Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

12 yıl önce

The official music video for Back To Black by Amy Winehouse, directed by Phil Griffin. This track is the third single from the Back To Black album and was released on 30th April 2007, reaching the top 10 in the UK charts and going on to be certified platinum by 2015.

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Rose 21 gün önce
No matter how much the media has destroyed her image in the past, she will always be a music legend
Anonimous 9 saatler önce
Britney and Amy had a hard time, we were just lucky the same didn't happen to Britney too. Amy and Britney both had a huge impact in modern music and both are really talented yet so underrated... It's haunting how similar they are, both had an abusive father, media was swarming them with lies and fake rumors...Now imagine what a duo that could have been
After 12 years this song is still so good
Francisco Manuel Fernandez Trujillo
Francisco Manuel Fernandez Trujillo 9 saatler önce
Letra en español de la canción de Amy Winehouse, Back to Black (letra traducida)
neguys 9 saatler önce
I can’t stop listening to this song even after all these years. Timeless. Classic. Rip Amy
Guillermo Manuel Schödl
Guillermo Manuel Schödl 9 saatler önce
Agosto de 2022 , que pena que los exitosos cantantes sean tan efímeros y muchos de ellos terminen con su vida. me hubiese gustado ver un concierto de Amy.
Rubro Negro •
Rubro Negro •
To the future generations, never let this song die.
Pascal Werth
Pascal Werth 28 gün önce
Madame vous nous manquez, vous êtes une chanteuse qui prend au coeur et à l'âme Soyez heureure au paradis.
Nancy Rodriguez Pardo
Nancy Rodriguez Pardo 14 gün önce
Hoy, 23 de julio de 2022, a 11 años de la muerte de esta hermosa cantante, la recuerdo con nostalgia y lamentando que se fuera tan temprano. Que su voz no muera.
ОЛЯ Микулина
ОЛЯ Микулина 21 gün önce
Красотка 😔
saturna 14 gün önce
hoje faz 11 anos que essa rainha dá show no céu, nunca será esquecida!!
Rene Alencar
Rene Alencar 2 saatler önce
Amy nos nossos corações pra sempre ....
Lowari2007 Yıl önce
If you listen to this in 2020 you have awesome musical taste
Javiera Cerrato
Javiera Cerrato 21 gün önce
Si no hubiera muerto sería la rival perfecta para Adele. Cada quien con su estilo perfecto.
She was so freaking talented!! Legends never die!!🕊️
Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart 28 gün önce
Its been 11 years, I remember when my Turkish parents had a album of her, this song was one of their favorite, when they heard Amy died, they were in shock and they played her songs more than 2 hours. We still love Amy’s song so much as we do it like in the past. R.I.P. Amy.
lucas dd seixas
lucas dd seixas Gün önce
I will never forget the feeling of hearing this for the first time. it's mesmerizing, her voice invades your ears and reaches your soul.
Arthur Lima do santos
Arthur Lima do santos 7 saatler önce
Vim escutar essa obra prima mais uma vez ❤❤❤
Elor Tetro
Elor Tetro 6 yıl önce
She's still one of my favourite artists. RIP Amy
renaa 8 saatler önce
una de las mejores canciones q escuche en mi vida te juro😿
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