Abhijit Chavda on Geopolitics, Canada, Ukraine , G-20, Cold War, Fall of Europe | TJDPodcast 18

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The Jaipur Dialogues

The Jaipur Dialogues

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Join Abhijit Chavda and Sanjay Dixit as the duo have a mind stimulating podcast on Geopolitics and India’s position in the ever changing affairs of the world order!
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00:00 Introduction
2:21 Geo Political Ferment
13:10 Putin Rebuilds Russia
16:31 American Unipolarity
20:39 Japanese Tragedy
24:10 Chinese Issues
30:03 American Angle
39:52 Russia Ukraine
43:51 Leftist Virus
50:36 Ukraine War
54:43 USA's Defence
56:31 Russian Defence And Ukraine
57:51 Fighting Force
1:00:43 De Dollarisation
1:07:01 Villainies of America
1:09:18 India in International Relations
1:14:15 Chinese Danger
1:24:52 Tattering Pakistan
1:29:38 India and The West
1:35:15 Space Race
1:40:16 Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing
1:46:19 Nuclear Power Generation

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@tat5721 2 aylar önce
Abhijit chavda farzi aadmi hai....
@skt1731 2 aylar önce
Quality of sound from both microphones is not good, even though your audio system looks very modern.
@hiteshdesai1423 2 aylar önce
Is he (abhijit) not comfortable with hindi. Either whole discussion in English or in HINDI. Please next time it should be mention about language for discussion
@rekhashukla6902 2 aylar önce
हिंदी में बोलने की कोशिश करे
@rahulchaudhari2030 2 aylar önce
sir hindi me yewali video bhi benao please
@yashrao5269 2 aylar önce
Watching Abhijit chawda and Ankit shah is always a wonderful treat to watch
@Ramsovmen 2 aylar önce
Ankit Shah is agreed but chawda is not of that spark.
@kamalmalik7732 2 aylar önce
@@Ramsovmen 🤦
@yashrao5269 2 aylar önce
@@Ramsovmen why?
@rkdm9568 2 aylar önce
Ankit Shah says there will be Tuesday after Monday and Friday before Saturday. People goes ohhhhhh wow.... that's a great prediction.
@BHALAMAN 2 aylar önce
What I liked about this podcast over several Beerbiceps podcasts of Abhijit Chavda, is the podcaster's own knowledge and ability to ask great questions ❤😊 And of course, Abhijit is the ocean of knowledge!
@timepassd4837 2 aylar önce
Well said
@hailshambu54 2 aylar önce
Podcaster in IAS OFFICER
@nischesharma 2 aylar önce
Oh !! You came from beer biceps you don't know sanjay dixit sir he is my guru dhronacharya ke eklavya
@adityasatbhaiya3528 2 aylar önce
Hello sanjay sir.. Please invite pavneet singh on your platform. He is a upsc faculty of internal security and international relationships. He has written around several books of his own on the same. He has recently started a youtube channnel of his own.He is literally a treasure of state secrets , believe me, it would be a blockbuster episode.
@AdityaSingh-fu5dl 2 aylar önce
@AkashKumar-yt8eh 2 aylar önce
I second u on that!!
@smilinggeek6841 2 aylar önce
True, love his videos
@santusanturohit4832 2 aylar önce
I have started watching his videos.
@Rehman8095 2 aylar önce
Yes, please.
@Rajeshvermasmail 2 aylar önce
Mr. Abhijeet, i concur with your observations in quantum computing. I am a resource working for a oldest IT company in the feild of Quantum Computing. I can say that 40%+ of total resources engaged (barring China) in Quantum computing in any country are Bhartis. Again we shall be leading in next 25 + years in Quantum feild. Our govt has started focusing on this nascent area.
@shubhamflame 2 aylar önce
Which company?
@royaljaat717 2 aylar önce
Abhijit sir is genius geopolitic analysist
@Ramsovmen 2 aylar önce
He uses his assumptions mor than facts.
@rahulpathania8846 2 aylar önce
​@@Ramsovmenanalysts job is to assume after judging the facts. .....I think so😂
@siddhantjain2402 2 aylar önce
​​@@RamsovmenMost facts are opinions agreed by the society 😊
@boymeetsbush8232 2 aylar önce
Everyone of TRshow is a genius
@ajraol9032 2 aylar önce
@@RamsovmenFor predicting future you need assumptions. If you know facts then you are time traveller 😂
@Jaishankar_s_supremacy 2 aylar önce
Good to see Abhijit Sir back on this show, he makes geopolitics so simple which gets easy to understand 👍. Dixit sir make one podcast with The skin doctor aka Dr. Neel too if possible, thank you :).
