Animator vs. Animation V (official)

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Alan Becker

Alan Becker

Yıl önce

Animator vs. Animation Shorts 1-4, in one video, with edits for continuity, as well as some new music.

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Music by Scott Buckley, including "Icarus" -

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Echo235 Yıl önce
Not a single word spoken, yet somehow dialogue is created. This has to be one of the greatest short films ever made. EDIT: To all the people asking about “short film”. Normal movies are usually over 90 minutes. So yes, me, and many others would consider 30 minutes as a “short film”.
안미경 Gün önce
@Forgotten Diglett jcchcg
Gabriel Fornis Benico jr
Gabriel Fornis Benico jr 6 gün önce
it was great video
Nusrat Shahid
Nusrat Shahid 11 gün önce
, 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Tipoirritable 12 gün önce
It’s easier to express with actions than with words.
小荃 范
小荃 范 21 gün önce
Yes, obviously there are no subtitles and expressions, but he can feel his emotions.
Syn 25 gün önce
Imagine making a stick figure and didn't know you'd be making a series out of it that's top notch and on par with the most greatest animations of all time.
SkY VBottasG
SkY VBottasG 17 gün önce
@SusNot4K #Save Ukraine sort of
Syn 17 gün önce
@SusNot4K #Save Ukraine lol
SusNot4K #Save Ukraine
SusNot4K #Save Ukraine 17 gün önce
52 likes? no replies? I'm gonna ruin that
PeeTee 7 gün önce
I find the way that Alan can portray a villain to be astonishing, during the whole fight scene at the end I had chills running up and down my spine.
Dorothy Nycholas
Dorothy Nycholas 25 gün önce
I'm astounded how far Becker has come from the first AvA! up to a 30+ minute film with a lot of anime inspired battle themes. Alan Becker, I salute thee.
SamuelTM 25 gün önce
This. This is nothing short of incredible. The final fight scene was so well choreographed and really made The Second Coming feel like, well, the second coming of the Chosen One. Also I just wanna say only Alan can make stick figures with fire, an eye laser, flight, spiders and a sword have such a diverse skillet TSC vs TDL starts at 27:41
Titan_AU Yıl önce
The storytelling even without a single word spoken is just beyond incredible. And the part where Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue were being picked off and the body language just shows how heartbroken they are, it hits so hard. Truly a masterpiece of animation.
Gabriel Fornis Benico jr
Gabriel Fornis Benico jr 7 gün önce
hat happened to the chosen one
mary nassuna
mary nassuna Aylar önce
What if he animates terraria
Abdal Samad Babar
Abdal Samad Babar 2 aylar önce
@Colonel Popcorn no
floppa91 2 aylar önce
@Skywalking Studioz green is usually the builder of the group
The Prime Colors
The Prime Colors 2 aylar önce
@Colonel Popcorn They're stickmen, they all have simplistic personalities and it's perfectly fine. There's no need to add depth to them. Orange is the leader, Yellow is the smart one, Blue is the more emotional and silly one, Green is the artistic/perfectionist one, and Red is the hot-headed semi-leader one. That's it. Their motivations and skills are easy to understand, and that's part of what makes these animations perfect. There's no message or anything, it's just stickmen fighting and having fun.
Sword 13 gün önce
Seriously, this is Hollywood movie quality, and somehow at it's core, it's a bunch of stick figures and a cursor (and a virus) making noises and fighting. This is a true masterpiece.
Shard Gaming
Shard Gaming 7 gün önce
This is one of the best animations i've ever seen, a true masterpeice
[*OriginalStrawberry*] 7 gün önce
I just love how calm Alan is.
TG Collins Aerospace
TG Collins Aerospace 4 gün önce
Everything about part 5 was perfect, it literally even made me kinda cry at the end, something beautiful, this cannot be described in words. This is a movie of the year, wait, it is not a movie. It is a masterpiece. Masterpiece of the decade. Something incredible, not even Marvel movies aren't that good. Keep up the fantastic work Alan, something just incredible.
Kaleb Ramírez
Kaleb Ramírez Yıl önce
I swear, only Alan can make a mouse cursor have such a diverse skillset. Alan Becker's cursor for Smash Bros
@FQVBSina it’s the chosen ones return
I want the chosen one/black and the chosen ones return/orange to go to smash Oh and also the chosen ones enemy/light red
Jellybean Fan
Jellybean Fan 19 gün önce
And the stickfigures
ඩා the imposter from amogus ඩා
ඩා the imposter from amogus ඩා 27 gün önce
@Hayden Savard lol
Hayden Savard
Hayden Savard 27 gün önce
I just got rickrolled by a bot
Mindark 8 gün önce
Son los mejores videos que e visto de este tipo de animación. Te deseo suerte y sigue por ese camino que te veo bien😉
