These 15 Minute Dinners Will Change Your Life

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Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks

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00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Pasta
05:30 - Quesadilla
09:06 - Noodle Sitr Fry
12:39 - Wings & Salad

Part Two -

The complete breakdown and recipes for this video

Want to take these meals to the next level? Check out my course Conquer the Kitchen which will help you break free of recipes for good!

More homemade condiments here! -

Another Meat Recipe here -

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KingKloo100 3 saatler önce
pasta: you have to have such amounts of cherry tomatoes (quite expensive to use them for one dish) and fresh herbs at home
Teresa Muriniti
Teresa Muriniti 6 saatler önce
More more more👏👏👏👏👏😊
Tamara Al badayneh
Tamara Al badayneh Gün önce
Tamara Al badayneh
Tamara Al badayneh Gün önce
قلاية بندورة مع معكرونة 😂
Yos Dani
Yos Dani Gün önce
Okej I made the pasta and 😍😍😍 omg love it
paul garland
paul garland Gün önce
Aw man, i just caught back up with this guy. I havent seen him since the brothers green era. The videos in 15mins took me back
squire haggard
squire haggard Gün önce
Quick time saving tip: When you get nearly 3 million subscribers, hire a cook/housekeeper.
من إيدك أحلي♥️مع بيرو 😍
من إيدك أحلي♥️مع بيرو 😍 Gün önce
Beautiful 🥰
Aseel Alnajjar
Aseel Alnajjar Gün önce
you look like ross .. nice cooking
Rachel Rarick
Rachel Rarick 2 gün önce
Quickest meal I make is kimchi fried rice. Stir fry the kimchi a bit to warm it, add day-old rice to the pan, mix it around until it gets warm too and absorbs the good flavors. Serve with a runny fried egg on top!
Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett 3 gün önce
im so encouraged and discouraged at the same time by your channel. I love cooking, and I want to cook delicious things. But I have 3 kids and my wife and I dont have much time to dedicate to elaborate meals. I also want to lose weight, and ive never known how to eat healthily. I guess I just need to stop eating processed food and make all my meals from scratch. How do you keep thin?
Cody Boren
Cody Boren 3 gün önce
Do y’all have suggestions for the small grinder? I’d like to replace the need for mortar and pestle. Thoughts?
Rey Tech49
Rey Tech49 3 gün önce
Love you video, you have a new subscriber
Jo Hernandez
Jo Hernandez 3 gün önce
Pro home cook:youre tired,busy,: Still showing up still making great dinners❤ thank you
gooldii1 4 gün önce
Timothy ORourke
Timothy ORourke 4 gün önce
Nice to have a big kitchen with plenty of counter space. 15 minute meals include prep time and clean up?
look4keith 5 gün önce
OMG. Pad See Iew is my all-time favorite dinner (other than Mom's chicken spaghetti, and chicken-n-dumplings)!
Call me crazy, but the “No GD fork” made me unsubscribe. It was the “GD” part.
Camilla M
Camilla M 6 gün önce
Made the pasta and added some frozen prawns (or shrimps as some call it) it was amazing !
456Lyon 6 gün önce
Hello, I love this 15 minute recipes! Can you do more of these types of fast diner solution?
Raffaella 6 gün önce
Tried the wings and salad today after receiving my new air fryer, it was really good!!
Fauxzach 6 gün önce
2.8M views but only 120K likes... wtf
Ford Wayne
Ford Wayne 8 gün önce
You sir are a street smart cooking genius. Been watchin' for years, always impressed at the simplicity and creativity, and I'm not a novice cook. I will make each one of these. Thank you for making all your fans healthier! 2.7 million views, hell yeah!
dogsinolga 8 gün önce
Thank you for cooking without sugar. Honey, maple syrup, o.k. by me, but when folks add 'brown' sugar I just want to scream. Your cherry tomatoes for sauce is a good, fast alternative to gram's all day sauce. Thank you, this was fun.
Ian Gardener
Ian Gardener 8 gün önce
