30-min Oven Baked Chicken Thighs Recipe

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Munchkin Time

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30-min Oven Baked Chicken Thighs Recipe - oven #bakedchicken with spices. #shortsrecipe
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@slowjamsam Yıl önce
This was absolutely delicious! My family loved it...even my picky 2 yr old! I used the options of butter with the skillet to cook my chicken. Paired mine with rice and broccoli. Thanks so much for sharing!
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
So happy you and your family loved it! Thank you for your amazing recipe review! 💕💕💕
@tashariawebb Yıl önce
Im literally about to make this with yellow rice & Goya brand gondolas, and broccoli, but I think I want to do sauteed cabbage, using a little bacon grease instead of oil or butter, but if you don't have bacon grease butter and oil is fine, BUTTER IS BETTER THO, if that's what you have. Lol.
@mayalmario2915 2 aylar önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlogcan you please repost the recipe? I can’t open the link. Thank you!
@DrSlick 2 aylar önce
Probably from the brown sugar lol
@amymartinez4767 Aylar önce
Hi do you cover the chicken in the oven?
@nah2454 Yıl önce
When you listed all them ingredients I was like I don't have that...the more you know. Found them all in my cupboard 🤣
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
That’s awesome 👏
@D22BH 5 aylar önce
same! lol
@annettekhatib8176 Yıl önce
I cooked this today on the stove. It’s way too hot here to have the oven on. It came out really good. My husband really liked it.
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
That’s awesome 👏 I am so happy your hubby liked it! Thank you for sharing, Annette!
@shumm2172 7 aylar önce
This was pretty awesome! Thank you! Served with rice! instead of the full 1/4c oil, I sprayed with olive oil to lighten it up. Broiled at the end to crisp. Absolutely delicious!
@laurenb9592 7 aylar önce
Im marinating my chicken for an hour and cant wait to put it in the oven!
@cfnature5 Yıl önce
WOAH!! I did this with chicken breast in a dish, and covered it with aluminum foil for 28 mins. PERFECT!!!! The chicken fell apart on my fork, it was wonderful! I also used the same mixture in another foiled dish with sliced up mini potatoes and carrots, and had that in the oven for 45 minutes. All at 425°F like the directions say. I'm absolutely not a cook and rarely actually make food like this, but this is the best thing I've ever made. THANK YOU!! For these directions!!
@fkxijinping 8 aylar önce
hahahaha chicken breast at 425 for 28mins????
@cfnature5 8 aylar önce
@@fkxijinping yup, it came out perfectly. Fell apart as soon as I poked it with the fork, and tasted amazing
@tholmes1247 3 aylar önce
28min.... That's why you can't eat at everyone's house..... That's not a proper time... But that's you eating it
@cfnature5 3 aylar önce
@@tholmes1247 I have a meat thermometer and it was safe and fully cooked
@UnkleAL1962 21 gün önce
Made this last nite it was really good. Had with rice, very delish!
@MunchkinTimeBlog 21 gün önce
Thank you for giving this recipe a try and for your amazing recipe review! It will mean a world to me if you could rate this recipe on my blog www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/! 🙏🙏🙏
@loocie4636 2 aylar önce
Gonna try this in an air fryer next!
@brendaloose1718 9 aylar önce
It looks so yummy and so easy. I’m gonna try it but I’m gonna use chicken breasts becuz we don’t like dark meat. I can’t wait!!! ❤️
@sagebrooks6907 15 gün önce
❤❤❤made this tonight on the fly thx so much it with italittle or came out so juicy and tasty thx 4 real my husband loved it❤❤❤❤❤🎉Sunday dinner 42❤❤❤❤❤thx
@MunchkinTimeBlog 7 gün önce
So happy to hear this!!!! You are so welcome 🤗
@marugg78 4 aylar önce
This recipe is amazing and made it to my "you have to make this more often" list. Thank you for sharing
@MunchkinTimeBlog 4 aylar önce
Thank you for your awesome recipe review! 😃😃😃
@truth7080 Yıl önce
In my oven now, 10 minutes to go!
@antimageantimage3424 8 aylar önce
How was it?
@truth7080 8 aylar önce
@@antimageantimage3424 Amazing! But flip them halfway.