小荃 范
小荃 范 21 gün önce
This is no longer an animation, this should already be a movie, the story is very well done, and the special effects are also great
TG Collins Aerospace
TG Collins Aerospace 4 gün önce
Everything about part 5 was perfect, it literally even made me kinda cry at the end, something beautiful, this cannot be described in words. This is a movie of the year, wait, it is not a movie. It is a masterpiece. Masterpiece of the decade. Something incredible, not even Marvel movies aren't that good. Keep up the fantastic work Alan, something just incredible.
Chuo 23 gün önce
I would really love it if there were to be a video game about this.
RestarterZero Yıl önce
People who watched all the shorts first: Yeah, that's right, I read the manga.
DeathBringer1234 16 gün önce
Yeah, that's right, I read the manga
Sowhe Aylar önce
Yeah that's right, I read the manga
Geeta Rastogi
Geeta Rastogi 2 aylar önce
You are right
reddish_acorn3 2 aylar önce
Yeah, that’s right, I read the manga.
A Bender
A Bender 27 gün önce
The Second Coming's awakening might just be the most satisfying thing in the entire AvA series.
Gaming rocket
Gaming rocket 16 gün önce
Can we just appreciate about how much animation he has to put through into his videos? I mean this guy is insane so many cool video
Robert Hankey
Robert Hankey 24 gün önce
It does have a storyline like a lot of others, but it just.. sticks out unlike others. Amazing fight scenes, 3D animating skills with 2D drawings. Overall, 30/10
oskazar 23 gün önce
It "sticks" out...
Ji CAO 16 gün önce
it genuinely shocks me how Alan can "make faces" on a bunch of faceless stickmen
DonutDisturb Yıl önce
Everyone: Talking about how great the animation is Me: Man, this guy has some impressive mouse aim-
Godx Thunder
Godx Thunder 17 gün önce
He just has a good gaming chair
OTA x GT Aylar önce
@Vinicius Hoyer p
OTA x GT Aylar önce
@Vinicius Hoyer ji
Herlan Nugraha
Herlan Nugraha 11 aylar önce
@samsung juion
Dan Yi Le
Dan Yi Le Yıl önce
@Levi Russell living under a rock
Роман Алдонин
Роман Алдонин 28 gün önce
Your animations are great. I never seen someone draws and animates so good
Daniel Ayeni Scratch Tutorials
Daniel Ayeni Scratch Tutorials 24 gün önce
That fight scene might just turn out to be the best and most intense animated fight scene I've ever seen.
Jessica Shearer
Jessica Shearer 16 gün önce
honestly, too much of epic music and awesome battle scenes never exists. ever.
James Angelo Lachica
James Angelo Lachica 2 saatler önce
What a talent God gave you, you are by far the best animator in TRshow history
EnderDragonRebel80 Yıl önce
Morale of the story: don’t mess with stick figures that have open heads
Hayden Parker
Hayden Parker 8 gün önce
Fr tho
RTYGH62 12 gün önce
Yeah and not the ones with full heads
RTYGH62 12 gün önce
Yeah but not the full head ones
Jig 17 gün önce
The Pro vlogs
The Pro vlogs 26 gün önce
Half an hour of amazing animations for this resolution absolutely amazing 👏 👏 👏
the rock ٠ 13y ago
the rock ٠ 13y ago 17 gün önce
Man if I actually had money I would give this man all of it
Lucas Stiuca-Mårtensson
Lucas Stiuca-Mårtensson 4 gün önce
Give this man a reward for what he has made
진혁 22 gün önce
This is...really a's amazing...I respect you...!!
Boy Yıl önce
Marvel:"Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history" Alan: Hold my beer
Hebi 3 aylar önce
@90Entergetical aka Bot3141 I am from future and i can confirm that you are wrong
Ken Warren
Ken Warren 4 aylar önce
@Charles Calvin hahaha.
Boy Yıl önce
@DerGecko92 "A crossover is the placement of two or more otherwise discrete fictional characters, settings, or universes into the context of a single story." In this case The characters in Animator vs Animation 1-3 to the characters that were introduced in 4 with animator (Alan) consistant
DerGecko92 Yıl önce
Its not a crossover!!
Boy Yıl önce
@90Entergetical aka Bot3141 it didnt happen and plus now its 669 likes
Psalm Spurgeon Jimenez
Psalm Spurgeon Jimenez 27 gün önce
simply one of the best animations i ever found in youtube
SneeTt 26 gün önce
This is just....... You totally deserve all the views and I feel like you need to get even bigger on YT.
SUS_Darkknightfireprogam 21 gün önce
Never seen such a cool animation keep it up
Messy monstrosity👾
Messy monstrosity👾 8 gün önce
Best anamation ever! Wish there would be a part 2 of this. YOUR THE BEST ANAMATER!
Roman Smith
Roman Smith Yıl önce
This man deserves a award for “Best Animation On TRshow” This was truly the best animation!!!
CrystalCoyoteX Yıl önce
I try to be honest in my critiques, but... Yeah, this is way, way, up there, even for animator vs animation, which has always been quite nice.
rhica sawit
rhica sawit Yıl önce
That's real
Grog Make Fire
Grog Make Fire Yıl önce
