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Some of the most soothing, relaxing, classical piano masterpieces from Claude Debussy: Reverie, La fille aux cheveaux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair), En bateau, Arabesque 1 and 2, Clair de lune.
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We love music and our goal is to offer you minutes of focus, energy and/or relaxation through classical vibes. That Classical Vibe commits to make conscious efforts to present a variety of playlists and exquisite soundtracks of classical genre.

Monica Gase
Monica Gase 2 aylar önce
Our mother was a gifted pianist. As children, we always came home from school to a house filled with music. Debussy was one of her favorite composers, with his hauntingly beautiful pieces. We lost our mom in 2005, but have wonderful memories of her playing the piano; she gave us the gift of music every day. ❤
Walkaholic 3 gün önce
John Sheehan
John Sheehan 4 gün önce
memories will never die ❤❤
John Peters
John Peters 6 gün önce
May God Bless you and your family. Your mother was a special person.
Nalyd Sivad
Nalyd Sivad 6 gün önce
People are far more sweet and wonderful than what is portrayed overall
Jim Minett
Jim Minett 8 gün önce
that's a great image you just painted. thanks for sharing your gratitude, you and your family were very fortunate. Go mom, now she's entertaining the angels.
Graham Purvis
Graham Purvis Aylar önce
Most beautiful music. My grandma was a concert pianist. She played Debussy at the Royal albert Hall in 1934
John 15 gün önce
Thank you, I enjoyed this comment
Francesco Caracciolo
Francesco Caracciolo 27 gün önce
Congratulations Sure It was a great satisfaction for her
Shiratori Gün önce
00:00 Rêverie 04:18 La fille aux cheveux de lin 06:22 Petite Suite, En bateau 10:06 Arabesque 1 14:28 Arabesque 2 18:13 Clair de lune
Izzy 20 gün önce
Having been raised with no music in my tumultuous home there was no way for me to escape my abusive conditions until I stumbled on Debussy and others whose music was being played in old films my one escape from childhood imprisonment by my disturbed mother. I absorbed this music and regularly played it in my head for my psycholigical survival. As an adult I purchased album after album which has never failed to lift my spirits and the ballets I still envision in my head. Thank you.
Pat Vandall Carano
Pat Vandall Carano 19 gün önce
Music truly heals the spirit.
TB Brick
TB Brick 13 gün önce
Debussy is spot on in these crazy times. I wonder how many others have thought the same in the midst of their crazy times.
L o
L o 4 gün önce
Yana 6 gün önce
Debussy 💀💀💀💀 I can’t 💀💀😭
Anna Magnani
Anna Magnani 21 gün önce
Debussy's music is that of angels of love.❤️❤️ Claire da lume, for the man I love with all my heart, whatever his name is.❤️❤️
Vale The Wolf
Vale The Wolf 5 aylar önce
My first time hearing Debussy. Beautiful, relaxing and just melts the troubles of the World away ❤️ Today is a good day.
Jack Archer
Jack Archer 26 gün önce
I hope you'll be listening to him for many years ahead. My first Debussy was a casette of La Mer played by Charles Munch and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. I was in my '20s and just beginning to get exposed to classical music. I've listened to many splendid recordings of that great, evocative work in the years since, but nothing stands out in my mind like that old cassette with Munch and the BSO. (I still have it, but no way to play it.)
Nahman Armony
Nahman Armony 28 gün önce
Benilton Bezerra
Константин Зеленюк
Константин Зеленюк 3 aylar önce
He is one of the greatest.
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 3 aylar önce
I'm sure you have heard him before and not known it. Clair de Lune is very common background music in stores, movies (Oceans Eleven, Man on Fire, Twilight, Fantasia, The Right Stuff, etc), and tv commercials.
Lord Fatman
Lord Fatman 3 aylar önce
You didn't have to use your AK?
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 7 aylar önce
My love for Debussy’s music is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea From A corner of Tokyo of Japan
R of the BG
R of the BG 13 saatler önce
i hope you have a nice winter this year in tokyo! (ᵔ◡ᵔ)
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 11 gün önce
@eyesuckle Thankyou I hope you are well
eyesuckle 11 gün önce
Hmmm. With a comparison like that, I'd have guessed you were listening to more MoTown than Debussy, Shin-i-chi Kozima.
