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Everyone has the ability to build mental strength, but most people don't know how.
We spend a lot of time talking about physical strength and physical health, but much less time on mental strength and mental health.
We can choose to perform exercises that will help us learn to regulate our thoughts, manage our emotions, and behave productively despite our circumstances - the 3 basic factors of mental strength. No matter what your goals are, building mental strength is the key to reaching your greatest potential.
Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. Since 2002, she has been counseling children, teens, and adults. She also works as an adjunct psychology instructor.

Amy’s expertise in mental strength has attracted international attention. Her bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, is being translated into more than 20 languages.

Amy’s advice has been featured by a number of media outlets, including: Time, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Business Insider, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Success, Glamour,, TheBlaze TV, and Fox News. She has also been a guest on dozens of radio shows.

She is a regular contributor to Forbes, Inc., and Psychology Today. She serves as’s Parenting Teens Expert and Discipline Expert.

As a frequent keynote speaker, Amy loves to share the latest research on resilience and the best strategies for overcoming adversity and building mental muscle.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Vatal S
Vatal S 2 yıl önce
Whom so ever watching this video, I wish you health, wealth and lot of happiness to you from the bottom of my heart.
Christi Griffin
Christi Griffin 2 gün önce
And the same to you. What an extraordinary amount of loss and grief.
chicken's channel
chicken's channel Aylar önce
Same too you❤❤
Chermaine Cerniglia
Chermaine Cerniglia 2 aylar önce
You have it i I I
Stephen Rodrigues
Stephen Rodrigues 4 aylar önce
Judy Talk
Judy Talk 4 aylar önce
Thank you, the same to you!
Giovanny Arguello
Giovanny Arguello 3 aylar önce
Nobody can provide better therapy than those who have gone for similar or worse experiences, and live to talk about it. Thank you for this Talk.
The Amber Heard Playlist!!
The Amber Heard Playlist!! 25 gün önce
-Come over and see ‘everybody worth a damn supports Amber Heard’
Janae Pratt
Janae Pratt 26 gün önce
Ashar Shaikh
Ashar Shaikh 2 aylar önce
Yeah it feels lot to hear it from those kind of people
Prodigy son *Hidden for a reason*
Prodigy son *Hidden for a reason* 2 aylar önce
No Excuses
No Excuses 2 aylar önce
Every person goes through worst experience in life. It is different from person to person and varies People can have one or multiple bad experience to them. When i said worse experience. I think about life put u down to the ground where u think u cannot seem to go back up. That is a way of life testing us if we can make it back to the path again. Some people fail - those are the people who die than to live , commit the act of dying and succeeded and some people survive and found their way back in life.
Maryssa Joyce Flores
Maryssa Joyce Flores Yıl önce
To whoever needs to hear this, just like me, I hope we'll slowly overcome the unwanted feelings we are both going through! ✨
Learning Dude
Learning Dude 2 aylar önce
Kaya natin 'to!
Jessica 2 aylar önce
I believe we all will be able to make it!😊
Lord Pancake
Lord Pancake 5 aylar önce
Thank you! I wish you well too!
Elena Kasparova
Elena Kasparova 7 aylar önce
MyrenaBlinxs 7 aylar önce
Mari Herrera
Mari Herrera Yıl önce
“Accept the fact that life is not fair. It can be liberating.” True.
Tana Yadum
Tana Yadum 3 aylar önce
Except that you're your own person, and other people are seperate from you,the only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday❣️ The best line.
Andy Nonymous
Andy Nonymous Aylar önce
Jelena Daljev
Jelena Daljev 4 aylar önce
I just wanted to come here almost 5 years later to say: THANK YOU, AMY!!!! I watched many talks, read tons of books and listened to many podcasts, but this particular speech saved me and cured my addiction! Your story and perspective touched my soul ❤❤ Thank you
Ebrelus 4 aylar önce
How did you do it? Did you make other better habits instead?
Lesley Valencia
Lesley Valencia 2 yıl önce
I cant imagine how heartbreaking it must be to lose your mother and your husband at such a young age, what a strong and brave woman.
Minh Anh Hoàng Thị
Minh Anh Hoàng Thị 2 aylar önce
Me too. When she talked about her mother, I still felt okay with that. But when the next chapter about her ex-husband came, I couldn't imagine her pain at that time. Wish her all the best.
chelby eightysix
chelby eightysix 4 aylar önce
My husband and mother are dying and I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. Prayer helps. Ask for prayer from others and pray for your enemies.
Judy Talk
Judy Talk 4 aylar önce
You are such an inspiration for us! Thank you so much to share your suffering and hardship with us so we won’t pity ourselves anymore! You are an amazing strong, brave and very intelligent young woman!❤
Sally Poon
Sally Poon 6 aylar önce
@Freedom By The Mile | Solo Female Life7
apoorva Nilesh
apoorva Nilesh 8 aylar önce
@Freedom By The Mile | Solo Female Life qqq
Edits by Shobhit
Edits by Shobhit 8 aylar önce
This was such an eye opener. I was complaining about my problems just a few mins before this video. This helped gain so much perspective. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. Hope you're doing well :)
Solo Samurai
Solo Samurai 3 aylar önce
When you look at her eyes it really shows that she has been through a lot but she is not broken. God blessed her with resilience. She is a strong woman. Probably the goomiest Ted talk I ever watched but one of the most impactful. Thank you for this video.
