I Spent 50 Hours Destroying my Hardcore World

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i removed my hardcore world, here's why
Project inspired by: @ParrotX2 & @LoonyMC
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Music provided by Epidemic Sound
Music also provided by Kevin Macleod is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
Source: incompetech.filmmusic.io
ilmango witch farm: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-rr8...
ilmango water remover: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwm22...
Rays Works water remover: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9q4Z...
pixeils guide to world eating: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPeNF...

GamersUnite2022 Aylar önce
Sponges: 10892
Dutchyoloprogamer 14 gün önce
@notnotbrock lover by posting this comment i do hope u considered the fact that this actually takes weeks to do so daily uploads won’tbe a thing. Not even other games, bc it would take to much time leaving the content creator with almost no time to rest/sleep. So yh just be patient.
Timur Tag
Timur Tag 16 gün önce
Fdbffh Uhehe
Fdbffh Uhehe 16 gün önce
it’s actually 1
lithikthegreat 18 gün önce
Shrek 2 aylar önce
I keep my swamp away from you that's why u couldn't find one
gorilla vr
gorilla vr 25 gün önce
shrek we shall battle again
RRpro plays
RRpro plays Aylar önce
Its 5002
Anderson Family
Anderson Family Aylar önce
The hell
Lincoln Rogers
Lincoln Rogers Aylar önce
cattails12 Aylar önce
@Shrek @Shrek TWO SHREK?!?!?!
Joshua Onyeator
Joshua Onyeator Aylar önce
His work is absolutely amazing but it must take a monumental amount of time
Jesis Shrestha
Jesis Shrestha Aylar önce
this guy is so funny. truly underrated
Emjadchris Aylar önce
Even though I saw the void-maker, this is still insanely impressive 👍
Byrd Aylar önce
The coral fans are used for the actual duping of the TNT because of their weird hitbox and properties
TheLastFire 2 aylar önce
I love how the video went from "I tamed a cat" to "I destroyed the world." 10/10
PR 16 gün önce
its all cat
SoWierdGames Aylar önce
and the fact that he disliked the comment that saved him hours! xdd
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley Aylar önce
@Rozalia Majewska lol
Rozalia Majewska
Rozalia Majewska Aylar önce
@Kevin Kelley what?!
Pupil Aylar önce
or yk like... literally everything else
Kan3do Aylar önce
we see his sanity slowly crumbling as the video keeps going
Always Sad
Always Sad Aylar önce
It Was a massive work Huge thanks to you
Jan Krajewski
Jan Krajewski Aylar önce
Can relate. Lately ive been diong 200R circular perimeter in a terrain with 2 wide and deep rivers and yeah, caves are the worst to drain XD
RNJoy Aylar önce
Brock this is insane. Like, not just because you literally lost grip of your sanity towards the end there, but because it is crazy impressive. Loooooooved the video.
axl vc
axl vc 2 aylar önce
So you used chunkbase to locate ocean monuments but didn't use it to locate a swamp?
holy bear
holy bear Aylar önce
He did say he gained no intelligence
Sapphire Moon
Sapphire Moon Aylar önce
Belivergaming Aylar önce
Atariiii Aylar önce
I’m sure he used chunk base for the swamp aswell
hi_ im_kai
hi_ im_kai Aylar önce
that’s what i’m saying
Plix Aylar önce
For redstone, you can also make a simple raid farm🤓
trent johnson
trent johnson Aylar önce
Hey Brock. Love you vids I think the montages edits are crazy cool! I think you placed 10,239 sponges
Tanner Benson
Tanner Benson Aylar önce
You can also get tons of Redstone from trading with cleric villagers, and its faster than a witch farm.
Darkness King
Darkness King Aylar önce
if you want the hole to contain every farm possible then it will have to extend far more then this hole.
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕 2 aylar önce
What a tragic ending to this otherwise wonderful episode of your hardcore world
Merry 2 aylar önce
It was the cats plan. Not his, they're finally taking control by starting by your minecraft worlds.