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima Aylar önce
@David Healy Thankyou your wonderful comment I hope you are well
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima Aylar önce
@私は無です(いつも) Thankyou I hope you are well
Lady Hecate
Lady Hecate 4 aylar önce
As mentioned below, Debussy takes me back to my younger years as well as takes me back to a time to which I imagine...of a quaint home with a beautiful garden of flowers in all colors, of green grass, of a lovely water fountain, of open windows with no screens and mesh curtains gently floating in the breeze, house filled with flowers and comfy furniture.
chelebelle 222
chelebelle 222 3 aylar önce
That's a lovely reminiscence 🥰️
Vale The Wolf
Vale The Wolf 4 aylar önce
Pili S.
Pili S. 4 aylar önce
This is exactly what it brings to my memory, too! Also, carrying flowers with my sister in from the garden :)
Rick D
Rick D 4 aylar önce
So well said Lady well said...
Kaiser Venom
Kaiser Venom 18 gün önce
This guy gets all Debussy.
may not found
may not found 10 gün önce
homemanager12 7 aylar önce
Every time I hear Debussy I picture our old fashioned farmhouse in Maine with its quaint wallpaper and white-painted woodwork and braided rugs. I was 9 years old in 1975 and we had just gotten our first stereo record player with the automatic mechanism that allowed you to stack 6-8 records in queue so you didn’t have to stand by and move the arm at the end of one side. My parents played classical, gospel, hymns, and all the sacred Christmas classics. Every time I hear this music I feel the peace and contentment that still lives in my parents’ house no matter where they live. ❤️❤️❤️
Richard D'Addio
Richard D'Addio 11 gün önce
@Jaim Lawson Cool. Whatever works for you friend.🙂
Jaim Lawson
Jaim Lawson 12 gün önce
@Richard D'Addio It transfers me to an upscale department store. Kind of funny, but I enjoy when someone volunteers and plays.
私は無です(いつも) 2 aylar önce
Valerie Wise
Valerie Wise 3 aylar önce
Beautiful memory.
james haws
james haws 3 aylar önce
For a long time I didn't want to admit I liked Debussy, but thanks to my friends and family's support I was able to come out and tell them I liked Debussy. Now it makes me feel so good, sometimes Debussy is all I can think about.
Jaime Banks
Jaime Banks 10 gün önce
Rainy_Day Aylar önce
@Mike Baker A fellow Debussy lover? Awesome! Hopefully we can all come together!
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 3 aylar önce
Debussy was jazz before jazz, movie credits before movies, and hipster before hipster. There is no shame, friend.
Keerthana Sasitharan
Keerthana Sasitharan 3 aylar önce
I always find Debussy so calming whenever I listen to it, it just bring such nostalgia.
MrTruke 10 gün önce
Debussy is not a musicien, he's a magician.
sy las
sy las 8 saatler önce
@se ro the + bussy
se ro
se ro Gün önce
How to spell it? Idk!!
opwave79 3 aylar önce
Clair de lune was the first piano piece my piano teacher challenged me to learn. It took a while but I finally got it, and along the way opened myself up to Debussy’s amazing library of work.
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 22 gün önce
There is no hit or miss with Debussy's music. All is great. The only problem would be the quality of performance and sound
Sophie Tsai
Sophie Tsai 4 aylar önce
It feels like dreaming! So good! I've also loved Debussy's music.
Jorge Enrique Paz
Jorge Enrique Paz Yıl önce
Genial, el pianista que ejecuta las brilantes obras de Debussy es muy bueno. Gracias por subir esta maravillosa músico de uno de los mayores genios del arte sonoro!
CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 3 aylar önce
My first time hearing Debussy. Beautiful, relaxing and just melts the troubles of the World away ❤️ Today is a good day.
Dung Tran
Dung Tran 10 aylar önce
I love Debussy! His early work was the best. You have to get Debussy while young. But it is a little melancholic, so if you want to have a cheery day, finish on the Bach, never on Debussy.
FarmerGiles 10 gün önce
@BLUE MONSTROSITY Well, the wrong performances can make it sound automatonic, but it's not the composer's fault, it's the interpreter's. Unless you expect to hear the gush you get in so much of today's music. That's not there.
I find Bach to be extremely mathematical and unemotional
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor Aylar önce
@John Caudill Oh, just DON' T ASK. Because if you do he'll tell you! Sheeesh!