Porrado de fumos
Porrado de fumos 9 gün önce
Jaime Arguiñano
Porrado de fumos
Porrado de fumos 9 gün önce
Jaime Arguiñano
Null Void
Null Void 9 gün önce
for wee knights?
Marymi 9 gün önce
I like your dish proposed. Thanks for sharing from Portugal! See you in your next video!!!
Hazel & Robert's vlog
Hazel & Robert's vlog 10 gün önce
Woow! Awesome 👍😎
Mr Snakes
Mr Snakes 10 gün önce
Love your videos man they're relatable and extremely helpful for a guy that works a 9 to 5 office job. One of the best cooking channels on TRshow
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor 10 gün önce
Your wife is lucky to have a guy who is willing to come home and help with the meals.
matthew chapman
matthew chapman 10 gün önce
no fork! ha that was great.
X2 JoelMK 33
X2 JoelMK 33 12 gün önce
This guy cooks like he’s not going to wash his own dishes
F U 12 gün önce
I dunno, lots of tomato skin.
F U 12 gün önce
I wonder if someone could sell pastawater.. Makes your pasta tastier!
F U 12 gün önce
6 beers and Oetker's pizza or two.
skpanderson 12 gün önce
Yes I want more quick meal videos please
Kellie Huard
Kellie Huard 12 gün önce
Thanks so much!!
Heizel 13 gün önce
The first one, the pasta at 0:53 is pretty great.
hiba arshi
hiba arshi 13 gün önce
Can you please make more 15 min dinners!
Alexandru 13 gün önce
I do not understand why do you use parsley for pasta and basil for noodles when is completly oposit but it still remains a good video.
Ziff 13 gün önce
Welp, that's that: I've got to have a garden now . . .!
skudmora 13 gün önce
Would you say you had certain about of bacon per diem on the quesadillas?
Rachel M
Rachel M 14 gün önce
Oh, store-bought tomato sauce?? Wash your mouth out!! 😆 (English expression!) You know what? I don't think I've EVER bought one of those things! Seriously, great dishes, quick and easy, that's what we want 🙂
Ramón Pascual
Ramón Pascual 14 gün önce
Veggies... Carbs... Most of your dinner pleasure is mental.
Sandra Jones
Sandra Jones 14 gün önce
Profanity shows a low IQ and no class.
hollyken3 14 gün önce
I’m now inspired to eat with tongs 😂
Ginny Kinne
Ginny Kinne 14 gün önce
I want to know more about that external burner! I have a glad top that I've heard doesn't do well with a carbon steel pan...
Eddie Ohearn
Eddie Ohearn 14 gün önce
I just made the pasta ... I have never tasted a canned pasta sauce that I liked. But this sauce I loved for several reasons, the sweetness, I could use as much garlic as I wished and adjusting the salt and peppers was easy. I also love that the sauce had texture and was not a soup like every other sauce I have tried, canned or homemade. This is the sauce I will make from now one ... this weekend I plan on making it again but I think I will add sardines and mushrooms items I always have on hand. And I wonder if Roma tomatoes would work as well or maybe a mixture of Romas and cherry tomatoes .... ?
Cristian Pallarés
Cristian Pallarés 14 gün önce
You and Chemi Moreno look alike sorta. He's a Spanish actor.
eggsie 15 gün önce
"just a little bit of olive oil"
Federico Ferrari
Federico Ferrari 15 gün önce
Tomato pasta with onion is just wrong to me :( I would definitely use garlic instead.
christmas chris
christmas chris 15 gün önce
whats ur take on washing hands when touching meat and stuff. I have never heard a cook talk about it on a tv show... ever/ people just go touching everything around the set
Cheehee 808
Cheehee 808 15 gün önce
Quesadilla is always the good Ole standby. Usually just use the leftover ingredients after taco night and go from there. Takes 5 min and always satisfies lol
Grimble Grumble
Grimble Grumble 15 gün önce
*dillas nuts*
Joshua W
Joshua W 15 gün önce
