COMPLETE House Construction TIME-LAPSE

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Jerett Films Construction

Jerett Films Construction

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What an AMAZING time lapse of a complete residential build. Sit back, relax, and let your eyes soak in the satisfaction.
Products used in this video:
Afidus Time-Lapse Camera TLC:
Music: Use code "JERETT10" for 10% off!
My Video Equipment:
Milwaukee Tools:
DeWalt Tools and Ladders:
Hilti Tools:
A complete home build from start to finish in under 19 minutes!
#timelapse #construction #framing
0:00 - intro
0:11 - basement pour
1:04 - garage floor pour
2:16 - back patio pour
2:45 - Jay Dinkel starts
2:54 - Framing load bearing walls in basement
3:03 - Floor Joists and sheeting
4:03 - Wall layout
4:19 - DRONE of wall layout
4:24 - Framing the walls
5:18 - DRONE of framed walls
5:27 - sheeting and wrapping the walls
6:18 - framing the roof
8:57 - DRONE of Framed roof
9:08 - Sheeting the roof
9:30 - Drone of sheeted roof
9:45 - Wrap roof, build patio, shingle roof
11:29 - DRONE of shingled roof
11:46 - porch and driveway pour
13:24 - windows installed
13:34 - garage doors
13:42 - eves
14:34 - siding on house
15:10 - rock front of house
16:25 - tin under patio and front porch
17:25 - front porch railing
17:49 - DRONE outro
#timelapse #construction #building

Very impressive build. I would Contract you with out a second thought. I would have liked to have seen the HVAC/ plumbing mechanical systems being installed/finished, with that said, Persons such as myself, and others, say where do i sign. Very Impressive job, clean and neat jobsite,, Great video too
PeXarO WaN
PeXarO WaN 8 aylar önce
Exactly 😂
Roberto Borjas
Roberto Borjas 8 aylar önce
@Brickley yard Huh?
Speedo Mars
Speedo Mars 8 aylar önce
@Mount Egde Fight Club The basement was well done. If you do one, just make sure the earth to concrete wall is water sealed....check a building supply to get the right stuff...often its also a rubber sheet. Same under the pad in the basement, you need a vapor barrier.
Mount Egde Fight Club
Mount Egde Fight Club 8 aylar önce
I would have liked how the basement was set up and that room in the crawl space too. Is there any more detailed videos of that process. I'm in Australia and we don't do basements
Speedo Mars
Speedo Mars 8 aylar önce
@Brickley yard This house was not built in a tornado region. Obviously. In fact, it wasn't built to earthquake standards either, no tie-downs or Simpson panels. Brick houses are damp, cold and flimsy...they would not stand up in California earthquakes. Nor would they stand up in tornado either. Tornado houses are all concrete or cinderblock with rebar anchored to foundations and earthquake standards often have piers to bedrock. Roofs are also attached with hurrican anchors.
Daniel Cleary
Daniel Cleary 11 aylar önce
Awesome video! It was interesting to see the time lapse. I don’t think I have ever seen a house built from beginning to end and been able to see so many of the stages.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 10 aylar önce
Thanks for watching.
Hays High Advanced Geometry
Hays High Advanced Geometry Yıl önce
I really enjoy these Jay Dinkel time-lapses! Keep them coming.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
Glad you like them!
Alejandra Ramirez Palacios
Alejandra Ramirez Palacios Yıl önce
I love watching these videos, I really enjoy them; They make me happy, because I don't have a house and I would like one day to be able to make my dream of having one come true and to carry out this whole construction process. God bless you guys from Colombia.
Daniel cruz
Daniel cruz 8 aylar önce
@Алексашка Усольцев justo eso pensé! Algo con blocks
Алексашка Усольцев
Алексашка Усольцев 8 aylar önce
come to Russia you will have a real strong warm brick house and not this likeness
Anubha Das
Anubha Das 11 aylar önce
House?... Appears to be a box. I
Melted Reality
Melted Reality 11 aylar önce
Overrated to have a house.
Daniel cruz
Daniel cruz 11 aylar önce
Y acabas viviendo en una de lámina xDDDD
College Algebra
College Algebra Yıl önce
Very cool. I love these Jay Dinkel projects.