@TheGrimReapersx 4 aylar önce
@@truth7080sweeet that was my concern
@manar5333 Yıl önce
Thx for this recipe. Looks delicious
@acircleoflovelylove3064 23 saatler önce
Thank you! Trying tonight! Looks absolutely AMAZING.💗🫶🏽
@MunchkinTimeBlog 22 saatler önce
Thank you! Can’t wait for you to try it! 👏👏👏
@christina2119 6 aylar önce
made this tonight... excellent!! thx for the recipe 👍
@MunchkinTimeBlog 6 aylar önce
You are welcome 🤗
@sm1522 10 aylar önce
An actual recipie rather than a cooking video! Thank you
@MunchkinTimeBlog 10 aylar önce
@S1M0N3-AI 17 gün önce
This was perfect. Also love your accent. Thank you for the super easy recipe.
@MunchkinTimeBlog 17 gün önce
Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏 I am so happy you liked this recipe! It will mean a world to me if you could rate this recipe on my blog: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@Isaiahgk Yıl önce
Gonna try this right now
@moonwvr7252 3 aylar önce
This recipe was so easy to make and delicious! Thank you!
@MunchkinTimeBlog 3 aylar önce
Thank you! 😊
@bree1629 3 aylar önce
I like to marinate the chicken for a few hours before cooking, I use a fork to poke some holes in the chicken so my seasoning mix gets inside to add more flavor and get really juicy. Absolutely delicious ☺️
@MunchkinTimeBlog 3 aylar önce
That sounds even more delicious! 😋😋😋 thank you for sharing!!!
@bree1629 21 gün önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlog of course 🙂
@georgechapman1340 Aylar önce
This recipe looks great and I would like to try it. How can I get a complete written description of this recipe.
@MunchkinTimeBlog 29 gün önce
Full recipe with step by step instructions www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@user-bq2qw9oy5z 24 gün önce
This actually looks delicious 😋
@MunchkinTimeBlog 19 gün önce
Thank you! It is So good! 😋😋😋
@quester09 4 aylar önce
making it tonight!
@Re.x0 Yıl önce
This was really yum, the chilli powder was a bit hot though lol I baked it with carrots @ 190c for about 45mins. Juicy and yum! Thank you!
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰
@southtoe3607 17 gün önce
so dang simple!
@yolienyc 23 gün önce
That’s our dinner for today thank u ❤
@MunchkinTimeBlog 22 gün önce
You are welcome! 🤗🤗🤗
@yolienyc 22 gün önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlog it was delicious I made the chicken and yr potatoes recipe with the garlic and butter and yr Greek salad recipe lol 😂 I’ll be back next Sunday for something else lol ❤️
@loocie4636 2 aylar önce
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Thank you 🙏
@chrismillersrcfamily 5 aylar önce
Omg I’m so full. Thank you for sharing these turned out amazing. All I had was thighs on the bone. Just left it in a little longer. 😋
@MunchkinTimeBlog 5 aylar önce
You are welcome! I am so happy you liked it! 👏👏👏
@Nguyenduc09 Yıl önce
That looks amazing 😍
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Thank you ☺️
@michelledaughs7983 10 aylar önce
looks so gooooood
@prettywings1088 4 aylar önce
I used less oil but it was still delicious. Thanks for such an easy recipe😊
@MunchkinTimeBlog 19 gün önce
Most welcome 😊
@dominiquesaffold4624 3 aylar önce
Gonna make this today for my family! Can’t wait to taste it! 😊
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Hope you enjoy
@georgecantu4589 Yıl önce
looks good
@dunestar29 Yıl önce
I made this last night and they were DELICIOUS
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Thank you! :)
@WeirdAwkwardWoman 4 aylar önce
Looks good
@geraldsimien8887 3 aylar önce
I'm cooking it now
@thankgodimouttahere 9 aylar önce
Tasted awesome
@MunchkinTimeBlog 9 aylar önce
Thank you! 🤗
@sentinel_prime Yıl önce
Love this recipe!!
@derpington7015 Aylar önce
Yo that looks hella good
@MunchkinTimeBlog 19 gün önce
Thank you!
@msledge6429 Yıl önce
Why the oil?
@yokorobi7610 10 aylar önce
way 2 much looks sickly chicken skin has enough
@ncc2022 10 aylar önce
Looks so good 😋
@MunchkinTimeBlog 10 aylar önce
Thank you 😋
@thiou2740 6 aylar önce
It was the best I've ever made
@gavin7715 Yıl önce
Some rice would be good soaked it in that pot too
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Yes 🙌
@splifishonly Yıl önce
i'm gonna cook this tonight !
@annalawton8163 2 aylar önce
How are you to get the receipe if you cant get into receipe page to get the amount of the ingredients 😊
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Here is the recipe www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@smokey5883 4 aylar önce
I will cook this tonight. Took out chicken but didn’t know what to do with it. Relieved Ty
@tanvir5601 4 aylar önce
What did jt taste like?
