BTS Break Down Their Albums, From DARK & WILD to MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 | Pitchfork

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In this episode of On the Records, K-pop superstars BTS comb through their entire discography, album-by-album, and get into what inspired their records. BTS break down everything encompassing their albums including where the records got their titles, the album art and much more.

'Dynamite' is out now,











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BTS Break Down Their Albums, From DARK & WILD to MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 | Pitchfork

onenottwo orthree
onenottwo orthree Yıl önce
Finally, an interview in the English language press that really takes a serious look at the music of this group. This is the core of why many fans admire the group - not their looks, not the business practices of their company, and perhaps not even the spectacular music videos and live performances. These insights are long overdue, and it's a pity that it has taken this amount of time for English language coverage of BTS to arrive at content that does justice to the substance of the band.
Susan Berger
Susan Berger Yıl önce
I could watch this over and over again (and probably will!) - why has it taken this long for an interview like this?? 20 minutes is too short, I want to hear them talk about each song and hear more stories!
Rosa Gorskikh
Rosa Gorskikh Yıl önce
I didn’t know I needed this interview video and this comment it made my day
Veronika Yıl önce
Exactly I am so happy
María Yıl önce
Fairoa prejudices
Marina L.
Marina L. Yıl önce
@Fairoa that is just sad. They great
hunnit bae hunnit bae
hunnit bae hunnit bae Yıl önce
"It was the first time I realized that effort doesn't guarantee success." This broke my heart. This is so true for so many people in the world, especially people living in poverty who are struggling to live. Idk man, it just really hurts to know that this is true. I know this interview is about BTS and their music, but please just let me remind you to be kind to people and to yourself. You can still feel angry, sad, and all sorts of negative emotions, but please, just don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others.
Samiena Amien
Samiena Amien 3 aylar önce
One's execution is not always equal to one''s intention, as Dickens said.
Yoon Cheonsa
Yoon Cheonsa 7 aylar önce
couldn't agree with you more
TotemQuote 8 aylar önce
@Amarantha I would say it’s definitely both. You need to put in effort to have opportunity, you need to have opportunity to have luck, and you need luck to succeed. BTS put in the effort, and ARMY is what they were lucky enough to receive.
Amarantha 11 aylar önce
Yes, it's totally true. That's why, I always say that the succes of BTS is not because of their effort, actually it's because of their fandom. Luckly, they got a fandom who loves them and who appreciates a lot, who noticed their talent and decided to support them, that's why BTS are always so grateful to army.
lilypudd Yıl önce
I needed to hear this today. Thank you!
Angela Srd
Angela Srd Yıl önce
I love how Yoongi doesn't really talk all that much in interviews, but since this is actually about their music, he just has to.
AM 4 aylar önce
@Khushi Khan Gosh that era was so sexc
Min Suga Genius
Min Suga Genius 4 aylar önce
@Khushi Khan Agust D
Sharon U Lyngdoh
Sharon U Lyngdoh 5 aylar önce
Exactly! He never wastes time answering frivolous questions
carmen correa
carmen correa 6 aylar önce
Yoongi /Suga: A mastermind in the studio for sure. But we ARMY tend to hang on every word spoken by each of them.
Khushi Khan
Khushi Khan 7 aylar önce
@etheral beauty7 August D
Abeer Jamal
Abeer Jamal Yıl önce
Give a raise to the person who thought about an interview like this one
Marie Ong
Marie Ong 3 aylar önce
it’s honestly great for their PR person to choose interviews like this over a shallow one where they won’t talk about their music at all
Zaineb Hidoussi
Zaineb Hidoussi 8 aylar önce
@XxkanezxX woah that's epic ..thanks for telling us about the channel
ELNaya Sungata
ELNaya Sungata 8 aylar önce
@Deandra Brown Pitchfork is legit a music critique site so this is the type of artist content they give a space or artist to talk about there craft
Siya S
Siya S Yıl önce
this is Pitchfork, talking about songs and albums is literally what they do.
vera moraa
vera moraa Yıl önce
@S B i have been taking notes man, before knowing BTS i've never cared so much about any albums
Made in Busan
Made in Busan Yıl önce
I just love how well spoken Jimin and Jhope are when they talk about their music. I could listen to them all day. Thank you for this amazing interview, Pitchfork.
Neko Neko
Neko Neko 3 aylar önce
Ehhh I found you here😂 *bro detected
viii dii
viii dii 6 aylar önce
Jackie Frens
Jackie Frens 11 aylar önce
The behind of the album art was 좋다! I almost wrote 조타 because my Korean spelling is terrible!
