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Tony Robinson reveals the grim occupations of workers from Georgian and Victorian era Britain. He will venture into the workhouses and factories to reveal the horrible conditions ordinary people were forced into. He also tries his hand at digging railways and rat-catching, as well as perhaps the worst job of them all, the tanner - a vocation that brought with it an intolerable stench and guaranteed social rejection.
00:00 Georgian Era
48:31 Victorian Era
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popixel 6 aylar önce
You guys do amazing work. I really enjoy watching these, but I do agree there are parts where the music is too loud, especially at the point with the male singers.
Darrel Neidiffer
Darrel Neidiffer 5 aylar önce
More advertisements then I can deal with. Medievalmadness is a much better source.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
TRshow ist to blame for audio issues
popixel 4 aylar önce
@Murray Webster no, in this case it was in the editing. Not complaining, because I love their work, but it’s just something that can be improved upon.
Kallejah Rollins
Kallejah Rollins 3 aylar önce
@Darrel Neidiffer a
Dia does Game
Dia does Game 2 aylar önce
almost every one of these, the music is so loud it makes it unwatchable at times
Домашние любимцы
Домашние любимцы 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love the series, each episode, each epoch! But this particular one is just priceless with Tony as a host. No rat sautee, right? Still priceless!
wasnhas 5 aylar önce
Tony does such a great job on these shows !
Jilliberation 5 aylar önce
18:40 I had a book called, "The End of Everything". It pretty much describes when and why stuff that used to be "A Thing" forever faded into the bowels of History. There was a whole chapter on castrati, the last of whom survived long enough to have his voice immortalized in recording on one of Edison's wax-cylinders. In the heyday, though, castrati were often the retirement plan for their impoverished parents. One Vienna woman, famously known for "Transforming" prepubescent lads into "Hopeful Superstars", once bragged that she could feed her small breed dog exclusively on the testicles of little boys.
It me Beki
It me Beki 4 aylar önce
Fascinating! Thank you!
It me Beki
It me Beki 4 aylar önce
Like absolutely horrifying!! But fascinating!
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 4 aylar önce
It's a really interesting phenomenon. I listen to alot of the music writeen for and performed by these stars now performed by Countertenors and Sopranos. Incredible music! The castrati would often grow taller and larger than normal and bc rgey were castrated they were also extremely well endowed and entirely safe to sleep with (no risk for a lady getting pregnant) so their allure on the audience was as tangible as any modern sex-drugs-rocknroll era. Some became quite extreme divas, and lived lavishly without spending a dime touring between the noblest houses of Europe surrounded by swooning women (and men). The repetoire was piping hot too and is still fantastic sung by good classical singers. The manufacture of these superstars was as far as I know also hugely reliant on the Vatican/Church's vested interests. "The Voice" (of God) was an extremely powerful asset. And the church is entirely built on using boys from an early age onward (requiring celibacy from intact young priests) so to the church it was a great privilege they bestowed on the family, boy, whatever. Small sacrifice for the voice of an angel. Only the occasional boy was deemed vocally/musically gifted enough to be chosen.
Jilliberation 4 aylar önce
@Gnarbel Jo The whole genre is not entirely gone. I've found recent recordings of individuals who have managed to carve themselves out a corner in this niche musical market. They're survivors of accidents and unfortunate circumstance like Leukemia, or Scarlet Fever; who also happened to be blessed with exceptional vocal talent. Kudos to them for making the best of a bad situation. However, as medicine continues to advance, even those rare individuals fated to be 'natural' castrati are destined to eventually become a thing of the past.
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 4 aylar önce
@Jilliberation it's perfectly singable repetoire for any trained baryton who's learnt to sing falsetto. Countertenors have a huge range. The problem with the ones you speak of is they are rarely aa trained and talented, it easily becomes a freak show instead. I listen to several counter tenors and also sopranos and mezzos sing the repetoire all the time. I go to alot of live baroque operas/concerts. One of my favourites is Andreas Scholl, who's technique ans taste is impeccable. Lovely musician!
Carolyn MacDonald
Carolyn MacDonald 4 aylar önce
my grandfather's (and great grandfather) name was Armstead. It was his great grandmother's maiden name. "The name Armstead has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The name comes from when a family lived near or at a hermit's cell. The surname Armstead is derived from the Old French word ermite, which means hermit, and the Old English word stede, which means place" Long ago someone in my family was likely employed as a hermit....
