Turkish Alphabet: Letters & Pronunciation (Turkish for beginners - 1)

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Merhaba arkadaşlar,
In this video, Can will be teaching you about the Turkish Alphabet. Knowing the alphabet is the first step toward learning any language. Which one of these letter pronunciations surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!
⏰Time Stamps
0.00 Intro
00:12 - Differences between English and Turkish alphabet
01:34 - Letters, their sounds, and examples
07:29 - Outro
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Istanbul, Turkey
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Turkishle 3 yıl önce
Which letter is the most difficult for you? Let me know!
Jubaedah, S.Pd.
Jubaedah, S.Pd. 3 yıl önce
Help me
Maria del Mar Cárdenas
Maria del Mar Cárdenas 2 yıl önce
It is very diffıcult pronounce ı !!!!
Sasha F.
Sasha F. 2 yıl önce
Ü, ı, ö... These are so difficult to pronounce for me. 😕
itachi 2 yıl önce
I know Arabic so they are all easy thanks for asking
Akyaren Yıl önce
The easy thing about Turkish alphabet is once you learn the alphabet you can read anything even if you have no idea what it says because the letters never change their sounds.
arda kntr
arda kntr Yıl önce
Hayır, okunuşları az da olsa değişiyor mesela canan derken caanan diye a yı uzatiyoruz mesela hükûmet hükuumet diye okuyoruz tabii bunda şapka var ama canan da yok
Akyaren Yıl önce
@arda kntr İstisna. Canan Türkçe değil farsça. Canan olarak değil ca-nan olarak okunması gerekiyor. Kökeninde tire olmadığından çevrilince de konulmamış. Farslılar böyle okuduğu için bu şekilde kalmış.
Yusuf Açıkgöz
Yusuf Açıkgöz 11 aylar önce
sana öyle geliyor, ince ve kalın harfleri ayıran bişi yok dilde (katip ve katildeki k aynı değil, şapka deme şapka her zaman konmuyor) aynı zamanda açık ve kapalı e'yi de ayırmıyoruz (ekmek ve ellideki e aynı değil, türk olduğun için sana öyle geliyor) ek olarak "ğ" de "e" harfinden sonra gelince "y" sesi veriyor: eğlence, eğreti... gibi gibi, türkçe büyük oranda fonetik bir dil olsa da harflerin sesi değişmiyor değil
Akyaren 11 aylar önce
@Yusuf Açıkgöz çünkü onun doğrusu katip değil kâtip. Doğrusunu yazarsan neden farklı okunduğunu da anlarsın. Ben eylence olarak okumuyorum eğlence olarak okuyorum, yanlış okuyanların sorunu.
Dinesh 11 aylar önce
Even easier if you speak french or german
Kaitlin Foley
Kaitlin Foley Yıl önce
My husband is Turkish. I am American. We are both learning in our own pace. Today I asked him to say the Turkish alphabet very slowly and record it. He forgot a letter at the end of the alphabet too. Then I came here to figure it out and it happened again. It makes me smile. I only need the vowels anyway and now I realize it haha.
Jia Queen
Jia Queen 8 aylar önce
Mjy b koi turkish dhond do
Ilyas Raza
Ilyas Raza Aylar önce
​@Jia Queen Hamain Kia Hai
Ilyas Raza
Ilyas Raza Aylar önce
​@Jia Queen 😊😊
Kirin Nielsen
Kirin Nielsen Yıl önce
Very good video! One way to describe the "short" r is to say it is "flipped." This is a term used by singers and speakers who are learning diction. The three most familiar sounds for "r" in European and American English are retroflex (most familiar in American English), flipped (or a single tap r, for linguists) which you might hear in British English, and rolled (as you would hear in Italian and Spanish, and sometimes in French and German). (French and German also have the uvular r.) The most difficult sounds in Turkish for me are ü, ö, and i (without the dot). The ü and ö are not the same as those symbols are pronounced in German, French, or Italian. Instead, they are more "open." The i (without the dot) is tricky because even though we say the sound as in "girl" we have to be careful not to say an American r (as we do in "girl").
