Buddha's Flute: Speace to Breathe 2

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Buddha's Flute Music

Buddha's Flute: Speace to Breathe 2
Welcome to Buddha's Flute music channel. We create music for inner reflection, meditation, healing and relaxation.

Relax into the sound of flute, singing birds, the flow of the ocean waves. Allow yourself to be elevated in comfort and peacefulness as your being returns to its natural state.

Buddha's Flute Music
Buddha's Flute Music Aylar önce
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Silvia Martinez
Silvia Martinez Gün önce
@Sandrine LORIN no de
Sandrine LORIN
Sandrine LORIN 18 gün önce
Sandrine LORIN
Sandrine LORIN 18 gün önce
Sandrine LORIN
Sandrine LORIN 18 gün önce
Sandrine LORIN
Sandrine LORIN 18 gün önce
Valorie Gladys
Valorie Gladys 17 saatler önce
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Valorie Gladys
Valorie Gladys Gün önce
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Bill Phung
Bill Phung 2 gün önce
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Fernando Tourinho
Fernando Tourinho 2 gün önce
Gosto demais dessa flauta
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres 2 gün önce
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Avia Lightworker Littlehawk 007
Avia Lightworker Littlehawk 007 2 gün önce
Time to unwind myself from a busy work day. Thank you
Self Transcendece Music
Self Transcendece Music 4 gün önce
This is absolutely amazing!
Guter Mond du gehst so stille
Guter Mond du gehst so stille 5 gün önce
idols are a lazy spell! many fall for man-made idols because the music is so beautiful, the candlelight, the scents that exude a pleasant smell ... But that doesn't change the fact that they are idols, no matter how much gold was drawn over them! these idols won't get their lazy ass lifted up for you forever! (sorry, if I should hurt feelings!) throw the ailing idols in the garbage can. rather pray to the true god, jesus, who can really help. every human being has a kind of cesspool which without jesus remains undiscovered and determines us from outside. idols are not a solution, they are a final solution to it. AMEN
Pure Mind Brings Happiness
Pure Mind Brings Happiness 5 gün önce
Happiness is not by chance, but by choice - Jim Rohn Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to reduce negative thoughts. Repeat them often, and believe in them, to make positive changes. I am loved. I am worthy. I am supported. I am enough. I am peaceful. I am grateful. I am getting better and better every day. All I need is within me right now. Have a good life.
Hope Flaggs
Hope Flaggs 8 gün önce
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Claudia 9 gün önce
Space, nicht speace... Aber die Musik ist wunderschön.
Chelsea Chamberlain
Chelsea Chamberlain 11 gün önce
its great until 2:58 when this upbeat weird piano starts playing for 2 min.
Jessica Molligan
Jessica Molligan 11 gün önce
Waterlily Koni
Waterlily Koni 11 gün önce
Hermoso y relajante
Eldon Corie
Eldon Corie 12 gün önce
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Yildiz Gülec-Vitt
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt 13 gün önce
Very Relaxyng
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt 13 gün önce
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt 13 gün önce
From Stressed To Relaxed
From Stressed To Relaxed 13 gün önce
Love the sound, I find it very relaxing ;)
Neptune海王星 14 gün önce
This is so peaceful and soothing!!
Mitsouko Guerlain
Mitsouko Guerlain 14 gün önce
Ty ,love and light to all. We are re- creating a wonderful vibe and situation for ourselves and all creatures on this beautiful Planet. Lending our little fingers of cooperation to the Almighty in this task. All connected and tuned in
Deep Journey
Deep Journey 16 gün önce
Material success is a reflection of the level of your spiritual energy. One does not exist without the other. Balance. Om.
Deep Journey
Deep Journey 16 gün önce
Material success is a reflection of the level of your spiritual energy. One does not exist without the other. Balance. Om.
Jose Thompson
Jose Thompson 17 gün önce
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Simply Fabulous Darling
Simply Fabulous Darling 17 gün önce
I've been listening since 8:00 am CST! And plan on listening all day. I can feel the healing of my anxiety.