Katie A
Katie A 4 aylar önce
I remember hearing about castrati in college and I was shook. However we weren’t told of that method of taking care of the offending appendage 😩 I will say that label-sticking is a job I would do now and be perfectly happy (if I could have my music on at the same time😂). I LOVE boring jobs like that
Carl 0
Carl 0 16 gün önce
That description of the method has traumatised me, so messed up
francie belcher
francie belcher 5 aylar önce
Really enjoyed this. Pretty hard to complain about work these days, compared to what all those ppl from history had to deal with
Strawberry_lemonade 2 aylar önce
This was very interesting! I enjoyed listening to it while doing my work. The only complain I have is the sound design. In some cases I could barely hear the naration or conversation over the music or other less important sounds, like the sound of shoveling
L.O 5 aylar önce
Came across this channel from Dive Talks latest show. I have been addicted since didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was but proved wrong. Love absolute history so fulfilling when you need to learn something about our history.
Gayle Goodman
Gayle Goodman 6 aylar önce
Again, it is very difficult to hear Tony speaking whenever the music is playing 😢. PLEASE address this in future videos. The sound is low already, but the music makes it almost incredible to hear!
Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton 6 aylar önce
At approximately 12:15 I felt like I was having a seizure ffs
Jena Emerald
Jena Emerald 6 aylar önce
Impossible to hear Tony
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 5 aylar önce
And very often two speakers layered on top of each other in post prod (not the irl recording) plus ambient sounds. Ghastly editing in many BBC productions that have cosy alot to produce, makes absolutely no sense as it's in editing the actual show is created from endless hours of footage. Bizarre!
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
C C 3 aylar önce
I was about to say the same. I'm clicking off bc I cannot hear what he is saying.
Wulfe Argent
Wulfe Argent 5 aylar önce
About mind-numbing jobs, I had to work in some kind of workhouse, only lasted a day. I had to fold pieces of cloth so a 'co-workeer' could cut them in two, only there weren't enough siroccos and the people cutting the cloth couldn't keep up so my team leader just had me get it out of the box and put it back in . That was my job for the morning. The afternoon was much more existing. I had to fold boxes for CDs
SpidermansSymbiote 6 aylar önce
Being a hermit would be a great job. You get to live on a nice property, you don't really have to do anything, and you get taken care of
Larissa Horne
Larissa Horne 6 aylar önce
If they didn't drive themselves crazy in the meantime.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 6 aylar önce
And you get to take your organ to a cave.
Cooking With Cows
Cooking With Cows 6 aylar önce
@Larissa Horne That depends on what you want from life. I just want to be left alone, live in a cave, not speak to anyone. Seems like the perfect job with no mental repercussions for me.
shellflores1 3 aylar önce
and you could avoid diseases like the plague
Kim Styles
Kim Styles 6 aylar önce
My Husband was born in 1923 and raised on a farm in upstate New York. His parents fled to America due to war. 9 of 14 children survived past the age of 2. The children rose several hours before the sun came up did all the morning chores fed animals and so many other things I can’t even believe it so much work. He talked about them having a canvas bag hanging off the shoulder onto one hip full of seeds with a stick a long stick in one hand seeds dropped in by the other hand. So shove the stick in the ground turn Drop a seed in the hole push the dirt over the hole with your foot and keep going for hours and hours day after day. Back then there was no birth control so there were always lots of children. I had to muck The stables, Slap the pigs, groom the horses, when old enough they were in charge of harnessing the Belgian and walking the horse through the fields four hours to turn the soil. Very very hard life.
Poodleinacan 6 aylar önce
Wow, yeah, that's intense!
Marten Krueger
Marten Krueger 6 aylar önce
I was born in upstate New York..too a city girl...and a former WW-2. German solider..Starting in 1968...until 74..i work ed like your husband...and milk running in door plumbing...plowed with plow and horse!.. town of Williamson..was born in 1963..
E Stark
E Stark 6 aylar önce
when I was a kid, we started keeping chickens when I was about 6. by the time I was 8, the chickens were my responsibility completely. I would wake up, go out, empty the rat traps, fill the chicken's feeder and water, collect the eggs, take them in. I'd pop in and check for eggs midday. in the evening before bed I went out and set the rat traps, shut the door to their outdoor area, and go to bed. in the summer time, on my way into the chicken house, I would collect grasshoppers and toss them in, the chickens loved them. if I was out in the garden, I would leave the door open and they would follow me around while I did other chores. surprisingly, this was in 2001.