Ashar Shaikh
Ashar Shaikh 2 aylar önce
I can't imagine how much she has suffered through her life
Graichi Brahim
Graichi Brahim 2 aylar önce
Summary: If you wanna become mentally 💪💪🔥🔥 strong ,you have to do two things and the order matter : let's start with the first one : you've to identify your bad beliefs and get rid of all of them The second ones : is to replace these bad beliefs that holding you back with the healthy ones Examples of the bad beliefs: 1- when we think and say "why these terrible things always happen to me ,why me " 2- thinking like others , government, parents,boss ... Control our life and we start blaming others instead of focusing how to get out from the situation 3- we think the world 🌎 owe to us : Like if i'm a good guy and work hard so I'll be successful and get all the nice things .... The world is random If you like the summary please click the l👍👍👍
IamHilda 7 gün önce
She is so brave, just talking about this whole without collapsing in tear. There is always hope in life no matter what we are going through
Peace Tree Meditation
Peace Tree Meditation 3 aylar önce
You are not your thoughts. You are stronger than you think. You can stay mentally strong through meditation. Findings ways to relax in any situation can make your overall mental fortitude stronger. You're able to focus more consistently. 🕊
BelleAfricaine 2 yıl önce
Really trying to be mentally strong to beat depression and suicidal ideation. I must fight; I cannot give up. This helped a lot. Thanks.
Leila Haha
Leila Haha 3 gün önce
You're not alone my sister ❤ It will become better. Don't be ashamed and seek help! I went through the same and I started to see better days again. The worst thing ia that I used to think I'm alone but so many people go through this.
Pragya Sharma
Pragya Sharma 4 gün önce
you mustttttttt dear!!!, and youre extremely strong✨✨✨bless you!
Reza Nasiri
Reza Nasiri 9 gün önce
I dont want to fight anymore, I just wanna give up and seize to exist
Only - Yours
Only - Yours Aylar önce
You are strong you can do it .. and the bravest thing you can do is to ask for help .. a friend, a family member, a therapist. It's ok to get a little help to rise ♥️
Viviana Apostolopoulou
Viviana Apostolopoulou 2 aylar önce
Sending you love and prayers ❤
Sindra 6 aylar önce
I watched halfway through this video and her words really inspired me. I realized that it’s unhealthy how I’ haven’t talked to my boyfriend about how toxic our relationship has gotten lately, and it’s been so hard on me. So I paused the video and sent him a text and we finally talked about it, after almost a month of me overthinking this everyday. We broke up. And while that’s sad, it’s also liberating. Because now I can finally move on. Thank you so much for this video and for your words, they really helped me 🙏🙏 also sending big hugs to anyone that’s going through a rough time right now
Ebrelus 4 aylar önce
What was the reason?
KM Media Factory
KM Media Factory 6 aylar önce
Awesome! You saw the advice given and most importantly, you took action. That’s the first step and something a lot struggle with. I applaud you and wish you luck for your future!
aro 6 aylar önce
i'm proud of you!
Muktha Tumkur
Muktha Tumkur Yıl önce
I admire Amy for being able to deliver this speech without breaking down. I definitely have small bad habits to change today. I need to master the secret of mental strength.
Who do you think you are?  Figure it out!!!
Who do you think you are? Figure it out!!! Yıl önce
To become mentally strong we must maintain mental hygiene: get rid of bad mental habits like complaining, envy, destructive self attacks and adopt healthy mental habits like gratitude, compassion and positivity. I love when you shared that you needed to monster your mental power and to use all the knowledge about mental strength in order to heal: knowing how to overcome trauma and actually living it are two different things.
Fly me 2 the Moon
Fly me 2 the Moon Yıl önce
This is one of the most powerful videos ive seen on TRshow..Shes transparent,to the point,her presentation was awsome and had me glued to the screen.The message shes delivering isnt learned from a book but actual events that sheS overcome...My first lesson is gratitude..And im grateful i came across this video today..Thank you Amy
Kristin Dahl
Kristin Dahl 2 aylar önce
Total WISDOM from Herself 🥰
AnThony DenZzel
AnThony DenZzel 11 aylar önce
Today I was a little bit down so this sure cheered me up a bit and gave me hope. Also made me realize that I'm still in control of my thoughts and feelings. Thank you, Amy!
Duyen Dinh
Duyen Dinh Aylar önce
Thank you for the talk. Watched it like 4 or 5 years ago and it is still making me cry today when I found this again. I hope you are doing well, Amy
Kreative Kirti
Kreative Kirti 16 gün önce
I can't thank you enough for the invaluable insights you've shared; I've watched this video multiple times, and each time I've taken away something new, since just as the circumstances are unique, so, too, are our perspectives. Loads of good wishes and gratitude to everyone. :)
Hanen Mehrez
Hanen Mehrez 9 aylar önce
I feel small to even think of my "troubles" when listening to this amazingly brave lady.... wish her the best of the world has to offer....
eupril xx
eupril xx 8 aylar önce
ghoussoune touami
ghoussoune touami 9 aylar önce
I felt the same thing 💔 loosing her mom at early age, being widow at 26, loosing her dad in law… how could she overcome these dooms she’s really strong 💪🏻
maricarmen suarez
maricarmen suarez 8 gün önce
Nosotros mismos nos ponemos barreras y no podemos seguir adelante, tenemos q confiar en nosotros y si no buscar ayuda, no se está solo siempre habrá quien nos ayude.