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor Aylar önce
Something tells me you're right, there.
FarmerGiles 2 aylar önce
Not all Debussy is melancholic. Try finishing with his String Quartet sometime. You'll dance through your day!
Ma. Rosario Garcia
Ma. Rosario Garcia 2 aylar önce
I miss playing the Debussy piano pieces of my younger years... Thanks for this playlist!
Literalmente cuando escucho "claro de Luna" siento de que me transporto al cielo. Es para un mí una bella melodía celestial.
마늘빵 14 gün önce
i wish i could also play these compositions someday thank you for the playlist!
Simone Resende
Simone Resende 4 aylar önce
I can listen to Debussy all day. This really helps me to concentrate. Thank you!
Cheryl Basso
Cheryl Basso 8 aylar önce
These works are enjoyable to listen to. And it has inspired me to get back to practicing several of these pieces that I used to play years ago.
Mikhael. j
Mikhael. j 8 aylar önce
Goodluck Cheryl.. practicing some form of art is a good habit that may serve you in many ways.
Donald Moody
Donald Moody 28 gün önce
My daughter played these for me. She kept me in a relaxed state of bliss.
CindyKQ 22 gün önce
I would love to see Beau Soir added to this video. It's my favorite piece of all music, even more than Mozart.
miguel román
miguel román 5 aylar önce
Su música me llega a lo más profundo de mi ser. Me transporta a hermosas imágenes y sentimientos.
Pier Carlo Bàrgoni di B.
Pier Carlo Bàrgoni di B. 5 aylar önce
Verdad màs verdadera!
hugo flores
hugo flores 7 gün önce
The best of debussy is how good it feels
David Gomez
David Gomez 6 aylar önce
Mi alma recibe amor y calma gracias a debussy y el ejecutante que lo interpreta.
Clara Choi
Clara Choi 2 aylar önce
Debussy’s music which cleans away the depression deep inside me, will last forever even if I’m not in this world
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 5 aylar önce
I love Debussy's music his music is beautiful and marvelous it helps me to study and work
Nada Vukicevic
Nada Vukicevic 5 aylar önce
Claude Debussy is fascinating, brilliant as ever.
DSL Hernandez
DSL Hernandez 17 gün önce
The pianist is soo good with Debussy!
Shayaan M
Shayaan M 2 aylar önce
First time hearing Debussy, and my goodness do I love his work. I shall look into his work more.
Nek Nosnaws
Nek Nosnaws 2 aylar önce
This music is a real treat! I might have found words to describe the "Debussy effect". This is like a warm shower of sound made with two hands, the combination thereof creating a third experience, which is a careful harmonic blending of the tones through the writing. The result is a feeling of reverence for the music, and gratitude to the wonderful pianist, and the fine instrument that was used for the recording!
Kirk Barkley
Kirk Barkley 11 aylar önce
Oh! Who in the history of man wrote more eloquently *ethereal* music? He was to music what Monet was to art.
Gyongyoo JO
Gyongyoo JO 8 gün önce
100 percent agreed.
Sabrina Xie
Sabrina Xie 5 aylar önce
That was how Liszt described him. He called him an “impressionalist”
Guillaume Bénoliel
Guillaume Bénoliel 5 aylar önce
Debussy, très belle musique! J’adore 👍
Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225
Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225 7 aylar önce
Agreed 💯%
john jones
john jones 7 aylar önce
Chopin nocturnes maybe
Sergio Sergio
Sergio Sergio 10 aylar önce
Pas mal 👍écouter les œuvres d’un grand compositeur en continu c’est vraiment cool 🥰merci beaucoup pour ce partage 👏
Charly P. Romero
Charly P. Romero 3 aylar önce
No hay músico más grande que Debussy.
Tamara Feofilaktova
Tamara Feofilaktova 7 aylar önce
Как просто и красиво! Спасибо за чудесную музыку!
KOSM0S 3 aylar önce
As mentioned below, Debussy takes me back to my younger years as well as takes me back to a time to which I imagine...of a quaint home with a beautiful garden of flowers in all colors, of green grass, of a lovely water fountain, of open windows with no screens and mesh curtains gently floating in the breeze, house filled with flowers and comfy furniture.
Лёва Лёва
Лёва Лёва 8 aylar önce
Наслаждение. Бальзам для души!
Tony Fernandez
Tony Fernandez 5 aylar önce
I've always loved Debussy's music. Great for working, it's the perfect background music.