That pasta recipe is exactly what I'm lookin for. As a college engineer student, I got enough time to cook cheap bulk food to feed for a week (stir fry) or I need something that takes 20 minutes tops that I can throw my bulk food on while its re-heating. That pasta looks perfect to throw a bunch of ground beef/sausage/peppers/onions I cook up and use for the week. Just glad to finally see a more realistic "quick dinner" foods video that doesn't require 75 items and hours of prep THEN they say its only 20 minutes of cooking. Good shit man!
Joe Gaylord
Joe Gaylord 16 gün önce
Your noodle stir fry is basically the same as my egg fried rice. Just boil some rice as you cook the veggies and toss them in instead of the noodles, add some curry powder and cumin seeds and you're good to go!
TheKurst 16 gün önce
Whats the difference between a cook and a chef? A cook cooks for them selfs, a chef cooks for every other asshole lol.....
Yos Dani
Yos Dani 16 gün önce
Can you please do more for this
adriennefloreen 16 gün önce
Please show the labels for all of the brands you use for long enough for people to read them and look them up if they want to buy those products. Links to sites selling the products you're giving shout outs to would also be nice.
Carri Foote
Carri Foote 16 gün önce
We love chicken wing too and I usually serve them with just a salad as well. I think because wings are so rich, you don't need alot of other sides.
underballbutter 17 gün önce
That chicken coop was just straight flex. It worked cuz I'm jealous
Sara O.
Sara O. 17 gün önce
I’ve been binging on your quick meal and freezable meal videos. I am disabled and cannot stand long in the kitchen while cooking without being in pain. These recipes are a lifesaver along with the freezable meal videos as they also help save time and don’t require me to stand for long periods of time everyday. A lot of us need to save time, some of us need to save ourselves and our bodies. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much videos like this make it easier. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great day! 🥰❤️
T brown
T brown 17 gün önce
4, 15 minute meals in 4 minutes! Great
john carter
john carter 17 gün önce
Wish i could like twice! Awesome stuff.
Uzzle fddsafdsafa
Uzzle fddsafdsafa 17 gün önce
No. They. Won't.
Theodor 18 gün önce
15 minutes cooking and then 1 hour and 15 minutes cleaning
Ms Mars
Ms Mars 18 gün önce
Tasted good. But it didn't change my life. :-(
Josh Whealen
Josh Whealen 18 gün önce
“Per dilla” had me dying lol
Gabriel Raithz
Gabriel Raithz 19 gün önce
man.. just.. tks
Chris G
Chris G 19 gün önce
Are you the guy from ratatouille but in real life?
Reconnect With You
Reconnect With You 19 gün önce
Thanks for posting this video! I’m always looking for quick meals. These meals are very carb heavy though 😫
Alibra 19 gün önce
Really appreciate this!! I hate meal lrepping lunches. Maybe ill try these
franKENStin 19 gün önce
Did the spaghettis sauce have to much oils/sat fat ? The Cascadia looks delicious. What's your thots on using rice nest in stir fry ? Will it hold up or does it take the wider(flat) rice noodles for stir fry ?
Greg Andrews
Greg Andrews 19 gün önce
Still showing up when you're busy when you're tired to out food on the table... Hell yeah
Annette 20 gün önce
Wash your hands after touching raw chicken and before you touch salad!
Hollis Ramsey
Hollis Ramsey 20 gün önce
Call them SPOT meals: Short Period Of Time. You said it yourself, Mike. But my problem is prep time - I am SO slow that a 15-minute meal will take me literally ~2 hours to prepare. I don’t have any knife skills, even though I’ve been cooking for over 50 years. I don’t have a lot of work space, so things fall all the time. And when I keep fresh tomatoes on my counter, there are the inevitable fruit flies. (I live in a mobile home community in Florida.) I made Pasta alla Norma yesterday, and despite the fact that I knew the recipe steps it took me hours to put together - 30 minutes to roast the cubed eggplant, but about the same amount of time to cut