MARY TT 10 aylar önce
This reminds me when I learned International phonetics. Every languages is interesting esp when it comes how to pronounce the alphabets. Turkish is one of a kind. I learned alot from movies. Your teaching helps me even better🧡
Janet Leonard
Janet Leonard Yıl önce
Love this guy. . .very endearing & great instructor. Wonderful personality! Lovely way of teaching! Makes learning Turkish fun. I Must visit is Turkey . . .on my bucket list! Have been watching several Turkishle videos and have enjoyed every one. So easy to follow! I watch so many Turkish series/movies and these lessons really halp. Actually learning! Thank you, soooooooo much! Keep them coming. ♥️ from Canada 🇨🇦.
montse CB
montse CB 6 aylar önce
a little tip my French teacher told us so we could correctly pronounce Ö and Ü was: Ö = mimic your mouth as if you were about to say O but instead, pronounce an E Ü = mimic your mouth as if you were about to say U but instead, pronounce İ It worked
Ali 6 aylar önce
vay be. Türk'üm ve dediklerini ilk defa duydum. Denedim ve Fransızca öğretmenin gerçekten haklıymış.
Da R
Da R 2 aylar önce
Excellent advice 😊 Are you speaking French already??
berk camli
berk camli 19 gün önce
I speak Turkish as a first language and used this video to help explain a friend how the letters work. Thank you for it. I have a question to all native speakers who may read this comment. I now hear many people (younger than me) describe the soft g as Can did in this video. Is it only a convenient way to help a foreigner approximate to how you speak? Or does soft g indeed have no sound for you? For me, it is a subtle but still distinct consonant and the way I read 'aarı' and 'ağrı' are definitely different. I agree it is not a big difference; I am just curious whether we are in a natural linguistic process of losing the ğ distinction?
Türkiye'de Son Durum Haberleri
Türkiye'de Son Durum Haberleri 5 gün önce
Fatima Kashif
Fatima Kashif Yıl önce
Actually I can understand 40 percent of turkish language, I can read it too and I have learned few songs in turkish. Turkish language is so easy very similar to my language Urdu.
Molla Bari r Bhoot
Molla Bari r Bhoot Yıl önce
It is similar to Bangla too 🇧🇩
Mary Sawyer
Mary Sawyer Yıl önce
I love these easy lessons. Everything is very clear. But the one thing that I can not seem to get in Turkish is the difference between the plain U and the dotted U. I can't really hear the difference a lot of times. Thanks!
yabassta Yıl önce
Dotted U is pronounced like the u in "Hugh" or "super".
Mary Sawyer
Mary Sawyer Yıl önce
@yabassta ...and how is that different from the dotless U?
Ramsay Snow
Ramsay Snow Yıl önce
@Mary Sawyer Go to Translate and type in "ürün uzun", you'll hear the difference in pronunciation.
Mary Sawyer
Mary Sawyer Yıl önce
@Ramsay Snow Thanks for the response, it sounds like a good idea. Is that Google Translate you're talking about?
Ramsay Snow
Ramsay Snow Yıl önce
@Mary Sawyer Yes Google Translate. You can let the voice pronounce the words. Try different words with u and ü. Üsküdar. Üzüm. Uzan. Uğra. Ümit. Düğün.
Kim McVitty
Kim McVitty Yıl önce
Very well explained. Thank you. The vowel sounds are really difficult for me. This helps.
Loncho Yıl önce
Great video! 👍Many Turkish letters are pronounced similar to Spanish, especially the vowels, and other letters are the same as English. Thanks for the video! Greetings and God bless you 🙏, from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A..👋😎
Reyk Hault
Reyk Hault Yıl önce
Thank you Can for teaching us, you are a really nice and likeable guy. I hope you keep doing this work. I just recommended your channel to my father who is going to learn Turkish.
I speak English and Spanish. Your simple approach makes me think I can learn Turkish!
Arleta Włodarczyk 1 You DO have superpowers!
Sardar Khan
Sardar Khan 4 aylar önce
My basic language is Urdu but in this I found similarities in Urdu in Turkish
Bens Deutschkurs
Bens Deutschkurs Yıl önce
Nice one! I like it a lot! Even if I learned it by listening to music, I had doubts with the C. The video helped to quit the last doubt.
Nafisa Akter
Nafisa Akter 2 yıl önce
Thank you. It's really helpful. Though it seems confusing because all Turkish letters look similar to English letters. Hope with time being will be easy.
joao gil
joao gil Yıl önce
You are simply great. You explain the way it should me. Thanks for the video. Keep on the great work!
