MPC ONE Tutorial - For Complete Beginners

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Matthew Stratton

Matthew Stratton

Hello. This video is a MPC One Tutorial for complete beginners. I know it will likely bring up more questions, so if you have any, please leave them in the comments below. The MPC One ( ) is a standalone Music Production Center that can be use as a controller for the MPC 2 software. This video focuses on the standalone aspect and is intended to help any new user get started making simple sequences. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.

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facts ppl r jerks. stay focused you will love the mpc one.
PHeMoX Aylar önce
People confuse 'simple' with intuitive or logical. Truth is, the interface makes not much sense when it comes to that.
John Birch
John Birch 2 gün önce
Thank you so explain things in a way that's easy to follow.
David seak one Najera
David seak one Najera 3 gün önce
please make a video on how to chop, slice samples but step by step for beginners like me. how to assign each chopped sample to the pads. thanks man i appreciatte it alot.
Zach 4 gün önce
you are good at teaching bro
mns alex
mns alex 6 gün önce
very helpful video bro. thank you
moneyball82 7 gün önce
"Just keep it easy you know what I mean"
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 7 gün önce
Abdullah White
Abdullah White 9 gün önce
Abdullah White
Abdullah White 9 gün önce
Do you Fake
Noddy Butt
Noddy Butt 14 gün önce
Can I use this like Roland spd SX sampler
Pyde Piper Productions, LLC Jonathan Bashir
Pyde Piper Productions, LLC Jonathan Bashir 15 gün önce
Here is my second question, I ordered the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII - 25 Key. Should I return this? Is it a waste or a adition to beat creation? Also if I ordered a opened box without software for the MPC one Should I order a new one with software?
Pyde Piper Productions, LLC Jonathan Bashir
Pyde Piper Productions, LLC Jonathan Bashir 15 gün önce
Thank you my friend. You made me want to learn. I always was very itemidated about these devices because I have Dyslixea and I find learning very hard unless it is made simple enough for me to get it. Otherwise I spend way to much time trying to learn and it flustrates me. Your patience is well earned and I subscribed right away and I will by one tomorrow and it will take a few days but I do have a queston. I seen some used ones and it says it does not come with software. What does that mean and how can you use it if you buy a used one with no software? I will wait till you answer me to understand better.
Mike West
Mike West 16 gün önce
You make up for 1000 haters. Thanks for the info!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 15 gün önce
You're welcome. 👍
Markeis Johnson
Markeis Johnson 17 gün önce
Thanks My Guy. I appreciate this. Getting my set up back after a few years and this helped me create a test beat and get up and running!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 15 gün önce
Great to hear!
Peter Moberg
Peter Moberg 18 gün önce
Coming from an Octatrack I was thinking MPC must be easy getting started with, can’t be more complicated then the octa was. I turned on the MPC One (never having used a MPC one before) and was totally clueless what to do, haha. Thanks for sharing, this is a really great intro
Limitless Range
Limitless Range 18 gün önce
Great Vid Matthew........and Yes some people are forum bullies, I can't stand that mentallity! Are you related to Bill Murray? My MPC One is on the way.......can't wait!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 15 gün önce
Yes. Audio Interfaces work with laptops. I use my 2i2 with my laptop.
StevenML 20 gün önce
Thank you Matthew for this video, very helpful. Question, how would you take a 4 bar loop like the one created in this video, and make it a one or two minute MP3 in the export setting. Please excuse my terminology as I am a Akai MPC One beginner.
Monte 21 gün önce
This is by far the best beginner MPC one tutorial I have seen so far. Thanks for this. Got a new subscriber now.
Joe Brack
Joe Brack 23 gün önce
Thanks for this. Just made the switch from the MPC 2000 and this helped connect some dots for me.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 14 gün önce
You're welcome!
Anthony d
Anthony d 24 gün önce
I just got one of these machines and this was the first video that came up for me when I started looking for "how to get started with the MPC ONE". 9:48-10:30 ... instant sub... well, that and the very informative content.