Ryan 10 aylar önce
Despite the frequent tornado threats, I have yet to see a house here in Tulsa with a basement. It's so weird to me seeing a house built with one!
kwattasse 9 aylar önce
Ah c est intéressant de voir votre type de construction. Le toit est génial. En Belgique il y a toujours des fondations en béton, et les murs aussi. Bien sûr il existe des chalets et d autres types de construction mais souvent tout est en "dur" de la cave au grenier.
Jojojo 7 aylar önce
It looks amazing and huge. I'm just surprised that the walls main foundation is all wood. Here in the Philippines houses are built with concrete walls and the roof is made with galvanized steel/iron roof for durability, considering we get an average of 20 typhoon per year.
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 5 aylar önce
Ngl this house sucks, it’s only 2 bed 1 bath from the framing and it’s design is straight outta 1962. We have much bigger better homes in the US normally
Carlos Lima
Carlos Lima Aylar önce
Gostei casa, um modelo muito bonita.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Aylar önce
AL DANTE 11 aylar önce
I’m studying to become an architect and this is very interesting and educating 👍🤘
Peter Perez
Peter Perez 11 aylar önce
Also check out practical engineering in TRshow
Peter Perez
Peter Perez 11 aylar önce
Good luck and have fun, interesting subject and career
Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd 5 aylar önce
Great job on the build and making the video......I like how you respected the neighborhood in keeping the job site so clean.....
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Thanks! Here's my newest video:
I Thunkit
I Thunkit 7 aylar önce
Been a long time since I've seen one completely stick built, what a great job.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Here's one with a few trusses for ya!
Steven Long
Steven Long 8 aylar önce
Great teamwork, ideal job!
Moltes Habitat
Moltes Habitat 14 gün önce
Beautiful, great job
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 14 gün önce
Thanks for watching
pedreiro do sitio
pedreiro do sitio 8 aylar önce
Excelente trabalho
Zbigniew S
Zbigniew S 11 aylar önce
very good recording, I want to add that building a house in Europe is very different from building a house in the US, the difference between the materials used is colossal, in the US you use wood to build walls - in Europe we use brick or hollow brick, you use concrete for the garage driveway - in Europe we use used paving stones, etc., besides, a great video greetings, I like the roof covering, what is a shingle?
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 5 aylar önce
Why paving stones? Also isn’t it a pain to do Renos or lay pipe on a cinderblock or brick home?
Bhuda Lepadima
Bhuda Lepadima 7 aylar önce
Europe and the rest of the world
Sarah A
Sarah A 10 aylar önce
Yes there are a lot of houses built like that here too. It’s not all built the same
AverageJoe 8 aylar önce
Very good work. Seems to have taken awhile. But that's the difference between an all around construction crew as compared to hiring separate dedicated contractors for everything.
Sander Curtis
Sander Curtis 9 aylar önce
Stick framing the roof was exceptionally impressive.
Love Nature
Love Nature Yıl önce
OMG. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you. Great work on the construction.
Love Nature
Love Nature 11 aylar önce
@sheldon fordsWhy don't you relax? these vids are for enjoyment purpose so who really cares? You? Goodness gracious!!
sheldon fords
sheldon fords 11 aylar önce
these vids bring way more questions than answers
Love Nature
Love Nature Yıl önce
@Jerett Films Construction Thank you for sending
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
Thanks for watching. Check out this one next!
Rolando laureano
Rolando laureano Yıl önce
Excelente trabajo 👏
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
gracias por ver. mira este video a continuación
RichardJLC 9 aylar önce
Very nice! If it was my place, I would have had windows all around for the basement rooms and some windows for the attic, or at least skylights.
fizi waa
fizi waa 5 aylar önce
if our Malaysian houses are usually more brick and cement, the roof is made of iron and iron coins and is a bit modern with coin heaters or coolers, even though the cost of electricity will go up because of that function, in Malaysia if it's a two-story house it symbolizes wealth or luxury comparable to developed countries, for example in Japan because the country is compact, they build two-story houses but they are ready-made, whether they use iron or stone, I'm not sure but it's good
Art Anghel
Art Anghel 7 aylar önce
such a dream house. i could renovate my house like this. such a masterpiece
Ozodari 7 aylar önce
Half timber framed German houses, Japanese padoga Plank log cabin with chinking Viking longhouse Stave church Icelandic turf home There's a ton of other more beautiful styles of homes, they just don't come with running water and electricity and water toilets. But if you live near a river and have lots of lumber you can do anything you want.