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕
Poor Pizza Monke 🍕 2 aylar önce
@natalie chou yes 😭
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon 2 aylar önce
@natalie chou yes 😢
natalie chou
natalie chou 2 aylar önce
What the cat died?
natalie chou
natalie chou 2 aylar önce
Tanzeem Aylar önce
U got a great sense of humour fun to watch and and number of sponges u used were more that 5000 I guess so😂
Randy Machine
Randy Machine Aylar önce
I am laughing because he didn't use a world eater. I love watching non-techincal players dip their toes into our world. Even so, absolutely loved the video!!! Super entertaining and huge respect for doing this WITHOUT a world eater lmao. Good content man, keep it up!!
🌼Jenny🌼 Aylar önce
I have never seen such a gigantic hole in Minecraft! Just Wow😯Congrats on 400k🎉🎊
Nate Angelo
Nate Angelo Aylar önce
You should build a sand (gravel and concrete) duplicator.
Loony 2 aylar önce
Epic video, excited for the project to follow! Also the 15:07 replay mod is nuts!
Sparks_Unknown Aylar önce
Akhiu Aylar önce
Brock is a simp he won't reply to loony but repliy to Taneesha:( 😆
Joe Cox
Joe Cox Aylar önce
It’s another swamp destroyer
I have exactly 18 subscribers
I have exactly 18 subscribers 2 aylar önce
hi @Loony i love ur content :)
RadicalElder Aylar önce
That water cave hurt MY soul and I didn't even have to clear it. I'm going to guess 8718 sponges, mostly because you said "it's over 5000" not "it's over 10,000" which would've made sense to say had it been.
GrayIsGaming Aylar önce
You are a very underrated TRshowr your retention is insane
dcs Aylar önce
i’d LOVE your seed for my builds, is there any way you can share it?
Morgan Aylar önce
I love how the video went from "I tamed a cat" to "I destroyed the world."
Taneesha 2 aylar önce
Only 3 mins into this video and already hooked!!! Awesome video so far Brock!
Simontiboy Aylar önce
@NotNotBrock same
NotNotBrock 2 aylar önce
thanks Taneesha! :)
Paul Lacroix
Paul Lacroix Aylar önce
What is the texture pack that makes you see underwater this clear ?
Roblox Animation
Roblox Animation Aylar önce
Nice animation bro! Keep it up!
Silver Animations
Silver Animations Aylar önce
Man your vids are really incredible and I think u deserve more likes although 20k it’s still good amount
Gamers United
Gamers United Aylar önce
Great vid! Nice and funny and lighthearted!
thingmasu 2 aylar önce
Respect to Loony. And congrats for dedication Brock!
Johan leibert
Johan leibert Aylar önce
@NotNotBrock fr I can't beleive
JoshIsFound Aylar önce
@NotNotBrock wut
This Girl J
This Girl J 2 aylar önce
ShuThunder 2 aylar önce
@This Girl J btw nice to see you again!!!!!!
ShuThunder 2 aylar önce
@This Girl J wait waaaaa ur his wife?????????
The Barefoot Adventurer
The Barefoot Adventurer Aylar önce
Now Imagine if the video was 50 hours long!
Recon boy
Recon boy 28 gün önce
This man is on fire. He has broken records
Surbhi Baheti
Surbhi Baheti Aylar önce
The one thing i really wanna learn form you is Never Give up!
RofoRex Aylar önce
Casually deleting an entire world. Great episode lad.
NotNotBrock 2 aylar önce
gamers what do we think of the new mega project?! this one is gonna take awhile but i'm so pumped!! also this video took so long PS i did not mean to dislike the comment about the water remover pls forgive me :(
Selah Rivera
Selah Rivera Aylar önce
You know you can pin this
KING_BROCK 2 aylar önce
great video
Mr fire
Mr fire 2 aylar önce
DamagePlan Plays
DamagePlan Plays 2 aylar önce
I. Love it
Alexander Tucker
Alexander Tucker 2 aylar önce
also can we get a f for the cat rip 2022-2022
gjfklglksdfghlk3234jkl Aylar önce
Love the content !
TheFlyingWhale Aylar önce
19:23 So you basically wanted to tell him that you destroyed his old home?
Caroline Christie
Caroline Christie Aylar önce
think about how much dedication he put into this! Me: digs five blocks, “IM TIRED!!”
