Lil Durk - Backdoor (Official Music Video)

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Lil Durk

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Lil Durk
Lil Durk 4 aylar önce
the voice...
FatKell 2 aylar önce
FatKell 2 aylar önce
Prince Dame
Prince Dame 2 aylar önce
When you avenging von? Bum
Maloid Derden
Maloid Derden 2 aylar önce
@LBBthatKID u crazy bra u think Durk ain't the same u as Jay you crazy von was a sacrifice for somebody.🤷
Dior Mafia
Dior Mafia 2 aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️the voice
Itz CJ
Itz CJ Saatler önce
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Close That Back Dooor Cant Get Snaked By My Homie 🐍🐍💯💯🔥🔥
Yah Soh The Producer
Yah Soh The Producer Saatler önce
Before you hit that door, gotta pick yu glock up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲
Yah Soh The Producer
Yah Soh The Producer Saatler önce
Baddest nigga alive 🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
FazeRaider YT
FazeRaider YT 4 saatler önce
Yo Durk, what happened to Von!? U knw what REALLY happened.
7⃣Rzz 3 saatler önce
Ur weird
Rocky Rocky
Rocky Rocky 5 saatler önce
If you're a rapper, why don't u rap ???????? Why the groaning & moaning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PapiStylez 8 saatler önce
La verdadera VOZ!!
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 7 saatler önce
Ameer Newton
Ameer Newton 9 saatler önce
Dreezy Shiesty
Dreezy Shiesty 9 saatler önce
So you really did kill von huh
Baby Jet
Baby Jet 9 saatler önce
You can't tell?
Qself MadeG
Qself MadeG 10 saatler önce
anthony jones
anthony jones 12 saatler önce
What he mean by he used to draw lil mo3 name on the Styrofoam?
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 7 saatler önce
Terence nash
Terence nash 14 saatler önce
This is a public service announcement 🔥👂🏿👂🏿they say you hhhhaaaannnngggggiiinnnggg whhhheeeeerrreee iiiitttsss daaannnggoouuusss🔥🔥
AR REVO 17 saatler önce
This is my walk out song
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 7 saatler önce
Brandon Basden
Brandon Basden 21 saatler önce
"I had to teach the grown niggas right from wrong". Damn! "I be wit the killas who will change a nigga roster". I didn't know Durk had bars! Ok then.
An Orange
An Orange 21 saatler önce
I can't stop listening to this
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 7 saatler önce
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy 21 saatler önce
This aint your first time here. Welcome back king 💯🔥
Deshaad Hamilton
Deshaad Hamilton Gün önce
Viral moments pray for lil Reese
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 7 saatler önce
Deshaad Hamilton
Deshaad Hamilton Gün önce
Viral moments
Ace Numba 9
Ace Numba 9 Gün önce
Life with Niya
Life with Niya Gün önce
This hit different omm 💕.
Bishop Holmes
Bishop Holmes Gün önce
song called backdoor for a reason rip von
Sadness Inside
Sadness Inside Gün önce
Trayfrmthebk Gün önce
Excel Ebietomiye
Excel Ebietomiye Gün önce
on repeat!!!!!!
Seein Durk wear that OBlock chain hurts 😢
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Gün önce
i miss von maaaaan
Bran Riles
Bran Riles Gün önce
Closed that back🚪 can get snaked by one of my homies
Brittany No Filter Brown
Brittany No Filter Brown Gün önce
King Amazing
King Amazing 2 gün önce
wtg_king.timmy add me on the gram
Y.b.w lilTug
Y.b.w lilTug 2 gün önce
This song make you grow in your mind elevation
Van Downbytheriver
Van Downbytheriver 2 gün önce
He’s the voice cause he just makes the calls
Matt Serale
Matt Serale 2 gün önce
Sup doe 🔥 🔥
Daniel Minahan12
Daniel Minahan12 2 gün önce
Every day this gets played in my house, without failure
Blacknife 2 gün önce
Your voice is so beautiful man! I love this song! I'm hoping that the day we work together will come one day.
Blacknife 2 gün önce
@Savage 224 will do my g thanks
Savage 224
Savage 224 2 gün önce
Keep Working Broo Work With The Ones Whose Under Him 🙏🏽
Agency #02
Agency #02 2 gün önce
Real Fans Know EXACTLY Who He Talking About 💯
Agency #02
Agency #02 Gün önce
@Nived the guy who killed Nuski
Nived Gün önce
Danny 2 gün önce
this gotta be in the top 10 maybe even 5 current songs by durk..
Tori Bryant
Tori Bryant 2 gün önce
Rip Von! 🕊️🌼
Rip Von! 🕊️🌼 2 gün önce
Rip von! 🕊️🌼💐
Dark Matter 91
Dark Matter 91 3 gün önce
Close It!!!!!