Edward Roche'
Edward Roche' 11 aylar önce
After having done the carpenter part after the concrete is done. For at least 40 years. And being familiar with the pain at the end of the day. It's very fun to watch somebody else doing it. Hauntingly familiar
Geoffery Smith
Geoffery Smith Yıl önce
Love your roof and your work
Brandon Everett
Brandon Everett Yıl önce
This was enlightening. My spouse and I were quoted a build time of 4-6 months for a house, looks like we'll choose a different contractor after watching a video of people that know what they are doing and getting it done in half the time we were quoted.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 10 aylar önce
@vlad Sol well, I had a 45 minute version of this, but I thought it was too long. Sorry to disappoint you with my editing skills.
vlad Sol
vlad Sol 10 aylar önce
fast, does not mean high quality!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
That time quote is not unreasonable. The interior still needed insulated, sheet rocked, painted, flooring, and cabinet install. These clients actually moved in after January. Covid has also made ordering materials take forever…
jm 8 aylar önce
excelente trabajo !!!
Lisa Burks
Lisa Burks 6 aylar önce
I'm sure rhe house is anchored down quite well. Beautiful build. Any inside pictures of it finished?
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 6 aylar önce
Sorry, no pictures of the inside. I do have a timelapse of the kitchen/flooring.
dikdik jakaria
dikdik jakaria 2 aylar önce
Good job 👍
Mattdylan101 11 aylar önce
Great build. Looked like a very professional construction team! Only one question. Why particle board joists over a basement? Seems pretty unreliable to me idk
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 11 aylar önce
That is not particle board, it is oriented strand board. It is more than strong enough to hold 1000’s of pounds.
Alemao Rodrigao play
Alemao Rodrigao play 11 aylar önce
parabéns pela casa fremen linda like men
King RAFA 2 aylar önce
Great build!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Thanks. Check out my newest video: How to build a HUGE GARAGE construction TIMELAPSE!
Lucas julian Arias vasquez
Lucas julian Arias vasquez 2 aylar önce
esa casa sebe genial ojala pudiera tener una casa así😆
stomy bugsy
stomy bugsy 5 aylar önce
it's very satisfying watching this time lapse
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Check out my newest video!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 5 aylar önce
Thanks. I have more on my channel.
Michael Schaumburg
Michael Schaumburg 6 aylar önce
I wouldn’t mind having a house built that fast 🤣
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
How about a huge garage like this one:
Chuck Reyome
Chuck Reyome 2 aylar önce
Interesting as no Fall Protection is used at all. OSHA is all over Nevada. Impressive build :)
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! Here is my newest video, released just yesterday!
rebz ytc
rebz ytc 9 aylar önce
The one who is good at laying out the House. Easy build
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez 5 aylar önce
Amazing work!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Check out my newest video!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 5 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! I have other construction timelapses for you to enjoy on my channel 💪🏻
Atif Khan
Atif Khan 2 aylar önce
I can imagine the good night sleep the workers have in the evening
Carmel Pule
Carmel Pule 3 aylar önce
In my country we are used to building stone walls and concrete roofs. It is all very heavy and a tornado would not hurt us. The house in the video is very nice, but I do not think it is anchored strong enough for a heavy tornado or a heavy wind, That roof would fly off like a paper sheet. To me that is a very light structure, as even the separation walls, I am used to nine inch wide stone or bricks, which tend to be more soundproof, and as a house, we do not have any fires, as stone and bricks are not flammable. I guess we can do our heavy building because we have solid rock to build on, while most countries have got soft ground and they need to float a slab on all that to keep the house so stable. It looks like a pretty doll's house to me, but then every country must adjust its construction methods accordingly. I like the use of processed wood sheeting rather than virgin woods. .
Black Hole
Black Hole 3 aylar önce
Very naive to think your house would actually withstand the full force of a tornado. Entire concrete, brick, stone, mortar structure in america have been decimated or reduced to rubble from tornadoes ranging from ef2 and above. There is even a picture of a tornado that sliced right through a Walmart like a hot knife through butter.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 11 aylar önce
Is there a PDF link of the blue prints to this house? Definitely would like to download it. Thanks
clayton dugas
clayton dugas 8 aylar önce
Being from south Louisiana I find it extremely cool to see a basement build into a home lol here we just pour the slab on the ground
king2105 11 aylar önce
Dang...that's fast...difference is that our houses in mauritous are made of concrete with lots of iron bar reinforcing the whole structure..but nice anyways...
