Galaxy Tab S7+ -VS- iPad Pro - Smackdown

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Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow

Yıl önce

Get your paperlike here:
And don't forget their free procreate brushes:

The new Samsung Galaxy tab S7+ is a lot like the iPad Pro in many ways from its size to the ability to make it your primary drawing tablet. In this video I break those differences down and rate these tablets






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Brad Colbow
Brad Colbow Yıl önce
Get your paperlike here: And don't forget their free procreate brushes:
sussy baka
sussy baka 3 aylar önce
What app did you use for Android?
Anli Lupin
Anli Lupin 8 aylar önce
@infiniti37G I think Apple is better and don’t make a fuss about this 3rd grader
Anli Lupin
Anli Lupin 8 aylar önce
@infiniti37G Apple has more apps Samsung just has better phone qualities so stop making a fuss
infiniti37G 8 aylar önce
Samsung destroys Apple. You left off lots of stuff the samsung has the apple does not
Anli Lupin
Anli Lupin 11 aylar önce
@Stephanie Enamino no :( its iOS only
鬼Gozu Gün önce
that paper sound hurts my teeth
Dirt Block
Dirt Block 4 gün önce
the funny part, apple still has screens from samsung. that's why the shape and everything is the same🥴😂
KoSLoW27 7 gün önce
Your thumb position when you draw is really strange 😳
H.Atakan Yıldırım
H.Atakan Yıldırım 8 gün önce
İPad is the best 👊😎
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh 8 gün önce
xbox game pass and streaming game to the samsung tab, changed how i play my games..
Sincerely, MissMonties
Sincerely, MissMonties 9 gün önce
Debating about investing in this tablet to start making my digital art 🙌🏽😍
Step Bro Glizzyy
Step Bro Glizzyy 10 gün önce
Bro what program where you using on the tab s7 when you where drawing
♡ Raining Fidgets♡
♡ Raining Fidgets♡ 10 gün önce
Personally I wouldn't recommend android users that haven't used apple products to switch over. Idk but the apple software is hard to get used to
Ime F
Ime F 14 gün önce
is there a clip studio paint on ipad?
Cris Ortega
Cris Ortega 18 gün önce
The s pen sucks. You can't draw lightly, you can be touching the screen and the pen won't make a mark. Also the sensitivity range is super tiny. Going from my Huion 22 plus or apple pen to a s pen really sucks. I draw very lightly and I use pen pressure to shade and blend, with a s pen you can't do that. It's mostly only good for lineart or cell shading.Android tablet also stutters outside apps. Rare but annoying when it happens. S pen is alsouncomfortable to hold after an hour because it's tiny and you are forced to apply heavy pressure since that's the only way it will pick up your strokes. If you plan to draw for many years and hope to maintain healthy grip habits then never buy a Samsung. Only apple pencil. Unless Samsung fixes their shut which it's been how many years now
Óscar Merlos
Óscar Merlos 19 gün önce
I'll never understand why Adobe had to drop Photoshop touch, it was incredible
Rob Lutumba
Rob Lutumba 21 gün önce
What app are you using to draw please?
muhammad ihsan fauzi
muhammad ihsan fauzi 23 gün önce
Tab S7 hand sensor?
Colin Martin
Colin Martin 26 gün önce
Your reviews have been really helpful in me making my choice - Samsung gave me 30% off plus $300 for my old note 10 plus, so the 256gb s7 tab plus for $350 was a perfect deal for art and taking notes in class. The pen experience for the Lenovo x12 just wasn't up to snuff. I was seriously considering the iPad, but I just cannot get over their blatantly evil, giggling contempt for their customers, and how their corporate behavior flatly makes the world a worse place for absolutely no good reason. So while the devices are similar, only one of these brands still needs suicide nets around their Chinese factories and litigates viciously against right to repair. That was the final straw for me.
BurninU 27 gün önce
Every Samsung I've owned has been laggy as fk.
Creepylife 29 gün önce
In which app are you drawing? C:
Ran_domVids Aylar önce
Watching on my s7 plus, bought yesterday. I hope I won't regret buying it. Haven't used much and checked all the features yet.
Bardia Talebi
Bardia Talebi Aylar önce
170 more views to exactly 1 mil views.
Samuel Araya
Samuel Araya Aylar önce
No replacements tips for the samsung? what a lost advantage, earlier tablets did have several tips and two kinds of them
Schnöh Ludi
Schnöh Ludi Aylar önce
witch drawing app is this? i can't find a good drawing app for the Samsung tab😪
John Rules
John Rules Aylar önce
I prefer tab s7
elyas go
elyas go Aylar önce
Bryan steven
Bryan steven Aylar önce
This is such an apple biased review, no wonder one of his sponsors is an accesory for the iPad....