Parris Bowens
Parris Bowens 26 gün önce
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are the first among MANY who have taken the time to show the actual preliminary folder set up so that once you have recorded we can find the sequence track, save it and bring it back to continue working on our project! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do need to know how to add the expansion packs. Do I download it to computer then to mpc? Do I need to put that on SD card is is that something that can go to mpc. What about extra and alternate packs
Donald Stevens
Donald Stevens 27 gün önce
Thanks man ..I feel better that I should be able to do this.
StevenML 27 gün önce
Thank you.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 27 gün önce
You're welcome.
shahid shad
shahid shad 27 gün önce
I liked this video 👍
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 27 gün önce
Thanks for liking 👍
Angry78 Aylar önce
Bro just want to tell you that your vids have helped me more than any of the others I've watched. Keep it up man!!!!!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 27 gün önce
I appreciate that!
stephen summers
stephen summers Aylar önce
Thanks Matthew! I'm just getting started on the MPC One. This was super helpful. I ll be watching all of your tutorials
stephen summers
stephen summers 24 gün önce
@Matthew Stratton By any chance would you do a 1:1 training for some items? What would be the hourly rate?
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 27 gün önce
Awesome. Glad it was helpful!!!!
My youth
My youth Aylar önce
love lt
Sheldon	 Gartner
Sheldon Gartner Aylar önce
Would my middle and high school general music class like to mess around with this?
David Angus
David Angus Aylar önce
Enjoying the Videos. Does anyone know how to record notes before the first beat starting on the 3rd beat of the metronome? Thanks Davy
BRIJ JOSHI Aylar önce
Dear Sir Thank you for nice and easy explaining MPC ONE Video I want to learn as per my need for the use of MPC ONE. I have loops of Rhythm Patterns (Wav Format) on my SD CARD. I am aware of the original tempo the loop.... Now, My Need is as follow: 1. I don't want to create any song 2. I just want to play loop when I press the Pad and it gets off automatically when I play another loop assigned to another pad. 3. My Loops are of more than one Bar so I want just one bar on the Pad. 4. Can the tempo of loops will be changed as I increase or decrease the tempo? 5. How to save this set up as one genre of music? So that when I load this set up I will have set of all required loops for a particular genre and can play on stage along with other band members. This is basically for Indian Music and Indian Rhythm Loops. Thanking you,
Funk Shiz
Funk Shiz Aylar önce
He said “it’s so simple” lol bro you know how many times I had to rewatch the first like 5 minutes lol funny it really is simple you just gotta get the hang of it
Funk Shiz
Funk Shiz Aylar önce
@Matthew Stratton lmao I’m agreeing with it being complicated, but once you get going it’s simple. It’s like riding a bike. I stopped making beats 5 years ago and just got a MPC one yesterday so this video definitely helped me! Thanks brotha I subscribed btw appreciate the tips!!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
So are you agreeing that it is simple or disagreeing? It's hard then it is simple? I see a lot of people panic when they buy this thing...that's why I made this video 🤣🤣🤣
Mark L. Mobley
Mark L. Mobley Aylar önce
Mark L. Mobley
Mark L. Mobley Aylar önce
@Matthew StrattonNext step, Yepp,Yepp!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
Lonsdale 1
Lonsdale 1 Aylar önce
Truer words never said 💯
Lonsdale 1
Lonsdale 1 Aylar önce
Cheers Matt just great 👍
Jungle Biff
Jungle Biff Aylar önce
So I'm a total noob, got as far as creating a little break. Selected all notes using select tool, copied and pasted it a few times. Problem is, the volume randomly starts getting quieter about 1.5 bars in!!! Have altered the velocity on every part to be the same, still happening!! Any ideas please? Doing my nut in. Learning curve on this thing is ridiculous 😭
derek jurovich
derek jurovich Aylar önce
You are a good teacher, great intro video
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
I appreciate that!
