Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"

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Tom MacDonald

Yıl önce

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Madison Byler
Madison Byler 20 saatler önce
Thank you.
hoseqt1 Gün önce
I really wish I could stop.... I just got off a bender that started last year with those horrible fucking lockdowns.... I guess I'm lucky to be alive, it could be much worse I suppose.... Oh well, mines just another fucked up Veterans life....
webbowatch Gün önce
Love this x
Ghost 2 gün önce
Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb
Josh Masterson
Josh Masterson 2 gün önce
Bet that tattoo is real lol
Dwayne Cordingly
Dwayne Cordingly 3 gün önce
What a tune 👌
Mad Jeeper NH
Mad Jeeper NH 4 gün önce
Im sharing this with an AA meeting...somewhere.
cute squad
cute squad 4 gün önce
Brett Gallagher
Brett Gallagher 5 gün önce
💥 BROTHER 💥 This is fast becoming my favourite now bro... between this and heart emoji...🤘🤙 At the end where you call Nova.. ❤ Be strong everyone... GOOD always triumphs.. 💥🧙‍♂️💥
Nicholas Winchester
Nicholas Winchester 5 gün önce
Holden 5 gün önce
Best song in my opinion
Nope Nunya
Nope Nunya 5 gün önce
Quitting nicotine. Wish me luck.
Pink Velvet
Pink Velvet 5 gün önce
Good luck! 💗
Lubasi Nakubita
Lubasi Nakubita 6 gün önce
"we Lost the fight together but that's a win to me" 👌🔥
Sasquatch Fishing
Sasquatch Fishing 6 gün önce
Heavy heavy binge drinking is my problem. I've done everything in this song multiple times. It's easier for me to not have 1 drink than it is for me to have 1 and not turn it into blacked the fuck out 30 drinks.
Sasquatch Fishing
Sasquatch Fishing 6 gün önce
Been trying some NA beers. Sharps by miller is the closest to the taste of a lite pilsner I've found. 👍
Allen Cramer III
Allen Cramer III 6 gün önce
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson 6 gün önce
The part I liked the most was the very ending of the video when he was talking about how he was drunk and have been doing crazy stuff then right to a sober and really nice person and truly cares and just calls you and says I was recording I just wanted to call you to put you in it and I love you
Moriah Bockelman
Moriah Bockelman 6 gün önce
Super g video bro
Andrew Kundrath
Andrew Kundrath 7 gün önce
Used to be.
Daryl Hakeem
Daryl Hakeem 7 gün önce
Probly not wat tom wants but this is me over n over.
Laura Reed
Laura Reed 7 gün önce
Tom, you can rap and sing! Not a lot of rappers can really sing.
Adriana Rukero
Adriana Rukero 8 gün önce
Who is here 😍🥰🥰
Amber Brown
Amber Brown 8 gün önce
Xzavior Triplett
Xzavior Triplett 8 gün önce
Is no one concerned that he has a collar on him
Richard Leigh
Richard Leigh 8 gün önce
Makes me wonder why I stick-up for alcohol.
Slash Dasher
Slash Dasher 8 gün önce
The day I became free of alcohol was the day that I fully understood and embraced the truth that I would not be giving anything up by not drinking
Clayton Gilliam
Clayton Gilliam 8 gün önce
This is my favorite drinking song😂
J's Official Unofficial Opinion
J's Official Unofficial Opinion 8 gün önce
I listen to this every time I drink 😆 🤣
J N 9 gün önce
This is my life! And you know what last night was history. Especially making it out alive
glitchin akaapte
glitchin akaapte 9 gün önce
This is the most accurate song about drinking I've ever heard
mikeysdad82 9 gün önce
I just heard this song on pandora and I really like it is a fun song I hope he makes more songs like this
Emily Lmao
Emily Lmao 10 gün önce
robbe4711 10 gün önce
Alcohol is the worst drug on the planet and hurts liver, brain and can cause cancer. It is legal to buy it and destroy yourself.
