“Result of 2024 will be the same…” EAM Jaishankar predicts BJP’s return to power

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6 aylar önce

“Result of 2024 will be the same…” EAM Jaishankar predicts BJP’s return to power
#sjaishankar #narendramodi #live
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@nealgrover6112 5 aylar önce
We need a manufacturing revolution. Labour, land and taxation must be reformed to support it. The countries we're helping - Namibia, Guyana, etc all have higher per capita income than India.
@pervaizsaeedsaeed8787 10 gün önce
@sanjayshah7776 5 aylar önce
For the best future for India, we need Modi leading India for the next 30 years!
@kunal9657 5 aylar önce
Means Modi will lead till he becomes 104 years 😂
@sanjayshah7776 4 aylar önce
@@kunal9657 IF it was possible, then that would be the best thing for India..... But the constitution only allows a leader to be elected PM 3 times
@subham.biswas 4 aylar önce
Nah after his 3rd term we need yogi, modis effectiveness is decreasing.
@anonymouscaveman8557 4 aylar önce
@@sanjayshah7776oye there is no limit 😂😂😂 kuch bhi mat bolo
@saikirankalva8765 Aylar önce
​@@sanjayshah7776Ye kab hua? You passed this bill? Does Parliament know about this?😂
@vstata234 4 aylar önce
To raise an issue. Now I understand that the Post office is being used for passports. The post office is today used to disburse pensions and money and what not. Even prasad. But all this without any increase of the last mile manpower. So the original role of delivering post is sufferings. Our Postal system is still in the 19th century. Hope someone will flag this issue and act on it
@kaushikshah4903 4 aylar önce
Amazing journalism you do Amitabhji. Very few can compare on your standards in India. Keep it up.
@user-yk5vc8kx6f 5 aylar önce
Its common sense...if someone knows how lok sabha seats are calculated 😅
@X-Jack231 5 aylar önce
@Dr.Strange_101 Aylar önce
​@@X-Jack231Ha bol 🙄
@ffreeneasy 5 aylar önce
Why are we not able to hear the questions being raised by the audience
@devendranatharcotmohanrao3562 6 aylar önce
Why is the audio quality so bad?? Or is it only me??
@meenakshisundaram174 6 aylar önce
Same here. Its quite low.
@rohitrajput1343 5 aylar önce
Not this mostly vedio same problem
@peacockLife 4 aylar önce
i hope so Sir!
@drsatyaprakash 5 aylar önce
In 24 only modi can come in power
@Raythelight 5 aylar önce
I felt discrimination in my first day of college when someone said ab ye bhi humare saath dormatory me rahenge
@himanish2006 5 aylar önce
Let's not be arrogant 😊.
@AmanKumar-yr2un 16 gün önce
It's tough - won't b easy
@mantudas2473 4 aylar önce
Audio is disturbing 😢
@alfredmisquita787 5 aylar önce
@davidantony4706 5 aylar önce
@BroWhat111 3 aylar önce
These flowers are for the indian diplomats , or for the indian progression in general ?
@hcs9375 5 aylar önce
Just a small Complaint & solution suggested.... Audio is pausing, words gets lost of such an important topic. This is very disheartening. Request for a text format of this full speech as a link should be made available here asap. Thanks in advance.
@VinodTare-qv2vh 5 aylar önce
Kaho dil se ❤ Modi ji fir se ❤
@9356079 4 aylar önce
@Sacchaindian007 5 aylar önce
@JuliSrivastava-vf9dk 13 gün önce
@BPH_SharmaTushar-NitHamirpur 5 aylar önce
Public will decide dear 😮
@niladrighosh7515 5 aylar önce
Yes ofcourse, just like they did in 2014 and 2019
@user-ud2hv7rj8i 12 gün önce
जय गोरखकालि
@rohitrajput1343 5 aylar önce
Ani please improve your sound quality
@user-ns4rm5ox6y Aylar önce
Very Sadness Confess
@mohitchauhan3107 3 aylar önce
In absence of strong foreign policy whatever you say does not matter.
@iyer7550 18 gün önce
Hope it wont take another 390 years for the priests of pakistan to apologise to prof sher ali
@balwinderkhakh8180 Aylar önce
now only muting sound but later you can questions
@gsmatolia 4 aylar önce
@RajeevKumar-jk6nf 4 aylar önce
its over boy
@johnmjjohn8279 Aylar önce
मणिपुर! डोकलाम, पुलवामा! गोदरा!?
@anishrajan 2 aylar önce
Audio quality is bad
@youlwos5159 Aylar önce
BJP hatao Desh bachao
@abhra23 Aylar önce
kaunsi ?
@parvezsayyad9743 22 gün önce
Worst foreign minister.
@surentab 5 aylar önce
That’s great
@copyninja1756 3 aylar önce
Stop telling people about the results of the elections happening next year... don't jinx it
@007007justin 5 aylar önce
Audio sucks
@chandraprakashthakur8130 5 aylar önce
Modi ji is the best PM ever of India and he will win 400 seats for BJP Tathastu
@brajeshkumar-jo6sf Aylar önce
@vinnixpixel3524 4 aylar önce
😂😂😂 even non political persons also coming into politics... What a disaster situation for bjp... This is reflecting fear in lok sabha election which is expected.. Time to say good bye for violance
@StarGaze561 5 aylar önce
Disappointed- I woukd like BJP to increase their direct seats to 375 or over
@saitejg7342 28 gün önce
I predict if modi hand over power to yogi in 2029, bjp rules till 2050 with support of other parties
@acshaybhosale7745 4 aylar önce
Nahi NItish Kumar PM.... Tajeshvi Yadav Education Minister.... Tej pratap Yadav Health Minister.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Meraj-zr2ry 5 aylar önce
For economic growth, peace and stability in the surrounding are essential. In the recent past, China occupied India 3000km of land in Galwan and Arunachal is under threat. Somehow Modi adventures to Bomb a crow & tree in Pakistan. Subsequently, they shoot down two Indian MIGs. Last week in Manipur more than a hundred people are dead. Houses. Mosques, and churches, are burndown. Towns, villages and ministers' house was inflamed and millions of become internally displaced people. (IDP) all your growth is just cosmetic.
@syamalamohan4604 5 aylar önce
When uh say that arunachal is under threat and China is conquering, u started draw a picture that the army posted there is not doing anything And what are your source abt this issue ..
@kartiktalmale1233 5 aylar önce
Sorry but I don't think bjp will come.
@sandeshtg3289 5 aylar önce
Save my message... they will be there with Full full majority
@vineeel 5 aylar önce
2024 NDA will be in power but this time with strong opposition...
@kartiktalmale1233 5 aylar önce
@@sandeshtg3289 As you seen in karnataka. Let's see what happened in 2024. I am not opposed bjp but not also favor to bjp. I am student and I know what kind of politics played in education systems.
@sandeshtg3289 5 aylar önce
@@kartiktalmale1233 they introduced a wonderful policy NEP..national education policy... go thorough the complete details and the full draft version. That overhaul was long pending reform. But it is left up to the states to implement the same. Many states won't implement coz the major schools are run by politicians. And also keep in mind that karnataka votes differently. No one is able to crack karnataka politics till date. Since 4 decades the same govt has not been repeated. We vote here on local issues. But central we vote for modi only.
@samsung123451 5 aylar önce
Lol next 10 years... There is no replacement😂...
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