Kimi Cappiello
Kimi Cappiello 5 aylar önce
Why did you slap the pigs? Were they bad?
Jenny Michie
Jenny Michie 6 aylar önce
My great-granpops died by falling from the crows nest as a topsman/watchman on a ship from Lowestoft. He was an Irishman who died a long, long way from home...but that's why I live in East Anglia now x bless your heart for landing me in such a beautiful part of the world xx
Patrick Pierce
Patrick Pierce 6 aylar önce
It makes me quite mad that the people who performed these jobs which allow society to function were the least paid, that poor boy who had his skull crushed was producing the fabric for a dress that some useless duchess, or member of the royal family would wear ONCE.
skrimp 🍂
skrimp 🍂 4 aylar önce
still happening.
No Name
No Name 3 aylar önce
Nothing has really changed
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 20 gün önce
Oh my word. That's one dedicated show host... And the way the students angle their sketchpads at 6:20 is hilarious. 😆
vicki burns
vicki burns 4 aylar önce
This guy is up for anything!! I love it! Brilliant presenter!
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 5 aylar önce
I'm often so dissapointed with historic shows (settings) and films as well as shows about history bc all these people so integral to everyday life are left out, and not widely known about at all. For instance, how many films with painstaking attention to detail in locations, sets, details of garb ever care to show the streets as they were full of stinking shxt on the streets, with need of a cripple to clean to cross it, a 6 yo torch bearing barefoot boy to go from one place to another at night? Basically none. Very few productions ever feature any of the people mentioned here, not as extras for authenticity nor as characters in the stories, and of course the widespread history books only really focus on high society, occasionally the middle classes. The sheer romanticism regarding the 18th century in literature of all sorts, and television, films etc these days has created this huge base of "fans of history" who are utterly clueless regarding context and especially the most common reality of the era. They don't even understand how very few they focus on to build their idea of these times. People of privilege didn't want to see it back then, and now that we are all priviliged we don't want to either, and dont care that some of this is still going on in massive scale in othet countries to keep us privileged and care free. I've travelled alot, I can't help but see parallels to child labour is some countries, jobs held by the poorest etc. This show isn't just entertaining, it's important. All this is lacking from most peoples education. People can't wrap their head around the callous beheadings of royalty and nobility in the French revolution, because they never ever show even a reasonable representation of the reality of the general public. Only "poverty" as a blanket statement is used. But Paris was known as Europes cesspool! One of the most touristic streets with littleshops today, miles long used to be a river of the goop we saw here, from the tanneries lining the whole street, planks were used to get across, if you fell in you could be done for, and the disease and stench was felt throughout the city. The less we value lives, and the environment, the closer we get to creating a monster that will one day eat us for breakfast. The world is comperatively much better now, but there's still much morr of this going on to keep thr middle class kitted and somewhat content. But again, out of sight out of mind. How can we learn from history if we cherry pick for purpose of nostalgia?
ChassiNoir 4 aylar önce
Agree completely!
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 4 aylar önce
@Sara M. Kay what utter crap. If you're going to make an outrageous claim be specific. Who what and where exactly? That's a rediculous accusation. Popculture (=most mainstream media formats) is mostly concerned with itself. And " people wading in their own excrement" where's that widespread myth represented exactly?? And how (who) would that benefit, why? It's not entertaining, never seen, it doesn't make sense. And NO you don't get to equate wading in "own excrement" with "mud" are you serious? And when was mud or regular horse manure ever cause for panic?? Complete utter nonsense. To this very day: unless your road is paved (asphalt, concrete, stones, etc) it will consist mainly of soil, from dust to mud depending on the weather and frequency of traffic (horses&carriages or motor vehicles). I'm sorry I shouldn't be reaponding at all.
Alabaster green
Alabaster green 4 aylar önce
I'm on board with you here. I'm a fan of ancient history b.c and so much of it is romanticized all to hell. The public doesn't realize just how terrible it may have been to actually live back then. If you weren't wealthy then life might be very short and brutal for you. Even if you were wealthy life might still be short and brutal.