Mortablunt 4 aylar önce
I find Debussy is perfect for when the going gets hard, or when you're in a deep mood.
Fábio Trombetti
Fábio Trombetti 11 aylar önce
Peças maravilhosa e magnificamente executadas. Gratidão!
Andreia Azevedo
Andreia Azevedo 9 aylar önce
Verdade. Fechando os olhos, quase se esquece da vida real enquanto estamos aqui.
Maria Angela B. M. Pereira
Maria Angela B. M. Pereira 10 aylar önce
Adorei ter achado estas músicas de Debussy, no TRshow ! Boa ideia eles colocarem estas peças, porque São lindíssimas e nos ajudam, como fundo musical, nas tarefas diárias ou para simplesmente relaxar! Debussy é um compositor maravilhoso! Tive a felicidade de visitar sua casa, que virou um museu! Que benção! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
DIPR 10 aylar önce
He's my favorite composer. I would love to have met him.
Awad Elhassan
Awad Elhassan 10 aylar önce
@pierrot polyglotte ى وح
Awad Elhassan
Awad Elhassan 10 aylar önce
pierrot polyglotte
pierrot polyglotte 10 aylar önce
bom saber que existem brasileiros que escutam musica clássica assim como eu 😍 estou lendo artigos e escutando essas lindas obras de Debussy📖🎹🎶
Людмила Медведева
Людмила Медведева 8 aylar önce
Спасибо за удовольствие послушать хорошую музыку.
Samuel Clemens
Samuel Clemens 2 aylar önce
На здоровье
John van Breda
John van Breda 10 aylar önce
Debussy + Chopin + Satie ... what a triology!
Fuiraaa 7 aylar önce
Melancholic gang
Jeff Anselm
Jeff Anselm 9 aylar önce
Danayli Galaviz
Danayli Galaviz 10 aylar önce
Savannah Sloan
Savannah Sloan 5 aylar önce
I listen to this playlist every day multiple times over. Thank you!
Melody Mccullough
Melody Mccullough Aylar önce
So beautiful. ♡
Iza Paim
Iza Paim 9 aylar önce
Debussy espetacular!!!!!
STS Hastur
STS Hastur 3 aylar önce
Debussy is my favorite musician.When i was trapped in my house,i was always listening to his music.
Blas Hernandez
Blas Hernandez 2 aylar önce
I was listening to Debussy on PBS "Star Gazer" and I loved the theme song. Little did I know it was Isao Tomita's rendition of Arabesque #1. I always loved this song and now I listen to much more Debussy. When I listen to Debussy I seem to conjure thoughts and ideas. Very relaxing and soothing music.
Greg 3 gün önce
"Confused about the cosmos, Can't tell a planet from a star? Then give us just five minutes, And we'll show you what they are. Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer" My local PBS ran Horkheimer followed by Red Dwarf, then an old Doctor Who episode. I miss IPTV Sci-Fi saturday nights...
Blas Hernandez
Blas Hernandez 2 aylar önce
@Glenn Wilkshire memories are important and we should always cherish them.
Glenn Wilkshire
Glenn Wilkshire 2 aylar önce
When I was young and getting into music, my brother bought Tomita's Album 'Snowflakes are Dancing'. I remember him playing it so much. Clare de Lune is on there and I loved the whole album but especially that song and his rendition of it. Sadly my brother is no longer with us, but that Album is always one that brings back memories of him to me. I miss him terribly but reminders, like your's, of Isao Tomita, brings many memories back to me. Thank you.
Gia Loc Tran
Gia Loc Tran Aylar önce
Quelle belle musique composee par Claude Debussy ! C'est infiniment romantique !
Allé Chante
Allé Chante 9 aylar önce
Debussy est un compositeur de très grand talent. Qualifier saz musique de relaxante, apaisante est insultant: c'est de la musique et de l'excellente !
Tyler 8 aylar önce
How is calling his music soothing and relaxing insulting? “Great” is not a better adjective.
Monica Stella
Monica Stella 5 gün önce
Beautiful music.
bruh 3 aylar önce
i love how classic music evokes the same feelings and thoughts in all people without lyrics
Shitty Eugene
Shitty Eugene 3 aylar önce
music captures something transcendent
Thias Archery
Thias Archery 3 aylar önce
@Kranioklast Why is that?