@smokey5883 4 aylar önce
@@tanvir5601 it was good!
@smokey5883 4 aylar önce
@@tanvir5601 lil bit sweet but chili and smoked paprika made it not too sweet
@nathanbacon8962 2 aylar önce
What’s the quantity’s for the seasonings ?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Full recipe is here www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/ or Google «Munchkin Oven Baked Chicken Thighs» :)
@user-og2yl3nc8r 2 aylar önce
Very nice
@ograys7954 3 aylar önce
Could you have done the same but fried it? Or does baking it taste better?
@yomamma6756 Aylar önce
Thanks broette
@petrusmya8031 5 aylar önce
Tried this was delicious
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Glad you liked it
@betelhemkebede 6 aylar önce
Thank you
@debbiebarrett7804 Yıl önce
Looks delicious but please let your viewers know how much of each ingredient you are using.
@nassoltd 11 aylar önce
@MunchkinTimeBlog 7 aylar önce
recipe: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@codysmith6674 Yıl önce
How much oil?
@arabicempress 11 aylar önce
Everything looks great except the oil, chicken thighs have enough fat in them so they won't dry out. Leave the oil out.
@brookeallen8297 9 aylar önce
Don’t make it than it’s her recipe. How you going to tell someone how to do THEIR recipe
@Kolian1274 9 aylar önce
Her chicken does not have skins That’s why she add oil Next time let’s doctor check your eye
@FoodiePhal Yıl önce
Looks so good! What editing app for you use?
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Thank you! I use Splice :))
@Akolada82 2 aylar önce
I have a question will this work if I just cook it on a stove
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
Yes, it should work:)
@loocie4636 2 aylar önce
I made it in pan cuz I don’t bake
@elovee70127 Gün önce
Where is the exact measurements for the spices?
@MunchkinTimeBlog Gün önce
Here: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@desmondwatson3019 Yıl önce
Baked covered or not covered
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Not covered :)
@christina2119 6 aylar önce
Can I use toasted sesame oil or olive oil?
@user-if6op2cl4d Aylar önce
How you pot in oven ma'am you cover or no
@MunchkinTimeBlog 7 gün önce
No cover :)
@TaniasSpiceSecrets101 Aylar önce
@TheGrimReapersx 4 aylar önce
Making this rn for some friends lets see how it goes
@TheWendy321 Aylar önce
How was it?
@TheGrimReapersx Aylar önce
@@TheWendy321 it was amazing! And i cooked it a few times for a few different people and everyone loved it. But I recommend flipping it once or twice during the cooking process
@TheWendy321 Aylar önce
@@TheGrimReapersx thanks for answering! I'll try it out soon. 🙂
@TheGrimReapersx Aylar önce
@@TheWendy321 no problem hope it taste as good as it did for me
@ShayneJellyman Yıl önce
Yeah I've decided im making this tonight.
@YungEb_ Yıl önce
How did it go?
@ShayneJellyman Yıl önce
@@YungEb_ delish. I used bone in skin in thigh and it came out crispy and juicy
@YungEb_ Yıl önce
@@ShayneJellyman Cheers
@bakugouhdhdnxhxh9089 5 aylar önce
I don’t have a iron skillet will a regular pan like a cookie sheet work or no
@MunchkinTimeBlog 5 aylar önce
Absolutely 👍🏻cookie sheet should work.
@eliteconcretewarrior9836 3 aylar önce
Is that thyme? Not sure if that was mentioned
@NyM.011 6 gün önce
Honestly wish you would have put up the amounts for the seasonings.
@MunchkinTimeBlog 6 gün önce
You could find detailed recipe at munchkintime.com search for «oven baked chicken thighs»! :)
@justinriley6120 3 saatler önce
Do you recommend searing the chicken for a few minutes first?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 saatler önce
Great question! I don’t sear it, what I like to do is broil on high at the end for few minutes. Hope this helps!
@justinriley6120 2 saatler önce
Yes, it does. It should make the skin a little crispy. Thanks for responding.
@viennapatricio2583 7 aylar önce
Kindly post the measurements of seasons it is not in your post or link. Thank you
@MunchkinTimeBlog 7 aylar önce
recipe: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@leninbautista736 5 aylar önce
Its in the link . You have to scroll down . Like really down
@dioneanduha3156 Yıl önce
Looks Amazing! Recipe please 🙏 😋
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Here it is - www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@fallingwickets Yıl önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlog thanks
@marinamusix1190 3 aylar önce
Do you bake it covered
@MunchkinTimeBlog 3 aylar önce
@robcoliogne8885 Yıl önce
@liliowa13 Yıl önce
would it still come out the same if I did it on a baking sheet? I don't currently have a cast iron skillet
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
I don’t see why not:)
@thankgodimouttahere 9 aylar önce
I used a non stick pie pan for 4 thighs. Perfect fit. Ill note that it produces some liquid that may overflow on cookie sheet.
