I Spent 50 Hours Destroying my Hardcore World

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i removed my hardcore world, here's why
Project inspired by: @ParrotX2 & @LoonyMC
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GamersUnite2022 Yıl önce
Sponges: 10892
NotNotBrock Yıl önce
You win
GamersUnite2022 Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock wait really
iabsolutelynoideawhattonamemechannel Yıl önce
Wait how
GamersUnite2022 Yıl önce
@iabsolutelynoideawhattonamemechannel I don’t know
Dark Stalker
Dark Stalker Yıl önce
Congrats dudu
TheLastFire Yıl önce
I love how the video went from "I tamed a cat" to "I destroyed the world." 10/10
NKGAMER1240 Yıl önce
Yes He gotta get a Granny Award *clap clap clap*
The Monke
The Monke Yıl önce
70th like im so sorry
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley Yıl önce
PS I left my cat to die
Pupil Yıl önce
or yk like... literally everything else
Rozalia Majewska
Rozalia Majewska Yıl önce
@Kevin Kelley what?!
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕 Yıl önce
What a tragic ending to this otherwise wonderful episode of your hardcore world
Dragocat Yıl önce
What? What happened!
Dragocat Yıl önce
Nooo poor cat
natalie chou
natalie chou Yıl önce
natalie chou
natalie chou Yıl önce
What the cat died?
Dragocat Yıl önce
@natalie chou yes 😢
axl vc
axl vc Yıl önce
So you used chunkbase to locate ocean monuments but didn't use it to locate a swamp?
Braden Williams
Braden Williams Yıl önce
tolet hampter
tolet hampter Yıl önce
Lol genius
Tracey Yardley
Tracey Yardley Yıl önce
RP Yıl önce
IbrahimVFX Yıl önce
Byrd Yıl önce
The coral fans are used for the actual duping of the TNT because of their weird hitbox and properties
Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster
Poppin' Loch Ness Hopster Aylar önce
It was a joke. Obviously he knows what it is for.
Loony Yıl önce
Epic video, excited for the project to follow! Also the 15:07 replay mod is nuts!
R1vel1no Yıl önce
hi @Loony i love ur content :)
Joe Cox
Joe Cox Yıl önce
It’s another swamp destroyer
Sparks_Unknown 11 aylar önce
Jesis Shrestha
Jesis Shrestha 11 aylar önce
this guy is so funny. truly underrated
Tom Yıl önce
I keep my swamp away from you that's why u couldn't find one
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven Yıl önce
Ah yes Shrek we meet again, I believe you have improved since our last saxophone battle, our battle shall be legendary!
Shrek Yıl önce
I also
dblum Yıl önce
@Shrek Shrek? Is it really you?
Tom Yıl önce
@dblum si
LukeyOh3 Yıl önce
The amount of respect that i have for this guy to be able to work on the same project for weeks and seeing little progress for a long time, yet pursuing
Şeyma Ebrar Adak
Şeyma Ebrar Adak Yıl önce
Respect to Loony. And congrats for dedication Brock!
NotNotBrock Yıl önce
loony is my dad
This Girl J
This Girl J Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock This is frightening... Does that mean I'm your mom??
Şeyma Ebrar Adak
Şeyma Ebrar Adak Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock :D I should have guessed from streams lol. btw vid is amazing
Freddan12 Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock are you serious
DK65 Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock free world download when
Randy Machine
Randy Machine 11 aylar önce
I am laughing because he didn't use a world eater. I love watching non-techincal players dip their toes into our world. Even so, absolutely loved the video!!! Super entertaining and huge respect for doing this WITHOUT a world eater lmao. Good content man, keep it up!!
nobody will ever know
nobody will ever know Yıl önce
You're too hard on yourself, you rambling random stuff while doing shit is the entire reason I watch your videos. xD Okay, your builds are also next level dedication and some of the best stuff I've seen out there, but honestly, without your chaotic narration you probably wouldn't have gotten me hooked, so please keep it up, you're awesome.
Rinツ Yıl önce
we see his sanity slowly crumbling as the video keeps going
Joshua Onyeator
Joshua Onyeator Yıl önce
His work is absolutely amazing but it must take a monumental amount of time
Taneesha Yıl önce
Only 3 mins into this video and already hooked!!! Awesome video so far Brock!