Jonisson W.M
Jonisson W.M Yıl önce
Achei que seria feito toda a parte de baixo de alvenaria, mas foi tudo de madeira deve ser bem confortável casa de madeira é tudo de bom
Divyanshu Paliwal
Divyanshu Paliwal 5 aylar önce
Concrete is much better
Márcio 11 aylar önce
Não se compara a alvenaria
A'aron Psalms
A'aron Psalms Aylar önce
It would ideal to show the interior as well.
Pluto 5 aylar önce
a nice home, job well done time-lapse
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Thank you! Here's my newest video:
Vladimir Awatmi Immobilier construction
Vladimir Awatmi Immobilier construction 11 aylar önce
Я далёк от строительства... но, на протяжении всего видео, не разу не увидел в руках у строителей - УРОВНЯ!
Only Pups
Only Pups 2 aylar önce
@Aaz Izverg потому и строят из картона, чтобы потом быстренько новую коробку построить
Aaz Izverg
Aaz Izverg 4 aylar önce
Ну немудрено, что любой ураганчик эти поделки сносит...
Elias Lorsen
Elias Lorsen 5 aylar önce
Максимально дешевая коробка, дешевле просто невозможно было сделать
андрей васильев
андрей васильев 7 aylar önce
Не увидел в описание какой штат, фундамент совсем не утеплен, наверно юга( и вообще как-то всё дешевенько
андрей васильев
андрей васильев 7 aylar önce
Как говорится из говна и палок
Simple Home Art Decor Ideas
Simple Home Art Decor Ideas 4 aylar önce
just one word from me: awesome!!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 4 aylar önce
Thanks for watching! I have other timelapses on my channel!
sony Yıl önce
The garage is almost as big as the house!😂Greetings from Austria!
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 5 aylar önce
@Jacob Eaton it’s an above average garage. It’s clearly a tandem 3 car garage or a 2 with workshop. Builder garages are only usually 20’x20’
Animus Lite
Animus Lite 10 aylar önce
@FlyingImmortal it's not uncommon to have multiple vehicles, garages are also used for storage, garages will often contain a workshop of some sort, it's not uncommon to have an extra freezer or refrigerator in a garage. It's almost like a big room can have several purposes. Cry more.
FlyingImmortal 11 aylar önce
Only in America. Make it make sense.
sony 11 aylar önce
@John Reiner 😂
Jacob Eaton
Jacob Eaton 11 aylar önce
Crazy part is, that’s an average 2 car garage. It’s not uncommon for the garage to be a 3 car or even a 4 car (which is twice as big as that one) lmao
boneer channel
boneer channel 7 aylar önce
Pembangunan sangat bagus
ekedini 11 aylar önce
Great video and great work
서원파 8 aylar önce
It looked interesting. What I am curious about is, in the United States, I often see videos of houses being blown away by hurricanes on TV. I know lumber is cheap in the US, but why not build the main structure or slab part of reinforced concrete at least partially? Is it purely for price reasons? Or is the insurance premium cheaper? In the case of a porch or main entrance, it seems to be damaged immediately if a strong wind blows from below. I'm genuinely curious.
pkingpure100 7 aylar önce
Often times Tornadoes aren’t as common in most part of the US, besides even if it gets blown away really easily, it can be rebuilt very quickly compared to rebuilding a destroyed brick house
속시틴 8 aylar önce
부실해보이긴 해요. 미국에선 평범한 집은 다들 저렇게 짓는듯.. 자재에 따라 집짓는 비용의 앞자리수가 바뀌는걸까요? ㄷㄷ.. 앞에서 두번째 자리까지 바뀌는건 감수할만할텐디 음,,
RomeoFoxtrotShallWeDance 8 aylar önce
As you see many homes along the E.coast are built on stilts for storm surge reasons. Flooding is the biggest problem, hope this answers your question.
Alan Decker
Alan Decker 11 aylar önce
Where is this. I noticed no ice and water shield on the roof (which is no big deal in warmer areas), but then I noticed it snowing at the end of the video. Loved the time lapse
no taboos
no taboos 11 aylar önce
You would never see this level of efficiency in Australia.