Lenovo Sea
Lenovo Sea 2 yıl önce
very nice video but there is a "ç" pronounced "che" after the "c" letter that we do not want to miss since Turkish letters are 29, not 28.
Cü Kral
Cü Kral Yıl önce
This comment deserves to be pinned. 👏
Islom Numanov - IT
Islom Numanov - IT Yıl önce
Rukaiyah Ahmed
Rukaiyah Ahmed 10 aylar önce
Right. I was waiting for that letter.
تتي فاطمة
تتي فاطمة 5 aylar önce
I was looking for that
melody 10 aylar önce
Being born and raised turkish despite not being born in turkey and only being half turkish (moms side is turkish, my dad is a zazaki kurd(?)) I cannot read turkish text without struggling- I do speak turkish! It was my first language my entire family speaks it but the way its so complicated to me just reading turkish text confuses me to the max
Blanca Nieves
Blanca Nieves 3 aylar önce
Excellent explanation with the the sounds, i love Turkish language..👍👍👍👍💯💯
Turkishle 3 aylar önce
Glad you liked it!🤗
Юрий Иванцив
Юрий Иванцив Yıl önce
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Renuka Art Galore
Renuka Art Galore 9 aylar önce
Thanks for this video, got to learn about the alphabets, found that it's very similar to Hindi also. Many words sound same as in our language.
Turkishle 9 aylar önce
You're welcome!
INDIAN STORM 6 aylar önce
@Turkishle Do you have any idea about Arabic alphabet of Turkish language before Ataturk alphabet reform.Ataturk was mercilessly criticize by the muslim world mainly the Arab for this radical reform.Comparing the previous Arabic alphabet what Turkish citizens feel that this radical reform is better than the previous one or not.Kindly reply how?
Aya Ali
Aya Ali Yıl önce
Thank you very much, it was very useful By the way, I am an Arab. I wish you would make videos like this to learn English, because I understand English, but I have little difficulty with pronunciation
hill120 Yıl önce
I'm currently following Dolunay and Ada Masali. With your channel, i'll be enjoying more these series and appreciate more the Turkish culture. Thank you Can. So, c = English 'j' j = English/Mandarin 'zh'
Daldira Almeida Silva
Daldira Almeida Silva Yıl önce
Gosto muito do jeito que você ensina
Zwiedzamy. Yıl önce
Thanks for informations about pronunciation of ğ, ö (like: girl), r - short in turkish. It was very helpful 👍
alanguages Yıl önce
In other words Turkish is a phonetic language and using the Latinate alphabet are aspects, that makes Turkish easier to learn for English speakers.
I. C
I. C Yıl önce
Hei,as an romanian,everything is very eassy,in romanian language we also read all the letters,and we use almost same letters,i'm happy i found another fonetic language :D
Ayeesh's world🧕🌍
Ayeesh's world🧕🌍 Yıl önce
Your way of teaching is quite good. I am learning turkey and you are helping a lot
Marina Alves
Marina Alves 2 yıl önce
Legal,. estou começando a aprender turco, teus vídeos muito bons. Aqui Brasil, interior Rio de Janeiro.
Freeda Nergis
Freeda Nergis 11 aylar önce
I have started to learn Turkish after falling in love with Sen anlat Karadeniz, thank you so much for these videos.
CändY Yıl önce
The songs are great help to learn the alphabets.....it's fun to learn with songs.😍 Thank u Can. ❤️
Mahzebin Pushpo
Mahzebin Pushpo 7 aylar önce
This is really helpful. I am following this video to learn the Turkish alphabet. However, I just noticed and realized you missed the letter Ç.
itachi 2 yıl önce
I learned them so fast thank you 👍🏻
Sam Yıl önce
As expected from the Uchiha clan
dua Yıl önce
this is really helpful for me. could u tell me how can i learn language step by step❤️
Alicia Ball
Alicia Ball 4 aylar önce
Merhaba Can..I am really enjoying your lessons and wonder when you will be taking enrolments for your next online course ?