Mags Silverio
Mags Silverio 11 aylar önce
Agree! Even if I don’t understand the skits in their album, I still play it over and over. Jimin’s voice and laugh is the most recognizable for me anywhere.
💜 Me💜
💜 Me💜 Yıl önce
This has to be one of the best interviews BTS has done in Western media. Their discography is so packed that I can listen to them talk abt it for hours. I hope more people see this and explore BTS music. It's not just any boy band. Their lyrics r very deep and meaningful and yet so much fun. Following BTS music is the best decision u can make! :) Edit : thanks for the likes! :) Please explore their albums & music on their YT channel - Big hit labels!
nekos cl
nekos cl 8 aylar önce
this interview is so well made! and they always added little sequences for reference! it was really interesting
Lily H
Lily H Yıl önce
R&J Yıl önce
Me too hope many people see this
Lina The
Lina The Yıl önce
Yep, the happiest decision i made in my life too💜💜💜
yvc Yıl önce
this is quite honestly one of my favorite interviews of them ever. it was so incredible to hear them talk about their music with such love and passion and honesty. i hope they know that what they do saves lives and that they are indeed a source of joy and hope and motivation and LOVE for ARMY. borahae, BTS! saranghae saranghae saranghae
Jo Strong
Jo Strong 5 aylar önce
@Bella Trala Thanks for making me, that's what I heard...
Basho Yıl önce
Donnow if you've seen it but their interview with the Grammy Museum is really interesting and quite deep
yvc Yıl önce
​@Bella Trala i feel that!! their music is incredible and so well crafted. the time, effort and love they put into each song really shows. and the messages their songs send are powerful, healing and beautiful. they make me want to be a better, kinder person. they're amazing artists and even better humans
Bella Trala
Bella Trala Yıl önce
your comment made me cry, i felt everything you said. this is why their art needs to be appreciated and brought to the light more and not just dismissed as some cringy music, especially when the general public doesn't really know their discography and everything that goes into it. they changed and helped me better my life through their music and continue to do so, for me and many others. just listening to bts in the background makes me want to do something good for myself, no matter what song is playing. at least, that's what i heard
Martina Ruffo Vicino
Martina Ruffo Vicino Yıl önce
The passion that Jimin has when he speaks about their songs is truly beautiful
tata kim
tata kim Yıl önce
And i also love that he mentioned "Young Forever". One of my personal fave (along with "Run" and "Butterfly"). Very meaningful song. Everyone should check it out
soft squishy suga
soft squishy suga Yıl önce
400th like
Pars 11 aylar önce
"It was the first time I realized that effort doesn't guarantee success." -Min Yoongi You'll don't realize how truly deep that line was.
May Evie
May Evie 4 aylar önce
copied comment
SoulKitchen Lifestyle with Joy
SoulKitchen Lifestyle with Joy 7 aylar önce
that line truly made me stop. it's so deep
awest42 Yıl önce
yoongi is so eloquent...he just radiates intelligence
MiniMin Yoonji
MiniMin Yoonji Yıl önce
@yohana liben Same. But I can't even fix my room how am I supposed to fix my life 🤦😅😂😂
yohana liben
yohana liben Yıl önce
right it’s like impossible for him to talk without spitting factz and making me want to fix my life
*New BTS Album Coming Soon!*
DKinLA Yıl önce
9 MONTHS LATER...I hope it's smooth like butter cause we don't need permission to dance!😉💜 #BORAHAE
Willow Sapphire
Willow Sapphire Yıl önce
Album in a day coming :') 💜
Franco the best boy
Franco the best boy Yıl önce
Omg yes
2PhoneBabyKeem Yıl önce
It’s kinda crazy to see them being treated as musicians and not just some pretty guys people go insane for
Fay Al oatiby
Fay Al oatiby Yıl önce
Because they are musicians😃
Dr. WHO Yıl önce
Tae - When you see us perform 'ON', you'll be so proud that your shoulders will reach the sky. Jin - *raises his shoulders* I CAN'T
Ilsa Afeen
Ilsa Afeen Yıl önce
Jimin's eloquence is sooo underrated. He has such a way of explaining the heart of the matter in a beautiful manner ♥️♥️ Also this was such a wholesome interview. The boys just reminiscing ♥️ Loved every single minute of it ♥️♥️
Rosie Sanderson
Rosie Sanderson 11 aylar önce
IIsa Afeen FACTS he's such an intellectual and very mature but people don't care to notice that. Even RM said he looks up to him even though he's known as the leader.