Kranioklast 3 aylar önce
Very good, sir. Just make sure you finish on the Bach. Never finish on Debussy.
M& G
M& G 11 aylar önce
La uso para estudiar y me sirve un buen, gracias al pianista y por su puesto al genio de Debussy
David Bawden
David Bawden 3 aylar önce
I already know and love all these songs, but I particularly enjoy these recordings!
Михаил Жуков
Михаил Жуков 4 aylar önce
Легко, тепло с любовью. По воспоминаниям. Н-да...! Это Франция. Великолепно. Спасибо, Клод Дебюсси.
Ayahuaska Pop
Ayahuaska Pop 5 aylar önce
Amo a Debussy, su música es algo que va más allá de nuestras sensaciones humanas.
Matías Alucema Zamorano
Matías Alucema Zamorano 7 gün önce
Un humano creó esto, y sólo un humano puede entenderlo.
Eva González Hernández
Eva González Hernández 2 aylar önce
... yo lo descubrí, inconscientemente, con la sintonía de un programa infantil ... ahora que sé quién es ... no puedo dejar de amarle. Viajaría al espacio con su música y moriría con ella.
Monica Gase
Monica Gase 2 aylar önce
Es la verdad!!
Classical Imperium
Classical Imperium 4 aylar önce
Listen also to
Priscilla Meza
Priscilla Meza 29 gün önce
Berkana 7 aylar önce
his music is full of light and shine, charming!
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima 9 aylar önce
Debussy is a great Alchemist of the piano. Debussy's music invites me into the wonderful and impressive world Listening to Debussy‘s music, eveything will be fine
Rosa María Alarcón Amorós
Rosa María Alarcón Amorós 3 aylar önce
Maravilloso 👏
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 4 aylar önce
Some just speak to a soul never uttering a word ✨ C. Debussy does this for me 🌺
L J 8 aylar önce
His creativity and virtuosity composing are to be found only between the most exceptional musicians.
Ana Camusso
Ana Camusso 5 aylar önce
Debussy es maravilloso, atrapa definitivamente.
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima Aylar önce
These music are the scent of Debussy‘s aesthetics and his unrivaled skill
Shin-i-chi Kozima
Shin-i-chi Kozima Aylar önce
Indescribable beauty Indescribable comfort The dreams of my youth fade as I grow older and sink to the bottom of mymemories Debussy's music transcends time and borders, My soul remains in the Far East
Humberto Borges
Humberto Borges 5 aylar önce
Debussy is the seed of the Bossa Nova. I thank him for this to.
saltytaters 5 aylar önce
Debussy is the first real classical music I've listen to helps me sleep and is even better after a joint or 2
Dhierlyn Magalhães
Dhierlyn Magalhães 6 aylar önce
bom demais
La Fuerza del Intento
La Fuerza del Intento 9 aylar önce
Ulises Ibarra
Ulises Ibarra 2 aylar önce
@Diego no mames, tal vez que Bach era un barroco de la primera escuela y además alemán?????
Diego 8 aylar önce
@Juan Garcera lol que diferencia hay entre ellos ?
Juan Garcera
Juan Garcera 8 aylar önce
When you play Debussy u never go Bach
Chen Eric
Chen Eric 9 aylar önce
Valentin Colas Georgel
Valentin Colas Georgel 9 aylar önce
Really ? how ?
Stella Yıl önce
quanta poesia e arte in queste note, mi sembra di vedere un quadro .... amo profondamente Debussy
양은실 Yıl önce
언제 들어도 아름다운 곡들입니다!
Marcelo Melo
Marcelo Melo 10 aylar önce
Cyndi Silver
Cyndi Silver 2 aylar önce
¡Hermoso gracias Debussy!
Noolie62 8 aylar önce
Always loved Debussy. Going to have Claire de lune at my funeral. ☺️
Magna Piscis
Magna Piscis 8 aylar önce
Every time I listen to Debussy, I'm in awe by just how modern his music is.
Lady Hecate
Lady Hecate 4 aylar önce
It takes me back to a time to which I imagine but never lived of rose filled gardens, quaint house, lush green grass, a country cottage and the list goes on.
Елена Лисичка
Елена Лисичка 10 aylar önce
Благодарю за прекрасное время .... потрясающе...
Сalming music
Сalming music 7 aylar önce
Wonderful music!
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