Turkishle 4 aylar önce
We are actually! Can you e-mail us so that I can enroll you? 🥳️info@turkishle.com
Alicia Ball
Alicia Ball 4 aylar önce
@Turkishle thank you I have sent an email
Muhammad Arshad Shafiq
Muhammad Arshad Shafiq 4 aylar önce
Your teaching method is amazing 💕i really like it
Turkishle 4 aylar önce
Glad you think so! 🙌
Curt Piazza
Curt Piazza Yıl önce
Excellent lesson!
Sharmila Yıl önce
Super good teaching bro. I started to learn this language after watching Early bird season 1 and I will learn till the end . I'm from India
Sangita Rani
Sangita Rani Yıl önce
This was a biggest question in mind about turkish language.letters n pronounciation.which u solved.👍
Coach U-Gene [aka Salih]
Coach U-Gene [aka Salih] 6 aylar önce
Wonderful video. You are a very nice teacher. You have helped me a lot.
Turkishle 6 aylar önce
Thank you! Happy to know it helped!
Shabana 2025
Shabana 2025 Yıl önce
Wow the way you explain makes it super easy💝👏✔
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan Yıl önce
I've found some turkish words are similar to urdu.. it makes it more easier for me to learn... (btw I'm not Pakistani, I'm a bengali)
Tony Akkouche
Tony Akkouche Yıl önce
Thanks Can you have an excellent teaching skills.👏👏
sabera sharif
sabera sharif 2 yıl önce
Not that much difficult..... quite interesting to me 😍😋🤗
Zgramtc Yıl önce
Thank you!It's really helpful & i really like watching your video.
its hasmy 💞
its hasmy 💞 Aylar önce
Im a pakistano learning Turkish and omggg i found that some Turkish words are similar to pakistani Words like color in pakistani Is "rang" and in Turkish "renk" or Blood in urdu Is "khoon" or candle Is "mom" I LOVE TURKISH SENI SEVYORUM💗💗🇹🇷🇵🇰
Maria Pluviophile
Maria Pluviophile Yıl önce
Hey Can! Currently I am in the turkey and want to learn a little bit. Just wondering how different the "r" is acutally pronounced. As example in the number 1 ( bir) sounds the r completely different to the "r" in the number 4 (dört). Is there a rule, that I could use to know, what is the case in several words? Like, Is the foregoing letter important for this or the following letter? Hope you can help me. Thank you! Greetings!:)
Neslihan Sonmez
Neslihan Sonmez Yıl önce
no rules, just pronounce the every word that you see(except 'ğ' it is kinda silent), then watch a video includes that word and try to do best. About 'bir' that r word is last sound of that word and in Turkish we generally(not always coz we have french words ,arabic words etc.) we use the word stress on last syllable you might heart that stress.
Al Karısı
Al Karısı Yıl önce
Roll the letter "r" when it comes to the end of the word. Bir, ver, ger, ser etc.
NUM DD Yıl önce
Kinda softly rolled at the end of the words and if it's between vowels you pronounce it like a regular r
Nur Yeudiana
Nur Yeudiana Yıl önce
Little bit difficult for me. But I like learn Turkish language. 😁🙏
MoMo Star
MoMo Star Yıl önce
2nd video of yours I've watched now, thank you. I'm confused with r. On the r example it basically sounds like an English r, but then when you get to v, the r at the end of the example word sounds more like the English sh sound.
Wendy Blevins
Wendy Blevins Yıl önce
When the word ends in an "r", the placement (tongue just hovering under the front palate) tends to kind of leave a whistle sound. :) Like a breathy r/th/sh. The strength of this can also vary a little depending on region or person, but your observation is correct, for final /r/ sounds.👂👍
Carlos Quesada
Carlos Quesada 4 aylar önce
So your name is life... For us who speak spanish doesn't sound too difficult. I kinda like it, Teşekkür ederim
Tribute Yıl önce
can you also teach us writing turkish please?
Julie Paul
Julie Paul Yıl önce
I have been watching turkish serials since Erkenci kus became one of the most widely known from there on I watch Turkish serials. You people are great. One day I wish to see Demet and Jan
Setiadi Widodo
Setiadi Widodo Yıl önce
Nice, almost like Indonesian. Some letter with additional symbol upper and under 😀👍🏿
Sue H
Sue H Yıl önce
Your the best teacher. Thank you!