Color Wheel
Color Wheel 17 gün önce
Calm and wonderful vibes, thank you so much!
Tribalhealer 17 gün önce
I wish for everyone to achieve internal peace and bliss. Even thought we cannot control what happens in our external environment, we need to create a inner experience that is ailignment with how we want to feel and perceive this world, which is within our control.
xgreen ground
xgreen ground 17 gün önce
MO 'S 18 gün önce
O HPVII 18 gün önce
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λιβυκή θάλασσα
λιβυκή θάλασσα 20 gün önce
Why does Piano music play at 2:58:00 haha??
Rafael 20 gün önce
Trying to decide whether the piano at 2:58:02 is a bug or a feature... maybe neither
Cleo Pickard
Cleo Pickard 20 gün önce
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O HPVII 20 gün önce
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Meditate, Relax, Sleep...
Meditate, Relax, Sleep... 21 gün önce
To the person who is reading this comment, I wish you great success, health, love and happiness !
Damian Matthew
Damian Matthew 21 gün önce
Lol the piano at 2:58. Love it though. May you be happy, well and free of suffering
İNCİ 21 gün önce
Thank you for this beautiful, relaxing music. To all who have read this comment, I wish a life of joy and abundance.🙏
Mike Grisley
Mike Grisley 23 gün önce
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Shelton Oday
Shelton Oday 23 gün önce
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Meditative Community الأرواح المتأملة
Meditative Community الأرواح المتأملة 23 gün önce
Anybody on here, please know you are supported beyond your wildest dream. The universe always has your back. Shine your light, vibrate higher is the only way forward ❣️
Hey Chef Mike
Hey Chef Mike 23 gün önce
My dog gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies while relaxing to this. Now they get to enjoy the peacefulness while they fall asleep with momma. Welcome to this world, little puppers!
Neven Cuca
Neven Cuca 6 gün önce
@myles margady 😂😂
myles margady
myles margady 19 gün önce
Great! Boy or girl, your dog?
Luna Luna
Luna Luna 23 gün önce
like the truth
like the truth 24 gün önce
What’s up with the piano 2:58:00 it takes me right out of whatever is going on in a sort of evil way everything goes red wtf do you have that there ?!
Pedro Canthe
Pedro Canthe 24 gün önce
Ouço enquanto trabalho, me ajuda a pensar melhor. Trabalho de criação de conteúdo nunca é fácil.
O HPVII 24 gün önce
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M L 24 gün önce
I just listened to this whole thing. It was indeed peaceful
Hao Dy Lan
Hao Dy Lan 25 gün önce
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Art of Mind
Art of Mind 25 gün önce
I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize. I love you ♥️💖🌳🌳
R'T OF NATURE 17 gün önce
I agree. Beautiful
Darrin Vinsel
Darrin Vinsel 25 gün önce
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Bill Phung
Bill Phung 25 gün önce
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Eldon Corie
Eldon Corie 25 gün önce
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Harmony Key
Harmony Key 26 gün önce
God bless all of the beautiful souls in this comment section and anyone who's struggling right now. You've got this. We all believe in you.
Jasmin Akhter
Jasmin Akhter 26 gün önce
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AsKaye Relaxation
AsKaye Relaxation 26 gün önce
So soothing and peaceful
Bryan Weaver
Bryan Weaver 26 gün önce
Does Speace mean peaceful space? Haha
Ramerytak Eamerytak
Ramerytak Eamerytak 26 gün önce
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Exiled Patriot
Exiled Patriot 26 gün önce
this guitar is fabulous
Relaxing and Meditation Music Videos
Relaxing and Meditation Music Videos 26 gün önce
Nice, no stress
Hien Vy Lan Trinh
Hien Vy Lan Trinh 26 gün önce
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ConfidenceMe 27 gün önce
You are all unique and beautiful. Every thing is getting better for you.