Johrie Dyess
Johrie Dyess 3 gün önce
Edgey Gaming
Edgey Gaming 3 gün önce
Lil Durk never fail to succeed
Shawnie Day
Shawnie Day 3 gün önce
Who left but came back cause of gillie ?😂🔥
Wingz Out
Wingz Out 3 gün önce
RIP king von 🙏🏻👑
Matthew Burt
Matthew Burt 3 gün önce
sound like the melody on the last verse is from the girl he use to fuck wit. tht got tht song let a nigga try me
Matthew Burt
Matthew Burt 3 gün önce
dej lof🤔
Khi_CASH Ez 3 gün önce
Close that back door cause i know that,they stonny
Stiles Culp
Stiles Culp 3 gün önce
To her u got backdoored n was almost killed believe me they gone feel it babygirl thats on our daughters
Emmalee Ward
Emmalee Ward 3 gün önce
Love love
Emmalee Ward
Emmalee Ward 3 gün önce
Love love
Jaden Scarlett
Jaden Scarlett 3 gün önce
This shit gas ong
Dion Brown
Dion Brown 4 gün önce
Kevin Godwin
Kevin Godwin 4 gün önce
Nice one Durk
tah tah
tah tah 4 gün önce
the album gon be fire
Video Realo
Video Realo 4 gün önce
Durk a legend out here.
D Lo
D Lo 4 gün önce
D Lo
D Lo 4 gün önce
Go listen
G Body
G Body 4 gün önce
Delay Te
Delay Te 4 gün önce
He was his best
Lil Trell
Lil Trell 4 gün önce
Moe M's
Moe M's 4 gün önce💯
Devante Swing
Devante Swing 4 gün önce
Maaaan the way he’s singing on this just hits hard!!!
Judy-Kaye Samuels
Judy-Kaye Samuels 23 saatler önce
I agree 💯 it's always on REPEAT FOR ME ✨👏🏾
Amber Dangerfield
Amber Dangerfield 5 gün önce
R.i.p his little bro von😭😭
Burnaby 604
Burnaby 604 5 gün önce
Close that back door cause I know this love phony
woody cox
woody cox 5 gün önce
Aerell Gardener
Aerell Gardener 5 gün önce
Fjdj dc mdI u ui de rj😘
Real one
Real one 5 gün önce
Fucked up but in the treaches I feel the safest
N_L_A_SAVO 2K 5 gün önce
I still can't believe that,Von really gon🥺...
Jamie Parker
Jamie Parker 5 gün önce
I use to draw lil ma name on the styrofoam. Unless you been to Statesville NRC you can't relate
Angie Pita Zambrano
Angie Pita Zambrano 5 gün önce
hello if I upload songs in lyrics would they support me.
Tee Simmons
Tee Simmons 5 gün önce
sing wit me y'all.....close dat backdooe
a Herbo
a Herbo 5 gün önce
a Herbo
a Herbo 5 gün önce
Luhsplatt ceo
Luhsplatt ceo 5 gün önce
This Soooo Hard BroSki 💙🔥🥶🔥🔥🔥
Tc305records 5 gün önce
New freestyle by Tc305records don't miss out on gang we up now check us out 💥💯
Yeqly 6 gün önce
Yusuf Hamza
Yusuf Hamza 6 gün önce
Dirk killed von
horny mfkn apple
horny mfkn apple 5 gün önce
source: trust me bro
ItsLeeOnTv •
ItsLeeOnTv • 6 gün önce
We dont turn off Durk in the trenches❤️‍🔥
bigfoot2011 4 gün önce
-nigga in Iowa
Keith Fraser
Keith Fraser 4 gün önce
"I know it it sound dumb and the strangest in the trenches I feel the safest"
Bernadette Quinones
Bernadette Quinones 6 gün önce
I 💘 this song he the truth👌🤘
Ricky 6 gün önce
Rockin Von's chain 💯💯💯
Lawrence  Satchell
Lawrence Satchell 6 gün önce
Rip von❤️
meatyhotpockets 6 gün önce
Put those guns down and the drugs. And you won't be saying that sh*t!!! Stop killing BLACK PEOPLE!!!
C TheGoat
C TheGoat 6 gün önce
U backdoored von🤡
UOOREEER 7 gün önce
novo clip wallpaper de pc...
UOOREEER 7 gün önce
yeee a voz kk perfeito mano
M N 7 gün önce
He tryna be youngboy so bad 🤡🤡
Adrian Oliver
Adrian Oliver 7 gün önce
Durk the subliminal king in this song. Read between the lines this song deeper than it appears.
sluwevos Asqu
sluwevos Asqu 7 gün önce
This song takes me back to the trenches 🥺
Durk is the real goat 🐐
Goats & Apes Records
Goats & Apes Records 7 gün önce
Zach Montanez
Zach Montanez 8 gün önce
That's all of vons 6 chains that was stolen off his body just so y'all know.
Dallas Life
Dallas Life 8 gün önce
Germaine Broussard
Germaine Broussard 8 gün önce
He made this for Melly!!
Hot Chok
Hot Chok 8 gün önce
He got Von Oblock chain on
liam warren
liam warren 8 gün önce
Baby Dracco 4KT
Baby Dracco 4KT 8 gün önce
I love dis Song Dawg 😎✅🥂🔥🔥🔥⏩
Salocy 8 gün önce
Amari Lawrence
Amari Lawrence 8 gün önce
Don’t listen to these rumors Lil durk did not kill king von
Chris 4PF
Chris 4PF 9 gün önce
0:22 durk tired of all his homies getting killed. Rip Von
Cj Hall
Cj Hall 9 gün önce
We Don’t Play that baxk door shit in Texas U getting Xhexk at Front doe 409 Beaumont 🩸 in 🩸 out
youngin 9 gün önce
durk canr wroll woods
Jerome Mctravis
Jerome Mctravis 9 gün önce
Shane Dayton
Shane Dayton 9 gün önce
Damn he got on vons o block chain
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