Sir flame
Sir flame 11 gün önce
Went through comments after just to see what you did wrong now!!💪🏻🇺🇸🤘🏻it’s not just the political msg the songs about struggling with addiction and all the other demons the ones they can’t speak on because addiction never had a color!! We love it all tom just remember that!!
Shawn Markle
Shawn Markle 11 gün önce
Who the Fauck is this guy ??? He has dope lyrics, fire bars, and best of all, he speaks truth !! He’s so versatile, sounds great no matter how he raps ! God bless brother, Keep it real FOR REAL ! !
Jesse Greer
Jesse Greer 11 gün önce
Yotam newest fan about a month ago just want to let you know you are the realest out there right now I am so glad that I found your music or let you know I am 10 year clean recovering addict very proud of the message you're sending just keep up the good work my man
Heather Stahl
Heather Stahl 11 gün önce
I am 35 now. I just want a hug a big hug you are an amazing man
Heather Stahl
Heather Stahl 11 gün önce
No but seriously I have fallowed you for a long time I get everything. Withdrawals and all since I was 14
Fluttershy Stays High420
Fluttershy Stays High420 12 gün önce
I quit drinking about 5 years ago after losing nearly everything i had because of it including an ex fiance i nearly married that i'll never get back, for anyone out there who drinks as a means to cope with the increasing insanity around us, just switch to weed, it works much better and the best part is it doesn't make you destroy everything you love and care about.
Lily Jane
Lily Jane 6 gün önce
🙌💚 trying to get cali sober right now. Drinking beer since i cant get weed right now but i gotta quit the excuses. I feel for you...
Takeida Scott
Takeida Scott 12 gün önce
I quit today thanks for this💯
Slash Dasher
Slash Dasher 12 gün önce
“Please don’t call me crazy cause I’m not” just wanna feel normal again.
Fglme 12 gün önce
It says Gucci yas
God's Soldier
God's Soldier 13 gün önce
Godspeed Tom! You are winning your Heaven! I hope this message will open the eyes of many. A life lived with a bit of decency could save us a thousand moments of remorse.
Deputy Donut Life
Deputy Donut Life 13 gün önce
Thank you for describing/reminding so many people what happens when we drink. You are a great human being man!👍I love the song.
The Apple’s Food Forest FARMacy
The Apple’s Food Forest FARMacy 13 gün önce
That song was Brilliant & the call ☎️ @ the end is sooo Brilliant
Zacharious69 13 gün önce
As an acholholic im fighting this shit I don't want it but it's the only thing that makes anything better I need help
Anthony McMichen
Anthony McMichen 13 gün önce
Tom tell's it like it is. Keep it up people need to hear the truth.
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis 14 gün önce
Not a crap so-called artist like about 99.99999999999% of the losers and posers out there today!!! Tom McDonald stands only with Mr. Marshall Mathers as only the .000000001% of raw, real deals in the crap, uh I mean rap genre!! Tom, you and Eminem are farmer Johns and every one else is the field that you are plowing up and mowing down!!!!!!! I never was so weak as to ever let booze or any other type of drugs control ME!!!!!!!!!! I always decided when, where, and how much to partake!!! And no one told me otherwise! How ever I just became a junkie...... To your entire career!!!! More, Tom McDonald please???!!!!!
McDizzle Fletch
McDizzle Fletch 14 gün önce
I woke up last night at 2am with a pair of underwear on my arm and was so happy I wasn’t hungover. Watched “Gremlins” which is probably the best movie ever. Fell back asleep then woke up crazy hungover. I was just drunk still. I need to get back to sober. I was never so happy. The work it takes to get there is so worth it. Just dumb I’m gonna have to do it again.
Tara Taylor
Tara Taylor 14 gün önce
I love this!!!
Dimitrios Skaliotis
Dimitrios Skaliotis 15 gün önce
Luci Filth
Luci Filth 15 gün önce
Everytime I feel like picking up that bottle, I play this song and it reminds me of why I don't drink anymore.
