I'm Not Sleeping Tonight - 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will MESS YOU UP BRO !

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5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will MESS YOU UP BRO !

artofkickz 8 aylar önce
Dont forget I got another video like this dropping in 45 mins.
King Justice
King Justice Gün önce
@BH Tezzo What?
King Justice
King Justice Gün önce
@BH Tezzo See what ?
King Justice
King Justice 2 gün önce
Sam Good
Sam Good 3 gün önce
Starts at 13:33
Sam Good
Sam Good 3 gün önce
At around 13:40 there are what appears to be two orbs on the left side for your face
Cryptic Painter
Cryptic Painter 26 dakika önce
I think I made a mistake watching this at 3am 👀
sanna kuusela
sanna kuusela Saatler önce
Recommending skinwalker and wendigo storys never going to Look at Deere or Coyote same way
Canned Pizza
Canned Pizza 4 saatler önce
That ghost girl can have that house. HELLL NAHHHH
Jinn Iv
Jinn Iv 10 saatler önce
i see vegeta funko. subbed.
Maria Aparecida
Maria Aparecida 11 saatler önce
Oh my good 😅😅😅😅 and just last LaSalle 😄😄
Featherstone Jewelry & Healing
Featherstone Jewelry & Healing 11 saatler önce
leaving isn't a good idea. spirits can follow you. plus, you must put your foot down and tell them to move on. if not they may never rest or find their relatives on the other side.
Spike James
Spike James 11 saatler önce
Hate to tell you but you have a ghost orb in your video going into your shoulder or going behind your back and then coming out again at minute mark 13:33 and 13:37 of your video!
Vincent Coffey
Vincent Coffey 12 saatler önce
Dude imagine ur high asf and sum shit like this happens 💀
Ame' Hayami
Ame' Hayami 14 saatler önce
Lmao! The 2nd video i could reproduce everything in there
Travis Dalton
Travis Dalton Gün önce
Bro did you notice at 13:54 seconds you have a orb fly right next you appear and disappear just saying
Travis Dalton
Travis Dalton Gün önce
Correction start watching from 13:50 to 14:00 you’ll see it appear and then reappear in the same exact spot
Jerome Locklear Jr.
Jerome Locklear Jr. Gün önce
Broo go back to 13:30 and watch in the middle of the screen closely you'll see a light orb fly by you Artofkickz
Taylor Flanders
Taylor Flanders Gün önce
Was that your friend sneaking in the background 2:90
Mamaw Keel
Mamaw Keel Gün önce
But they funny
KingRichard Gün önce
It seams like this ghost peeking around the corner is becoming a thing now.
Tonya mcclendon
Tonya mcclendon Gün önce
Hi love you.. Can you make the picture bigger If its dark its real hard to see if its small. Thank you
Teresa Padgett
Teresa Padgett Gün önce
The scariest thing about the Polish video are the stairs in that building?
Tristan Becker
Tristan Becker Gün önce
I did to man 0:58
Daniel Gün önce
is that your home ghost at 3:05 ? :)
Felida unknown
Felida unknown Gün önce
The guy with the girl ghost, his followers did him wrong, you never talk to the ghost especially alone, with a candle, in front of a mirror.
King Justice
King Justice Gün önce
I got mad love for you bro,been watching your shows since day one,I've been thinking about donating too you deserve it 😇🙂 I truly Love what you've become with all your Great Work and efforts wow you done a really Good Job ,you really come a long way ,Congrats 👏 🤘🤙👍👌Keep improvising on your technics you awesome bro . Am a huge fan of you all the way bro ,see you on your next show .One Love .
King Justice
King Justice Gün önce
Every time you mention the lords name or you say dammit man I see orbs around every reaction u take on those scary spirit videos ,listen bro i think the energy of good and evil is trying to figure you out you have to try to bring a positive view on this videos and let the people who's watches know there's a light at the end of the tunnel that's one of the orbs around you by the way just like there's the other orb that tries to influence fear to this people watching your videos to keep this short bro you have to go on and be the good energy for them that are in taking the journey this journey either brings them closer to one or the other orbs, bro is a spirit war and you are in the side of the influencer you are marketing this energies be a positive tool that's what this orbs are there for that you see flying around you ...is not a joke bro ,becareful
King Justice
King Justice Gün önce
What's up with the orbs around you bro?