Krysten Lee
Krysten Lee Yıl önce
Jimin in 2016: “it was an accident!” Jimin in 2020: “it’s also the first song I started to...strip the jacket and throw the jacket aside.” *CAUGHT IN A LIIIIIIEEEEE*
Mariajbh2 Aylar önce
No, it was an accident the first time. After he liked and still doing it
A Fangirls Sobs
A Fangirls Sobs Yıl önce
@alperry02 It's a comment about something that one of the members said in this interview though... i understand what you mean but it's also okay to joke around sometimes take a breather lol
alperry02 Yıl önce
@Enitan McIntosh I know. It's just cringe that this 4-year fan "joke" is a top comment for a vid in watch the members are seriously discussing their discography.
Natalie Esteban
Natalie Esteban Yıl önce
omg yess i was thinking about that lol
Enitan McIntosh
Enitan McIntosh Yıl önce
@alperry02 welp if u don't know u just dont know
euls02 Yıl önce
I wish they included HwaYangYeonHwa/The Most Beautiful Moment in life series. I still feel nostalgic listening to those albums. But I bet we can all conclude that all BTS albums/music are genuinely so good.
charlottesmom: Yıl önce
Still love all the HYYH theories and videos. 💜
chngjjnbls Yıl önce
Lily H
Lily H Yıl önce
Agree whole heartily, but I guess they had to hit the highlights.
lets parchment it up yo
lets parchment it up yo Yıl önce
im telling you the only downside to this interview was that it was 20 minutes short. next time you'll have to discuss the albums that were missed! brilliant interview, ARMY thanks you
Tonight Awake
Tonight Awake Yıl önce
We need bighit to make a longer video explaining the detail of BTS discography :")
Anjali yogi
Anjali yogi Yıl önce
Okay, whoever put Yoongi in those glasses and that shirt deserves a raise.
MsRoxygirl333 Yıl önce
Ok, but Taehyung giving a shout out to “Moving On”, one of my all time favorite BTS tracks, at the very end makes my little veteran ARMY heart jump for joy 😭 Like I know the guys are aware of and remember all the music they’ve ever released, but to hear them reminisce and talk about their older music so fondly now that they’re so big and famous just hits different! On that note, Moving On is SUCH an underrated and touching track and more people need to listen to it tbh ❤️
Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here
Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here 6 aylar önce
@Wadaha thank you💜
Wadaha 6 aylar önce
@Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here The most beautiful moment in life, part 1
Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here
Hitman Bang’s Pied Pipers Led Me Here 6 aylar önce
Which album is this track on? I’m always looking for their underrated songs. When I came across Look Here, I about died!! Do tell🧐💜
Sagwa Lozano
Sagwa Lozano Yıl önce
The crazy thing is the fact that they're only scratching the surface in this video. BTS' discography is seriously no joke. The EPs weren't really talked about, neither were the social issues happening in and around the songs, the progressive growth and reflection of youth, the BU, religious and mythological homages, the Jungian Theory, etc. All this meticulous consideration just goes to show how serious BTS are about their craft and frankly, I've never seen any other artist put in as much effort as they have
Rocci Alvarez
Rocci Alvarez Yıl önce
Just Ddaeng, Idol, and UGH have so much depth adn wordplay! You all should check out dkdktv's explanations. The songs have a lot of korean references that they explain really well.
07 Nikhil Chaudhari
07 Nikhil Chaudhari Yıl önce
@Atiqah Nur conceptually correlated? Are you talking about concept albums?. There are literally hundreds of concept albums. Pink Floyd are kings of concept albums. If you are talking about this decade artists then i would say Kendrick Lamar has best conceptual albums. If you are talking all time then there are so many.
07 Nikhil Chaudhari
07 Nikhil Chaudhari Yıl önce
@lara asmr that makes no sense lol. That's like saying Dwayne Johnson is biggest actor so he must put the most efforts. No! Not even close.
07 Nikhil Chaudhari
07 Nikhil Chaudhari Yıl önce
@Someone Cool Lmao. He just said you must not know many artists. How does that make him dumb. What do you even know about music except mainstream pop artists. The amount of efforts BTS puts in their music is less than what an average progressive rock band does. Listen to more Music.
07 Nikhil Chaudhari
07 Nikhil Chaudhari Yıl önce
@Fidah Nizar or u must only know mainstream artists?