ZS IS THE BEST Aylar önce
I love ur videosss ❤❤❤ :) also could u plss make a 2000 days video in like a movie after 10 episodes? Itll be soo cool
LukeyOh3 2 aylar önce
The amount of respect that i have for this guy to be able to work on the same project for weeks and seeing little progress for a long time, yet pursuing
Terpe Aylar önce
How do you edit so good? And what app do you use
David Huston
David Huston Aylar önce
Hey I actually dug out a 100*100*64 and it took me 4.5 months to do also it was by hand
Elemental Creeper 2
Elemental Creeper 2 Aylar önce
the coral fans are the main component in duplicating the TNT, I think its a glitch that just never got fixed, because the TNT is able to fall through, but the game thinks it cant fall through so it dupes, not sure though.
2head Aylar önce
That water cave probably will give you the world record for finding the biggest one
nobody will ever know
nobody will ever know 2 aylar önce
You're too hard on yourself, you rambling random stuff while doing shit is the entire reason I watch your videos. xD Okay, your builds are also next level dedication and some of the best stuff I've seen out there, but honestly, without your chaotic narration you probably wouldn't have gotten me hooked, so please keep it up, you're awesome.
Geogamer Aylar önce
A quick moment of silence for all the diamonds blown up in this video
Vegeta Supersaiyan
Vegeta Supersaiyan Aylar önce
okay so your perimeter is amazing but i am sorry to break it that way: but what is the point of making perimeters ? i mean yeah its damn cool ! but the ocean level is always the same everywhere so if you find a big ocean that is like 16 by 16 chunck then you have a flat area then you just go 128 bloc above the water level since in 1.18 the sky limit became much much higher, so you can build all kinds of farm from 128y above ocean level up to sky limit wich nullifie the meaning of perimeters 🥲
Jans Davis Belerts
Jans Davis Belerts Aylar önce
even the ones who make the farm comes back to these videos
CokeGotTapped Aylar önce
i think you used 9848 sponges during this video! I love your videos ❤
Josiah Puran
Josiah Puran Aylar önce
I think you have to multiply the amount of sponges gathered by the amount of time he made entrance to the nether to fry it them add the amount of stacks he used to do the mini dry up them you'll have the answer
HIT ME UP ON NICEGRAM 👉@KevinNealon Aylar önce
Thanks for watching ✅. You won🎁
Ghajestis 16 gün önce
to my knowledge, flying machines stop working if they go out of render distance. if you make a mistake like you did in this video again, just fly away and then come back
Jimmy 1
Jimmy 1 Aylar önce
Whos gonna tell him how much redstone you get from raid farms 🤫
Ankakick Aylar önce
Hey, nice videos. Could u please make a list of mods you are using ?
HIT ME UP ON NICEGRAM 👉@KevinNealon Aylar önce
Thanks for watching ✅. You won🎁.
Dax Bowman
Dax Bowman 16 gün önce
Dude watched this 4w ago and didn't know who you were and now I've watched your 1000 days video and all the episodes all the way to this
I’m sorry for your pain take a break and enjoy make a mansion the best one yet pls do and enjoy it I appreciate it Tysm
HackingGHG Aylar önce
I think you have been placed exactly 405000 sponges, one for every subcriber.
Vin 34
Vin 34 Aylar önce
I think you used 500 sponges btw you are the best person I have seen put effort in
JBG123 2 aylar önce
A month in the making..... the legend is back
MrAxMan Aylar önce
The real question is why did you search your seed for monuments but not the swamp? Lol
DiamondIsMe 19 gün önce
Didn’t know you can’t trade with clerics to get some Redstone you have the mine out an entire 500 x 500 of the world
TheTrueBox Aylar önce
Great Job Man
oliver wayne Chang
oliver wayne Chang Aylar önce
The reason you need coral fans is the coral fan somehow duplicates it
Yandere Bich
Yandere Bich 28 gün önce
Those amethyst geodes are giving me life!