Norran Gunniz
Norran Gunniz Aylar önce
God bless you Matt keep thriving and giving gems to the music game! This vid is truly helping the mpc 1 shopping process. Thank you. An always remember if you’re ever going through anything take it to Jesus in prayer He will heal you. Blessings man. 🙏
Brah you be saving the day, I'm old skool, it took me awhile to want to mess with the new stuff. So thanks for all your videos
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
Awesome, glad to hear that the videos are helping out.
Wet Dreamers
Wet Dreamers Aylar önce
I’m grabbing this bad boy. Bye bye novation
Wet Dreamers
Wet Dreamers Aylar önce
@Matthew Stratton I come from the groove box world and yea it was a kool start, kinda humbled about it Kuz had I got an mpc first, I may not even be here typing. May have just let it all die. But I learned that I wanna actually compose and not just make “loops” that I get annoyed with lol. So yea I’m glad to be getting into it
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
It's a fun machine.
kesha edwards
kesha edwards Aylar önce
Can you go slower step by step
Do people ever just use the mpc software on the computer and not the mpc hardware daw?
CarlosNaltes Aylar önce
Hello, thank you very much for the video, it is very complete and easy to understand. I have a question, how can I link several songs to make a live? thanks a lot
M B Aylar önce
don't have friends with mpc's :/ i am the only one but i got high value off the video thanks for sharing
Saako Nakano
Saako Nakano Aylar önce
Hey Matt, quick question. I’ve been able to create a few samples from a vinyl record, but when I try to add drum beats to the program (snare or kicks), the vinyl sample will stop playing when I hit the percussion pad. How can I adjust this so that the percussion pad can overlap/play on top of the vinyl sample pad? Please help!
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson Aylar önce
Monique Hagans
Monique Hagans Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing what you know... Keep up what you doing...
Monk TV
Monk TV Aylar önce
Hey….nice video…could you guide me please…I want to make music like Ryuchi Sakamoto …where should I start
House of Righteous Manners
House of Righteous Manners Aylar önce
Can you export stems into MPC BEATS from the MPC ONE?
Aloa He
Aloa He Aylar önce
if you are new to a certain hardware or daw (..came from ableton) you ARE a noob with mpc, and you NEED a simple step by step learning curve.. i mean in fact, the most peps which buy stuff like this and say " mpc is really bad" after 1 day (because they never got a tone out of it) they dont want to learn the basics.
lamarvin steele
lamarvin steele Aylar önce
You have taught me so much i understand and listen and hear music because of you my beats are way better since listening to and studying your classes
Bill Netherlands
Bill Netherlands Aylar önce
Great video. Totally convinced me to go this route.
Jahrell Fiddler
Jahrell Fiddler Aylar önce
I just got one of these and I have no sound at all when I have my head phones plugged in
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton Aylar önce
You're master output and your headphone jack use the same knob in the back. Make sure that is turned up after you plug in your headphones.
roberthoffmeister Aylar önce
very cool. I appreciate the beginners tutorial - ignore the haters! :)
Lil frozze
Lil frozze Aylar önce
Can you use auto tune while recording a track on the mpc or do I have the wrong idea
Tommy 2 aylar önce
Matthew, when I buy an Expansion Pack, I can install it into my computer first and export it to the SD card through the Export Manager. Alternatively, I can by-pass all this and just copy the relevant contents in the Expansion Pack and paste them to the SD card. Which is a better way to do it ? And what is the difference between the two different methods ? Thank you for your time.
Andrea Job
Andrea Job 2 aylar önce
You're too fast moving those fingers, it's really hard to follow your explanation
Frequency Horizon
Frequency Horizon 2 aylar önce
Love your laid back but engaging approach. This is exactly what I was looking for. Kudos!
Bearded Elephant
Bearded Elephant 2 aylar önce
Bro appreciate the step by step. I’m new to the Mpc so this will help a lot. About to subscribe to the channel
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Right on. Thanks.