Maddy Harvey
Maddy Harvey 6 yıl önce
She is so strong...I struggle with petty things every day. Just the fact that she's experienced so much devastating loss and can still stand up is a triumph of human spirit. ❤️
Sebastian White
Sebastian White 4 aylar önce
Good for you recognising you struggle with the petty things, and seeing the perspective!
Joe Banks
Joe Banks 5 aylar önce
@Samar_theoriginal "When you've accepted your feelings, it is no longer a huge, psychological wrestler and you are free to allow your brain to work out solutions." that's a very liberating way of thinking. thanks for sharing
Crazy Carter Clan
Crazy Carter Clan 8 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing. :)
Muktha Tumkur
Muktha Tumkur Yıl önce
Totally agree.
Clara Esguevillas Calderón
Clara Esguevillas Calderón Yıl önce
Sakshi Chamoli
Sakshi Chamoli Yıl önce
Watched this before the loss I had.. with eyes full of tears ... Now watching this after my grandpa passed away .. .. without a single tear coz I don't want him to be hurt by watching me cry.. really sad for her loss too as losing someone literally breaks u into pieces.. but she's indeed a strong lady 💯
Эльвира Базарова
Эльвира Базарова 10 aylar önce
Благодарю Эми за передачу энергии, вдохновения на "душевные подвиги" нам, слушающим и читающим Ваши правдивые откровения! Будьте здоровы!!!
Joyce Mawak
Joyce Mawak 9 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your story and helping us move on from our losses. It is so true that self-care for our mental health is as important as caring for our bodies. Although it does take years to develop healthier habits, it only takes 7 days of repetition for a good start to develop the habit you would like to have. I have proven this true when I chose not to be late for work anymore. Each day I clocked in early I would mark it on my calendar. If I came in late during the 7-days, I would start over and go back to Day-1. Eventually, I was clocking in early each day for the next 90 days. Which became 6 months, then a whole year. Start with small steps. One day at a time. Each day is a new beginning!
Kinda Skayee
Kinda Skayee 11 aylar önce
Loved your talk I went through similar losses lost 3 members of my family in 4 years it was so traumatic it made me sick. I’m on the road to recovery now fingers crossed 🤞 as I have also changed my thoughts 💭. You are inspirational ❤️🙏
Karishma Kapoor
Karishma Kapoor 10 gün önce
I cried hearing your story and the way you have explained it reflects the strength you have gained in your life.
Kylie 8 aylar önce
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Prolly one of the most important things anyone has ever told me
𝐽𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑠𝑎 𝑆𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑚𝑎
𝐽𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑠𝑎 𝑆𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑚𝑎 10 aylar önce
I was feeling so low for no reason before watching this then when I heard about how you lose your mom and husband , I couldnt stop myself from cryingg and now, i feel so much light and better. The tone of your voice is so soothening ma'am. I hope youre happy wherever you are now. 🤎 I am emotionally so weak , cries over little things and overthink a lot but I do believe someday I will be emotionally and mentally strong enough to face my problems with a smile on my face🥺. If you are feeling low just watch something that will divert your mind and will bring a smile on your face. Its OKAY NOT to be OKAY. Good night, lovess. Dont sleep with a heavy heart , theres so many people that loves you .
Tanya !
Tanya ! Aylar önce
Beth Elle
Beth Elle 4 aylar önce
Kind words! 🙂
𝐽𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑠𝑎 𝑆𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑚𝑎
𝐽𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑠𝑎 𝑆𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑚𝑎 9 aylar önce
@Tasha thank you so much . I wish the same for you 🤎
Tasha 9 aylar önce
Its the same for me here 🥺 Hope you get a hold over yourself asap. Take care 😊
Tati Maria
Tati Maria 10 aylar önce
I love you
Marthin Ketard
Marthin Ketard 2 yıl önce
Ted talks are like a free therapy session for me. Thank you 🌼
Meshell Krull
Meshell Krull 10 aylar önce
So totally true I have learned so much about not just how and why I keep ending up in the same ruts or self sabotaging life choices .Even more important I have accepted that childhood trama has actual struggles at times of adulthood for some people like me .I learned how important it is for me to surround myself with positive uplifting encouraging people the best I could ,because I know I am not always a good self starter and am often to embarrassed to ask for help but need it so often at times of real importance .I took years to develop a trusting friendship of someone that I know believes in me regardless of my mistakes or poor choices at times who I can confide in and tell how lost I really am in certain things someone I know wants nothing from me but to see me make my own life changing progress and grow in my own self confidence and when I backtrack will check me and call me out lovingly with constructive criticism and guidance to make better choices and learn how to navigate away from my self sabotage .a friend who reminds me to process feelings and let them go to work on myself finding solutions not focusing on my problems or how and why or who .15 yrs my best friend and mentor has truly helped me be a better me and learn it's only up to me. understanding that I'm more than just broken I'm smarter than wanting to succeed but barely trying out of actual fear of success and during the times I worked hard and made actual progress up the mountain of self worth and I felt life seemed to keep kicking my feet from under me I learned to handle things differently .In that I have truly grown away from letting people walk all over me or constantly allow myself to be affected buy what others assumed or said or thought of me.Learning emotional intelligence from a welfare to work computer skills occupation class at a community