Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"

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Tom MacDonald

9 aylar önce

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Sen Sai
Sen Sai 6 dakika önce
Then I went home with some girl I thought was hot but she was ugly 💎
Cheydawg Genius
Cheydawg Genius 3 saatler önce
Well there's your problem. You have a girlfriend and either thought she was hot until you got home, or you brought some other lady home while you're in a relationship. No wonder she's upset with you 😸
Heath Martin
Heath Martin 12 saatler önce
For some reason , I wanna hear this song at a concert with 20k singing it..great song
Christian Nead
Christian Nead 13 saatler önce
Cloxd the furry
Cloxd the furry 15 saatler önce
Brandon Brazil
Brandon Brazil Gün önce
I screwed up I got a new addiction its listening to Tom's music constantly. Everything you put out is 💯💪💪💪💪
Jeannie Faulk
Jeannie Faulk Gün önce
Headof thegame
Headof thegame 2 gün önce
Four realy
Tara Baumgarten
Tara Baumgarten 2 gün önce
I have been raised in a household without alcohol. My parents never had to tell me that alcohol is bad and all, instead they removed the option of drinking all together. They themselves have never felt the need to drink, they know how to have fun sober. So at birthday parties or for new years we always celebrate without drinks. And that was always normal to me. Therefore even as I became a teen and started going out, I never felt the need to have drinks like everyone else. Today I am almost 18 and have been sober all my life. People sometimes tell me "have a drink, you will feel good" but I already feel great without it, so I don't feel the need to. But sadly we live in a community where drinking is highly promoted, and someone saying "no I would rather not" is not accepted as an answer, so I lie that I am allergic.
Da Beast
Da Beast 2 gün önce
“I don’t drink cuz when Im drunk I’m retarded” what do u mean I’m retarded any way! 😂 lol. Anyway I love ur music I listen to it all the time I even showed u to my dad and he loves your music now!!! And I’m only eleven!!!
lil miss mary jane
lil miss mary jane 2 gün önce
Tbh I didn't even like you at first but 2020 opened my eyes for sure
brooke austin
brooke austin 3 gün önce
“There’s a tattoo on my buttcheek. It’s a beercan and he’s smiling”
Broken Hope
Broken Hope 3 gün önce
I agree that we need more positive messages about refraining from using alcohol and other substances, and I genuinely take into consideration if not outright agree with a great deal of what this man says. But I feel obligated to point out just how stupid this appearance that has been popularized among many modern rappers is. They make the George Clooney Batman Characters look normal.
Scott Trahan
Scott Trahan 3 gün önce
i love this song
Jack Moore
Jack Moore 3 gün önce
Lmfao 🤣, brings back mad memories of a 17yr old me and new Army recruit. Especially during my 3 weeks at jump school. Getting hammered then doing PT @ 0500 then spending the day hangover learning PLF’s lol. I’m sure all my fellow veterans can relate. I have ALWAYS lived by 3 principles ever since I was a teen. Honesty, Loyalty, and being me and not what others want me to be. Keep up the great job Tom , keep doing you and keep giving the middle finger 🖕🏻 to the Bourgeois Music Industry....
Gahhruuba 1
Gahhruuba 1 3 gün önce
Thank you Tom.
Anthony Mosesso
Anthony Mosesso 4 gün önce
Tom got me sober for real! I can't even describe the gratitude I have for him and nova I was in the darkest place in my life and I was a heroin addict for 18 years the alcohol was worse. Thank you Tom!
Angela 4 gün önce
Me: Just click a fucking video with piano and water sounds or some shit, and go to sleep. You have to get up in five hours. Also me: Keep watching Tom McDonald videos.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 4 gün önce
I'm a struggling alcoholic and every time I listen to this it feels like you talking my actions. Your music is straight fire.
Erik 4 gün önce
42 and this is the first time I've ever bought a signed cd or considered myself a real fan of anyone. Tom and Nova are a diamond in the rough. We need this kind of real, unapologetic music now more than ever before.
Alyssa Landers
Alyssa Landers 4 gün önce
This song speaks truth!!!
Sen Sai
Sen Sai 4 gün önce
Just lost a friend to alcohol... its fucking hard
Dude i struggled almost a decade with booze on and off. Did tons of stupid things. Ive hurt people, ive nearly killed myself, phuckd up stuff, fought people and at the end of day im glad im not that person anymore its been 4 sober, almost everything in this song ive done. Tom your amazing man
LL77 4 gün önce
Truth 100% in this song...I just quit a week ago partly motivated by Tom Macdonald's Music 4real..👍👌✌👏👏👏👏
Lilly Bug
Lilly Bug 4 gün önce
been sober my whole life I am 12 lol
Turdzy 420
Turdzy 420 5 gün önce
I got naked in front of all my buddies. I actually can relate to this every time i have tequila.