Dina Kim
Dina Kim Yıl önce
Suga's explaination on the songs really shows how song meant for him and only ppl who wrote those song can make such impression...ouh god I love them so much
Clare Travels
Clare Travels Yıl önce
when V says "I still sometimes think about Hobi's chorus dance [in BS&T]"...boy me too! I'm thinking about it constantly u_u
Cande Bono
Cande Bono Yıl önce
Elle Kim
Elle Kim Yıl önce
JK: *talking about the magic shop song* “It’s so good because this is a song for ARMY. When ARMY are tired, emotionally exhausted and having a rough time, they can draw a door within their hearts and come inside... and we’re there.” “It’s about letting ARMY know that we’ll be there and be the strength for when they feel down” thank you jeon jungkook.
Drei C.
Drei C. 8 aylar önce
Min Yoongi is such an intellectual. His passion for music really shines through in this interview. His brilliance is so underrated! Hobi is underrated too! His positive energy radiates every time. And you can tell that he genuinely loves and appreciates ARMY. They all do of course, but Hobi just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
ekdud Yıl önce
“It was the first time I realized effort doesn’t guarantee success” this is something I’ve recently, personally known to be true. anyone who’s ever worked hard for something or simply lived long enough should know the truth in that sentiment. But whether BTS knows it or not they are a beacon of hope for people who have worked hard and fallen short. I’m glad they are being so open about these kinds of things now; it indirectly instills more hope and encouragement in me for my future.
Mauvie Morao
Mauvie Morao Yıl önce
absolutely took the words out of my mouth
huh. Yıl önce
See the edited version of dynamite!💜
Random Forlife
Random Forlife Yıl önce
Where? What’s the time stamp? PLSSS
Tj A
Tj A Yıl önce
And the other way around, that’s y tiktokers are so famous and have so much money ☠️☠️☠️
Arielle Na
Arielle Na Yıl önce
Love Yourself Tear Me: Fake lo- Jungkook: Magic Shop, because this is a song for ARMY My purple heart: * Melts for the 47265388th time because of BTS * 💜
Arielle Na
Arielle Na Yıl önce
@darby thanks for letting me know, I never knew about it
darby Yıl önce
this is a cute comment but please don't add "u" or "eu" at the end of your words because it's mocking the korean accent. A lot of ARMY feel uncomfortable with it
Jen Cox
Jen Cox Yıl önce
** How can anyone hate a band that lights up the room with their life-loving, inspirational, "self love" message and positive energy??? They landed their first #1 single on the U.S billboards. They don't even speak English. Selling out Arenas all over the world. THESE BOYS ARE LITERALLY doing the unimageable... Because of them... there are more Asian representation in pop culture. Before it was literally just Jackie Chan. lol. I read that they spent years in grueling studio systems learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection and i can totally see that. Their videos and performances are insane! Please list rappers that can rap AND dance as well as the rappers in this group. After discovering BTS, i cant even watch other artist's videos or performances, BTS .. they are just in a league of their own. I STAN
sugasugajinjja Yıl önce
Best interview so far. Yeah, let them speak about their music and craft. Not those nonsense, repetitive questions of what they want to eat, celeb crush whatsoever. See how deep and serious their answers are about their songs. It’s the first time i learned that they have different album covers that has meanings when connected like that smoke on wings album. These are the trivias we want to know. YG always amazes me with the way he speaks and his insights. That “effort does not always guarantee success” hit me hard. These boys are not just an idol group who sings and dance and wears fancy or just all visuals. They are serious artists, who creats “art and masterpiece” in their own way while inspiring people. Way too go BTS! Keep slayin’, LEGENDS!
Quazi A. Raidah
Quazi A. Raidah Yıl önce
Yoongi talking about their album is such a mood.
meanRobots Yıl önce
See how engaging BTS members are when you let them speak about their music.
Susan Berger
Susan Berger Yıl önce
Seriously, JK tends to hang back in interviews, but he was so talkative here! I could watch hours of them talking about the music!
Vivian Haugaard
Vivian Haugaard Yıl önce
Every artist loves that, because it's their passion - and probably more than being praised for their looks.