college truly changed how I allowed myself to be or not be affected by the negative or positive around me ( it took my friend 5 yrs to convince me as a single parent to even apply for assistance and use the resources available to me. I was pridefully I felt I had arms legs and a job there was people that needed it more.i was surviving but no progress than I accepted I could use the help and actually better myself for my son and that was ok ). That small part of that office skills course gave me the most valuable tools I have ever had in my life. . These Ted X talks are so beyond rewarding and truly help me learn and grow and understand more about life and behavioral therapy .just the break down of the effects on chronic childhood PTSD into adulthood and understanding addictions alone are life saving to me doing my best in making sure my child doesnt go into life accepting this generational depression and addictions and settling for the struggle is acceptable. He has sent me in ups and downs good and bad choices but he has also seen me overcome and grow . I have always expressed how important it is to keep moving forward and embrace our path no matter how hard because it is overall struggles a beautiful path of abundant blessings in every lesson great or small. I challenge him to be greater than my mistakes learn from what u see me struggle with . Most importantly everyday since he was born I uplift him to be positive and kind above all with a loving heart that does all things %100 .I taught him to think for himself learn what he doesn't know apply himself and what he gathers in knowledge and experience so that he can be confident in growing to be a humble kind person hopefully not having to waist so much of his life never thinking he was good enough to even try to shoot for the stars . Like me .I was my own worst fear and enemy growing up. Thank you all that speak and share and teach on these platforms .you have helped me understand there is nothing wrong with me my life is what made me who I am a strong resilient woman that is understanding and has so much more to offer this world than the story of how I got here but even better the story of where I'm going and how I will break the cycle of being broken in my family . I share these videos with so many people i i know I hope it helps others like it has for me Thanks again
Сергей Шахбазян
Сергей Шахбазян 10 aylar önce
😅так за щбл❤❤был Х 😊😅
orehayuki 10 aylar önce
Relatable bro I honestly wanted to go to therapist since i was really depressed in these few months and somehow started watching confidence m/seduction to mental health/how to not take things personally haha
Ann Jo
Ann Jo 10 aylar önce
Agreed 😌😌😌😌😌🙏🙏
Frank Arena
Frank Arena 11 aylar önce
From experience, I can totally agree, that hours of time and money with therapists don't come close to the value of talks like this, I embrace this video and will revisit it an affirmation to become more like it everyday. ♡
Be Motivated
Be Motivated 9 aylar önce
Incredible person who is reading this. Want to let you know that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. Blessings upon blessings come to you daily. Everything you need it’s on its way to you! Be ready to receive! You are healthy. You are strong. You are capable. True wealth is coming for you. You are blessed beyond measure. You are loved so much by many. Receive this TRUTH! Bless you always with everything great you deserve. You are greatness!
Rick B
Rick B 9 aylar önce
Thank you for those very powerful words! I can't believe they almost moved me to tears; they are so rare to hear.
Sarah Garcia
Sarah Garcia Yıl önce
This hit me so hard. My mother also passed away from a aneurysm. It was the most hardest hit I had in my life. I am currently going through a healing journey and your video came up. I knew the moment you spoke about your mother that was the universe sending me a sign.
Bhavneet 4 aylar önce
More power to you. Hope you have healed and are feeling a bit better than yesterday
Mehmet Kaplan
Mehmet Kaplan Yıl önce
A talk which is good and also feels good. Thanks to this lady for enriching my day. My message to everyone reading is to keep on going. Stay strong and be blessed!
syd Yıl önce
I could not believe she was about to say her husband died too. This is why I watched this video though. I know that life will throw us so many trials and tests and we have to be mentally strong. At this point in my life I feel so fragile which makes me even more scared, because I feel like I’ll fall apart at the slightest challenge or loss. I can handle what happens to me, but not those I love.
RM 5 aylar önce
In the past eighteen months, my mother, father, and brother who was my best friend and only sibling, all passed away. My parents were in their 90’s, my brother early 70’s. I divorced an abusive narcissist in the midst of it all. They say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. That isn't always true. It's how you face it and process it, and move forward. I should have a superhero cape by now. I have to, as I have two brilliant sons to care for in life. Interesting how videos like this show up at the right time.
Amara Anigbo
Amara Anigbo Yıl önce
"The only person I should compare myself to is the person I was yesterday." A WORD!
Ankita 9 aylar önce
“Because you are the one who has had all your advantages and disadvantages.” - Jordan Peterson.
Betcha Astrel
Betcha Astrel 9 aylar önce
@Tere Lavarias Hallelujah
Tere Lavarias
Tere Lavarias 9 aylar önce
Prayer changes things. God's WORD has all the power to make you stronger than ever before.🤍❤💖🙏
Paria 11 aylar önce
@SpookByTheDoor why is it nonsense
SpookByTheDoor Yıl önce
Ignacio Ferrentino
Ignacio Ferrentino Yıl önce
De las historias que mas me tocaron. mi papa murio cuando tenia 8 y mi mama estaba embarazada en ese momento. Vivi toda mi vida pensando que mi hermano era una especie de justicia divina por perder a mi papa. Recien despues de 24 años pude cerrar el duelo y aprendi muchisimo sobre todo lo que me paso. Es el dia de hoy que uso todo eso que aprendi para ayudar a los demas en lo que este a mi alcance.