黃志超 2 yıl önce
Hi Can, çok teşekkürler. I'm still not clear about the difference between C and J, it sounds very similar. Is there any way to distinguish these two? The pronunciation of "R" at the end of the word also troubles me a lot, why it sounds like "sh" ? For example, "ver", to me it sounds like "vesh"
Eren Samet Karataş
Eren Samet Karataş 2 yıl önce
The difference between C and J is quite simple. If you know how these two following English words are pronounced, you'll see the difference as well: John: This one starts with the Turkish C Genre: This one starts with the Turkish J More English examples with the Turkish C in them: John, Jerry, jazz, jam, Jack. As you can see, the Turkish C is pretty much the English J. Turkish J, however, appears in different forms in English. Here are some examples I'm hoping will help you understand the sound it makes(the letter in the parenthesis are the ones that make the sound of Turkish J) : Genre(g), pleasure(s), television(s), usually(s), version(s), luxury(s)
Sıdıka Çorbacıoğl
Sıdıka Çorbacıoğl 2 yıl önce
Don't worry about it. We dont use letter J, like at all. Just pijama I guess, or jaguar
Hidayet Sunali
Hidayet Sunali 2 yıl önce
@Sıdıka Çorbacıoğl ...also jargon , jilet , Jale , jambon , jeton , Jamaika , etc. ;)
Teresita Pagsolingan
Teresita Pagsolingan Yıl önce
Nice you have Turkish learning I appreciate your knowledge and share with other .
Sonetra Uon
Sonetra Uon Yıl önce
Hi teacher I'm new here from Cambodia thanks for your teaching 🙏Love to learn other language🙏🇰🇭❤️🇹🇷
Rejepmuhammet Arbabov
Rejepmuhammet Arbabov Yıl önce
you want speak the turkish
Sonetra Uon
Sonetra Uon Yıl önce
@Rejepmuhammet Arbabov Yep I do🙏
Carmen Villalona
Carmen Villalona 10 aylar önce
Hi Can! 👋 great video! Thanks 😊
Turkishle 10 aylar önce
Thanks for watching!
Ale Solano
Ale Solano Yıl önce
I see you from Mexico, this is a really useful video!! Thank you so much! 💯
Dominiq Garcia
Dominiq Garcia Yıl önce
You teach very well , Please continue
am  pinay i speak  turkish
am pinay i speak turkish 2 aylar önce
merhaba ben filipinli cuz, am learning turkish , i speak turkish, my problem is the spelling of the words that's my problem... i feel its hard but I never give up... am from philippines.
anita acharya
anita acharya 2 yıl önce
Loved the lesson
Mona Shah
Mona Shah 2 yıl önce
Assalamu alaikum . interesting some of Turkish words r present in Pashto language .n sound of the alphabets r same with Pashto alphabets 😊
Dominiq Garcia
Dominiq Garcia 2 yıl önce
One day I fell in love with a lady , but I faced rejection , Then by accident I listened to Turkish love music ,it was the song of Ibrahim Tatlises , He was singing very very good , Since then I got interested to learn Turkish .
AudreyJensen Yıl önce
I wonder, which song was it?
Dominiq Garcia
Dominiq Garcia Yıl önce
@AudreyJensen Han Sarhoş Hancı Sarhoş Song by İbrahim Tatlıses
B. B.
B. B. Yıl önce
@Dominiq Garcia well his pronunciation is not a good example for perfect Turkish, he is half Turkish half Kurdish guy an dhe has accent from eastern side of Turkey, this is beautiful song maybe his one and only good song for me, his other songs are absolutely not for me. I just want to advice you some songs from Turkish pop, rock.. please listen ŞEBNEM FERAH, her pronunciation is very good, clean Turkish without any accent-DELİ KIZIN TÜRKÜSÜ, SİGARA, MAYIN TARLASI and then you can continue with other singers and songs.
Peba You
Peba You 3 aylar önce
Best explanation of the soft G so far
PHẬT TÂM TỪ BI 🙏🏻 7 aylar önce
Aslamu Alaikum handsome teacher thank you very much for your good lesson I like Turkish I’ll try to study and I’ll go there ❤
Odette Yazigi
Odette Yazigi Yıl önce
Thank you. I'm learning a lot from you. Good luck
Milliardo Peacecraft
Milliardo Peacecraft Yıl önce
☪️Pronunciation Practice Section: 1:45
Ayesha Hafeez
Ayesha Hafeez Yıl önce
Glad to have you...for this language😍
Faisal Yıl önce
Thank you brother, keep making videos!