@marathi_manus467 2 aylar önce
Great Episode. We would like to hear next parts of this series. Please bring Abhijit sir again❤❤
@sanjeevhanda503 2 aylar önce
I think post Covid , India made significant rise in geopolitics.
@rohanagarwal9680 2 aylar önce
Russia Ukraine was the point
@amitkarnik001 2 aylar önce
It’s always pleasure to hear Abhijit Chavda sir So informative Feel like his podcasts should never finish ❤
@Spx3F 2 aylar önce
Abhijit chavda is only one of few people who always tell geopolitics and history well
@hemalthakar379 2 aylar önce
It is always great to watch Abhijit ji on JD.
@Ramsovmen 2 aylar önce
Sorry he is way assumptive than being factual so not that great.
@misraanandmisra 2 aylar önce
@user-ut6ob5yo4q 2 aylar önce
​@@RamsovmenI see you spamming on all the comments. If you are so concerned then why don't you start a youtube channel or seriously anything to make up for the so called "assumptions" of Abhijit Chavda . Simply saying that he is assumptive isn't going to make him assumptive . You need to present an in-depth analysis on the nature of the "assumptions" that chavda makes and explain what you view to be as "facts"
@varunrawat5497 2 aylar önce
Waooo..This podcast was a class one..I have seen so many podcast and videos of both these genius but this one was something. Looking forward for more such podcast ahead as well between these two greats.
@annasaabchitta 2 aylar önce
Namaskar Sanjay Ji and Abhijit Ji One of the best episodes, as usual with Abhiji Ji I think we should learn a lesson or two from China and Japan demographic desaster Today we have demographic dividend We should always tey to protect our population, i mean, the numbers We should not try to cotrol our population, like chinna and Japan did We are industrializing and we need more and more young population What we need is to control the jihadi population, thats a Bhasmasur , ready to eat and finish anything and everything without adding much to the economy We should rethink our stand on population control Thanks Jay Hind, Jay Bharat
@000Aful 2 aylar önce
The best way to do that without causing any huge political problems and SC nautanki, is that government should stop incentivising in the name of minority appeasement. Also, stop looting the temples and giving freebies to mosques and church. As soon as the government stops feeding their children for them, they'll need to earn for themselves to raise their children. So, either they'll start contributing to the economy instead of being a burden(this I highly doubt), or their population would be automatically controlled because of financial reasons. No need of any enforced population control. Just don't incentivize more children by giving schemes based on number of people in family. Instead, start penalizing more than 3 children by cutting on the government benefits. That's all what the government needs to do and nature would balance out the rest.
@raxitakunal178 2 aylar önce
Listening to Abhijit Sir is too amazing his jokes and also the talk about Bharat interest and faults and improvement
@A.J.54 2 aylar önce
What a delightful conversation on almost every relevant subject. First time ever I heard Abhijit and every word both of you spoke are enlightening. Hope to hear/watch him again in this channel.
@udayshankarDas1973 2 aylar önce
Thanks a Million Sanjay Dixit ji, you are bringing all the stalwarts and my favourites to ahow....please bring Manish Thakur, Satish Chandra Mishra, Harshvardhan Tripathi to your shows and November event😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏
@awanishsingh3459 2 aylar önce
Its always great to Abhijit Sir. Keep doing such long podcasts on diverse topics with Abhijit sir. Thanks.
@riaraul9474 2 aylar önce
Abhijit sir !!!! I was waiting for you to talk for so long on geopolitics 😭 Thank you for introducing me to the world of geopolitics 🙏🏻
@sangita07 2 aylar önce
Always pleasure to hear this man.🙏
@pranaypaul6361 2 aylar önce
Always a pleasure to listen to Abhijit sir. ❤ loving how JD podcast is growing ❤️
@shivanilamba1321 2 aylar önce
Pleasure to listen to this conversation. Abhijit is amazing
@shrikant6700 2 aylar önce
How many of us realize this that in current time we are more interested in youtube podcast rather than movies.