Hao Dy Lan
Hao Dy Lan 27 gün önce
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Bless Sound Meditation
Bless Sound Meditation 27 gün önce
Very important for your daily routine is to not forget to breath! Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. 🙏 Blessings 🙏
 Soothing Relaxation
Soothing Relaxation 27 gün önce
I don’t know If someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! 🖤
waseem sikander
waseem sikander 27 gün önce
Marice Person
Marice Person 28 gün önce
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Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain 28 gün önce
John 3:16 NKJV For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
No Stress Music
No Stress Music 29 gün önce
this is the best anti stress music I've ever heard! Music against stress, relaxation and sleep, one of the best to stay with you and be on top, relax mentally, physically and spiritually!
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt 13 gün önce
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt
Yildiz Gülec-Vitt 13 gün önce
Yes this is very anti stress music
lonhaba kolaner
lonhaba kolaner 29 gün önce
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hothihanhdung 29 gün önce
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安芸あAkia 29 gün önce
Анатолий Лисин
Анатолий Лисин 29 gün önce
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Oliver Crosby
Oliver Crosby Aylar önce
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BGM作業用 Aylar önce
Positive Energy
Positive Energy Aylar önce
Amazing, such calming and relaxing vibes. Thanks for creating!
Jasmin Akhter
Jasmin Akhter Aylar önce
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Mark Bonifacio
Mark Bonifacio Aylar önce
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Lorenzo Bettati
Lorenzo Bettati Aylar önce
2.58.02 / 2.59.20 ????
karin höger
karin höger Aylar önce
ES ist wie mein Kindheitstraum, dort sitzen, die Flöte hören und in dieser Landschaf t zu meditieren. Wunderschön.
Spiritual -Meditation- Music
Spiritual -Meditation- Music Aylar önce
Who reading this I hope some positive thing happens in their lif 🧡
Manuel Valenzuela Mejías
Manuel Valenzuela Mejías Aylar önce
una bella y una flauta que tiene un protagonismo enorme.
Manuel Valenzuela Mejías
Manuel Valenzuela Mejías Aylar önce
una bella imagen...
Layla Aylar önce
Blue Relax - Relaxing Music 🌊
Blue Relax - Relaxing Music 🌊 Aylar önce
very nice sounds of the birds and flute. hearing these kinds of white music really gives relaxing feel to our mind.❤💖
เพลงกล่อมเด็๋ก - Lullaby Music [SMG]
เพลงกล่อมเด็๋ก - Lullaby Music [SMG] Aylar önce
Take a breath, relax, that was just a bad day, not bad life. You can sleep now." -Another Yourself, . Stay connected 😃😃😃
Bill Phung
Bill Phung Aylar önce
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David S
David S Aylar önce
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Live and Eat
Live and Eat Aylar önce
am ap qua
John Wilson
John Wilson Aylar önce
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Hope Flaggs
Hope Flaggs Aylar önce
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Валентин Велес
Валентин Велес Aylar önce
Тот кто читает этот комментарий, желаю вам и вашей семье удачи здоровья и счастья в жизни! Будьте богаты и духовно и материально!
Estefania Aledo Mira
Estefania Aledo Mira Aylar önce
Muchas gracias🙏💕. Deseo lo mismo multiplicado por 77 veces, gracias Gracias Gracias, así es, hecho esta. Todo pasa por algo, ✨🦋🌺
benoît prual
benoît prual Aylar önce
Strange smoke isn't it ?
Kate Ingram
Kate Ingram Aylar önce
Speace = Space & Peace??
Angie Estacio
Angie Estacio Aylar önce
I like the reba music
O HPVII Aylar önce
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Kristien Heasley
Kristien Heasley Aylar önce
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Meditation Relax Music and Beautiful Places
Meditation Relax Music and Beautiful Places Aylar önce
Very Nice Video, thank you so much.
Natural Chord - Relaxing  Music
Natural Chord - Relaxing Music Aylar önce
It's amazing !!!
Jaseppy Houlo
Jaseppy Houlo Aylar önce
روماالاهلاوي Aylar önce
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