseyChesshir 3 aylar önce
@@geordiedog1749 as luke skywalker said, "your overconfidence is your weakness"
@scottguy5452 3 aylar önce
The idea that they could have broken out successfully is pretty debatable. Just as likely if they had tried they would have been destroyed. So either way they lose.
@geordiedog1749 3 aylar önce
@@scottguy5452 This is true!
@FrederickTheGrt 2 aylar önce
The Russian people fought hard and sacrificed so much to help beat the Nazis. They are heroes. 🇷🇺🎖️
@photo_n_art Aylar önce
Except the fact that they have helped Hitler to start the WWII by invading Poland in September 1939 hand in hand with the nazis.
@texajp1946 Aylar önce
@@photo_n_artwrong rewriting history of Molotov pact, it was to buy time because all the capitalists were teaming up against him, Polish government in exile declared war on Germany but not on ussr
@1201777A 17 gün önce
That flag you put it here had been a flag of hitler's servants in ww2. The true flag is Soviet Union flag. It is not russia but 15 Republics and nations. Soviet people are heroes!!!
@photo_n_art 17 gün önce
@@texajp1946and murdering over 20 000 Polish officers in Katyn with a shot in the back of the head was just Soviet friendly gesture? 🤔
@michaelmallal9101 3 aylar önce
Goring promised to supply Paulus but failed. Beria apparently thought Stalin was going to eliminate him but maybe beat Stalin to it? Beria failed to neutralize Khrushchev et al.
@xxdoubleburgerxxnoscope4494 2 aylar önce
The best stalingrad doc is voices of stalingrad HANDS DOWN. Like the only one i could find with actually veterans and not just dudes in nice clothes
@johnhenderson131 Aylar önce
What is plain reckless is the military stopped training their future officers in military school, on how to organize and conduct a tactical military retreat! Unbelievable!! Hitler always insisted that the German army doesn’t retreat which is stupid. You can manufacturer weapons relatively quickly but the one and most important necessity for an army is the soldier and soldiers take at leas 18 years to produce !
@stevebrindle1724 3 aylar önce
Great Documentary! By the way, I am in love with the female historian with the red hair and lovely northern English accent!
@alantaylor353 3 aylar önce
The only battle Stalin himself won against Hitler was the battle of the mustaches.!!!
@edwardbrealy 3 aylar önce
Great watch, I learnt so much from this video
@HistoryHit 3 aylar önce
Glad to hear it!
@bobkonradi1027 2 aylar önce
There is a report that Hitler, in talking with the leader of one of his allied countries, said that if he knew the Russians had over400 divisions, all of which were at full strength, he never would have attacked them. To the Russians, throwing a division or two into a battle where they were near certain to be killed, was just another cost of war. They had a near limitless supply of men to sacrifice at any one time. Also, the Russians were able to build 1000 of the T-34 tanks per month, but, as the anecdote goes, most of those were destroyed at Stalingrad before they burned through their initial tank of diesel fuel was used up. The Russians were losing close to 1000 tanks per month in the battle with the German Panzers.
@reorioOrion Aylar önce
It was very interesting and made me look at the event from a new perspective. Thanks for the speakers.
@solarcoreproductions Aylar önce
I came for Guy Walters. Guy is the man.
@barukkazhad8998 2 aylar önce
The Soviets knew there would be war between them and the nazis ,they were in the middle of the reorganisation of the red army after lessons learned in the Finnish war...the suprise was it was too late in the year to attack....but Hitler had no choice as the Soviet industrial power was getting too strong
@papamidnite9282 2 aylar önce
I agree with you
@xjr13john 3 aylar önce
A concise view of what happened at Stalingrad but why the blurred images??
@timthejanitor9027 Aylar önce
I'm assuming they think the photos of dead bodies could cause the video to be flagged. I also imagine they maybe uploaded this video to other platforms where they images uncensored.
@bonniethompson2019 2 aylar önce
War should not be glorified! Nothing honorable about war. There is honor in peace.
@Snafuski 3 aylar önce
Very important point at 11;23.... The allies were blinded by their own anti-communism... Hoping that Hitler would attack the USSR. That's why they were so surprised by the non-aggression pact.
@annoyingbstard9407 2 aylar önce
Allies? Which allies were there in 1941?
@richardwhitfill5253 3 aylar önce
Excellent documentary
@HistoryHit 3 aylar önce
Glad you think so!
@steverodgers7866 2 aylar önce
Russia was in the middle of a vast reorganization. The BT series of tanks were being replaced and many were inoperable.
@flippy5118 3 aylar önce
56:19 - but it wasn't a strategically important place to be...that's the whole point of the story of this battle. 1:02:30 - Paulus is "kind of being let down". What an understatement. Why include so much footage you're just going to blur?
@borismuller86 3 aylar önce
I’m guessing it’s TRshow’s fault.
@h2energynow 3 aylar önce
The many horses which came with the German Army, were eaten during Stalengrad. So not all the food was gone.