Khanum Hafsa
Khanum Hafsa 2 yıl önce
It's very helpful... It's really great.. I know some Turkish but does not know how to pronounce it... But know.. ..👍
Zoya 2 yıl önce
Perfect ❤️❤️
Sara Mahmoud
Sara Mahmoud 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much! Thats so helpful.
munir ahmed
munir ahmed Yıl önce
Your posts are EXCELLENT 👏🌟👏
Marah Al Sabbagh
Marah Al Sabbagh Yıl önce
thank you very much this was a great video
Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf
Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf Aylar önce
Merhaba. I have a question. Why sometimes in Turkish language, we spell "r" as r but sometimes as "s". For instance: bir (read: bis).
Энх-амгалан Замилан
Энх-амгалан Замилан Yıl önce
woooow this is so nice lesson 👏🏻 im so hard learn
Walter Highwood
Walter Highwood Yıl önce
For the letter r in Turkish, sometimes I hear a rolled r like in Spanish (though not as strong), but sometimes I also hear a sound with is close to the French j sound or the Mandarin r sound (where the tip of tongue doesn't touch any part inside the mouth). Am I hearing it correctly?
Al Karısı
Al Karısı Yıl önce
Yes you do.
Faiza Abbasi
Faiza Abbasi 2 yıl önce
Already subscribed. Cok sevdim cok tesekurlar. ☺️
mehdi tila
mehdi tila 2 yıl önce
the best channel ever ....for learning türkçe...
Arabic Abqariyyah
Arabic Abqariyyah 2 yıl önce
Teşekkür ederim hoca 😄
sarblithe Yıl önce
Do you do online lessons? Or have any recommendations?
Dominiq Garcia
Dominiq Garcia Yıl önce
Long time ago ,I fell in love with one lady and she rejected me , I was feeling sad and then by accident ,listen to song and it matched with my feeling ,then I searched and found “it is Ibrahim Tatlises “ Oh man ,he sings very very well , Turkish is romantic language ,his song caused me to learn Turkish .
zen zen
zen zen Yıl önce
Personally, I don't approve İbrahim individual behaviors which are arrogant, sexist and violent towards women. He is disgusting and dark in many ways. I wonder which song you liked.
hasnisha haidi
hasnisha haidi Yıl önce
I like Turkish 😍, seni seviyorum from 🇲🇾❤️
Instead of concentration in the teaching I'm far more concentrated on you..... You're too awesome and wonderful for me i can't stop myself from looking on you again and again
Elisa Toprak Demirci
Elisa Toprak Demirci Yıl önce
I actually switched from Turkish to English, but I am learning from Turkish to English.
Omar Taha
Omar Taha 2 yıl önce
great effort man!
Gulmerey Manarbek
Gulmerey Manarbek Yıl önce
Merhaba👋 Your English speak is also clear🥰
Lula Yıl önce
thank you so much you are amazing teacher
Hes Gone
Hes Gone 12 gün önce
This was great, thanks
S. A.
S. A. Yıl önce
Great video :) Thankyou
Islom Numanov - IT
Islom Numanov - IT Yıl önce
from Uzbekistan great job🇺🇿🇺🇿
Inoke Mow
Inoke Mow 10 aylar önce
Almost confused Jale with Jale. I'm from Fiji and Jale is also a name here in Fiji.
أمجد Amjed
أمجد Amjed 2 yıl önce
That was brilliant! keep going
Bari Khairul Azam
Bari Khairul Azam Yıl önce
Maşallah bilgin için teşekkür ederim başarılar
Rola Alkhediro
Rola Alkhediro 3 yıl önce
Thanks a lot 🌹 and good luck in TRshow it's a good move 🌹 you are a great teacher ♥️ the letter I hate ( ö ü )😅
Turkishle 3 yıl önce
I'm grateful for your support Rola, thanks for being here 😊🙏
Maryam Javidan Moghadam
Maryam Javidan Moghadam Yıl önce
Teşekkürler 🙏
Mp Farudjah
Mp Farudjah Yıl önce
Çok tsk ederim 😊