@lawsonwooten5792 7 aylar önce
@Samantha-qx9tg 2 aylar önce
Can you do this with bone in 😮
@MunchkinTimeBlog 2 aylar önce
I don’t see why not… you might need to adjust cooking time :)
@2TheMaz Yıl önce
It's literally swimming
@goldenlocss5917 11 aylar önce
Yesss I’m delicious goodness 🤪🔥🔥🔥
@lauradelaney5457 10 aylar önce
I know right 🫣🫣
@ebbyexaud4125 11 aylar önce
Can I use an alternative baking pan if I don't have a skillet? Like the glass pan I use to make shepherd's pie (only way I thought to explain it)?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 11 aylar önce
Great question! I don’t see why not :)
@anurodhjha-yl6el 9 aylar önce
Can we use baking trays?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 9 aylar önce
I don’t see why not :)
@ThatGirlZaRiyah_ 6 aylar önce
What brand of chicken is it
@MunchkinTimeBlog 6 aylar önce
I buy my chicken from local farm.
@SeeMeNoMore1995 Yıl önce
You added rosemary but didn’t say it? I’m confused
@Fortunaatp Yıl önce
Hi Karl, do you think it’s possible that she might have simply….forgotten to say it?
@pacluv 9 aylar önce
I went to the printed recipe, it said to add thyme, but I guess rosemary would work too. I think she forgot to say it in the short video she did.
@siryoung213 4 aylar önce
​@@Fortunaatplmaooo I appreciated your comment way too much
@urfriend.millieana 5 aylar önce
What temperature do I bake it for?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 5 aylar önce
425F :)
@TheFASTDONTLIE01 3 aylar önce
Theyre swimming !! 😂😡 -gordon ramsey
@bataviola 3 aylar önce
She also added thyme
@MintyBunnyJuniper 11 aylar önce
How much of each are we supposed to add?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 10 aylar önce
Here is a full recipe www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@viennapatricio2583 7 aylar önce
I couldn't find the answer even in the link
@mattmcgovern230 3 aylar önce
Soooo...skillet is "oven-baked"?!?!?! What sorcery is this?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 3 aylar önce
I use cast iron skillet, it is perfect for baking :)
@ibstayfly 6 aylar önce
How do you make baked chicken without it being red inside? Cuz everytime I make baked chicken it's always red inside not sure why. Cuz I do be cooking it for a long time
@MunchkinTimeBlog 6 aylar önce
I like to use food thermometer 🌡 to check if the chicken is cooked Thru :) hope this helps.
@ibstayfly 6 aylar önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlog ok thank you
@trillstreetz20011 Yıl önce
Measurements listed anywhere???
@MunchkinTimeBlog Yıl önce
Print recipe: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@islandbaddie Aylar önce
It's swimming in a pool of oil 💭
@blue7lvn245 Yıl önce
Brown sugar?
@NNfullsend 11 aylar önce
How long can it last in fridge?
@MunchkinTimeBlog 11 aylar önce
Up to 3 days :)
@NNfullsend 11 aylar önce
@@MunchkinTimeBlogyou think can it go 7 days if its in freezer?
@hunybeeee 8 aylar önce
You could probably do this using a whole lot less oil.
@Dragon-Slay3r 5 aylar önce
@haseebchoudhary9365 8 aylar önce
You missed to add yogurt
@BORAT2023 4 aylar önce
Why the sugar? 😢
@BaseSteve 4 aylar önce
It caramelizes the spices when heated up, meaning it’ll hold them all together. Also gives it a sweet tinge. ❤️🙏🏽
@ironfistscientist 2 aylar önce
Is that oregano? You aint mention that
@robertsantamauro4866 8 aylar önce
She doesn’t mention how long in the skillet.
@D22BH 5 aylar önce
@MARCELISA10 8 saatler önce
No Measurements?? Of engredients2
@MunchkinTimeBlog 8 saatler önce
You can find recipe here with all of the details: www.munchkintime.com/30-min-oven-baked-boneless-skinless-chicken-thighs/
@ItsDhaProphecy 6 aylar önce
@Mystickrage 5 aylar önce
No bake
@MintyBunnyJuniper 11 aylar önce
What substitutes can replace chili powder
@Ana-qf6dg 10 aylar önce
I used chili flakes
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