Gnarbel Jo
Gnarbel Jo 4 aylar önce
@Alabaster green I live in the mideval quarter of a smallish European capital. I know all about these streets and houses, the details of the lifestyle and community services used to make a city function in those days. Whomever said "people were the same as now" to refute the squalor and constant deaths of the lower classes missed the entire point. Yes humans are basically the same (across cultures and times) but the one thing that sets us apart besides opposable thumbs is adaptability. A zillion psych studies and social experiments show it takes a matter of days to change peoples habits, attitudes, ideas, comforts, preferences, and yes, their sense of scent too! I'm not saying people were unclean by choice, quite the contrary. Anyone who's travelled third world countries with huge inequality understands this. Anyone interested in time travel should start there and learn alot about human beings and what they have to put up with to survive and the hermetic separation between those who have (from birth) and those who do not. Mideval days were probably alot less bad then the early industrial era. The invention gunpowder factories/salpeter facilities to name only one unbelievable nightmare from start to finish to usage.
J Doe
J Doe 5 aylar önce
Not only was it dangerous for young limbs working in cloth mills; but, all the fibers in the air get breathed into the lungs. (Still a problem for workers today.)
fqras 6 aylar önce
tens of thousands budget to make this documentary and then the sound editor fucks it up... :')
Sherron Capitano
Sherron Capitano 4 aylar önce
Exactly my thought as well. Sad.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The sound editor did not fuck it up, the TRshow compression algorithms fucked up, or rather the guy who programmed the algorithm, probably has absolutely no idea about sound, let alone surround sound levels and down mixing them to stereo or mono. The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
Lotion Bottle
Lotion Bottle 2 aylar önce
@Murray Webster No, I'm sorry but that's not correct. It's the sound editor's job to work around those things anyway. It's not ONLY "because TRshow" or else every other channel, and every other video on this channel, would also have the same problem. If there's an issue with TRshow altering original sound, it's their job to edit it for TRshow's algorithm and make it watchable. This is absolutely on the production team.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 2 aylar önce
@Lotion Bottle 1. That is not the editors job, they edit material, the responsibility lies with whoever mixes and masters to whatever format and level that is required for the original broadcast, and this would most definitely be done properly by the original production team. 2. it may very well be that whoever is uploading is absolutely unaware of how TRshow manipulates the broadcast render to minimise Data size and flow,eg only broadcasting in highly (data) compressed and simple format (stereo). 3. it is very apparent to a relatively inexperienced sound engineer what is happening, all complex audio formats (Immersive, surround,stereo + commentary , stereo + multiple language etc) are all being rendered down to stereo, before this the levels of all audio are being reduced to a value of -18 LUFS so that all broadcasts have the same apparent volume, and this is very probably where the mistake is because the way it sounds is that all audio tracks are being reduced individually, thus destroying the original balance of the audio instead of reducing the track volumes relatively, eg, if the commentary track is reduced by, say, 10dB, then all the other audio tracks must be reduced by 10dB also, this would be a relatively simple fix to the TRshow algorithm while that is where the manipulation of the signal takes place. may say that the uploader has the responsibility to deliver a signal that does not get manipulated, to this end the audio would have to remastered in a professional studio, with all the costs involved there, this is NOT a simple procedure as just turning a knob as many would have believed. 5. The next „problem“ is that there is NO STANDARD for levels, audio format and digital format, and if you can follow what this means it would be so that a multiple masters would have to be made for every different online platform, instagram,Facebook,Spotify, Tidal, Tik Tok etc,etc,etc, can you imagine the costs involved compared to TRshow adjusting a couple of lines of code in their algorithms so that if one channel is reduced by, let’s say, 10dB then every channel is reduced by 10dB. 6. And for those that want a fix then you could make a setup for your computer that has a M/S (mid/side) balance knob inserted on the main audio signal output, digital or analog and with this you should be able to adjust the relative commentary channel volume.this would either be 1.somewhat expensive (analog) or, 2. Very complicated for the average consumer. 7. it is not the responsibility of the production to assure the broadcast quality and integrity of the production, it is solely the broadcaster , TRshow in this case, who are responsible, but TRshow have no interest in quality it would seem, they are only interested in maximum profit for the minimum of effort and ruining the good reputation from sound engineers and production houses. 8. It amazes me that given that many of these documentaries are original BBC productions and are still taken to be the gold standard throughout the world that so many people so quickly put the blame on the original production team and it never crosses their mind that maybe it’s how it is Being broadcasted that is the problem and not the original production. Given that today nearly everyone has accessibility to highly complex electronics and nearly all very probably have technic in their hands to correct the problem then in theory can everybody correct and adjust levels to their own taste, after all it must be easy, it’s just turning a knob, anybody can do it, well then go ahead and do it and quit griping.or maybe it would be even easier that TRshow either change a couple of lines in the code for their algorithms or even real simple, do the level adjustment after the rendering to stereo…. And above all you aren’t paying for watching these documentaries, so where do you think the money would come from to do a custom master for every single internet/satellite/cable and terrestrial broadcaster. And yes by the way there are „Standards“, but none of the Hightech companies follow them because they all want to have their own so that people are then tied into their walled Gardens ;- Apple, Google, Meta and Google, there are far more nefarious things going on as one can imagine and the commentary track in the audio and how easy that would be to fix, and therefore shows just how nefarious it all is, as usual money,power and egoism, you may laugh that what has that to do with commentary channels getting buried on the internet, but it has everything to do with it. And we haven’t even discussed sound quality, if even quality belongs in a conversation from internet broadcasters….