@venigopal9057 2 aylar önce
It is great pleasure to have and listen to Abhijit sir with Sanjay sir.Two very knowledgeable persons what more we can have, so enlightening discussion.
@Omnamahshuvaya 2 aylar önce
Such a great podcast! Thanks to both of you
@baljindersingh2141 2 aylar önce
Love your show sir ❤ please bring Chavda sir more on your show ❤🙏
@savitarao7458 2 aylar önce
Very engaging conversation. Had me glued.. Many thanks to both of you SD Ji and AC Ji 😊
@Paraaag 2 aylar önce
@akhilbhatnagar06 2 aylar önce
Best podcast... got so much knowledge. One just has to connect the dots of the fact and everything will come in perspective
@fnmfnm2896 2 aylar önce
Great to hear abhijit chavda again. Pls have a sustained series with him. Hope he is coming in the november series?
@desidonusa 2 aylar önce
One of the Best shows . Period.
@abhigupta5886 2 aylar önce
one of the best TJD podcasts till date , we need more of this. Thanks Sanjay ji !
@mayank9638 2 aylar önce
Brilliant episode! Enjoyed and learnt a lot. Thanks to the splendid duo.
@timepassd4837 2 aylar önce
Wow.. Abhijit Chavda .. he just keeps going on .. so much knowledge...
@anshuverma7777 2 aylar önce
What an episode.. looking forward to one hr of bliss.. and knowledge
@AwaaraMusaafir 2 aylar önce
That’s so true, Bharat has made some really amazing relationships with Middle Eastern countries, even Shashi Tharoor from Congress agrees to this fact! It’s so fascinating how this has been done. 🇮🇳💯😄
@Rehman8095 2 aylar önce
Abhijit Chawda and Ankit Shah are my favorites.
@M3b3Ark 2 aylar önce
It is always fun to watch Dixitji and Chavdaji conversing. Excellent content.
@bharatavarsha10k Aylar önce
Great interaction of two bright minds❤
@yogeshmorbale3536 2 aylar önce
excellent podcast. totally worth my time
@beingindian1335 2 aylar önce
Sanjay ji u pulled out best of Abhijit sir's genius in this episode. This is master episode of all.
@BronzeBlitz 2 aylar önce
Fab Podcast as always by Sanjay Dixit ji And Great Sir AC🙏
@karamjsrihal4631 2 aylar önce
Have great respect for Sanjay, we need people like him to wake up sleeping India...
@gautammandhian4441 2 aylar önce
Two incredibly well informed men! Though their deductions are not always spot on but logically well thought
@chandrikasarkar7650 2 aylar önce
Thanks to JD and Abhijit Chavda, geopolitics has become extremely interesting to us😊
@jahnwishnandini4432 2 aylar önce
Fact based brilliant analysis ongeo poltics jai sanatan jaibharat vande matram ❤
@shashisonu9 2 aylar önce
Such a wonderful discussion, wow...taking time go into each topic into details
@maverickindia117 2 aylar önce
I had heard from a geneologist that if a birth rate of society falls to below 1.5, its decline impossible to reverse. Till 1.7-1.9 its difficult, 2.1 is needed bare minimum to make sure that culture survivrs. So if the birth rate as mentioned by you guys in china and japan has touched 1.0, is their decline impossible to reverse ?
@johnbarber3794 2 aylar önce
2 favourite experts - thanks for this detailed talk
@nanditadatta3686 2 aylar önce
@Madness-tv9iq 2 aylar önce
awesome podcast, always makes me optimistic about india
@prashantyadav9945 2 aylar önce
Great discussion 🎉
@gvjrao712 2 aylar önce
Happy to see two brothers of bharath....
@sanjaychauhan1116 2 aylar önce
The jaipur dailouge growth has been tremendous
@Anubhav04011986 2 aylar önce
Great discussion! For a geopolitical buff like me, a bliss
@bali208 2 aylar önce
The best of the best podcast on Jaipur dialogues till date
@prabhatdarbari9913 2 aylar önce
Great discussion 👍👍👍
@Prathamesh247 2 aylar önce
Harvard is such an esteemed institution that only those who have dropped out of this university seem to have had some amount of significant success. However the genius of RaGa is such that despite being a Harvard dropout he doesn't seem to find success yet!