NELLIE'S WORLD 2 gün önce
After 40 mins from below the youtube plack to his arm when he has his face in the paper towel u can see an orb come straight to him n the camera
Debra Williams
Debra Williams 2 gün önce
BrookYoho 2 gün önce
13:32 there is a strange orb above the video panel that floats around not saying it's a ghost but it's strange
Vyrus Nation Gaming
Vyrus Nation Gaming 2 gün önce
So I started watching your channel as a music reaction channel and now I'm watching mostly ghost vids lol.
Denise Sebring
Denise Sebring 2 gün önce
Love Nukes top 5, but you want to really freaked out, check out #TimMorozov and #Darkghostparanormal their amazing
Osun Wanica
Osun Wanica 2 gün önce
Cumberland Mall?
8 months later: Me: so we not gon act like we just didn’t see a kid run in the top left corner behind him @3:23
Reed Piersons
Reed Piersons 3 gün önce
You need to keep a cooler with a cold rag beside you. Then you can take care of those hot flashes proper! Be prepared, nice cool rag on your face and neck...yyyyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh.😎😎😎😎😎
Hangerboi 340
Hangerboi 340 3 gün önce
13:30 a ghost orb appears
OverLordHermit 3 gün önce
One day ill go to a haunted place and tell the ghosts/spirits/demons to come @ me
OverLordHermit 3 gün önce
Should be amusing
Danny Toon
Danny Toon 3 gün önce
Why do you have a Travis?, your room mate, rental, friend, with these ghosts show's, you can afford the rent your self.
SoozanJ Bee
SoozanJ Bee 4 gün önce
Franco got ghost...and you got a new subscriber
ShexLeggoo 4 gün önce
Am I the only one who seen an Orb after he watched the number 4 video
johnba291972 4 gün önce
I hope I'm not gonna watch all this and its just some dumb fuck watching tv 'ghost' shows and thinking they're scary, like he doesn't understand the concept of tv and tv shows and how they use special effects and bullshit to entertain gullible morons who actually believe that a tv production company are going to spends hundreds of thousands of dollars taking a whole film crew and exensive equiment to a supposed 'haunted' building on the off chance that something weird, creepy and 'unexplainable' might happen, knowing full well if nothing was to happen, which is most likely. And that they wouldn't be going there already planning what 'fuckeries' they can put into the show for that location. I mean you've seen scary horror movies right? You know they exist and that making things look supernatural on film using, CGI, special effects and all sorts of trickery is like an actual thing? I know you do, obviously you do, because they do and everyone knows they do. So why would you think for a moment that a tv production is incapable and/or unprepared to use the same effects, especially when there is millions of dollars involved. I mean the bit about the dog, then just using footage of the/a dog barking about 4 times was so weak as fuck, lol. "It could be a hoax" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHALOLOLLOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOMAO And yeah I know I'm being trolled hahahh
johnba291972 4 gün önce
So are you being, right now hah
Braap Nation
Braap Nation 4 gün önce
Bro @artofkickz Ik you seen the orb flying in your video
The reason why someone would have that many cats is because in many countries it is a tradition to have at least one cat in the house, in many cultures and religions cats are viewed to ward off evil and defend against evil spirits.
As an example I had a friend who had an evil spirit in her home and she said when the evil spirit manifested, her cats warned her and the spirit was driven away. Shortly after I went back to cleanse and bless her house. It was terrifying
Steven Doyle
Steven Doyle 4 gün önce
Who the fuck creeping behind you ass shit scary enough
zoomzoom885 4 gün önce
Dude cats are relaxing to have around,we had six one point sadly three died. I also lived in a haunted house,I saw been touched and a spirit looking like my son when he was in Kitchener anyone see the orb? 13:40 while he was wiping his forehead ?
White Buckets
White Buckets 4 gün önce
11:58 debit or credit🤣
Elijah Coston
Elijah Coston 5 gün önce
this video uploaded 8 months ago n i’m watching it at 10 pm,
CapriCorn Nai
CapriCorn Nai 5 gün önce
Spirits walk back and forth like a repeated video recording ..if they had a job before they passed they basically repeat that job as if they were still alive
CapriCorn Nai
CapriCorn Nai 5 gün önce
Wow at around 13:36 you even have a orb of light that passes behind you which is a spirit ..those are not bugs
Jay The Red Panda
Jay The Red Panda 5 gün önce
Heather Dukes
Heather Dukes 5 gün önce
Ghost Adventures prepared me for this. Demon House makes these videos seem like a middle school class project.