Dasha and Arthur
Dasha and Arthur 5 gün önce
#1 fan 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Josue Gutierrez-Clark
Josue Gutierrez-Clark 5 gün önce
Tom, idk why I still feel guilty for just having heard of you on Sept 19th 2020. Now I listen everyday dude. Thanks, your music makes me look forward to my twice a month drive from Idaho to LA. Even got a system to bump you in the whip like it's 1996! Making sure 'ery body in 'ery town between Twin Falls ID to Hawthorne CA knows the name Tom Macdonald. Thanks again brother!
Dasha and Arthur
Dasha and Arthur 5 gün önce
Love this
Alyssa Landers
Alyssa Landers 5 gün önce
I love this song
natalie Mattoon
natalie Mattoon 5 gün önce
yeah tou have money
captain Tattertot
captain Tattertot 5 gün önce
Anyone else dancing in the this
Jason Strong
Jason Strong 5 gün önce
This is an amazing song. I just recently joined the hangover gang and I got a new t-shirt from hangovergangcom. this dude is a legend. Keep up the good work!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ledbthand 5 gün önce
"We lost the fight together, that's a win to me." I'm going to carry this with me for a long time, that's a very well rotated insight. Thanks Tom. :)
katiemattingly1 6 gün önce
I can't express enough how excited I am that there is finally a rapper that I can let my kid listen to. He is 17 . And loves rap. You young man have this old lady's respect. Truth .. I could seriously hug you.
Vega Lozano
Vega Lozano 6 gün önce
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 6 gün önce
raven aka vampsasuke
raven aka vampsasuke 6 gün önce
this is so goood
nonya biz
nonya biz 6 gün önce
Quit drinking at 21. I’m 53 now. The wife gave me a choice her and the twins or drugs and alcohol. She was right and I don’t miss it at all. We have a great family and grandkids. I made a good choice. I worked in a night club for years after I quit. No one could understand why I quit. I am a happy man.
Dwayne Gary
Dwayne Gary 6 gün önce
I listen to this everyday
AIDON CORTES 7 gün önce
"we lost the fight together" danm that line hits hard
Angelique 7 gün önce
Me when i got 2 glasses of wine 😂
gyff jogofl
gyff jogofl 7 gün önce
I quit drinking 2 years ago. This song was written for me.
Colby Wood
Colby Wood 7 gün önce
I was very much like this when I was enlisted in the Marine Corps, and it almost wound up completely derailing my entire life and getting an OTH discharge. After the marine corps I got into coke and percs. Several years of intense therapy later and now I’m 5 years clean, and it’s not because I shouldn’t do drugs and drinks, it’s because I don’t want to. I felt this.
Melissa Clark
Melissa Clark 7 gün önce
Wow, this one hits on so many reasons why I quit drinking 4 months ago... go Tom for helping people see the things they refuse to see.
Vega Lozano
Vega Lozano 8 gün önce
Haven't heard a song yet I don't like from this dude ...but this one is my favorite!!!!
Kym Lambert
Kym Lambert 8 gün önce
I'm addicted
Kym Lambert
Kym Lambert 8 gün önce
Love this song Can't get it out if my head
offshoregrindinify 8 gün önce
Do you actually have that beer can tattoo?
Gia Rose
Gia Rose 9 gün önce
Omg so good
Shayne Helms
Shayne Helms 9 gün önce
Teeth 9 gün önce
what kind of pants are those??
Daniel E Curit II Curit II
Daniel E Curit II Curit II 10 gün önce
george martin
george martin 10 gün önce
The truth...
Felicia Morrow
Felicia Morrow 10 gün önce
Omg I love you
B- Thizzel
B- Thizzel 10 gün önce
2 days ago my bro drank 2 much vodka. Homeless, blacked out broke in his ex's house, stole her gun, passed out in the chicken coop in the yard. She had 2 call the poe, now hes going down the road. Be carefull in alcahol! Facing 25.
Brett Carpenter
Brett Carpenter 10 gün önce
Ever serve? Lol
Jason Masters
Jason Masters 10 gün önce
if you ever feel stupid remember 3.7 K people dislike this video
Jason Rhoades
Jason Rhoades 10 gün önce
Susan Mann
Susan Mann 11 gün önce
Daniel Botelho
Daniel Botelho 11 gün önce
I thought he wrote this song about me... describes me to a T.
Aaden Jordan
Aaden Jordan 11 gün önce
I'm 11 and I love tom and he says the truth 24/7
John Zuransky 2026
John Zuransky 2026 11 gün önce
yes sir
Chrissy Martin
Chrissy Martin 11 gün önce
My boyfriend listens Tom MacDonald ever since then hes got me in to it.