Laura Hecox
Laura Hecox 15 gün önce
How do you know me so well and we never even met but you speak my feelings that I can't put into words and you're so fucking entertaining! I happy for you and Nova. You guys are my FAVORITE!!
Native Knights
Native Knights 15 gün önce
McDizzle Fletch
McDizzle Fletch 16 gün önce
I’m in a relapse and am lying to myself cause I don’t Drink at work… I found this happy and clarity. I hope I find it again…
JIOV 16 gün önce
Page 62...everyday - 90 meetings in 90 days - no drinking in between... not happy after 90 days... we will refund your misery.
Sean Mcwhite
Sean Mcwhite 16 gün önce
This is a bop
the guy
the guy 17 gün önce
did the tat really happen ? hope its a duff beer can tat.
shaneplays 17 gün önce
Hey Tom, if you read the comments then I am writing this to you. If you are not Tom you can read this if you like. I am just putting this comment up because my stepmother doesn't want me to listen to you but he is completely fine with me listening to Eminem. I think it's stupid that she lets me listen to Eminem but not you like I do like Eminem but he is worse than you. He has been to jail more times than you. Anyways I'm gonna end this here. If you are Tom, thank you so much for reading this
Sonia McFeeley
Sonia McFeeley 17 gün önce
❤ all your music and entrepreneurial savvy that produces awesome music I love your awesome genius lyrics FACTS I love that you rap other peoples issues so they feel a belonging, everyone wins. OH I also LOVE your beautiful face and sexiness. I also cannot not mention Novas genius videos ✌❤🙏 to you both.
TheShno56 18 gün önce
I've been listening to this over and over. The parachute got torn to pieces. Rock bottom seems to be flying up faster and faster. This song is at least a lung full air Climbing up a crumbling hill. Thank you.
Basil Miller
Basil Miller 18 gün önce
Damn dude your music is very refreshing, I'm stuck in covid-19 quarantine not sick bored shirtless. Was tripping thru you tube watching history stuff then all of a sudden you popped up been listening to yours and Nova's music since7:am it's now 2 pm how do I get your C.D.s the last band I liked was Evansessence . You just topped them. Your lyrics are down to earth. If your really going thru the things you sing about withdrawal, alcoholism just remember your stronger then that. And it looks like you got friends to watch your back.
Zippier Tiger3
Zippier Tiger3 19 gün önce
Although you don't drink tom after all you've done for us we all think you deserve one glass of whisky or gun or a point if you still think no then buy yourself and nova something you both wanted as a treat and a reward you did alot and your still doing more you deserve something more then fans and billboards so on behalf of us take a long needed break go on holiday and injoy yourself for a week or month or even 2 you both deserve it truly you do
Jonathan Blackie
Jonathan Blackie 19 gün önce
Im having a hard time quiting :(
JIOV 16 gün önce
Page 62...everyday - 90 meetings in 90 days - no drinking in between... not happy after 90 days... we will refund your misery.
darkdudironaji 19 gün önce
That last part after the song was so cute and wholesome. Glad he put a little part of his real life in there.
Travis Outlaw
Travis Outlaw 19 gün önce
This song hits so hard for those of us with a drinking problem. Gotta love the way music makes us feel when it is the right song
Freda Vukovich
Freda Vukovich 20 gün önce
I don't drink, cause when I'm drunk I'm retarded 🤣 Facts
Jex L
Jex L 20 gün önce
can u write amazing song to relate to depression? ive nvr done drugs or alcohol, but have terrible depression and love ur music
Sean Bouska
Sean Bouska 20 gün önce
All you whiney bitches saying "oh this helped me stay sober" fuck off 𝕃𝕞𝕒𝕖𝕦𝕩 this song about having fucking FUN
francisco castro
francisco castro 20 gün önce
Love you tom every song hits me in my heart realy hard!