@ronnib4294 3 aylar önce
They were eating the horses bc the food they had was already gone. They had no choice but to eat horses or starve
@clamcrewcarclub6017 3 aylar önce
@@ronnib4294horse meat is delicious tho
@ronnib4294 2 aylar önce
@clamcrewcarclub6017 I've never had horse meat before
@clamcrewcarclub6017 2 aylar önce
@@ronnib4294 it’s pretty good, just tastes like a burger with less fat
@waynerobert7986 2 aylar önce
Most of 6 Army's horses were left well outside the city and when encirclement was affected in late November 42. Most of the horses were outside the pocket.
@leeroylita637 3 aylar önce
I'll never forget reading about the kessel in the book "Stalingrad". Absolute hell on earth what those German soldiers went through.
@Teknotion 3 aylar önce
Antony Beevor's book? Yeah, it nearly brought me to tears that one. The suffering of so many for so little gain.
@leeroylita637 3 aylar önce
​@@Teknotionyeah, a masterpiece.
@user-yk4yh5sn5m 3 aylar önce
Also absolute hell what those poor Jewish children went through in those concentration camps ran by german soldiers.
@seancooney297 3 aylar önce
​@@user-yk4yh5sn5mwhat does that have to do with it.
@sonnyS4512 3 aylar önce
Aaah! Those poor Nazis. Smh
@thewongen 3 aylar önce
If Hitler was a strategist like Zhukov then we would have been doomed. Lucky, he didn't have a clue how to play the game. 😜 The eizengruppen murder spree literally pissed off the Red Army and i read that out of the 332000 german, only 6000 returned home. Damn!!!
@seth101-hv4st 2 aylar önce
With odds like that you might as well fight to the last man.
@Engineer1897 3 aylar önce
Averill Harriman led the USSR for much of the war. Stalin had a nervous breakdown shortly after the German invasion began, after he made the famous speech. He disappeared for a while, and that's the reason
@simonbeck8579 2 aylar önce
Averill Harriman did not lead the USSR. Iosef Stalin did, after a brief breakdown.
@Ovhaydin 3 aylar önce
I love watching ww2 stuff Ik a lot abt the German front /eastern/western front in Russia alone 27 million ppl died
@skeeterd5150 3 aylar önce
I would love tik to react to this! 😂
@scaredy-cat 2 aylar önce
Paulus should have pulled back, saving 6th army, even if he sacrificed himself
@user-te8sf6qi2b 2 aylar önce
😂general paulus at check point Charlie, Berlin, gave paulus w hundred dollar bill, also guarded Rudolf hess, at SPANDAU PRISON, THE DUPUTY TOO HITLER, LAST NAZI.
@rrussell9731 2 aylar önce
"The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors, so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot." Carl Sagan
@yulieana315 2 aylar önce
My grandfather was in Stalingrad. The fact that I am alive today is a fcken miracle.
@RuheAgir 2 aylar önce
which side was he on
@yulieana315 2 aylar önce
@@RuheAgir Soviet.
@user-wk9xn2qu9d 29 gün önce
Stalin Grad was a big battle but the Battle that turned the war in the Soviets favor was the Battle of kursk
@whitebarackobama7999 2 aylar önce
It took an evil to took down an evil
@drbrainstein1644 3 aylar önce
I still get sickened to this day every time I hear the words the 6th army.
@tomwilsonkeys 3 aylar önce
Wow great documentary!
@HistoryHit 3 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
@eaphantom9214 2 aylar önce
27:44 - Yep, there he is As anticipated
@AlexShah 2 aylar önce
Some day, they will make a video like this about Ukraine and the present war!
@johnnywilson7799 3 aylar önce
I heard Stalin wanted to run but his advisors talked him out of it
@annoyingbstard9407 2 aylar önce
Yes, I heard that from a bloke up the pub. His uncle told him about it.
@thebagelsproductions Aylar önce
@user-cx7md6mc2q 20 gün önce
@duncanidaho2097 3 aylar önce
Paulus had taken the armor and artillery from the northern flank Romanians so they were undefended against a serious attack.
@thomasshelby1922 3 aylar önce
TikHistory Battlestorm Stalingrad for anyone interested in understanding in more dept
@paulmerritt418 3 aylar önce
Outstanding documentary!
@jayaramansundaramoorthy1248 3 aylar önce
It is no use downgrading the phenomenal role played by STALIN not only in the battle for Stalingrad but also in the entire WW II. He stood like an immovable rock between victory and defeat and ensured that his country came out as Victor, and drove Hitler back to Berlin. In fact the erstwhile USSR suffered the most, and STALIN made sure that the real credit went to his Marshals who fought in the battlefield and ensured the survival of the Motherland. The Victory Parade stands witness to what I am saying. If you still want more proof go to the Memoirs of great Commanders like Marshal Zhukov and others.