Hadi Yıl önce
shayed Yıl önce
exactly.. Loved this interview
al Yıl önce
“We have a lot of great songs” facts honestly they have touched on so many genres & topics and still shine with their own style,, i love their whole discography so much
al Yıl önce
@ystrw yea exactly! not even just groups tbh most artists will just stick to one genre. but bts always tries to incorporate so many genres & not afraid to try something new & they're still perfectly done. they have something for everyone
ystrw Yıl önce
Right? Whatever you like to listen to, they've got something for you. A lot of musical groups pick up a certain identifying 'sound', so that as soon as you hear it, you go, 'Oh, that's (group!)' I like to say that BTS doesn't have 'a' sound, they have ALL the sounds. Their versatility and creativity are so amazing.
Melkor 11 aylar önce
when Jungkook said "We were all so sleepy that we used to sneak into the bathroom to take naps (4.00) " it was so sad to heard that. They were just kids back then. I felt so bad when he said that.
Gian Yıl önce
This is one of my favorite interviews to date. BTS are first and foremost artists so as a fan of their music, I love hearing about their thought process when it comes to making their albums. I could have easily watched an hour of them talking about their favorite tracks and insider stories. Thank you for this!
Susan Berger
Susan Berger Yıl önce
YES! My only complaint is that this is too short!
Teuta H
Teuta H Yıl önce
RM: “dynamite is all about joy and hope.” my brain: “i am your hope, you are my hope, i am j-hope”
613 bst
613 bst Yıl önce
I think their discography are all hits but my personal fave will be hyyh young forever and mots7 also tear, wings would come under these. But nevertheless their discography are all a hit
Tonight Awake
Tonight Awake Yıl önce
Hyyh young forever is definitely beautiful ! My personal fav, but everything BTS does is indeed masterpiece ❤️
Rebecca Gumpel
Rebecca Gumpel Yıl önce
I learned so much through this that I didn’t know before even after being an army for 4 years! Thank you for an amazing interview and treating them like actual artists
J K Yıl önce
it's a shame that they skipped the most beautiful moment in life era i really wanted to hear about how they proudly gained a lot of fans during that time especially since that was their 1st win
When jungkook sad "our armys" like "our" I was crying tho it's just making me feel like I belong to someone without being forced ♥️❤️Love you BTS you have always been the best.
Mariwil74 Yıl önce
This might be the best interview I've seen with them yet. Letting them speak in-depth about their MUSIC? No "Who do you want to collaborate with?" No "What's your favorite English word?" SHOCKING! Everyone looked so comfortable, they all got a chance to speak-it's not something that happens every day with Western media and we need more of it. Thank you, Pitchfork!
Dani Yıl önce
@MochɪMɪn right like?? English is my 1st language and I don't have a favorite English word, wtf are they supposed to say 💀
V C Yıl önce
@MochɪMɪn ikr. Hahha. Stupid question. Whosoever said this😂😂😂
श्रुति Yıl önce
I miss cOllBoRatiOn question!
Mi Mi
Mi Mi Yıl önce
Bangtan ruined my life in a beautiful way
Bangtan ruined my life in a beautiful way Yıl önce
Fr like i LOVE the way yoongi talks more and jin, tae, jk talking about their art finally, it doesnt happens a lot but i hope this becomes an habit 🥺
Dasha Yıl önce
After these 20 minutes, I once more learned that becoming an ARMY has been my best decision so far. I will never ever shut up about how much I love Bangtan and their music. I get so emotional and moved when I watch this type of interviews, just love when the boys talk about their music, all they've come through to get where they're now. I love every single song by BTS, so if I was to answer this question about my fav song, I'd probably fail to choose only one, how did they even manage to do that?))
Eliana Garcia
Eliana Garcia Yıl önce
Nobody: Tae: At least, that’s what I heard
CG TAE Yıl önce
@Pyejammies Fanfic can you explain what he said I didn't understand it plss😭😭🥺🥺
Pyejammies Fanfic
Pyejammies Fanfic Yıl önce
That's Tae's dry wit for you.
AZ Yıl önce
v a
v a Yıl önce
@Purva Rathi he talked as he was speaking of someone else but he was talking about himself
Catherine Made in Brasil
Catherine Made in Brasil Yıl önce
Right? I wasn't expecting that 😅😂
Like an echo In the forest
Like an echo In the forest Yıl önce
Ever since their debut, they've been sending great messages through their albums. Fighting against prejudiceness, to realizing litte details in life which makes it beautiful, to loving, speaking, facing yourself...I can't express how much respect I have for these incredible people.
shockofthenew Yıl önce
This was such an awesome interview... but I can't believe there was no focus on HYYH!! That was such an enormous breakthrough for BTS and defined such a core part of their sound and identity, as well as being their first album to win a major award in Korea. Nonetheless thank you for this interview, I could listen to them talk about their music for hours. Hoping for more in-depth interviews about song-writing and production in the future!
shockofthenew Yıl önce
Ah, it was nice they shouted out 'Moving On' at the end, that's one of my favourites too but often overlooked. I'm glad it's as meaningful for them as it is for me as a fan
notobsidian Yıl önce
Taehyung: “we were all quite desperate then.” Yoongi: “it was the first time I realized effort doesn’t guarantee success.” What a punch to the gut. Anyone can really tell how much bts wanted to succeed back in 2014, they performed their asses off and tried to show the most versatile sides of themselves, but even then, they had to battle the disadvantages and biases in their own country.