BLK MIST Aylar önce
You have powerful chip but you dont have a powerful app in android :(
Robin Sala
Robin Sala Aylar önce
I have never had an apple device, always Samsung, but I bought myself a IPad Air 4, and I‘am happy with it. The gestures are still a little confusing for me, but I‘ll get used to it I think. Overall I don‘t regret spending over 1000€ on that device, it‘s really a great product.
Matthew Aylar önce
i wanna go with the tab s7 plus but its the apps that are the problem, only if it had procreate
Zoha Wadiwalla
Zoha Wadiwalla Aylar önce
I bought the iPad Pro a year and a half back, and a few weeks earlier the screen display suddenly went off and I’m unable to fix it :( Could you guide as to what I can do to fix it?
Henry Toler
Henry Toler Aylar önce
Nothing in you video says Apple fanboy other than pretty much everything.. You should stick to reviewing Apple products.
•C0TT4N• Aylar önce
Apple users were real silent after this video came out
Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler
Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler Aylar önce
I bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 this past year, and I absolutely love it. I'm an artist, and having a blast with Clip Studio Paint, Ibis Paint X, Infinity Painter, Infinity Designer, etc, etc. Love it!
drumhq Aylar önce
I’m a musician and my main use for a tablet would be for reading chart music. Would the more economical Samsung be a better choice?
karma Aylar önce
I want to draw manga/comics so iPad is good choice or should I go for display tablets
Jaydee Bb
Jaydee Bb Aylar önce
Sounds like ur a apple fan boy that's fine and all but maybe u should make videos comparing them
youtube premium
youtube premium Aylar önce
wish you could make a review for the new xiaomi mi pad 5, lenovo xia xin and the realme pad. They are very affordable tablets. thank you.
virad kohli
virad kohli Aylar önce
Lcd vs amoled 🤗
Xiao xiaohsu
Xiao xiaohsu Aylar önce
I don't know app name in 0:07 . Please tell me that app name.
L Aylar önce
A good workman never blames his tools
oto turmanidze
oto turmanidze 2 aylar önce
in fact samsungs battery lasts longer and doesnt get hotter than iphone
CostFrost 2 aylar önce
I would have gotten the Galaxy, but I need this to last ALL of college and maybe more if I can. Apple is just built so well
Club CCF
Club CCF 2 aylar önce
When you factor in the price. The tab S7 is on sale for 400. While the cheapest ipad pro sale is 999. Without the pen.
Kostas Mosxos
Kostas Mosxos 2 aylar önce
App name
Christian 2 aylar önce
Ipad pro have M1 🤨 or this is different?
Christian Gräfe
Christian Gräfe 2 aylar önce
how is the drawing experience of a galaxy book flex in comparison to a galaxy tab s 7?
SANDWICHE man 2 aylar önce
Samsung just saves so much money for size
Dudley Butt
Dudley Butt 2 aylar önce
Great video, just one question, would you go for one of these tablets over an actual drawing display like the new 2021 xp pens 16 pro? The xp pens is cheaper yes but also doesn't have the screen resolution and touch screen that you get on the tablets. But you get more pressure sensitivity on the xp pens. Which one would you go for?
Archerke 2 aylar önce
Tab s7+ looks better, better screen, better hardware overall. And its cheaper as well. The ipad is a bit better for drawing, but hey: 8 year olds can't afford a high end tablet.
Bas Ti
Bas Ti Aylar önce
Yeah better hardware and still much slower than the iPad Air from 2 years ago…let’s not even compare it to the Pro with the M1 chip at that point
Nitrobuz Ae
Nitrobuz Ae 2 aylar önce
BTW: once you use rubber-tips on a stylus, I don't know how you use anything else. It's the perfect drawing experience. Wearing out or not, they actually allow you to draw better, smoother, more accurately than anything in real media. To me, a pointy rubber stylus tip would be worth replacing daily if you had to (which you don't. They last a while).
Nitrobuz Ae
Nitrobuz Ae 2 aylar önce
There are now $50 and up wireless mechanical (clicky blue switch) keyboards, with bluetooth, that work perfectly well with phones and tablets. Mine pairs easier than headphones. I turn it on and it's paired. Just sayin'. I also got a Spessn floor tablet stand which allows me to draw in bed lying down! Talk about next level. It's seriously all I want to do now. I just slipped a weight over the pole of the stand to give a bit more stability. And it also holds my articulating microphone stand. Oh, and it works as a tripod for phones and tablets. So sturdy and positionable. $40. Sounds like I'm talking about a blow-up doll, but it's much better.