nessa N
nessa N 5 aylar önce
This guy commits for his job 😂 very entertaining
Scarlet Belmont
Scarlet Belmont 3 aylar önce
Saralyn Rinear
Saralyn Rinear 3 aylar önce
Omg watching him crawling around under that cotton machine gave me so much anxiety knowing that children were doing that😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Rebecca Schneider
Rebecca Schneider 6 aylar önce
Super we have taken so much for granted. They had it HARD!!!😬😮‍💨
Larissa Horne
Larissa Horne 6 aylar önce
All of this was when if you mention Health And Safety Equipment they would have had no idea what you meant. If you got injured it would have been too bad, so sad 😔. Now get lost so I can hire someone else to do your job. Too bad if a parent died on the job, the whole family would have to suffer on without them. They had no sympathy whatsoever for children in general. Child Labour Laws were beyond a lot of people too. On an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" someone learnt about a distant Great Grandpa. He go a hernia from lifting and carrying large piles of Led Slates. Instead of having the operation he needed terrible as it would have been he was simply sent packing. His wife died leaving him a single parent. To cope with his terrible pain he hit the bottle 🍾. Whenever he was desperate enough to ask for help they'd turn them away. Basically deciding he was just a lazy, good for nothing drunk who didn't deserve any help or sympathy. It was the people behind the running of The Workhouses who should have been ashamed of themselves. Not the poor unfortunate people who had to go there. Plus too many people who were absolutely clueless about dangerous and even deadly substances.
Abby Cross
Abby Cross 5 aylar önce
Tony: I"M TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS Everyone: Right, so you're going to climb the side of this skyscraper....
Adam Hedges
Adam Hedges 4 aylar önce
33:30 What I have never been able to understand not just for life at sea but in these times in general is how people were not severely dehydrated all the time. Alcohol and then food that's been cured with salt all the time must have been so dehydrating. It's a wonder how people could function at all 🧐
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier 2 aylar önce
Alcohol had a very low percentage in beer. It was safer than water, so thex drank it like water
Adam Hedges
Adam Hedges 2 aylar önce
@Jutta Maier cool thanks 👍🏻 so it was basically like water but with the advantage of staying fresher for longer
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 6 aylar önce
"Smells like a rancid Oxo cube..." , "Absolutely! And it keeps for years!" I love British sarcastic enthusiasm. 😄♥️ Why being an artist's model was worse than prostitution is beyond me. Yes, you freeze and it's tough, but no STIs and no dangerous customers choking you etc.
Salem 6 aylar önce
I mean you say that, but often times they were assaulted by their customers, Picasso had many relationships with his models especially the younger ladies. I suppose the main thing that made it difficult was that society saw you through the same lens, and it would be basically impossible to get another job if you were ever found out.
SUPER SAMMICH 6 aylar önce
You guys need to invest in a free audio scaler.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
D D 6 aylar önce
The sound mixing is really messed up.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
EastSideDoubleWide 2 aylar önce
Watching him not choke up on the hammer and slide with his hit physically hurt me haha
Lipton 4 aylar önce
In the US we pronounce asphalt like as-fault. I've never heard it called ash-felt. Interesting how words change from location to location.
Gerry Thompson
Gerry Thompson 3 aylar önce
Usually yes, but I did have a client who pronounced it the English way.
Roby 5 aylar önce
I love his documentaries but music too loud
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
andy van
andy van 6 aylar önce
great series, saw plenty of these on tv, or from dvd's; but one thing, HE is Sir tony Robinson now!, not when he did these, early 1990-2000's , but NOW he has been knighted, so would be propper to re-title as such.