@simonbeck8579 2 aylar önce
To be most accurate, Iosef Stalin always made sure that the Soviet people knew that it was he who won the victory. He moved Zhukov out of the lime light so that he could not steal any of Stalin's glory. Zhukov's memoires were redacted so as not to offend Stalin, until after the latter's death.
@jcmarkalegre6204 2 aylar önce
My assessment is final; if Hitler didn’t attacked USSR and kept the armistice in tack, socialism would have won its way; love of neighbor socialist Jesus’ doctrine and peaceful coexistence became global moral value.
@jcmarkalegre6204 2 aylar önce
What made Hitler changes his mindset is his accord with Pope Pius Xll.
@fkaceng 2 aylar önce
Please do another video on how Hitler-2 defeated Stalin-2 in a parallel universe on Earth-2.
@nobeoddy1664 2 aylar önce
paulus: "i'm a christian. can't kill myself, but i have no problem wiping you off the map."
@klackon1 3 aylar önce
To suggest the German army was better mechanized is a joke. The vast majority of the infantry were on foot: and most of the artillery was horse - drawn. It is estimated that at the Start of Operation Barbarossa, the German Army employed between 600 000 - 700 000 horses.
@seth101-hv4st 2 aylar önce
Ang the Germans ended up eating most of those horses.
@jamesemis7376 2 aylar önce
rather it is an indication how efficient the German was. Their main force was mainly mechanized...while the rest was on foot or horses. They know they can't afford to mechanized everything, so they simply manage their resources as good as they can
@johnmoorefilm 3 aylar önce
“195,000 men, specifically for Uranus…” I’m a big enough man to admit i giggled. 53, and I giggled….ah well😅
@marekbrodowski7225 3 aylar önce
Stalin didn't, millions of unnamed soldiers who died did it
@robt400 3 aylar önce
And stalin
@thatbeme 3 aylar önce
@fmbbeachbum8163 3 aylar önce
@@robt400 no
@SimonAshworthWood 3 aylar önce
The soldiers who survived also achieved that victory.
@merrybolton2135 3 aylar önce
While the Germans were set on taking the city and concentrating their efforts in the centre . The red army was organising the surrounding of the Germans . To say in your film that the red army was at its last was not correct. History shows this
@SDOne-or6vm 3 aylar önce
Moscow has never been a major objective for Hitler. His main target was the southern offensive toward Bakhu and its oilfields.
@wingedhussar1453 2 aylar önce
He stil needed to protect the lands
@danwright1794 5 gün önce
I hear the Russians were able to reinforce Stalingrad from across the Volga . From behind the city.
@kpaxchocho3327 3 aylar önce
Stalin didn't have a choice though. Dictatorship is still the best way to make things done as soon as possible
@LegateMalpais 2 aylar önce
It was an easy win though. Just spammed the public voice chat during map voting, convinved the germans to attack Bridges of Druzhina, and bled their reinforcements dry. Once that was done just rushed the Elevator by having SLs sit deep and quiet and have our guys spawn literally in german rear.
@kuhar12 2 aylar önce
@ChuckNorrisIsNothing 3 aylar önce
Actually upset about the severe lack of Uranus jokes…
@saidtoshimaru1832 3 aylar önce
@johnheigis83 3 aylar önce
Note: "hostage population"... Versus..."active and passive civil defense are integral to national security [democratic] posture." To mechanize and empower pure/direct demos-kratia within a republic.
@Phalanx11 2 aylar önce
If Hitler hadn't diverted 6th Panzer Division to the Chir Front instead of including it in 48th Pz Korps, Manstein would have broken through to 6th Armee. 6th Panzer came from France at full strength and would have turned the tide.
@waynerobert7986 2 aylar önce
The Soviets were putting a lot of pressure on the Chir front as it was the nearest position to the 6 Armee kessel. Every which way I've examined it. Manstein even with an extra fresh Panzer Division is incapable of breaking through to the Kessel. He got to the Myskova and was already getting Soviet attacks attempting to destroy his bridgehead. Paulus was waiting for Manstein to issue the breakout order but at the same time demanding more supply by air. Remember. Uranus had been a double envelopment and there was never going to be a feasible rescue attempt. From the German point of view. So many things should've been done earlier to prevent the encirclement in the first place. Once encirclement had happened. Milch should've been brought into manage the Luftwaffe supply flights from the beginning.
@Phalanx11 2 aylar önce
@@waynerobert7986 Although it was a Soviet double envelopment, each wing only had one mechanized corps. 4th Mech Corps led one wing whilst 4th Tank Corps led the other wing. The Soviets only had roughly 900 tanks in the initial encirclement. Manstein could have broken through the ring in the first three weeks of encirclement. The Germans were too slow to move. What sealed the fate of the Kessel was 2 Guards Army was hastily thrown in front of Armee Group Don.
@toolman9081 3 aylar önce
This is the best channel on YT!
@hansolowe19 2 aylar önce
Bit of a shame that you didn't colour the maps in to show territory. Only the pre-barbarossa line? Meh.
@vafkamat 3 aylar önce
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