NotNotBrock Yıl önce
thanks Taneesha! :)
Simontiboy Yıl önce
@NotNotBrock same
Michael Chu
Michael Chu Yıl önce
it's insane how much work you put into every video, keep it up I'm a huge fan
Always Sad
Always Sad Yıl önce
It Was a massive work Huge thanks to you
Emjadchris Yıl önce
Even though I saw the void-maker, this is still insanely impressive 👍
Darkness King
Darkness King Yıl önce
if you want the hole to contain every farm possible then it will have to extend far more then this hole.
Pratyush Krishna
Pratyush Krishna Yıl önce
Man you worked so hard! You deserve more attention mate.
_Kilpa Yıl önce
I love the series! It’s nice to see you back!😊
Glitched_Jam Yıl önce
I love your videos Brock! the amount of sheer time and pressure that you have to go through in order to keep us entertained! Everyone should Subscribe to you! Your my favorite TRshowr to this day! My guess for the sponges is 9867.
RNJoy 11 aylar önce
Brock this is insane. Like, not just because you literally lost grip of your sanity towards the end there, but because it is crazy impressive. Loooooooved the video.
zimpenfish Yıl önce
I mean, I can't help thinking that using the spawning sphere to target the witch hut and spawn-proofing a small area would have been *a tiny bit* easier than mining a perimeter.
Jan Krajewski
Jan Krajewski Yıl önce
Can relate. Lately ive been diong 200R circular perimeter in a terrain with 2 wide and deep rivers and yeah, caves are the worst to drain XD
Aidan Yıl önce
10,481 sponges placed? Also, I love your content, this has been my favorite hardcore series pretty much since it started.
Master Oogway
Master Oogway Yıl önce
I genuinely don't understand how People can do projects like this. My brain could never cope with the painstakingly long process 😅 Huge respect to you man Also I think you placed 8,257,536 sponge blocks 😏
Zigzag Sugar
Zigzag Sugar Yıl önce
The dedication you have is just insane also I think you placed 8639 sponges also amazing video really impressive.
Paul Lacroix
Paul Lacroix Yıl önce
What is the texture pack that makes you see underwater this clear ?
Brandon Lester
Brandon Lester Yıl önce
Honestly props to you for having the sanity to do projects like this, I barely have the sanity to build a functional basic skeleton farm over the course of 2 days. And my guess for the sponges is at the very least 8.5k
Tanzeem Yıl önce
U got a great sense of humour fun to watch and and number of sponges u used were more that 5000 I guess so😂
JohnnyBEgOOd645 Yıl önce
A month in the making..... the legend is back
Strums&Beats Yıl önce
I have never seen such dedication for a block game. Love ur vids brock. Waiting for new vids everyday
jsfn00 Yıl önce
not even halfway through video and omg.... totally worth the wait. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your videos
gorilla vr
gorilla vr 11 aylar önce
yep true
Roblox Animation
Roblox Animation Yıl önce
Nice animation bro! Keep it up!
Dragu Maria
Dragu Maria Yıl önce
My favourite mc TRshowr... You tell us all you do on this series and you do things that I love Hardcore and Redstone farms
Silver Animations
Silver Animations 11 aylar önce
Man your vids are really incredible and I think u deserve more likes although 20k it’s still good amount
Ducky and Donut
Ducky and Donut Yıl önce
9893 sponges? just a wiled guess and also this was absolutely INSANE it tops all the other ones that other ppl have done!
Kira Frost
Kira Frost Yıl önce
Dude, I cant believe, this is a massive work done, I can compare it to netherite beacon project, and it's just to make a witch farm. Well done, keep it up. Much love
Achi Bellarosa
Achi Bellarosa Yıl önce
Wait, you can get infinite redstone from Cleric villagers. But the other items are worth decimating a swamp for, so carry on.
Gamers United
Gamers United 11 aylar önce
Great vid! Nice and funny and lighthearted!
Sausageroller Yıl önce
Wow been almost a year I found you from that end island video and been loving your videos since keep up the great work
Morgan 11 aylar önce
I love how the video went from "I tamed a cat" to "I destroyed the world."
NotNotBrock Yıl önce
gamers what do we think of the new mega project?! this one is gonna take awhile but i'm so pumped!! also this video took so long PS i did not mean to dislike the comment about the water remover pls forgive me :(
GodPiercer Yıl önce
i love your videos
Branch Yıl önce
Covid stank
Learn with Aarav
Learn with Aarav Yıl önce
Get better soon!!