Fayaz Ahmad
Fayaz Ahmad 4 aylar önce
Beautiful documentary i enjoyed it.
Holly W
Holly W 6 aylar önce
In the Midwestern U.S., it's "one for the blackbird, one for the crow, one to lie fallow, and one to grow." It's the same meaning, just different wording.
AmberWool 17 gün önce
My grandmother, Nanny, looked exactly like the Queen. Nanny's father started life in Northern England.
Doomsday 5 aylar önce
1:11:33 My grandfather told me that he would catch rats when he was a kid (1906 so not quite victorian times) then he would bring them to the bar in the village and the owner of the bar would buy them from him, he would be catching rats till the end of the night when they were finally put into a pen with a dog and he said he would bet half his earnings on how many rats the dog would kill. Whole family were machinists by trade ever since my great grandfather and we all have a passion for Ratting to this day, im not worried about taking my dogs to a farm with the ferrets and letting them have some fun! 😂
nicole stewart
nicole stewart 5 aylar önce
This was fantastic ❤
MirkaHK 6 aylar önce
Music is often too loud to hear the narration. Please get a better sound team.
Chatterbox Blonde
Chatterbox Blonde 6 aylar önce
I was just thinking this! Can’t watch it🙈
betty ir
betty ir 6 aylar önce
Ouch! Sorry, can't watch with the music.
L. S.
L. S. 6 aylar önce
agreed. can't watch. too bad because it is very interesting content
Maverick Tamu Liberty
Maverick Tamu Liberty 6 aylar önce
Thank you. It is not just me then. Great content, Terrible editing. Please work on it
Devils_Rebellion 6 aylar önce
The music is definitely too loud this episode ive watched several and its never been a problem but definitely this time i must agree its a problem
chanchanCan 2 aylar önce
This documentary is great! If you want to watch it/finish it try headphones, maybe? I watched the whole thing with headphones and noticed no issues with sound quality
Tae Bundy
Tae Bundy 4 aylar önce
Tony..... You sound beautiful when you sing!!!!! Talk about taken by surprise. I love this show/doc. It's a real 🎁 to see a new one pop up. Thanks to all that make these great.
Areyousaying idontknowmyname
Areyousaying idontknowmyname 5 aylar önce
Really takes the shine of that scene in Titanic 😂
CranialExtractor 29 gün önce
Tony man at the end with the asphalt you gotta move quick and constantly step. Standing in one spot is a great way to let heat absorb into your slippers. Getting asphalt in your slipper is why they didn't wear boots I think lol
France Mac
France Mac 3 aylar önce
Love the modeling scene. Anything for art. So cute.
Tipperary 5 aylar önce
Fascinating. Love host's involvement. Also remember ppl had to work while ill. Yikes, sound "quality" is stressful. Hard to hear.
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
Jakub Jandourek
Jakub Jandourek 3 aylar önce
Poor Baldrick. Always gets the worst job. :-) All the respect to Tony.
Vivian Stevenson
Vivian Stevenson 5 aylar önce
When he was climbing on the ship gurl it was so funny💀💀💀
rama30 6 aylar önce
They should restore the old well. It would be a fun novelty and you could give your dogs a drink during walkies.
Bubbles Campo
Bubbles Campo 6 aylar önce
I thought my job was hard. What a joke, we really do live in a utopian world today!
Catherine 4 aylar önce
So, to me that actually shows that Baldricks of all times had pretty cushy jobs. They could afford dreaming of turnips, and could even purchase a rather big one if lucky...
Sky 5 aylar önce
Tony needs his raise lmao!! Hes always commited to the bit!
Tracy Sweeney
Tracy Sweeney 3 aylar önce
54:16 haha that guys really enjoying himself 🤣🤣
luster 5
luster 5 4 aylar önce
Kind of funny that he sounded better than the teacher
Lily 6 aylar önce
Thank you for uploading these
Lisa 5 aylar önce
This confirms that the past was the absolute worst
Wacey Seufer
Wacey Seufer 5 aylar önce
Seeing Tony getting punched dead in the face by a chick in Victorian clothes made today worth living! 😅😅😅
dave shif
dave shif 6 aylar önce
these victorians must’ve been stacked and dummy thick with all the carrying water and stuff all day. no wonder they had a lot of kids😅 everyone double cheeked up
Talira Kerouac
Talira Kerouac 6 aylar önce
Baldrick from Black Adder!!!!!!! LOVE him (and Rowan Atkinson as The Black Adder!!!)🥰🥰💗💗💗💗
Starbuck and Boomer
Starbuck and Boomer 6 aylar önce
I can second that modeling for life drawing is very difficult. It's definitely better today and poses are usually only held for 20-30 minutes. An hour or two max during finals.