Wish Buddy
Wish Buddy 2 aylar önce
whats the app for samsung?
theloniousMac 2 aylar önce
It’s a year later. Apple has leapt way out ahead with the addition of the Apple M1 processor to the iPad Pro. They were a;read crushing the Snapdragon with the A4 but now it’s ridiculous. The iPad Pro is as fast if not faster than man pro laptops. Apple has also upgraded the screen to use the new Liquid Retina XDR display which in my humble produces a better quality image than the Samsung screen. The iPad Pro also,has up to 16GB of RAM now. Unfortunately though, while there has been a Great Leap Forward with hardware, the OS and apps have been left behind.
Tom Ber
Tom Ber 2 aylar önce
The fact that you're spending an extra $250 on the iPad Pro and Apple pencil makes the Tab S7+ a no brainer for me. There just isn't $250 worth of extra functionality or hardware in the iPad
Eddy杜黃長 2 aylar önce
ipad is the best 😍👍
E P 2 aylar önce
I always wondered about that famous ecosystems. Getting my photos from iphone to Mac took 700 years. That's if it got it down. That's if the Mac was able to recognize its own bloody software in the iphone and connect. I have had Lenovo recognize Samsung faster. Does Norway just get the bottom the barrel of apple stock or something
Dalya Salah
Dalya Salah 2 aylar önce
What's the name of the program he's using for drawing? Van any1 tell me?
Jermzzz 3 aylar önce
Great review 👍👍 really helpful :)
IMMORTAL -TV- 3 aylar önce
tab s7+ has a better screen ??? with that 60 hz display?
AmeliaBuns 3 aylar önce
ewww subscription for clip studio? nope (freaking 10$-13$ a mooonth?!!! nani?) taht's enough to make someone switch to apple
rez 3 aylar önce
he looks like fuse from apex legends xD
JUJU 3 aylar önce
im watching this but i dont even have a tablet 🥺 i really wanted something like this but i dont have enough money to buy one 😭
Guide for Tech
Guide for Tech 3 aylar önce
Which one is best for note taking??
Sleep 3 aylar önce
Dude did a ad for Apple and Apple comes out the better product 😆 Samsung all the way bro. First and last video for me.
JERRY DAGA 3 aylar önce
Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 please..
Anthony Zs
Anthony Zs 3 aylar önce
el lápiz sien de samsung tiene menos retraso al dibujar que el iPad Pro 12,9 2020, si se fijan bien a detalle.
Lisa Wilmot
Lisa Wilmot 3 aylar önce
I like both of them just the Samsung is better for me because the iPad pro and the Samsung S7 Tab +*ik I said it wrong*are like the same but the price of the iPad pro is to much for me so I like the Samsung but the iPad pro is still amazing
MaryArts 3 aylar önce
For me the most important part: It must feel like I am drawing on paper. I am awful at drawing sketches digitally compaired to traditionally. But those Review Videos don't satisfy me on the question of what tablet feels the most satisfying and traditional artists friendly. And I don't know how to find out by myself without buying them
Ishan Sinha
Ishan Sinha 3 aylar önce
ofc, the iPad wins because Parerlike sponsored you
NASHITH 3 aylar önce
Americans saying $ Me : Me:
Rambler 3 aylar önce
How does that protector treat the nib? If it's too gritty it could wear it down a lot.
Charlie P The Knitting Membee
Charlie P The Knitting Membee 3 aylar önce
I've used Samsung tablets all my life but I'm now thinking of getting an iPad because I'm fed up of Samsung tablets no longer getting updates after about 2-3 years but my dad's old iPad air 1st gen still gets updates and runs faster and for longer than my Samsung tablet that I got 2 years after his iPad.
Rohan Methare
Rohan Methare 3 aylar önce
Samsung for me. Cause of price, android free apps, no separate pencil. Many more.
Erick Rocha
Erick Rocha 3 aylar önce
All we need is Procreate for Android, and there is no need to pay more for Apple Tablets.
Ivo Patrignani
Ivo Patrignani 3 aylar önce
Can you use Photoshop on de Samsung s7? Cause im a tattoo artist and i draw on Clipt paint and then print on Photoshop. Do you recommend it for a tattoo artist? Great video!
Yagyiu 3 aylar önce
90% of the Pseudo artistic drawers who use the iPad, it is because they think that 90% of their work will be done by the tablet.
stblackpanter02 3 aylar önce
Not fear compare u forget to tell that ipad pen if the accu is empty u can use it and the s-pen empty or not u can use it always 🤔
Luiz de Freitas
Luiz de Freitas 4 aylar önce
Fantastic review, and tanks here in Brazil.
Karla Mariana BM
Karla Mariana BM 4 aylar önce
Do you know of this tablet works for 3D?