Paradise Builders
Paradise Builders 7 aylar önce
Pretty cool,seeing the time lapse
129 Gympie Street
129 Gympie Street 4 aylar önce
Cool. We're going a different way and doing drone videos of our build every couple of days!
Lottery Lottery
Lottery Lottery 5 aylar önce
Right time to build one before COVID. No telling how much it would cost to build it last year or this year with building supplies higher and delays.
Jeremy Listerud
Jeremy Listerud 7 aylar önce
The company I worked for in 2003 to 8/2005 was Boyle Engineering Corporation and built homes in under 4 hours. Guiness book of world records. Yes, they did. And met California seismic
MERAKLI KOALA 6 aylar önce
ABD evler neden ahşap.? Sürekli kasırga var ve uçuyorlar bunu bilerek neden sürekli böyle inşaat yapılıyor nedeni nedir.? 🤔
My Way
My Way 8 aylar önce
Bu evi şu anki şartlarda yaptırmamız ekonomik açıdan zaten imkansız,ama yaptırdığını düşün ustalar adamı kanser eder....
Cooper Bookout
Cooper Bookout Aylar önce
House construction 🏗 🦺 🚧 as possible
Andrew Opp.
Andrew Opp. 11 aylar önce
I will definitely visit this country by God's grace. Wow😍
😎 chill bro
😎 chill bro 5 aylar önce
Wow such a nice build hats off
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
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Алексей 8 aylar önce
Прикольно, жаль у нас так не получится
ренат касимов
ренат касимов Yıl önce
Красиво получается
Fatimah Mat Zain
Fatimah Mat Zain 11 aylar önce
Nice video but I would love to see inside the house.
Andrew 2 yıl önce
A very nice house. Greetings from Ukraine
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
Дякую за перегляд. Перегляньте мій найновіший проміжок часу у коморі!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
Thanks! I will have another time-lapse coming in the next couple of weeks. Subscribe and click notifications to see when the video goes live. Thanks for the support!
Paul Mayabb
Paul Mayabb 6 aylar önce
what type of camera did you use, was it a go pro and if so did you use the construction time lapse from gopro labs? great job by the way..
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Here is my latest project where I used the Afidus TLC cameras. I did have a bit of GoPro footage as well:
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 6 aylar önce
On this project, I used the brinno TLCpro (2 cameras). They are only 720p, but they do a great job. I no longer use these cameras, and if you are interested in buying them, send me your email. Today I mostly use the Afidus cameras, which are much better in my opinion. Not only are they 1080p, but the files do not need to be compressed as they are mp4s. You can buy one at (I own 4 total). I also have 2 gopro hero 8’s, as well as sometimes just use my iphone. Every video you see on my channel was edited in final cut pro X.
David 11 aylar önce
I operate well in many trades and I still had to replay this at 1/4 speed 😬 I appreciate time lapse, but, Damn!
Простой Работяга
Простой Работяга 2 aylar önce
Когда в ноябре ходишь в футболке, стены утеплять не нужно 😊
Valentin alexandru
Valentin alexandru 11 aylar önce
Hello!How much does a house like this cost? I can see the advantge of wood : fast build , I'm just wondering when did "cheap" got erased. How thick is a perimeter wall?
Andy B
Andy B 11 aylar önce
I use to frame houses and the method shown here is not how i framed. We squared each wall run and sheeted it before we stood it. But to each their own.
Vojtech Demeš
Vojtech Demeš 11 aylar önce
Nice work but why there isn't any steel in concrete walls especially in the ground when there are the biggest forces from sides?
Anthony Strecker
Anthony Strecker 3 aylar önce
Oops forgot to cut the rafter tails again. Guess ill have to go around the house and do it off a ladder. I dont understand basic framing so i just run all my hips long. Usually have to throw a shim or to and run some strings to get it right. Especially on my valleys.
Felicity Halsey
Felicity Halsey 5 aylar önce
In the future the 3D printed homes might be more available but for now its still new. No tornado will be able to destroy it since it will be mostly concrete and steel.
HHS Algebra I
HHS Algebra I Yıl önce
Very nice!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction Yıl önce
Thank you! Cheers!
rodrigo martinez
rodrigo martinez 11 aylar önce
Hola. Exelente trabajo. Cuales son las medidas del zotano y de la casa.?