@pawsclub3951 2 aylar önce
We as राष्ट्रवादियों Sanatani must Encourage our friends to watch JD and support Our beloved Sanjay sir to grow this platform exponentially. ❤ jai हिन्दी
@Bharur 2 aylar önce
Fantastic podcast. It would be great if u get this great person regularly in ur show.
@rohitsingh6599 2 aylar önce
Love to see avijeet sir 🙌, lots of love ❤️
@ashishthakur6666 2 aylar önce
The legend Abhijit chavda sir
@rajgoyal108 2 aylar önce
Abhijit Chavda and Dr. Ankit Shah are my favourite analysts.
@pundiraviral 2 aylar önce
loved when you referred to "Bharatiya century". Please continue to encourage use of Bharat even while speaking english.
@mathacademy6449 2 aylar önce
Best explanation, very much appreciated and will remember for ever thank you sir....
@santoshnandal4861 2 aylar önce
Excellent conversation, very enlightening....
@neerajjoshi818 2 aylar önce
Very nice podcast by Abhijeet sir..
@kumarsatyam267 2 aylar önce
very informative as expected. Thank you both.
@vishwapat3 2 aylar önce
To see best reaction by Abhijit sir till date, go to 1:24:15... Enjoy, and let me know in the replies.
@bebkoofinsaan5441 2 aylar önce
Great work sir both of you.
@dandsamladi3332 5 gün önce
It is very heartening that JD being to us our own experts and Sanjay himself being an intellectual we get so much information of almost the entire world,their Economic,the economic conditions. We thank you very much for savong our time from reading book. Just at our time if relaxation they are educating us with what we lacked in our life of work and now adding value to our retired life. Sangeeta Amladi (77) Retd. GM of RBI, an attention patriotic and an alert Hindu and Nagarik. A practocing Naturopath since 1980
@prakashbelgamkar9312 2 aylar önce
Very informative discussion. Thanks Sir
@Tillu_dream16-39 2 aylar önce
Sanjay Sir is a genius. I wish to be like him. Magnificent.
@Aaryavartah 2 aylar önce
Abhijit sir, the Chad Chavda for a reason
@KD003India 2 aylar önce
More of such conversations please.
@varun7104 2 aylar önce
*we must support gharwapsi organisations like sanjeev newar's organization Agniveer and buy their books for children specially for girls from kritinova coz Demographics n narrative war is going on*
@vishakhabh.6341 2 aylar önce
@mayanktripathi8726 2 aylar önce
Also Swami Jitendranand Saraswati is doing a great job..MUST SUPPORT HIM as well
@rajanmasand8193 2 aylar önce
Enjoyed this talk as it was full of very impt information on russia europe n d role of america n china. Thanks sanjay dixit ji.
@shitanshusabharwal7433 2 aylar önce
Very educating discussion
@manishisrivastava 2 aylar önce
very well explained the current world situation
@prashant8565 2 aylar önce
AC never fails to deliver
@ronakagarwal5550 2 aylar önce
Finally Abhijit sir in TJD❤❤❤
@Dillli 2 aylar önce
Excellent podcast. Congratulations
@vladendramodi108 2 aylar önce
I'm not able to contribute financially to JD, but I don't skip ads at all 😊
@Rtr.AmanJha 2 aylar önce
Its ok but donate to poor and needy near you even 1 rupee donation is very good
@Rtr.AmanJha 2 aylar önce
You can skip the ads because they are not helping your prosper in any way... so instead of watching full ads skip them...