Julian Sanchez
Julian Sanchez 4 aylar önce
so you can download procreate in tablet for free?
Ashish Hekre
Ashish Hekre 4 aylar önce
Bloodey lovey leh
Gabzsy 4 aylar önce
Important points that he missed on the pencil. Apple pencil cant be used to actually interact with the iPad, only to draw and type. Also, even tho he mentioned this he didn`t use it to rate the pen/pencil, the 130usd difference. So yeah apple pencil is not better, is just different, plus it`s expensive, plus it`s useless on anything else that is not drawing and typing. Also the Samsung pen has a heck of a lot of features that you can use on it that the apple pencil does not. Another win for Samsung 100%.
SupaRush 4 aylar önce
What is the best Screen protector for the Galaxy tab s7+ if I want to keep good art drawing with the pen?
Harsimrat 4 aylar önce
Which applications can we use to draw on samsung tablet
ronser rokpam
ronser rokpam 4 aylar önce
I will buy SAMSUNG GALAXY S 7+ I got all i need on it and i dont need to spend more money on ipad.
Just Your Uncle Iroh
Just Your Uncle Iroh 4 aylar önce
I’m late I know. I’ve had both a Samsung tablet and right now have an IPad and honestly, I loved them both. Drawing experience on both of them was phenomenal and funnily enough the Samsung tablet I had was the first entry (tabs6 lite) which was half the price of my iPad Air lol. Honestly I think functionality wise they’re both fantastic, just kinda comes down to what programs you use, I had infinitePainter and procreate and enjoyed both. In fact I would say infinitePainter is the Samsung version of procreate, but procreate imo is a little more responsive and has a few more bells and whistles than IP ( from what I’ve seen and done so far) but they’re both still really good.
Young Mad Gamer Films
Young Mad Gamer Films 4 aylar önce
Samsung tab S7+ is over 1000 same with the M1 IPad Pro honestly tho I think iPad is better bc of procreate it an iPad draw system only for drawing
NAK DICKSON 4 aylar önce
12:27 feel like this one is specific to me 😁 planning. Wanted to get a drawing tab but I don't want to join the apple ecosystem, yet I don't know if the Samsung tab would be good enough like the iPad.
Daniel chicheportiche
Daniel chicheportiche 4 aylar önce
Which programs are you using in both the tablets?
J. Gato
J. Gato 4 aylar önce
Does it have to be a s7+ or can it just be a regular s7 ? Cuz I can't find an s7+
Demon Sword
Demon Sword 4 aylar önce
Paperlike wastes the tip more.
Aniekuzz 5 aylar önce
Question, I'm looking for a drawing tablet and know that those things come with programs. Now that I see this I wonder if this is better than a drawing tablet? I would like a tablet or something similar that I can see what I am drawing like in this video. But the intention is to make the images move with a program. Does this come with the iPad? Or do you have to pay for that separately. I have no idea and am looking for 1 for a beginner but I like quality. Which one do you recommend me? (I hope you understand this i'm Dutch)
Bimaradjiman 5 aylar önce
what's software for galaxy tab drawing?
thinge27 5 aylar önce
An diehard ipad user against Samsung android.......who will win this "competition/smackdown"?...sorry, i like your video, but for me there is no's just a matter of how you looking at it.....about the price, about the feel, about your own experience, about the clicks, about your subscribers.........i was here to see a really honest review, i am struggling for weeks between both to buy, but i think you are to much an ipad maybe i must wait to the S8 ultra tablet coming soon....thanks anyway.
Caleb Chiarelli
Caleb Chiarelli 5 aylar önce
I’m an apple fan boy but I really with several had so of those Samsung features for the pencil. A programable button would be great for controlling music during work or even a slide show presentation. I’m interested which company will put a sensor on the back and have it be able to be programmed as an eraser 😂
QR 5 aylar önce
My tablet came with 2 extra nibs a white nib and 2 black nibs.
Shaun Fan
Shaun Fan 5 aylar önce
Noob at android says android is hard to use and is unstable. Crashes? I have one of these tablets and they do not crash so idk what u on about it.
Rik Ba
Rik Ba 5 aylar önce
Quali sono i programmi, app utilizzati sui 2 devise?
Jenny Sherman
Jenny Sherman 5 aylar önce
Thanks this is super helpful!
ElleXD 5 aylar önce
I'm an android user and I use Samsung Tab S7 and I'm a digital artist, My cousin (same age as me) she's an apple user she has a IPad Pro and she's a digital artist aswell so I was able to try both but honestly it depends on you there are no winners.
SohamKoli 5 aylar önce
How did he got photoshop on the Samsung tab?
samira Mehr
samira Mehr 5 aylar önce
کرم کون
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