Mr Robert Wolf III
Mr Robert Wolf III 6 aylar önce
Thanks construction crew sets and humans that know them.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Watch them build this garage:
Góc Nghệ Thuật
Góc Nghệ Thuật 8 aylar önce
very good. really beautiful
WhetherMan 11 aylar önce
This just needs the king of the intro on repeat throughout the whole thing.
Thịnh Gia Phát
Thịnh Gia Phát 8 aylar önce
You guys are very beautiful
Justin Legend
Justin Legend 11 aylar önce
American modern Traditional house , that's impressive guys😊👍🇵🇭
Mbugua cui
Mbugua cui 11 aylar önce
Enjoyed the clip 👌 but why there is no reinforcement steel or iron bars used on the ground walls. 🤔
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 11 aylar önce
There definitely is. The process did not make the video. My first edit was 45 minutes long. I trimmed out much of the process.
Roger Alvarado
Roger Alvarado 11 aylar önce
Nice house!!!!
Алексашка Усольцев
Алексашка Усольцев 8 aylar önce
красивый получился сарай
V. D.
V. D. 8 aylar önce
Все не настоящее
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony 6 aylar önce
I didn't know you're allowed to dig that deep.
AdrianPG 10 aylar önce
13:14 I never knew the seems you see in concrete were put there after the fact. makes sense tho
Doge#0813 2 aylar önce
can you show what the blue prints of the floor layout is please?
Doge#0813 2 aylar önce
Its fine, i was just wondering thanks for telling me tho😃
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Sorry my friend, I don’t have them.
Sonia yakeline Mondragón
Sonia yakeline Mondragón 11 aylar önce
Lindo pero faltó Mostrar cómo quedó dentro de la casa
strange lee
strange lee 11 aylar önce
Very nice. I do miss having a cellar.
Orenda Design Studio
Orenda Design Studio 6 aylar önce
Amazing ❤❤❤❤.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 2 aylar önce
Thanks! Check out my newest video:
Mike Uchman
Mike Uchman 5 aylar önce
Am I the only one who noticed they didn't install any gutters for catching rainwater off the roof? That's really my only nitpick, but other than that a very nice video!
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 5 aylar önce
Gutters were installed after the video was finished. I wanted to get the video out before they could arrive.
Franck le maçon
Franck le maçon 11 aylar önce
Une forêt pour une maison fragile... La classe 😅😁
Ramiro Delgado
Ramiro Delgado 9 aylar önce
how many mt2? whats the aprox price for something like that? Great job!
Lalisa is my religion
Lalisa is my religion 11 aylar önce
I've always wondered if someone jumps in a 2nd floor in one of these American houses will those thin wood boards they use for the floor hold the weight and impact?
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 5 aylar önce
Yes it holds ur weight 🙄. It just shakes the house A LITTLE and then your parents yell at you for jumping upstairs
What did u just say?
What did u just say? 11 aylar önce
Why are u jumping from the second floor? :-)
Robert McClure
Robert McClure 11 aylar önce
The weight is spread across the whole of the beam, not just the plywood sheet. You are well supported.
PePe 5 aylar önce
Dom z zapałek...
Juan Herre
Juan Herre 7 aylar önce
Muy bonita casa, pero no me sentiría seguro de vivir ahí, por eso cuando hay tornados en USA todas se vienen abajo, nada como una buena casa con muros fuertes y hormigón.
Валерий Вагнер
Валерий Вагнер 5 aylar önce
Всё решает СТОИМОСТЬ!
abunawas nawas
abunawas nawas 9 aylar önce
Great Job... God bless u all Salam from Indonesia
abunawas nawas
abunawas nawas 9 aylar önce
@Jerett Films Construction u welcome... May Allah always bestow mercy on us... Aamiin
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 9 aylar önce
Thanks for watching!
Katie Zhu
Katie Zhu 7 aylar önce
If it is raining then the construction workers should go home
Evan Thayer
Evan Thayer 9 aylar önce
I noticed no gravel drainage layer, no vapor barrier, no subfloor insulation, and no footing drain. Is that common for your location?
Evan Thayer
Evan Thayer 9 aylar önce
Makes sense. I’ve only ever built in climates with ground water. Your crew & subs seem to be in a nice groove. Nice project.
Jerett Films Construction
Jerett Films Construction 9 aylar önce
Correct. It would have to rain here for that to become code.
Ralph Harold Ventura
Ralph Harold Ventura 11 aylar önce
Wow! I'm super speechless
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