Febe Quezada
Febe Quezada Yıl önce
It was 6 years ago however, 2022 is the right year for me to hear this all and finally have a guts to clear my unhealthy beliefs about my self. Thank you, this is worth watching for!🥰🥺
Michelle Hatcher
Michelle Hatcher 11 aylar önce
2022 and still such a powerful message to send. The strength this talk and to continue with life
Deborah Staats
Deborah Staats Yıl önce
You are such an inspiration! I would be honored to have you as my therapist. What an amazing feat to have this clarification at such a young age. You are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Shyaaam Meneen
Shyaaam Meneen Yıl önce
Deborah, How are you now? In life there are only 2 problems--mind and the body. To develop mental muscles reduce negative thoughts and overthinking. Your breathing is closely related to the brain [mind] and gives good relief from stress-anxiety. To relax sit on a chair or lie down, neck straight, eyes closed and observe the sensations of your incoming--outgoing breath at the entrance of the nostrils for 5-10-15 minutes or more. Don’t fight your thoughts. With daily practice the mind will relax. No deep breathing needed. Observe your breath sensations when taking a walk, before sleep, in college, at work, in the kitchen, when reading, etc. Like me, make this a lifetime daily habit to have a better life. Reduce negative social media, take morning sunlight walks and avoid constipation as it affects the mind instantly. Doing a public speaking course is very useful. Best wishes--Counsellor.
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Yıl önce
Thank you for this! I have got some actionable insights for myself as takeaways from this video! I hope I am able to make some changes to my way of thinking! This was so motivational. Thank you!
Get Fast Cash For Keys
Get Fast Cash For Keys Yıl önce
Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions thoughts and behaviors in the ways that set them up for success in life check out these things that mentally strong people don't do so that you too can become more mentally strong. 1. They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Mentally strong people don't sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treated them. Instead they take responsibility for their role in life and understand that life isn't always easy or Fair. 2. They don't give away their power. They don't allow others to control them and they don't give someone else power over them. They don't say things like "my boss make me feel bad" because they understand that they are in control over their own emotions and they have a choice in how they respond. 3. They don't shy away from change. Mentally strong people don't try to avoid change. Instead they welcome positive change in are willing to be flexible. They understand that change is inevitable and believe in their abilities to adapt. 4. They don't waste energy on things they can't control. Did you hear a mentally strong person complaining over lost luggage or traffic jams?! But Instead these people focus on what they can control in their lives. They recognize that sometimes the only thing that they control is their attitude. 5. They don't worry about pleasing everyone. Mentally strong people recognize that they don't need to please everyone all the time. They are not afraid to say no or speak up when necessary. They strive to be kind and fair but can handle other people being upset if they didn't make them happy. 6. They don't fear taken calculated risk. They don't take reckless or a foolish risk but don't mind taking calculated risks. Mentally strong people spend time waiting their risk and benefits before making a big decision and they are fully informed of the potential downsides before they take action. 7. They don't dwell on the past. Mentally strong people don't waste time and dwelling on the past and wishing things could be different. They aknowledge their past and can say what they've learned from it. However they don't constantly relieve bad experiences or fantasize about the Glory Days. Instead they live for the present and plan for the future. 8. They don't make the same mistakes over and over. Mentally strong people accept responsibility for their behavior and learn from their past mistakes. As a result they don't keep repeating those mistakes over and over. Instead they move on and make better decisions in the future. 9. They don't resent other people's success. Mentally strong people can't appreciate and celebrate people's success in life. They don't grow jealous or feel cheated when others surpass them. Instead they recognize that success comes with hard work and they are willing to work hard for their own chance at success. 10. They don't give up after the first failure. Mentally strong people don't view failures as a reason to give up. Instead they use failure as an opportunity to grow and improve. They are willing to keep trying until they get it right. 11. They don't fear alone time. Mentally strong people can tolerate being alone and they don't fear silence. They aren't afraid to be alone with their thoughts and they can use downtime to be productive. They enjoyed their own company and aren't depend on other for companionship and entertainment all the time but instead can be happy alone. 12. They don't feel the world owns them anything. Mentally strong people don't feel entitled to things in life. They weren't born with a mentality that others will take care of them or that the word must give them something. Instead they look for opportunities based on their own merits. 13. They don't expect immediate results. Whether they are working on improving their health or getting a new business off the ground mentally strong people don't expect immediate results. Instead they apply their skills and time to the best of their ability and understand that real change takes time.
manas pandey
manas pandey 8 gün önce
​@Steve Lee amy morin wrote these words. 🙏
Nafisa Ariqoh
Nafisa Ariqoh 2 aylar önce
it's really cool
Vajieh Fallah-Znooz
Vajieh Fallah-Znooz 2 aylar önce
Minahil Mustafa
Minahil Mustafa 2 aylar önce
Love this
Sushma 3 aylar önce
I don’t care who wrote this..... but thank you
baotran Tran
baotran Tran Yıl önce
Her speech was inspire me so much. Thank you for healing and support for everybody by your stories, Amy :)
isabel valongo
isabel valongo 8 aylar önce
Fabuloso. Há seis anos e contudo actual. Um pequeno passo de uma enorme caminhada!
Roy Restan
Roy Restan Yıl önce
Wow.. This speaker is amazing.. She makes you move towards reality.. She motivated me.. To see the best inside me. To be yourself and be strong mentally in any situation.. When you face challenges bravely.. This challenges becomes small. The Universe gives us one life.. to treasure and to be happy..
Dipa S
Dipa S Yıl önce
Amy I can't tell you how much I am feeling happy to find out about this video. I am sure after seeing this video it's really going to help me overcome my bad unhealthy thoughts about myself and others. Love you❤
All American
All American 8 aylar önce
Wonderful Ted talk; thanks so much for this. Sorry to know of your own personal hardships, but from these you are indeed helping for us to try & always remain strong & positive!