Fayeza Ali
Fayeza Ali Yıl önce
Who's laughing now !! BTS world domination 💜
purple pink
purple pink Yıl önce
Sam Yıl önce
Shreya Gaikwad
Shreya Gaikwad Yıl önce
@Atiqah hh thank you so much!
Doyour Thang
Doyour Thang Yıl önce
If you give BTS a chance and listen to their music without prejudice & read the lyrics, you'll discover a lot of good music too. Their lyrics are amazing and so relatable.
Salma Hosam
Salma Hosam Yıl önce
Jhope : the most remarkable part is Jimins intro 😀 Jimin does the intro 😌 V : no the chorus where u were dancing is the best part 🤩 Jimin : I will pretend I’ve never heard u 🙂 Jhope : oh really , the part that stood to me was Jimins intro 😇 Jimin : yaas 😉and does the intro again 😚 V : NAHHH IT WAS UR PART 🤨😍 Jhope : high five bro 😌🥰 Jimin : wtf 👀🙂
giss nvrm
giss nvrm Yıl önce
"It was the first time i realized effort doesn't guarantee success" -Min Yoongi. He llorado, eso me dolió :") y lo entiendo.. es la dura realidad
Val Fujim
Val Fujim Yıl önce
la verdad si, pero siempre hay oportunidades de hacer nuestros sueños realidad
Tuckie Moorti
Tuckie Moorti Yıl önce
WINGS, Blood,sweat and tears was and still is a masterpiece
Symnading Yıl önce
The best BTS interview so far. Our gems talking about their albums and reminiscing is pure bliss. Other interviewers need to understand that ARMYs are not interested in invading their personal lives or anything which discomforts them. We are happy when they speak korean ,in which they are comfortable. Watching them talking about their music with comfort and happiness is everything. Thank you for such an interview where BTS is comfortable
Saffron Lemonious
Saffron Lemonious Yıl önce
I love when everyone speaks and isn’t pressured to speak English,especially Suga he hardly speaks in other interviews because they are expecting English. We army we don’t care let them be comfortable we will find the translation some how.
100% agreed 🤝. Could not have said it better myself.
ilumiscent Yıl önce
IKR I really want them to do more interviews like this its really so refreshing and being able to dive deeper into the different unique concepts they've collected and created over the years and how each one of them is so impactful is really interesting i really wanna see more of these because their music is a big part of who they are too and I'm sure there are so many armys who have emotionally connected to them thru songs too
purplefler Yıl önce
I agree 💯 This is the best interview so far! 💜
Symnading Yıl önce
Real ARMYs will never ask or expect any interviewer to ask anything in which they are not comfortable. ARMYs are the sweetest no doubt! 💜
Emi757 Yıl önce
They are so invoived in the creation of their songs and albums. You can tell how much they feel connected to them and how much they're yearning to perform them in front of a live audience again
bea Yıl önce
Uhh, interviews like this one are so interesting, I really like to know more about their music and the process behind it
soft eunoia
soft eunoia Yıl önce
i like how namjoons accent when hes speaking english here is a little bit thicker than in for example american talk shows since 95% of the interview is in korean and as a multilingual i relate tbh, when i speak my language and then "dip" to say something in english im never sure whether to say it with a strong accent (because that sounds better to people who speak the first language) or go full out lol
sicheng best boy
sicheng best boy 8 aylar önce
when yoongi talks about his music he's like 100 times more happy and interested. I love seeing him like that, it's admiring how he doesn't fake his emotions.
Paulina Esteva
Paulina Esteva Yıl önce
One of their best interviews yet! This guys are MUSICIANS, they take their music so seriously, and portray a message important to them on every single song. I'm actually surprised that there are not a lot more videos where they talk about their process. Nice job pitchfork!