Germans_Lol 21 gün önce
People playing the create mod while he drains the water: laughs hysterically
tyguy104 Aylar önce
The witch hut spawner, because you need redstone? Yeah, you can just mine for it at lower y levels, like you said or you could buy some redstone off a cleric? Is that one not an option for you. If I don't want to mine for redstone but I need it, I'll just buy it off of a master cleric in my world. What I don't do is build a witch hut spawner. I mean if you want to kill witches, build a raid/iron farm, you'll get witches from raids too
Failed Experiment
Failed Experiment Aylar önce
What should your viewers be called? I mean it's obvious we have to be something with melons
Vermeer 2 aylar önce
10,481 sponges placed? Also, I love your content, this has been my favorite hardcore series pretty much since it started.
PurplePenguin69 Aylar önce
notnotbrock: wastes his life digging a hole to make witch farm me: raid farm go brrrrrrrrr
Levious Aylar önce
I think you placed around 12,859 sponges at least
David Aylar önce
One time I drained an entire ocean monument and it took 10 damn months without water machines
Ducky and Donut
Ducky and Donut 2 aylar önce
9893 sponges? just a wiled guess and also this was absolutely INSANE it tops all the other ones that other ppl have done!
Bryce Ralph
Bryce Ralph Aylar önce
How rare is it for a witch to drop a potion
MrJackrussell12 Aylar önce
The man did it. He drained the swamp
Craig Damien
Craig Damien Aylar önce
i love your videos :)
Mr Pizza
Mr Pizza Aylar önce
Brock: guess how much sand I placed. Me: way to many! 😂
Meep does edits
Meep does edits Aylar önce
I know how many sponges you placed, the answer is 502, you kept using the same 8 stacks from when you first got them
HIT ME UP ON NICEGRAM 👉@KevinNealon Aylar önce
Thanks for watching ✅ You won🎁.
Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander 22 gün önce
protip: if you die in ur hardcore world click spectate world then open word up to LAN so commands get enabled and change urself out of spectator mode: Free 2nd life :)
severalsquirrels 20 gün önce
Halfway through the video and I've fully forgotten what our objective was lool
F4ntasy Aylar önce
You followed the guide wrong lol, you used a trench maker to make a perimeter
Memes For Joe?
Memes For Joe? Aylar önce
why didnt u start blowing up dry part and drain other parts to save time
PimIDK Aylar önce
I think you places 7216 sponges while making the big hole
Neosell Aylar önce
You can buy redstone and lapis from a cleric villager
Rexyjp123 Aylar önce
Why didnt you just make a raid farm since theres also witches,
Pratyush Krishna
Pratyush Krishna 2 aylar önce
Man you worked so hard! You deserve more attention mate.
DaSportyYamper Aylar önce
when brock hits 2000 days the village is going to be DUMMY THICCC
Edwin Aylar önce
I don't want to discourage you, but if you played on Bedrock, you wouldn't have this problem. Bedrock mobs spawn from top down, and only within 44 blocks (on sim distance 4) of the player.
HIT ME UP ON NICEGRAM 👉@KevinNealon Aylar önce
Thanks for watching ✅ You won🎁.
Is From 51
Is From 51 Aylar önce
This is basically impossible in bedrock edition
Gilliany Valerio
Gilliany Valerio 26 gün önce
everything that could’ve went wrong went wrong
Sarch Lalaith
Sarch Lalaith 2 aylar önce
15:12 If you had logged out and back in Writtle that water that looks flat have flooded that entire section again or would it just have stayed put looking like a literal wall of water?
Capybara The Commenter
Capybara The Commenter Aylar önce
Not like mining redstone was less time 😂
Matthew3050 Aylar önce
The fact that he disliked the comment that helped him out on the water remover
Stam Dagdelenis
Stam Dagdelenis Aylar önce
Make a super easy 5 stacked raid farm❌ spend 50 hours to make a witch farm
enemy of ScoutXDtds he is a noob
enemy of ScoutXDtds he is a noob Aylar önce
9:02 coral fans are used to dupe tnt
Harrydallama 2 aylar önce
I already know that video is going to be awesome! Also congrats on 400k! 🎉
NinjaSquirel99 Aylar önce
im guessing it was probably between 500,000 slime blocks and 5 mil. I do get how thats a huuuge margin tho
no one
no one 16 gün önce
The coral fans are used to duplicate the tnt using a weird bug
OldNight 6 gün önce
Bro, you are amazing
Colorful Water
Colorful Water Aylar önce
Love it!
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