Mujeres Hadas Madrinas
Mujeres Hadas Madrinas 6 aylar önce
I have watched your TEDx several times and every time I do it moves my feelings and makes me realize something new about myself. Thank you for exposing your vulnerabilities for the rest of us to heal.
M S 2 aylar önce
So good! Thank you so much for sharing your story as well as the one about the man who had diabetes who substituted diet soda for sugar soda. You walked with him side by side as he chose to make those changes. Super inspiring. I will share your talk.
G K 3 aylar önce
I am so gratefull you shared your story and made me realise how a mindset should be to cope with every bad and sad keeps coming, regardless how hard you have to work to get it.
Daily with Deon
Daily with Deon Yıl önce
This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you Amy! Baby steps can make such a BIG impact.
Seeking truth
Seeking truth 4 aylar önce
This video helped me go through a devastating period in my life in 2017. I am forever grateful ❤
Zhaneta Harutyunyan
Zhaneta Harutyunyan 2 yıl önce
I just lost my husband a month ago he was only 26...I'm a 23 year old widow , I don't even know how I got to this video...You are a strong woman we have the same story. I have a hope
Shyaaam Meneen
Shyaaam Meneen Yıl önce
@Zhaneta Harutyunyan How are you now? In life there are 2 main problems--mind and the body. To feel better reduce overthinking. . Your breathing is closely related to the brain [mind] and gives good relief from stress-anxiety. To relax sit on a chair or lie down, neck straight, eyes closed and observe the sensations of your incoming--outgoing breath at the entrance of the nostrils for 5-10-15 minutes or more. If possible don't move too much. Don’t fight your thoughts. With daily practice the mind will relax. No deep breathing needed. Do the practice without any expectations when taking a walk, at work, in the kitchen, when reading, before sleep etc. Like me, make this a lifetime daily habit to have a better life. Avoid comparing with others, reduce negative social media and avoid constipation as it affects the mind instantly. Best wishes--Counsellor.
Zhaneta Harutyunyan
Zhaneta Harutyunyan Yıl önce
@LocaDelCocoa Thank you very much
LocaDelCocoa Yıl önce
This is fantastic news to hear♡ I am not sure if you are a godly person but know this, God will never allow you a burden you cannot handle♡ how you handle your difficulties speaks to the magnitude and the character of the person you are to be- God continue to bless you abundantly and success in your new life journey!
Zhaneta Harutyunyan
Zhaneta Harutyunyan Yıl önce
@Sun Sun I do that every once in a while. Спасибо :)
Zhaneta Harutyunyan
Zhaneta Harutyunyan Yıl önce
@Shaun Brabant thank you
Princess Malong
Princess Malong Yıl önce
"the only person we should compare ourselves to is who we where yesterday" That struck close to home 🥺
Digna Montero
Digna Montero Yıl önce
Great talk🙏🏽 sometimes we get stuck thinking our situation is worse then the other and we make all these excuses when you n reality that’s our negative thinking getting in the way of our progress
chin long Cham
chin long Cham Yıl önce
I like the way she talks, so calm and delivering message so clearly.
Sajan Muthanna
Sajan Muthanna 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the insightful talk, its not just about building good habits but getting rid of negative habits matters being mentally resilient !!
Saronn Pov
Saronn Pov 4 aylar önce
This was a heartfelt reminder , thank you so much for this ! 🙏🏼❤️
Dishna Ranasinghe
Dishna Ranasinghe 2 yıl önce
You can literally feel the grief in her voice. She's such a strong person
vishwajeet jadav
vishwajeet jadav 2 yıl önce
@Dishna Ranasinghe yes indeed agree wid you
Naveen E.naveen
Naveen E.naveen 2 yıl önce
Your Voice is Everything by Diana Camero
Your Voice is Everything by Diana Camero 2 yıl önce
I heard it too... I felt it. Empaths can literally feel the words
Dishna Ranasinghe
Dishna Ranasinghe 2 yıl önce
Mahesh Javvadi true. Perspective is everything!
Mahesh Javvadi
Mahesh Javvadi 2 yıl önce
yeah.. true..we all need to move on mentally up the ladder no matter whats happen
Krishnan P M
Krishnan P M 3 aylar önce
I really hope that she could share those points of mentally strong people's not to do bad habits!
Akash FutureGroups
Akash FutureGroups Aylar önce
Mentally strong or not bad habits are bad habits
Tamasa Patra
Tamasa Patra 2 aylar önce
@Andria Antoniou thanks a lot!
Andria Antoniou
Andria Antoniou 2 aylar önce
She published a book about it! She also does a podcast every Friday on the verywell mind webside, and she shares a lot of tips there as well. Her name is Amy Morin, look it up!
Lomash Dubey
Lomash Dubey Yıl önce
This video has a very significant role in healing many minds I request everyone watching it to spread it as much as possible in light of current times. Thank you for sharing.
Sathish Adhimoolam
Sathish Adhimoolam Yıl önce
It is really a wonderful speech..It was like you were reflecting my life. Yes, I agreed 100% with your points. Any one should not sit and think about what had happended in the past. We as a human can not undo anything past. It is woth think about the future and how we can build a positive life. In my experience, everyone would go through rough time at sometime of time. If it happens at the earliest, it would be good.