@SP-nx1bx 2 aylar önce
Thanks a million for bringing out this debate ji 🙏🙏🙏Jai Shri Ram 🕉️🔯🙏only one question to our current able dispensation🙏🙏but this is also a strong demand for answers and accountability from all the congressi dushtas who were at the helm of affairs before 2014 and all those who served under them.... Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. It is only on the basis of a strong home front that the external affairs agencies of a country function effectively and with good confidence and gain leverage. It is known that States tend to create deep assets in other States to achieve various goals of their influence and propagating their agenda. In the case of Bharat it can be safely assumed that foreign powers have had until 2014, excellent success in the fostering and cultivation of their deep assets inside Bharat in a well organized manner. These agencies amongst other things have under the guise of freedom have freely indulged in subversive actions like inducement & forced conversions via several NGOs receiving foreign funding, psychological warfare by their careful long term cultivation of Indian media culture that has been dominated by the Lutyens elite who are utterly enamoured by Western lifestyle and anything Phirangi but have only utter contempt for Bharatheeya values & traditions, by Indian elite cooptation by various foreign powers to suit their nefarious designs. Now this long term elite cooptation by foreign powers seems not just restricted to the highest levels of the legislative (some anti-India parties we Sanatanis all are only too well aware of ) but also unfortunately at the top levels of the other two pillars of the constitution, this can be inferred by the outputs being generated by one of these two consistently which are grossly anti-Bharat...totally against the collective consciousness of our aamjanmaanas, their ages old beliefs values and traditions ! This particular elite have arrogated to themselves so much power that even an act of Indian parliament further duly ratified by all our states will also be binned if it doesn't suit their motivated anti-Indian agenda/whims/fancies. Truly they are a law unto themselves. This has gone to the extent that everybody is aware that India hasn't in 1947 achieved true freedom, instead it only continued to be run by proxy by the West & others through their successfully planned & executed efforts as above. Now, a strong proBharat dispensation is in place but how Herculean a task it is even for them to undo the damage and havoc caused to us by the above... deliberate demographic change caused ...Hindus turning minority in several states...the best in all fields feel pressured to migrate, even acts of Parliament to undo the damage are being disregarded. The enemy is all pervasive now because of their deep assets...the ones inside are difficult to deal with...Can our current & erstwhile strategic leadership throw some light on what have been and what have to be going forward the wisest ways to deal with this problem. The bottom line is that indeed EX-RAW Vikram Sood sir has answered to Ranveer's query in his beerbiceps youtube interview that, yes theoretically it is possible even for the top guy to be foreign agent...fact being stranger than fiction means that top institutions are openly acting as foreign agents and we are literally being able to do nothing more than watch. Jai Shri Ram ! Abhinandan 🙏☺️🕉️ The critical issue of making vast numbers of Indian meritorious students and workers to have little or no choice by means of their cruel deprivation and utterly unjust nearexclusion in our various educational institutions and government sector through the loathsome caste based reservations in our system, has been carefully avoided in this debate. It is probably a feature of Kaliyuga that the torch bearers of Dharma suffer the greatest persecution, such as Brahmins in India including Pandits of Kashmir, our Gau Mata, Buddhists in China & Tibet, Jews in Israel and other parts of the world, Tamils in Lanka are examples. Those that follow righteous/peaceful methods of getting justice have to go through the utmost pain it appears. It is High Time we adopt Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Ji's Dharma as our guiding principle in every walk of life rather than the Western imposed Democracy (which in practice boils down to appeasement and dangerous votebank politics that so wrecked our society for a long time). How much longer shall we remain without revisiting the British conceived, inspired and imposed current Constitution which by their deliberate design is a slave to anti India narratives???? Sir hopefully all of you opinion makers should understand that, as the most important prerequisite for atmanirbharta, that is self-reliance, is to first get rid of the atmaghaathi reservation system so cruelly foisted on us by institutions & leaders who were utterly corrupt and have sold their souls out to foreign powers with nefarious designs. For a period of several decades , India was carefully deprived of it's intelligentsia by their near complete isolation & deprivation in sarkari jobs. Educational institutions and public sector enterprises have been made a no go for them, and they are, as all of us know, defacto refugees, running by the droves to foreign countries. Our enemies with nefarious designs would be laughing all the way at this self-inflicted "physiological" chronic insufficiency with regards to our local meritorious talent that is otherwise very capable of working wonders in our educational institutions & later in our public sector too,- it unfortunately is being very skillfully removed by deshbahishkaran, by the well planned efforts of foreign powers through their Indian elite cooptation and corruption over many decades (until 2014) within the various strata of not just the legislative but also the other 2 pillars of the Union. From the enemy's' strategic perspective...has this process not been a lot more harming to our Bharateeya interests compared to say the adversarie's single attack on an institution to take out intelligentsia???... clearly this kind of long war of attrition imposed on Bharat by their very clever 'non-hardkinetic' warfare methods such as the above kind of lawfare, elite cooptation, corruption etc has wreaked a lot more havoc on Bharat and caused a lot more harm to our interests than whatever hard kinetic means the adversary could ever achieve with in the past or present. 