MOYassin 2 aylar önce
thanks im new i love youre video . pls some more.
eve 2 aylar önce
Thank you! I feel much less intimidated now. And I’m glad you brought up the jerks haha. Sadly I’ve encountered a fair few. They can really bring people down and kill creativity. Love your approach.
Al 70
Al 70 2 aylar önce
Awesome video, thanks Matthew, just what I needed after buying my shiny new mpc one :-)
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
You're welcome 🙂
JOEBLOW 2 aylar önce
Thank you for doing this video and keeping it simple and easy to follow 👊💯
rasta george
rasta george 2 aylar önce
my pc is not reading my mpc one please help me!!!
rasta george
rasta george 2 aylar önce
@Matthew Stratton u know I thought that but I found out my PC is running 32gigz and I 64 for the mpc one so I'm extremely bummed😔 but thanks for the advice and the stand for my mpc one it's perfect but if u come up with a solution please hit me
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Have you tried using a different USB cable?
Twiglet 22
Twiglet 22 2 aylar önce
Matthew Stratton just shows how it works, cos people are numpties and people are jerks.We're all peers and we're all equals,MPC 1 just develops the sequels.If your Drum and your Bass are all over the place let an earfull of Matt bring a smile to your face ! If your timing is wonky and it makes you sound bad get an MPC 1 cos then you'll be glad.You're happy,you're clappy but you can't bang a drum then put finger to keypad and just let the sound come.It's really so clever and it also looks neat,and just give it a minute,you'll be tapping your feet.So listen to Matt, you're not a musician ? - get an MPC 1,be a sonic magician ! Deep joy Matthew,deep joy......
Justin John Scheck
Justin John Scheck 2 aylar önce
Is it a simple process to export the beat created to Logic Pro?
Piccoloblack 2 aylar önce
Thank you, this helped me make my purchase
nextstar55 2 aylar önce
You should do a tutorial like this on the mpcx
Tommy 2 aylar önce
Matthew, thank you so much for taking the time to teach us how to use the MPC One. Your videos really help people like me who have no experience with this kind of thing. Akai has the Beat Academy videos. But your videos are much better when it comes to learning how to use the MPC One. Many thanks again Matthew, you are just great !!!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
You're welcome. I'm glad it the videos are helping out! Thanks for the comment.
Mike V
Mike V 2 aylar önce
Hi all does anyone else experience touchscreen freezes on the akai mpc one. Mine straight put of the box v2.10 after touching the rotary dials next to the screen it freezes the screen nothing happens when i touch it and the dials stay visible on the touchscreen. Happened 6 timescin the last 2 hours
jedyman 2 aylar önce
Hi very good video, simple but effective video ;-)
Audio84 2 aylar önce
Just got my mpc Live 2, thank you! I am dying trying to get the expansion packs I dl from the site from my pc to the mpc software. I have been re downloaded and everything cant find where to get them showing in the software.
Brian Madison
Brian Madison 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the content Matthew. You broke everything down in a way that makes it very approachable for a beginner like me. Great job!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Awesome! Thanks for the comment.
Trav Harvey
Trav Harvey 2 aylar önce
If TRshow had more people like you it would be worth paying for. Thank you for being so positive and helpful.
kuehlj86 2 aylar önce
thank you for this video just got an MPC One and watched this twice and now im making bangers. cheers matthew.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Nice, glad it helped out.
Sean Epitwathe
Sean Epitwathe 2 aylar önce
Start from turning it on to the first thing that you’re supposed to do
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Push the power button in the back and then release button to turn on.
Sean Epitwathe
Sean Epitwathe 2 aylar önce
You might need to go slowly for me...I’m coming from GarageBand
Andres Cen
Andres Cen 2 aylar önce
What mode should I use if I want to make Originals using my keyboard / synth?
garfield mills
garfield mills 2 aylar önce
I'm not getting any sound I don't have speakers tho
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
The MPC One doesn't have a speaker. If you have some headphones laying around try plugging those into it.
ivrson 2 aylar önce
There’s no sound for me…need help I just got this yesterday
Kristjan Hultin
Kristjan Hultin 2 aylar önce
Great job that made it way more fun! Thank you.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
Ty Singerman
Ty Singerman 2 aylar önce
SUPER HELPFUL video man!!!!