Meg Soto
Meg Soto 6 aylar önce
I admire her strength and wisdom. No matter what your mistakes or circumstances-be compassionate to yourself and your own pain. I believe that self-pity is self serving, it will keep you stuck. For me to move through my feelings and change my negative believes about myself has required a lot of self compassion. When you have a support system usually they provide a sense of care and compassion. When you don't have a strong support system give yourself compassion. I wish mental strength/health was taught in schools, churches, or through our health care system. Take care of yourselves🤗
Madison Yıl önce
"no matter how much you've suffered, you aren't doomed to keep suffering" that one really hit hard
Shyaaam Meneen
Shyaaam Meneen 11 aylar önce
@Syleena H If you have issues of stress and overthinking read my msg and do the simple practice regularly to feel better. Best wishes. Sr. Counsellor.
Shyaaam Meneen
Shyaaam Meneen 11 aylar önce
@Nafeesah Abdullah Muhammad If you have issues of stress and overthinking read the msg I sent you and do the simple practice daily to feel better. Best wishes. Sr. Counsellor.
Nafeesah Abdullah Muhammad
Nafeesah Abdullah Muhammad 11 aylar önce
Yaaassss 💯
Cindy Dalton
Cindy Dalton 11 aylar önce
I know I was like omg that's what is wrong with me
Shyaaam Meneen
Shyaaam Meneen Yıl önce
@candybutcHer If you have stress or problem of overthinking read the msg I sent you and do the simple practice regularly. Best wishes. Sr. Counsellor
WeGotThis! Yıl önce
It's hard to listen to her when you're sad. It sounds like she's about to cry every time! But everything she said made sense and I really badly need to hear this. Thank you😘
Anthony Gagliano
Anthony Gagliano 6 yıl önce
Her personal story - unbelievable. Her presentation style - very effective. Her message - tremendously important.
Elon O
Elon O 5 yıl önce
Anthony Gagliano Also have you seen what shes wearing? She looks like a million bucks :-)
Laurie Somma
Laurie Somma Yıl önce
This is so powerful! If you are struggling to lean into self love, know you are supported, worthy and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Donaldstewart6gmailcom 11 aylar önce
Hi Laurie
Javier Diaz Diaz
Javier Diaz Diaz Yıl önce
This is one the best TEDs I’ve seen she is so inspiring
Janet Burger
Janet Burger Yıl önce
This gave me real hope and belief in my own abilities. Thank you Amy
Ambitious Jamie
Ambitious Jamie Yıl önce
Wow I’m always genuinely happy to see others win no matter what my own personal situation is ✨
Life With Stacie 💕
Life With Stacie 💕 Yıl önce
One day at the time…take it one day at the time. That’s what I’ve been doing & even when I don’t feel like it…I still do whatever is needed for me to get through the day…healing is tough but so necessary. I’m proud of everybody for healing or simply just doing what’s necessary to get back to yourself 🙏🏾🤍. It’s going to be OK.
Nuzhat Rahman
Nuzhat Rahman 5 yıl önce
Summary: get rid of bad mental habits ----> 1. Self pity (exaggerating problems) 2. Victim mentality (thinking that ppl/situations have the power to hurt you, instead of thinking how you can choose to respond) 3. Expecting that life is fair (that if you work hard, you'll find success) Developing mental strength is just like developing physical strength. Cultivate good mental habits (healthy food) and get rid of bad ones (junk food). Practice daily to train your brain (gym). Start small. Keep going.
Pratigya Banjara
Pratigya Banjara 2 yıl önce
Exactly Nafisa Rahman you are 100% right but I am too victim of it.
Sadie P.
Sadie P. 2 yıl önce
squorly you just get to the point of realizing that you have to make these changes if you want to stop suffering or remain in misery. You just have to figure out how.
Ivan Martin
Ivan Martin 3 yıl önce
good summary. Many thanks.
Ayano Chan
Ayano Chan 3 yıl önce
thats what my dad used to say...
Private Author
Private Author 3 yıl önce
This works until you realize "those people" can cut you out of things and marginalize you into an outsider who is excluded. Never even considered this in the whole discussion as this self angle does not work when you MUST deal with others who are RUTHLESS and society REWARDS them for it.
Rennu Dhillon
Rennu Dhillon Yıl önce
Such a touching real life story about how she endured loss and the importance of mental strength.
Lily Lee
Lily Lee 3 aylar önce
Very touching great message, wish her the very best in life
Artist Reyanshh Rahul
Artist Reyanshh Rahul 7 gün önce
You are really amazing. Thanks for sharing your story🧡
Chaitrali Parab
Chaitrali Parab Yıl önce
Thank you Amy Morin for this wonderful talk ❤️
musini suresh
musini suresh 3 aylar önce
This is the best Ted talk which I ever seen.....straight and clear to the point 🔥❤️.It is so relatable and awakening speech for me.
v Yıl önce
She only started smiling when she talked about how much she helped her client, she's a good person hope she continues finding good things in her life.
faithsf 11 aylar önce
Read her book "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't DO" - really excellent and insightful! I can fully relate, even shared it with a friend.
jerissa garces
jerissa garces Yıl önce
I recently have been in this cycle where I’ll just be on my phone all day, ignoring my parents, siblings, and my dog. I have a couple of to do list that I should do for a month but honestly I think I’m just overworking myself even though I don’t do them all, after seeing this I learned that I should give some of my time to my parents, siblings, and my dog because you never know when they could pass away. I’ll still work on my goals but step by step. I hope I’m going through the right path.