PC Films
PC Films Yıl önce
Danzel Glovington
Danzel Glovington Yıl önce
I can't find the second channel you advertised :(
Rugaru Yıl önce
8,957 sponges placed total? That’s my guess. Also great work, and dedication, keep it up!
HereForYoutube Yıl önce
My gosh this is insane! Im jealous of your dedication XD My guess is 147,380 sponges placed. Edit: NOOOOO I JUST SAW THE ENDING
2head Yıl önce
That water cave probably will give you the world record for finding the biggest one
Gary the Cat
Gary the Cat Yıl önce
Man congrats on 400k! Also it’s insane to me that you can do such crazy things in Minecraft. Also you went from 100k, 6 months ago, to 400k 🤯
Recon boy
Recon boy 11 aylar önce
This man is on fire. He has broken records
Harrydallama Yıl önce
I already know that video is going to be awesome! Also congrats on 400k! 🎉
Jib Yıl önce
Respect the length of effort u went through to make an amazing quality video for us also it think around 8345 sponges
Palash Verma
Palash Verma Yıl önce
Can't believe you just uploaded this project! I've been making the same project (but 2 witch huts) in my own world for about a month now!
Nate Angelo
Nate Angelo Yıl önce
You should build a sand (gravel and concrete) duplicator.
Spring Yıl önce
you should swap the witch farm for a stacking raid farm as witch farms are completely obsolute to raid farms now, hell even a easy one like ianxofours is like 16x more than the witch hut in rates and easy to build
GrayIsGaming Yıl önce
You are a very underrated TRshowr your retention is insane
Turan Mehmed
Turan Mehmed Yıl önce
After you've made the farms you gotta close the hole, and make a big palace above it. Make it fancy! :)
Francine Nzilampa
Francine Nzilampa Yıl önce
A mansion above it would be cool
Zachery Butter
Zachery Butter Yıl önce
@Francine Nzilampa It would, but would need to be spawn proof lol
gamers BR
gamers BR Yıl önce
Actually, you only places 502 sponges, because that's the amount you got (7stacks and a 54 sponges) but in total placement I'd say you placed.... 6400 sponges or you're playing a joke on us and it's 5001. Anyhow, massive amount of respect to you, that's a project I can only dream of doing! Great episode, Brock!
omni Yıl önce
"My hardcore world must've been made by Lord Farquad" got me dying
Memes for human
Memes for human Yıl önce
For redstone, you can also make a simple raid farm🤓
Lol Yıl önce
I have never seen such a gigantic hole in Minecraft! Just Wow😯Congrats on 400k🎉🎊
Geogamer 11 aylar önce
A quick moment of silence for all the diamonds blown up in this video
Sarch Lalaith
Sarch Lalaith Yıl önce
15:12 If you had logged out and back in Writtle that water that looks flat have flooded that entire section again or would it just have stayed put looking like a literal wall of water?
Meloncholy Chill 🍉
Meloncholy Chill 🍉 Yıl önce
There is no way i ll be able to do anything like this, with casual amount of time i have for minecraft! Thanks for the video 💙
Shubhu Yıl önce
Congratulations 🎉 for 400k This video is awesome i am so excited for the next episode keep it up i will always support you😉
phantomphoenix 8 aylar önce
for future reference search Ilmango Ancient Debris World Eater. Or Fallen Breath World Eater. These world eater's are designed to remove terrain and liquids to create farm perimeters like the one you're building in this video. they're not super complicated compared to some of the world eater's and redstone flying machine's I've seen you build in this video so it should be alot simpler for you going forward
Callmewhatever Yıl önce
I think you placed more the 20000 sponges. Gonna guess somewhere along 23987. Also, enjoy the content and keep up the work
Terpe Yıl önce
How do you edit so good? And what app do you use
This Girl J
This Girl J Yıl önce
Dude, such a grindy task!! GG on the progress AND the video.
ItsRed 6 aylar önce
how did I find this comment
This Girl J
This Girl J 6 aylar önce
@ItsRed because you watched a poggers video AND read the comments!! 🔴 is based.
The Epic Rock
The Epic Rock Yıl önce
6897 sponges? This project is insane. Cant wait to see the end result.
Cold_Volcom Yıl önce
I love how Brock blurs out the hole when explaining the project but not in the intro😅
The Barefoot Adventurer
The Barefoot Adventurer 11 aylar önce
Now Imagine if the video was 50 hours long!