Maurice Shirley
Maurice Shirley 2 aylar önce
Awesome! Thank you for the tutorial
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
You’re welcome!!!
Emanuele Maguolo
Emanuele Maguolo 2 aylar önce
Mat, this was what I'm lookin for... I agree completely with your way of teaching and make people improve themself, sharing and building a solid knowledge of the instrument, and the most important thing for me that I'm an absolute beginner, and I can't play any instruments at all but , damn!, I've. got to pull out the rythmand and energy that I've inside... MPC seems to be the perfect tool for me to get closer and be definitely involved in making beats and so on.... last but not least you. are the best in giving people motivation and desire to start... really thanks
Mike C
Mike C 2 aylar önce
so instead of the floppy disk its the SD card now huh
Mike C
Mike C 20 gün önce
@Matthew Stratton which do you prefer?
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
In addition to SD cards, You can use USB drives now too. 🙂
Poop Pants
Poop Pants 2 aylar önce
your videos are on point! speaking my mind
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
I appreciate you 👍
Channel Z
Channel Z 2 aylar önce
This has just sold me on the MPC one, thanks!
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
The MPC One can do a lot and is a lot of fun.
jammanW 3 aylar önce
Can’t thank you enough! Much appreciated!
Hoaxer Abundant
Hoaxer Abundant 3 aylar önce
Best video I seen so far.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
Not too sure, I don't have the studio anymore. Make sure you have the drivers installed for it first though.
Mackaveliking 3 aylar önce
How two double your sequence from 2 bars to 4 bars
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 2 aylar önce
On the MAIN page in the Sequence section there is a box that says 2. Tap the box and turn the data dial (Big knob) until it says 4.
Mackaveliking 3 aylar önce
I'm having trouble loading the software just bought the MPC One
axelf233 3 aylar önce
Great video, thanks for this, now I can get started !
Earle Daniels
Earle Daniels 3 aylar önce
I don't even own an MPC One but I enjoyed the video. Great relaxed teaching style.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
I appreciate it.
JJ Surma
JJ Surma 3 aylar önce
I hit like when you said "people are jerks". Thanks for not being one of them, and keeping it simple for a beginner.
Darby Carpenter
Darby Carpenter 3 aylar önce
I have the MPC 1000. I have had it forever. Is this MPC compatible to play mid and seq files that I already have? I have thousands of songs and looking to upgrade.
Masai Zamuya
Masai Zamuya 3 aylar önce
I've just watched your video...thank you it's brilliant. I have been thinking of buying an MPC...but wasn't sure which one... MPC one seems within my budget... I am a complete beginner...not only to music making but to MPC machines... You certainly made it look like .... I could probably enjoy learning to play music with this machine...thanks. I believe that the latest version 2.10...has added new features...which makes it even more desirable. Thank you... I am off to watch more of your videos.. ONE LOVE one mother earth 🌎♥️
J.Anthony Meece
J.Anthony Meece 3 aylar önce
Can you do a video on how to download the plug ins like Air Vocal and all that. Comes with MPC One? Or if it’s already device where i go to find it. Thanks
Harry Crevecoeur
Harry Crevecoeur 3 aylar önce
Awsome ! Great presentation. You make me like my MPC One. Thanks.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
You're welcome.
joe pete
joe pete 3 aylar önce
Day one with my mpc one! These videos are invaluable, keep it up!!
The Boogie Down Bronx
The Boogie Down Bronx 3 aylar önce
Thanks Matthew. I love your content.
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
Joshua Esquivel
Joshua Esquivel 3 aylar önce
Does the mpc one have built in speakers ?
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
No, the MPC Live 2 does though.
Brian Keary
Brian Keary 3 aylar önce
Thanks man.I just got the MPCX and this is the first video i watched, it was perfect cheers
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 3 aylar önce
You're welcome.
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