I expected it to be as good as all his other animations but this is on a whole new level. It get triple s tier for me!
Tina Franklin
Tina Franklin Yıl önce
Do u know Google hangout
Gabrielle Moreno
Gabrielle Moreno Yıl önce
Not the best animation, but the best Storyline. I agree his animations are Spectacular but there are better Animators, no disrespect though.
Tristan Xiong
Tristan Xiong 26 gün önce
WOW man I’ve been watching you for 6 years and this animation I just can’t believe it it’s so GOOD!!!!! Keep it up man
Slayoutx02 26 gün önce
Me too, I’fe been watching him for not as long as 6 years maybe 4 years and this is sooooo good. This is probably a collab with Hyun’s dojo community
Literally Lev!
Literally Lev! Saatler önce
I hope you can make more of this Alan
A simple human.
A simple human. 23 gün önce
Alan's logic: if a hammer doesn't work just beat it to death with your fists.
Shrish 25 gün önce
This the best animation i've ever seen and always will be
Boneless God
Boneless God Yıl önce
Let’s just take a second to appreciate that this man has managed to create a story so intense and captivating about *stick figures* . The talent and patience all of this must have taken, it’s remarkable
Golder06 Yıl önce
@tribus they didn't say that.
AidinDraw Yıl önce
@Unknown i know i know what happens is that his body language is enough to understand
Unknown Yıl önce
@AidinDraw Yea but i'm saying they were created with it to easily to be understand except the stickmans he made don't use subtitles to talk on other stickmens or what so ever
AidinDraw Yıl önce
@Forgotten Diglett true
AidinDraw Yıl önce
@tribus Well I say that seeing this is better than watching an anime, the animation is much better here than in an anime
Teenage Hillbilly
Teenage Hillbilly 27 gün önce
i love your storys, i hope we see more from the movies
Felipe Alvarez
Felipe Alvarez 24 gün önce
Can we all agree that alan´s battle scenes are much more impressive than hollywood´s battle scenes ? Everybody: ... yes!
Dean Gullberry
Dean Gullberry 26 gün önce
Probably the best animation I've ever seen
Sr. Gelo
Sr. Gelo 8 gün önce
That's the best animation I've ever seen in my life!
The Alaskan Nomad
The Alaskan Nomad Yıl önce
Stick figures are for amateurs and beginners. *Alan:* Hold my mouse.
Arkitect of Duhanti
Arkitect of Duhanti 6 aylar önce
@TSG _ TBoss it actually should, I would watch it till the end
Hugo Enrique Emicente Sánchez
Hugo Enrique Emicente Sánchez 9 aylar önce
@TSG _ TBoss Always has been
Arumeen Arulert
Arumeen Arulert 9 aylar önce
More like: Hold my pen
SomeYoutubePerson 11 aylar önce
Ryan Strivens
Ryan Strivens 28 gün önce
I love the scene where Orange Stickman absolutely destroys The Dark Lord. I love your animations Alan and keep it up!
Pedro_lima plp
Pedro_lima plp 28 gün önce
SystemLoading 24 gün önce
I didn’t realize until now that Minecraft is still missing from the taskbar- nice detail
Lore 64
Lore 64 12 gün önce
Imagine TSC kept the green eyes after this Would make him much more expressive wouldn’t it
Godzillash Yıl önce
So, if the stick figure has a hollow head, then they're basically a god, neat.
Roarrior 4 aylar önce
That’s because Alan gave them names. Black: The chosen one Red: The dark lord Orange: The second coming
Luna Xiong
Luna Xiong Yıl önce
I agree
Ozzie64 Yıl önce
@Sprinklez 2.0 no brain = *more pain*
Sprinklez 2.0
Sprinklez 2.0 Yıl önce
everyone with non-hollow heads? *useless.*
Ozzie64 Yıl önce
If you have a hollow head send those enemies to bed
Diana Gazazyan
Diana Gazazyan 21 gün önce
Great animations!
Michael Barone
Michael Barone 24 gün önce
Love how red just started panicking and started running around the room with his hands flailing in the air.
Dogz Gotz
Dogz Gotz Gün önce
I don't know how i could past through this video... Your talent has so increased i am so fascinate! I dont have the good word to tell you how much i love your talent and how much i am deseapointed to not see this video earlier... Good job! Keep working and sorry for my bad english ^^
Luis alemán
Luis alemán 27 gün önce
it's amazing what acer can do this guy deserves one more subscriber
Tim Petzold
Tim Petzold Yıl önce
No facial expressions but more emotions than the most movies.
gizli pofuduk Ayşegül
gizli pofuduk Ayşegül Aylar önce
@Perser Brago yes
Yuan Abdulla
Yuan Abdulla 2 aylar önce
I have loved this so much that i want to watch it like errr 100000 times
MrGamer 2 aylar önce
Exactly same
Ria Yunita
Ria Yunita 4 aylar önce
@Perser Brago n
C.F.E.I. 9 gün önce
imagine that some sticks have a better fight choreography than DBZ
keruo 25 gün önce
Honestly heartbreaking but also awesome at the same time..
R G Gün önce
Name a more ambitious crossover I’ll wait
Pinkajou 27 gün önce
oh my god I can’t believe this was only half an hour long.
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