MARCO7 Yıl önce
Or you could have just lowered your render distance to 2 chunks and u just delete 4 chunks i think around the witch hut… Edit: you could have just used a world eater u wouldnt need to delete all of the water it deletes water and lava automatically… 2nd Edit: the coral fans are used to dupe the tnt
RadicalElder Yıl önce
That water cave hurt MY soul and I didn't even have to clear it. I'm going to guess 8718 sponges, mostly because you said "it's over 5000" not "it's over 10,000" which would've made sense to say had it been.
Lyndis Mikiyoko
Lyndis Mikiyoko Yıl önce
at 6:16 was that a fossil the tnt machine blew up? those are pretty rare to find! only found in swamps or deserts
lana Yıl önce
if you’re talking about 16:16 then yeah it was
Gamer Boy Tamil
Gamer Boy Tamil Yıl önce
Insane project hat's off 🔥
Bunzzyy Yıl önce
loving this series definetly one im going to rewatch again !!!!
Surbhi Baheti
Surbhi Baheti 11 aylar önce
The one thing i really wanna learn form you is Never Give up!
cri_the_roach Yıl önce
I knew it was a witch farm! I saw the swamp, and the building in the middle, and I was getting flashbacks from when this other dude (legit can't remember, idk if it was sb, or even if sb made a witch farm-) who dug a huge hole and made a witch farm.
Caroline Christie
Caroline Christie 11 aylar önce
think about how much dedication he put into this! Me: digs five blocks, “IM TIRED!!”
Kannon Yıl önce
I just spent 19:38 watching guy dig a huge hole and was not disappointed
MMatrick Trujillo
MMatrick Trujillo Yıl önce
i was checking your channel for a new video every week, Keep up the great content!
XRayC4 Yıl önce
Coral makes the TNT glitch, and that's what makes the TNT duplicate And it might've been a bit faster, if you used a world eater But I'm glad you got the hole finished!
gjfklglksdfghlk3234jkl Yıl önce
Love the content !
Joseph Sh
Joseph Sh Yıl önce
Wait so you spent 2 weeks to make hole for a which farm... Now that's called dedication
Elemental Creeper 2
Elemental Creeper 2 11 aylar önce
the coral fans are the main component in duplicating the TNT, I think its a glitch that just never got fixed, because the TNT is able to fall through, but the game thinks it cant fall through so it dupes, not sure though.
Deathdealer Yıl önce
Now this is a MEGA project!
Sarthak Sonpatki
Sarthak Sonpatki Yıl önce
Great stuff but couldn't you just make a world eater which would have saved a lot of time also it removes water and lava pockets automatically.
Tanner Benson
Tanner Benson Yıl önce
You can also get tons of Redstone from trading with cleric villagers, and its faster than a witch farm.
Jans Davis Belerts
Jans Davis Belerts Yıl önce
even the ones who make the farm comes back to these videos
Rachit Pandit
Rachit Pandit Yıl önce
awesome video as usual ! Love ur vids Brock
Isaac Shenton
Isaac Shenton 15 gün önce
Not building the return station is something i would definitely think about doing but forget as well.
cj Yıl önce
i’d LOVE your seed for my builds, is there any way you can share it?
Michael Palacios
Michael Palacios Yıl önce
As for sponge blocks you said how many you've placed down so i'm going to include the nether trips and say around 25,008 sponge blocks placed
oliver wayne Chang
oliver wayne Chang 11 aylar önce
The reason you need coral fans is the coral fan somehow duplicates it
Brodie Dudley
Brodie Dudley Yıl önce
I feel like you might have used around 14000 sponges, probably way off but may as well try!!!
TheTrueBox Yıl önce
Great Job Man
Gains Only
Gains Only Yıl önce
I hope that whomever reads this will have a wonderful day and that anything they are struggling with or worrying about will become better
Gpops22 Az
Gpops22 Az Yıl önce
i hope
Vincent Krawiec
Vincent Krawiec Yıl önce
dude for the redstone you could have build the practical stacking raid farm by ianxofour it produces the same amount and also emeralds and there is bo spawnproofing required pls do that in the next episode
RofoRex Yıl önce
Casually deleting an entire world. Great episode lad.
Stephen Lynx
Stephen Lynx 5 aylar önce
The best way to get redstone is to make a trade hall with lots of clerics that have been healed 5 times( or 4, can't remember too well).
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