Alexander De jesus
Alexander De jesus 12 gün önce
xD he really called her like bruh lol that was funny
Peter Webb
Peter Webb 12 gün önce
Peter Webb
Peter Webb 12 gün önce
Michael Winters
Michael Winters 12 gün önce
Special Wave
Special Wave 12 gün önce
I'm only 26 and struggling to stop drinking after 2 years straight. Started late thought it will never be me cos of my family buy hey I'll get through I know. Thanks for this song and the motivation xxx
Adaleah Combs
Adaleah Combs 13 gün önce
i love this song so much
Austin Penick
Austin Penick 13 gün önce
I wanna stop drinking but it’s hard
raven aka vampsasuke
raven aka vampsasuke 13 gün önce
Bryant Ross
Bryant Ross 14 gün önce
The part about waking up on on the neighbors lawn was me but face down in the grass of somebody’s lawn and not knowing how I got there
Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn 14 gün önce
SOBER and it’s 2021 !,
Franca Wong
Franca Wong 14 gün önce
Imagine living in an area that glorify drinking while also blaming drinking on murders. Usually the females cry victimhood and false promises and get away after murdering someone. Imagine that.
Franca Wong
Franca Wong 14 gün önce
This is cringe. The lyric just dont work. The visual too. Its like he already took a drink and become retarded.
Dillan Wilson
Dillan Wilson 15 gün önce
Tom McDonald dude I love you man!! Thank you for making real music for real people with real lives! Not acting like some "mainstream artists"!
KEVO F4L 16 gün önce
Bro I had my first baby the other day and me n my wife been going through it but you been helping us get through it. Speaking facts bro u hella raw. Keep it up plzzzzzzzzz
BiMon 16 gün önce
I am a 46 yr old. I like some hip hop. This is got good beat like the rest but the words are incredible. I have been clean for 6 years struggling for 30. This was so good to hear. Thank you
Emily Linthicum
Emily Linthicum 16 gün önce
I am reading these comments and realize I am the only teen here but I don’t drink I just like his music
parrhesiazomai 16 gün önce
17 years man, I felt every word brother
IMA Insane
IMA Insane 16 gün önce
Feel this...
MajikkijaM 17 gün önce
that was way above average.
Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders 17 gün önce
“Mmm fun how all these comments are from 60 year old fans” -me, a 15 year old you just likes the back track
Captain Nicholas
Captain Nicholas 17 gün önce
probably my fav song
AJayee 18 gün önce
Lots of respect!!!! Good on you man!! Should be proud of yourself!!! Love the tunes!!! #MENTAL 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thomasjohnson Johnson
Thomasjohnson Johnson 18 gün önce
Rock bottom wasn't the only thing that I could see from the lonely world
Minstress 18 gün önce
This song makes me want to drink!
Nathan Acreman
Nathan Acreman 18 gün önce
This song reminds me of every weekend I was stationed in Korea, and for some reason also reminds me of Blink 182, even though two different genres.
Hankhaze22 19 gün önce
Love y'all! Keep it coming, please. Happy new year Tom and Nova
gary burch
gary burch 19 gün önce
Brilliant!! 👌😎❤️ Big smile right now😁😁
Shawn Mendrek
Shawn Mendrek 19 gün önce
I am not a drinker. More of a popper. But this is still a relatable song and a good one at that.
Well Oiled Machines
Well Oiled Machines 19 gün önce
Is it bad that I'm drunk and I'm listening to this song 🤔🤷‍♂️
corxter 19 gün önce
I'm listening to this as an alcoholic. I won't remember this post. God I wanna stop. If you have some kind words feel free to reply.
OCD Outdoors
OCD Outdoors 18 gün önce
Go to a AA meeting. Or rehab.. good luck.
American Homestead
American Homestead 19 gün önce
god i hate music careers that dangle on the sober community. say he fucks up and drinks what are y’all gonna do stop listening to him?
Christopher Foley
Christopher Foley 19 gün önce
Sounds like me love your versatility Tom and war spoken word so tru
coco qwin
coco qwin 20 gün önce
Hi am a big fan
coco qwin
coco qwin 20 gün önce
C W 20 gün önce
21 years , never give up, pro tip, stopping is the hardest part every minute gets better push the fear away and remember, babies put everything in their mouth , you got this you are a far far better and stronger person than alcohol wants you to believe , peace.
Emmalin Holman
Emmalin Holman 20 gün önce
I Love your song
Lawrence Yap
Lawrence Yap 20 gün önce
This guys knows to much about me.
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