Cleo Ling
Cleo Ling 6 aylar önce
Very interesting info, but sadly the overpowering music has ruined the show.
Uke Yaoi Fan
Uke Yaoi Fan 6 aylar önce
Look, it might have been bloody, but honestly, being freed from a slave ship then able to join to go free other slaves and having help saving wounded shipmates (your saviors) as your job aboard doesn´t sound so bad at all. Certainly not "the worst job". And I imagine the surgeon's assistent if he tried his best would have been quite popular too!
E Stark
E Stark 6 aylar önce
the utter lack of recognition of hardship in this comment is staggering.
Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae)
Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae) 4 aylar önce
Not to mention straight up ignorance of melanin production and life prospects afterwards…
Kate Thielen
Kate Thielen 11 gün önce
46:51 I'm surprised they didn't lower the floors underneath the machines so you could access it from benieth
Massimo Ricciardi
Massimo Ricciardi 4 aylar önce
If they did that to kids today the business owners and everyone involved will be arrested lose their business license .
Alice Jackson
Alice Jackson 6 aylar önce
A very interesting video. Plus more adverts I've ever seen in one sitting!
IMAN7J 5 aylar önce
The pictures for the episode are so mysterious lol, kinda creepy 😂
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson 4 aylar önce
It was fun watching him be a loblolly on the ship.
Nightfall Shadow
Nightfall Shadow 4 aylar önce
If I were a riding officer I would just stay home and then just claim I was out and doing my job. It's not like I would have a supervisor checking in on me. Blame the smuggling on someone else and get a free paycheck and be warm at home. lol.
chanchanCan 2 aylar önce
Same! I was thinking "there's no way I would take that job seriously" 🤣
Evilushka 5 aylar önce
PLEASE repost this with the audio mixed properly. The loudness of the music over the narration is really distracting, which is a shame.
Sherron Capitano
Sherron Capitano 4 aylar önce
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
Jennifer B
Jennifer B 7 gün önce
Why didn't the scavengers use long handled brushes so they didn't have to get the whole way under there?
Miss Eliza
Miss Eliza 5 aylar önce
Super interested in watching this but my god the audio makes it impossible
NYSCO 4 aylar önce
A long brush would have eliminated alot of the danger for scavengers. Geez these people really just didn't care
Les Car
Les Car 4 aylar önce
Is the ship a living history place a person can go to visit? IF so, where is it? (actually, any of these places)
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier 2 aylar önce
Bristol, and yes it's a museum now.
Dorothy Mozingo
Dorothy Mozingo 7 gün önce
It would be nice to be able to hear the documentary portion. Music is too, too loud.
Lisa Rowe
Lisa Rowe 4 aylar önce
i can appreciate the history and the visuals. the music is distracting though.
SavageLies 6 aylar önce
Whoever did the sound editing to this video needs to reevaluate the quality. Often the narrator sounds like he's in a tin can, and the background noise is louder than his statements.
Mookumi 5 aylar önce
pretty awful background music. If i reduce the volume to not wake the whole house, i don't hear the narrator
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
LunalarkGames 2 aylar önce
I feel like I would have enjoyed being a Herring Caller.
Tara Golding
Tara Golding 6 aylar önce
This is so fantastic! Didn't even notice the music 😃
Sherron Capitano
Sherron Capitano 4 aylar önce
How???? Lol😂
chanchanCan 2 aylar önce
I listened with headphones and had no issues with sound quality
Jim Fitzhugh
Jim Fitzhugh 5 aylar önce
Tony, please don't ever ever do that to us again.
Thea Keane
Thea Keane 2 aylar önce
Those jobs and the amount of the hapless population under the yoke, and shackled to a miserable existence of soul sucking poverty, and exploitation by the better off, is a real indictment of what it means to be a well-to-do ‘successful human’. Makes me wish I was born an Aborigine.
Miss B
Miss B 3 aylar önce
The HMS trincomalee. Hartlepool’s naval museum
FanOMisery 6 aylar önce
Wired...the worst jobs in history and Tony finds an excuse to get naked. I'm sure he could of focused on a more popular and consequential vocation, but perhaps the chance was to difficult to resist.