Eashaantheman 5 gün önce
This was a good video and ur chair looks dope what's the name of the brand?
VC シ MEGMA 5 gün önce
Zena Jumbe
Zena Jumbe 6 gün önce
His intro sounds like oh dre. Iv been a fan of OGDre.
skipio957 6 gün önce
I want to see some people who won't waver or run or let the fear get to them. I feel like it would lead to better investigations
skipio957 6 gün önce
Number 3 I either would've died trying to find out what was up or found out. I'm way too laid back for something like that to send me running. I always have to find out what causes what and why
skipio957 6 gün önce
Number 4 is either some amazing fabricating or actual haunting but the thing that gets me is that I've never seen videos with ghosts being that blatant. The entire time watching it i was going through theories in my head on how he could've possibly faked it.
skipio957 6 gün önce
What I need is some sort of live stream of someone doing one of those things in the bathroom
Aubrey Gordon
Aubrey Gordon 6 gün önce
and their weird glowing ights floughting around you
Aubrey Gordon
Aubrey Gordon 6 gün önce
dude you got to stop with theys videos there very scary and they make you rilly freak out
Ems LionHeart
Ems LionHeart 7 gün önce
Well, that’s an interesting way to hunt for spirits... “give us a sign are here and then we will leave and never return” No way if that was a human they could make it out of sight in such a short time...
Ems LionHeart
Ems LionHeart 7 gün önce
Now don’t jump to conclusions We don’t know for sure if it’s real or fake These all could be for that matter I try n give benefit of the doubt unless completely obvious I have grown up in a haunted home and have seen an apparition so I KNOW spirits exist I wonder how long her videos are...couldn’t imagine someone pacing for 6 hrs, as was stated, day after day, as a hoax I’d be done after 3 min lol
Ems LionHeart
Ems LionHeart 7 gün önce
“This is the moment....that we shit ourselves and each had a stroke, then we ran anyway” Oh. TRUST it’s fcukn scary on video
Ems LionHeart
Ems LionHeart 7 gün önce
OH! FCUK THAT! I woulda been out after that bite...obviously done w a “human mouth” What gets me are “her” glowing eyes Even if faked, still scary af ADVICE?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ MOVE!
jerry farthing
jerry farthing 7 gün önce
where that doll come from
jerry farthing
jerry farthing 7 gün önce
jumpie the editor
Hunter lamb
Hunter lamb 7 gün önce
I couldn't finish it cuhh
P4UL Liles
P4UL Liles 7 gün önce
You have a orb of energy shoot into you and out of you at 13:33
Tammy Slavens
Tammy Slavens 7 gün önce
Who went behind you?
Tammy Slavens
Tammy Slavens 7 gün önce
I had an uncle that spent time there years ago last name Evans
Movable Mosquito
Movable Mosquito 7 gün önce
That woman across the street from the church just needs to 360 no scope that guy with a sniper across the streets in the woods and find out who or what it really is
praapje 7 gün önce
Still no convincing footage whatsoever. What they can do nowadays with footage manipulation is amazing.
Sorynn 8 gün önce
17:24 it looks like a paranormal orb floats by, maybe you're becoming second-hand haunted? 😂 Edit: I mean 13:30 my bad Also it's around the center if you're having a hard time spotting it
BrokenMember 8 gün önce
You're embarrassed, imagine how he feels
Laura o' Neill
Laura o' Neill 8 gün önce
New subscriber❤🙂. I saw orb in you're video behind you.
Tonya V
Tonya V 9 gün önce
13:34 - 13:37 there's an orb or something moving by your shoulder infront of the end table and it's not your roommates ghost fart 😂
Cha Legend
Cha Legend 10 gün önce
Number 4 is as fake as those adds in “Pornhub” advertising that Kelly is only 10 miles away ready to screw you. Ghost or sprits don’t blink their eyes!!! That actor girl was blinking more that an crack head!!!
Chris Thrift
Chris Thrift 10 gün önce
Nice orbs at 13:37
Hate Life
Hate Life 10 gün önce
BELIAL GROD 12 gün önce
thomas cain
thomas cain 12 gün önce
13:36 orbs in dat bitch flying over his shoulder
King Hassan
King Hassan 12 gün önce
3:12 behind AOK someone /something walks past
Ayden Ingram
Ayden Ingram 12 gün önce
Hey on number three they found Bigfoot lol
Abhilash Paul
Abhilash Paul 12 gün önce
His reaction are awesome and funny 😂, I like him and this channel.