🙏😊🔥Is the strategic leadership of our country including yourself, at least cognizant of these threats☺️🙏???, if yes please enlighten us in your next interview as to how you propose to address this gigantic challenge 🙏🙏 just saying that start ups and entrepreneurship of young meritorious talent will do atmanirbharata...I am afraid this is hypocrisy... nothing of this sort will help especially in various public sector that has virtually been made a fortress for the rehabilitation of candidates recruited on the basis of their caste based reservations as against their real merit & talent??? In such a case, a brazen travesty of justice and abominable unfairness to meritocracy will continue to be perpetrated on the Brahmins as an ongoing sad part of their ages old persecution??????, If a semblance of justice has to prevail and if at all a decent Indian public sector productivity and profit and competitiveness in the global market has to be realized, then merit based enrollment and recruitment has to become the norm even in the public sector. This can only arise by ending the gross persecution and injustice being perpetrated on our Brahmin community by successive dispensations. Just erecting Sri Shankaracharya statues and doing pranams without taking above kind of measures to reverse the cruelty and injustice being done to Brahmins by states/Judiciary/centre, amounts to adding insult to injury and is visible hypocrisy 🙏🙏🙏 There should begin large scale public sector recruiting through regular jobs of our meritorious talent, as much as large scale enrollment of our meritorious students in schools and colleges without snuffing them out through our most cruel States/Centre/Judiciary imposed caste based reservations system that has been proving so very very atmaghaathi to our interests and is simply making an utter mockery and hypocrisy of the often parroted word atmanirbharta 😮 Chinese & other foreign agencies have been openly cultivating their dangerous deep assets inside Bharat in a well organized manner with excellent success in their planning and execution of the same for all those decades until Modiji et Al came to power in 2014. Mass subversive activities like the forced conversions and the inducement conversions and spread of Jihadi ideology went unchallenged due to the corrupt Congress multiparty culture in Bharat who have shamelessly sold their souls and gave in to the elite cooptation by foreign powers with nefarious designs against Bharat. Such successful and deep seated elite cooptation by China-Pakistan/Western/ME powers was not restricted to the nonHindutva legislative parties but also well extended into the rank and file of the other two pillars of the Indian Union that is the Executive, the other one; also of course the Predominantly & outrightly antiBharat, AntiHindu, leftist Fifth Column aka our Press! All this went on brazenly for such a long time and what we are facing now is the result, also look at the unmistakable efforts for a violent regime change currently underway in neighbouring Bangladesh by China-Pak axis in a well oiled synchronized manner parallel to their pogrom being sponsored in NE India and now in Haryana too. Even the dumbest person can see all this vividly, so whatever happened with our Milords who suddenly wakeup and see it only now thru a narrow lens in such a highly biased manner????
@anshuverma7777 2 aylar önce
What an enlightening episode..
@sarthakdalabehera4873 2 aylar önce
We want more of abhijeet chavda sir
@sumitvfx 2 aylar önce
This place is the knowledge of sea specially listening to Mr. Abhijeet and Mr. Ankit.. love JD
@umakantadash4439 2 aylar önce
Very nice discussion ❤❤❤.
@drvimalray 2 aylar önce
@guliga1967 2 aylar önce
Always bring Abhijit Chavda and drop the flippant AIM.
@bhaskarmajumdar29 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the deep analysis and information
@sanatan_07712 2 aylar önce
The best podcast I had listened 😅😂😊
@amitmahipalgupta 2 aylar önce
Thanks for a wonderful insightful Geopolitics show. The only problem is that to understand Abjeet sir need to watch at 0.75x speed and Sanjay sir i normally watch at 1.5x as recommended by him. 😅 Next time ask AC sir to speak in a little slow speed.
@Panditomkartiwari 2 aylar önce
@lorddigital4525 2 aylar önce
Superb conversation!
@bharath2508 2 aylar önce
the best geopolitical podcast
@vibhoregupta6772 2 aylar önce
very nice session sir just an suggestion to sanjay sir please do a session with both ankit shah ji and abhijit chavda ji
@anilp2297 2 aylar önce
Great analysis!
@rajendranathkaushik7382 2 aylar önce
Nice discussion for common people
@dustbin.through-back-door 2 aylar önce
Very insightful. Thank you sir
@vbmadhavi6398 Aylar önce
1:26:00 two gentlemen's are laughing on Pakistan made my day😂😂😂😂😂😂
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görünümler 368 B
Melih Taşçı
görünümler 1,2 Mn