Katja Koskelin
Katja Koskelin 5 aylar önce
The worst job ever would probably be being minion for Lord Blackadder..
Dog Hair Everywhere
Dog Hair Everywhere 6 aylar önce
The music is MUCH LOUDER than the narration.
Adaire Ya
Adaire Ya 4 aylar önce
Yeah its bloody irritating
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
Renee Johnson
Renee Johnson 4 aylar önce
@Murray Webster well now that they are aware, maybe they won’t use music next time
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
@Renee Johnson the music, when at the proper volume and editing adds much to the atmosphere, without it is very dry and boring
Derrick Allen
Derrick Allen 4 aylar önce
One of my 1st jobs was as a labeler and was paid roughly $0.02 per piece. It was very mind-numbing but preferred it over working on the assembly line where you were paid hourly minimum wage as I'd make more money.
אורלי אלמדווי
אורלי אלמדווי 4 aylar önce
Reminds me of the Oneidin line series.
Tharrilicious 4 aylar önce
*listens to high pitch castrati song. Remembers on Blue Knees and shivers*
Rebecca Mentzer
Rebecca Mentzer 5 aylar önce
Must say this has been the worst documentary to watch regarding it's playback in media with the music and the voices and seems like it was rushed through and not rewatched to realize the person watching almost gets a darn headache at certain spots of it
Murray Webster
Murray Webster 4 aylar önce
The original audio was absolute top quality. TRshow is to blame with their audio reduction algorithms, not the Production!
TOBBMBBRSS 6 aylar önce
03:30 hang on a minute... He went to live with hunter and was never seen again?
Shiboline M'Ress
Shiboline M'Ress 5 aylar önce
The question is, was this a tv broadcast that was later uploaded to YT? If this channel only uploaded a finished product, there may not have been much they could do about the music. The original show producers would be the ones responsible. Just my layperson's thoughts, for what they're worth.
J Brodo
J Brodo 3 aylar önce
I wondered the same.
Michelle Piarulli
Michelle Piarulli 6 aylar önce
How could you find a pub with cigarette buds to pick up now a day, smoking inside it's illegal ? 🤔
gary manuel
gary manuel 3 aylar önce
Yes Sir a good meal of Jigs dinner all your veggies cooked together in one pot, even your chicken tossed in also at times, boiled with salt meat, in this case salt pork, God that pot liquer poured over your bread & fest fit for the Gods, a sunday s dinner tradition for newfoundland even today, Then there is salted cod & dried in the sun until hard, soaked in fresh water overnight also soaking your hard tack before eating next day, fish boiled for about 10 to 15 min, also heat up your hard tack, mix all together cut salt pork into little squares heat until turns brown, drain the cooked fish, remove the fish skin & bones,, breaking the fish apart into small peices, toss in your hard tack & your rendered salt pork with the grease tossed in, stir well mixing, then you have fishermans brews, also if you never mixed it together with boiled fish & soaked hard tack on plate without mixed, it was called fish & brews Just pour the salt pork over both.
DapperPaperBag 5 aylar önce
Honestly, hire me, I will happily edit your sound properly.
Sherron Capitano
Sherron Capitano 4 aylar önce
Glen McHargue
Glen McHargue 3 aylar önce
If the audio ruined the video, all of the people just endlessly mentioning the audio in the comments made them nearly unreadable too. Holy hell, we get it. The audio was unbalanced. But it's still watchable.
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 3 aylar önce
-Absolute History: Please advise what Tony Robinson means by the term _"ash-felt"_ paving? As is used at/near 2:23-2:24. The *_WORLD_* wonders... 😳😳😳
fussel katze
fussel katze 4 aylar önce
please turn the music up a bit, I still can understand some of the things Tony is saying.
Andrew Torres
Andrew Torres 4 aylar önce
I have loved all of your documentaries except this one because of the terrible sound between the musicians and the narrator. You need to fire and personally flog the sound engineer.
Quickdraw Aylar önce
Man I wish I could have actually heard him speak over the music
keepin it real
keepin it real 6 aylar önce
Mike Rowe has nothing on you, sir....for "Worst Jobs Ever" Not bad shape Tony.
In Search of Truth
In Search of Truth 5 aylar önce
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Audrey Muzingo
Audrey Muzingo 6 aylar önce
Yall these are old TV shows with a different kind of sound format than what is on TRshow, and there's no way to force it to conform. It's unfortunate but it's not lazy leveling on the part of the show creators.
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