ميططرون SupΣrStraightΣ
ميططرون SupΣrStraightΣ 21 gün önce
Sounds like last 15 years of my life. Greetings from Poland 👌🏻🇵🇱
Cookie 21 gün önce
Hello? Hello, babe Hello, babe I was just recording me calling you so I could put it in the song Oh, okay I love you I love you too Bye Bye We all want this and it to be real!
**Gabriel **
**Gabriel ** 21 gün önce
Oh my god I love this man!!!
Skelatonking 21 gün önce
Relapsed today but still love this song
Mad Jeeper NH
Mad Jeeper NH 21 gün önce
Hi, I'm Adam and I'm an alcoholic, Thank you Tom for writing a song about me, Lmao!!!! Close enough.
Sir Illsa Moustache
Sir Illsa Moustache 21 gün önce
😂😂😂 I’m sober 3.5 years now. I relate.
Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker 21 gün önce
Still love this song so much. Thanks Tom 🙂
Taylor Cochran
Taylor Cochran 22 gün önce
Thank you for this song. I'm not an addict but I have a sister who has been a recovering addict for about 4 years now. So, I have a different point of view on it. But, the songs you've released about your own struggles helps me better understand what it's like for someone who is in recovery or still struggling.
OrganicSoul 22 gün önce
Bryant Stevens
Bryant Stevens 22 gün önce
Hey if this is really Tom's page, can you please tell me how you get past writer's block? I have a few songs I created on the piano but when I try to write lyrics, I just get blocked and can't think of good shit to write!! And its annoying because I have the topic I want the song to be about but I just can't get the lyrics going!!! Do you or anyone who is reading this have an answer how to get through writer's block.
Joe Elkins
Joe Elkins 22 gün önce
Too often "do you remember what you did?" has been the story of my life.
Ugly Tothe bone
Ugly Tothe bone 22 gün önce
You other rappers better get off the pitty pot victimology agenda cuz Tom's singing to the choir and he's going to leave you irrelevant used douche bags!
Chris Vidal
Chris Vidal 22 gün önce
After 3 years. Drank again. Hope it doesn't turn bad..again.
Jeff Robbins
Jeff Robbins 22 gün önce
Me 7yrs ago....glad I figured it out !!!
Golden Martin
Golden Martin 22 gün önce
The end is so sweet
dominic maltais
dominic maltais 23 gün önce
your the lighthouse for all those ex-addicts or the addicts thinking of sobering up.....your helping a shit load of people with your song......thanks for being there for us Tom..
colddx 24 gün önce
1.5 year sober from the bottle. Tom you have helped save many. Thank you brother.
ususi becerra
ususi becerra 24 gün önce
Dani K.
Dani K. 25 gün önce
This reminds me of my ex. Wish she would stop drinking. It changed her.
MrHex DK
MrHex DK 25 gün önce
Started rehab today.. This helps me remember the person I don't want to be again..
Stephen Rybolt
Stephen Rybolt 25 gün önce
We all know Someone
Kimberly Graf
Kimberly Graf 26 gün önce
I really need this sound like 3 times a day
JeffThe Entrepreneur
JeffThe Entrepreneur 26 gün önce
This one is good too
Joey Mills
Joey Mills 26 gün önce
I love this song!!!!
James Anderson
James Anderson 26 gün önce
Holly s! You got that drunk on beers? Whistle!! Drink like a real man next time...
Michael Utterback
Michael Utterback 27 gün önce
Michael Utterback
Michael Utterback 27 gün önce
Drinking is a problem
Michael Utterback
Michael Utterback 27 gün önce
No I've done all. That shit and they wish they could
Taylor Moses
Taylor Moses 27 gün önce
I love her voice
Taylor Moses
Taylor Moses 27 gün önce
Hit after hit damn main stream rappers can't tie his shoes
Nosferata138 27 gün önce
Love it. Now if i can only get my husband to pay attention.... 🙄
Ang R
Ang R 28 gün önce
Thank you
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