Robert Balfour
Robert Balfour Yıl önce
Love this woman, awesome message! 🙏💪
Deedy Technologies
Deedy Technologies 4 aylar önce
"Unhealthy beliefs of the world come about because, deep down, we want the world to be fair" - Amy Morin
NewNew Chu
NewNew Chu Yıl önce
We live in a world where we need to keep up with both our physical and mental health. Sometimes, we might need a bit of help from the physical health side by taking some health supplements, like peptides, to at least help us adjust the hormones inside us so that we can at least get our mind back on track. I am inspired by her patient that came in later knowing that he can improve his own world. WE ALL CAN! Cheers from Thailand!
MR Marshall
MR Marshall 2 yıl önce
"Dont compare yourself to others Just Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday" 10:55 That Quote hit me
Zivers 2 yıl önce
Really? You didn't know it before this video?
Kombucha M
Kombucha M 2 yıl önce
I’m remembering this advice forever
Erin Donovan
Erin Donovan 2 yıl önce
That was one of the biggest things I took from this too
Laxmi Nagar
Laxmi Nagar 2 yıl önce
Do not compare yourself at all...just accept yourself as you are say thank you to mother nature to make you whatever you feel to be like..just go ahead in your life with all your energy....
MR Marshall
MR Marshall 2 yıl önce
@DaftKing i wasnt begging just thought id forget 🤔
Clara Nunez
Clara Nunez Yıl önce
I love this one. It really made tear up. 🥺 Everyone deserves to be happy. 😊
Estelle Yıl önce
Whoa… this is very empowering & worth the habit to try & make a lifestyle change. Such a beautiful story to share. Thank you 🌿
King of your future
King of your future 10 aylar önce
This is genuinely amazing .... We all have the strength inside to pull through , just keep digging .. you'll find it. Love Ted talks.
ajp1079 10 aylar önce
My mother passed from the same at age 55, i was only 28 at the time. I'm 42 now and I'm still grieving... thank you for your words
CorofCor Yıl önce
From time to time I watch this video and it truly realigns my energy and thoughts. Truly powerful. Thank you!
GrowthMindset Yıl önce
"Becoming strong doesn’t start in the gym. It starts in your head"
Jeremy Horne
Jeremy Horne Aylar önce
Keeping fit supports the mind it's a well known fact that rigorous exercise stimulates the brain which has a net positive effect. The gym should be part of the solution but to dismiss exercise is foolish.
Nitra Williams
Nitra Williams 2 aylar önce
So true ❤
Bryx 2 aylar önce
Strong body = strong mind
Bilkish Chowdhury
Bilkish Chowdhury 2 aylar önce
Excerscise is more related to mental health than you may think
Sandra Cesar
Sandra Cesar 4 aylar önce
Yes it does.
Aike Useob
Aike Useob 2 aylar önce
thank you so much Amy. You made me cry. I lost my mom too & uncle in such a short period of times half a year ago. It's such an eye opener. I feel empowered.
La Itzel 05
La Itzel 05 2 aylar önce
Emotional rollercoaster, grief is hard. "Knowing how to properly grief is different from going through it"-Amy M
Subiya Amreen
Subiya Amreen 5 aylar önce
She's a warrior truly, an inspiration, I am going to drop the habit of doubting myself right here right now
Roxanne Lewis
Roxanne Lewis 8 gün önce
Powerful advice !! 👌🏾♥️
Robert and Julie
Robert and Julie Yıl önce
This is an amazing talk. Thanks for sharing...being mentally healthy starts with one simple choice...the choice to changed for the better...
“Take your time healing, as long as you want. Nobody else knows what you’ve been through. How could they know how long it will take to heal you?” - Abertoli
Montesa 8 aylar önce
@KHUSHI GARG - Of course nobody knows how long it will take for a certain person to heal, if in fact they are able to recover. But that doesn't stop people from wanting to know ballpark averages, guidelines, as to what to expect. It's a normal thing to want as much information as possible regarding what you are going through. In fact, it's required, to at least make some tentative plans for the future ....
Janet Marmaro
Janet Marmaro 8 aylar önce
@invincible 🌸✔️
invincible Yıl önce
Yeah, but healing and self-pity are two different things. The first one is taking a step back and mourning or being sad, or angry because we have every right to feel that way if someone or life circumstances hurt us very badly. But self-pity is blaming others, going through negatives thoughts over and over again, re-experiencing it our mind what we felt years ago again and again and NOT changing anything but being stuck in a circle of blame, frustration, sadness and stagnation where we do not move, know the difference.
Blonde Yıl önce
People that say, “get over it” just don’t understand
thank you, really needed this
lampsizgod 11 aylar önce
Probably one of the most important TED Talks that anyone trying to tackle any issue should see. It's the foundation for all other activities.
ACS Debt Collection Services
ACS Debt Collection Services 10 aylar önce
What a journey you have had and look at you now Girl.. Amazing and such an inspiring story you share, thank you.
장영영 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for your inspiring speech. I wanna become a mentally strong person one day and I believe that I can make it. Thank you for your share!
A B 10 aylar önce
I can honestly say I don’t think much TED talk sticks out that I can remember in this moment but I have a feeling this will be the one I remember the rest of my life.
Süper ❤️ Sibling love. ✅🎥👍 #shorts
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