Someone Cool
Someone Cool Yıl önce
@no pe Agree though was so funny is when they are question the same thing they act funny if stay silent for few minutes and the answer is funny thought but I felt bad for them. 😂😂😂😂🙄It hard to answer the question when its repeat talking about if you had gilfriend or where are they blahblah blah and all. It's a waste of time if they ask the question that is repeat or a stupid one. That Namjoon always said is that the question with charisma like this man already hate the question even I did as well as Armys too. Especially Suga when this happened he help namjoon sometimes by savage mode on. Its funny when he destroy the question and all. There are both funny when doing this to the same and stupid question. 😏🤣
insignificant Yıl önce
ikr! this interview was great. it was all focused on their music! and they got to tell about personal things to the group as well. all the interviews with the same basic questions just get tiring. so, i don’t watch them often. but hearing them get to speak about their music the whole time was really refreshing. they are musicians and should be treated as such when traveling overseas as well.
Horizon Rising
Horizon Rising Yıl önce
Well its not until recently that America began to take them seriously and have interviews like this that ask them more about the musical process and less about "who is your favorite American celeb?" or "whats your favorite American food?". Out of all of their interviews in america or by Americans there's only a few where you'll notice they actually enjoy themselves because they're not asked childish questions. Took a long time to get to this point but we're finally here 😂😂😂
Someone Cool
Someone Cool Yıl önce
Khulene Gallo Same but they did talk about it in VLive. Still there are still people arent understanding or admit that there songs have some youth and meaning in every scene on what happened in the real world is in there. I dont know but I like there music more. The lyrics are good with meaning of there own. I like that. I wish people can see that to be honest. The boys are also humble to everyone even people who hate them. The ones who hate them for no reason could be there fame and popularity that the haters hate.
Keeley Tomlinson
Keeley Tomlinson Yıl önce
This was such a great interview! You know the questions are interesting when Yoongi talks a lot.
Kaya & Raya
Kaya & Raya Yıl önce
RM : Run Suga : ON Jin : Idol Jimin : Epilogue : young Forever Jhope : Mic Drop and Butterfly V : Mikkrokosmos Jungkook : Euphoria,Dynamite,Spring Day
joanne jones
joanne jones Yıl önce
This was a very insightful interview into their artistry . Being an ARMY for 7 years I thought I knew everything but there was a lot of tiny details that I didn't know like the meaning of the album designs etc. So that was really cool to know. And we rarely get to hear about how the members were feeling or what they were going through during the time of recording . My only issue with this interview was that it was a little short and I wishe it did include all their works like the EPs and the MBMIL series.
Tito Tibo
Tito Tibo Yıl önce
I like watching interviews like this one instead of the usual “what’s your favorite body part?”. These boys are smart and very opinionated. I want to hear them speak in a language they are comfortable with and saying things that are meaningful for them 💜
Hummus Yıl önce
they were releasing nothing but hits since they debuted
pr Yıl önce
@Sumiii7 their debut song NO MORE DREAM charted on Billboard at that now they were making hits since debut as op said.
Lily H
Lily H Yıl önce
the songs aged well!!
Love yourself
Love yourself Yıl önce
@I am yaaasss, always!!!
I am
I am Yıl önce
@Love yourself That's cool too😂 please continue to support the boys and love them equally💜 and welcome to BE era👀
H E Y Yıl önce
The best english interview so far! Their words really sounds expensive. Thank you BTS for existing and for making good musics.
𓆩amnaxxm𓆪 8 aylar önce
One of the best interviews they’ve done. We need more such ones not the typical questions. I came back to this again and I really appreciate how good the idea was for a walk through of albums. !
C 8 aylar önce
I wasnt even an Army back then but DARK & WILD is in my top 3 best albums! I fuckin love it!! is truly amazing!
Jacqueline Yıl önce
7:41 I love how Tae cares and appreciates our sunshine.But Hobi is very shy but he loves compliments.Also Tae's memory is so good.
rachel t
rachel t 6 aylar önce
these are the types of interviews i love. just going deeper into the meaning of their music and how it all came to be it’s so intriguing
Tharunika Ramesh [4205 - 20]
Tharunika Ramesh [4205 - 20] Yıl önce
So proud of our boys!! 0:25 Dark & Wild ( 2014) 4:14 Wings ( 2016) 8:05: Love Yourself : Tear ( 2018) 12:07 Map of the soul : 7 (2020 ) 15:09 Dynamite ( 2020) Also there are many other albums that weren't talked about like : 2 cool 4 skool ( Mini Album), Jhope's Hope world, Suga's Agust D and D2, Love yourself: Her and Answer, and many other albums You are free to add Hope this helps !!💜
President Joon
President Joon Yıl önce
I love this interview. the questions doesn't only focus on the fans or bangtan's likes and dislikes but also their journey on the albums, the struggles and the success. You can see they're happy reminiscing the past.
coocoo in the brains
coocoo in the brains Yıl önce
Glad that RM wasn't busy translating. Also this is the kind of interview that artists should go through .