Jack Browne
Jack Browne 12 gün önce
She has a big hed
PepperedPickles 12 gün önce
I shit my pants when that person was standing behind you
sophia foshee
sophia foshee 12 gün önce
Hell nawwwww u don’t try & communicate w that mess!! That’s not of GOD!! Talking bout that peeking girl...NOPE!! I’m thinking that’s fake though bc her eyes are glowing
YoUr SaDnEsS
YoUr SaDnEsS 14 gün önce
The 2017 Dodge Viper looks so dope guys
Blue Wolf3627
Blue Wolf3627 14 gün önce
4:55 I had a really good uncle named Travis and he was like a big brother to me he sadly passed away when I was around 12 years old it hit me hard and I still remember that day even being 18 and a ghost investigator a still miss him but I know deep down inside he’s always right by my side like a guardian angel
Marquis Henson
Marquis Henson 14 gün önce
Ben laughin nd scared since the whole "who close the door" 1st X watchin my guy 👍👌
Rosales Repair
Rosales Repair 14 gün önce
Señor i dont know if you notice that in this video there was a orbs between the minutes 13:20 to 13:40 in your house.
botcrack 14 gün önce
that ghost girl hella thirsty, peepin on the man like that. lol 10:09 that has to be fake somehow...she blinked...ghost don't need to blink...do they? and why are the eyes glowing..wouldn't that mean they have retinas as any physical person would?
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
I do know this is the most truthful of all of them but you have to know about the nature spirits
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
The shadow thing walking back and forth is just it's just an elemental and he lost his companion but we don't see it and he was expressing his grief that's how you could hear it it broke through that probably took a tremendous amount of energy but I don't think that elemental is evil there are mean ones though there's positive and negative I suggest you listen to the law of one it might make awesome sense the law of one by Brian Scott but he's just reading it the law of one it happened back in the twenties
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
Yep that's an elemental that's in mourning and I think his buddy might be buried there and he hasn't processed his grief that would make sense. I'm sorry I've been colvin crazy right now I'll stop messaging you but I love your videos just don't put anybody down for not being able to be in public they just don't understand yet.
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
That person just hasn't reconciled within themselves in this lifetime in this vibration about being an empath he can't handle it it's too much he drank the Kool-Aid and he found out the real question and he just got lost it was too much
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
If you are the real stuff the scary true stuff of the nature check out jinn's and and other nature elementals like leprechauns and fairies they're not nice it is true
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
Yes I know about this, you should never use a mirror in any kind of ritualistic anything is bad news. However writing a letter and leaving it out and asking in a nice way and understanding that they're lost it will if they're of the negatives it'll help bring them to the positives but they have to leave but no mirrors that's not a good deal
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
Okay I have to make a comment another one. I don't care about whatever religion somebody subscribes to You but if you ask the positive polarity of anything you believe in by the laws of nature the negatives have to go away it is written in the universe a law. But you have to be truthful about asking and you have to be pure when you ask to be left alone those are attachments but the cats know about this they know that's why they can see the way they do most animals can but cats are weird
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
Thank you you are fun to watch I really enjoy your time
jessica voss
jessica voss 14 gün önce
I know about something, I just found your title and I don't know if this is an old episode or not. The reason why he has so many cats but we have lost it in the United States because we don't understand our folklores anymore cats can cleanse a house I think it's the ukrainians that figured this out way back but you never go into a house until you let your cat walk through it it's part of the reason why which is people are scared of their cats but look up the real folklore of how cats cleanse energy. Sorry I'm not punctuating another sick of doing that and I have the I have the covid but thank you for your channel but yes look up the cats how different cats cleanse auras, energy, all sorts of things that's why they're called familiars that's why our animals pick us. Again I apologize for any misspells I have a lot of congestion and my voice recognition isn't understanding me and I'm too tired to fix everything right now thank you for everything you do but the cats you got to check out the cats
WFC & AFC fan train spotter
WFC & AFC fan train spotter 14 gün önce
NAH THERE SOMETHING ELSE 13:35 there is a ghost orb that flies infront of him!
WFC & AFC fan train spotter
WFC & AFC fan train spotter 14 gün önce
30:28 look at the wall near his door. something white and tiny is peeking out....
Vader Dad
Vader Dad 15 gün önce
the quality of camera always made the human face looks scary, especially the eyes lol
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