it into cubes, measure the salt and pepper, measure and drizzle the EVOO over, and then at least 10 minutes to carefully toss the cubes (carefully, because they WILL pop out of my big bowl and onto the floor) before spreading onto a sheet pan; then, 20 minutes in the oven, ~5 minutes to toss the cubes, then 5-10 more minutes in the oven. Meanwhile, I heated up the jar of Rao’s marinara sauce (no fresh tomatoes at hand) and set the water to boil - but my stove is so shitty that the big burner doesn’t work so I have to use the smaller one so only the center of the pot gets hot, which means that the water takes forever to boil … watched or not. Also, it takes me close to 15-20 minutes to grate the Parm, because if I go too fast, well - did I mention that I have to turn off the A/C (window unit right in front of my prep station) or the cheese will fly everywhere? The best outcome was that the bucatini was perfectly al dente. But it took forever to cook the meal.
Daniel Condurachi
Daniel Condurachi 20 gün önce
how much time will take you clean alter each of those 15 minute dinners?
ka wei
ka wei 20 gün önce
I am excited to see what you are going to change this white boring kitchen to XXX?
Susie Keenan
Susie Keenan 20 gün önce
Why Did you say “God Damn it? God never damns.
Christian Alfaro
Christian Alfaro 20 gün önce
For the Quesadilla you can substitute the bacon with chorizo and the spinach with fresh cucumber…thank me later 😉
betty mcconnell
betty mcconnell 21 gün önce
Thanks for your work I am a old fashioned cook with a modern granddaughter so at 70 I am loving cooking your recipes
sneakyboo 21 gün önce
I made the cherry tomato pasta for dinner tonight. It's an amazing quick dinner and my kiddos love it!
Edward Storm
Edward Storm 21 gün önce
I think it's funny how your lazy food looks like my slaving away food.
Alison Martin
Alison Martin 22 gün önce
Please make more of these!!!
Robert von Rotz Roy
Robert von Rotz Roy 22 gün önce
can use the soy in place of the meat? or other healthiest vegie? thx
Zachary Powell
Zachary Powell 22 gün önce
Just need to make all of these at once to actually get a full meal.
Aanmeldingen Bromo
Aanmeldingen Bromo 22 gün önce
You did not cut of the hard skin on the Gouda, the Netherlands is very mad at you right now
xAssassin 22 gün önce
Could you do a video on a homemade Alfredo based sauce pasta?
Lisa B.
Lisa B. 22 gün önce
I make the same tomato sauce all the time. Sometimes I'll stop right after the tomatoes burst, with no added cheese or pasta water. I freeze it at this point. It makes a jammy savory tomato topping for meatloaf, Italian sausage hero's, -I even use it to make a quick minestrone. It's just a great flavor bomb to have in the freezer.
Sergio Acuña Castillo
Sergio Acuña Castillo 22 gün önce
oh nice, some new ideas to my repertoire, some of this i already do, with some diferences but still, plus need an air fryer lol
kantruh 22 gün önce
about to start eating wings and salad everyday until I die
B Rad
B Rad 23 gün önce
Awesome! I want more
Jason Sargent
Jason Sargent 23 gün önce
What type of portable burner is he using? This guy is great and inspiring me!!!
Ryan Leamen
Ryan Leamen 23 gün önce
If your going to clean at the same time as cooking … Don’t burn the food !
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 23 gün önce
Eating pasta with tongs. That's a new one.
Natasha Santana-Viera
Natasha Santana-Viera 23 gün önce
Yes, more please. As someone who is in recovery for disordered eating, this is helpful to get ideas on delicious, quick, balanced meals
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 23 gün önce
Cursing? Really…
Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson 23 gün önce
Yes, more 15 minute meals, Please!!! And, Thank You!
marshmallon 23 gün önce
his kitchen is like my whole apartment.
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