Everybody Yıl önce
Best. Interview. Ever. Please, American interviewers, this is the kind of thing we want to see. Not who they want to collaborate or whatever stupid repetitive questions you all come up with
Susan Berger
Susan Berger Yıl önce
@♥FailureAtLife♥ Exactly, because they’re not going to give straight answers to most of those questions anyway!
AZ Yıl önce
The one question where a part of me died was when one of them what was their coffee order? like sis what? these are ADULTS who are successful, record-breaking, professional singers and rappers, not freaking toddlers.
aja Yıl önce
@♥FailureAtLife♥ and for namjoon hOw diD yOu LEarN eNgliSh like we get it FRIENDS
Coco emarthle
Coco emarthle Yıl önce
@♥FailureAtLife♥ Hey some of thge army do ok an its not just me no need to get so dame mad!!!!! an jimins got james hes the king!!!
Lily H
Lily H Yıl önce
Syeda Buraira
Syeda Buraira Yıl önce
BTS has an amazing discography. I am glad they got to talk about some of them. I loved listening to their thoughts. Jimin and RM really impressed me with their insight.
Angel Grover
Angel Grover Yıl önce
This is the best bts interview ever......we want more interviews like this
viii dii
viii dii 6 aylar önce
This was so refreshing for my soul. Just hearing them talk about their music and their passion is so healing. U don't get that in this world anymore. Thank you bts, for your absolutely immaculate music and hardwork.
V's panda express
V's panda express 8 aylar önce
"It was the first time I realised that effort doesn't guarantee success" this broke my heart into million pieces 💔
Angie M
Angie M Yıl önce
"I realized that effort doesn't guarantee success" -Min Yoongi I felt that.
Moon Yıl önce
I came here only for this word. After seeing how xenopbic industry is treating LGO rn. I remembered suga's word, i wanted to comment this on that Twitter post. I was like where did suga said this, searched it on google but couldn't find it. Then i give more n more pressure on my brain and remember somewhere they talk abt. Their old albums. Now m here and ur comment is the first one.thank you. Army please stream life goes on, snaketube just deleted 4M . But don't stop. Keep streaming and buy. As lgo is not getting same promotion and spins. It's totally on us now. We have to stream and buy tf out of LGO 💜🔥 sorry for my english
aliya Yıl önce
Time code please 🙏
mizzcassiphanatic Yıl önce
I had to pause a bit. That hit really hard ...but it's soo true ..
jireth 8 aylar önce
i always come back to this interview because i just love hearing them talk about their music and what they felt
Ashi Zaveri
Ashi Zaveri Yıl önce
I can't believe this gem of a video has so little views. Every ARMY especially the new ones should definitely watch this coz Bangtan has some brilliant discography 💜💜🇮🇳🇮🇳
GUIMEL SIBINGO 6 aylar önce
I love how when they talk about their albums they don’t just talk about the music but the choreography, the music videos the album art. It’s a good reminder that music and the art they create encompasses all of these amazing areas.
L 15
L 15 10 aylar önce
Bangtan has the best discographies ever. I still listen to their past albums and include the songs in various playlists and their soundcloud musics are amazing as well! So glad i got to meet them back in 2016. They are such amazing artists with so many talents!
L Yıl önce
YES to more interviews like this where BTS are treated like the musicians, songwriters, producers, composers and choreographers that they are and less of the basic interviews obsessed with what american singer bts like or who they think will be the “next bts”
seonghwamars Yıl önce
Pandita todoroki
Pandita todoroki Yıl önce
Elena Dean
Elena Dean Yıl önce
Amen! Wish other interviewers would look at this interview and the one that Liam McEwan had done with BTS. 👍🏼💜💜💜
Sarai Burch
Sarai Burch Yıl önce
Yes please!!!’
Lisa Yıl önce
I love this interview so much, it promotes the deep concepts of their past and current music, we look into the process, we see what they've been through. I have so much respect for these guys. I wish there were more interviews like this
kys Yıl önce
you can tell they really love what they do
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